Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1952
Page 14
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HoVt STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS '*" ' ' ' 'I ' * tt , Ift 7,80 0.00 10.M 12,00 19,60 18.00 mot* l*ttt»i, *«*« 0* hou««i r nyml*tr» ttturit o» om fMOon - lot culvcii, M«fll for looker MAM R«nch. <• »0 BALES of h»y, t«r«e Air eAmprtiior. Oddn und Phone 7-«m, 801 Mown, M» MY fttthor'n hOM«fl nnd 8 »ot». 8o« tynn \Vhito. home, "Clow in. Alw Jftrfle bulldlnir term*, Call T, N, Below. Ml Strvic« Offered LOCAL nnd long dlitunce Hftullng. AUo 1oe«t movlntf. 8«o Ptnhlo Hnmllton or cell 7-3011, N-23-lm MATTRI5SS renovation nnd Inner- uprln* work, Cobb MoltreM Co,, 810 S, WB»hln«ton, Phono 7-8022, N-23-IM Fldgutd Jjockey Break* Collarbone IAN Bfltmo, c«uf. MB •trln« gofn| only to run Into 4 ]uH«* for throe ye*r«, broke hU left collirbonrf in » fplll In the K«v«nfh race *t Tahforan ye»ter- Oll**on, 92, w*f aboard My Ho«t, trntllnff th« field by 10 length*. for no .apparent reaRon, hi* home Mumbled and wont down. Thruo y9i\rn ago In Mow York Otf*«dn broko hi* right collarbone. Hi* brother, John, wai killed in n fall at Del Mar race truck two Oordoti orncked a vcrtcbrno nt Hntiln Anita In 1090. Lust month at liny Mcndow*, he xufforcd a (light back Injury when hi* mount foil. ARKANSAS Notice A sWE m«ltir rtptton Rait* (pavotjta in «!• * In 160 IB , 6,SO 13,00, F YOU want to drink, thnt.'« your bu»lno»», If you want to quit, that'* our bunlnein, Alcoholic* AnonyinoiiB, P. 0, Box 209, N-IB-lrn FHOM now through December 20, 1 nm taking orders for frenh coconut and Jam c»ke« for Christ- niw, Phone 7.4833. Mm, Milton BJmon, l-Ot ROUNDUP ,iy OAVLt TAL»OT. MBW VORK (* — II h»» been, to uphold. If U hadn't been for Houston Wins Opening Cage Gome HOUSTON OP) — The University! of Houston of the Missouri Valley'j Conference opened it» basketballi season last night with a 67 to 54! ^ i I ™ . *- . n^7dni^ifiMA*iitK»(*vv*k<iciufiiu 'j^ [ common knowled«« for some time, that the score might havon>een 100 VOI . dicl ovt , r Hardin-Simmons Uni-l lh»t football I* n funny game, but, to 0." vrrsUy ()t lhe Bor(ior conference. ! thuro mere fact (till doe« not on-i The thought which comes to our tlroly »xpleln how a team of pro-'--'—• '- -•--"- u - -" fon«lonnlii, conchcd by an acknowl- r-flppd mnntcr of defense, can on a fllven nftornoon be mind I* whether Rtich n dizzy oe- currcnee an that at Pilt»bur«h irilKht not point up an essential ! difference between professional Wallace and Dunlap Meet Tonight DETROIT '.TV— Coley Wallace, vffsity Guard Jack Mnsher, former all-! xnmolimes dubbed the "Young Joe slate player at Texas City and; Louis" of the ring today, meets Tyler Junior College star, paced; fifth-ranked Bob Dunlap tonight lithe Cougar victory with 20 points.! a 10-round fight at Detroit's Olyrn- Tied at II points rach for the Cow-! pin Stadium. u Bi.cn «>•.«•!.i./vii •«: .imiipicvc- •"••-•»•"-" .«..„,..,.. ^ --..- Tied nt IJ points racn lor me uow-i pin Stadium. Jy outelMftcd from thn opening! footboll club* orvd the test of the boys wcrt . CcnU . r Hank Grooll ancl ; An( , asldc from providing the wfilntlo and walloped by n «eoro' collegian*. In other words, if twoj Fo ,. ward j irn covrrl. of 03 to 7. That was the galllnjt experience which b«?f«.'ll »tout Steve Owen nnd hi* New York Giants In the cold arid «now ot Pittsburgh hint we»k <:nd, H was tt nljchtmnrc the fnmou* iiicntor from Oklahomn will rn?vnr tiirnvl, ularlintt from thc moment Lynn CardnoU ran tho firiit kicrkoft back the length of Ihc- field for n touchdown nnd Itml- Ini? until the Insallnblc Stellurs had! poured ncrosii their finnl three scores lr» lhe cloBlnK period. Owon probably came us close to explaining lhe d><b»cle as U Is to do when he snld: "If mid-week boxing fare, the college leaders as, »ay, Mich- Houston trolled only one time,: hpavyweight bout holds no parti- («ar» Slate and Georgia Tech |)lny(i(l ench other 20 times over! • - - — a number offseasons, would either( th * Kuesls Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. of them ever suffer such a humil-i Hubert I'urifoy in Camden. i;iliri(! defeat o» that which was in- Miss riita McCaskill. daughter of; r( '- <:(1 ' l . t cul'ir significance. For once, neither prineipal has been promised a title shot if he wins. Wallace, because of a iblancc to Louis at the star flieu-rl upon the Giants? I " l> ™ '.'";' »^«™'"> " uu « l .'" :l "'.': nf his career, likely will be the Seriously, we doubt it, and thisi A •' and Mrs. OUSH MeCa.sk II nnd , , mpnu , favorltc of Dctroit fanf Isn't meant ns a kri.x-k at the' stndc-nt at the U of A., I- ayettevllle, i SL innm-y players. They put u;j a!«i>n boi-n inlal-.-d into the I'hi Gain IW thc Brown Bomber go on wlmle of a show week nfti.-r wi.--.-kj "'•« mid play tin; best football that is; fratvinity. ;;ame from here more than ; Mde ago. But becnuso of his national rat f .,.„,. jle ' ' ' ' • » •• t ^ * i -"i .J T-I 1 • JjLll IJI w tii*i»* • »-'» * 110 nii bi vsi »ii i « «*• to be .seen. But. as w«- wi.tt.-hMl I Mr. and Mrs. K.wood Robinson, | , )( woulc , ruk . thc botting Iho (.JlanU not their lumps on tele- i Jennie nnd Hetty Lynn hi.vi: re- 1 "' vidion, the thought occurred that! turned l<» Ihrir homo in El Dorado HK-.V risked their necks loss and after a visit with Mrs. Meltic Ilob- li^-s onee they realized what was! m.son. happening to them. They xcemedj - , you sttiy In football long enough, to rcallxc there WHS no percentage j (umothini; like that is bound to in dying for dear old Tim Mtu-aianil Su Meitht.T has a sensational record Wallace, after 11 straight pro wins suffered a two-round knockou . I ill the hands of little known Etkin Mr. and Mrs. Dob I-mcher, Ann j Bl . f , Ul( ,,. s . Tnrn hp fiot anol i,e happen to you." lie proved that it htul nol dcHtroyrd his HCIIHC of humor by adding wryly, "I hud a reputation an a di.'ft.'nuiv'u conch BELL ___Jftte**yL MtDDLK-nged while lady to .kcop hotue lor Jfarrttly of four, A. 0. UrJghl, Million, Ark. Phono 2. 25-01 Wanted to Buy MKD1UM nixed «Addlo tot,- nmnl) pony, 800 .lotion nt Star offlco, For Rtnt UNFURNISHED houaa. fl rooms 'nnd bntli 817 W, third, J. W. Patterson til Putlomn'8 Shoe 20-flt room upitnrn furnished npnrl mont. clOBol, eloctrlo re frl«<!nitoi'. UUliUc.i pnld. Phono riifioa, an-;u LITTLE ROCK, I/R — Jloncally. folk*. J hadn't planned loday to mention the Unlvornlly of Arkan- NUB conehliiB vacancy or any other ol lhe rnnnteirnlnd* who may fill il, I wo* going to tell you who would win Urn state Cl««« AA foot- bull chninploniihlp. A roadcr forced n change In plnns by ln«Utinjt that Atty. Gon. Ike Murry distorted the facto a bit Jn hi* slory, rolatftd In column Inat week, about how Pnul D<s«r Brynnt got hla nlcknnmo. Of cour*o, atretohlnK the truth juxt n little ought to bo permissible In n y«m of thl* typo. But J. Wll- Inrd Cliiry of Fordyco In entitled to «lve hl» version. MeMHi'H, Murry and Clary agree that Bryant, then a stropping younuiiter of 15, wrenllod n circus bear. Murry rol»ti>d that Brynnt of Joncsboro liavo been i U, and that there would be an-i the guests of IILM- pni-onls, Mr. and other name next Sunday. The col-1 Mis. \\. P. letflims hnven't enough time left lo, play it Ihul way. The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Iterrt* to Mlu Tamil 1 •t Hlcki Funeral Horn* A fish fry will be given in th basment of BeeBee Memorial C, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hudson and ••- — ' dauuhtcr and Mrs. Mary Holloway PRESCOTT NEWS j of Bartli.-sville, Okhi., have ed lo their homo after a Dr. uiul Mrs. A. W. Hudson. ' Mr. and Mrs. Claud Price and Thunday, December 4 I Claudia of Montlcollo, and Mrs. The WCTU will meet Thursday 'fl'" lk( ' {l by buriilii« green cundles j CJraco Wilson of Little Rock were afternoon ut 2;30 in ihu home of! 1 ' 1 sllver holders. Mm. Juck Cooper. the- holiday Kuesls of Mr. and Mrs. Other Kiiests Included Mr. and L\ L. McHac, Jr. Mrs. J. H. Bemis, Mr. and Mrs. Friday, December 5 T. M. Bemis, Miss Kthel Bemis, Mrs. 8 KOOM furnl»lipd ftpHi'lmenl, Pel- vote buth. All bllln pnia. Couplo prefon-ed. 719 K. l)lvt»i<m, 30-31 tor otiuplo, Close In. Cntl 7-S20QU u«or i p.m. a-:n th* Aiwclated Pr*i»! in &*„ M-f> 'XMLjsiL nOOM unfurnlslvctl duplex npurl- ment, Boo Chester Hunt, 017 W, 8Uv Street, 3-31 Ousintss Opportunity MONISY BACK OUAIIANTEIG 1000 INVESTMENT Klvos you your own Independent buglnoa* opera- ling a route ot now & cent dtipen* Her* hftndllng new, f«nt-movlnu confections in drug store*, cnfisii, clubj, butt U«pot«, etc, Alt locn- tiong obtained for you. You muttt whipped the bear nnd fiot n Ihrue dollw prlxo, Cltiry. who nay» he wan there, loo. inslflU the bottle ended this wny. , Pnul tried his host nnd In his of for I tint boor's muxxlo cnrno off, Pnul WAI on the floor nnd Iho btv.r, Ntnrtod nftor him, . .Paul Jumped uff the flour, cleared llu> lop ropo on thn ihcntor Hinge «nd landed In the- t\lsle. Mo ml»s«d mu by about' two fuel, 1U« raced down Iho nlsU' nml out thc back door.' Clary ndda: "Pnul ftlwuya hns boon boiler nt throwing thc bull than the boor,' Coach Forrest Knglnnd of Ar- knnsos Stnte—who, unlike Bryant, sayn openly thnl ho svnnts the tutorlnK assignment— t why he picked up the nickname "Frosty". "The only thing I cnn think of lit that there waa nnolhov boy In my homotown who was named Forrest- and everybody called htm Frosty. When I Htnrtod to school nil the kids culled me Frosty, too, nnd tho nickname has stuck." The WMU of tho First Baptist; Tommy McRac. Mr. and Mrs, H. Church will meet on Friday morn- H. McKenzle, Mr. and Mrs. Frank j Mrs. O. G. Hirst and other relu- IriR nt 10:30 In thft homo of Mrs. Gilbert, Mr. nnd Mrs. D. L. Mc : " Watson White, Jr,, for on nll-dny R«e, Jr.. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hubert meeting to observe n season nfjWhitaker, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks prayer for foreign missions. Dangerflolcl—White Vows Exchanged Mrs. Carolyn Wnrren Dnngerfii-ld become the brldo of Jnrnos Dnniel White In n ceremony performed at 10 n.m. Thursduy In lhe First Mothodlsl Church in the presunuo of friends and i-Hntlvos. She IK the daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Vi'inon It, Warren. Mr. White is tlu 1 Hun of Mr, nnd Mrs. Fred White. Tho brldiil seltlnf; wa.i marki-d wllh floor baakots of whlto ehrys- UMlhotmunti, Block (intl forn. The Hev. W. D, Golden road the Vows, Musir wits by Conrud While, voeallflt, who snn« "Because" mid Mrs, Lcta Johnson, organist, Tho bride w»8 attired in a white silk shantunu skirl with a white nylon blouse with metnlle stripus. Hev hut was white luilk 1 with n brow veil. Her corsnuo was while orchids. Miss Helen Warren of Memphis, nuld of honor, and slater of tlU' >rido wore a nroy taffeta frock rimmed In gold and grey accessories. Her flowers were yellow Bluclioli, • Wells Hnmby of Texarkana served as best man. Norflecl Of Dallas and Mr. Mrs. Robert Pledger of Dallas. Miss Mary Buchanan has been the Kuetit of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Worthnm in Gurdon. Bob Robertson was the weekend Kuost ,,f Miss • pilal. Itita McCaskill. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Westmore-: 8. Mrs. • paternal grandmother. hnvo n ear, references nnd $000, which i» protected by on Icon clftd moneybncK «u«rnntoo, pe voting a few ot your upovo hours to the bu»lno»«, you should earn up to $70 weekly spare time, full tune more. Liberal financing us- dliUnco to aid expansion. For full Information, write Hiving phono number and Address to Box A <mr« ot tho Iloptj Star, ^^^^^ l^t One Count Real Delight Honored NWW YORK:, m —Ow Count «nd Roal DclUtht, owned by two ot facing's mo«t pi-omtnwnt women, voted top itonon today lor Big 7 Wants Oklahoma to StayipLpop IJKNVKR, W| —Harry Farrar cxoeuttvo »por»» editor of the Den ver Post, took editorial Issxie todnj with a suggestUm by Guyle Talbot Assoelatod J>ress columnist, thu Oklalioma ought, to abandon tho Big Seven and join the Southwest Conteroiieo. Tatbot uointad out that such a "would guarantee tho Ohio After a honeymoon in Hot Springs Mr. and Mrs. White are nt home at 412 West Elm St. Baptlit Young People Have Supper Wednesday The Youni! People's Department of the First Baptist Church enjoyed a Thanksgiving supper on Wednesday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Harell Mines. The supper was served buffet style from the dining table centered with an arrangement of yellow and white mums. Mrs. lllnes was assisted by Mrs. Otho Heslerly, Miss Virginia Johnson, Miss Shtu'la Rne Evans, Miss Alma Lois Haggard. llplfo Wylte gave the devotional tulk|fojluwed with'prayer by David i\yh.lt<v fissojjltttc'' paslor, -A Tluinksfiiviug poem vvrfs read by Miss JohUHon. Sixteen members were present. threo-ycar-uld horso* by th« euaUbred Racl«8 boavtl of $M)»l DelUiht, trom the Calumet ttim of Mi 1 *- Qone M*rk«y, \v»s the unanimous choice «» chum. ot th« ihroo>yoar-oW tilly dt- vot«» «t tho A totil ot 3i vot« WM by Mr* Walter Tho »ecr«l»rle» ol the 3T ttacks ot the tRAi vw h'c h it* annual iwiHiKy «onv«iv today. amount of salt in S«B wat«r homa team Xho privilege of play- i»tt In the Cotton Bowl it it won the UUe. "The simple fact U that there 1* no real 'incentive nowadays to UuiW & great football dynasty unless there U o chance to play in one of the bin bowls. Probably it Isn't ewn oeojiomtpally sound," U» hU signed, s«ld; column "tn oth*v woixln, Mr. Talbot tit to U»a OWahwnp »U\l«Uc depart- Thut «t»Be»r* to fc* a queer Mr. and Mr*. J. R. Bemis Honor House Quests Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Demis entertained with a dinner party at their homo on Saturday evening for thc pk'imiro of thuir house guests, Mr. and Mrs. .Hurrell Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simpson of Cincinnati, Ohio. Graceful arcmgemonts of roses "and potted plants decorated the spacious living room. In the dining room the buffet „__„, .table was covered with a Venecian erusidei Mr7*li&li»tr bJ»e*«$e woJace cloth centered with a silver thought had plenty moivey to stav» off the \voll. at the ttaa» «u Ugol Notle* cwtlnyed: admit toeely that «w South- \v«»t would b*wk out in a lathw of sfttis(»cUoJ> it the conference couM lure OWahoma into lt» told Howevor, ttw 8i< 8*vw waU» WMIS. which j^ar U» aw4 year out |» 8 vi'etty ««y l^ipWi Would have its 'incenM>f*' W* to the bowl (Ulcd with yellow mums and Caterpillurs 87 Gwuaga Klrksvillu Mo. ?Q Missouri V&l ley College 89 Little Rock 07 Hardin-Simmons 34 football teams point annually tor Jhelr bl« one with Oklahoma, x x •|>ttrdoiu our U,UU»* Uke a be* ot the Itocky Mountain Km at Coinm*r«e, Me, don't do !*•» Talbot, but vw, alflBf with Kau State. Missouri, Iowa State ftnd WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE Lengths 20 to 45 feet prices delivered or ', CoU .,. Rufus Martin <A. A 5 MOM It AM. •f Oik* Y*itna 01ARKIM PONTMOvT 1 HAVE TO RUN UPSTAIPS FOR HURRY UP. 1 HATE MODELING < •*?ESSESV > THEIR /-, YARDUNEf s&as* M. E. Church Saturday night, De. cember 6. sponsored by the "Ought to Gift" club The public is invited The Humming Bees of Texarkana will stage a program at Ris- OUT OUR WAY By »> R. William* By Mlchdel O'Molley and Ralph Answer to Previous Puzzle ing Star Daptist Church Sund.a Means of Travel SEE THERE? WITH (3EASS PEUMIM 1 SHEARS, A HATCHET AN' STUFF OUT THERE, sou OOT TO 'SPICIOUS OF SOUR ALLUS SPICIOJ&/ SEC THAT PENCIL. NVAKK.? ';OU SMEAK MV <?OOP BROOMS OUT TO SWEEP TH' GREASY SARA6E THEM CLIP THE 6EEASV ENP OFF BECAUSE THIS ON£'S HAD TOO ,'AAtJY HAIRCUTS/ DO YOU USE MY <5OOD> SCISSORS, TOO? night. December 7, > * V ouv WHO CAMB I HORIZONTAL GO \\'ns aware 1 British trolloy cl Thcv travel 5 Boy Scouts' way of travel 9 Inter-city means of travel 12 Comfort 13 Plastic ingredient 14 Hail! 15 Labiate plants 17 "Diamond State" (ab.) 18 More furtive *£ WANITB7 PROTEC- Nathan Hendrix died in Los An kiddie cars VERTICAL 1 Spreads to dry '2 roads 3 Italian city 4 Measuring device 5 Barbarian G Rainbows 7 Retain 8 Relaxed 9 Railleries 10 Eye part shipped to Houe for burial. Ariz:. The body will be to Hope for burial. Fights Last Night 24 Polynesian plant 25 Chilled 26 Cream-filled pastry delicacies 28 Irritable 30 Allot 31 Essential be!ng50 Demigod 33 Waxy 51 Lease membranes of 52 Heroic poem birds 55 Make a boat 35 Grassy plains travel 40 Hebrew ascetic 43 Wading bird 45 Splendor 40 Butter substitute 47 Harvest 48 Level g 0 i, 1( , , m i y to nm into By The Associated Press PORTLAND, Ore. —Freddie Beshore, 103, Los Angeles, out- ninth round knockout punch fron tm Jimmy Bivins. brushed off that kayo as 19 The President 11 Vend rides a 10 Peninsula in train Asia 21 Grade 20 Means of 23 Hebrew tribe wutcr travel ^ 24 Metal * 27 Finest 29 Title 32 Mimosa-like shrub 34 Panegyrics ., , ; 30 Revoke .37 Precipitates frozen rain 38 Scent 39 Bristle '41 Observe 42 French plural article 44 "Auld Lans PITTSBURGH— Bob Baker, thc experienced taught the unsea- WASH TUBES Pittsburgh, outpointed soned Wallace never to forget iam, 209, Orange, N. J., 10. ?/ THEM VOU WILL HELP Wt: 7 COMR^Pe IMPIN WILL PE 110 KM LlPRO^R WMR,MIL-SOW WHEW rAV PEOPLC- ARE TOLP *f KNOWS IT... THAT THE A.NTAR RUBY WfX£ NND HE'2 WELL SEIZED FW AMERICAN ASENTSIV GUfcRDEDi DM NO ONE WILL KMOW IT 1$ AN 'i.;.m~ NEWARK, N. J.— Jay Anderson TIBP r*^S OP. FOOT, (XN f (XRB PUT WNVlH HIWl IT Will. r-WC SOU NFEW MORE Dunlap's record is studded with 1411, Philadelphia, outpointed knockouts, but most of them have Greco, 151, Jersey City, 8. i.H.':_'n over relatively unknown op- WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.— Kicola pnrienU. Two better known heavy^ Italy, out- 135Vi-, New Rex Layne and Clarence r^i j?w pointed Jim Wilde, Henry, both hnvo stopped him. Thr; bout will be televised over Hilt of Little Rock the CBS network starting at 9 p.m. was the holiday guest of Dr. and (EST). In Michigan, the judges and pointed Diego Sosa, 134, Havana, referee split 10 points a round be- OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople tween the two fighters on their War; 7:30 Dr. Christian; Playhouse. ABC — 6:30 Lone Ranger; C=OT PeAFee, 6HA\M, AMD PHILOSOPHY, A^Aa'OR.' I HOPE tHERe'tS eMoUGl-' OF THEM AROONlD VOHO \MOVT (SET KNlOCKED 6AL.MV BY A -THREE - OF" VOL) TO HELP /V\& SCHOOL OWLS TO ENlGASE llJ 6CHOLARLV AMD ACTIVITIES FORCED TO RAID THE CLUS/-*- WHAT gOOK6 TJID YOU FETCH Top Radio Programs Sunday after a visit with her par wits, Mr. ami Mrs. J. H. Bemis. 7:30 Life Begi Mystery Theater; NEW YORK UPI — Listening to- at 80. MBS — 6:15 Men's Corner; 46 Electra's brother 49 Orange pigment 53 Constellation 54 Not waken soon enough 56 Bring forth young ' 57 Nevada city 58 Italian river 59 Goddess of plenty and Mrs. Robert Purifoy of Comedy Quiz; Musical Comedy; 8:05 Family The- By Edgar Mortl ROulS AND HER BUDDIES \CWtO 'SYLLABLE DOM'T THEy'LL, THIWK "PYGMALION A TREATISE OM DO YOU Roi-k I vemher 29 in Ouachila County Hos so s«t!s ftw ovo VOO'WV: ttffcW (SV •\0 vAINW- SW^ SOO Thursday: NBC — 10:45 a. m. Bob Hope. CBS — 9 a. m. Godfrey Time. ABC — 9 a. m. My Story. MBS — 10 a. m. Ladies Fair. pan-nts (ire Mr. and Mrs. U. G. at l">-lG, early in the second quar- Westmoreland oC Prescott, Houston led at thc first quar l. r >-!2, at the half, 31-27, and John L. Purifoy is the at the end of the third period, 49-42.' land and Mrs. Donald Cearly wor By Dick Turner A win ing team or ULTURE \6 A5OOT TO MAKE A ONJE-MI6KT BUGS BUNNY I.BMMB Ki !OW I'M GONNA 0UV A, 1 CICERO/ LOUUPOf, mileage! By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP IHftNKQ, FRIEND; / AW, powr MBNTION IT".HAVE WRON0 WITH THE TIM .. MACHINE,THEN HOW PO I I YOU KNOW WHERE AU.BYCX)PI9 so you 'venture to say'J Cotting prettyjenturesome, - r aren't wo?" FROM THE VERY START and all the way, Esso Extra Gasoline delivers ready, steady power . . , long mileage . . . smooth performance . . . clean-engine protection —gall in one great "all" SIDE GLANCES By GolbroiHi U's not a suggestion—it's what I think of the company » for not giving me a raise!" CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer around" gasoline. Try a tankful today . . . and find out why Esso Extra is the biggest selling premium gasoline in the area served by Esso Dealers. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHEPE'P l AI2OUNP TliE A IDG- } COOL, HUH ? Twey OF-WAR, I MAY HAVE THE , 6O? \ VOU 6O ONE WAV/ I'M. 6<? THE OTHER; ID YOU V.EAtJ BY THAT REMARK., /P MOK.TOM HAS JUST HIT UPON A WAY OF MILE AFTER MILE, your engine runs smoothly, safely when Esso Extra Motor Oil is on the job. Now heavy duty. Esso Extra Motor Oil is engineered for endurance ... holds its lubricating body at high engine temperatures to keep oil consumption down . ,. circulates fast to give moving engine parts instant protection...cleans as it lubricates. Helps check power-robbing deposits. Change to Esso Extra Motor Oil today.,, and enjoy the difference. THE SENIORS DEFEAT AT rue EASY, BOY, FOK AS THE BRI&ee,SO SHALL. AND IMMOVABte AMCHOft MAN / WlV ATTWB €SSO ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY voo SAVS MAY n THI UFI 1 4 *Th»t looks like the diamond necklace Jimm m

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