Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 3, 1952
Page 7
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, * r, toetitiar I, m< W , ft| tt wrifurrii p « con- inttl !^*kldtM^<ln<l«p<m* nt, RPU) jWW Addresses of CortUnuad from ptf« On* , Jl B. Cutler, H, J3«nl«l* ( Wanrfn F, Onttt, C, end Mnrjorlo Donnl* T< Ffttrtk, Otirvn r, Flen- vfl l?«fV<?y Ervlti W, Ford, Thel rtier ft. «w» Kirk c. Funderb«ir«. JTOhn Wnltof ciallowny, Luther Bnd QM1I Onllnway, Jnmo« A 0»yn«, Thomn* Cllbton. -lohn R. Oilbert, Bugenp Olll, Awrlha Oold, John V, Ifaml, C. W. H»rr»ft*> (on, C. .T. tfrtrrl*, f,swr»n<!» A, Karri*, Willie K, H«r»w, Uithor L, Hlebtowor, Hedio and Mnttle IMII, Honry Mill, L, T, Hill, O. C, Kill, William HIM, Howard W. Hind, rftfln, C?cll C, Holme*. Jfs^l M, Holt, Bale Hubbard, 3. », Mwck- Ira ro- f9V*rntnent to file oth«r | until th« an. W#W.:$' ## wowcr, IV£* of the KB by year jjyflljjj jr!i oifbwwf »wJ Us ft, CoiVjB Rico i n«w iovcj'j) a, flinitlWJ tho Airforceto Cenlfmied from P«f» On» which h»* b**n In matte*, promptly the pltwl'* 9.000-word refwrt f It* Nt»n record, •fen. fitertwrt O'Conor (iMfrf), «lt«n(i b*re «* a »ubcwinmUl*p of one, MM hi* «rm»p would omwlder the report In the light of necc*- *flry |cf#f«talJon, O'Conor took up the Jury'* state Hwml i«»t b*t«re the nubcommll trio ndjmirned Indefinitely It* hear in«* hefft Tho federal «r«nrt Jury'i r hunrted up ta Judge E>n*w N. Edol tnf wife" but a* »oon ttt the guard) Tn the Middle Age* when church left tor hl« Itmch the bandit robbed I men went Into battle they often times spiked heads because canonical rule* denied then) the sword Pnylll» Beam, 28, of $1,300. carried warclub* with heavy, *omejas a weapon of bloodshed. Wllllamsburg, Va., was once cap- Hal of a province which includes West Virginia. Kentucky, Ohio. lri«. diana, Illinois, Michigan, Wlsoon* . - . . territory now covered by Virginia.sin and parts of Pennsylvania. ._ Hud ,Tark*on, Nnthnn- i«t ^«Kw*on, J*mw i'. Johnion, NoW« IfAfrl* Johnwm, Percy M. Johnton, Will Johmon, Ix>ul* B lather 3, Jono*. Luther Jon«», M«ry Ef, Jonp», Mot. J«HJ«, Owe J/. Jone«, Wlloy •foftet, JSebbte JfMi«»«, Henry K,|n«, NnihftnW Kln«, Haxel If, Uwl*. John H I^wln, R. l/»«»n, Wfll IvOgBii, Lou Albert l*we K, and M, H, McMtfllflnii, Willlnm L. Msrtln, Evplyn K. M«rtin<lfi|p, (It) F, May, Hoy DoftBld WllllwmB Morrison, Joel J«« Alyln Muldrow, Jerome Muldrow, John Muldniw, Kmmlti Jewell Murphy, Hwth M, Ntahols, John NobK Shtjrnidn Owona. CUleu»> Jfrtlrner, D, Pemrinn, Joseph W, end Dnmi L, I'hUlipn, H. j, Polftd^tor, Ilp*c«e Polndcxter. 8«rry PoWcrflcld. Calvin A, l*ow c», Lttwrcnu 1 Powell. W. J, Quillln. 0. A, and Minn flornsfy. AHco Bay, Led Hollfonl, Walter KoRor*. L, C. KiindorH, Mn»y HOP Sanford, Kmmlti Seiitt, Jr., Ocrtlc H. , Alton Hiilnntl StnHh, ODOI- Smith, John H, .Smith, Johnle Kpnldcl, Hoxtcr H. Sprlnns, Hoyt Stowaj't, Nftthftniel fituurt. WHllo », Tnrtt-llor, Od«- M Toy. lor, Alwsandcr VnviKhnn of th* body »lntio 1I)M), «ntl U. Cttl, Lulu fVll|ip Llovyi-ft Pnt'^, former inlnlsli-r uf Inturlar. Mluucl Alorono, formor (spcretory of the Jiintn, R|»O WHS not mimed to n npw pout. Uowitt Putv. wan one of th* six mllltury men to whom tht> junta rt<*i)[npd and who Jlmcnw retfllnul tho post of flctonSfi niinlHtm 1 and ulito lio over 10 member* o( tht> provloun utoin, »j»W m«ny dl*loynl cnt)» moved from one U, 8. »fnni»nl po»t to another nnrt finally InflltrnM .the U, N, a» par of a "definite planned pattern.' Making It* report on tho la«t day of it* nine-month term, tho grand Jury urged thtt a now panel be appointed to carry on lt« Work, Mo Individual* were named tn the report, which was not an in- diriment. The w«»cnt, th« European counln to the American bluon, live* on leaven and twig* while the bison U n «i'or.U)K animal. Major Thornn*, Botty Thornton. Hou* ToIJtver, WIIIlo Tower*, Jarn«» K. Townnpnd, Louis ond Ma- holla Tumblln. Mmjorle V, Wnlkor, Dim Wcath- oi'*poon, 'Jlmmle D, Webb, Jumus West, Autfilstn Wllllorn*, Clowe- lurid Wlllimna, Eileen Williams, OdoMta WlUlnnui, Tyroc \Vllnms, Jnm«-» H, Wrubt, M. A. Yfl'.m«. - ' Columbui Ark. Peiu-kno Cheathnm. Emmet, Ark. Mujjnnlla 'Duncan. n«mdu» ft, Whccllngton, Fulton, Ark, Kenjnmjh Orcone, Rt. 1. Jan\«* Luther Harris, Charlie JoneB, Nance mid Plenty Mnck. Douttlos D. Sn»»er, MoNob, Ark. C, V, QOVWI. Own, Ark. Jimu'a Hubbnrd Gordon. Andrew Smith, Andrew L. Smith, Washington, Ark. Mnrjorlc M, Arnctt. J, L. Plnkf. Enrl Smith. NO WIPE LONG BEACH, Calif. (UP) —A compoand young gunman told tho bank guard ho was "wulting for Uy lltUti, he had coma to and Einlly hnd allowed thorn- to tte engulfed In mutual on, they would tolmowt inovlt- hftYfi iwovumbftd to It again Uttd y»t ftKfttn, Tholv nUraotlon for eheh other WAN lofl *twig to e«*y of »wirt 1n4»od, It , fof this episode. In hl» attcmpta to jto him o* ft new henven and" a Jieur wwolvo Uto wwionn for W« b«- earth. Ho found hor, M U« had hoped he tnltfht, In Utc little garden and, nn ho had not dared to hope, alone. Although ho did not make an informal ontriuicw, the way Brian would imvo done, through the aide gat«>, Klllc, who anawertd hla ring «t th« front door, admitted him mid led htm atralght Utrough the hovmo, without atvubunolng him. He bad iMicn tJiore so often in tho ptiit that «h« took hia welcome for granted! a« a maiior ot fact. »ho homeU wiw «xtwmc)y glad to «eo lidum, jafter hln long «Uionc«. Ho had Impreaaed Killo vscy favorably from th» ^ginning. There were thw> «mall lanterns in the ganjon, one over each gate and ono over the entrance to tho basement; and though the light they gave wu ploaaantly dim, it would have aufflctd for aomo Kind of handiwork, and cve » (w do * aultory reading. But Kmtly wan stretched out In a long ohatr, her hand* empty, Kmlly radiated perfect hwUUi and abundant vitality; aha led aa extremely aollve life in»t It nilsht ip-ow Btt'onfer and strong. or with evory •oorot jncullnjr, for Un\(.\ O«H«elvo.Wy, under Wmtiy ho r»4eot<tU on it, y DftvW could a«a net poto«UftllU«» In this ^lo, whtoh believed her grandmother hnd wlUi both (laving and instinsjt lutU warned him ivnd l<opt Win trom KUiUtlim llainon wittoh ho otnUd not extliiKulaU . . . Yet, ua lie ant thihWuK of «ll tUcso lb.Uur.si, UtAi, wnnu August ivtmt infter Ho^r «au left him, «udd«tvly knaw th«t U would be very h»i\l to a&y goodby to As ittttK as Uiey \vcra in the lame city, wh«r<» it ww» IK»- slbltt to n«r«H her out nt nny tint*. It hntt luit, boen too hard to mint tho temptation of dotn# «a But now the im»f« whloh fo»@ bf foyo tn the gfttlwHn« twilight won , «bmt« yet and th««« acUvlUoa took many different form*, But mho never tho oK«ot of lta»ta or flurry; Uv» §itt of app«arincr and to (w at lolauro, \vhaaevor aueh was U«x»UraUlo, an4 tho »UM gruater gift fw r«al r<- pu»o, \vh»n*v«r U»ar» w»a no ap«- clal rttawm for a diaplay of an«rfy. Sh« na« not rU«n or ov«sn tum«4 wa<m the door ftxw Uw h*»«m«nt opeued, ««<! tt wju obvioua that «tu> had At am ai«um«4 U>« in. U-udw upon Iwsr aolUude wiw only Jdlio, b*nt on IQBVO trivial orraad. w th« «ouud of hia foot* o Bowcomer an man, *fto looked \tb and twunir hw d. in gatntny her ratn&MUre, «h« addwJ conv««moRaJly» "How am you T nt you alt dowwt What can un««jieoi«clly lovely: the «0 ctfoftlvoiy w wtth 1 bulled. Tlw btmittful brown o«,inift«MM» and, at dtw>l#i' mwrrlmcnt, finely torinetj AOM or shoulder*. bred, delleatt'ly nur> _ t» wftslttve and 1 *S«»» , rlp« &r mottowhoad, who«» e». " ' *•'• •» **** H»ve vrith Jouwr »k«»dy T in4 Ms over* and Fd Uk» vary down," he aald, draw* * chair and auittnf hi* Mil D«»4a. ^atTpml oant fo« ^ drink Jurt wow. thajOw. iHtrhapa » UtUii later.,, DWat fto««r UU you that ha wry kladly offered to five a party to* m*, and taut i aaid I luxaw I'd bav« to work lat* at the oftc« awry alfht, I'd ralhw jurt Aroa to, ttk* » M » Vc*, ho 4W- ftat I dida't tali* bo wtjxKJtwl you quite m aofift—r or a)w M loxfot to tm you ttoat i* U* r«*\*Jar drtU a^kt «* •ay Ut»t. h» wouldn't haw titao to PENNEY'S A L W AY ^ FIR 5 T QUALITY! eieiaitte Wendy's t , , , "„ ji^,* i« . - . ,.y . "rf'TV ^/tT Wednesday, December 3, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Markets your •/ 4 Calendar • j Thursday, December 4 K Paisley Brownie Troop will meet •^Thursday afternoon, December 4, at the Littlu Housu imiiicUiutc'iy fitter school. The troop is under thcf leadership of Mrs. G. C. Crom- tAHoslessfS will bo Penny Tippitt alTO Barbara Reese. 7S cents for exchange. Thursday, December 11 The VFW Post and Auxiliary will have their annual Christmas party and potluck supper for members, their husbands or wives and guests Thursday, December 11. at POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO. l/Pl — Live poultry: steady to firm; receipts 851 coops: t.o.b. paying prices unchanged; h"avy hens 24.3-27; light hens 2021: roasters 32-35; fryers or broilers 37.5-38.5; old roosters 18-20; '.lucklinss 30. Butter weak: receipts 616,867; " ti'iH-salc buying prices to one C''MI ii ptuitut lower; 93 score AA liT.r,; !)2 A (i~; PO B 66; 8!) C C4; ears: no B 60.5; 89 C 6-1.75. steady; receipts 14,009; 7 o'clock. Each member is asked ; wholesale buying prices unchanged •••••to bring one item of canned for the needy family basket. soup SHIRTS-the gift every man appreciates CHOOSE HIS FAVORITE COLLAR AND CUFF STYLE AN OUTSTANDING VALUE! MEN'S FUR LINED LEATHER GLOVES Handsome capeskin gloves fully lined with soft, warm rabbit fur . . . what a wonderful gift for a lucky man! 3.98 Plenty of Warm Lined LEATHER GLOVES at and Club's Christ-; was scheduled j " Xhe Hope Music mas' party which for P ;Thursday night. December 4, has', been postponed until Thursday-night. December Ui. § _ Thursday, December 4 Hope Chapter H2H Order of K a stern Star will meet Thursday night, •f^cembcr 4, at 7:30. There will be all initiation and all members are urged to be present. Notice i Through tin; courtesy of KXAR i the local Council of United Church j Women of the National Council of ! the Churches of Christ in the Uniti ed States will present each day dur i ing the month of December "Thot- O-Grams" at 9:15 a.m. to a cent a dozen lower; U. S. lar.L'e whites and mixed 51; U. S. mediums 44: current receipts 40; j dirties ,!fi; checks 33. DOROTHY DIX Serviceman's Wife Dinr Miss Di\ 1 nm 22 jeni"! old. Fifteen months .11,0 I met nndl } vc>lkl "8 " married a soldiei whom I had! I™" mcn known hut two months. Immediate! interested ly f.'llowins our inarriaKe we were quite sure ot our love but, with the passing months. I find tho state nf my affections very uncertain. For .Tim's sr.ke I was willing to await his return and talk over tr"\u,, n situation, but yesterday 1 received I a letter saying his service overseas has been extended nine months. During his absence. 1 have been ous nnd binding one; it Is not to bo shelved for a mere whim. Of course, it should not bf made as whim, either, which is about what i a <itenogrnphcr n the office has In me — and I 1 find it more One of become in him. difficult Pat Cleburne Chapter UDC will have their Christinas party Thursday, December 4. at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. J. W. Branch. Co- hostesses will be Mrs. Clriiydon Anthony, Mrs. S. L. Mrs. H. C. Whit worth. Jackson will bring a Christmas Mr. J. A. Whitten Honored on Birthday Mr. J. A. Wbilten was honored with a birthday dinner Sunday. November IiO, by his wife on his Gtith birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Newburn Whitteu and family, Mr. Reed, and land Mrs. Leslie Smith and family Mrs. R. E. of Prcscott, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Babcr and Larry and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fountain and son. NEW YORK STOCKS NKW YORK, (fn— Steady in a narrow range was th eway the stock market acted today. Trices moved around a point either way with small fractional chanties the general rule. Rejects Plan Continued from Page One Each day to tnin down his letiuests foi dates I feel that were I still single, t would prefer Bob to my husband, but 1 do not wish to hurt Jim. Would it be wise, In your eslimn- to date Bob as a friend, and not tell my husband about it? U. P. Answer: You have managed to 1 crnv.-d into fifteen monhts just ,•!• ' bout nil possible mistakes of marriage to servicemen, and I earnestly hope your plight may be a warn at Ing to other girls contemplating j shvil." date'.' Hoffman asked, eitinj! present law limitiiiK financial to a candidate. Hoffman admitted that might be some complications you nnd Jim did. However, at 21 j you certainly had some idea of the I responsibilities ahead, and should' have glnen a little more, forethought to what should be the most ', solemn act of your life | Now of ututse, It K the pie^ent | 'iat'ici thin the p.\M that intnesti| . you. So for what they are worth i ' lo you. here nre my conclusion:-,, j ; It would must definitely not be j wine to date Bob! Word would be i bound to net to Jim through third j parties and news of that kind! comes hard, especially when one is thousands of miles from homo.; Respect your marriage vows until Jim comes home, then discuss, thi' situation with him and arrive., your own solution. Ir-in'U! dateless for nine months nl o donee, he hasn't naked rric for ,i date. He is 20 nnd in his second a your nt college. How fcnrt I Rot him to nsk me- for n date without appearing too forward? MARY A, \vlth the Rang as n .. fon't appenr oVef-anstltrag; tf'l UKet you, you'll find It Wit enough. , t Answer: Since the hoy Is undoubtedly interested In you, Mnry, 1 can suifiiest only a reason or two why he hasn't tried to (Into you. an! urge you tn be patient. Clr- oumslnnces wonUl indicate that he Is vvorklnjj his way throufih colloi!«, a task that leaves little money ur time for dating. Alsn, with two years of college ahead of him i mure, in fact, if he has H profession hi view', lie probably doesn't want to become interested In ono piu'tlctilnr HU'l, He content with your friendship on its present Lias-j is, perhaps Invltinu him to your| house for iu, occasional cvenlilMi Dear Mls« OK; T am A COTftrhS ln\\ \\ |fo ,10 years old, My hui N the H.imo ,\ge. t have ueen " arUfd from my first httSbantt/I six \enrs nnd have tried W but unsuceossfuliy. f wnslo any more rnti on it. My real problem Ui, W have miy fomily and w6 would to ndopt ii baby. Can yoii U)l whether We can ndopt ort«, 6 though wo nren'l mnrtled? HOPEFUL Answer: Since Kilt-edged with authentic matrlngo corttfloftt Hnd It difficult to adopt & eh I 1 your chunccs nro O.U1U ho .Uoloascd- by Bell Syndicate, Ih marriages. j j s preferable to compnnnisiiu: wilh Your prcmartial acquaintance 1 ,-our own honor. You are faced aid! in- Wl»lt*s|iren»T collar French cuffs KycTt'i collar' French cn(T» Nurrufl eollur llnrrcl cit Sofl tub collar' Ilarrcl cuffg Gifts for the home! SUPER-WEAR COLLARS, CUFFS ,-r tiV^-A.1.* v-W*"- •*^**V RICH LOOKING.. AND VALUE PRICED! Friday, December 5 The Fidelis Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have their annual Christmas party Friday night. December o, at 7:30 in the Sunday School room. Each member is to bring an exchange gift'not to exceed a dollar. .Refresh- meilts will be served. The Hope Junior-Senior High' Sj0lool PTA will present its fourth annual Talent Program in the high school auditorium Friday, December 5. at 8 p.m. The high school students will perform in entertaining.' skits, specialty acts, dances, and musical numbers. The girls' glee club under the direction of Mu§. B. C .11} alt will sing The public is invited. I Wright—Ray j Marriage Announced In a candlelight ceremony on November 20 in the homo of Mr and Mrs. L. B. Palmer, Benlon- villc. Ark., Miss Alma Jean Ray. daughter of. Mr. and Mrs. Dewcy Ray of Spring Hill, became the bride of Terrell Wright, son of Mr. and Mrz. Harvey Wright of bpring Hill. Clifford Palmer of Fort Woith, officiated at the double ring cere.- J mony before the fireplace banked i with large pot ferns. | The bride wore a winter while gabardine dress wilh navy accessories. She pinned a white orchid I at her shoulder. j Tho couple is at home at 420 I Kdgewood after a wedding trip to | Kureka Springs. Ft. Smith, and oilier points in Arkansas. Mrs. Wright is a graduate o£ Spring Hill High School and Mr. Wright has jusl recently been dis- volved, and Inter told he knew he had "put it" by makinu such a but still contended he a Rood idea. Blanket Wage Hike Given L. R. Firm All mothers of Hope High School ts are asked to send or bring school office by Friday, December 5, one or more "Gift Wrap ped" articles worth 25 cents or j charged from the F.ngincers Corps, more. Please make and send your ' candy to the school cafeteria Fni- day. noon for sale Friday night. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. (UP) — Livestock: Hogs 10.000; moderately active early, later slow; weights 180 Ibs ui) steady to .25 lower than Tuesday average, mostly 10 to 215 off; 170 Ihs down unchanged; sows steady to 25 lower; bulk choice 180- i!i«) Ibs 17.00-17.10, largely 17.00; eart load mostly choice around 210 Ibs Hi.00-17.00; 120-140 Ibs 13.00- •!.7f>; boars 10.00-lli.50. Cattle. 3,500; calves 1,000. Trading slow on steers; one load of average choice yearlings about steady with Tuesday's at 31.75, otherwise bids unevenly lower; heifers and mixed yearlings also slow but opening near steady; cosvs mostly steady but utility and commercial kind under pressure; utility and commercial largely 13.50-15.50, fewjper pay bracket: to Hi.00; canners and cutters 11.00- or more i:i...0: bulls unchanged; utility Ihe plant and commercial 10.00-18.50; cutter bulls 13.00-15.50; vcalers steady to 1.00 higher; good to prime vcalers largely 27.00-32.00; individual head to :•!!!.00; utility and commercial vealers 17.00-2fi.00. Sheep 3,000. Openirg about steady to shippers and butchers; choice and rime wooled lambs 23.25-24.00; half deck choice and promc clipped j lambs 23.50; few good and choice j wi.'oled lambs 20.50-22.50; culls to good ewes 4.00-5.50. a reporter Ins fool m thought it LITTLE ROCK I/V< »~ Some 1,100 production employes at the United State Time Corporation at Little I Rock have received a blanket wage increase of five cents an hour. Stanley C. Amren. plant manager, said last night the raise was retroactive to Oct. 1. The increase, Amren said, would bring the production group's starting wage lo ftS cents an hour and raise the up- to $1,55 an hour makes clocks, fuses nnd cameras. The employes, mem-] bers of the AKI. International Association of Machinists, have been negotiating wilh the company for abovit a month. aequ Jim certainly was not long enough; the wedding was hasty; J Jim's sudden departure- gave you therei no , im(1 (() nl . lko m , adjustment.; so here you are in the anomalous! ppsitien of being a wife while your; husband has become a distant shad; owy figure. Certainly yon can't feel] much obligation to a man you'vo 1 known only two months. The fact,! however, remains that yon are! married and had better begin to think like a married woman rather than t\ single girl. Marriage Is Serious The marriage contract is a seri- \,'ith a clear-cut case wronu and you know know what the rtttht not do anythliiR else. of rijjht and it! Yon also thln.n is: do dive. Jim a chanco, don't lie a defeatist about your marriage and it's quite, likely i that, when you see jour husban.l again, all doubts about, it will disappear. I hope so. Dear Miss Dix: I am 17 and Interested In a buy who works in our neiRhborhood drugstore-, Although 1 have been out with him in a crowd, and he single;! mo out There will be a call meeting of the Daffodil Garden Club Friday, December 5, at the home of Mrs. C.^y. Nunn, Jr., 1115 South Walnut, .ptyj o'clock. All members ar.e urg- ''& to attend. Towncraft® White Shirts STILL THE SAME THRIFTY PRICE... avy Line J You can't go wrong giving a spread like this! Everyone likes chenille, and they come in a wide range of colors to please every home-owner. Gentle wavy lines of soft, rich chenille on a firm, long-last* ing backing! Come select f __ _ __ . rii v •JjVe.Rosc Garden Club will moot! in 'the- home, ui' Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, i 30]; South Horvey, Friday after- 1 nobn at 3 o'clock with Mrs. R: E Ci}n as co-hostess. Nlonday, December 8 The annual Christmas party of the Hinton Home Demonstration Club will be held Monday, Decem- lj|j£ 8, at 2 p.m. at the home of Mfs. Stella Adams. Every one is tovhring a gift for thn gift ex- ch'ange. Tuesday, December 9 \VSCS Circle No. 5 of the First Mfethodist Church will meet Tues- da.y, December !), at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Mrs. James McLarty, Jr., as co-hostess. This is the annual Christ \ scription « as parly and all members are ked to bring their Wanda Staley offering and a gift not lo exceed Mrs. E. D. Galloway Hostess to Circle 3 | Mrs. E. D. Galloway was hos-i less to Circle 3 of WSCS of the First Methodist Church when itj met for its December meeting at the district parsonage Monday at'-| ternoon at 3 p.m. The leader, Mrs. J. M. Harbin, opened the meeting with prayer. Alter the business session, the annual Wanda Staley offering was taken. Mrs. Harbin presented Mrs. Claude Lauterbach as program chairman for the afternoon. She. opened the program with a Christ- I mas poem. Mrs. Sain Warmack read the Christmas scripture taken from Matthew. The 'Real Meaning of Christmas" by Arthur Bryant was road by Mrs. John Vesey. A play "The Gift of the Christmas Fairy" was presented with Miss Paula Haley ns the Fairy. Other members of the cast were: Mrs. Stith Davenport, Mrs. Sam Warmack, Mrs. Bob Turner, Mrs. C. H. Brooks, Mrs. J. M. Harbin, and Mrs. John Vcsey'. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO UPI — Strength in corn aided the rest of the grain market on tho Board of Trade today. Wheat near th ecnd of tho first hour was - cent higher, December $2.35'/ 8 ; corn was -l'/4 higher, December $1.68V.i, and oats were Probers May Call in John Snyder WASHINGTON l/ll -- House tax scandal investigators scheduled a eloscd-dnor meeting today to decide whether to call Secretary of tho Treasury Snyder for a first hand account of his interest in multi-million-dollar tax case. We held an arrangement of Christ mas berries and candles. Mrs. J. M. Harbin presided at the coffee j service and Mrs. Virgil served Christmas cukes. Eighteen members and three guests, Mrs. L. B. Tooley, Mrs. Virgil Keeley, and Miss Paula Raley, were present. "Alphabet Romance" Presented to Girl Scout Troop No. 8 A short play entitled "Alphabet Romance" was presented to Girl . Scout Troop No. 8 at its regular i meeting December 2 at the home 1 of Frances Barrentinc. Those taking part were: Vera i Tonnemaker, Lurlcne White, Bari bara Polk, Sylvia Arnold, Janelle 1 Yocom, and Frances Barrentinc. After a short business session, refreshments were served by the hostess and Judy May to 13 mem- -C'/B higher, December 84.. Soybeans were '/.i lower to cent higher, January $H.O!I, and lard was throe to eight cents- a hundred higher, December $!).!)5. Cfir-li wheat: None. Corn: No. 2 mixed 1.71 1 :,; No. 2 yellow 1.71- Knplr , vi 71':,; No. 3, l.RS'^-OO^; No. 4, 1.01- y |70: No. T>, 1.(M'/.,-(i7'/:,; sample gr-.ule 1.45-f57'/i. Oats: None. Barley nominal: Malting 1.35-81; feed 1.2K-32. Field seed per hundredweight nominal: Swevt clover 9.00-10.00; rod top 38.00-39.RO; alsike 30.00-31.00; timothy 13.00-H.OO; red clover 29.50-30.50. Soybeans: None. WHAT I WANT CHRISTMAS POP CORN JUNIOR The new electrical popcorn machine EDDIE MARTIN EVANGELISTIC i CAMPAIGN BEGINS TONIGHT AT FIRST BAPTIST-7:30 P.M. / Wllion Irothiri Ml|. Ctfp 153 Kill Mimchll 7. TinnMIH Corn Muclilne Unit. Elcclrir Pop NAME.... EACH UNIT CONTAINS POD Corn Junior M<> chin*, raiay to me , i t)la tM of Iciilt oorn, tor nopnlng > 12 nilnlitun down pop earn boxai i 4-Inch mitt) pop two) uoip Hoar America's Distinguished Evangelist: ELEVEN THRILLING DAYI DEC. 3-14 SOLD oifiEor rnoM MAMUFACTURIH TO IDUI ORDER TODAU NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK Iff! — Cotton futures displayed early steadiness today and then weakened on persistent] hedge selling. Liquidation increased| after nearby March dropped below tea ta-1 yours now GIFT BOX OF f HREE SHIHTS 8.94 No more worn collar* or cuto with the#e smart «hirt». Both collars %»d w^ art specially desiguea to weir as lo»g as tlw> ext« higli-couat broadcloth shirt body. CollarW $tay ne«t without iUroli. Extra long tails stay neatly tucked itu Sanforized*, of courw. Si»« U to H. TOWfl SETS in flora! 2.98 VAlUil All WOQM PtNCAU SHEETS 3 pound blanket silky $m«9th |»er<«lel 8.90 2.99 You g«l » 2(rx40" bath , towel, a 16"x3tf" hand towel, S«4 A ir*U* wash cloih. See thwu in tho new hril- 5-year moth damage guarantee! Acetate salia bound in colon 19 match your blanket. A truly *W«HB" Our fi»cat »h«*t n^ak«s a most *«!«•<»»* fift! Bwy them for yoiureeir, too! Big •eleettoo of d*M to chooae frowl TODAY & TOMORROW 35.25 cuts a pound which was lhc| | old low fur the current move, f-ji ferinfis were absorbed mostly i through scale down trade buyinjt The meeting closed with the Iran- ! losu:BS iulu Juu;>r "'"/ uu " '""'"-jand short <.'overin«. Some dealers! scription of Malolte's "The Lord's! ^!,.. IWO ncw m ^ m ^ s - alld onc | Ba id most of the hedging was from! Prayer" sung by Mario Lan/.a. Mrs. Galloway invited the guests TO VISIT HOPE visitor. The next meeting will be hold at tho home of Lurlcne White on January G. Coming and Going i California interests. \ l.a'e afternoon prices were uti-j changed lo $1.2") a bale lower than the previous close. Dec. 34.50, March 35.21 and May 35.57. I Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Amos had as guests over the Thanksgiving holidays their daughters, Miss Belly Jean Amos of the University of ! Oklahoma School of Nursing and| Mrs. H. E. Kannarr and family of Wichita, Kansas. GOLDEN *' FRIED FOOL- DIGESTIBU Hospital Notes Mrs. Lendon Yocom.i Branch Admitted; Camden. Discharged: Mrs. Frank King ol Hope. LIKE BROWN THAT'S IKtu M huW »l CUtti! MISH lUttl". latiM >/ NU C [1UI/JU • t U>rUI UtilU! niUIUllW NEWS & COLOR CARTOON RIALTO ^ TOPAY & THURSDAY SHAKESPEARE'S TRAGEDY! Starring ORSON WELLES MACBETH NO ADVANCE IN PRICES! Announcing the 2nd Annual LIONS CLUB-KXAR RADIO AUCTION TONIGHT 7 0 CLOCK This Will Positively be tha^ast Auction Broadcast Over KXAR ^^^*^^ r • Olll • * B ^ wpww HOPE CITY HALL PUBLIC IS INVITED PHONE 7 4671 Watch for the HOPE STAR'S CHRISTMAS SHOPPING * t * Tuesday, Dec, .& •*n M^ Merchant you'!! wont to hgve your gdvertlsing in this 1 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EDITION OF THi HOPE STAR ON-TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9, ' people of Hope and this trade area know that find just what they want for Christmas in the Hqp« Phone 7-3431 and we will be glad to help you with your ChrUtmos ad for thi« Special Shopping Edition All Copy ntitft be in by Mond<»y^ ^r^fl ,^w'W '& vf"Si ;J -'•?<'" .APJ.fJ r

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