Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 30, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1894
Page 3
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H tr , " A STRANGE CASE, How an Enemy was Foiled. The following frrnplilo statement will bo mul with Inli'ii-irlnturcst: "Icnnnotdcsurlbe thiTiumb.i'ri;<>i>ysonsatlontlmtexl.itoU In my arms, liiuHls anil li'KS. I hud to rub nncl bout tho-io purls nut II Ihoy were sore, to overcome 1» u iiu-usuro the Ociul feeling that had taken PWMCV.IOII of them. In addition, I mid a xtranpi wt-aknoss In my hack and around my waist, toeulliur with tin Imiostcrllmblo 'Bonn foclliiK In my stomach. 1'hyslc.hinu said It wasiTrrpinK paralysis, from wliluli, according to thvlr universal conclusion, tliuro is no relief. Onco It fastens upon » person, they say. It continues Its Insidious progress until It mil-lira a vital point unrt tho sulTcrer dins. Such WHS my prospect. I li.id boon doctoring nypiir and iilmlf steadily, but with no par- riruUr iH'iH-flU wln-ti 1 saw nn advertisement of Pr .Vlies' Kostorutlvo Nervine, procured a ixrttleiuul bepiin using It. Marvelous as It may seom. hut a few days hnd passed before every hit of that creepy feetlni; ! 1!ul !f f J;. mo ' and 'there has not been oveu t.ho slimmest Indication of Its return. [ now reel 119 -well us 1 ever did. and have Rained ton n nds in weight, though I had rdn down, n 170 to 137. Four others havo used Dr. Miles'Kcstorattvd Nervine on my recomcn- <lni Ion. and It lias been ns satisfactory In tliolr niHvsns in mine,"—James Kane, La IJue, O, Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine is sold by all drurrclKU on u positive guarantee, or sent direct, by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Irul.. on receipt of price, *1 per bottle, sl.x bottles for *1, express prepaid. It is free from opiates or dangerous drugs. _ \ ' ' DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK After fourtwn jeara of «clentlB^ stndy of Nose, Lnnx, Liver, iind al DIttwaei of n Chronic Nature I adopt d nu prenent form of treann nt. Hnd bare co ndnctfd « unccessful practice In llmabove cla»s of. cas»s I i-nrdlall) Invite jou or )onr frtencK It uffllrted with any Cur,<nic Dl.neane, to consult m» nnrt mj method nf treatment and Its remits. Office honrs: 10 to 12 a. m.: a 'o 4. 7 to 8 p.m. Residence at ofll.<e. All calls jiromptlr attended. ONE RIGHT THIN6 Do you know that tot every disease flesh is heir to nature's great laborn- > toryholdsonerlKhtthlng that will cure it ? £ 1 To-day a devotea specialist who has been seeking for years, discovers __ and brings out a specific— the right tiling for some disease that medical men have experimented upon for ages; tomorrow is developed a remedy which blesses all mankind ! Do you know that all real remedies known to science are the results of such work given to the world ? They art, and Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer U the one right thing that has been found to cure the awful diseases that result from starved and jaded nerves, such as sleeplessness, nervous prostration, fits and epilepsy. It puU new life into nerves; does not itupefy, but re-vitalizes. PRICE «1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists .for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives i i free ad vice to any nerve Mf _ _*£.... * MASK , . ,-. J i 1| disease sufferers. AU Weolfer$soo to Any phynlclan or chemist wbo can howt>van»ly»l»or tnerw^ntMhmL thli rerot'ily coiu»lnn morphine, opium cocaine, or »ny harraruldrtw. welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Maker* ALBION. MICH. And *»DtyM.. New Yorfc Sold by Ben Hsher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. MAR H 3d. TO JOIN COXEV'S ARMY. Aboard of one of yesterday' Wabash freight trains, oastbound, wa a gang of hobos, about thirty stroap Tho train was detained In the yard awaiting the arrival of another train and when a Journal represfintativ happened to pass by a car supposed to ba empty, he was asked by one o them what town they were in. Afte answering their questions tbe Jour nal man naked them from whence they came and whither they were destined, be was told by the spokes man of tho gang that ihoy hailed from iho west, some of them having oume as far as California and would join Coxey's army at or about PUtsburg 1 . They would leave tho Wabash at Defiance and board a B. & O train wbich would take them to their destination. A copy of yesterday's Journal containing an article on Coxey and bis army was given thorn and was eagerly picked up, the gang crowding around their leader and requesting him to read aloud the latest newa of the move ment. They all seemed enthusiastic and expected great results of tho cam palgn of peaoe as one of them ox- pressed it For tramps they were not a bad looking lot of men and claimed to be men out of employment and not regular hobos. If what they aald is true they represent nearly every Industry of the west. Some of them are miners from Colorado and New Mexico some cattle and sheep herders from Texas and one of them claimed to have been a school teacher In Fort Soott, Kansas, and that several years ago he bad been a lawyer In an Illinois town. At this point a trainman made bis appearance and the next instant tho door waa drawn shut and everything was quiet. The brakeman stated that he know the car contained "passengers" but th»t the train crew was powerless to cope with such arge numbers and that as long as hey behaved themselves they would not be molested. "Besides" bo said the poor fellows are oul of work and must keep moving 1 and they might RB i»ell do It on this train as on any other. SCHEDULE WILL STAND. A CrUoa(?o dUpitch says: Tho .hreatened strike of conductors, train™ men. engineers and flremon on tho Chicago & Eistern Illinois, was averted today through a conference between officials of tfie company and Chiefs Arthur, Sargent, Garrevson and Wilkinson, representing tbe engineers, firemen, conductors and trainmen. President and General Manager Carpenter of the Eistera Illinois pro- sented a modified wage schedule and set of rules which the union leaders will submit for ratification or rejeo. tion. It Is understood that the men regard the new odor as a compromise largely In their favor, and say the new schedule restores their wajes verv near the old figures. The labor chiefs left toalaht for Omaha on the Union Pacific business. ••President Carpenter, said Chief Sargent," agreed to so modify tte rules as to remove the features so ob- juctiooable to tho men As to the cut In wages, Mr. Carpenter refused to yield an inch. He s»id the cut will go into effect «nd that hid determination on that point will not be changed Tbe new scht-diile of wages will be submitted to the vote of the engineers and firemen over tbe line and the tnn- jorlty will decide whether a cut will be accepted or not " Alway* bargains in shoes, at Anderson & Kan»'. Great ru.-h at the Trade Palace on •dress goods. Tbe latest itvleiln ladies 1 tan shoes and slippers, at Auderson & Runs'. A pleasant place to visit, the millinery department at the No» Fashion •tore II you decide to take H od's Sarsa parilU do not be Induced to buy any •utHtttute article. Take Ho d'« and only Hood's. Tbe ladles of the Christian Church will serve supper this (Friday) even- Ing, March 30th, at tbe home of Mrs. Dr Juutlce, corner of Market and lOit sir eta. Supper 15 oeois. Tbe Baby's Best Friend—McLlnn's Onion Syrup give* Immediate relief and cures croup, cold*, oollo, and particularly vomiting of ourdled milk For sale by B. F Keeallng, Only 25 cents per bottle. In your bead olear ? Have vou a £Ood grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy In your blood? You can have both U you observe the pre caution to uke, when retiring for the night, a done of Smith'* Bile Beans. By the time y >u gel to work next d»y you will feel a« If you could u 1 train of can. Be ivlre to tret tbe small •lie. BUSINESS ON THE PENN3VLVANIA A statement of vhe business of all lines of tbe Pennsylvania railroad east of Plttsburg and Erie for February, 1894, as compared with the same month in 1893. shows a decrease In gross earnings of $1 124 717 60 a de crease in expenses of f 1,014.077 83, and a decrease In net earnings of $11063969. The two months of 1894 as compared with the frame period of 1894 show: Decrease in gross earn- lugs $1.888,134 10. a decrease In expenses of $189169442. and an increase In net earnings of $3 660 32. Pan Handle engineer Harry St. Clalr Is off duty sick. " Pan Handle engine 465 was taken In the shop yesterday for heavy repairs. Geo. Crozle--, bollermaker at the Pan Handle sheds, is at Columbun oal ed there by the death of a 6li- ter. Pan Handle engineer L. L. Truman, had his nose and both ears frostbitten last Sunday while hunting at English lake. B. F. Butler, Pan Handle agent at Good land, was in tbe city Wednesday. He had been ID Chicago vitltlng hll mother. The effects of the vaccination Is making Itself felt among the Pan Han- dle employei. Quite a number them are off duty suffering with sore arms. W. F. Shepherd of Richmond, has obtained a judgment of $5 000 agftins Ihe Pan Handle road. He lost an eye in a railroad accident. The work of (Trading the Eaton and Msnchostor railroad has begun. A L. Jenkins, of tho engineering depart ment of tho Pan Hancle road, has charge of tho Cork. The Indianapolis Journal says: ' Or Monday next Master Mechanic Swan a8ton, of the Pan Handle linos at this point, expects to Increase the number of working hours at these thops." Herman Adamsky has been appoint ed ectlon foreman in the Pan Handle yards vice Thomas Loftus who severa! weeks ago was promoted lo road su pervisor of tbe north end with head, quarters at Chicago. The Pan Handle boilerahop Is rush- Ing with work. Two men have lately been transferred to this shop from the laboring gang. There are at present three engines in that shop demanding heayy wo k on their boilers. Samuel Potts, who for thirty yeare has been an employe of tho Pennsyl vanla company, the last twenty years a train dispatcher, died last week During the labor riots of 1877 Mr. Potts was In charge of the station yards, and playoU an Important part in dealing with the strikers, for wblch ae received personal recognition from Thomas A. Scott, then president of tbe company. Messrs. McNair & Barcey, railway jullders, who have the contract to construe', the Cinclnn-ttl, Union City & Chicago road, announce that men and material are being engaged to be concentrated at Blultton In time to commence operations as soon as the weather is favorable. From Bluffton work wi.l be pushed both ways rapid y and- er.orgetlcally. Notwlthstand- ng the emphatic statements of tbe Detractors the citizens along the line if the proposed road express oubta as to It* immediate construct- on. Heal Entitle rranaTeri. _ (it of triinHfsrs of real estate In Cms count} epnrted by Frank H. Wtiipermim abatracter of ties, conveyancer and not.iry public, Insuranw nil loim luent, titles to real estate examined nd clufecfve tltlfts perfected. Mon«y to loan al wpst rates. OfllCd 2116 Fourth street direct!) jposlteOourt Hmiseenirntii.*. Logiinsport, Ind : M Mi'&iftro.? to Ja< To;en lots 8 to 10 Mcdiflreys 2d udd $ SO" W olin H (indium to E T(inilmm pt s i« 14 HIM; 15 ,hick Tp 200000 M Hanrllee In Hiirrlett Woodruff lot 52 Johnsons Riverside add v;-,V" !C Thomas toEllz mid Wm MlMion tract adjoining (imntanU i.'enter sts R-'VHI Center •••• ' E Han>-y to Ellsworth Overslilner lot* v7und 2b(ieo Tlptons 1st ml>l obn C Nolson C"mr tivLoretta A Tnom- IIH 8 e 14 s w IA also pt » w (4 * w Vl sec CO u InsecSoClar Ty OHUUII A i aRum to N uli J LaRose lot 14 N 9 LaRose Utlldd ..,,.. h«> Parvm to J I 1 Brenniv n M ft d Vi • Won lotHSTIptin Admn Is' iuid..,. ohii ne-klerioA J Conn pt lot 7 OP noi'fil Center..., ' tate of Indiana -o Nelson Klstler sew » w fi c »i Bo ne Tp (lie Runkl« to Root Vernwi pt w i/a» w 14 sen 14 BoonoTV erdTiuind Krebs to Columbia Brewing Co ioi U Tlptons Jd and bal brewing DfOD i n. •••> t-t'tmnif' •••••••« " ohn f Bra"nan to John B cnnannoH It» 1& e Vi e Vi out \oi S3 Aduiln l»t Hdd "* - • •• »••'•>•>»» E tedniond to A J ttoblnson lot 20 Ln- Boseadd -• •••••• on's Hollo to alehael Kettlg and wire strip 10x182onwslJeontloUT LuRose flrln wiitts'fo" Jeremiah Suliivnn lot 8 Haflenbuck's a ( d lorr » Kltigf raid to John FltZKi-rald eVi joi2;lCh«ney'BHd'i . ,™i, 15 mortgages filed aggregating K275 10 27500 ISO 00 20 000 1 00 1 00 400000 1 00 Patent istooo 400009 2500 00 100 2375 00 (100 Benurd, flOO. Th« reader of this paper will bo pleased to -urn thtt i her-la at Iwst oni* drawled (Hawses tut science has been aDIwto uur« in nil Its stones ndtbu ta Cutarrh, Hull Catarrh Cur« Is the nit iM«i l?t) • urfl known to fhp nieuicui fratfrn ty. Htarrb bMiitfa constitutional CIIMB m«. n-QUI--« » »nHtltntlon»l lrpatm«nt. Hull's Catarrh Cure is rtken mterrmllr, acting illrcutlr on tn* bio 'd and incus surfaces of id • system, t'lorpby di'Stro ing ie lounimtlim ot 1>« dlwH«\ ami uivltn thp pa- wit Ktrwiv.tri I>F bnliilliiR ill' tnt> constitution and i-MIim niiture In dolnx its work, rim iiruprlo- irnhHWiio m.iKb f'ltli in I « ouratlvs pnwurs, iiit they oflnr One Knnrtrpd DnlUrs tor any i-ase but It falls to cure. Send r«r list of testimonials. Afldr-KD. v. '. CHENEY & CD., Toledo, O. ff-iaM bf druggists. The IiutrBt Value. You get tne greatent value out of a liver quarter when purchasing a jCkage o( Simmons' Liver Koffulator aowdoi, There's nothing like it for ndtgestion or constipation. Take It ry on the tongue or make a tea. Tou'll afterwards take it in preference o piliB. . Auction «*ie. The J E. Snell & Co., wholesale toolt of Notions on Pearl street, will le «"ld ai auction in small lota to suit ^urobasera, commencing at 10 o'clock Saturday morning of this week, and !ontlnuln? until "ho entire Hock Is old ALBERT JENKINS, Trustee. Nonce. Having sold the Twelfth St. Drug- Store. I hereby notify all persons debt to roe to call and utttie thejr ( accounts at once. THEODORE PAKVIN. Handle F«itor» Wood for Hale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall orders tc lillock & Plttman Handle Factory, on Toledo Jt., or P J. Kimmer. —. ^ ', arte tae bran* of morn, ZrteVti»>a8no«ni leaving, after the itari at gone Tak«Sniltb'(BU«Bean» on retiring aftnr the ball. U* for SMALL stoe, Quaker keadaohe oapiulu giv« r«. lief in ten mlnutei. Offlolnl Call. Tbe Republicans of Cass County. Indiana, and all others who desire to co-operate with them are requested to meet in their several townships and wards at the lime and place detignat ed for tha purpose of selecting- delegates to the Republican* State conven tion to be held at Indianapolis on April 25 1894, and to the Republican Congressional convention to be held at Hammond, lad., on May 24, 1894. The placa and tlmo fixed for said meetings ia as follows: Adarna to <TL ship—Twelve Mllo April 21, at 1 p m, Bethlehem township—Metea. April 21, at 1. p. m. ' Boone township—Royal Center, April 21 at 1 p m, < lay towuuhi —Shady Nook school house, April 21 at 1 p. m. . Clinton township—Clymers April. 20, at 7 p m. Dee Creek township— Center school bouse, April 21, 1 u. m Harrison townbhip—Lucerne, Apr 1 21. 1 p m. Jeff"mm townphip — Galloway school house, April 21 1 p m Miami township—New Wavtrly, Ani-'l 21 1 p. m. Noble—Centre school house, April 21, 1 p. m. Tlpton township—Onward, April 21, 1pm. Washington township — Centre school house, April 19, 1 p. m. First ward—Engine house, April 21, 8pm. Second ward—Rink April 21, 8 p. m. Third ward—Council chamber, April 21, 8 p. m. Fourth ward—Bink, April 21, 8 p. ED. Fifth ward—Engine house, April 81,8p.m. The several townships and ward? .Ill bo entitled to representatives as Follows and the meetings will select he number of delegate as follows: Ptat« Congressional Convention. Convention. 1 ,1 J f , L i \ [ , ms township tethlebem " Boono " Clay " C Inton •' neerOreek " Iflrrl«on " nckson " PIT- rnon " ......... ...... J. rthiml " .............. l Ohio " ............. J 'ipton " ............... } wn-hlneton " ............... * first ward ........................ • "iTond " ......................... •- 'hlrd " ......................... ], •ourtli " ..'. ...................... x 5 inn " .......................... 3 „ , ° By order of tbe Central Committee J Z. POWELL, D. W. TOMLINSON. Cnalrman. Rppnbllcii.. C-i> O The Republicans cf the City of Loan»port are notified to meet in the everal wards on FRIDAY APRIL 13TH, 1894, t 8 p, m. for the purpose of nomina- Ing one member of tbe council from aoh ward, and selecting delegates to he city convention to nominate a city loket. Tho places of meeting will be s follows: First ward— West Side engine house S«cond ward— Broadway rink. Third ward— Council chamber. Fourth ward— Broad way rink. Fifth ward— Fifteenth street engine iouse. The ratio of the lepretentatlon will e -ine delegate for each 10 votes oast or General Harri on ID 1892 and one or each fraction over 5 The ratio makes the ward representation as fol- 'Irnt ward ?5 Secondwnrd r n Third wnrd :". Fourth ward ',„ Firth ward '_ Total dele«nte» ^5 Necessary 10 choice <" The deletes selected will meet at The Best Thing in Milk Pails is Pearline. That's the solid truth. You o-ct them cleaner, and with icr.s work and Kiss, than with anytliii-.^ ds~ you can use. It saves you so nr.irh thav. i'.'s cii<':ipcr than the ror.i::io:T.:st sVciT c". ! •••, i roof—the milk pails, anyway. • ;v; . ! - '•' softest hands, any in OP.: •.'•.::; Not CH withih,:;:-.;.-::-.-.:-,.,- tors or !o;!o\ '<..•-.•- i • rn;ule * .' the : :- the NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. WflLKER5c Rf\UCH the now court SATDUDAl, APRIL, 14TH, 1894, at 8 o'c ock p m to nominate candl- dates as foMo^e: Mayor, Tr asurer, Cl. rk and Water Works Trustee. By order of comtnlttrte J '/,, POWKLL. Chairmen. Attest: D. W. TOMLINSON, Sec'y. OANIIIU t rE*. BOB TKEASCKKR. iwlllbeacanlldatefor Treasurer of the cltj of i omnsport, subject to th- will of the Bepnbll can City Nomlnatliw Convention , Q Loninsport. Ind , Penrunry IS. 1894, I will be a oandldve fur Tr asurer of the eltj of LoKansport, subject ^o th- will of the BepuBll- can Cltf Nominating 1 C.mvention. ^ ^^ LogHnsport, Ind., Kebraary 16, 1894. r will ben cnnlidnte to 1 nomina Ion for the ' onl<* -fCltf rrenurer .abject to th« will of the Bepubllcai.ConTentl.in. J .0. ALLISON. LOKiinport, Ind.. Feurnarj '9. 1894. r will be a andld'it" for Treasurer of tbe city of Lo"a.*port sublect to the will of the Repub- &* C,W fiomma ,n g Convention. Logansport, Ind., March B, 18W G. **uT On the oocaitiO'i of tho Encamp- meot G. A R and Woman's Re.lef Curps of [odlana at Lafayette, [od., April 4 and 5. 1894 the Wabaah Railroad Company, will sell round trip tlokts for $1 U Tickets will be sold April 3d *nu 4th, good going date of sale and good returning not later than April 6ih. C G NEWELL Ae't, Wtbaoh R. R. Co. Tne makers o' Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vll»liz p f offer all nervous sufferers advice and consultation of tbe Doctor free of charge. [nolo*e stamp to The j. W Brant Co., Albion, Mich. A.i\t Ben FUher. I THE TIMBER-CRUISER. A rrBComor of tho Lumberman and th« On the frontier of advancing civilization there is a species of livelihood called "cruisinjr for timber." The simile is an apt one, for the woodsman who seeks new timber regions amid the trackless wilderness, in xvhich tho sun is hidden by ilny and the stars by night, is as bold a navigator as his brother who toils on the pathless waste of the sea. The timber-cruiser is even more » child of the forest than the native he succeeds. He is the precursor of the lumberman and sawmill, two important factors in our progressive civilization. He is nntaught. Generally, he knows nothing 1 of astronomy but the sun's course and the polar star, because the heavens are so often wholly out of sight in tho tangled forest that he relies on other guides. The mysterious secrets of terrestrial nature, lianded down to him by generations of pathfinders gone before, keep him informed. On the prairie he knows that the tips of tho prass always incline toward the south, and that they are less green on the northward side. In the forest the slender twigs on the boughs bend southward so slightly, it may be, that only tho trained eye can detect the deflection; yot it is there. The x moss on the tree-trunks is always on the north side, the bark is smother and more supple on tho east than toward the west, and southward the mildow never comes. Thus does this unlettered savant box the compass in tho wilderness. Tha timber-cruiser is a hero. He i» ft forest king. The wealth, of tho woods s his. Ho always travsls alone. His acts of courage, endurance and skill are never witnessed by others and are never boasted of by himself. Indeed, lis successes or failure are never talked about, save to the directors of tho .umber companies who employ him, and to whom he makes a minutely de- ;ailod report Ho has probably the Dest memory known to man, for he will return from a two-months* "cruise," and be able to locate accurately every tract of valuable hemlock timber in a hundred square miles of woi thlcss woods and tamarack. He undertakes tho most arduous journeys without providing more than a blanl'cet and a few days' provisions; he confronts all kinds of dangers, mindful of their inconvenience, but fearing them not,"because he studies nature on a commercial basis. In brief, he is a true philosopher, always prepared for tho unexpected, happy, because ip-noi-ant of the relative values of comfort and discomfort, and brave, because he is an egotist who believes thoroughly in his own abilities. His is the task of locating the land- scrip that capitalists and large corporations have purchased from the government. He precedes the woodsman, the ax and the saw, just as the post- trader precedes the teacher and tha preacher. Ho is to the advancing lumberman what the Don Cossack is to tha Russian hosts. The location of a choice tract of timber le a secret to bo guarded with his life. Weeks, evon months, may intervene before the lands can bo "taken up" and entered upon the records at Washington. The pathless forest is his home, solitude his companion, and, like his brother on the "multitudi- nons seas," he often dies alone, and his unburied body becomes part of the elements of nature he BO intimately courts. He is new to literature, unknown to song and story.—Century. Way* of Tr»d". A lady who had evidently been yonngf a few years since stepped into Gaut'u the other day and asked tho price of cream puffs. "Three cents each," replied the maid In waiting. "Two for five?" "No." M ,„ "Well, that's a queer way of selling- things!" remarked the possible customer. She seemed to hesitate a minute, then ordered one cream puff for a yonnffer companion, apparently a relative, and wal-hed severely while ho ate It, after which she took a silent and displeased dcparture.^Judf«. Rolen to California «-i>atljr B d«e«« Tl» the 1'enDHylvaula lilac*. The Mid winter Fair at San Fran- cleco and the numerous other attrao. ! lions ID the Wonderland beyond th» ' Rocky mountalnB can be enjojed by ' persona of limited means aa the round ! trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania line*. Paa. sengers can select any of the sever*! rou'.ee from Chicago, and the return limit is ample lor a satisfactory sojourn. For detail* apply 10 J. A Mo- Cullougb, ticket agent. Loganeport, Ind. OumbtrltliTi Ere ud Skli Ol»tan»t IB a certain cure for Chronic SOT* Eye». Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip- plea, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cent* p«r oox. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, TO HOUSE OWNERS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, iid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worma, giving new life to an old overworked horae. 25 cents per package. For sale by B. F. KeesllDg, druggist. Tbe usual treatment of catarrh U very unsatisfactory, as thousands can testify. Proper local treatment !• positively necessary to success, but many, if not most, of the remedies in general use afford but temporary re« lief. A cure certainly dnnot be expected from snuffs, powders, douohei and washes. Ely's Cream Balm, which is so highly recommended, U ft remedy .Wch combines the Important requisites of quick action, specific curative power, with perfect safety- pleasantness to the ^patient. The druggists all sell it. Muilre Fotadatloai DlMxreret. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are eome lady residents who can wear shoe* twelve Inches long. Tour blood needs regulating In iprlng. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" Is a*- iurf'8 own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price quarts, |l; plow, 60 cents. For sale by W. H Porter, pre- ,crlptlon druggist, 326 Market street, transport, Ind. Kemp'i Balsam will stop the ooufh n onor Four "C" Nothing In the whole history of Medicine can compare with the sne- oess of "FOUR C." It is the ONLT KNOWN specific for LA QRIPPE. It removes all Hs DREADED and. EVIL effects, inducing restful, natural sleep. ONE DOSK will frequently remove Pleurisy pains. ONE DC-SB has tiaio and again relieved a child §af- ferinj? with CROUP Four "C" bar cured Arthtna, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonnilltls. I» composition It is DIFFERENT, I* MORE POWKRFCL and ACTIVE. In fact it i» as DIFFERENT from any other lung remedy as molasses is different from vinejrar. It Is a REVELATION. BBST OF ALL yoir TAKE x» RISK. The ESSENCE of the contrast Is Four "C" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refund* by BEN FISHER.

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