Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1952
Page 9
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rj : * 1?V ? W? »™VH vv var * ™ v i t Jf f i *•* ^ r ' i Hd>l STAR, HOPE, AUKANSA § Tuesday* Dteemtar ft, 1! m I IFIED ,W 1,90 JIM lfl.00 !lfJED DtSPUAY ^^i^Wt-gft £W'j"<£ i >i,tit*wMw**i)> ww p»r men M ,,.,^»4,,,i-,, Wfl ptr Inch ' w *kip• mi*, rtfx MflMm* otfvfftlKfto copy , «www, k *(»ttl,» jP-W' for »« ifi^rwSPi'l'iWwrTui^) "w£ by ot ft»w»bl» in I^WrW' l »»«tt>'|tt«U«.l«IIM'HI' .«•?? >TW9f >w M,,,l,j,%,lJ«,«ti,M».l.ll« H^UW alrrjn «*rtww< [in, HWttrtU enfl >jw#fi «ii>.«uii<*.<tm. 4 SO ~ .,--,.,,:,. T «n>«mm'* <!,u* t ^'*yj l>|UtU<tt»uU»turttlrtl«t 13,00 V r IT km iuWSS <m tMt tomWrt'W W* fww* a±.i.n»«...i.... ^^SITiZi* For Soi« BLECTR1C pump, flood cm>* Arkonun*. SPC A, H, nidar, Patmoi, 2 ffinKK y?«r old trained bird dogi, 1 fcKUtered. Phone 7-3M2, Formfey, SOLID maple dlnetto milt with tfln»kin table, comer ««binBt, four Choir*. Cull 7-3IXH or 7>XI70, 2«-Bt fliijiii ii ji innnm k, r# ^ 54 * i. *ft S" p,,s.> ' -/ », KM CHOfCK »oy bean hay, Good bale*. Truck ioodn, ROM R, lot p)«lv»ii, Mesl for Jocher MAM I»«nch. Wn»hlii«- Ington HtKhv/ny 4. 20 -Ot /Ur Odd* and «nd», Phone 7-flW, flOl Mo»e». 1-St HOUCJH, nlf dried onk, «urn and eyprfl»n. Also »•«•» Oak «ntl Oum milliiblr for Fariii u»o. Oak Ki-nco l»)»t nml bridge timbtrK, Hope Company, 2-H MY ,f«.tb«'ii iouso nnu a kits. H lynn While, 2-,'lt five room modern hcmi®. Clone in. Also l»r«u building ftnn»4 Cttll T, N, llule a-at Services Offered LOCAL nnd lonu dlxtance Hnullntf. AUo lounl moving. Baa Dannie Hamilton or cull 740U. renovation «»fi work, Cobb Mftttro»« Co. aid S. WBdhlnntoii. Phont* "I -'Mm N-2R-1M Notice NICW ttiKl rput'wnl nubacripllonii to any mnHrtKliio uubliAhed, Christ- iiuiM ri»lt>«. CtutrkR IU<yner«ori, City Hull, IXiy Phont, 7-U328; Night 7.278B. .•:.. O-3&-lm Motht r Crtdit •r 0«Nt KINNIV crtv ui they h»nd th* H#l*mnn Trophy to Okifttamift Halfback Bitty Ve«««l« in New York lonOftt, nn Oklahoma City mothor will bo Hitting quirt\y M homo — away from the SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAVLB TAUBOT. NEW YORK, W*~A pair of the notion's more prominent football tenmii, Notre Drtme nnd Syracuse, nro being »ceim<;d right and left of »hnrp pineUon In witng quick, cheer* but protid of her part In! un«nepeet«l backficl'J shift* nt cm bftnRfnK him recognition an the' c |a ' moment* at tholr tinmen to college football player, draw this opposition offside nmi ' thtia benefit by a five-yard penalty, at 19(52. And tho pnrt ihe plnyed, nc- t« Vetxclf hlmaelf, wns JUKI Smith Trying Hard for PorkerJob ™% k0 'W*^*,*?J**\ MAGNOLIA W ~ An uninvited vulgar vivacious strawberry blonde whose Moscow Hurlt Baseball Charge MOSCOW, Wi—The newspaper So vlet Sport claimed today that Americana are trying to force American baseball "bclzbol" — on Italy. The Rtuilan organ said, however that the Italian people are resisting American efforts to install the yesterday took the lives of four national American sport In Italy. | persons. And a retired mail car"Thus," said the paper, "Italian Her was killed when hit by a people, are answering American: freight train at Pine Bluff, colonizers who drag thither not only John Lonsdale Jr., 37, 'Vind 18 John Lonsdale Dies in Auto Accident By The Associated Press Highway accidents In Arkansas literature but also and gangster their degraded unhand I* n prornlrionl Oklahoma City doctor. My fliwonit coach, th« 2t year directed at arousing audienc- the wildest Instincts in alh- ,. , , ..... .................... ~^* a ^.. t Sport said "American im er», mnong others, iraw It work' southern State College coach .who P er 'a"sts" are attempting to '" B ""« d . - s "" da r .*•" , !•"•"• •••"^»» «!'••"•»«'- '.•/iiTVfjiinuoj Illlir* h C W ViV/"', ln ,"/' V ol V' f r .'. imrt '-'"i collocate Conference Coach of the . Arkansas Inter- c _°'; lr "? c «™ng Italian youth the h i, ,/ .. book uhlft. In defeating Fordham m VfMols cftlled hor. "She known Its final icnrno »wl winning n bki • - tibout football tbon modt to tho Orange Bowl. i Ve»«ol« KU'W up ninldiit modejit iirrmindfnic* at Cleveland, Okln., >np of a family of five children. Since hl» t>nrollm«nt ot tho Unl- of In he hy follow s ,i'h », -I h. t »i < he is "dpf- • interested" in the position, nobody nccucseit either the Irish adding: or Syrnctme of breaking n ruU-, ; "1 think I could handle the Ra- pxfictly, but there IH n widespread I xorbncks as well us I year-old James Howard Jenkins of Nashville, Tenn., were injured fa tally in a car-truck 'collision on Highway 70 near Brinkley, Ark. State Trooper L. E. Gwyn said the car driven by Lonsdale skidded on a curve into the path of an ap preaching truck driven by C. Odell Huffman of Forrest City. Huffman growth of rudeness, cruelty and, — - — j. hate for the enemy, striving for'was not injured seriously, personal profit nnd personal glory.: Jenkins died in a Brinkley For this reason, said Sport, Amer pitnl shortly after the accident. leans are forcinn "beiJibol" nml Sheriff Petn Cnrtor s.iiH R have the to have the tfnme n rather fhnrour.h going- ! boon disappointed In the lack of fwllng thnt they gave the spirit of | Muleriders. Fans' seem Imrc, Brooklyn Trying to Get Better Hurling By JOE REICHLER PHOKNIX, Ariz. MV-Tho Brooklyn Dodncrd hove prepared n pair (if Mw-'J, jincknKo duals Involving topflight (tlnyors in nn effort to •obtain cither Wnrren Spnhn of tlut Mosloiv Braver or Curt Simmons of certainly can improve on tin; «ato on them before miother thnt and nei the maximum effort 8c:tKOn comes nrouncl. ) from tho boys." Tho current rule Kays, In part: '' Smith's Muleriders won their "Nn player of the uffcnuiv<> loam second straight A1C title this full ifhnll mickt! n false start. A fit 1st- • as thr learn inarched to 10 victor- Btart includes n shift which sinnu-i ios anainut nno loss. IntOH a pltiy, folKnlnjf a chnrflo., or' At Kayoltcville yesterday Ark- thc UBO of uniiHtuil variations Kliii'tlnij sljmnlt!." Whnt Notre Onmo did, injunsns Athletic Director John Barn j hill commented: ................... you' " We hovcn't invited anyone for hnve Keen, WUH shift sudden-: » m Interview yet. Hut we will be !y from the "T" to it;i old box for-! il!l PPy to talk with anyone who to lnt|tiire about the posi- motion. It drew a valunblo off : of tho Phllndelphin learned today. Phils, H was Recognizing tho need of n »tnrt- side penally iitfalnst both tho Soon ;'"'"• <;i-!i nnd the Trojmin, though the! ""nihill nnd the Faculty Com bull was not snapped. Conch Jos-: "" llcu °» Athletics are screening )>e Hill of Southern CM declared; < ' andkl(lU ' s t° succeed Otis Doug ttuit "tho ploy Is dosinni;<t solely l;u '' who to draw the defense offside." ' In the Syracuse version, ns have had It explained, the Oriinj!" forcing "beizbol "fulbol" on Italians. Durkin Called Slick Move by Eisenhower By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON <yp) M and, Sheriff Pete Carter said Early Dooley, a 50year-old Paris, Ark., garageman was injured fatally in n car-truck crash near Subiaco Ark., last night. Dooley's wife and a daughter, Maxine, were injured slightly, Car tei said. Kenneth Wright of Springdale, Ark,, driver of the truck was not hurt. Police officer Johnny Baird said Lewis H. Means, 83, of Pine Bluff By> ap- The Negro Community •y H«lM Turner f»hon« 7*4474 Or bring items to MlM Tur •t Hlokt Funeral Ham* Tuetday, December 2, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS V SOCIETY Phcne 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Mr. and Mrs. Frank spent the week end in Hot Sp"? with Mrs. Helen Flenoy and dren. Colendar /'* The Humming Bee slngeW Tcxarkana will stage a pro) at Rising Star Baptist churc Sunday night, December 7. sored by the usher board. '"Tuesday, December 2 Ladies Auxiliary to the VF\V *will meet Tuesday, December 2, t 7:JO p.m. at the Hut. Hostesses t 'be Mrs. J. A. Davis and Mrs. '.as Fenwick. Sr. Keystone Lodge No. 43 will Tuesday night, Dec. 2, at regular meeting place. All menv 1 bers are urged to be present! The members of the Yerger Band Mothers' club are requested to be present at a meeting Tuesday night, Dec. 2, at 7:30 Important business will be cussed. he Garland Brownie Troop un-' NntJCG i der the leadership of Mrs. J. W.! Franks and Mrs. M. I. Dillard will .meet Tuesday, Dec. 2. with Judy j the local Council of United Church j$pswell, 1101 West 7th Street. Monday, December R The annual Christmas party of the Hinton Home Demonstration Club will oe held Monday, December 8, at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Stella Adams. Every one is j Mrs. to bring a gift for the gift ex- provided a program of nuptial mil- change, sic. Tho bride, given in marriage by her uncle, Henry Kdmlaston, of Sulphur Springs, Texas, wore a Through the courtesy of KXAR j white- lace dress designed with an with Harold George Philippi. son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert George Philippi, of McAlester, Oklahoma. The Reverend Virgil Keeley read the wedding vows before a background of greenery and bronze and gold chrysanthemums flanked by tloral baskets of large bronze chrys anthemums. Misses Betty Sue and Bennie Jean F.dmiaston, sisters of the bride, lighted the seven-branched candelabra. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, organist, nnd Jnmes McLarty, Jr., soloist, Court Docket i Women of the National Council of oval yoke of marquisette outlined with a lace bertha and the empire Wednesday, Dccmber 3 'the Churches of Christ in the Unit- waistline was cris-crossed i ed States will present each day dur The Gardenia Garden Club will i my the month of December "Thot- i,bave a pot luck luncheon Wednes- O-Grums" at 9:15 a.m. day, Dec. 3, at 12:30 at the Country Club. Hostesses will be Mrs. All members of the VFW Auxili- C. Lewis and Mrs. E. J. Whit- 1 a ry arc tisked to bring Christmas with bands of satin. The flared skirt, worn uver hoops, swept into a chapel length train. The veil of imported French illusion fell from a miniature seed pearl and irri- an. Each member is to bring a Christmas gift for gift exchange There will be a pre-Chrlsttrias party at the home of Mr."'and Each member unable please call Mrs. C. C. Lewis, at 7-3654. descent bugel bead crown and fell packages wrapped and with con- in mislv til?rs to hel . fingertips. tents itemized to the meeting on Matching lace guantlets completed wns rushing to beat a freight train I Mrs. Cray'ton Epps. Sponsored by ns Porker coach. Intt southpnw pitcher to «o nlimu quarterback, iifl.-r slopping behind; With tho fiulng Prenohor Hoc in do-lhif center, riso.t abruptly and uf their Nntlonnl LOBKIW' makes n motion with his arm, as. Wot-erfield Plans to Retire Soon F YOU warn to drink, thnl'it .vtnir 1 iislrit-HB. It yuu want to quit, th'at'R our buslnrMf, Aloo- holies AnnnyruotiD, P. 0, Box 301). N-llMrn »ht,;p in my homo, Qtior h«ndtn«ile ttaoful gift*. Compline selection now. Mnt. John Keck. now through December !IO, I nm tnking oitier* fin* fresh coconut nnd jam rtiken for Chrint- mnN. Plionu 7»i«22. Mm, Milton Eonon. 1-01 Home Study Course homo in aiiurc time. Diploma, No ol«»»e», Texts furnished. Write tor ttw booklet. American Sohool, M3 Alubnmn, Fort Smith, Arkttiisa*, N-10-lrn Wanted fre Buy MEDIUM gixed giuldlo tur small pony, See gotten nt Star office ForUnt house. S room* s «nd baU» 517 \V. Third, J. W, P»Ufli'«ou ttt Pattfroon's Shoo t. Newly decor«t«l, 410 N. Main. Apply a 4l» N, Main, TWO room uuvtort ^urnishud opar I.»r«o olosot, okH'tdo re Utllitios ptild, Phone ROOM furaUhed apartment, Rrl ' * Vftt« bath, All bill* paid, Ccmplu 718 E, Division. !$$*•¥ <s ' ~V^7 ""t'TTSr "* $!<-,., R*?*- *'fr-v m for 4 room Close in, Call 7-JWW a-a For Sale or Runt TWO IwHJiww hauw. Modem olo» »ts anaA eablwot«, In good twi borhood iwur PaUli»y School Suttt HftrtjUftld, Phojuj 7-6«iO, Opportunity MONJSY IUCK itSfH INVESTMENT «lv«* you your » «out* of now & cent «Uip*n handling . *to. obtained tor you. Yp H»U» eji and tttOO her w» iroe 1 .^~,* tew af ywiar *CNM» In top bWMCAs* you ihould cari t$M»M"" T " T ^~^-** > Uie Star, Hawaii** . , ', 8lir>l ""•«««'«>' Pitching tho bnll out to Hive up regulnr; bilrk . A> , 11U . mu> „„„„,„„. tjOS (M— Bob Water- nnd I mid. otu- of the National Profes- ,,,ls s lo.«,l Lena's alltime groat qun .... ft ' ilayor^ for either of tin- pitchers, j « ul!i ,, s ,, C voral tcnsed-up llneni^ rpcoBtUKOri ns tho bust tl) j, lmp U8 t hou«)i stuiiK. Coach Kd Diuuiwskl of Fordhimi had this! with 31 team, league and chain efthnntlm In the circuit. The Urooka. who tint by quietly ns three of their better league tnrnihnnds were is retiring from the at the close of this season to Kiiy about tiki irmneuver: "It's up to the officials tn c whether It's local or not. pionship playoff records to credit, can't' 'I'"' Los Angeles Rams' his team pointing a labor leader, Martin P. Durkin, as secretary of labor, Gen. Eisenhower put himself in a nice position if Durkin's handling of tho job goes sour. He can say then: "I promised to bo fair to labor. I did what neither Roosevelt nor Truman did in 20 years: I put a labor leader in tho top labor job. "I leaned over backwards to be fair. Durkin was not only a labor leader. He was 'a Democrat who voted against me. If it didn't turn out right, at least I tried." But the selection o{( a union louder for the job — Durkin is president of the AFL's plumbers and steamfitters — is far from a 'guarantee of sunny clays ahead in the troubled field of labor. The secretary of labor has importance, of course. He heads the Department of Labor and is a member of the cabinet. But his is a job with tremendous limitations. Congress gave the Labor Department, and there for the sec at a crossing in Pine Bluff yes terday, but the train struck and killed him. jpnhn and outfielder Sid Gordon *«n«U.d the move vigorously, snyln,!. £, "« . (c< ^ '™* '" ^£ *' ,. ; that it wns tle.signod st.li.-ly to pllt , C '" hlmb ' J Studio producer, Kntzmnn, 2, First bnnemnn Gil Hodge*, 'urlllo end Cox to the PhllUou or Simmons and outfielder Del Enla. Oonkni nnd KmvlH nru riithl-hnncl oil power hitters, Tho Brooklyn jorn Braves' loft-fleldcr battud mty .atlfl last ncasou but hnmmor 83 home runs, n Koodly number ut KbboU fluid, \vhvro he wu.i novod Into tho majors in 10412. He 34, Kmits rapped W homers tmd Irovu in 100 runs on u .291 bnttinu nark. Ho Is only 27. un occaslonnl'check tm'tin oppos! mny cl " some coaching. He and has ipponred In several films and has BEST PAIR CHICAGO Wl The Indiana Stute Fnlr tadny wu» ndjudjied the ItU: line which has been anlicipnt-l ''1'ponred in several films and has Ing Ihe. snap and bim-oling In too! bocn «>»<-'om-n8ed to furthcr nls fast. Thla could, of course, be used! eai ' t%cr "' that linc b y his actress well in defense of the Notre, i wlfo - Jane Russell. Dnmc strntegein. "What's wrong with out-trickim; n tenm?" Schwnrty.waldcr wns| quoted udclitloiutlly. "That's Ihej blR idea of the Knmi-. Isn't it?" Porhupsi we hnvi- grown eynical. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Brooklyn — Rolnncl Ln Starzn, IS'J, New York) outpointed Fred but It aeenis lu-re thnt the wholtv aiocky) Jones, 178, Chester, Pa. Snow Falls Steadily Over- the Midwest By United Press A gentle, steady snowfall whitened the Midwest today, and weathermen said the storm front was moving eastward toward the Atlantic seaboard. Meanwhile, most of the West Coast was pelted by fairly heavy rains which came as the aftermath of violent windstorms that raked the area yesterday, damaging property and travel. halting air retary, the task of administering' to Missouri. One to four inches of-downy new snow was on the ground in the area stretching from Iowa to western Pennsylvania and Minnesota the Wage Hour Act, the public- employment offices, the whole operation of the labor standards and statistics, and some other chores. But the secretary has no control over the government's mediation service, which was created to try to settle, labor management disputes peacefully. Tho service used to be part of the Labor Department but Congress took that i nwny. And the secretary has no sny at all over tho most vital government problem and responsibility thing boils down to the fact that, 10. n couple of smnrt conches rend the fine print n little more closely thnn their fellows, All tho rules committee needs lo do In this ca.se, nctunlly, is go back Chicago — Larry Wntson, 179, Chicago, stopped Billy Noble, 191, Omaha, G. Providence, R. I. —Tommy Harrison, 17M, Los Angeles outpointed >tnt of 130 agricultural expositions) to the old regulation that there cnir Wos Bnscom, 176, St. Louis. 10 In tho Unltod Stntoa In 1852. Uu no offside unless tho bnll lui • Tho decision was made by mom- ei'b ot tho liUuruatlonul Association ot Fnira nnd Expositions. snapped, Does anyone in the Tho boundary between Canada house know why they chnnced it in nnd the United Stntoa is 2,198 miles the first place? I water and 1,788 miles of dry land. the City Wide First Aid club.- Pink Carrlgan, Jewel and Harris have returned to their norne in Los Angeles, Calif., afti>V a visit with their mother, Mrs. Adeline Hardwick who hps been ili. Miss Pearl Stroughter has returned to hre home in Kansas''City after spending a few days With her grandmother, Mrs. Polly S"tfou- ghter and aunt, Mrs. Fannie Alexander. • ''' All girls of the Methodist Church who are lo be in the angel sec- 1 tion of the Christmas Pageant are j asked to come to tlie church Wed- ' hesday afternoon. December 3. at 4 o'clock for rehearsal. '• to attend i Tuesday niylH, December 2, do night). Miss Ella Jo Edmiaston Complimented with Breakfast her costume. She carried a bridnl bouquet of Lilies-of-the-Vnlley centered with phialanopsis. CITY DOCKET Hillery Spearman, Carrying a con cealed weapon, Plea guilty, fined $50. Hurise Perry, Currying a pistol ns a weapon, Joe Ctinwny, Robert Henry, Drun kenm'ss. Plea guilty, fined $10. Buddy Finn, Drunkenness. Forfeited 410 cash bond. Clove Nelson, Muck McElroy'. Drunkenness. Forfeited $5 cash bond nnd served 5 days in jnil. Willie Cnrl Will, Assault it Battery, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Norman. Colemnn. Lucy Jefferson, Lonnie Jefferson, Denver Mar tin, Wylle Beard, Disturbing the pence, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Pnul Curtis, Illegal parking, For felted $1 cnsh bond. J. L. Miller, Driving while intox Icnled, Forfeited $25 cash bond nnd served 1 dnv in jnil. George Lollis. Chnrles Wylie. Jr. Forfeited $10 Bus Company Rejects Plan to End Strike LITTLE ROCK I/PI — The Arknn- Trnilwnys Co., yesterday re Markets ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ST. LOU1J? NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111, (UP) — Livestock: Hogs IS,000; acllvo: barrows nnd fillts steady to 15 hlKhcr; advance mostly on weights over 220 Ibs; sows steady; tSO-230 Ibs 17.00- jecled n proposal" for "arbitration 17l>5: nbmlt 1(W hcncl cholcc No - ., V, WIM "*" MI ! OArt ii.- m «• . iwn nin iu« m or its wage dispute with 4(1 striking employes. 200 Ibs 17.25; 240-270 17.00; tew 270-820 Ibs Deputy Commissioner Jnmes A. 1!UM7n lbs 18.00-17.00; Bain of the- State Labor Depart- ; >- 75 '^-M: «»»* <°° ment said he proposed nt n meel-l 18 - 2S>>3 -": heavier lbs 10.7510.15-16.75; 20-40 lbs lbs dnwn | sows 13.2S-; Thursday,' December 4 Pqislcy Brownie Troop will meet Thursday afternoon, December 4, at the Little House immediately after' school. The troop is under . me leadership of Mrs. G. C. Cromer. Hostesses will be Penny Tippitt and Barbara Reese. . John B. Jefferson of Washington was a business visitor in 'Hope Saturday. p'ojice 'chase The snow was accompanied by moderate temperatures — just below freezing — and light winds, winch kept the white stuff from drifting and tying up highway travel. The snow was expected to reach New York, New Jersey and New England by tonight, but in some areas the precipitation was expected to turn to sleet as it marched eastward. .The Eastern states region could expect cloudy, chilly weather early today. in the whole field of labor-man The hurricane-like storm which agoment relations: How the two sides get along, or fail to under the basic labor law, the Taft Hartley Act. Congress gave that job to the National Labor Relations Board. In fact, the Democratic Congress which created the first basic labor law — The Wagner Act, predecessor of Toft-Hartley — set up tho NLRB to administer the act. And when the Republican Congress in 1947 substituted T-H for the Wagner Act, it retained the NLRB, keeping the secretary at arm's length. Those who knew Durkin during j those hectic 1935 days, when Congress wns putting the Wagner Act together, say he opposed handing CHAPTER SXWRTEHN KMILY wfts not worried about Briny would get him to the Junction nil right ami they would havo Uiolr companionable snack in the diner then Roger would catch thft midnight as It caine ihrougb from Ounad* and bo in Boston sarly tho next morning, in & way, dlio was not sorry to have ft rood r*«t here. It had been r*th« * wearing winter .... She WM glad that PriaeiUa was r«*Hy Itttuiohwl now, that the girl Jiad "w»«le" the' Junior League and tho Vlneont Club and done all tho other thtrigi tor which ICmlly had been oiaigoU to oaauino respoesl- Wllty, bccuuM of Suo'a ahlftlewc now. Well, «l»o was not going to bo mj»n»lbl» Prlacilta on>' lont«t>i the, girt oomtt go her own wllllul way. Idiot that it won doing much good, at taut M far oa David Wh<m KUaaboth cant* back, with tho OvaJUue, aaU wl»h«cL her Hap. jjy New Year, Bmlly woa amacod to learn that it waj ao late. She hj4 eot lootjixj at tor watch; »h* ha<* be«\ priocottpltMj with her eoa- t*nt«4 ttvougjtfoi aud hw knttttng. «ii«aboth waf 4«Ught«d to And that ahe was IseUng eo louoh better, that |h» wj« not ^ now, tMrviMNnft KU»ab«th rwnwftbw. Brian had t«l*ph,on*d from i^i Jiinction; h» and ftogw bad wade It, all right, but they had, had to* Wg(H»ot try to ooitto bao* to H ttUl ttiat Right. Tnv atraid fa» wont h*v« a very comfarto.bl* night And r<a »orry toe robiwd swing the New Year in with the r*rt ojf u tM«o making poppern and ia trout <rf the ftre- Remember, he's right In tho next room," "Yes, I remember.' 1 But sho bad not. remembered until that minute. In the midst of all hor pleasant meditation, she had hot once thought of David, except in connection with Prls- Itt'u futile pursuit of him nnd of her own easy victory over him-— a victory which had really been worth the price of a bad fall and a painful ankle. It had put him in Ida place at last and done, away with his assumption of superiority. For the tlrst time, sho had seen him when he was not self-assured and solf-satisfled, but humble, contrite, alarmed. Even his wish to help Brian and Roger carry her had been set aside. All this had been extremely gratifying to her. Now that her wish to bring htm to such « pass had been fulfilled, however, and that Elisabeth had Innocently reminded her of his new-new, she began to think of him In other ways: of his skating, which, as PrtaeiUa had said, was »o much like his danotngr. Of hia Of hi —of hi charm— of hitf magnetism —of his virility — of hi« ktas , . . And now ho waa in the next room, alone, be- caus« Brian could not get back that night And she was in her room, alonv, because Roger had fwwd to go away. And David had told her that sometime would UUa hor aguin, that he would r«ally make to her. He had said that and h« had meant it... glue lay id the dark, thinking of all this, her heart thumping In her bm«t She did not try to dwell Uwuns thought*, as she had on the earlier wws; they e&m« vuiUid- and unwelc«Hue and ahe tried to suppress them. Now there was no doubt at all iu her miud that her thought* were sinful. She knew lh»y were. Because suddenly Rh» JiialiKd that she wanted to nave David kiss ker again, that •he wanted to haw him make love to bar. Sh« Uwught ahe kn,ew ouW be *v«n vip- toat ttut the thought of auch nol hail no kinship witlt her feeling for Roger. She did not even think of 1'lojjer in connection with her wick- odnoMM. Her shame was for hor own sinful desire . . . She sat up in bed again, reaching in the dark for hor dressing gown. She would RO to Elizabeth, she would suy she was afraid of the storm after nil ... No, she would not turn on tho light. She would grope her way to Elizabeth's room in the dark. She would try to walk in spite of her promise to Roger. It was better to break with a promise than to risk staying where she was a moment longer, alono with her sinful thoughts . , . She slid from tho bed, tried her injured foot on tho floor, winced and drew back. The noise of the wind had become a howl, the rattle of the windowpanes a succession of sharp, rapid sounds, the whistle in the chimney a ceaseless moan. The snow was beating against the house, and suddenly it swirled down through the fireplace and across tho room, in a' series of small, glacial gusts. At the same moment, the door into David's room blew open. Emily now had only one thought: to reach the door and close it quickly. It did not occur to her that he would hear the door Wow open at the same moment she did, that he would hasten to close it too, that he would hope to keep her from being wakened by its banging. But with a conviction as compelling M hers—that the door must be closed immediately— he had leaped out ot bed and rushed toward it They reached it at the same moment, meeting on its threshold. When he had told Emily that some day no would really make love to her and that she would he glad to haw him, this was what he had meant; mid over and over •gain afterward, he had dwelt on the vision <tf her nrat of her gradual and of her ultimate rwttirfiUK r*» Vet, whta tetultowi circumstance bad fairly flung her tttt* hU am* h« had nowiaed the tooxafc* tee vialon the job to the NLRB. If he thinks the idea is wrong, whiplashed the west coast yester- Jay was "raining itself out," as it moved into Southern Call fornia, weather forecasters said. In the mountain areas of California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, a heavy snow was blocking Sierra highways. Vandnlin, 111., Chicago and Jackson, Mich., each reported a three inch fall of new snow. A clinging, damp snowfall blanketed almost all of Ohio. A trace of snow was reported as far west as Kansas City, and much of the sunflower state got drizzling rains. A heavy fog hung over Oklahoma, and scattered showers still pelted Texas, although the Lone Star State was tries to get Congress to change its mind, He'll probably wind up nowhere fast. still clearing. and! Last month's precipitation Michigan State Best in Football By ED CORIGAN NEW YORK Uf! — Micigan State, the only four-platoon team in the land, todny reigned as the nation's No. 1 college football team. Biggie 'Munn's devastating Spar tons, with a 24-game winning streak behind them, captured first place in the final Associated Press poll of the season by a wide margin over Georgia Tech, the na tion's only other major unbeaten team. Michigan State begins operations in the Big Ten next year, and its foes can take some heart from Munn's comments on the team's 1853 prospects. "We lose 19 key men,' he said. "It is very doubtful whether we will be as good. You can't lose 19 key men and expect very much. State will receive the Q'Dormell Trophy, awarded each year to the team that takes No. 1 spot |n U»e filial pall. has done much to break the back of a crippling three-year drought in Texas and a professional rainmaker hired by the city of Dallas snid the state may be on the brink of a five-year wet cycle. "We are at the low spot of the dry cycle," Dr. Irving P. Krick said. The November rainfall exceeded the normal Texas precipitation for the first time in six months. Phyllis' action prevented possible injury or death to sidewalk pedestrians. The wire apparently had been weakened by the snowstorm which struck this area Nov. 21. Wild Chase Ends With Sentence HOT SPRINGS W — A 25-yfear- old hospital patient, who said led them on a wild across a hotel roof, was fined and sentenced to 90 days in ''jail here yesterday. •' Municipal Judge Lloyd Darjitll passed sentence on Pvt. Rchard Lynch of Wincheste r, 1 Mass., charged with drunkenness and 1 *- resisting arrest. He was a patient at Army-Navy Gen:., al Hospital here. Police Sgt. Jack Knox told;-this itory: '"'• Lynch was reported on the 1 roof of a Central Ave. hotel shortly after Saturday midnight. The soldier jumped from the hotel to a mountainside. When he failed to oWfeij'. a police order to stop, Knox fired one shot. Lynch fell to the ground, but scampered unhurt back onto the rooftop when the officer 'approached. Patrolman Lowell Moore '.had reached the roof and moved-: to stop Lynch. The pah- "wrestled 1 all over the roof," finally falling down a stairwell. Knox and other otfiyers reached the street in time to j aid Moore. Cornered on the stteet level, Lynch grabbed Knox's and was choking the officer i| ntii Knox free himself by cutting tie. Lynch was hustled off to jail later released to military; police. ',, ; ,The Hope Music Club's Christ- "rnas parly which was scheduled Jpr Thursday night, December 4, has been postponed until Thursday night, December 18. Miss Helen Franklin and Miss, br|idO| was makl o( honor , Sne and Mary Esther Edmiaston coniph-! Ulo bridesmaids. Mrs. Milton Dil- mented Miss Ella Jo Edmiaston, ]ardi Hopc _ Miss Kathc ,. yn Philippi bride-elect of Harold George Phil- Sl LouiS| Mo sistc| . or the gl . oolt1i ippi. with a breakfast Saturday, and Mrs Thomas j_ Austin, Dai- morning at 8:30-at the Barlow Ho-j , as Tcxas> wcre gowned i n floor length purple taffeta dresses accented with folds and tucks inserted at the top of the fitted bodice. They wore shoulder length veils of Hazardous driving, cnsh bond. Herbert Brislow, Blocking an nl- ley. Forfeited $fi cash bond. Allison Woodberry, Driving without owner's consent, Forfeited $25 cash bond. Lee Stark, Allison Woodberry, i Wilson, Hnplnnd, T. C. Williams, Miss Mary Esther Edminston of| No driver's license, Forfeited $5 Greenville, Texas, sister ot the | casr) bond 'joe E. Henry, B. V, Jester, El- tcl. Friday, December 5 The Fidelis Sunday School Class .of the First Methodist Church will "hhve their annual Christmas party "^Friday night, December ii, at 7:3(1 in the Sunday School room. Each •member is to bring nn exchange ""gift not to exceed a dollar. Refresh- will be served. Centered in the table was an ar- • rangcmenl of pom mums in fall f shades. j Places were marked for the following: The honoree, Mrs. Ben Ed-, miaston. Mrs. H. G. Philippi, Mrs. I Virginia Austin, Miss Katheryn Phil ippi, Mrs. Henry Edmiaston, Mrs. Milton Dillard, Miss Bennie Jean lllull;l Edmiaston, M.ss Betty Sue Ednnas j Thc attcnd ., nt ° ton, and the hostesses. purple illusion fashioned after that of the bride's. Miss Edmiaslon carried a bouquet of bronze Talisman roses and the bridesmaids carried mo.i 1 Gathwright, Atris Perry, Hq- mor Bcyerley, Wilson Raglnnd, Speeding, Forfeited $3 cash bond. STATE DOCKET Junior Gulley. Drunk while driv ing, Plea guilty, fined $25 and 1 day in jail. Lee Snaplcs. M. M. McCurty, Al bort Wells, Overload. Forfeited $25 cnsh bond. Davis Ducker, Passing another car in a restricted /one. Forfeited Init of company nnd union representatives here yesterday thnt tho dispute be turned over to nn arbiter. Bain snld the ncRotiutor for tho union. Deputy President F. A. Purcell of the Brotherhood of .Rnllrond Trainmen. iiRrced to study the proposal. However, the company rejected It, Bnin snid. Robey W. McClendon, vice president nnd general mnnnocr for tho firm, confirmed Bain's statement. "The company snld no," commented McClendon. "It has offered ns much as it could pay." federal Mediator Charles A. Whooler, who called yesterday's meeting, said no further negotiating sessions were scheduled. Forty striking drivers arc seeking an increase of n cent nnd three quarters for each driven mile plus 1 an hour for layover time. They now receive five cents per mile. The six mechanics want n raise, from $1.33 an hour to $1.75. The company has countered with an offer of a quarter cent a mile increase for the drivers nnd a raise to $1.39 nn hour for the me- 14.75; boars 10.00-13.50. Cattle 5,000; calves 1,000. Steers very slow; heifers nnd mixed yearlings modcrntely active and steady; commercial and good 10,00-28.00; cows generally stendy; utility nnd commercial 13.50-10.00; cnnnors and cutters 11.00-13.50 ;buyers, n little less aggressive on commercial cows; bulls sti'oiiR to 50 higher; utility nnd commercial 15.5018.50; cutters 13.00-15.50; venlers! steady to 1.00 higher; advance mostly on choice; good to prime 26.00-35.00; utility and commercial 17.00-25.00; culls 12,00-14.00. Sheep 2,500; native lambs and few ewes about stendy; choice and prime wooled lambs 23.00-24,00 few clipped lambs 23.00-23.25; cull to good ewes 4.00-5.50. bouquets ot bronze palm mums i $•""' cash bond. Edmiaston — Philippi Rehearsal Dinner Held Mr. and Mrs. H. G^ Philippi honored the Edmiaston—Philippi wedding party with a rehearsal dinner Friday night at 7 o'clock at the Barlow Hotel. The table held an artistic arrange j matching satin streamers, wore a single strand ai pearls, gift of the bride. Mr. Philippi served his son as best man. Groomsmen were Tom Austin, Dallas, Texas, Earl Goodson, Oklahoma City. Milton Dillard, Hope, and William Tommey, Dallas. Mr. Tommey and Mr. Good- sou also seated the guests. Mrs. Edmiaston chose for her ment' of fall shades of pom mums, daughter's wedding n cocoa brown ...The Hope Junior-Senior High .School PTA will present its fourth j Hyatt, Thosc present were: Miss Klla Jo Edmiaston, Harold George Philippi, Mrs. Ben Edmiaston, Mr. and Mrs. James McLarty, .Mrs. B. C. Miss Bonnie Jean Edmias- annual Talent Program in the high .School auditorium Friday, Duccm- .fW; S, at 8 p.m.-The high school students will perform in entertaining skits, specialty acts, dances. and musical numbers. The girls' ton, Miss Mary Esther Edmiaston, Bill Tommey, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edmiaston, Rev. and Mrs. Virgil D. Keeley, Miss Betty Sue Edmiaston, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Austin, Miss Katheryn Philippi, Earl Good chunlilly lace dress with mauve and black accessories. She wore a corsage of bronze ranuncula. Mrs. Philippi wor ea dress of blue shantung with black accessories and a corsage of pink Talisman roses. glee club under the direction of i son, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dillard, will sing. The | Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brannan, and Mrs. B. C .Hyatt is invited. the host and hostess. . f»" . All mothers of Hope High School vjjtu.dents are asked to send or bring , to the school office by Friday, December 5, one or more "Gift Wrap Miss Ella Jo Edmiaston, Harold George Philippi Wed On Saturday evening, November 29, li)52, at thc> First Methodist Immediately following the ceremony, a reception was held in the church parlor. Tho table overlaid with a white organdy cloth was centered with a white tiered cake topped with cherubs and flowers. A porcelain bride and groom was placed in front of the cake. Also adorning the table was an arrangement of flosvers, punch bowl, and tapers. Mrs. M. M. McCloughan greeted the guests at the door. Miss Sudie Clyde S. Reed, Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $100 and ordered to serve 5 days in jail; "lid driver's license revoked for one year. Augusta Carrigan. Assault with intent to commit mayhem, Pica RUilty. fined $100. Jessie McLclnnd, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Leonard Warren. Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10. ] Theopin Primus, Involuntary man slaughter, Examination waived- held to Grand Jury-Bond fixed at $1500. Dcward Simmons, Speeding, For foiled $fi cash bond. Roy Denman, Passing in a restricted zone on highway, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Adrian Mixson, Failure to yield Trinhviiys serves n route from Memphis to Texnrknnn via Little Rock and Hot Springs. Runs also are operated between nnd Cnmdcn, nnd Prescott, Ark., and Springhlll, La. All operations hnve been halted by the strike, which began Nov. II). GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (in — Whenl nnd soy bonus showed soft spots In early trading nt the Bonrd of Trade to day. After overnight orders were executed wheat declined as much ns cent. Reports of some additional moisture In the winter wheat country was also a trading factor. During the first hour wheat wns News Briefs HOCK, LITTLE HOCK, UPI Resolutions for beginning construction of H pro posed temple, came before the 77th annual session of the Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Slur of Arkansas, here yesterday. LITTLE ROCK. Oil -- Winners in Coming and Going James S. Wilson of Fort Smith was the guest of Miss Martha Osborn over the Thanksgiving Holidays. Mrs. Thomas Berry and daugh- ...sped'' articles worth 215 cents or ; Church, Hope, Miss Ella Jo Edmia-| Cleere Dallas, Texas, presided at GibsHnd I •! -ind r&ore. Please make and send your i ston, daughter of Mrs. Ben Edmia- the bride's book. Mrs. Henry Ed-] lei, Cathy, of Gibsl.md, La., and .. qandy to the school cafeteria Fri- j ston and the late Mr. Edmiaston nuaston, was united in marriage* v; (jay noon for sale Friday night. i ston and | of Hope, *SAENGER • Today Only WANTED 5000 POLES Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered ;or timber, Call ... j Rufus Martin Phone 7-3083 or 7-3093 Basketball By The AMoclated Prew Michigan 80, Marquette 1Z. Indiana 95; Valparaiso 56 Iowa 62; Butter 62 Omaha U. €6; College of Eru- poria 49 Rockhurst (Mo) 83; MaryviUe (Mo) State 61 Oregon State 72; Oregon 68 (over- lime) Small airf Guard* FoU«» Power Une * 1 ^/' Announcing the 2nd Annual LIONS CLUB-KXAR RADIO AUCTION TONIGHT (TUESDAY) 7:00 o'clock Broadcait Over KXAR ______ l> VAVM M^M^ ^^^^^ff 9 9 WW •WB*^^ HOPE CITY HALL PUBLIC IS INVITED PHONE 7 4671 ALL TERROR TRAILS OF THE LAWLESS WEST LED TO... Lon McCALLISTER Preston FOSTER Wanda HENDRIX AMERICA'S DEVIL'S ISLAND! Sterline Hoyden Joan Leslie * Ward Bond HELLGATE RIALTO WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY SHAKESPEARE'S TRAGEDY! Starring ORSON WELLES mACBETH Sulphur Springs, Texas,! Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins spent, aunt or the bride, and Miss Helen, the Thanksgiving holidays in Fort Marie Franklin, Greenville, Texas, served the cake. Punch was poured by Mrs, Ray Lawrence nnd Mrs. Hollis Luck, both o£ Hope. After a wedding trip to New Orleans, La., Biloxi, and Gulport, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. Philippi will be at home at 6607 Covington Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mullins ot Dallas. Dallas spent the week end with his For'travel Mrs. Philippi chose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garland a blue suit with blue accessories j Mullins, relatives and friends. She pinned at her shoulder the phal the Arkansas Balanced Farming contest will be named nt n lunch eon hero today. Some 300 persons are expected to attcMid the luncheon at which Sen. John L. McClellan will be tho featured speaker. Winners in the Negro division of the contest wcre announced yesterday. They included: Landowner Divi sion — Richard Young. P h i Hips County, first; Cornelius Y o ung Jefferson County, third, and Elba Mnlthews, Mississippi County, fourth. Tenant or Sharecropper Division — H. L. Bobo, Mississippi County, first Lcwisvlllej-»i cent lower, December $2.1)4%: corn wns unchanged to higher, December $1.07%, and oats were' unchanged lo higher, December 34. Soybeans were 'A cent higher to V 4 lower, January $3.10. Cash wheat: Nonem Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.09%-nO; No. 3, 1.04-fif); No. 4, x.(10-03; No. S, l.OS 1 /,; sample Rrnde l.B^^n-OS'A. Onls: Sample grade white 85. Barley nominnl, malting 1,35-111; feed 1.28-32.' Field seed per hundredweight nominnl; Sweet clover 9.00-10.00; redtop 38,!iO-39.RO; nlslke 30.00-:il.0fl; timothy 13.00-14.00; red clover 29,50-30.5. Soybeans, none. Murder to Be Staged in Prison Tonight ENFIEI.D, Conn.. (UP)—In- mntes nt the stnte prison (arm set the stngc todny for a night of murder, lust nnd terror nnd Invited the public to watch the gory proceedings, Prison Supt. George Ifc Brnd- loy expressed no alnrm over the plan of his dun-Res to commit mayhem tonight. It was his Idea. ..Bradley, nn opera fan, found many of his prisoners had flnu voices and docldod tho time hod come to Inject a little more culture Into the annual benefits «lven nt tho prison farm in behalf of the so- cloly tor the iloUjcUon of thieves and robbers. Me announced he would set- tlo for nothing loss than grand opera and chose Giuseppe Verdi's "La For/a Del Dostlno" (The Force Of Destiny) as tho farm's major production for 11)52. Bradley was not bothered by (hi; thought thai another im- pi'psnrlo, General M n n a g e r Rudolf Ding of the MctropolU tan Op(ira, had opened the season In New York a few weeks ago with the same Verdi mngtcrplaca. Me was convinced that his men could put tho show over without such distractions as a "Diamond Horseshoe," So Bradley called In his lustiest tenors, bassos and baritones nnd handed each of them his part. Then they listened to the arias on records from Hrndloy's classical collection. Two church singers from a neighboring town had to bo imported to sing the female roles and a church organist had to take tho place of the orchestra. The tirst act, In which a pistol, Is' used, had to bo elim- inated'because it took up loo much time. But the final net was put on just as Verdi had Talks to Entl Airline Strike Underway Flo, (/p) A cdmtnitt Enslern Air Lines flight fll nnd a member of th« M8U Mediation Board rfthlahied Jtt fcreuco early today In an 61 to end a wage dispute trial gr t>d EAL's Constellation- f throughout tho Bastortt tfrt States. Levcrott Edwards, membef' tho mediation board Who calloil conforonco, began conforrlntt union lenders shortly alter p.m. yesterday. 5 . Eastern's contract with th<|.Al FllRht Engineers International Koctntlon expired nt midnight'N HO and union mornbors dull '*! .m. yoatordny ntter several W ( negotiations. i < Some airports wore picketed, ML service at a dozen , mi mints botWocn New York «,ndV Aiuls nnd trom fioaton to Mlai vns nttuctod, Thc strike grotindoi inly the big Constellntlons, Sine'* hcso 11 ro the only EAL planes ca yln« flight engineers. 'V: Fourteen Constellation flights ot of Mlitml were canceled, 1^4 of Atlnnta, four out Qt Washington two out of Memphis and othdrs of Chicago and Now York. Qtl major points nffootod woro,fl« ' Newark, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Antonio and San Jua|i, PucrtO'RL Capt. Eddie V. Rickonbacki EAL president, termed the ,w«l out "Illegal" and said in a" *ta ment it "will force us to t«k?; ! « Urn? which are regrettable,!',' ( T . r L,B,* Worth and Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Russell, Jr., o£ Wichita Falls, Texas, were the week end guests of relatives and friends in Hope. anopsis from her bridal bouquet. ( Out of town guests were: Bill Mrs. guests Tommey, Dallas, Mrs. E. S. Frank lin, Wir.sboro, La., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tommey, Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Austin, Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Lowe, Little Sock, Miss Mary Lee Cook, Dallas, James Raymond Bryant, Nashville, Ytrs. J. D. Tommey, Nashville. VIrs. Donna Murphy, Nashville, Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Hutson, Little, Rock, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Nettle-' Hospital ton, McAlesler, Mr. and Mrs. Earl " Goodson, Oklahoma City, Mr. J. D. Edmiaston, Shrcveport, William P. Apple, Dallas, Miss Sudie Cleere, Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Robins and John Robins have had as written it. , "Alvnro" stabs his sweetheart's brother, Cnrlo," In a brawl, BoMr'fl|| "Don Carlo" dies, ho stabsf his sister. Thnt lenvog ro" us tho only survivor the principals In tho. ca»t. Made For in flHvor. do»"Hu , , . HDprovod by dootoin. Bo »>'.ro to domund conts a bale higher to 15 conts lower thnn the previous close. Dec, 34.IM, March 35.01) and May 30.04, SUOSIPH , AIPIHI [FDR CHI POULTRY AND PRODUCE poultry: LITTLE ROCK Wl — Postpone incut of a hearing on the proposed restoration of St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) Railway pssscn gcr service between Tcxarkana and Memphis, was denied by the Ar knnsns Public Service Commission yesterday, A delay of at least 00 days on Ihe hearing, scheduled Thursday, had been asked by L. E. Gilliland, manager of the Tcxarkana Chamber of Commerce. CHICAGO Iff) — Live Mostly steady, Receipts 1,278 coops; F.O.B. paying prices unevenly cnnt n pound hiphcM- to '/i lower; heavy hens 24.5-27; light hens 20-21; roasters 32-35; fryers or broilers 37.!i-3R,5; old roosters lli-20; duck lln"« 30; turkeys no! quoted. Butter unsettled; receipts 4(1B, 115(5 wholesale buying prices unchanged to cent a pound lower 03 score AA OB; 92 A 07.5: On B 07; an C 05; cars: 00 B 07.25 B!)j C 05.75. Eggs steady to firm; receipts 10.103; wholesale buying prices unchanged; U. S. large white 52; U.S. Inrfie mixed 51; U. S. me- rtiums 45; current receipts 40; dirties 36; checks 33. week end guesls Miss Eileen Butler and sister, Mrs. Gladys Dcever and daughter of Dallas. Mrs. A. E. Slusscr will leave today to attend the Christmas Memorial Chapter UDC Party i" Little Rock. While there she will sea South Pacific. Branch Discharged: Mr. Larry Wells, ot Ruston, La., Mrs. Gertrude Dock- cry of Emmet, Ark. LITTLE ROCK t/fl — State Geo logist Norman Williams says seven East Arkansas counties arc the focal point of recent oil and (jas leasing activities by five major oil companies and some 10 indcpen dent leasing agencies. He 'identified the counties as Jackson, Woodruff, St. Francis, Poinsett, Cross, Criltcndcn and Lee. COTTON NEW YORK, Un-Colton futures displayed early steadiness todny trade-and' commission house buy- int. but later saKRud on profit taking Ihc hedging, There wore only six December transferable notices issued at New York to dsy. 1 Late nftertioon prices were 6 For Those Special Names On Your Christmas List FLOWERS ' Are a Gift a King Would Give! Flowers are a Glftof Elegance To Carry Your Christmas Greetings in Perfect Taste Sec Your Florist Early for the Plants and You will give with Pride (Sponsored by Nef f Broth SHOE SALE OFF Over 300 Pairs of Ladies Shoes All Suedes, and Broken sizes in Calf Skins, Dressy, Casuals, Loafers, and Saddle Oxfords. Don't miss these Bargains. WASHINGTON ito — Charles P Mead has been named by Thc Bureau of Land Management to head a new field office at Russell- villc, Ark., to serve Arkansas. Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Director Marion Clawson said the office will process application (or public domain land in thu Southern states. In addition, the office will complete studies in Northern Arkansas as a part of the Arkansas Red River Development program and administer timber sales from federal forest lands to supply local needs as well as promote better forest management. U M v ¥ V RUTH S SHOP PRE CHRISTMAS SALE THIS IS OUR FIRST SALE OF THE SEASON ' LADIES CREPE BLOUSES These wcre regular $8.00 values. Now . . . 3.98 L.ADIE8 BED JACKETS Lace trimmed Jackets, Special for only 1.98 Man Confesses to Murder NORTHERN IRELAND Dec, 2 (UP) — Police said today a man arrested in Manchester, England had confessed the murder last month of Patricia Curran, 19, daughter of a high judge of North Ireland- Sir Richard Pirn, inspector general of the royal constabulary, said Belfast police were on the way to Manchester to question the unidentified man. The girl's body, punctured with dozens of wounds from a stiletto, was found Nov. 13 in the shrubbery of the path leading from the highway to her home. Her father is Sir Lancelot Curran, NYLON BLOUSES These were regular $7.08 value*. Now 3.98 60 GAUGE NYLON HOSE First quality nylons at this special low price, 98c LADIES WIDE BELTS Gold, red, black, navy and brown. Some as low as ACETATE '4 Those are lace*trimiri and rpal va}u.f», V 2, 98c LADIES GLO Some of |f M ww», pe^an^ l.OOfl'1 L «ifiC«l<WIM;i(«l««««I«l^K««««l ALL LADIES iitiful hoti f« d colon. S«v Vi PRICE IV Many beautiful hoti in dark, and colon. URII5 NYLON SLIPS right of way, Tried, found not guilty. Earl Morton, Assault fc Battery, Dismissed. Earl Moton, Drunktnnesf, DJftur bing peace, Dismissed. Earl Moton, Assaut to Battery. Pismmed on payment of co«t Nathaniel Msggawm. bogs to run at large t/imrned flips, Buy now and sqye, 3.98 and 4.98 .._._„__,„ SKIRTS ity §kir^. At th;? price 3,98 find many i wf All NYLON and { BRASSJK OS

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