Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 2, 1952
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOfl, ARKANSAS Monday, D«eember 1, 19S2 _ r full of tton. and »rfiblll6n* ( w. with ambllloni' /lor y for tnlYniolvfcf In vonitm will bfc t rl* , tinloni wrftffchow /mil? . for ho H whot he Ihlnk* about nn ttiwi* tr>< . <*wi«h 4 • trie* to poinl m« dlree -' « ipllt In Mh« ft* the RofpubHe»n» . tfe«ft»uthem DomocrttU for Uiom hi* MjtypubMJiH^iirr* on «!««• of South Carolina, Wuihsrn BtBlci which '" D, tf*My barf i»id Staving a» party vi juit i 1 iHtftar, beforo .„ *v«n «t| ,th» >&. i ho was in Ihc Whllu Houio , Trwtttn *,WM ' rightful „.- ihO'^Oamoorsti although illy gifted In utienatinjj « h«rn. Now that ho't «t«ppin* ?.,could try to : K«flp, party VI, U. S. Defense System Has Big Gaps, Report <Editor'* Note: Elton C. Fay, Associated Press Military ;if- f.iirt reporter, writes the following urtlclc from n background of firsthand expei icncc. f-'ny has visited the North Pole, the remote Alaskan iind Green Inri'l nlr bnses. and other dc- f<."ise projects In tho icy waste- hiliflil of the Far North.) Pastor Rips, Burns Page of New Bible By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON W — Broad n-ipiTir in the outer arc of tin firnsc system nlfin;', the Anii'rjt:an continnnl over North whie'i liOCKY MOUNT. N. C I/It While Ills c-rmKrcjjuliun watched, a Bap list minister laj-t ni^ht loro a page from the levisi-d edition of tin Bible and burned H because thi word "virgin" is eliminated frotr j I..CKS than UOO persons were on lii.-iiid ;it the small Temple Baptist Church to witness the ceremony. It h:ut b.'on announced that tin: Itev. Martin Luther Hux Would! Ij-.irn a cuuy of the Bible. Instead, I he ripped out one page and st-tj il .il'iji.- oulMile lliu cliurch. Tin- shivering congregation cheer- 1 til as liir.- patje went up in smoke. • liux launcned his attack on Ihe new Bible translation a week ago. He described the revised Bible "as the master stroke of Satan" and said "It is a scheme of the modernists to make the Lord Jesus Christ the son of a bad woman." Hux contends the revised edition attempls to eliminate the diety of Jesus Christ and his virgin birth. The new version substilutes the words "young woman for "vir- long sermon in which he sel forlh the reasons for his allack on Ihe new Bible Iranslatlon. Nux's attack on the Bible drew criticism from officials of Ihc North Carolina Stnto Baptisl Convention. He brushed this aside with the statement "They cannot speak for all Baptlsls." gin" in Isaiah 7:14. The old version reads: "Behold Ihe Lord shall give you a sign. A virgin shall con ceivc and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel." The smaVI church which accommodates about 200, had several empty scats as Hux delivered a CASUALTIES IDENTIFIED WASHINGTON l.fl — The Defense Department today identified fiO more Korean War casualties (list. No. 703). Of the total, six are dead, 54 wounded, four missing in action and two injured in battle zone accidents. rj Til", •l r •THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN frAMrtJCAPE—Trtt niburban street scene, above, It fashioned In an unusual medium. Dcrtha larcptt* Mitchell, of Brooklyn, New York, "points" with cancelled slnmpi, mlng n scissors for a i," Th« philatelic artist, who wy« she work* with stamps because of Ihclr Jewel-tone color*, Md design, has 14 of her creations on display at tho main post office In Brooklyn. Accidents Claim Lives of 5 Persons ' iy The Auoolated Prt»i PRESCOTT NEWS sent included Mrs. It. II. McKcnxic Monday, Dicombor 1 Circle J of Iho I'r^byU-rmn MM\ "Alien"'^^" Mr*. W, S.' Church will meut Monday even Inn „,.„ „„„„ Mun|1> Mri) Dall)3 Al . " l J P;"*' '" U ' l> ' l , fl ™ L ' ,, 0 ' Mr *; kin». Mrs. Harold Lewi» and Mrs. In n lir-rs from Hiissin could fly toward targela in the United Slides. | Although the joint and intensive | efforts (if this country and Cuniida bc ' U:U:<1 "•' 1 ilu alt<--rnale field for ' have •iiiecccdfd in selling a radar anotnur in event ol bad weather vVilcm into openition which may)'"' """>««e to a plane in flight, detect nn approaching enemy, j la Kreal~-.>UO miles in some in- bases .ire lacking from which in-1 : ' liim ' ;S - ' ltl '-' 1( -' :lrL> "° " L ' kls now te-c-ptors could challenge raiders!" 1 >- L >".«lar uperatin« use along the at some points along the vast p.u-! t '" llu; >;i1 - 1 loa - ;l ol Oreenlanci. imf.tcr Ureeniiincl is .1 territory ot Den- On the basis of recent official '•""'*'• ana lhc American bases are disclosure.-! and visits by newsmcnn! uu ''' e by ; 'H''^-'niont with the Dan- the Far North Defense picture! '• :tl Koveinmenl. The building of Uink.M like Ihis: j.'iiy new bases or rehabilitation ol At tlio norlhwesl end: A svslcm) ""' World War U bases would re hl«hw(iv Bceldenl nnd A pr e»cni Ihc prom-urn, claimed the lives ot flvo ___™^_ por»oni In Arkansas tlurintf tho Al Dnnlel. Mm. C. W. DeVorc will oordon, A dclccltiblu siilud served. ?,••<",/ *' ftro at tholr Nor Shown no *uoh lnt«iiUon »nd homo onrly Sunday. ly,-«ouldn'l flxoi-t the control Ho Idontiflod thi i* 1 . " ' ''',,- C)t»rlwi Pftce, 38, «n Tho Wcslrynn Service Guild of llio Flr«l Mnthodlm Church will County Coroner Howard'hnve Its unnual Clirlgtmim party , ;Dl«honBh iiald « N««ro fnthcr and mocllna Monduy evening In and Ml' B-yesr-old ten perlnhed In the homo of Ml«» Kmncus Utilloy. course was of major and secondary airfields, together with facilities for grnund Iroups to defend them, now ex- isls in Alaska, where Ihe United Slutf"? is n next door neighbor of KiiHshi. Neither complete coniplc- grniind presentj ninnts of planes nor of (OITOS arc there, but Mr». Charloa Dcwn Hostess ... to Pl'le Garden Club | slreiiKth can bo augmented swiftly' ai l " Mr*. CIvirle.M Dews was liosteH»l llv ''y'"'-' mcn antl Plan's from the nt their North Llttla Rock , mttet wh^s a pnrt,r , n by a iort'Ot'V»|uc Or, in tho vlctlnm Pace, 38, iind hid xon, Roy. Mri. Clarko White Hoiten to Wednoiday Bridge Club (inrden Club for ils to Iho 1'im November i Nelson assoi-iale hiislessi. j The presitli'ltl. Mrs. t). L. Mcltiie.! United States. with Mrs Jim! ^' "'" n»rlhoasl corner: Virtu-il the approval o£ Denmark winch, like Canada and the United Siatcs, is a memuer ol Ihc Norm Aii:,niic. Treaty Organization. There have been indications that the U. S. mignl be interested in I'npi oving the air base system in Ci rciiiiiiul iind elsewhere in the area. Houline surveys are bein:; made to determine the teas- ibilit> of locations, if and when letmile planning for base construe- ™, j ,<.,., ,i. •, • Mm. Clnrku Whitf> WIIB ho»leK8i i,. ,.,, n (iM,.i,.d th. Th» »econd Irafflc falnllly. In to mon , bor , of lho Wcdnwdny J^'_ t ^ 1l<UlLUl1 tlu „ — ... V(J mumuur* 01 mo w>;uni-auii,v OIR than n wwk nftor m duoth. BrWg| , Club nt hor nomc on Wod . lost day* occurred In Utilo J^ock ^,, Mlny a f lm . noon . IAU stturany night. n^nhifi ,,,1,,,,- „«»! „ ,,in.,)in« «^i;vuiiiviik vr, «< uuinH IRIP oviuruiijr nmiu. i »P06|81 bl«8»ln|, Steven- ..gillie nock policu Hiilth prvillo ti'UlO flioit llkuly hoir to Tril- pavlii, 23. ot Pino J. ''N t ivoa, while lotting tha prontden- ' 1i Ume, Slevoiuon won many IB and much reupcot, Trum«n roll call with lhi< Orchid niumit and n Ml . s N N Kla , st 8 ,, rn krr T'pletion of u huge bomber jindl""" ln "eedcd in the future. fi,/hter base at Thule bririfis to! Air Secretary Thomas finletler, in U'slit'ymg before a congressional coiMimUee t'iirlier this year, said U was essential that "we have additional bases abroad for use of firmer planes" to protect slralogicl •»s meet-i '' m ' r "'c number of American- w.is answered ^' 1 , 1H ' ri '. tccl air , . fil!ld . s '" "reonland name of i, flower or shrub '»«" l h« with those Green and winter protection. " lllts " f lhc Norlhonsl Air C om- mand are other bases in Lnborador ^ 1>mil !!:« 1Vl "«? rct li d ^ l<dl( !» ) : a0ed !«POke'on foriiun,, 'a elty 'comu-il i "; lllfN ': iw ,.I ol !" t "" n '';, uavip, X*. 01 rino UHIU.» ( WHII in- t i lo C0 f* efi luh i tt n ftlll ,., nnr i mums! V , , Itintri ftotaitv fl»H niilv frtniis nlun* tQiicfo iMDi<», KOKifH nnn munta O j (jnrdcn c-hihs. S u; was ntrot u JUrvu iHiiiiiy oiui uiiiy woniis. niwo i n •<)»*>i>H/ut iirrnmiMtTi^ttta \imfn i\ t. . * «ti t^i ** i .1 '-' a i i II* K* ** vlJiUI *( I I (lilHvnHVUH Wt,H i; i\ I* .,,) \. v M..« Al., li <.,, S/SliSto?' " >" I 1 '""' 1 " l V " m! '« C In>illtfl ' i "' "" ™e;;,;,, t s of nowe..,, ' Sty Sheriff Jnek TdW- hl ""' ^ C ^ J ±"5« W< ;?,,.,^ """ !"...» Mrn. Krank Tnberv,,,,| But along a 15.001) mile- stretch He !!ibois and their bases. speaking in general , tl Ing th« bldoultii, Trumttn may * iqvtittor ,the >M number of wld tnti wldowei*!, tho proportion °- > i In- the H Monllcpllo. Ark., Ncni'o, wnn! to try lo rnnlw «urn of' lor nald Nolnn Elliott, nbout w.iri',,. ,1°, ,._,_ »u«ce»»lon ,by mB«n» - " ' '-•'- " ,_,vjoiuon >o> ipdclal bloMlng. Thcro will o tormnt oeromony, ni« week Truman 10 giving * »r 'for ihe mombpr* of hU workov, riot, and tholr Wiy«», Ha h«i towlor »ttld Hcod of Mutlcollo, wn» *hot nnd killed Sunday uftui nooi> about five mlloH north of Monllcollo during u gambling in- score prlxp und Mm, Dudley W(l| being hold on an o P ,n diur«, in M « ^k'-rlliwrvH'l"t "r- '- "homing yoatenlny of Elvft, ffi^Jm a.i?Mr. a«oru"/n,^ i Uy Mn ' •'"" i".''" 1 " H, fl0.y 0 «r.0ld Nugro pulpwood ««»» l "V « l ' "'»• ^ «A, " '* arran^emen, Mrs , The nhorlff said u hearing would lift Hold nt 10 n, m. today, lh«( t'onVHrsntlon prl/e. and 'MIS''ii^ II. Ueini.i Mr*. Johnson, Mrs. Bob 11,-ynolds s ,.,. on(l .,„,, , hj| .,, ,,| ;H .,. wuii wtm 1111 ^ by Mrs. Jin- (.'rain. In the flower , „ I.edbelter wore HWJIIU. Mcmbom pro- wml flrs , p | il( ,,. M ,s. Clenn Ilair- ston second and Mrs. O, \V. Watkins third. Mrs. Joe Drummed of Toxnrlja- iii K'IVI' nn iutcresliMK latk on 'Colors," During Ihe social hour Ihe mom- of wasteland and fro/m sea |]e-!l<'"" s '" ui menlioned no particular .,,nve'.'ii Greenland and n point in' ija.se or country, but one of tho 'Canada, near Alaska there exi'U; newest iind most important stra- Thule, within '"''.;.!"'•; f,-w if any fields capable of seiuLi U-yic bases now is Thule, . s inc up a Bubslanlin! force of in- reach of Hussmn territory. futntly in a 2-car collision. Stuto Troapvr Triivld Word suid four othur persons were Injured In tin. 1 joep-iiittomoblle timaKhup, Ward Dttld Theo Primus of Hope was churned with hoino- At Mope, 43-yoni'-old Herbert' drip mid'drunken drlvinn in con, a Hnpo olcclrtclnn, W»K.noclion with tho collision, Hy cither: It wa« merely ind nwBuwlvn, ISnvily found it lunMinKiy co«y to listen to, 1 They circled the pond n f aw tlmo», p««»- Inf Prl«oUI» imd Merrlwuntlu-r, who wcr« clnjlinB It In the opno- kite olwoUon, und nodding o»oh timo they did no. Than, by f»\UUi*l, unspoken Impulse, they ;«n U»« execution of ulinplc Og- vvhloh gruduiUly lyooamo' more »«Ac, At thpy ftnWly pau*«d, both hrcathleiiB, Duvld crowned his ophvpllmonui with « quottlon. N! \1M* Hk« race to wind up with, would yout" '"A ww«l What kind of A mcoT" ' *'W« don't n«ed to §Uy on tho pond. Tho Ice U solid on the brook a lonf way up beyond the dam and tt'« clear ot »now to tho end of Utt paaturo. Prwoilla and 1 raced on U la«t nlfhU" '»Wh» bx«t t" "I dltt, 1 * Tm not going to lot you 8h« wa* off with almost unbo ll«v*bl« »pooil, no fast Indeed hw hoad atart gave hor consider- •tart iritage. »&!» ndvariUfc. Tho pond, formed tey th* dun »t the nortttem end of tit« pool nurrowad into the atormftl cnanwcl ot the brook »t U\o nouthorrv end; (torn ther* oi\, it took iU n»iur*l ourvlng; cour*o Md had lead and lew width; but, M O*vtd bud «*ld, the loo wiu >0<U|4«Uly clear imd KOlltl. SnxUy »Hlnvn«d ov»r It, utill keeping hor m&> *»& aha did not avon when ah« .hoard David begin wvouUng ' ' Bho could not hear his "You alopt Htralght through dinner, darling," ho ««ld. "LU iind I both ffttuo »>ul looked at you sovoru) tirneB, but you were Imv- tn« nuch a wonderful sleep lhat we hutod to dlalurb you—wo knew you nc«dod real more than tinythlnjr clue. I'll aeo about getting yoit aomothlng 1 to cat In Jim u minute. liut ftrat, i Uunk I otight to U-u you aomo ruthcr bod news -no, not iwd cxautly, but disappointing. At loiwt ll'a dlaappolnUnK to mo and I'm afruld it will ho to you. I think I ought to atari buck to Boston." "Why, I thought you didn't have to be there umil Tuesday morn- Ing!" "That'a right. But if I don't leixvc lonlKht, I'm afraid 1 won't bo thoro Tuesday mornlnK- The atornt'a getting worse by tho minute. Uatcn to that Wind! The baromoter'a atlll falling and tho ^ radio aaya lhat a Wlaaard's on tho j Daniel and Mi- way," Hogcv continued. "I can't ju-wis of Hope. rink gottlnjr aluck hero. That equity ca«« or iwlno l» the one that'a coming up January second. You know how Important that is t« mo personally, a» well as to lho ftrm," "Yea, I do. W«U, I suppoao it can't bo uclpoU, And* I suppose I've got to Utt here, Mko a SXKK! girl, tmtll this miserable ankle's lly well," Ot course you have. And you won't be lonely. I'm the only one who oau'l afford to take a chance. Mark's vaoatlojv Isn't up until n*xt bers mul wi't-i' Invited into Iho dining room when; an arranjjc- mwnl of mums rentort-d Ihc l;ice i-ovcri'd serving lubU-. Mrs. MeRat- presided ;il Uu- eoffk- si-rvloe iinrt Chi-rry dirts were -sorvod by Mrs. llalislon. Mrs. H. II. McKen/le and son, Jlin, were Wednesday evening Huests of Mrs, J, K. Roll of Casper WyomitiK, who Is visiting Mrs. \V. M. Garner in Hope. Clarence 1'iurdon TU, .student at llendersnn Stall? Teachers College, Arkiidelphia, spent the holidays with his n\other. Mrs. Clarence Gordon Jr. and had as his Thursday Kuest. Miss Ulosxom BiKby of Datulridiio. Mr. nnd Mrs, John tlulibard were Thursday mieslji of their .son, ICd Hubbnrcl, titudent ut Arkansas A&M College, Muntleello and saw Ihe Southern Stiite - AX.-M jjame. Kd uecompanted his parents homo Cor a week end visit. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hirst were Thursday visitors in Texurkuna. r ..... W* voice, Mid ah« dW not twl thut word* maUerod, The oily thlttf ^*t mattered wan that DI« wa» wlanlng tho race, Uiat than David. week Briro> nor D«viU hiu anj'thlnf e*pooiUly urgent on the calendar. Owldw, Stanley thcro to run errands, you know, It Umt like the old daya." They looked at «aon other, »tniUn«. could afford to smile now at Miss Hmtel Mullock had as her est< Miss Opal and Mrs. C. C. Mr. iind Mrs. Jim Yancoy and Mrs, Hub Cox won- the Thursday Kiicsls of Mr. ;«mt Mrs. Alien Gee, Jr., in Hope. Master Hill Gee accompanied them homo for ;» week end visit. Mrs. Kdwavd Uryson. Ed and Mury Beth have returned from Jiuu'Sttoro where they were lha quests of Mr. and Mrs, Herbert McAdums. lerei'ptors. Tho radar eyes miiihtj ' Karlier thi.s month reports were •;ee sir. enemy alony the rim. but <'U:-ri-nl in Copenhaficn that the it would remain up to fishier basesi U. S. planned to establish several farther down in Canada and in I''"'a- bases in Greenland, with tho United States to provide the I wont to be done by a syndicate AIL-WEATHER LONG WEARING CORDED SOLES AND HEELS Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn City Districts' Tax Raid Closed the Book on Future State Aid j The Arkansas Democrat reported \!iSt night that the Arkansas Tax jjpsessors' association now convening in Little Rock isn't going to like the policies outlined Saturday Jjy the Joint Tax Revision Committee. Early arrivals at the assessors' j convention denounced the plan to' draft a constitutional amendment creating a three-member state tux •commission and changing the assessor in each county from an cvactivc officer to one appointed by fiPlocal board. Only one of the visiting firemen, however, would talk out loud — Grower Gaskins of Wynne, the Cross county assessor. He said sadly, "We are the forgotten men in the courthouse." It's absurd, of course, to imagine there's anything personal in this critical discussion about any Arkansas county lax assessor, present or past. The Joint Tax Revision Committee simply pointed out, unanimously, that the elective system of tax assessors has failed — and the failure goes back a generation or more. -^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^MMk^k. ^^^^I^M|[^^^ .^MMMatt. IlOoC Star WRATHfiR MKtCAtT ARKANSAS (I) P* Slightly warmer this ,» cool again tohlgUt with around 30 extrem* high 36s extwm* Wednesday. TeHloef HlHh 38 Low 30 Rainfall .80 . w ! ."as 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 42 Sto of Hep* 1S»», Pml 1t27 Coniolldat«d Jan. II, l*2t HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1952 Mtmbtn Tht Anoclattd Prtii A Audit ttinau at A», N«l Paid ClKl. t Mot. Cndlna S<p». 10, t*II Cherry Favors Assessment by Class and Type LITTLE ROCK tfft— A spokesman for Gov.-elect Francis Cherry advocated today setting up a formula for assessing property by class and type as a means of solving the tax revision problem. Leffel Gentry, chairman of the stale Democratic Committee and Cherry's campaign manager, told the Arkansas Tax Assessors Association lhat such a formula "must be put into a law wo you can follow it. And you will need a club over our head to sec that you do it, to take the public heat off your backs, and for your own protcc- Nets $400 Jor Student Fund ~Hopo n&PW Clubs Student Loan Fund is $400 better off as a result of the VV'omanlcss Style Show, held Thursday, Nov. 20. I'lur Student Loan Fund is a pel project of the B&PW and the club is proud to be able to help students an education. This fund The assessors yesterday rccog- is handled by a special committee with Miss Beryl Henry chairman, The club members spent long and weary hours of hard work to get the show ready with Mrs. Bess Evans directing operations. The whole - hearted reception of the style show was a pleasant sur- PI se to the members who knew it was HOIK! hut was uncertain as to .how it would be accepted by the public. :ie people of Hope will nizcd the progress of Cherry's tax study committee by saying they were in accord with most of Inn committee's proposals but could always support a worthy 1 cause. The B&PW club is grateful to all. who helped make the show a The fact is that sound tax as-i not endorse a plan to appoint the interception, A somewhat similar situation exists in Greenland. Tho three presently operating USAF buses are of Ua:iish contractors. Uiplomatic sources in Copenhagen and in Washington, where the State Department always is sensi- located at Narsarssuak. at the! live to publication of reports whicn southwestern corner; at Sondes-! mi-jl-.t disturb Denmark, insisled Irom Fjord just north of the Arctic! tin 1 rumored project concerned only Circle; and at Thule, near C'iiye j imjirovements at Narsarssuak. York, on the norlhwestern corner, i However, thi.s reaction raised the nbout 900 miles fro Polo Tactically, this present system hus disadvantages, Tho distances between bases, one of which must the North | question of whether improvements also mil!at be contemplated for one or mure of the presently inactive wartime bases on southeasl FINE GOODYEAR WELT CONSTRUCTION You'll like the "Bird-Hunter"! Chocolate water-proofed upper leather; corded soles and heels; wide back-stay for extra reinforcements; sewed gussets; all eyelets, seamless moccasin style 10'in. hi cut... Ideal for the J > sportsman. Sizes 5 to 12. sessing and elective office don't go together; Arkansas is trying to operate in the 20lh Cenlury with an antiquated system that can't possibly put all property on the tax books and assess it evenly >j|nd fairly — and faced with a financial emergency for the schools and all public institutions we've got to try something else. This was the unanimous sentiment of the Joint Tax Revision Committee, and Governor-elect Francis Cherry himself has declared against the present system of elective asses- FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly" 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 7-6700 and west coast:; of Greenland. laus THURSDAY DEC. 11«> IV. and Mrs. G. D. Uqyston of Hope woro the Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs, R. P. Hambv. l 1 , MUi be c*rri«d few tank 0*4 AfOOt o* tit* Und «ad loo ttw rwooUooJUon ot th» day* when Roire* had b*«»i th* errand boy. "Briny'* golnf to drive me to tho " continued. ihouUnf to you from oytaide, H» OWV't «*«*n to mak« hear, But b«'« rtady and rar» , M nnatch^d one mont kias, \H> hJ» auit«MK> and hurried ot la« room and down tho »Ulr«, Bmlly could a»d to <&e«p. Ons* w*k*i but uw ^ MM* Jpftftt ttw bod uasty of sleigh lyut not «M»tlncUy. The wind wa» blowing Hard** now, the p*n«« la tho old window* were raitUng and U>er« wa* «. whi»Uin$ sound in th* chimney. SUlwb*lh caaue up for he* tray, bath*d and band»$M n«r anlU* agaitt and «iuooUic4 wtt ; but sh« did not sewn au- »tay »«sJ Ulk aud Knuly, Mv« n«Mn, wa» giad to fe«d brought aa ol4 oowMI, wblob ate Mrs. IVxtor Hush. Mrs. Bill Florence and children of Tcxnrkii- na visited Mr. and Mrs, Watson Whit«? Jr. Thursday. Mrs. L. B. Helton und «on. John, have returned from Austin. Toxus where they were HK> guests of M- Sst. and Mrs, G. \V, Wyalt. Mr. imd Mrs. Horace Cottingham have relumed to their homo in UUle Kock after u visit with their parents, Mr. uiut Mrs, Wutson Cunningham uiui Mr. and Mrs. Rimer Tippett. «M ilK ucut in ^ w 'IBr ""^ wfljf (•**» r 4 -,«""_- t«»V« Uw door into the hall t "* aftid abe WIM &urc ahc j Stephens Oil Man Dies in Wreck TKXARKANA * — A Stephens Ark . ail man. Paul Mitchell. 68. was iujurvd fatally in a .highway accident a nuU- and a half narth ot Texarkana this morning. Mitchell's autumubilv skidded on Ihu wot Richmond Road, crashed into a utility polt and over turned Mitchell ^as pioaouiu-ed de*< w% ). VJ &;,: fvr * at Ihs 8 hi ale vewt Watch for the HOPE STAR'S CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EDITION Tuesday, Dec. 9th As fur as the county assessors personally arc concerned I ought Ifto tell Ihcm that Mr. Gaskins' chant about "forgotlen mcn" is one that the Joint Tax Revision Committee endorsed. The committee felt that one of the most glaring errors in the present courthouse setup all over Arkansas is that the office which should have the best pay and the largest slaff, Ihe assessor's office, is actually the county's poor relation. It won't work. It hasn't worked. Now we've to figure out something that will work — and the Joint Tax R-vision Committee said so. And Arkansas doesn't have much time to do it in, either. The fact is that the myth about state-wide taxes and state aid carrying the public school burden without effective assessing and taxing at the local districl level has exploded. All those stale-wide special taxes Arkansas is so fond of haven't devoted to stale-wide purposes. Not at all. Instead, they have been systematically robbed, raided, and diverted. We enacted the 2 per cent sales tax in 1935, a measure I helped promote when low property values and a bankrupt school system left us no altcrnalive. Bul the sales tax, instead of being treated -s merely a supplement to local property taxos, came to be viewed as a substilute for them. This failure to assess and tax adequately at the district level broke the back of the state-aid program. For the city school districls of Arkansas, holding the lion's share of property and wealth, dug into the stale funds on the assumption that they personally were entitled to much of that money because it had been •collected within their corporate limits. ^. kittle Rock was, before the tax IrCollapse a couple of years ago, gelling $650,000 a year in slate aid for its school district. I looked into this matter personally, entirely aside from our work on the Joint Tax Revision Committee. Here's what I found out about the Little ; Bock school district;! For the 1952-53 school yeai- its assessors inslcad of electing them. Cherry wouldn't say today whether he believes Ihey should be elecled or appoinled. Gentry said it would be unthinkable lo slarl out the tax revision program by "educating the tax assessors." He added that educating them isn't necessary because they are well awar^ of what needs to be done. All they need, he said, is a means to accomplish it; Paul Hanshaw. Jonesboro, yesterday was elected president ot thi. assessors, succeeding Grovcr Askins, Wynne. Other officers included Jim Ross, Polk County, vico president, and E. R. Weeks, Lonoke Counly, secretary-treasurer. success and the loan fund a little Reuthers Is All But in as Union Chief By NORMAN WALKER ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Walter P. Reuther seemed virtually assured today of becoming the CIOs new president after a (/PI * close and Tjillcr political battle desert easl among CIO unions. Between The youthful, fiery president of March Air the million-member Auto Workers Union shrewdly master-minded a fight for CIO convention votes and apprcntly was a winner over CIO Vice President Allan S. Haywood. Reuther claimed "overwhelming victory" after the rubber and oil workers unions' rep resenting more than 400,000 members, came out late last night for Reuther following ardent, wooing by Haywood adherents. The rubber and 'oil unions previously had been neutral. The fight for the CIO presidency as successor to the late Philip Murray still may go to a convention showdown vote on Thursday. The 64-year-old Haywood and David J. McDonald, newly named president of the CIO United Stcel- vorkers, another million-m e mber group and the core of Haywood's strenglh, refused to admit defeat. McDonald maintained "every- ..hing is the same" and said the laywood group would continue to ight all the way. It was considered likely, how- jver, that in the last analysis the llaywood group would sup port Reutber to avert any open convention split that might drive a deep wedge into CIO ranks. Hope Student Attends Notional Convention DALLAS, Texas — The import ance of preparing students for the 13 Feared Lost in Air Crash in California SAN BARNAHDINO, Calif. An Air Force C-47, with 13 men aboard, apparc-nlly crashed dur- ;n« Ihe nielli al Ihe 8,000 foot level in the Sun Barnardino mountains, the sheriffs office reported todiy. Dcpuly Sheriff Loring Folcman of Viclorvillc said he saw a big fire in the mounlains north 1 of hero and west of Bin Boar valley about 4 a.m., which finally died out. Checking again at daybreak, he could slUl sec smoke from the spot, well above Ihc snowlinc, which was about 4500 feet high. The plane left Davis-Monthan Air Base at Tucson, Ariz., last night, enrouln to neanby March Air Base. It last checked in by radio over Palm Springs, on the desert east of here at 9:15 p.m. Tafl Is Really Irked by Naming of Durkin CINCINNATI (M — Sen. Robert A. Tuft today called the selection of Mnrtln Durkin, a Democrat, ns secretary of labor "an incredible appointment" by P r e s i dent-elect Dwlght D. Eisenhower. Son. Tafl, who campaigned for Eisenhower nfter losing the GOP nomination to him, said in a prepared stalcmenl: "Tho appointment of Mr. Durkin is nn incredible appointment. This is no reflection on Ihc character or ability of Mr. Durkin. I hnd n number of talks with Mr. (Robert) Brownell who has been the key man in Cabinet appointmenls, nnd made several recommendations ol qualified men. "It was never even suggested lhat a man would be appointee who has always been u partisnr Truman Democrat, who foughl General Eisenhower's election, am advocated Ihe repeal of Ihe Tatl Hartley Law. "U is an afronl lo millions o union members and officers who had Ihc courage lo defy Ihc edict of officials like Mr. Durkin that they vote or Stevenson. This appointment leaves wilhoul representation in the Cabinet those millions of Democrats, North and ! i South, who left the p«rly lo sup- I General Eisenhower, and One Act Play Ready for Talent Night Program "I'orfumo Bar," a comedy, will be one of the numbers presented on the Hope Hi(jh Sdiool PTA Tnli'iil progrum Friday. Due. 5, nt B p.m. Members of the cast are as fol- ows; Siindru Hobins, Henry Som- •nerville, Gilberl Honeycutl, Sr-rv- JiR as perfumes will be lUissell Mitchell, Nellie Wiml,. Lee Lane, Blllye Williams, Virjjinla Latterly, Vivian lioss. Marlent- I'lumley. Jack Keck, Lurlene While, Carolyn Lone, Judy Barr, Buddy Jackson, Ralph WiRjjins, Skippy Bryan and Preston Sinyard. KinaRer, Jimmy Hay- by Bonnie Johnson 11%TaxSlash to Be Proposed to Congress WASHINGTON (At -An II por cent cut in Individual income taxes .md elimination of the excess profit* tnx on corporations will be proposed ns soon as the now Congress convenes next month, Rep. Dnniel A. Reed (R-NYl said today, Reed is In line to become chair man of the House Ways and Mcnns Committee, which revenue measures. originates al and director, Jo Ann CniTlgan arc working h;ud to make this one of the best aels of the evening. Other numbers on the program will be skits, specially acts, dances and paiHoinines by the high school grades and the various clubs of the school. The girls glee club under Ihc direction of Mrs. H. C. Hyatl will be singing musical numbers'* til at will hold you spellbound. A Gral) Bag Uooth will be packed with gifts that can be purchased for only a quarter and be sure to come early and get a sack of homo made candy to crunch on while you enjoy the program. Admission will be 5(1 and 25 cents and all proceeds will bo used for PTA school projects. His proposal culls for a rcduc lion of slightly more Hum 5 po: ccnl In individual Income tnxo; Soviet Plan fo Peace Rejecte by UN 41-5 Indian Measu Rain General in Most of State By The Associated Pret* Temperatures In Arkansas yesterday rnnged from n low of 31 nt Newport and Morrllton to a high of -10 nt Cnmdcn which also hod tho heaviest rnlnfoll—1,51 Inches. Tho U. S, Wonthor Bureau «t next year and a similar reduction | LIUU, R oc it said tho nearly ovon yives rcpresenlation to their most bitter opponents." The statement immediately brought to question Taft's future political relationship with Gen. Eisenhower. Only a few days ago, Taft remarked that the general's choices for cabinet posts had not included anyone he had recommended. The senator had gone all out for Eisenhower's election after his own defeat in the GOP convenlion, miking speeches in many slates. One of the things the Republicans might during the campaign was he declaration by President Trunan and others lhat Eisenhower was more or less under control of Taft. Russellviile Newsman Sells Interests In 105-1, for a total cut of about 11 per cent. The 11)51 tax bill raised Individual rates by 10 to 11 por ce.nl. The Increase will expire automatically Dec, 81, 1853, unless Congress orders otherwise. The excess profits tax is due to go oft tho books next Juno 30. Reed said he anticipates blpartl .Kan support for his bill, which he called "tho first step in the Republican tax and spending deduction program." tic said Ihc Incoming Republican administration is aiming for "drastic curluilmont of unnecessary government waste, a balancing of the budget and a cutback In the burdensome taxes which are seriously jeopardizing our nation's economy." He sold lax relief "must start where it v/ill be most beneficial — with the people." temperatures, only nine degrees variation, over most of tho state were Ilia result of u heavy cloud blanket. Other low temperatures Included 32 at Fllppln and Bntosvillo, and :<3 at Walnut Rldgo and Fayotto- villo. Over an Inch of rain (ell at Loo* la, Clarendon and Georgetown. The weather bureau said temperatures from today through Satur- 1 by Landslide , UNITED NATIONS! tf. - Tho United NiHlon* mlttco throw out pence vosolutlon ^ one more, vote to Its majority tor Ifldlo's plan. Lebanon, absent when' mlttoo balloted on tho 14 lust night, today nuked voto bo recorded as favor) Indian plan. That mado-tl offlcll count on India'*, day will average 2-5 dcflrces abovoi 0 4-5. Only tho Soviet normal. Normal Minimum is 35' 44, normal maximum 68-68. Warmer weather was forecast tor Wednesday, cooler Thursday and warmer., '^Saturday. Precipitation jjcncrally/ heavy. Showers Thursday and' ngaiii Saturday or Sunday. RUHSELLVILLE — Edgar Palm Springs and Base lies towering, 10,80.i-fool Ml. San Jacinto. It was storming heavily at the time, and the pilot apparently attempted to skirt the storm by heading north. The spot where the craft apparently crashed is well off his course. total state aid has been, cut back I to $483,187, of which $70,000 is the $2 enumeration apportiqnmenl — jtaaking nel state aid of $413,187. Local taxpayers of the Litile Rock dislricl had to go back and reassess and dig up $166,813 in taxes on their own property to cover the cut. Little Rock currently has the Mr. Merchant you'll want to have your advertising in this SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EDITION OF THE HOPE STAR ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9. Let the people of Hope and this trade area know that they can find just what they want for Christmas in the Hope Stores. Phone 7*3431 and we will be glad to help you with your Christmas ad for this Special Shopping Edition, All Copy mutt b* in by Monday, December 8 at Noon Rhec on down, greet the next responsibililies Ihey will face as adult cilizens was one of the major subjects for discussion at the 32nd annual meeting of the National Council for the Social Studies The three day convention closed Saturday, Nov. 29. More than 1,000 high school and college teachers from various parts of the nation were in atlendance, including instructors of history, georgraphy, economics, sociology; and government as well as representatives of organizations in these fields. Among those from Henderson Stale Teachers College was Jo Ann Carrigan, studenl teacher the front, in American history al Hope High School. Seoul Turned In to a Strong Fortress By LEROY HANSEN SEOUL, Korea, (UP) — Rein forced American and South Korea guards turned the " war-batlerci eily of Seoul inlo Ihe sir ongcst fortress on the Korean peninsula tod;iy in anticipalion of President- elect Dwight Kisenhower's visit. Soldiers and police c a r e f u 1 ly chocked incoming traffic to guard against the. possibilily of Communist agents infiltrating the South Korean capital. Other soldiers patrolled the streels in armored cars and armed jeeps. It was reported without confirmation that all military personnel scheduled to take rest leave in Japan were being held until after Eisenhower's departure. The president-elect's arrival time was still top secret. Officials re fused to discuss the subject. South Korean government officials, from President Syngman Brown, editor and publisher of the Russellviile Courier-D e m o crat, has announced the sale of his slock in.the newspaper to the Associaled Arkansas Newspapers, Inc., of Texarkana. Sale price was not announced, Brown headed Ihe paper since May. 1851. With announcement of tho slock sale, Brown also said he Brown said he has no immediate plans for the future. The newspaper is published by the Courier-Democrat Publish ing Corp. C. E. Palmer of the Palmer newspaper intcrcsls, and Ihe Kul- bright interests of Faycllcville who own the Fayetleville Northwest Arkansas Times are the principal stockholders in Aasociuled Arkansas Newspapers. Lcland Duvull, city editor of both the daily and wecly Courier-Democrats for the past six years, was named editor and acting manager of the newspapers. Before buying tho controlling i lurest in Ihe Courier-Democrat, Durkin, Weeks Round Out Cabinet BOSTON (/P) — Sinclair Kecks, Boston industrialist named by President-elect Eisenhower to bo secretary of. commerce, said today, he hopes h(s experience In business- will help him "make the now Wants to Meet Woman Who Turned to Man LONDON, (UP)—Blonde, 26-year old Christine Jorgcnsen of New York, who was changed from a man to a woman, says she would like lo meet Dr. Ewan Forbcs-Scin- Brown opcralcd the Slullgarl Daily pill, 40, who recenlly was changed j Loader and-Arkansawycr. Drown administration the success it is bound to be," Ho will bring to the Cabinet a wide experience in business and politics and, he says, this philosophy: "If business Is good and there is a high degree of activltly in commercial and Industrial fields, everyone is well off corresponding protection of the "guaranteed allot ment" clause of the Autry 1 Mini mum School Budgel Law; bul un Jess Ihe Autry Law is amended or repealed in the forthcoming ses sion of the General Assembly here's what will happen lo th Little Rock school district: The "guaranteed allotment" fea lure expires automatically nex July 1 and Litile Rock will los an additional $200,000 stale aid cutting the net after enumeration] apportionment to only $213,187. What this means is, that after having already dug up $160,813 additional local taxes to cover the first state-aid cut Little Rock will Itave to find another $200,000 at home —' making a total district tax hike of $366,813. What will the Pulaski county sen- ' ators do when the Arkansas Senate convenes next January? Will they respect the Autry Law for what state-aid program collapsed. were U. S. all set to president. from a woman to a man. Interviewed by telephone last night in her room in the Copenhagen Rigs hospilal. Christine said she would like to talk with the 40-yoar-old Scot doctor who officially became a man about two months ago. Forbes-Scmpill married h i s house keeper after a long hospital Ircalmcnl had changed him from a woman. '•These years of change have been a great difficulty for me, said Christine, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Jorgensen, live in the Bronx, New York. "I am a very natural woman," she said. i "Have you a girlish figure?" she was asked. "Un huh," she replied. She said she is five feet seven and weighs "somewhere near 125 pounds." That would bo an average figure for a girl of her height and age. "How did it begin?" she was Rhee said he will tell Eiseiv hower the South Koraens will launch an offensive against the Communists — alone, if necessary. Rumors circulated that Seoul would be isolated from the outside world. Republic of Korea troops were reported to be banned from the r.ity unless they belonged to units stationed in Seoul or were also worked on other newspapers throughoul Arkansas. From 1026 lo 1932 Ihc publisher was advertising manager ot the. Courier-Democral. And in tht 30's he worked for several years as secretary to Congressman Ben Craven. The sale was announced Saturday. ly. "To get such a situation there has to be u favorable business climate—not a socialistic climate— and if such a climate is developed in such a manner lhat business can go ahead and tho great Inventive genius of our people can create new products and now methods, then everybody is going to bcnc fit." Lawmaker Says Literature Out of Control By HARRY P. 8NYDER WASHINGTON W)— Rop. Koarns (R-Pa) Bald today ho thinks the sale of obscene and gruesome literature is "out of control" and that the government should do something about it. Kcarna Is a member of. u spqcUtl House committee InvestlBatlng'-loutej lic^ distribute of 'objectlonttirto reading matter, including low- priced, pocket-sized books and comics. An unidentified police official, a book publisher and several spokesmen for civic and religious organizations woro called today as witnesses, Koarns said testimony yesterday indicated that within recent years there has been a marked Increase in tho number of books and magazines lhat go in for photographs ot undrapcd women, lurid stories of sox and cartoon books dealing with crime and horror stories, "The distributors and dealers say they want to police their industry," said Kearns, "but it Is apparent tho business Is out of control." Poland, Czechoslovakia, sin nnd tho trkralno-mVdted'ai, It and Nationalist Chin*, abiti because part ol the meaiuio" cognizance to tho Chinese nlst regime. Dcspito the landslide voto for • Indian measure, Soviet ,?6, T ,, Minister Andrei Y. Vi»hlhaky">L aisled that tho committee V6t«i,ii day on Russia's plan. The 'oon * too rejected it, 41-8, with stcntions. Onco again, only< tho Soviet, I rallied behind Russia. Argentina joined too , •« Asian bloc in abstaining, V* , Philippines bolted the btoc.teM! against tho measure, and " was absent. • i <\;> Tho Russian resolution ;:> huvo had tho general tablish a Communist mission tot •mont o£ simltloat roans t trlatl<m> ol regardless of,their p*ac« asked. "I'd rather not talk about it as it is a very personal matter," she said in a husky voice. 'TAre your interests male or female? I mean are you interested in say, needlework rather than a ball game," she was asked. "I am just a natural girl," she said. "If its a normal womanly in- .-• >.i.u I-»M v»u((V«« Ut Mb\SM* \Jt *TWt«v. i.l li'i A. »J carrying urgent messages from te «*t Ihen il «nterc»te me. I do my hair in a roll at the back of my head, for instance. I'm womanly enough to be very glad il is lax raid on stale-wide funds? I don'l mean lo single Lillle Rock out in this matler. The fact is many good-sized city school districts are involved in the overdraft on state aid. Our own Hope district, which formerly paid all of its bills, was at one time depending on stale aid for 75 per cenl of ils budget. At that point its percentage of state aid was as high as lhat formerly gotten by Blevins. a purely rural school district. It. was wrong, of course. And the George Washington was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses (legislature) for 16 years. LET'S GET GOING! it is, an honest effort to make each district self-supporting a« far as possible, or will they work out an with For* Smith, Pine You bave no alternative today but to overhaul the assessing and collecting machinery in every county and every I'm $e»t« such a nice blonde color." She said she planned to return lo New ork afler her discharge from ihe hospilal here. "Any boy friends?" she was asked. "No," she replied. "Would you say 'no boy friends —yet 1 ?" "Yes, perhaps. I have lo concen- trale on developing my persona' lily. I have just got out ol bed The first time for 10 days. I am a bit shaky, but doing very well." She said she is frightened of the publicity she is sure will spotlight her. Auction Nets $400, May End Tonight The annual Lions club auction look in over $400 lust night and al Ihe present time it is doubtful that there will be enough merchandise lefl lo go over one more night. The President of Ihe Lions club expressed his lhanks lo Ihe many business men of Hope, and lo Ihe people who participated in the bidding. He expressed the desire to see more citizens participate in the bidding by calling 7-4(171 and active- y bid on the merchandise being auclioncd off. Those who would ike lo altcnd Ihe auclion may do o by coming lo Ihe Cily Hall Aud- torium any time tonigbl from 7 •).m. unlil Ihe auclion closes. Bids will be acccpled from Ihe audience iid over Ihe telephone. At the regular meeting of the .ion's club yesterday at noon, it was decided that Ihe Lion's cuub would not do any of Ihe buying or disbursing with the funds raised. H was agreed that Ihe money should be lurncd over to a central comrnillc composed of members of all civic clubs, and the ministerial alliance, along with the other organizations concerned to be used for Christmas baskets for needy families. Reds Reviv^ t& Battle for Sniper Ridgi WASHINGTON, (UP) — Secretary of Labor Designate Martin P. Durkin called today for an early meeting between Son. Robert A. Tafl (fl-O) and top union loaders to discuss revision of the Tafl- Harllcy law. The surprise Democralic appolnl- cc lo Prcsldonl-elect Elsenhower's cabinet disclosed in an interview lhat he will try to play the role of peacemaker between organized labor and tho new .Republican administration. Re urged Iho AFL and CIO lo give Eisenhower "a fair chance" lo prove lhat ho Is "sympathetic" to labor. The liners Queen J&ary and Queen fcth were ftiitt partly of scrap ** Credits Atom With Staving Off a War CHICAGO, (UPV — Arthur H. Compton, who directed tho laboratory where tho atomic age came Into being 10 years ago, said today that nuclear weapons nave staved off a third global war and "dig- ster for the entire world." Compton, now chancellor of Shoppers Warned of Petty Thieves Chief of Police A. L. Willie today warned Christmas shoppers about leaving packages in unlocked automobiles. Many package* were stolen liust year by petty tbievea and tbere is very little ofllpen can do unless the theft is ]iwr Wa&binglon University at St. Louis, spoke at ceremonies marking the lOlh anniversary O f tho world's first self-suBtainud nuclear tain reaction, It was on Dec. y, 1&42, that the noted physicist Enrico Fermi go,v# the signal that put the first nuclear pile into operation. The ceremonies today were held in the squash court beneath toe University pi Chicajjos Stagg Field, where the Wstork event took place, Compton, who directed the wprk in the improviifld iAM«ll coitft lab' ortatory, cald tNl ftt&jnnic bomb saved the Uv«» o| million* of Americans and Japanese by ening World Ww JJ. Since then, he »a«i, U ba« "<?re-4 balance ot Bpw«r ift tbs " Alcoholics Anonymous to Meet Monday The Kim Street Group of Alco- holies Anonymous, organized hero a year and a half ago, will hold ils second open mccllng at 8 p.m. Monday, December 8, in Hope city hall. There will be two out-of-town AA speakers, and a local non-AA speaker, • The local unit wag formed In May, 1051, with an initial membership of five. At one time U had 26, and the current list its 18, gome of the members have moved away, but the correspondence they keep up with tho Elm Street Group Indicates lhat they are holding fast to AA procedure. Alcoholics Anonymous Is a voluntary nation-wide movement which Is credited with having accomplish^ ed more for the habitual d|rlnkeF than any other group or campaign to America, U is universally re* apcctud and -sided by b.uajj, eg8 groups, the press, and the jwo|e* eions. As one AA spokesman explained "The secret of AA'P power to Ini fluence men for good IB that H is fundamentally a spiritual teacj By ROBERT SEOUL, Koroi, Communists mowed'> fight for Sniper Ridge in two swUt uttoctw " into tho ccnlr»l fro dor cover ot a blind Tho Sniper attacks ... along most of tho.rejt mile battlofront brok* »lull in the Korean fighting, > Tho Wostprn front, wherf troops guarded the s' ' to Seoul, remained qulot. Some ottlcern Ueds were *'$ftvta$ visit of Tho ChlnoHK „,„_„.,_. locks on Sniper 8t Rocky P highest pinnacle on Utw Bidge, which, juts eaitwi Sniper Hldge Lewallen Funti at 3 p.m. Funeral Jt doebn't scold an errlwg mkn, &[$ simply tells him, In a way tb*t i»op , can understand, what's the, mattpHfgrofW. with nirn -* un.4 do . It, And so, a ma» can't driok without get fltwUy 1 concludes, voiHutw, he puJH apt to <kiak: »t fttt," Form Group to View NewRewluHoni 94" pojit-war .«? bsa

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