Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1952
Page 6
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HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, BaeeNttat 1, 1981 IFIED Utitfft P ForSaU dltlon, w«l«r pump. Good con a A. N, Rider, P«tmo» Porks Don't Ploce on SWC All-Star Group DALLAS T««*i ~ Tho **»n«i olght upoi* on the 10M Alt-8outhw«t Conference foot|>»ll »*l«cUon« r«> SOLtD mnp)« dinette *uH with ex- (WiH«rt t*Dlo,i corner fotir Ch9lr», Cull 1-3904 or 74I70, OIIOICK noy »>«on h«y, Oood b»l««. Iwxtn, no** n. OHInpic. 24*01 lot calvo», Irte«l for locker boxes, MAM nanrh. Highway 4. BALKS of hay. L«r«e tafpouUn. Air comprOMor, Odd* end «nd*. Phone 7-«77fl. flOl Mode*. 1-81 Services Offered LOCAL and long distance Hauling Alto local moving, Seo Darwin Hamilton or cull 7-3011. N-33-lm MATTRIS8$ renovation and innor- work, Cobti Miittttfin Co., your uwlnoii*. If quit, thtit'ti our nolle* .... nnm«d to the off«n«ivc and »Jvc> (or ih« Aiooclatcd »t»ff*. by End Tom Stolhandnk* of Texas ftnH Woyn* Mnrtl»i of Tox«« Christ- iBrt w*re the only un«nlmoti» «c- toctionn, Arknniirtu Fullbnck L«wl« Cnr- (K»nt0r, loekwl on« vol« to mnk« thi? offpnulvp platoon nlthough out rnuoh of tlic neuiion with an injury. Tho Hlcu coflfhliig »t»fr *"lo U would hftv* nnnifld Carpenter to the team If h« hnd been nhlo to pl«y nnmiiih. Tho «rtillre Texan bnckflcm w»« named lo tho otfomtlvn platoon BK well tu Jerry Norton of Bouthern Mothotlldt. Three bock* li"J for Iwn place In lh« bsck/lfltl. Tbo All-Conference offensive (cam Include*; stolhnwUki' ami DoH Ulnlis Tt'xan ChrUtlnn, cndi; Bill Crttckctt. RU'f and Bob Know SPORTS ROUNDUP ,ty OAYLf fALBOt. VOftK. l/H-Th* Urn* .p.1 pearl to have come for the Okla-i homo' Boon*™ to quit fooling'; n round »nd rnntce a real pitch for; momberiihlp in the Southwell Con- whnre their football play ing qualities would b« more Rrr>nt- ty appreciated (h«n they nre In tho Bis Seven, { Addition of tho Sooner* would; round the Southwent Conference Into n powerful clght-nebool group j Only C< Bowl Remains on SW Slate By The A«*oclat«d Pre»* Four Bobcats on All-District Grid Selection bo clinmplonnrilp rneci wotiM even morn rugged than It I* ttTTLE ROCK MPI — All-district teams In the staff's AA hif'h srhortl football classification were announced todny by the Arkansas Ofl , „,,, ( ., )(t , m Bowl remains! Athletic Association, and, as might , in f| n | S j,otl business of South-! be rxpeetofl, all but one are dom- ' ( , t cr foolbnll. Texns re-] in.Hed by tho teams who won tho •' . ~. . ~ i turns to practice Wednesday to championships. 'dart Kottlnii ready for that while j o.-ily in nistrict Two did a non-i "ther 310 H, Wnnhlngton, 1'hontt (payuUlo In oil-In H*f« flrtd nelflhbor- N1SW nnd renewal nubscriptlonii to .no jnibll»h«cl. CbrUl- Charto* Rtjrnerion, Day Phone, 7.8328: O-30-lm \vnnl to Aleo- P. O. Box N-10-l»n ell. »nd tacklos; Phil Brunch, 8cw T e x a ». Jack SICKO, ter, »nd five bhck« Hiiylor, cen Olb Dawson, , Otck Ochon, T. Junes mid Billy Quiim, all of Texas, atut Jerry Norton, Southern Mcthodlisl. Th« defen»!ve platoon lm« Mnr- Uri «nd Bill Ocoruos, Texas, ends; Jnrk Llttltf. Tc-xon AAM, and Mor- (tntt WUUarn*. Textis ChrUtlan, tncklon; Bi» Alhoy, Bnyl»r. nnd Dick Chnpman, JRicc guards; Don nhodon, Klce, nnd 0111 Forester Southern Method l»t, linebackers; Vnl Joo Wwlker, Southern Mt-tho- dUt, and Ronnly Fraley, Tcxn* Chi'liitlnn, h»lfb»ck». nnd Joo Hor- APRON ithflp tn my home. .Othov Udffttl Rifts. Complete now, MF». John Keck, PHOM rlmv UmniKh Doeombor 30 (j diking order* for frc*h co- count nn(l jnm fiikc* for ChrlNt- mna, 1'liona V-4ti22. Mm. Milton Ktuurn. 1-flt Homo Study Course COM»n*KTK your blab Rchoel ol honm In apwru tlino. Diploma. No olH»ii«H, Texts furnlnhed, Write for free booklet. American School, UOOfl Alnhiunn, Fort Smith, Arhnnan*, N-IO-lm A«iM Honorable mention included: Bud Brook*, and Busier Ciravoa. tncktes, «nd Buddy Cola ami Lewis C«rpt»rttcr. bnek» «H vproily of Arktmsnx, of tho unl now. Alto, H would guarantee thr> Qklnhornn loam the privilege of playing in the Cotton Howl IJ u won the tllle. _ ^ , ( lw ,,. putnt . i ni i,,,, , m u,,. f; t .-Id Tho dlrnpln fart l» thftt theru, hi j.' ist „,-,.,.k. The Lo»Kln.rns mado Incentive nowadays to ntillcl' ,| ;i ,],;m .swop by bcat.iti« Ti.-xat l«nms stow away j r |,:im[)ion land the most men find plastic iu'lmets. (i gri-al football dynnfily there I* a chance to ploy !n one of ihr> liowln. Probably <t Isn't even oconnrnlcnlly Hound. That Is ono of Hie bl# tnlkln« points of tho bowl critics. the all-star offensive and dcfon-, T'*xii:i wound up unrlpfcutfvl ami' Klvo olr-vons. Blytheville h:is seven! mm on the loam, while Jonpsboro, :i(lj'Hls.ecl the champion by the AAA| i-xi'cutive Commute* 1 , \von six po f itlons. Tho all-district teams were sc liv.'U'd by the conches. They are: District One-Offense l. on ThanksKivinK Ony Saturday TCXHS Chrialinn upended! VH , lll( ,,, Methodist H-7 while Rlco| ,,,,, (lowninK n .-,y.«r 20.14. Thu, If you nee one of otir Soonor track stars llmplrif? around on the streelH nft though he hart something Btuck In th<; too of his shoc.j wo nr« In position to tell you how IIP «ot th'til way. Our authority IK Hay WelnberK. who hurdled for Australia In the Olympic Games at Helsinki last summer and who; say* hi 1 tried to induce several' American stars to compete In hi.s country this winter. "They were Just not Interested." \Volnbortf 'old the Melbourne! Argun. "Some of them inaku up to $(1M for a single appearance at AUhiiUBh plnttut* In bt'llt'votl to have oxthtcrt In nncletti timed, ltd m&n upoctnculor tl«vt<loprn»'iu wa* ^O'Diach U»fith of tha 44U> Con. tury whiah took thro^ciuarlers of pppulfttlon of notno'pnrU ot J8u« For R«nt haute also bod* Kitchen privilege** ao-st worn with Phono UNPURNI8HED hottso, 8 room* «iwl Unth 817 \V. Third, J. W. of (our. A, o. rk. Phone 8, Patterson tit Store, Peterson's Shoe 412 M, Main. npartmcnt, Newly . 410 N. Main, Apply at 2tl-3t TWO room up»t«r* furnUhod apart m«nt Largo closet, electric vo- UttllUod paid. Phone 20-31 m , 4 C.i/1 ROOM, furnished apartment, Private bath. All bUU paid. Couple 718 K. Division. Robinson Hurls Discrimination at Yankees HQy JOE REICHUER rilOIONIX, Mil, W — Rven In-- .(wo the fir»t drnft choice had been niadn tit tho opcninu "f t '" ; wlnlor meetlruiH todny. two bHHt l baU'» stormiest finuri»» — .Koblnfton and l,«o Dvirtieher Into the hcadlltu-s. folitit were ..still busy In at tho various hotels here when word came from New York thut Robinson, brill lunt No- Rro second baseman ot the Brooklyn Oodgwrs, h«d accused the New York Yankees of being prejudiced itwalns't mombers ot his ruca. Tho world t'hiunpioui promptly issued n hcitttod denial of tho dlscrtminn- tlon ch«r||«it, Thvre Is no Noftro pluyer on the Yankees although Ihor* nre several in tholr farm or- BunUntlou, Duroehor, reportedly contomplat InB quitting the game (or u whir at tho movins, Ryusshed the run\ors with a statement that ho in- tondeii to continue as manager oC thtc New York Glunts as long us Horace Stoneham rcmutncd tho owner of the club; l.oo has a one- y»«r contract to mennge thw Ulnnts tU u reported $90,000 »alnry. an Indoor meeting. One ot them told me there is too much money in the boards for him lo visit Aus- trnlln " , Apparently under tho Impression thnt they were tiilking with another member of the guild, the Amor- leans, according to WelnberK, went to some pnins to fill him in on tho hitest methods of paying off In their country. This was our fuvcirlto, UN dlvnlKod by the Argus: "Wtlnberg siilcl most of the stnrs hail private tlrtissiuK rooms when they appeared it I tho meetings. On roturniUK to change nftcr np- pi-!irin« on the track, they found $(150 tucked in the loo ot one oT their slides." What will thrse sliclc promoters think up nexl? Hici' moved into si-cowl place in Hi,' final standing:). 'lYxaii Hubtied up most of the i;|i'.]!i-!pioiislii|jH it had the lead- i ma ball-crriors In in Dirk Oc-him, who rolled up (illli yjinis; the leading passer in T. Joiuvs, who ci»iri|iletod 03 throw:; (or l.dltl yards; the total offense) Ir-adcr in Jones, who gained l,S!iyj yar<l:i in 200 plays; the.No. 1 pass; receiver In Tom Stolhandskc, who n:uj(sht :)() throv/s for 511) yards.) And Texas led both in team of- j ffiise and defense, rolling to 3l!Ci.3j yiirds per gamv; and alowing only •J20.-1. Jerry Norton of Southern Methodist easily won the punting title He averaged 41.2 yards on 44 kicks. Bob St. Pierre ot Arkansas Lvrraflod 38.4 on 22 boots for sec- Knds — Phil Eastfirling, Rogers, nd l.ai-iy Head, Fayelteville'. TarlMivi —- Jon Saner, Rogers, the conference'. alul Ri!l '"K 1 '"'"' Spviiif'dnle. Guards Jimmy Sulton, Van Hnrean, and Jimmy Brook,-;, Spring- « NEW LEG'S A KNOCKOUT— Krcutz, 11-year-old Weimaraner who belongs to the Rev. Eric N. Linblade, of Euclid, Ohio, finds a wooden leg comes In very handy. Kreutz, a member of the first litter ot the rare breed to be born in this country, recently knocked out a rambunctious Airedale playmate with his arti- ns — .ri-iiiiiMiu oimur, miKurs, ficlal limb - H's also useful for Orville Fletcher, Fayetteville. | Poking out windows when • he wants to go out. He lost the pa-win a rabbit-hunting escapade. dale. Center — Joe. Neil, Rogers. Backs — Edward Xunlgn nnd Hilly Bock. Subiaeo; Jerry Do- ln/ier. Springdtlc; Jerry' Ferguson nosers. District One Defense Knds — Franklin iiiul Orville Fletcher, r nyeucvme. | Tiickles — Jerry Ilarrod. Fay-' ettcvillc, and Frank Korilur, Su- biaeo. Guards — Joe Schiffer, Subiaeo, and Don Creekmore, Rogers. Center — Tom .Robinson, Fay- cttoville. °7ror P tcm C Nosrsta of Rice was the! Backs - Buddy Bloomfield and - ' ' Jimmy Ha- :mis, Fay- varcls. His average wasn't tops but J . . i!._..n.. Floyd McCanri, Benton. fellow who played havoc with the Billy Love, Rogers; Ji mints. He carried 44 back for 530j Rc-r. Springdalc; Alan Ad * _ . . > i i ..... 1.... I n 11 ri t r 111 j». Top Radio Programs NKW YORK. UP)— TJsteninf! nlKht. 7 Mnc.Rae Program; to- his total was No. 1 nationally. Jerry C'oody of Baylor had the best Southwest Conference average, showing 12.il on 13 runs. One coach ciuit. He was OtH Douglas of Arkansas, who resigned nftt-r three seasons. I/. R. (Dutchi Meyer is reported thinking of root Texas Christian butj cil - v - Mcyor would niothcr confirm nor] Center demy it. lie reportedly wanted to; ^cks^^^ Joneaboro; Car , os District Two Offense Knds — Frank Falls, Jonesboro, and Montrose Holland, Blytheville. Tackles — Maynard Burrows, Forrest City, and Clay Kenward, ' - Billy Michael, Blythc- and Curtis Merrcll, Forrest .Tudson ITout, Newport. Jerry Yielding and NDC Donald Vonrhees Hand ot Amorlcti. CBS~G::tO Hub Crosby; i)i>ii8o: R Undid Theater. AUC—0:30 Lone Ranger; 7; If) Bob Edge; 7:30 Rex Maupin. MRS--0; 13 Dinner Date; 7 Worn- nn of Year; 7:30 Crime Does Not Pay. . stoii out three years ai.;o but wa» talked into continuing by TCU of- filial.-,. Texas will p'ny Tennessee, in tho Cotton Bowl Jan. 1. Tennessee, which has a record of eight victories, one loss and one tie, was scouted by Texas assistant coaches at Nashville Saturday when it showed awsotno power in whipping! Newport; Tommy Mosley, Hlytheville. District Two Defense ],;, u ( s — Harold Mantooth, Newport, and Marcus Kinmcrson, Forrest City. Tackles James Buftinton, Concert; 0:31) Vanderbilt 4G-0. Sus- Newport, and Quincy Hodye, niythevillo. Guards — <- I.eRoy Lalncr, Newport, and Dick Crawford, Jones- Tuesday Times: NBC--10:3Q a.m. Bob nnd Kay. CBS— 10:30 a.m. Grmul Slain, ABC— 8 a.m. Breakfast Club. MBS—10 a.m. Ladies Fair. EXEMPT FROM CONTROLS WASHINGTON 1/11 —• Juke boxes and pinbnll tfames • are now exempt from price controls. The Office ot Price Stabilization, explaining that juke boxes and pin' ball games are not significant in the cost ot living, yesterday lift- Center ville. ed controls on sales of coin- opcrcf.'-d amusement machines, nnd (>n fees and charges paid by the public for their operation. OUT OF DOORS with For Sale or Rent YWQ bodt'wm hou<t>. Modern clos- In good nutgh* Schuo), Butlntis Opportunity MONBV BACK INVESTMENT tflvs* you your \Vhllu the major louauw folks- were dltteatlng tho Roblnson-Du rucher morseti*, tlu* minor*) were atoUintj tlu-> »li»go for tholr 51 si Convention that will la.tt throuxh Thursduy nnd cover such controversial subjects us rudiu »nd teliwIsUm, the bonus claws, th« wuiver rule, Uw hl«h school rul«, ptayur recall rule, i-enllunuient of tho Itmuues and clubs nnd nluht baseball. The majors will tnke over Friday and convene through Sunday, ttnK ft jt>ute of new 5 cent »«r» handling nuw, t««t- Cotvf«titton» In drug »toriM, c»t«n. bu» dcpoU, otc. All loctt- ftUtalnad for you. You tnust »• C«LT, vclcrenca* »nd «oo, U i* protected by An Irwi- tll»cl monwybtck yuar«at«e, Do- x-otlnf » tow of your »p«r« hour* to the l»u»ines», you nhauld earn to jp weekly »pan» Umo, full wrtto giving to NKW PARTY FRANKFURTj Germany, Ifl Went, Germany has u new political p«rty—Uie "AU»0*Mwan People's parly" GosanUdeutsclie Volkspur- tut-advofulluu Qcrmany reunite, stop all rt'ttimainent and follow a neutral course in tt« cold war. How to Tell Hunters From Deer By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor I,tt si Full I wus i>;\iUcd on a stump in thu Wnnsylvmiia h;inl- woods, wiitlins I»r Homo moro nmbltious gents U> push n buck my w;iy. Suddenly u stick snnppfct over in some scrub growth iincl « sitffillliy movi-mont showed fii\iy- brown through tho uinuli-. 1 c;isi:d my rifle -nronncl lo the rc;itly and tlgmuncd my thumb, ort ihe safety,' s«tj to;.ui|il |hiinj, , Arid out stepped a lad in his late lewis, red capped right vnouyh, but with a dirty swcul shirt on Leon Privcltc, Blythe- Bob Childross, Blytbe- ville; Lonnie Bennett. Newport and Roland Smith, Jonesboro. District Three Offense Ends—Ray Culpepper, Malvern; Center Backs Tackles — Tommy Brown, Ben- and Jewell Stinson, Malvern. Mills, Conway, and John Clem, Malvern. — Jim Gibson, Conway. — Dennis Fulmer, Con- Sam Richards and Ear! Roy Wray, Bcnton; T. J. Reed, Mal- District Three Defense Ends — Jim Scherman, Conway, and Ray Culpepper, Malvern. Tackles — Gerald Henderson, Conway, and Ted Bolt, Benton. Guards — Fred Mills, Conway, and Marvin Gay, Benton. Confer — Jim Gibson, Conway. Racks — T. J. Reed and Bob Westcrman, Malvern; Robert Rogers, Sam Richards and Earl Roy Wray, Bcnton; Hornor Lyford, Conway. District Four Offense Ends — Sammy Water, Magnolia, and David Maxwell, Camdcn. Next Commie Outbreak Seen for Romania By DONALD J. OONZALES WASHINGTON — (UP) — Official sources predicted today that Romania wil ibe the next Commit- ni.«t country to stage a Nazi-like demonstration of anti-Semitism. They said Dr. Ana Pauker, deposed foreign minister and former top Communist leader of Romania, probably will be the principal victim of a Red purge trial similar to those recently held in Qzech- oslovakia. j£ Eleven of fourteen defendants in ' tho Czech trials were Jews, and the anti-Jewish tone of the whole "proceedings convinced many officials here that the- Kremlin was given thu signal for widespread persecution of the approximately 2,700,000 Jews living behind the Iron Curtain. Having seen the Communists adopt many other Nazi tactics, officials here would not be surpris- td if they also take the blood-'JI stained page of anti-Semitism from Hitler's book on .how to run a dictatorship. In fact, informed quarters here have never put much stock in tho belief, once widely held in the Wet-turn world, that Russia's Bed paradise was .true of racial and religious bias. Out of the 2,300,000 Jews estimat ed to live in the Soviet union, only a handful have ever been permitM ted to hold high posts in the 'Communist party or the government. Lazur M. Kaganovich was the on!v Jew on the former Kremlin Politburo, and he was made a member of tho new presidium— indicating that he has not yet fallen from Stalin's grace. Soviet Author Ilya Ehrcnburg also is a Jew, but the list of prominent Soviet Jews ends about there. Communist sympathizers in the past have frequently pointed IV Ana Pauker's high position , in Romania as proof that Jews, had lull equality under communism. Now she may become a grim illustration oi! the opposite fact. ' Tnckles Lynn Afjee,. Kenneth Davis Camdcn. and Guards — Billy Cox, Smackovor, and Tommy Doyle, Hope. Center — Lester Nvissey, Cam cien. Backs Bobby Catling, Camdcn; George Tabor, Smackovor; Charles Cole, — Ted Bradshaw and District Four Defense Ends Jim Yocuni, Hope, anc PORTUGAL 'ORNADO LISBON, PORTUGAL I/T) — Two men wcra killed by lightning, thousands of trees uprooted an> 40 head of cattle destroyed in a tornado which hit Portugal over the weekend. John Moslcy, Magnolia. Tackles — Jerry Thomas, Magnolia, and Ellis RothweU, Hope. Guards — Richard Holmes-, Camden, and Winston Williams, Magnolia. '" " ' Center — Howard Grant, Majgno- lia. ' £ Backs — Glenn Wood, Smackover; Huie Lindsey, Camden; Raymond Churchwell, Hope; Terry Day, Magnolia. \ thut wus us close lo tho color ou the Logol Notice LEOAL NOTICE IN THK PRQ8ATE COURT OF COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTTER OP TUB No. 844 ESTATE OP Q, E. CANNON, deceased l.«*t known addws* ot decedent: S10 Smith Main St. Hopo. Ark., D»t» of O««Uk: Nov. 17, 1WS. d«t«l S«pt. 1, 1950 ol November, >K>»«t« as the will ol th» abov« named d»- tin old buck's buck n.s cloth is llkuly to lift. How otteu h«s that happened to ou? How many times have you ecu your Uncle Harry or a com- ilcto stranger, u man ctuite with- ut horns or hooves, step out when ou were all ready to pot a deer? And have you ever had the un- >leasunt experience of looking down ome other uuy's gun barrel from he wrong end? H a sportsman ms been In the deer woods often enough and long enough, he has some time been at both eqds of hat barrell. There are those who feel that vearing lots of red is the best luavantt'u Ihut said barrel won't »leh sudden death. Actually, hunters wear r*d, purple, «r sky-blue with a floy-doy, the has been appointed vxecutrtx thor*un d*r, A cwUest ot the pj-ob»le of DM will can be effected only by tiling • ixftitto*> within the lime by l»w. All p«r*ons claims «ttinst estate mutt exhibit them, within months {mm the date ot U» oublicatioa ojt this noUc*, or Uw Md«y any natt^t^. § SCOQGINS Avt. OMS H>st against thought it was a deer" "1 ol oi al After a brilllanl foiinal wcdillng. Roror nnU Kinily KleKI si^ulo in n line oUl'hoiico on Beacon Hill. I'.oston. tho Kltt ol Bmlly's rich, octuntrlc Grandmother Forbes. nrtan Collins nnii lliiviit Solninont. law firm nssocintp? of Flc-lil. are frcnuent callers here. Headline home wonry «n<1 a»>cnt one evc- nlii" FloliJ finds l»» w"*" ai-atod alone wild' Solomoni. SlU-ntlv he resents the nj-osonr,' cH tli'3 suuve. lianusnmp. chnrmlnc tntnuli-r In his home. Solomom hurt accompnnloil Kmily to a family dinner I-nrt.v rttinns Hi-r IIUP- nnnifs absence f'om tho city. He hnd dared to Idss her nt ihe end of tlie eveninK and when she ndinnnt.shos him for this bol<l act. ho merely Imiulis HI her "Innocence." Votinis cousin Prls- cllla. n c»e;«t In the field house re- venls that David hnd often called nn Her at her parents' home down the Capo. K-nily caul Ions D«vld against trifling with this child and very nnlvcly ho accuses her of loalonsy. Overwhelmed oy Soloniont's personality Pi-lscllls demand? Hint he be Included In B weekend Now Year party wlilrn she n«d the Field* and pm-io friends will attend at Ilullvliock Hilt. CHAPTER TWELVE IT WAS not until they waked the next morntns, with the sun streaming Into their room, that Emily ciuidling closer to her husband smilingly reminded him that they normal vision, but it is more easily were supposed to be the chaperonei recognized as man-covering by the O f the occasion, and that they had color-blind, not even made a pretense of flnd There are those who argue thati ing what the others were up to Copyright, 1952. by France* Parkinson K«y?s. Distributed by King Features Syn dnrU blues and greens are colors than hods or oranges, tho kind accident ts the use «Wliman sense by tho chaps ttth ends ut the eun. Nothing in the deer woods thai ihould be shot at is red. true, and it is also true that those slates that have enacted laws requiring some red on hunters have a reduction In the number ot mis- Uken-ideulity accidents. Bui bear in mind these other points: A small amount ol red — «s (or example your cap only be concealed by brush whW you pussyfoot into th« Mi ot Mr TrU«er-Happy Joe. He may S*e pur fray pauU or _ „ _ ^nbroken r*d. n» matter how niuch ot it you w*»r, isn't to m»ny color blind feMtivttu*}*! tf w« sater since nothing shootable wears green or blue hair; but the brightest hues are still in widest use, most tied it» with danger in the average miiv.l most easily spotted by ordinary eyes. And finally, even if you sling a simall buck over your shoulders to lug him back to camp, Trigger- Happy Joe may prevent you from getting there unless you drape your trcphy with the rod you're wearing. You won't want to wear any coat anyway if that buck has been cation well. Butter whistle like a ot canaries as you stagger toward, cabin or car. One of the best common-sense ot human safety for chap on the other end of the rifle, the trigger end. Is the modern telescopic sifcht. It used to be said that no man had ever been hot by a scoped-up rifle when mistaken (or a deer. is not quite true, since recent study ot hunting ap before they tumbled off to bee themselves. ft was natural that the combi nation of a long, noi«y train trip a sleigh ride through crisp, cold air, a warm house and a hearty tny ewr« Uv»n U ts 4w, *Uo Mind to baow lh*m. Rod brotaw " cident* turned op OHMS or two c«es. However, the tri*$sr-hoJd- «rs in those instance? wwft offf neurotics incapable ot sett' 1tM»y probably woww »t » movwatswt or a, *WA< supper sleepy should nave made them and that their slumber should have been peaceful and prolonged. She was astonished to learn that everyone else had gone skating the night before In the moonlight and had stayed up for hours, entranced by David's execution ot fa»cy figures: also that intermittent, tobogganing h»d already been going on that morning too. She hastened ta get bundled up and go ,«utdoors herself; and from then, until the sum went down behind the foothills in a blaee of rose, radiantly reflected on the distant snow-covered mountains, she did not come Into the house at all except for dinner. Then ahe was amased to ftnd that she was already tired and sleepy again. "1 roust have been using a tot of muscles tMt I donX ordinarily." sh* said £y way s* ssif -wwuse. bending oV«», to rub h«r ahtg in o*d*r to mrove her I'm not welshing on anything," he answered indignantly. "But I on't see why I shoukl l:cep on oing things, when I'm tired. Rog- r's tired too." "Oh, ot course, in that case! But vo were all hoping yow'd Join us oniglit. We're going to have a mall bonfire, so you wouldn't be •old. And 1 can take down a bench. You could sit on that and rest if ou found you couldn't Keep up vith us." You don't need to talk as if I were a thousand years old. Of conirse I'll come skating, if everyone else ts going. 1 didn't Know everyone was going last night," I did open the door a crack and tell you so," Brian Interposed. But you must have been sound asleep already. Myself, 1 just stumble around on skates. Why don't you and Roger and 1 go down to the pond for Just a little while and then come back to the house and get our well-earned rest, leaving the others who don't work as hard as we do to their childish pastimes' She looked at him gratefully; there was really something very pleasant about Brian, after you got to know him. But his kindly suggestion did not serve to counterbalance David's taunt. Deten- mtned to show him that she could stand up under long hours and violent exercise as well as anyone, sne went early to the pond, and was already gliding quietly over it, hand in hand with Roger, when 'riscilla and David came down the slope which led to It. The moon was shining brightly and, In the ight of It, Priscilla's scarlet-clad Igiire stood out with almost star* .ling brilliance against the snow. Emily accepted Brian's hands in ilace of R.oger's without comment. r eyes were still on Priscilla and DavW, who had now reached he pond. Briefly, David knelt to iclp Priscilla change her stadium soots for her shoe-skates and put on his own; then together, cutting they were off figure eights, ^>»iiHm»IW Dg^M iMMMMCf^ M Y<W don't nmn^ «w yjHpciafei to •lalrt. M* !«*'.'J|3(tff'tff UUftKk* S5E?«^* *^P ^^wWH^| ^1^^- *W* 3avid nad his arm j her presumably to steady her over jie slippery surface and steep descent, and they wer« looking, at each other and laughing. Brian, who, as he hlmsejtf' remarked, "simply at urn bifid around on skates," made his way clumsily over to Roger and Brolly and nodded toward the pair on the hilt. "But those two are certainly making a go ot it, aren't they?" "Looks that way," agreed Roger. •Here, you and Emily nave a try. ?ou'l» tad she's a good teacher— in fact, she taught me on Spy pood years ago. Not that she gives what you'd c*U a dazatag performance, out it's pretty smooth, at that- She'U have you in Better form before you ia}ow it '; about maJdng ft go of U! «nd her prot. tout aeero to Maying leapfrog, separating and Meeting, waltzing, locked close together. It was n beautiful exhibi- ;ion. Mechanically, Emily Brian a few stereotyped directions and showed proper patience whgn tie revealed no skill at following them: but as soon as he suggested that they should go and sit down by the fire, she readily agreed. He piled more logs on it, and tliay bent over it together, enjoying its cheerful glow. Then, as Emjly glanced up, she caught his arm, "Oh, Brian, look!" ' , He followed the direction of her! enchanted gaze. Above the wooded foothills, streaks ot translucent radiance were rearing into the sky, some mounting evenly and steadily in even bands of various widths, others rising sharply only to fall luddenly, as if their paints had. ailed to penetrate the heavens. The night which had been beauti- 'ul before, had suddenly becqmo magical as well. Brian gave ow whistle, followed by an exclamation of wonder, pot unm&ed with awe. "Gosh almighty! What would those be? Not really northern lights, that you read about?" , "Of course. You don't just read about them, you know. They ej?lst. But they're rare around here,- I haven't seen them many times my* self. And never as bright as this, Look! They're mounting higher and higher all the time! And they're not ail white any longer. They're getting more and more brilliant every moment!" It was true. The bands had to a height where they were most converging and their haa become iridescent; between these, the daggerlike points,, np longer (ailing In defeat, pierced the summits of the sky with fl fer 1, 193* HOM iTAH, HQM.^tftAtff By Chlek YW, I COULDN'T--I'M OUT OF SHAVING CREAM HERE-TAKE THIS GO IN THEPE AND GET RID OF THOSE WHISKERS HE ALWAYS HAS SOME EXCUSE I U. BET I'M THE FIRST PERSON IN THE WORLD TO SHAVE WITH WHIPPED CREAM fr OUT OUR WAY By j. R. William* ly Mfrhatl O'MolUy In the Kitchen HORIZONTAL 5 Weather 1 Cooking vessel indicator 4 Kitchen stove 6 E! ucled I part 7 Seine i 8 Mother has to ? Preparatory meals schools (ab.) 12 Constellation 9 Kind of bean 13 Rant 10 Wing-shaped 14 Irritate J ] Bird's home 15 Short sleep 17 Uscci l ° pound Answer to E f> T fci 9 E S P e A M e t. U- e u F» B l_ U P A K A R 1 E '"1 R A B 1 T e A & E 1 T A, R E T C B \y P E N Previous Puzzle e V e M E P P R V A •i V-' a. f, p o M R T .v- SB! •». 1 L. N 5 U 1_ A O "> 1 N A e •y 0 E R R O N P M A A W A 1 T R &' «; R F» O «t M E T N A 17 F* P I» P U e P R E F ••» e T A R R * 16 Curses nails in the 18 Precipitated kitchen frozen rain 19 Weird (poet.) 20 Separate 23 Cripples 31 Put in 21 Sheltered side 24 Smeared \v:lh harmony 22 Trees a breakfast 33 Badgcrlikc 24 Persian prince sla P le 26 Kind of cheese 25 Simple 27 Indistinct 2G Girl's name 27 Used in sink 30 Cordial 32 Kind of sheep 34 Salutes 35 Expunger 36 Assejit 37 Binds 39 At that time 40 Regretted 41 Chop 42 Coil of yarn 45 Place alone 49 Official examiner 51 Marble 52 Unaspirated 53 Externities 54 Piece out 55 Ogle 56 Gaelic 57 Legal matters VERTICAL 1 Kitchen necessities 2 Spoken 3 Measuring devices 4 Declaim CARNIVAL 28 Arrow poison 41 Steed 29 Breakfast time 12 Part of kitchen window 43 Leg joint 44 .Domestic slave 46 Male children 47 Grasp 48 Female sheep (Pi.) animal 38 Newspaper executive 40 More mature 50 Third letter I IZ IS IB M 30 44 36 55 Z 43 3 19 */; H IJ It, ^ il 37 S %% Zfe ^ %y> it) i3 5b 6 2Z i% l? 48 1/5 7 W Z3 32 3? $,v % IV zo '//'// B 14 x^<> 'S/f 53 4V <) Z7 1 H 7 10 28 H7 II 29 16 i By Dick Turner ,, y Wife t0 , drop Jn ' Miss Mulch! ay d better uncross your legs and cross your fingers! ing tips. The manner in which these multicolored rays slantedUo- warn «ch other gave them effect of striving to meet and a dome; and gradually this lustrous mass took shining and plete torm overhead. Equally ; equally awed, Briaii and Emily J gazing at it. both unaware in the excitement ol the momint, she tot her band slide % hl« arai, and that their <"Think« for the parking ticket! And bow did you VEH, BUT I'M HAVIM 1 TCOOBLE WITH THIS c-uy- HOVV ro THEY . A UNDERSHOT JAW LOOK. LIK;E ITAIMT? PLAY ' YOU VVAWT LOOK CLEAN THE BLUEPE1WTS ,„,, OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople THOSE CHARACTERS TO FAKE. A HIGH- M5.ETIMG, AMD TAKE- THc REFO A1DMS 10 FUNh4Y BUSINESS By Hershberger [",; .. . , , ~ f ••^•»IIUHIl|Cr ^^MMi<^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ • ^~ *••- ^\.'^--^*'^-'~~--'^ f ^-'^-^r^ f -'^*- •*O-"*^,-*x^ar*C— — r*. ^:^T?$^a^E^i; '•3&KZ 'Sty' SPECIAL-""^^ ' | DRESS-SHIRT BUTTON|L'" _ fp?-5 ."^ W^^-.'-S •'•:•< <^'f#'z u ',That was a good hunch you had—they really attract attention!" - . FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ImAKQ. STILL EXPECTING AfJ AUKM C«2C'< //V TVf CHANDELIER TO Go £•>• QU.WUG HIS SPFZCH, ts. fjTMj By Blosier HIS SPFKH, /s NOW K .•::/* Pot's 'teLLS'.' WAir A MINUTE/ . /-^DUL. WW.JME WAS mj/- ir WHEN WESer HOLV"i ^>9S?£ LAS T / SMOKe.' ir MUST HAVE Goie OFF AFTEE WE LEFT—AT I - - - BEUS, BELLS .BtUSl" fc-» —**.-' i Wt^kiW>? , ---THAN ic YOU . JUNIQR.S, POINTS—-- OKAV/ MV ^ifiNRVNHAT'&Tfn.EMTV, AW UPB1$ ON M3UR: M"Mi7? _ */ IM raAMrtCB!. udt> WHICH OPPICB XW/JPONJS W>W kfrfe. WASH TUBBS By L«ll* ' =5 ON-B OF i' CROOK<5 EA5V WOW THW WE RECOVEREP THE 10$T RUBY, WE CMJ TAKB OF m& AR AMERICAN! kNBW THB06 BOufS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Ma o\\ .^oovfelvW^MT \\ ^V\IN> eo TO \A\«i VAt « rJ WSXVS GOT WOW C(N«, V eNM\N ,-i)OC\(X\. BUGS BUNNY , . , -l N °. C-UV'NOK/ 1 -ALLEY OOP NEVER LEFT WHAT'O J THIiiUNIT THIS? / HOOCED Ul» THIS W/V.

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