Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 1, 1952
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Monday, Nixort, O'Dwyar Cold War Revived E880N—"tfls'le," (no relation to the mpyie dog etor), «howi i ; - the Mft w»y to cro« the street. "p»W in the buggy. It »" n nil-dog troop which It hoping to tench whool children „ «*,,«, ,.««./, of Chirlotte, N. C,, who !« *£&£***»*«» » h , ow on • theW«-P0pirt«* *et Mi played to more than 3,000,000 children «o far. hbrsw, nbove. «vc bcll«v to Uw *orl3! they AV«« u»i«J?, England, by Wlflj* D. win me th«m for iho » wiU _ tiny, 80-Inch high, 80- to be the »molleit full-growrt ne tsca onyipt Is aptured i* »lght - The ftr»t couvlcti from tho J»nlt«nttftry WAI recap. 14 hour* after tit* big *t brook lo tlio prixwt'v hiitory. 1*0 ws» Mc- , » la. w »wu>«n^u« thoy |ORl«il IU« prlKoix walls Sim any mor»lt\ij Vy rnonnn ot u when arrested only 100 fc«t .,. ... IBW h« «ll Had In t ^^ 10 t$ie With Which tho other fl«d on toot were crftihlng ; «*4«<*»>-' i Ati/>> >* rtt ,'S«V. .. « •rax Committee Continued from Page Ono mission, . ' . • s Tbe Con\mltt»* paid the tax com mUiaian ftUlhorlWsto wUhhpld «t«te aid from locoUibrnnch*! of gov ortunent w»»,^w;key to tho effec tlvenest ot Uif~ property tax pro grnm. Tho Commute* recommended that no liicttnWxbo made in tho !) por ti'nt snleii tax. In 194C the United Stati'S por 1,000, rnte In the was 10.4 per cent his election QI president of thv United Stntei lu»t month, will be- v«m0 cffeclivo tius duy beforo hl.s innuguratlon. ,jj« is stlU in rosl d«mc« in U^^VfilycrsUy's prcsl CITY. <v<n - Am William O'Owy«r and Vl«e President el«cl Richard M< Nixon waged th«ir oWn cold war here today. All diplomats from *U over ttte world gathered for the in augurntion of a new president of Mexico, there was nothing but the most frigid relations between the two of them. Nixon maintained what he described as o "chilly attitude toward thc former mayor ot Krw York City Whose resigns fion as ambassador to Mexico lakes effect Thursday. Officially, O'Dwyer was ser ving at "host" to the visiting Vice Presidentelect. But his role didn't include as much as n handshake with thc young California!! who attacked him 10 vehemently in the recent election campaign. On top of this strain on his diplomacy, O'Dwyer found himself bo.ielgcd with rumors thnt he is divorcing his wife, former Mabel Sloan Simpson. Axkcd for comment on a pub llshod report thnt he has filed 11 suit for divorce, O'Dwyer mapped: "I will not discuss rumors. Period." It Is believed there It n<S ptti of thc ocean where microscopic plank ton does not occur. f ^ Many gallons o! water may tee evaporated in a day from a tree,,' Plastering Is one of the most «tv cient of handicrafts. Monday, tkctmbtr 1, 1952 MOMS T At; M 0 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. m St. Joseph ASPIRIN Calendar i"d4y, December 1 school auditorium Friday, December 5. at 8 p.m. The high school i—This disputed border state's Pro-French Win Election in Soar Area By DON DOANE SAARBRUECKEN, The Saar steady: utility nnd commercial 13,50-16.pO; canners and ccuttcrs 10.fiO-13f>0; bulls steady; utility and commercial 15.5018.00 cutter bulls 13,00-150.00: vealors 1.00 higher; spots up more with heavy slaugh tor calves sharing in the upturn; good to prime vealers 25.00-34.00; individual hend to 3y.OO; utility and commercial vealers 17.00-25.00; good and choice slaughter calves 20.p025.00g utility and commercial NEW YORK W) — Cotton fu- 15.00-10.00. tures turndd firm today on trade Sheep 3,500; market not fully| and commission house buying, established; few lots high choice During the forenoon, the market HER MOTHER'S VOICE—Mother's bedtime stories put flve- year-old Cathy Steel to sleep In her Chicago apartment each night though mother, actress Pamela Brltton, Is far away, giving with another kind of story to "Guys and Dolls" audiences at the same time. Secret oi it all la Cathy's tape-recorder seen beside her bed. WANTED 5000 : , TELEPHONE Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or , timber, Coll . . Rufus Martin Phone 7-3083 or 7-3093 e Band Auxiliary will havoj ? tudont * wi " P erform ta entertain-1 French-backed government was re- regular monthly meeting on Monday night, Dec. 1, at 7:30 at Cannon Hall. All band mothers are urged to be present. Monday, December 1 Alpha Delta Chapter ing skits> s P ccialt . v acts - dances, j turned to toffice today with a clear I and musical numbers. The girls' majority in parliamentary elections Blee * lub under thc direction of ; and with only one-fourth of the Mrs. B. C .Hjntt will sing, public is invited. The i of Delta I A " mo ' ners °' Hope High School voters casting blank or invalid ballots to show a desire to rejoin Germany. ) Complete official returns from ^Kappa Gamma Society will have a f tudcnts a . rc , aS , k ,? d *° se " d or brtin B j yesterday's balloting gave thc Idinner-meeting Monday night. De-! l ° thue SCKhot)I °" ice b * " ))_.. _ i . ... o • . finmnm* r\ r\r\*\ r\i« rv\nt*f Icembcr 1, (tonight) ]at Hotel Barlow. j Tuesday, December 2 : Ladies Auxiliary to the jwill meet Tuesday, December •it 7 o'clock ccmbcr 5 ' onc or morc " Gift Wra P L " 2, ;at 7:30 p.m. at the Hut. Hostesses jwill be Mrs. J. A. Davis and Mrs. |Thomas Fenwick, Sr. | pcd" articles worth 25 cents or more. Please make and send your candy to thc school cafeteria Fri| day noon for sale Friday night'. Monday, December S The annual Christmas party of thc Hinton Home Demonstration Christina People's party (CVP) of Prime Minister Johannes Hoffmann 55 per cent of thc valid vote, compared with 51.4 per cent at the last election in 1947. The! party probably will hold 29 of thc uO seats in Parliament. The Soviet Democrats held on to second place with 33 per cent of the legal votes and likely will get The Garland Brownie Troop un- r B bci 8, ' nT . 0 c , ,, . . •der thc leadership of Mrs. J W. : Mls ; Stclla Ada ™. Every onc is 'Franks and Mrs. M. I. Dillard will | 1° _. hr .!" 8 a eitl fot ' thc « iri cx ' tmect Tuesday, Dec. 2. with Judy ....... "" jBosWell. 1101 West 7th Street. ...in \ u 1-1 »» j n i lllu Jegui vuiub unu imeiy win uei will be held Monday Deccm-1 r? Communists, with a 9 per >, at 2 p.m. at the home ot . t rnu change. was placed by steels and rains. Price changes were confined to less than a point either way with many leaders unchanged. NEW YORK COTTON nnd prime lambs to city butchers to 50 higher nt 24.00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE j ; CHICAGO U» — Live poultry: Steady to firm. j Receipts 1,509 cops; F.O.B. payings prices unevenly cents a pound higher to a cent lower; heavy hens 24.527; light hens 19.521; roasters 31.35; fryers or broil- era 3830; old roosters 1820; duck- lines 30; turkeys not quoted. Butter steady; receipts 626,995: wholesale buying prices unchanged 03 score AA 68.5; 92 A 68: 90 B y7: 89 C 65 cars: 90 B 67.25 C 65.75. registered moderate gains,and the lack of hedging and liquidating pressure later brought in a good demand for contracts from commission houses and New Orleans. Late afternoon prices were 90 cents to $1,40 a bale higher than the previous cclose. Dec. c34.98, Men 35.03 and May 36.07. ADD GRAIN Cash wheat: No. 2 red 2.32-R. Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.68-09%; No. "). l.G3%-65; sample grade 1.47853,;,. Oats: None s Barley nominal: SNUG AS A BUC-The heavy •stole being modeled, above, Is one of the hits of the Parisian winter fashion season. This version, designed by Schiaparclli, Is fashioned In wide mohair. Parisians are also said to have gone "buggy" about unusual costume Jewelry, auctt as thc giant .Cicada .which adorns the stole. Markets Malting 1.3581; 89 feed 128-32. Field seed per hun- | drcdwclght nominal: Sweet clover Eggs: Top steady, balance easy i 9-00-10.00; redtop 38.00-39.00; cnl receipts 14.305; wholesale buying slkc 30.50-31.50; timothy 13.50-14.00; prices unchanged except on U. S. mediums a cent a dozen lower; U. S. large whites B2; U. S. large mixed 51; U. S. mediums 45 current receipts 40; dirties 3y checks 33; standards not quoted. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Ml — Grains retreated at the start on the Board of Trade today and then came back strongly to post advances for the session. One reason for the turn-about was the lack of heavy selling pres- ST. UOUI8 LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 i•— Hogs 15,500; fairly active aft sure In the first hour, despite" the or slow opening; barrows and gilts ( fact fairly heavy deliveries of 10 to 25 lower than Friday's nv-, cash grain were made on Decem (M-nRe; bulk choice 100-220 Ibs un her contracts, sorted for grade 17.0010; cfcwi Firmness in soybean oil helped loads mostly choice. Nos. 1 nnd 2 soybeans. 100-220 Ibs 17.15; most 230-270 lb» Wheat closed %-l higher, De- 10.0017.00; 270310 Ibs 10.1000; 150 comber $2.35Vi, corn lg WVifiher, 170 Ibs 1«,00-17.00; 120-140 Ibs December $l.G7V4. oats cmfwy 13,7513,85: sows 400 Ibs down 5.25 December $l.B7Vi-%, oats higher red clover 30.00 31.00. None. Soybeans: Pure -:ea water is blue in color, but mixtures of animal or mineral matter often make it green. Plankton, the microscopic life in sea water, can color snow and Ice. Announcing the 2nd Annual LIONS CLUB - KXAR RADIO AUCTION MONDAY (Tonight) and TUESDAY Night. Starting at 7:00 p. m. Broadcast Over KXAR From HOPE C!TY HALL PUBLIC IS INVITED ••Wednesday, Decmber 3 The Gardenia Garden Club will jhwve a pot -luck luncheon Wcdnes- "ay, Dec. 3, at 12:30 at thc Coun- i-y ..Club. Hostesses will be Mrs. I :. C. Lewis and Mrs. E. J. Whit- j Imart. Each member is to bring a IChrislmas gift for gift exchange Each member unable to attend please call Mrs. C. C. Lewis, at 7-3054. Friday,' December 5 Notice Through the courtesy of KXAR the local Council of United Church Women of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in thc United States will present each day dining the month of December "Thot- O-Grams" at 9:15 a.m. Doming and Going cent per cent of thc votes went to a new faction, thc Democratic People's party. Holfman predicted in a victory statement that France and Germany soon will resume previous talks seeking a peaceful settlement of the Saar issue. The talks broke down during the campaign preceding the elections, the holding of wiiich thc Germans bitterly opposed. Parties favoring a return of the small coal-rich Saar to Germany were barred from the ballot. But 141,903 — 24 per cent — of thc 579,231 votes cast were invalid or unmarked. This was a clear re- to West German demands Saarlanders protest against Miss Billie Norton of Stephen F. „, Austin College, Nacogdoches, Tex- ei The Fidelis Sunday School Class as, and Bevlie Osborn of Southern ,,,,„,„ j (>f the First Methodist Church will i State College, Magnolia, were the' , nal *>**n™4*" Protest against have their annual Christmas party! guests of Mr. Osborn's parents,'. lnc »' close l ' cs uwlth ,f ranccu b , ut Friday night, December 5, at 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. A. B Osborn over I'A massive boycott which the in the Sunday School room. Each! the Thanksgiving Holidays. | Germans had sought. rnember is to bring an exchange ' Nmetv-thrce nor m, i»ift not to exceed, a dollar. Refresh-1 A-lc Jack Spates of r ents will be served. | Tenn., retur ] spending thc Thanksgiving Holi Thn w™ n Junior-Senior High days with his parents, Mr. and Ninety-three per cent of the clc- -^ . . j giblc ,Saar voleres went to the polls returned yesterday *tlw'>-* n « mazi »g turnout for a day The Hope {School PTA will present its fourth Mrs. Lahroy Spates. Annual Talent Program in the high j boars December [My 8 . rye to 1 cent high er, December $1.99% .soybeans 1 to 1 »ihigher, January $3.10-. 7B; heavier sows 13.234.75; 10.0013.50. Cnttle 9,000, culves OpO; opening slow an :< steers with n few loads good, 20.00-28.00 nnd choice to 31.50, NEW YORK STOCKS nbovli steady; generally bidding' NEW YORK Wl — Restricted unwonly lower; cows opening fully] progress today in the stock market taNM C*HW|> b«d, Chinese Soy *"* tod»y i Hwi WBMTliMfef tf, N. Fp^-'" ? , •-• .j- ^PP -Wrl^TFWj(P* Fall Millinery REDUCED n ^^^ ^^P ^^r ^^^ 7^|i^^ ^^WI^BP Over 100 new foil Hots hove been cut to !4 original price - Many colors to choose from. 3 99 Kow 1,00 0% f.00 Now Ortg. 10,00 Now 9.00 Qrig. 10.98 Now 5.50 QriQ 12.50 Now Ori 9 . 17,50 N*w §.?* ^f"f I "S iJf'iO: ?* FOR FAllS : CRISP DAYS! Outstanding Styles By BOTANY 500 STYLE-MART ALLIAGTOR "GOLD LABEL" Whether you prefer a Gabardine topcoat or a check, or novelty pattern . . . whether you like a fly-front or a button through . . . you'll find just the one at our store. These topcoats are master- tailored from luxury fabrics . . . and they fit both your build and your pocketbook! BOTANY 500 65.00 STYLE - MART From 37,50 ALLIGATOR "Goldtabel" All Wool Gobordjne 39.50 * SAENGER LAST TIMES TODAY €*r by TECHNICOLOR LAMAS TUESDAY Terror Territory of the Frontier! ION McCALLISTER RIALTO • Today & Tuesday • Little Rascals' Comedy Cartoon & Novelty Miss Frances Nash returned Sat urday night after spending several days with her father, Mr. Wood Nash, in Nacogdoches, Texas. an amazing 11 "?. 1 - as chi ^ ? nd /«*: . . ( Hoffman claimed his victory i was a decisive one, and Gilbert Grandval, French ambassador ' 0 ' Bcl " rc< himstf Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Johnny Brannon, Hope, Mrs. Carl Roach, Hope, Mrs. Tom Gathright, Saratoga, Mrs. J. G. Harwell, Saratoga. Discharged: Mrs. James O. Miller and son, James Thomas, ot Hope, Mrs. Carrol Yocom, Hope, Mrs. Bill Beard, Shreveport, Clark L. Lamb, Delight, Bill Franks, of Delight, Mrs. C. W. Berger, Waterloo, Mrs. Nolen Clark, Emmet, Bobby Byers, Hope, Roland Pearon, Hope, Kathy Sue Boswell of losston. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny' Brannon, It. 2, Hope, announce the arrival f a daughter, Nov. 30, 1052. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roach, Hope, nnounce the arrival of a son, on Dec. 1, 1952. With Winter vacations increasingly popular, fashions like these are real finds for the rlrl nn » »i.r. Linen-type rayon makes top and shorts (left) .nd pedal pushers. Blouse is In chambr.y ••SbS .!£ broidery decorates ton worn with shorts. Crisp and washable denim Is usedI for pUycl * White piping and platter buttons are foils for the gray one-piece playsuit while bark Bhlrt Is worn with precision-tailored shorts and clnchbelt trimmed In nilllwads. Branch Admitted: Larry Wells, Ruston, pleased" with the results. The ambassador said it served not only Ihc interests of France and The Saar but of all Europe by smoothing the path toward European integration. France takes the position that the densely populated industrial basin with its population of about 900,000 should keep its strong ceo- | nomic ties with France or become a "Europeanized" international zone. Germany contends The Saar, with its German language and cultural heritage, is and should be a part of the "fatherland." I The bitterness of the French-German dispute had aroused fears it might keep Germany from joining thc proposed European army. , Hoffmann's victory today strengthened France's position in the struggle but left the issues unsettled. Pro-Germans claimed their 141,903 blank votes of porlest made tham rather than the Socialists the "second largest party." The complete official vote: Chris tian People's party, 239,383; Social Democrats, 141,855; Communists, plant to Louisiana, because of what an El Dorado oil man terms nn 'unrealistic tax status." C. H. Murphy Jr. said here Saturday that Olln Industries, Inc., .vill move a .proposed paper mill 10 Louisiana not only because of the 'tax situation" but also because of "water, transportation and material sources." Union County, Ark., and Union Parish, La., had been considered ns possible sites for the plant, Murphy said. Sister Kenny Buried Beside Her Mother HOT SPRINGS petition seeking a Future of Van Fleet Is Up to Ike SEOUL, Keren (UP) — The mil- Itary future of Gen. James A. Van Fleet mny hinge oh Dwlght El- senhower's Impressions of the South Korean army, Van Fleet, 80 is scheduled to retire In January. Elsenhower, ns president, however can delay the general's retirement. He may do It, too! Van Fleet hns gained n rcputn tlon as n builder ot 'nrmles for nation's fighting communism, Thus Eisenhower who wants to build the ROK army to the point where U can defend most If not all of the Korean front, mny want to. keep Van Fleet In his job us Fifth Army commander until the task is completed, On the other hand, Elsenhower mny fool thnt Van Fleet Would be od States was represented at the rites by Charles Cm-son, American, consul tor Queensland. All business activity In this city of 27,000 halted nt 10 H.in, AH Quconslnndcrs paid final silent tri buto to the beloved nurse. News papers throughout the notion print eel expressions of deep mourning Coatless and perspiring In Aua tralln's sultry surnmt-i 1 heat, thoua nnds stood In silent groups a] alniiR the 27-mile funornl rout to Hltlo nobby cemetery where Sis lei 1 Kenny's mother wnd sis tors arc burled. The casket was draped with ( greater- valu* «tit may t««l th*l ' yan, military he unit directly he South Koreart AHl raining flnd field allow where Van fleet d, It Eisenhower so feii may decide to make V«t',» ovlng trouble«shooter t6f nd U.N., sending him bllltles can be used iasl8. Ho might even bo TOOWOOMDA, Australia, —Sister Elizabeth Kenny was bur led boslde her mother and sisters! Union Jack on which lay w.ronth In n quiet rural cemetery today' of chrysanthemums-and n |illo ns all Australia mourned. The gullmit "bush country" The Initial i nl "' SC| world famed for her treat local option election on the legal sale of beer and liquor in Sulphur Township was withdrawn Saturday, The Rev. of polio, died . peacefully at homo here yesterday at tho of 68. A new drug flown from the United States failed to dissolve L. D. Purdue said thc request was j a blo(|d clot in nor brain, withdrawn because of a possible! Hundreds of her fellow Queen loophole." j .slanders, many. weeping openly "legal A new petition is to be filed tomorrow, he said. Sulphur Township, which includes the site of a new We.stinii- house plant, is in east Garland County, which now allows the legal sale of beer and liquor. pacecd' Toowoom'ba's Methodist Church ns simple performed, lust rites were deep-rod roses. Other floral trlbu e.s were banked knee-deep aroun tho casket, Six of Sister Kenny's nephew iiclocl IIB pallbearers. In a brief final eulogy, Rev, To nton said thnt those who disagree with Sister Kenny "neverthelos recognized the honesty nnd since ity With -which she pJmicd he Godgiveh work." / A special shipment of tho drug trypsin, n clot-dissolving enzyme, m-rivod by plane Saturday nioht tho framework of NATO uild up the European Van Fleet himself- ««' leitn-mlncd to finish out 1 can War It his superiors Urn, Ho has a (kctfsOn«i against the , Cot-nmunUUS nu,iu ot his 'pilot «on, Jt vho Is missing in action tombing raid, •-,. When Elscnhowet- arrlvosi Ind Van Fleet nd his ' putting together two mofef, Corcah dlvlHlons nnd »J5t • it regiments. From wfctch iroarom and from lmpriis!._ he JtlOK army mM, in Utf' Ino.n, Eisenhower probably ,i; drnw his decision, , ; r- Hc nnd Van Fleet are, ttrnngers to each 6ther< Th4y Inasinatos at Welt Point fo Eisenhower probably way Van Fleet moulds >»»•-„ from nothing. • , 'il Coial limestone lignite a ore of organic orgtn,'' Now TRY The services were conducted by,from Jewish-Memorial Hospital In the »ev. J. Tnlnton 1 assisted j New York, Injections were ndmi- by one of Sister Kenny's cousins, Istcu-ed by Dr, John Ogdun, but the HI. Rev. R. Pearson. The Unit- proved futile. For coughs nnd acute colds you can no* specially prepared for pink nnd blue pact m Your child (2) It contains oojy Ingredients. (3) It contain* no IM turn nature's proce«M«.' (4) It will »id n«tur? to I honl raw, tender. Inflnmeil,^ bronchial membranes, UtUI tho cough nnd promotL sleep. Auk for CreomuUl dren in the pink nnd blue | CREOMUL FOR CHllDftl itllovci Couihl, ChMt C«Mi, ' TEEN-AGE BALLERINA- Mary Ellen Terry, at 18, is the. featured ballerina on the Scott Music Hall television show, which originates in New York. Thc lovely, red-haired dancer says that she'd not be a premiere danseusc at such an age if she were with a ballet company. -a. Mrs. Ken McRae, Hope, Mrs. lertrude Dockery, Emmet, Mrs. . T. Ellis, Hope, Mrs. Bill Mor- o'n, Hope, Kenneth Favell, Chicago 'llinois. Discharged: Mrs. B. J. Patton and baby boy, Hope, Mrs. John 3rown, McCaskill, Mrs. S. L. Reed lope. .Mr. and Mrs. Ken McRae of iope, announce the arrival of a baby boy on Nov. 30, 1952. Tanker Blast Death Toll May Rise Death Toll May Rise TOKYO Iff) — Two men were 41,346, Democratic People's party 14,744. Party Sets Out to Recover Bodies ANCHORAGE, Alaska (O>) — A helicopter crew surveyed the News Briefs slopes of snow-covered Mt. Can- el . u( , t . nunlber nctl today mapping a track for ;i] wcek | y chums 12-man ground party assigned to LITTLE ROCK (/I 1 ) Nearly 1,000 workers were dropped from the payrolls of non-farm industries dur j ing October, says the Arkansas Employment Security Division. The Agency said the loss could j be attributed mainly to a drop in lumber and construction work in the state. Administrator John H. Grppne said, however, that thc av- recover the bodies of 52 killed in the crash of a Globcmaster. Thc Air Force said the helicopter also will be used to fly the party to a base camp to be at the 4,000 foot level. From of persons filinfS for unemployment insurance also dropped MI October persons | _ frum . )|951 in September to 3,400 in October. killed and a third is missing in the there the trail crew will climb to explosion and fire that crippled thc crash scene at about the 8,000 LITTLE ROCK M — John Rudisell, executive vice president of the Arkansas Public Expenditures is to thc U. S. Navy tanker Ashtabula &t Sasebo yesterday. The newspaper Ashahi said Japanese police in Sasebo reported the death toll reached six but there was no confirmation. The Navy said two men were killed, one was missing, and nine wp.-e injured. Three of the injured were in critical condition. All names were withheld. Several of the injured were from the. repair ship Ajax, tied alongside the tanker. The Ajax was slightly damaged. The Ashtabula was rocked by ihc explosion of a gasoline tank. Fire turned the forward decks into masses of molten twisted metal. Rescue parties hurried to the ship and the fire was quickly brought under control. Medical aid was rushed from a U. S. bat lleship and ship Maine. -foot level on Surprise Glacier. Search officials estimated thc job of recovering the bodies may take two weeks. The G 1 o be m a s t er transport crashed Nov. 22 while on a flight from McChord Air Force Base, Wash., to Elmendorf Air Force Base here. Dr. Terris Moore, University of Alp ska president and an Air Force officer, landed in a light ski-equipped plane on the glacier Friday. Dr. Moore said on his return here Saturday the Globemaster was flying at full speed when it struck a peak near the summit of the mountain. All aboard met instant death. Arkansas Tax Assessors ticn convention which opens here today. Associate President Grover Gat-kins of Wynne said Dr. Edward Reed of Fayetteville, University of Arkansas Business Administration School dean, also will address the convention. In 1860 Abraham Lincolif won the the British hospital; presidency without leaving his | home state of Illinois to campaign. KIDDIES! see Santa at Sears Santa is returning to Sears. On his last visit a short time ago some of the children did not get a chance to talk with him. So as to give everyone a chance he'll be back for two days. There'll be a gift for the kiddies too. TUE. and WED. Dec 2-3 Sears, Roeback and Co* CATALOG SALES OFFICE , 3161 Sou* Mew BLYTHUVILLE Wi — Prosecutor li. G. Partlow announced this week-end that a Blytheville grocer salesman and a woman no- ;ary public face charges in connection with the sot-a lied East Arkansas "divorce racket." The prosecutor identified the pair as Ray Swinney and Alma Cain. He said they were released on $1,000 bond. Partlow said S w i nn e y was charged with forgery and uttering and Miss Cain was charged with forgery in a now-voided divorce granted the salesman here last May. The divorce was set aside after Mrs. Winncy failed suit in Chancery Court to have tte decree nullified. Cleara nee FALL AND WINTER YARD Rayon and Cottons for Dresses, Suits, Sportswear and Childrens Clothes. You know the lines... you know our store for values. LITTLE ROCK tfi — J. B. Dan) of the U. S. Forest Service says nearly $2 million damage was caused in Arkansas this year by 1,456 forest fires. The federal forester said the state didn't have the equipment or manpower to combat the fires, which spread over 193,000 acres in the state. lie recommended a program to the state Mobilization Committee calling for funds for equipment and manpower; education and training of local people for early control of fires, and an enforcement program. 98c Burlington Mills RAYONS These rayons are 39 inches wide. Special close out price. 59c yd. To $1.49 Fine COTTONS Wm. Anderson woven ginghams, yarn dyed and will not fade. Plaids and small patterns. Close out price. 88cyd 42 to 44 Inch RAYONS By Burlington Mills and Rosewood fabrics. Special Close Out pric,e, 88c yd, a Regular 98c GINGHAMS andCHAMBRAY Plaids, solid colors and fancy pqttern§,>§l Special Close Out price. ' " x ^ 59c yl 45 Inch Burlington Mill RAYON This is all brand new fabric special Close Out (frl^o*, 129 yd SO Squgr« PRINT New Fall pattern^,••* ana first "' 3 yds, This is a 3 Day Sale Only...We MustCl Tables for Holiday Merchand prru; BOCK m may la»A istA' tniiiinn *• **j "Hopt'i Fiiuit D«partm«(lt j "•'•'•-'• ' ;•.' _ -.' r^. JK

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