The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on May 23, 1919 · Page 5
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 5

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1919
Page 5
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THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, FRIDAY, MAJ 23, 1919. FAMOUS ENGLISH CUSTARD POWDER. This famous Custard Powder, which has already become so popular in England and throughout the Empire, and is unrivalled in its special quality, is now made in Australia and still preserves its original characteristics. It is manufactured under supervision trained in the English Factory. So in all points the people of Australia may rely upon getting the same fine quality and high -class article as formerly imported, at the same time , fostering Australian industry. CUSTMi fAMOUS ENGLISH CUSTARD Foster -Clark's Custard Powder has been perfected after years of patient study and experiment. It is as good as human skill and ingenuity can make it. Foster Clark (Australia) Ltd. Factory i PALMER STREET; SYDNEY. Girls! Beautify Youp Hair Do you know that in less than ten minutes you can double the beauty of your hair? It becomes light, wavy, fluffy, abundant, and appears as soft, lustrous, and charming as anyone could desire, after a simple wash with Rexona Soap. A delightful surprise awaits those whose hair has been neglected, or, is scraggy, dry, brittle, or thin. Rexona Soap cleanses the hair of all dust, dirt, or excess oil, and in a few moments you have doubled the beauty of your hair. Rexona Soap dissolves every particle of dandruff, cleanses, purifies, and invigorates the' scalp, for ever slopping itching and falling hair. If you care to have pretty hair, and lots of it, get a tablet of Rexona Soap today. , WliYCHESTEE PARADISE. BY J. 8. FLETCHER. (AM. R1C1UTS IIKSIJUVED.) CHAPTER. XV. Continued. WOMEN'S COLUMN. GIKLS' JEIEHXLY SOCIETY HOSTEL. A meeting was held at Government House Nobody doubta Mr. Pollloi'i abilities. I'm yesterday afternoon to stimulate public ln- uro," euld bryce. "But you don't mind torest In tlie proposed building 01 a uins aaylnit liaw In be going to take a hand?" trleudly society hostel, tbe file tor wbioh "Stir tblnKB towards a clBurinir-uii " an. n already been secured. lasdy Davidson nouneed bucKvlllo promptly. "Have tbe whole opened tno meeting, but owing to another en- imiiK guue into tnorouglily. There are mat- ss,"-'ui. sue wua uuuuie iu ruwmu, uu u tera that haven't been touched on. vat You 11 Oruce tbe Archbishop took the 'ohalr. Lady aee, my boyl" Davidson, In ber opening addreaa. apoke of "Glad to hear It," Bald Bryce. - "But why the necoaslty that existed for a hoatel In a abould Mr, rolllot be ao particular about clty ich aa Sydney, bbe bad aeon tbe won-cleurlng Hansford?" derful work thuae homes had aocomDllahod In Sackvllle awung hla atlck, and pulled up his other parte of tbe world, and ahe fell aura that collar, and Jerked hla noae a trlflo higher, aucb an Inatltutlon waa Indlapenaable to the "Oh. Wall " ha uoM ,lt lu , pretty well understood thing, don't you know Archbishop Wright and the Rev. 0. A. 1 between myaelt and Mlsa Bnnwrv vm, linn Chamhara minkA nt 4h- wnrlr nf thn anelalT. and of course, wo couldn't have any suspicions and of tbe gruwlng need, for bomes that would attaching to her guardian, could we, now? be a protection to the working-class girls I. . .iJvu.wH., uoli you Know (jaeaar's wn0 come to tne city rrom country towns, wire, and all that aort of thing, eh?" oilier Stutea, and from overaoaa. An apology 1 aee, an8Wered BrVCfl. milAtlv "AVI wn rond frnm Mm, riavM .hn aort of family arrangement. With Hansford's was to .have been one ot the speakers. Mra. consent and knowledge, of course?" Wright, president of tbe Q.P.S., stated that c.-tiili J!0-" t...evc" be afnaulted," said there wero moro than 1O00 momborB of tbe sacKvlllo, airily. "My atopfather allaro man. society In Sydney, and that In the narlahea Vm ""v'- . d0 thln" In his own around Bathurat, Armldale, and Wverlna rSBUIon. YOU lOOk OUt (or mirMan r.,,..!.- ,l,,.r r SO h..h.. .-1.1. . ,... ?f8' ... ' ahlp' of 82G. Branches alao oxlat In numerous He turned off ( h76' ny'bye!" "ran" '" throughout the Stato. All these much nl (r,ith ... 7 .V . 1 """u5"" now uiemuers were oispiaymg a Keen interest in Sharks Ar.a.!2" V he ,Htuo"" S"'" the proposed boatel, and were endeavouring undroamt f m .7" I?"torl' " to rnlBo their share of the 5000 which is mtehtTe-S. J..h'.Hn" "h""1 ?uark.8r.? Thore WMi"i- 't ' Proposed to raise money by RansfordT lnn.nV" Sd? th '"' "ale of wbrk, collecting cards, or direct BUb-of his Inocenie wB,?m n"?"0, a'""-tlo.n I"P'"" " donations, but once the hostel "owed an J ?".l'0fd ha.V!. I1' ' bullt H wl" b8 Klf-supportlng, and there had6ot been, as h'aa'ld,' ulxfi? ,S."t rtjZ1 '""V1 aPPal" DelnS m"de "": Bryce. all through was" caloUlatln. f, hS .,ter th? n"!ctlns; the gue"lB' wh,oh l"lueo; own purposes. cS T' Ransford's Hbir?' full or th0 n"nltt " entertained partial, li that death-URa'ns'toJd really knew ' tea' at wMch Mr"' WrlBht acted nothing whatever about It, where did his, noBl!sa' uryce s tueory, corao In and how would bli INTER-ALLIED WOMEN'S CONFERENCE 117 PARIS. The Inter-Allied Women's Conference In present machinations result? And. mnm-if itanstord s assertion were true, and it Var-, ner's story of the hand, soon for an Instant i In the archway, were also true and Varnerl was persisting In It then, who was the man' who flung Barden to his death that morn- Paris, called by the French Woman fluBrage Uf HereallBcU tat instead ot atralghton- Societies, was a marked success. A series of ing out, things were becoming more and more n..nnA kh j.u. Complicated. cftfnn frnni Rnlclum. Rrit.nln. th Rrltlsh .hIea '"S el8e' V" tne,ul- Dominions, and U.S.A., was intenepersed by face, there was a stronsr case of susnlc on ,. ,' . , r..L .. n j t . . - : - even more uiieruHiine iniurviuws witu ail tue Jl i4; ' a C " ""TK"1 .thal chle' representatives of the Powers assembled u IS nl?Sw C,rhenan';,r unB;drv J!i: tn p ""aference. President Wilson, ! It would grow; the police wore already per- , nnrtleular mivo a warm , m the meated with suspicion and distrust. Would ? .'5'' fv" ,J Z?!,J?, ,?3. .', It not pay him, Bryce, to encourage, to help whmen' a"dms,t,,2Bly, 1".?,' Le'r J1'' 1 It? He bad his own score to pay off against tbat a committee of representative women, Ransford; he had bis own schemes as regards should bo appointed to sit In Paris during the; Mary Bewery. Anyway, to was not going to Pea" Conference, In order that their advlcj, share in any attempts to clear the man who mlent be auKht ' matters specially related i had bundled him out of his house unceremon- women and children. Such a committee inih wm hiH. hi. iimo And in tn has now . actually been chosen. Though meantime there were other things to be done )' 18 merely an advisory body, and one ot them that very night. recommendations have no force or n. h.w. m. nu in hla nnrei claim to be beard beyond that of courtesy. task of excavating a small portion ot Para- yet It is a Btop in advanoo for women to have dlse In the rear of Richard Jenkln'B tomb, Becured eveu so small a share In the momen-another strange development oame. As the tous decisions on which the fate of the world dark fell over the old city tnat nignt, ana uckoijus. he was thinking of setting out on his mfeslon,' ' The following resolutions were carried Mitchington rame In, carrying two sheets of unanimously at tbe Women's Conference:- paper, obviously damp from the prese, In hla That in every on of the Allied countries hand. Ho looked at Bryce with an expression (n) Wowen shall be granted the voto ontlTe of wonder. terms as It, or may be, granted to men. Here s a queer gol" he said. i cam mi Alarned womon shall not be deprived or ml,, i h 1b nut nt all' Look at these big band- their nationality against their will, (el All bills but perhaps you've aeen 'em? They're existing Inequalities In the law as between oeing posieu an over iuu u,cu nuu wuiueu buuii ue ruujoveo, an omcea bundle of 'em thrown in on us." and omploymentB shall be open to men and I haven t been out since luncu, reiunrfteu women equally, and payment for work done Bryce. "What are they" i shall be Independent of sex. (d) The inoral Mitchington spread out the two papers on standard shall be equal for both sexes. These the table, pointing from one to the other. resolutions were sent by tbe British Doraln- "You Bee; be saiu rive riuuuieu ions women Ultlnens' Union, and were moved Rewardl One Thousand Pounds Reward! And by the delegate of that union, Miss Ruth both out at the same lime, irom omereuv Atkinson, ot New Zealand, by the reouest of fOuruoB!" the French President, Madam Schlumberger. "What sources ; asaea uryce, u.. They form, as It were, 'a confeasion of faith, tho hllln "Ah! T SCO. One Slencd by PhippS nPnvMmn,A .i.t.1. . ... ' and Maynard, the other by Eiachcroft. Odd, Allied countries are agreed without discussion, certainly!" ..... ... v ,j! . "Odd? " exclalmea iviiicningcon. . i suoum think so! But. do you see. doctor? that one-five hundred reward is offered for Information ot any nature relative to ineacains oi imj Tho marr 0( Lncla CnarIotte gu,an Braden and James Colllshaw. alth er. NewdoKat eldeBt daughter of Blr Fran0 That amount will bo paid lor satlBfcwtary In- ,.,.., T.m., th. formation By " '' " Hon. Lady Newdegat., to Lieutenant J. Man-?PnJl .MSya.r.d "r..B8""' 'Sim. And rice Fitaroy, R.N., waa celebrated at St. now'the other, the thousand pound one. that PaTld' kCaih?draI- Hobart, on Wednesday Sir.r. th. reward to any one who can give last. The bridegroom, who Is a son of Cap- definite Information as to the circumstances Jain the Hon. Edward Algernon Fltsroy, ...rftns th. .loath nr Jnhn Hraaen to ne n reurvu guiwr oi uo xai t.iie uuarua. raid by Mr. Beaehcroft. And he's Mr. Folllot's and brother ot Lord Southampton, of Pox solicitor! Bo that comes from Folllot. What Hill, West Haddon, served In H.M. Erin at has he to do with It? And are these two put- the battle of Jutland. Tbe ceremony was tlnir their heads toaether or are these bills performed by Bishop Stephen, assisted by quite Independent of each other? Hang me Dean Hay. The service was fully choral, if I understand It!" ' ' After the ceremony a reception, which was Bryce read and re-read the contents of the attended by 600 guests, was held at 'Govern- two bills. And then he thought for awhile be- ment House. .The Naval Brigade paraded fore speaking. at the Cathedral; and the Hobart V.A.D., In "Well." he said at last, "there s probably utlform, was also present. The wedding this in It tie Folliots are very wealthy Kft8i i,lch were very numerous, Included people. Mrs. Folllot, It's pretty well known, those ,rom tne Governor-General and Lady wants nr son io marrr " Munro Ferguson, the Governor of Queens- RanBford's ward. Probably she doesn t wish an women and glr)s of Tasman,a Pat. any suspicion to hans oyer the family Tnat s , , u a various other public and ait t pun mi crest. In the other case. Rans- r.Jt. ,.l .L . k. j " - . , 'ki.i.-i ,M, ,nn,A, patriotic uouies wim wbioh -mo unuo mu Kd Sf.nlB. t11al2 ln;r. .nndi ma een associated. The honeymoon Is being this M;tchlr,gton -somewhere ""mebody may Midjands, nnrth-woat, know aomethlngl Only something. But tnat eoaata of 'Tasmania something might clear Ramford of the sua- and west coasts or lasmania. nllnn th.t' ..ndouhtedlv been cast upon hlra. The annual meeting of the Bush Book It you're thinking to get a strong ease against will bo held at Government House on Thurs- Ransfnrd, you've got your work set. He gave day, 29th Inst., when Mrs. Edgsworth DavW your theory a nasty knock this morning by will give an address. , his few words about that pill. Did Cootes and Mr, William Collins, who recently oame Everest find a pill, now?" - to Sydney for the season, baa. cancelled all "Not at liberty to say, sir," answered Mlt- ner 800a engagements, owing to the death chlngton. "At present, anyway. Um! dislike 0( her Dcpjew, Mr. Simon FraBer, eldest son these private offers ot reward It means that . n, g,mnn nnH Iulv Prnnnr. Melbnurna. those who make 'em get hold of Information Mr HarrT Ballleatt, who was also of th which Is kent hack .from us. d'you see! no art ag th, ate Mr- pni,ePl They re inconvenient. and wh0 contrneted pneumonlo Influenza, la .i":".w."'.M "t'k." v.J' I:.?,' i J now eonvalescent. tinned mil'etlv out of tho house and set off for Major R. S. Brown, of the A.F.C., son ot NEAR AND FAR. i Rexona Soap Gives Natural Beauty to Skin and Hair. That natural beauty of skin and nair which cannot be imitated can be obtained by regular use of Rexona Skin and Facial Soap. Ordinary Toilet Soaps do not . assert this influence. Many of them contain free alkali, which tends to dry the skin and destroy its delicate texture. Even the best of such soaps can only cleanse; they , cannot heal and protect the skin. Rexona Soap contains the same soothing, healing, antiseptic balsams as Rexona, the Rapid Healer, the vftlue of which in the treatment of skin, affections is known throughout the world. Simply use Rexona Skin and Facial Soap regularly once or twice a day, ani1 see if it does not quickly soothe and cleanse the pores, lessen the tendency to pirn-: pies, and leaves the complexion clear, fresh, and velvety. Price, 1 per tablet. the gloom ot Paradise. CHAPTER XXI. ' BEFOREHAND, In accordance with his undeniable capacity to her marriage. for contriving and scheming, Bryce had made Mr. and Mrs. W. Brown. Glebe Point, is Hated to return to Australia by tbe Kalaer- l-hlnd. Major Brown will be . accompanied hv his wife (formerly Mies Merritt, of Mel bourne), who was engaged. In war work prior to her marrlago. ' Knights, , the recently-appointed lo Enow the Rexona Remedies Is to Like Them. a Rexona Soap and Ointment are universal favourites with everyone who values a pure and healthy skin. Tlip longer you neglect your skin the harder it will be to care for it Delay may result in Eczema, Ringworm, Running Sores, or some of the many and unpleasant forms that kin trouble so often assumes. Rexona, the Rapid Healer, and Rexona Soap are sure preservatives for the health and skin. Rexona Soap keeps the skin soft and pure, and Rexona, the Rapid Healer, will immediately eradicate any disease which may be apparent, for it arouses the skin to healthy activity, ao that it quickly recuperates. Buy a tablet f Rexona Soap froni your chemist or storekeeper. It is beautifully put up, and sold at 1 per tablet, or you can get it in boxes containing three tablets in a box. Rexona, tne rapid healer, is. supplied only in triangular pots at 16, or in larger pots holding four times the quatv U1V HI A. " ' . Rexona Skin and Facial Soap Mr. due and careful preparations for his visit to man:ieer of the Red Cross Weaving Depot, the tomb of Richard Jenkins. Even in the will locture to Red Cross spinners at 255A momentary confusion following upon his dls- Ooorge-street, at 2,30, tola (Friday) alter-covery of Colllsbaw'B dead body, be had been noon. sufficiently alive to hlB own Immediate pur- pro:eBBor David will give an address, Ulos- poBe to notloe that the tomb a very ancient trat0(j with lantern slides, at the annual and dilapidated structure stood in the midst noting 0j the New South Wales branoh of of a small eiflanse of stone 'pavement he- tne victoria League, to be bald is St James' iween me yew-trees dim tuu w,. u, lu. unm, ja to-night, , he had noticed also that the pavement con-i i b...,.,. ,v iau director of tbe aisled of small squares or stone, some 01 . . Tlw . mest of which bore Initials and dates. A sharp - - .ftarnoon given by Mlsa Bennie glance at the pr.sum.d whereabouts of the e'r SJEZ nurtleitlnr. aont which he wanted, aa lndl- . . ... . .v- . . . ' - . . . ; . . i na guesis compriaeo uieuitwra u. iu cateo in tne scrap 01 paper io nen ir ..,- jf. i,v whleh Ml.. Barclay Braden's purse, showed him that He would . h associated, and Included Mrs. Hum- have to raise one of tnoeesmall squares- .. Marshall. Mrs. Irvine, MIbs Bthel Jy .vI hiIJif-i.; , . .h. !. Stophene, MIbs Weeton (who has succeeded he had furnished himself with a short crow- ... Bar.iay, MlB. Ethei Trouahton. Miss bar of tempered steel, specially purcnaaea M1 Barling, Mlas Curtla, and many at the Ironmonger's, and with a email bull's- ,,"' ' ... h.. h..n .....,i.j h sys lantern. TJad he been arrested and tn0 t0 faotory since Its Inauguration, and searched as he made h Is way towards tha lhe ucceB, that naB attended this auxiliary cathedral proclnota he might reasonably have of tho Kd CroB ,, largeiy due to her. Mlas been suspected of a deBlgn to break Into the Barcay has retired frotn her Work, and ln- tressury and appropriate the various orna- ten0I to return to hsr home In Hobart at aa ments for whloh WryoheBter was famous. But oarly dato. nryce ir.ivu iibuuoi an caw uvi uuarnnvu A n.a.w .miriMn'. no,,, v. naiA a. tna During hie residence in Wrychcster he had Waratah Tea Rooms on Wednesday afternoon, done a good deal of prowling about the old When Mrs. B. J. Talt entertained about 17 city at night, and he knew that Paradise, juvenile guests, after Srst taking them to a si nny limn nuer am a, whi a aeaenea matinee performance at HIS pantomime. A place. Folk might cross from tha close feature nt the nartv waa the artistic name- arehwar to the wtcket-aate by the outer ranli whlnh hnd been. nresADted to each oblld. patn, out no one would penetrate witnin tne and whloh marked hla or ner -piaoe at toe thick screen of yew and cypress when night table. Tbe tables were deooratod with Pink had fallen. Ana now, in early summer the roses and carnations. screen of trees; and bushes was so thick In The annual meeting of the War Chest flower leaf- that once within H. foliage on one side, .hnn nnmrniu.. waa held ht Dalton Houss the great walls of the have on the other, on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Le Malstre Wal- tners was nine iiKcnnooa or any peraon over- ker presided, ana among tnoss present were looking hla doings while he mode his inves- Lady Cullcn (patroneBS), Mr. Uarcombe, and ligation, ne aniicmaiea n swut ana auiet Mr. lsowasn. wno an gavs onei .auureaaua. Job to h done In a few minutes.' The report was road by Miss Murray, the hon. But there was another Individual In Wry. secretary, and showed that tha anop naa eheater who knew luat aa munh nf tha nn.. rnl.A.1 nltnnat 3flM durlna- the two years and raphy of Paradise as Pembsrton Bryce knew, four months that It has been lr. existence. Tha Dion Bewery ana Betty csmpany had of lata balance in band amounts to kiwi, ana innr. progressed out of the schoolboy and school- was much discussion as to tbe uses to which girl hall-fellow well-met stage to the first this money shSuld he put. It IB proposed that dawnlngs of love, and IA spits of their fre. U should h sxpsnded In the building of homes quant meetings had begun a romantlo oorres- far soldiers at Matrarllls. bat this JM pondenee between eaoh other, the Joy an r decided upon. A meeting wlU be held mystery of which were Increased a hundred- Vrtn" ,lon.,ld..r m.' il- . "hlrt fold by a secret method ot .xohangs of these '' .wLwj5t"f iSSSi S eh mlaslvas. Juat within tha wlckst-gats en. tribute to' the worker who trance of Paradtss tbera wa, an old moii-. i"'"' l "' .lrorU tad n.,,0rer,'.rltyh,,pI S Jf" SSJFXEZ lettera for Battv. mtnlt.A tB, i, i... "xpaneBw. ana eniau- l' 5'J ";, 4 ?tlenlar or,. ", , ' . dius uiu nan gone to raraaisa to eoilect i !" ';. v.cTi . liZ lJTt i a posslbl mall, and as Bryce walked lei. t.rW2P&V2?t,3! lursly op th narrow path, enclosed by tr... 0w.'!t? !! J?i. V?v?fl,-J? and ota meaonry which lad troo Friary La, .!" SJZSSTZXSSS S.iTh-.u to tn ancient encloaure, Dick turned oorner nd ran foil Into htm. In th light u"4,r "'""J ot the single lamp which Illuminated the Bath . Th UjlMd ' "MHm 0omforu Fu th two recovarad themselves and 'looked at PP0 at c.uq oiner. (To h continued.) TEDEHAL CAPITA1. Baatwav'a. M0 0org-streL Is open a Monday. Tuesday, and Fridays, trosa U to I, Tha committee would bo plassed to tivo wool to anyone willing to knit or eroehtt gar-mants for soldiers' children. Rsturned men ot both aalt or skd to leave or send their ntmaa and addrassa to the hon. secrstary, ,. . Mrs. Olaaviii, aa th committee ar srrang A committee wa appointed at a meeting at iDg a grand reunion ot all ofBoers and men. th Commonwealth OBIces to advocate the r a..a n H dfun.uil r.t th. nth wi.U .nioval ot tho Federal capital from Melbourne Company Bnglneers, A.I.F., returned homo Aldrrta Warbrlek was elected president of an Toeaday by troopahlp Port Denlsoa, after ine. movemeni, nuaara. a. uarr ana uttw' three yer of aotive service. Tho event wa Fltspatrlck Joint sccreUrles, and Mr. David celebrated by hi relation and friends In th , iMnjBmin ipraaioani u m ataaiar asaiaii mnn of a social evening, nl 4 AasoolaUoa) aoaorary Ueasurar. . ,Matim-tmt, Ahbotatagd, . A CSeiniiiiiBiie Record-Breaker MARCUS CLARK & COS SPECIAL WINTER SALE! 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Tlirec-quartar Ded size 25 226 Double Bed alz 25 - 220 30 270 OBEY BRITISH BLANKETS Double Bed alia (only) 820 256 85 270 DOWNQUILTS. JAVA DOWN QUILTS, made In our own factory, of blgh-elaas materials and exclusive deaigns. Site 6 6. Each. Each. No, 1 Floral aateen, piped edge .... 270 239 No. 2 Do., plain sateen trill 320 268 No. 8 Do., plain tatcan panel and frill 376 826 No. 4 Do., plain lateen shuped centre, panel and frijl .. 40 85 No. 5 Do., shaped eatla centre and lateen frill 42 S No. s Do., satin panel and sateen frill 45 40 No. 7 Do., satin centra and panel, sateen frill 60 45 No. s Do., panelled satin centre and satin (rill 630 4C0 No. a Do., panelled satin centre and sateen frill 45 40 No. lo Do., satin panel and border, figured frill 670 52 SINGLE BED AND COT SIZES ALL SHOWING BIO REDUCTIONS. . OUn STOCK OP EIDER DOWNS 01.EAR1NO AT GREAT REDUCTIONS ON ORDINARY PRICES, - STARTING FROM (00 TO 120. FLANNELETTES. ; Yard. Yard. 15 pieces, 2Sln Striped 13 11 50 pieces, 3ntn Striped 141 12 30 pieces, 81 in Striiwd 16 l.U 7 pieces, Zflln Striped '. 17, 14$ 1! pieces, 32in Slrlpe.1 19 l'J 20 pieces, S2ln Striper! 110 17, 80 pieces, 2Sin Brown and Orev Taller 1 Cliefk 18 111 10 pieces, 2Sln Cream 18 I 'll 50 pieces. SOId Cream 171 141 85 pieces, 30!n Cream l0i 10) 40 pieces, Soin Cream 1111 l.'s K piece., 80ln Plsln Grar fSperial) 1 el 811 pieces, 82in Plain Grey (Special) 131 12J 10 pieces, 521n Plain Grey (Special) 26 23 6 nieces. 54in Plain Grey (Special) '2111 20 100 nieces, 27ln Stonr drey, Qrey, pink, rawn, ffkr (tsoectal) .... 1S ZJ 600 BLOUSE LENGTHS, in Fancy Flannelettes (Special), in all near and up-to-date patterns, frem 211 to 411. SPECIALNOTICE. With the exception of a few proprietary lines EVERY ARTICLE throughout the House has been REDUCED IN PRICE. VELVETEENS. Yds. 750 22tn Black Velveteen. UHl!Ai PRICKS: 28, 211, 8, 43, 60. SALE Pit ICES: 111, 27J, 83, 4, 63. Usual Sale Price. Price. Yard. Yard. 00 40lii Black Velveteen 226 21 100 22ln Coloured Velveteen, laurel and amethyst, terra cotu, 26 an 2U 111 TOO Si In Coloured Velveteen, gre tint, vieux rose, green, navy, aaxe. brown, cream, sapphire, cardinal, amethyiit 211 271 260 ffiin Coloured Velreteen, grey, navy, cardinal 80 88 000 '22 in Coloured Velveteen, ame- thyfit, green, sapphire, fbxc, nftvy, brown, vieur rcie, cardinal, ruby, grey, mole, crpuii 41 4 000 22ln Colourixl Velveteen, grey, mvy, saxe, sapphire, m.irint ( blue, brown, cardinal, grenat, vlcux roie,, crnm ' 411 40 200 2Tln CordH Coloured Velveteen, ' brown, grenat 411 40 260'27in Ctvdcd Coloured Velveteen. cream, mole, soxe 60 411 200 27fn Corded Velveteen, black and navy S6 111 CARACULS, SEALETTES, COATINGS, ETC. 160 OOln Ripple Kle!gllng, saxe, vleui rose 60 sU 126 6uin Curl Cloth (all wool), saxe, red 100 180 100 4filn llrown Caracul 270 220 711 48ln Black Carscut , 80 25 nitto 2S0 as'o 76 ISin Blnrk Pnnr Seal 2S6 200 100 4bin BUck .Soaletto Il l 270 DiUo 85 2lo 60 (Sin Mole Sealed 311 270 GABARDINES. 200 SSJn Cutton Gabardine, khaki, ULac, champagne, myrtle, navy 81 8fl 100 38in Striped Cotton Gabardine, maroon, green 36 SU 76 .in Block Stripe Cotton Gabardine, brown, i.avv, blucl: 411 40 300 Sb'lu Cotton Gabardine, brown, saxe, rfrey, i,tiier 40 4fl 76 38ln Cotton (iabardlne, champagne 50 63 100 "4in Cotton (uhutrliue, gicy 611 66 80 54 In Cutton Gabnrditie, gtey 86 711 .tiln Cull o; i and Wool Gabardine, liiriit an-l dark (awn 11,'fl 109 W Stiti Cotton Covert Gabardine, lawn li0 l;t 7" 4Jii AH Wool (iubjirdine, brown 20 21 ' 100 ttin All Wool Covert Gabardine, wry, fawn 21V 230 1M Min All Wool Gabardine, navy ..30 28 '9 70 51 in All Wool Gabardine, dark grey 226 21 TRICOTINES. 160 3Ain Cotton Covert Coating, fawn, Srey, reen 88 20 Sin Cotton TricoLine, mantle, tus- Mire, navy 811 86 400 &8in TritQilne. blown, mole, nigger, tuanore, saxe, vieux rose, nnv, inuroon 49 40' 200 38in Cdttan Trlcotine, navy, brnwn, mnrl, mule 63 411 S-'iO 4ln Wool and Cotton Trlcotine, save, putty, mole, brown 811 7U 60 60in Wool and Cotton Trlcotine, mo.a 911 811 130 62.iv All Wool TrleoUne, suxe, mo'e, groy 190 186 60 51 In AC Wool Trlcotine, mid, and dar,t grey 276 256 DRESS TWEEDS AND AMAZON CLOTHS. Usual SaJe Price. Price. - 1 42in Melton Cloth, navy a3 2(i 2bQ 42in Melton Clotli, brown, grey, nuw, muroon 40 811 250 4) in Woo) and Cotton Amazon Cloth, grey, mid. and dark navy fl'6 5'U 71 Win Jli Hon Cloth, dark navy ... 66- 611 60 54 in Melton Cloth, dark navy .... 70 60 00 61in All Wool Costume Cloth, fawn ' 126 116 310 37 in Dark Chcok Cotton Tweed, grctMi 16 13 3t0 88in. Light Check Cotton Tweed, black. navy, brown, green 16 160 3-iin. Check Cotton Tweed, black and white 28 J20 .Win. Fancy Check Cotton Tweed, brown, grey, frreen, navy 23 ffl itSin. Fancy Clieck Cotton Tweed, brow1)! 29 li) at7in. Clieck Cotton Tweed, navy and black, eroea and black, ournle and black aa 2G0 Sim. Dark Check Cotton Tweed, navy, brown, grtwn, muroon 75 40in. Wo'il anil Cotton Check Tweed, preen and bhick ;.. 411 40in. Daik Ciu-t-k Clloii 'I '' ?, grey, fawn 411 175 88in. Fancy Check Cotton Twee:, aaxe and brown, navy and brown, maroon and brown 40 140 8-in. Pnnr-y Cherk O'tton Tweed, red and blic!;, hluc nnd brown 66 1H1 4t)in. Check Tweed, b!nck 611 Hit) 48In. Check Cotton Tweed, black and white 60 150 4in Wool and Cotton Check Tweed, hlnck and white 711 12') 40in. All-Wont Tartan Check, "Argvle," "niark Watch" 011 3o .?7fn. Fancy Cottnn Tweed, aaxe, fawn, navy, prey, rhampagnp 10 371 n. Fancy Cotton Tweed, tuv, fkwn, green, black t '111 IPO fin. Fancv Cotton Tweed, green, navy 23 ':w 3Hin. rancv Lotion Tweed, navy, roi.l, and dark pre? 70 4Hin. Fancy Tweed, fawn, navv M a&in. Fancr Tweed, brown 4f0 3'l )0 vtbin, (Woured Aimiiru, maroon 49 4;t 100 821n. Pencil Stripe Tweed, navy, black, with white -trine 40 4 40ln. Cotton and Wool Tweed, navy, nri-v. brown 49 t'O 10? I'll ti. Striped Wool and Cotton Tweed, prey 66 411 20 4uin. Fanry Wool and Ootton Tweel, llu'it iiii,i , lark trrov 511 BM 100 4Hn. Fancy Wool and Ootton Tweed, fan-n. relit anil rlnrk orev B6 511 i)0 40in. Fiuiry Wool atiu Cotton .Tweed, crcr, Mown flll 6r 40in. Fnncv Wool and Ootton Tweed, , BTpv. blnrk , 70 7" hit 4fin. AV-Wo-1 Twee.1, brown 7'U T-f- S5 Win. Clie f 't Twee), ampthyit 011 f.,i! lf.0 42ln. All-Wool CoKtmne Tweed, light ami diltk rrev. fa n 7'11 7:" HO 4ntn. .Vt-Wotl Co-ftutne Tweed, grey .. 80 S n" imn. A'l-nooi Anniire, navy o.n a;j aim. A it-wool un-tunie Tweea, nrown, IWit and dark ffrcy 8'11 711 '0 5t1n. All-Wnnl Centime TreH, gri-y .. 10.0 9.11 Hi) Min. A'i'Wooi uoatume Tweea, tawn, brown U6 10r- COATING TWEEDS. 75 fi6in. All-Wool Cuating Twttd, grey and bliwk 130 1211 100 Sdin. AU-Wnol Coating Tweed, grey, navy, ami red cherk ifl11 1611 80 Win. A 11-W out Umting 'lwte.l, tdwn, liiown 176 10 i 76 fiftln. All-Wool Coating Tweed, hlnrk and white, brown and white check Wll 1811 05 Win. AlMVool Coat.lng Tweed, brown t-b.'A , 21.0 22 8 FLANNELS. ITaual Hdls Price. Price. Yard. Yard. 5 pieces, Win Pink Edge I'oion Klannd 16, 14J S places, 26in Pink Eilgc Union llaiiliol 10 16J 7 pii'Ces, . 28ln Pink Edge Union Flunnel 111 10 10 pliccs, 21 in Pink Edge, All Wool 2llj 2 10 pli'Ci'n, 2'iln Piuk Edne, All Wool 38 211, 10 pieces, 27111 Pink blur, All Wool St lit 10 pieces, 28in, Cream Yorkshire, All Wool 211 lit 16 pieces, Win Natural Union 111) 10) 12 pieces, 2Sin Natural Union 23 111 40 pieces, 2Hin Nuturul Union ...... 26 21) 16 pieces, 28n Natural, All Wool .. 20 IS 10 pieces, 2ln Natural. All Wool .. S1H lit 8 pieces, 2Sln Dark Orer, All Wool lit 24) 6 pieces, 28ln Dark Grer, All Wool 211 SsJ 28m FLANNEL TWKEU6, litht and dork arcr (Special); suitable for skirt,, shirts, and cbildren'a wear. 10 pieces only 10 12 ' pieces only jv 8 plccra enlr 1U 25 pieces only 28 COLOURED SERGES. Yds. 50 3fin SEnOEUHTTE. Bottle Oreen , 211 tit 120 Mill COTTON SEHGE, Navy, Brown, fawn 28 im 160 4Ulu WOOL and COTTON COATINO SEKCE. Navy 4 4 j2o ,in wuui, ana uuttun luatinq SDIIGK, Navy 88 4 1C0 4lin WOOL and OOTTON COATING SliROE, Navy 66 4s 110 4Dlu WOOL and COTTON COSTUME KE1K1K, Mole, Nifnrer r6 tit 50 iln I'ENrlL STIIIPE COATINO SEUGE, Navy 7 76 150 40.11 WOOL SERGERHTTE, Mid. and Dark Grey 711 76 ;;o loin wool estamene seiige, Navy, Save, Brown , 711 78 , lUO 48in ALL WOOL COATINO SEBOE, Navy 96 88 160 5lln ALL WOOL COATING SEIIGE, Navy 21 1011 125 5lin ALL WOOL TWILL COSTUME SKIIGE, Putty, Mole, ' Mid. Blue, Brown 25 226 100 64ln ALL WOOL COATINO SERGE, Navy 276 250 LININGS. , SOin. Coloured Plain Hnteen, reseda, vieux ro e, sky, old gold, navy, red, mval, pink, brown Win. Coloured PlnirJ Sateen, hello,, green, purple, mole, aiiricot, nnvv 80 In. Coloured plain Sateen, bottle green, maroon, grey, brown .... 2vdn. ColourM Mervines, pmne, ffri'v, mole, trty, brown, fawn, black, aaxe, apricot, navy 2Mn. Coloured Mpn iner, purple 28ln. C"Jonred Mervineii, Ivory Mlin.. Coloure.l bateert, nattier, .01 ii. Cont Lining, black loin. Uroilic Coat Lining, aaxe, .vieux it viiiru 4iHn. Rtrlocd Cnnt l..nlnj, red lOin. Striped Coat Lining, black, navy Win. HtriiHed Coat Lining, black, navy, green, brown 0ln. I'laln Rustle Lining, bluc-hlark, nnvv. brown, irrecn. crev. nattier. niTujvhyst, helio. , ikv, i-ream, vieux rM,. wine, cardinal "WR PAY FHEICHT. Pattern and SHf-Meataire Forme on reqneat. 10 ' 14 ie i7 lhi i9 28 B'l 8.41 2i J6 24 28 21 26 H4 SU 36 I'll I'O 211 t9 28 j1 1 flOl MARCUS CLARK & CO., Ltd., Central-square? SYDNEY. this Revised New Edition of the GLAXO BABY BOOK It tells the mother or nurse in easily understandable language the many things they must know if they ere to bring up DaBy successfully. Contents of tha New Glaxo Baby Book CMrsrsd FREE M avarskM wa lavaa Ubv. Par. 81 . 2M0 SO , lt-13 . 11-31 S9 It lS-20 ISmbIIi Ailnanta Sa.laa ta a Nether . Onaral Hint, . BathinsBabr . BedMrsa ,. . Kmlf .. ' . Branamill . num. and.Ssafds . Ospa.Hr ot Babf'a suHaaai Oh.a,,. Ohlskan Pol tt Ohilblalns.i ' .. SVS4 Ohlldras'sCasaalalato Sr8.puiiasai.41 . Tr, al 81-M Olotlilas .. .. M Colds .. 14 OHIa .. S4-a4 Oaaatartan t OmsiMMllaai f . SS-SS OaaWBlsna tt Gmf .. SB-S7 D.llsaM allas m Dsv.lwpiaiart .. I Dlarrlaa .. .. IT- DletarM.-. . ItolSalasilsa. M II IB laths .. M-IH Itlatlraals .. M naViiHna n-as Prssfiharf ,, .. . M BfpMaMMstkM tlOt simKmL iti! ftlaa;TisasT.k!a t fava, (OaadSal IiaataaaMsd.. M-40 KZmn aUaalss, JJ OUiat nsuialsf IMS plraatlvpslat SsslsMlalnistS' W I nia-a Is Osm-rran Hiaaoaah .. lnlilans Dlaaasas Janndica .. Mltrra Iran Lard Ifnrtso .. Meailsi ... UM.ara Mdlciaa Chart Munips ,. Poud Nwli Bash Nkba ra. Narsarr. Tba NuralnaUgvusn.. V-tl Poisanlns .. .. 41-41 Plflnsuir. Bablas II Pn.satlaa of lh- Iminsi . ,. .. W QoIem, ., ,. 4. Bsehaa ,. .. (1-41 Baalpaa .. ,, M M Bagulat nablta 10-11 Bnllns INaat .. 44 Biwrt. . .. 44-41 , M-M , 44-11 31 II 1 V 41 SO . II' .. sa-os asttatlaa (saatlat ram) .. .. la-4" Blaaa U-l" Haasllpas .. .. 47 aalns 47 iMklw ..- .. 41 Tastissoalal (rasa Ladr M.ra ... M TMIaaoalala .. SO-71 faraak .. ..4" IraralllBS.k SS-tl VawisaiMsl .. 4S 4 VaialUns ., ,. 41 WuUnathaWa .. 41 Whan Vradinf .. II WhraBabritoasoal IS WaoarliiaOatik tt-M Worn. .. .. ftO THERE are msty . thing! a mother mail know it site . is to bring up hrr Baby successfully. To put iuch know, ledge into plain, easily undVr. sUndable language, to arrange it in manner eaiy (or immediate reference, hai been our object in the production of the Glaxo Baby Book, of which a new, enlarged and carefully revited edition hat just been ittued. Although the many previous edition! of the Glaxo Baby Book have always, met with a warm welcome,, none of them can compare with tliii new one, of which 50.000 copies are being offered Free to " Everyone who ' loves a Baby." A- highly quslilied medical man, a member of . the Pharmaceutical Society of Great , Britain, and a nurie who hai taken every nursing degree, have collaborated in order to bring together the belt that medical knowledge, clinical experience, and life-long itudy of babyhood can give. doctor. In fact, one of its strong poind it that it insists that in certain cases a doctor mutt be called in. The Glaxo Baby Book it molt emphatw cnlly not just an advertisement for Glaxo. You have only to study the Table of Contents on the left to see at once that this ii a book no mother can afford lo be without. Infants' Clinics and similar institutions make an extensive uie of Glaxo (one a'one hat purchased nearly 00,000lbi.) Thit encourage! the proprietors in the conviction that the production of an infant food 10 vital to the well-being of the race as Glaxo ii, carries with it . reiponaibilitiei beyond the ordinary commercial obligation!. They cannot even feel -that their duly itopi with ' the maintenance of the quality of their product. They believe that the experience and knowledge which the very nature of their product brings to them is something .which alio should be placed at the disposal ot every moths. m m Fintand' foremoat the Glaxo Book it . The experience thui gained helpi to intended to be a real help to the mother make the new oiaxo oaoy doos oi and the nurse. It must be distinctly understood .that this Book ii not intended to replace the advice of a qualified practical, everyday value to every mother and nune, and '"""2" " Everyone, whq loves a Baby. It doea not matter If your baby ta not being fed vn Olsao, this Book la offered to " Everyone who Ipvea Baby -whether mother, father, atirae, relative or trlend-ilmpljr UU In tho Coupon and post It M-day for our copy at Um Post this Coupon To-day A To CLAXO. Ds.Dc. No. 1. Kit ' C . 79-el Pitt tjtrsrot, Sydnoy nsaw saw awa Ost V HW Wats nil OUXO I ABT KKt. t awiass e m"t atssip Jtr Baalan. afSSSI.M.M.MM...M..M.M..........-....M....,. BABY BOOK Dedicated to Everi;(..e who Loves a Bahyf .MN.nMN,MHl,ltMIIM.Il,llHln,lll D krntt r Wa tf wai waarl a frsa laaaaaa Ha W Mass, l.ii'H:v; 't.VVi LI 'Ml V'1.; I . ..S..:.' " ,1 '' ' " i'-.-. ,v''" J ''-."'' v'V. '., '' . V - ' ' " '

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