Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1952
Page 12
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HOPI STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS ttfudty, ! ANY \ft* U f ftyol, includm* p<i« vll, jifld, top »oil, and f irt Can' Je«« aincUir 7-2MB, O-28-Jm . We Wf .., Me par Inch for BMKCtlllC w«l«r pump. Good con i, S«« A. N. ArknniM. ' ' I'olrnoo, 20-31 3 THMBK year old (rained bird dogs, t rcKlnured, Phono Oary Formby, 20<3t Mercy Bowl Would Pitt Two Top Teams ElMEKA, C«i(f. Wl — The Hum. bolJt T,mf*, In » story today by Sprrt.* Kdllor Al Tontntto, n "M*rcy Howl" fooUmlt N«*w Ytiai'* Day, b<ftw«en Mlchl enn Stflti- ttnd Oklahoma with the (i(lmtm,lnn price «'»l(ibll«hi ( d n« a donation of rt pint of blood "For Tli'i lioy* In Korp»." Th<? -/lory «i)g«i»*t»'(l «xp«»n»«!« for tho K'fims he hwndlsd by the nhmi- ni n»(iiK'l«tl«n« of the mpocUva K-hools with thn ntndlum to bo delfrinlnotl hy a^rcf-mont. Sport < Kililor Toitlntlo hclii f eonfi-rencc rcKiilatlon* Indians Want All Games Nine Innings CLEVELAND. <*>-• The Clove land Indian*, mill smarting from Football 80LUJ maplu dlruttto milt with ex- ten«Ion table, corner i;riblm-t. four chalr», Call 7-3M4 or 7-:<i70, 211-M CHOICK «oy bean hny. tiood Truck loodii, Itoim H. H» w»HKoy ram, 0,t)rtrtlijno copy vm, (of r«««rv« ih« right to ell o«N*f!l»«ituinl» of. tor pyblieailufl end to r * |H«1* of m* «i morn teti«», UHSH «il Hoiilfll Muni m on* or will '«»»»,*» W SfW» In Wflrtt AW lW »* «M'» flll ' inurtlan « M and ' 0NW th« l ONl 1268 1269 4 F1CKD U>1 C'«lv«», Ideal for locker boxen, MAM Hunch. Wiuhlnu- Inglon Highway 4, 28-01 JtOUOU, fllr drl(t(l iidk, «urn nnd oypreufi, Alto 8-2-8 Onh nml Gum for Farm uio. Ouk tvnr.t and Urldijo Umber*. Hope Uimkol Company, ail-It pro- ml«ht By TI.e A**eel*ted Pr«t» Central ctnndord time (Saturday) R,-,dli, — NBC 12; 15 Army vs. Navy nt Philadelphia also TV MBS 12:45 Georgia Tech vs. Georgia iit Athena, Gn,, Al Heifer and O'-ic Klrby. CBS 1:30 Southern California vs. the "Cnnvan balt'e" in St. Louis,' N<ti.r«- Dame ot South Bend. Ind. (irn gr-lng to propose- that all; Prfl Barber. NHC 3:00 or nfter Army-Navy thi> full nine Innings. H:»nk GrccnberK, Tribe general Tennessee vs Vnmierbilt nt hi- . vl««w of the worthy! pl;ty(>d. rTHi.'iiiRer, said thn proposal would; N.i'iiville. Bill Stern and Joe Has b<- -nnCo fit tho major — minor i.l. IonKU<< niAblintf next week !n N-»t<>: ABC rndlo schedule con- Phoenix. dti.lcfi last week. Al pi'Pdpnt a rained out Rnme Television NBC — TV li!:<Xlj I* "compli-U-" if five Innings arc Amy vs. Ni.vy ;it I'hlladclphi.ij Tnc BT s of tho Central Mission- PRESCOTT NEWS Sunday, November 30 Tlie Youth Fellowship of the Method tat Church will meet Sunday at 6 p.m. The youth choir of the First Baptist Church with David White, associate pastor, in charge will meet Sunday at 5 p.m. The Training Union will meet at 0:30 p.m. Classes for young people of tho Church of Christ will be held Sun day at 0:40 p.m. Services Offered IfPE STAR , r */H, Waihimmi »•«»• i «•• Al Tit* lt»r VwlMlnt |)4 Wwth WetflU* Ht»«, LOCAL, and long dlntimco Haulln«, AUo local movintf. See Dannie Hamilton or call 7.3011. N-23-lw iiml liini'i'"- work, Cobb Mattmss Co,, 310 S, Washington, I'lKini; V-'JOW. N-25-1M t>w ire (i, whlrli tho propoM'd con- li'^l would be ftedltuiti'd. Tho HlK: Seven conference, of which Okln-' I'm! HI U ii member, Ixtris bowl Knrne* Mlthlunn Ht.jti-, undi.-fohUH llil« Ao.ipim and the natlon'H No, 1 learn Ir lint Axflocidlrd Pr**ft poll* lit 'into, will Iwomo « full time footfitil' pluylnn mi'iober of the lilt! Ten next yi'iii, The IHtf IV n eonfitrmu'e discourages I""* 1 »«a"Oit Ki'ldlron appearances of its nieillllelHltlp CXCept 111 UK' CtUiC of tho Hose Gonsalves Is Readyfor JimmyCarter NKW YOHK Ml -» Johnny Con pre-samr- ceremonies), i nry B ilp ust Church will meet on T'ie Indium ninM'tcd last R'-.'i'M<-l AH'-n, I!uss Undue* nnd Dilli - • - .'.5i._ non Ilifcl the St. Louis ground Henry, Irnmeiliiilely after name is i completed Health Booklet, crew figured In 11 K n m <> the. <.v.-i- NhC will pick tip rcrnnindcr| Dorthy Fisher, Bertha M. Powell, Urown* won from the Indian.* t) f L'HC Noln- Damn at South Bend; Shinoy VVhitmorc, Louise Hatter, Trallir.K at the end »f the fifth, CBS-TV l:-l. r > San Diego v,» Han DleKd Marines at D rj!" Tommy Harmon. the Tribe, went ahead In the tup «.f the fclxth. i KM In foil before the home team' (lot !t,< licks tli.it InniiiK and Television Pro WHS called later bccau.se al\ AB''-TV and Dumonl I :.1() Phila- Kiigles at Chicago Curd'- Navy; Jnrncs MeFaddon, l.ula J. Mllus, Sani Athei lene McClellan, Doris Rob- erls, Karnest Duffle, Floyd Pon- Charles Wilson. Ti'is class hopes to complete Notice NEW iwd renewal mibocrlpllonH to tiny magMJilrio puhll«hinl, Chrlxt- mn* rfltPK, Clmrk'H Heynerewi, City Hull.' Day .Phone, 7-3,128; Night 7.27B8, 0-HO-lm IF YOU wont to drink, llwl'n your Inislnottn. If ymi wnnt to quit, thot'i our lioll«n Anonymous, Aln>P, ('• N I APHON shop n my home. Other linmlmwle uanful glfld. ("ttinplete Suk'Ctlorl now. Mr«. .lulin KIM-U Home Study Course v.'.ta reiidy to park uii llifht weljtht i hninplon Jimmy Curter'M <|oiMi'tf|i today fullowliiK his come. fivivi l.'i-ltiud victory over Orlando Tin' r,trlin(hoan contender from Oltkliuui, Ciil . nchloved two of his l';»i;« r»oi,(!ht COMPLETE 'your hl«h school at homo In spwro time, Ulploinu, No cls»HP8, Text* furnished. Write for free booklet, .Amorlenu School, 2805 Alnbarno. Fort, Smith, ArHunRAR, N-HMm -_„_.. EXPBIUISNCED wulti'csn. Top salary. Apply Manager, Dlituumn Cafe, N-HMf ged white liuiy to kci-p for family ot four, A, O. Brl«ht, Fulton. Ark. Phono a. aa-ttt (tho A»W«lot*«J PrtU! I .total ; fi»*» DflnuU In UMi f, ^li w*!l w all AP "— n Oai'ijen nnd U'lt'vlsflon Mhow victory •— whon Iw edged /ulut'tn with n .-<ei:(in<l nilly lust nli;lit, Tli.it bi'"U(jhl him closer to hlM third am hi!ion, i> title crack at Carter. Knr i while II louked UN If thi l'.2".v.'n ulil. Ihird-iMiiUlniJ cnnteiul- t;oinn ildwn lu defeat in Inn iinii ntnloinit TV (li'l)iit. He ,'irnl couldn't Ket eii.l i if lite third trnilliiK biully and rlifht i.«yt The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring item* to Mlts Turner •t Hlcki Funeral Home ii|i|ii'iti'' (I iuv'i- Holiij', ll.V llu- (Tumi In- -var, Will* i:u( niuli-r th( (iV"f tl'l li-tl I'.Vf. IK't th' 1:1,1 pound wcl i Cleveland c-lnlrned the eanv;r! ,1,-ils. AHC-TV to St. Louis. put down after tile first half nfi ttie sixth was leaky and thai tin; l>roiinu crow did not yet it clown; fai.l enough to protect the field.; GriK-nberg said, "Wo want to doi away with all suspendt-d games.: Knell game should no the lull; nine iiviliitfis. Haseball la the only; spurt I know that Isn't always! played to a conclusion." "Such ii i tile would prevent KluU'ru; by the teams ami t h •• ground crew.s and It would lake a large burden off the umpires." Believes TV Will Help Boxing IMXSTON Oil — Former heavy- wuishl champion Jack Dempsoyj preilii-t.s mi era of hundred million' dollar boxing Katt-M via television. "Hii'ic are all kinds of pos.sibili- tit's in television wo haven't even IniHKiiiL'd," Hiild Dcmpsey, here on his wrestling refrett tour. "Why, one drive-In theater took in $5.1,000 for the Marciatio-W.il- cotl TV broadcast. With overseas hoociipti ami chiirjje.s on indiviiHuil 1 can visualize a hur.'.lml Sunday at 7 p.m. A young people's service will b» held at the Church of Nazarcne Sunday at 7 p.m. There will be a Young People's Service at the Assembly of God Church Sunday at 6:30 p.m. chrysanthemums decorated the pa* ly room*. -^^ After a pleasant evening spentyjjj sewing and exchanging recipe? the hostess served a delectabli dessert course to Mrs. Robert '. chey, Mrs. S. C. Griffiu. Miss zel Matlock. Miss Dorothy Brjj ford, Miss Virginia Otwell, Mi Foy Box, and Miss Erline Grisn am. The next meeting will be in home of Miss Otwell. The Pioneer Meeting of the Pres byterlan Church will be held Sunday at 4:30 p.m. The Youth, Fellowship will meet at 4 p.m. will be served by Mrs. W. G. Bensberg and Mrs. Frank Anderson. portion of their build-up history chinls next week. The ciass is also grateful to Mrs. Li.if.ine Rutherford for a very usc- fii! sift to the classroom — a radio. Tnc Hcmpstund Council of Homo County Negro Demonstration BEESEE MEMORIAL. C. M. E. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pastor 8:45 a.m. Sunday acnool. 11 a.m. morning worship. 6:00 p. in Kpworth League . 7 p. m. Evening worship Wiirmi'd iti> tu thf fourth round utid f rut 1 1 vlu.'ti on uuUvnrtid his UK- M'«wlve rlviil with fliixhy coin lilnntlmi (ttiiiclii-'. to yiiln the .split ri<M-iHiuii, IlU'lVm' Al Her! mul Judtie Arthur Aiilnlti had him In front, 0"3-t. .Iuil«t> .liU-K Gordon scored fur tho Kill-pound Culnin, 5-4-1. The AP eiiut luul CiniiKiilvoiii the win lie (.Minted nut, however, that it and) would be necessary for tile u-K'- vi.-ion industry to become promot- youngster erf, and develop talent to assure "t vvii* eu during Ihuso enrly Petition Wanted Although pln«un Is belU*v(>d to 1H4VO oxiiiluti In nndtml t lines. Kit mo*t tpeolneular dovplopniotU wns th» BUolt Death of tho 14th C«n- tury Vhich took threo-qtuu-t«r.t of the population of nomo pitrtg ot Kti- loiinds," admitted ((iinsalves, a 12 In ft fiivui ito. nftorxvnrdt). "I was here ntid (ur my friends in Cat- Ifin-.ilrt wlw were wiitchlnj; on television I warmed up In my riretiKtutS room Inil I wouldn't net Nlarted, I'm sure happy I was able, lu (jot jtohut nud svln, "Curler? Suro, anything my siiyw, Yos, 1 think MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manning, Pastor 9:-li> a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship 6 p.m. Epworth League. 7 p.m. Kvoninj.! worship Clubs held its regular meeting, Saturday, November 22, with Mrs. Lenthn Lawson, County Council I'ri'sident, prosicling. Officers were elected for the ensuing year as follow.): President, Mrs. Arietta Scott of McNnb club; vice-president, Mrs. Jesric 1 M. Jones of New Hope club; secretary, Mrs. Rhoda Jones of Me- Cuskill club; asplstant secretary, Mrs. Verdic Walker of McCaskill club: treasurer. Mrs. Georgia With cr.^t/oon, of Columbus club; report er. Mrs. Pearline Flenory of Pow ers club; Scrapbook chairman, Mrs Ghiyds Weston of New Hope club; Chaplain, Mrs. Gertrude Nash of Sheppard club, parliamentarian, Mrs. Loatha Lawson of New Hope Plans were made for the Christ- boxing j.uell a fabulous future. Maxim to Ready to Defend Title SUMMIT, N.J. Ml—UK hi heavy- champion Joey Maxim will BETHEL A. M. t. CHURCH Rev. G. Paschal, Pastor 0:45 a. tn. Sunday school. 11 a.m. Morning Worship (i p.m. A. C. K. L. 7 p.m. Evening worship LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F. K. Powell, Pnstor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School II a.m. Morning Worship. 0 p.m. BTU 7 p.m. K'veninj! worship Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kidd anttf| son/ Don of Murfreesboro, havife been the guests of Mr. and Mr9.*5|| Gene Hale. Mrs. Durward L. Moseley , , Complimented Monday Mrs. Carl White and Mrs. Horace Jones complimented Mrs Dur ward L. Moseley with a pink and blue shower on Monday evening in :he home of the former. The rooms wern beautifully decorated with arrangements of chrys anthemums placed at points of interest. The honoree received a corsage of mums. Several games were played. Mrs. Mosley won the name game and received a bassinet decorated in pink and white and filled with love ly gifts. After the gifts were opened and displayed the hostesses served a dainty dessert course carrying out the pink and white theme to nineteen guests. Miss Gertrude Landervcks 1 returned to her home in after a visit with Miss Ann Swain. Mr. and Mrs. Guss McCaskiUil and Miss Rita McCaskill had 'a their Thanksgiving Day gucsls Mr. ''-|| and Mrs. R. L. Robertson, Miss Mary Robertson and Bob Robertson of. Little Rock. Mrs. Roy Stuart and sons of Louisville, Ky., are spending scvcfil weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Guthrie. Miss Mary Lou Thomas of the TJ of A, Fayetteville, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lemmcrhirst and family' of Texarkana have, been the guests of relatives and friends. w WSCS and Wesleyan Guild Have Joint Study Monday The Women's Society of Christ- tan Service and the Wesleyan Service Guild of. the Methodist Church met on Monday evening at the church for a pot luck supper and to conclude the study on "Ho'me Missions and Human Rights." After the supper Mrs. Warren Golden gave an inspiring devotional. The study for the evening was oresented by Mrs. B. A. DeLamar. jMrs. Joel Ridgcll and son of. Dallas have been the recent guests of Mrs. Charles Mann. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Purccll and daughter of Little Rock have been the guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale. ma* party lo be held next month, j Mrs - E - R - Ward Save an intest- Demom.ti-ntions of making toys fori ine book review on "The World is Christmas were given by IID A- My Home" and closed the meet wind up his preliminary trainlni; here today and then head f or his drills for his title defense against Archie Mt'orc on Dee. 17. St. Louis to complet fvo K«l For Rent UNFURNISHED houno also bod- room with kitchen privileges. Phone 7-3848, aiklt the style to benl Curler, I'd like Iti Ret a try ut him, anyway. ' i'tsltulu and hi* mnnnuer, Hymlo Wn.lnnn, were burned up over tho • VVe won by ut Umxl tl-4," said Wallir.iiti. Tho fighter echoed his -housw. voums and b«U» 517 \V, Third. J, \v. T '|K "a*.* fe*s PftttOV»OU flV Store, i»«U«H'SOH's Shoe Newly aT^lO'N! Main, Aw>ly «» 4U N, Mtttti, '211-at TWO voom vinsturs turuUhed muni ment, Lu.rno closet, t»U'Ctrlc m frtgoi'Blor. UlillUas paid, Phone 7-aew, 8»-»t "Xuluvlft modi* tlu» flfihl," So far Cluvulmid the champion has boxed !!7 from rounds bore-, lie has cut his weight fron atll pounds to UK! and said lu doesn't expect to have any diffi, etllty KOttlllK clown lo the 175 pound limit for tho St. Louis lo rounder. Wulliiittu. "if my KU.V tlldti'l »}u after him, whiit kind uf u fli'hl woiiUI you havo hadV M> KU.V WHS Hie aiurtssor all tho way. \Vhit did, tho other uuy do?" <.'uliit:Ui, it was true, wn» tho u«Krt')i;;or nil the wny until the fi- iml rotual, Hut from the fourth on. the California thin man luul the bt'tUT ol 1 it with his fast counter- htirrauoti. ci'eiU snxpiusd Houston Needs Win for Title HOUSTON, Tex., Wi—Univcrslt; of Hi.i.sum ROCS alter the Missour Vnlley Conference football eluim pionshlp today. meeliiiK Detroit ii the payoff. If the Consul's win this 0110 the will lune the title, if they loso i will p,n to Tulsa which would w, by vn tue of hiiviiiu playod mor conference games. Ilotiston beat Tulsa, which wi play Ir the Gator Howl, ;i;t-7. Ailsu IKLS n ;i-l record, llntisto 'J-0. Detroit has no chance at th championship but its siar, T o Mauliilroila, could so\f up tl lalioim: total oifcnsivo le.idershii ROOM fwfnlnhotl apartment, PH- V*U bath. All WUs paid, Cwn»l« lM^f«rr*d, 718 IS. Plvtulon, an-st For Sole or Rent TWO Iwdroom houxo. -Modoru «U and cwblnets. In good neighborhood lU'nr Pttislcy School. Sam HavUMcW, Phono 7-00 lu aa-at 1,11 M»-.vn» ^..t.,-!^" ........... .iiiuoiiiu loun oiroisive le.idershii ictory slHnK for tho Cuban, who; Marcmbroda has l,tit!7 yards p-is l'^ 1 /"^^ 1 "^^^ 1 ^.^^^ ti>K »'>'! rushhiK and is s<.appin Legal Notice CHURCH OF GOD In CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis, Pastor 10:15 a.m. Sunday School 12:30 p.m. Morning Worship ti p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p.m ICvcnlni; worship iARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST Rev. F. R. Wllllnms, Pastor 0:45 a, in. Sunday school 11 a. m. Morning worship 0 p.m. BTU 7 p.m. Evening Worship RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W. M. Erby, Pastor 0:45 a.m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. morning worship. 0:00 p, m. B. T. U. 7 p.m. Evening Worship gont, Mrs. F. S. Smith. A demon- Ktra'.ion on wrapping Christmas ^iflM was given by Mrs. Pearline Cheatlumi, Mars Hill club, County Cir.mcil secretary. A special display of home-made gifts ana toys was made by McNab club and New Hope club. Olticcrs will be installed at the next meeting. inu with prayer. There were twenty present. Mrs. Sewell Munn Hostess To The Needlecraft Club Members of the Needlecraft sew ing club were entertained on Tues day evening by Mrs; Sewell Munn at her home. Lovely arrangements of yellow Mrs. Gil Buchanan left last week for Tulsa, Okla., where she *iU be the guest of her son, Don Buchanan, and family and Durham, California, for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Fred Garrett. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Brock announce the arrival of twin girls on November 24, at the Cora Donnell Hospital. Many of the dwellings of prijjgi- tive man both in the very ancient past and today are fashioned of. sticks plastered with mud. 19St. br Franco f«i>l»in Kqm tMotoOti »> Pin T»tx*m SniMtf. CHURCH OF GOD Rev. C. L. Crossley, Pastor 0:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning worship (I p.m. Y. 1'. W. W. 7 p.m. Evening Worship M"s. Houlah Ai:VII,. IVtius Spillors and Mrs. of Little Rock vis- After a brilliant lormal wedding, fjoiji-r nnd Emily Field aettlo In a fine old house on Beacon Hill. Boston, the girt ot Emily's rich, eccentric Grnnd- moiher Forbes. Brian Collins and Dnvtd Solomont. law drm associates of Field are tr^quent callers here. Reaching home, weary and spent one eve- nlnn. Field Onds his wife seated alone with SolomonL Silently he resents the orescnce o( this suave, handsome, ch.irimnn intruder In his home. Solo- mont nad accompanied Emily to • family dinner party during her bus- band's absence from the city. Ho had dared to kins ner nt the end of the evening and when slie admonishes him for this nold act. He merely laUKhs at m-i "Inn i.-encc. ' YOUIIK cousin Prls- clllii. a uuost In the Field house, re- ri-als that David had often called on hi>r at ner oarents' home down the Cape. Emily cautions David against trillim with this child nnd very naively ho accuses her ot tcnlousy. CHAPTER ELEVEN EXCEPT tor occasional captious comments, It was not until after .'he League's Christmas perform- ih'd Mrs. Margaret N. Williams i ance at the Pcabody Playhouse, In which she took a leading part, that Fights Last Night YORK - Johnny Zuluetu, l»i Joso, C«Ut. Von- Wra. JM, LQ* An«olas, Kato. iM, Oakland 3. WARNING ORDER No. 7438 In the Chancory Court of Uompstead County, Ark. Kwrtine Uombreo I'lHintltf vs. K. llvmbnKi DofendwiU di>ft?t>dant, puna's K, Horn- bv««.» iii warned to upjwnr in this within Uilrl,V days nnd i»usw«r tho complaiot of lh« iHttinUK, Kav- Uiu« Uwmbrvo. my hand and the seal of said court thl* 7th day ot Nov. ii»2. C. V, Nvmn, Jr. Ati'y tor Jvtbu'L. \V«»o»>. AU'y Owcra Kvans Clerk . appii \\n>hi.i|{tor.'s Don Heurich for It nutiuiu;! title. Horrflon. with one of the mulon's k,p ctetenses. might spoil Murcni- brodu's dreams. The Cougars have iiliowed an average of only 103 .-iiids pasnns ant UH rushing in cijjb.1 tames, winning six of taem. Nov. 8, 15. n> 2 Ugol Notice LKQAt NOTICE IN THE VKUBATK CQUKT OF HKMFSTV:A» coy NT v, AKKANSAS IN THK MA1TER OF TUB No, 83 KSTATH OF THERKSA BKYAN, . Last known address t<! di»ced«»\t: 5H South PMw- Hope, Arkansas trf death; Ckt«*Wr H. 1^2 The undersigned ' was uppointet istraUn' «t th* estat* ol th«» ttbove-iu>med deeodeat un the SQth AU par«wi» n*vi»* claims »gains f <!««» must eshibtt Uvein, dwl> to the ««dsrsi«ued vs-Jth months from the date of th publication of Uvls ivoUc«. u (row 9/ay This notice £ir»t pu in tti »U» da HABBEL1 SuiK'ay \\lio is ill. Mrs. Hattie Doe ke-'y of Little Hock was called home tn tiie bedside of her daughter. lUrs. M.u-jjarel N. Williams. T! omas Kiiglish of Detroit, Mich., is visuiim his mother. Mrs. Bell ISnK'ish. and other relatives. Mrs. KiMiikic L. Alexander. Mrs. Carrie Johnson of Little RoeU. Mrs Mary Halmer of Malvern and the Kev. .1. N. Harrison of Hot Springs spe'it Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Heiry Handle, and Mrs. Martha Wilson. A&M to Meet Oklahoma Today S'lvLLWATEK, Okla,, tft - The, i« Soveu clumpion Uniccrsity of )klahoma football team meets .a pif.'k'ii Oklahoma A. & M. crew «ve today in a traditional intra•ate tame which probably will el a new iitteiidance record, de- p:u\ cold, blustery weather. Tho Sooners wre rated u three ouchdown favwrit<>. but coach Bud V.IKmson has warned the ten m he Ag^ws will K> up for this one, liming for an upset. Aj;j'ie coach J. B, Whit worth Is hoping the A, it M. defense will »blo tu stop the Crowder. Vessels, Green, Mcl'ruiil Lwvkf i e 1 d while 1'is own quarlerbuck, Don tiahers, does the passing. The !(«sl A««ie victory was in J845 w!u>n their Sujiar Bowl team led oy AU-Aineriea Bob Fenituorc, w< it 4T-0, Ki'ed Colein.m of Helena spent with his mother, Mrs Cora and other relatives. Mr. iind Mrs. Frank Flenory spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Lv,e Harris in Minden, La. Mr, and Mrs. Frank K. Stuart and daughter, Kmma Louise, and Maik C. Watson of Texas, spent Thankscivmy with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Duster Watson. Mr, ami Mrs. Mack Raglnn and fum>ly of Hope and John Ruglan of Washington spent Sunday with Mr. a i ui Mrs. Buster Watson. al services for Lee Charles wore held Friday. November 28 at VVavxi Chapel AME Church in Prescoti, with Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Burial was in Craven CerieUry. Priscilla showed any signs of sur- teit. Then, unexpectedly, as 3he did so many things, she voiced sudden discontent, "I've been to all the luncheons nnd done all the ushering I can stuiut I'm pretty well fed up on dancing too. 1 see the same stupid sophomores night after night and my tcct tiave spread so I've had to buy bigger shoes. When things get that bad, It's time to stop. I want to do something different for a tew days at least. If I don't, I'll fio crazy." "Just what do you mean by different?" inquired Emily, laying down her pen and trying to speak patiently. She had been balancing her checkbook, which she liked to do promptly and regularly, when Priscilla burst in upon her and she would nave preferred not to be interrupted just then. In fact, she was getting rather tired of tier cousin's continued presence in the nous e —It the word "presence" couto be used in connection with .sonic-one who constantly darted in and out. who thought nothing of setting home from a dance at five m the morning, or starting out ureaixtustleas for a Junior League -.(.yture alter coining back from that, that He'd give anything to see it. i' think he meant what he said. I think he'd probably like Hollyhock, Hill." "Yes, rve beard him say he'd like to go to Hollyhock Hill too and I'd be glad to ask him. Sou knew ne'd Juat Men elected to the City Council, didn't you 7" "Yea, I neard Roger talking about it and Baying it waa Just the first rung ot the political ladder—that he was sure Brian would get to the Senate some day wiucn is what be wapts." "Well, 1 wouldn't go so far as that. Our senators are pretty firmly entrenched and after all, one of them's my uncle, so naturally 1 wouldn't want to see him defeated by an Irishman—not that 1 dislike Brian... Would 1 be hurrying you—or prying into your affairs or doing anything else I shouldn't—if 1 ask whether you're interested in anyone special Just now and what man you had in delighted when Emily telephoned. She nad rather wanted to Invite Mark Merriweather, who taught biology at Dartmouth and who had recently lectured at Bryn Mawr, to spend the New Year's weekend at Hollyhock Hill; she had ^iesi- tated because—well, just because she nad. Since the others .were coming, she would get tn touch with him right away. He could sleep In the library on a EoldawM^ bed—now that she had a close? ana a lavatory connecting with it, thanks to Emily's insistence, was perfectly feasible to use mind tor yourself?" "I want to ask David." "Why David?" Emily noncornmittally. asked York on a milk train. Prob- , bly Habitation would be the bet- tei word. Vcs, she was getting ra'hci tired of PriscUla's habitation "I've never been to cousin Eliza- twill's place at Hollyhock Hill," Basketball By The Atsociated Pr««* Young 69; Idaho S'a'.e 55 Mmuv.outb 83; Carthage 75 Sxuthviesiern vKas) 59; Nortiv- Okla W Uneoln vW«> 8$; Lemoyne ft, College, 88; La»ub«tb Honor Roll The f.fth grade class c»f '.'ie Hope well Elementary School is doing a uemeuduous piece ot work this sclu'ol Verm. Pupils making hor.or roll or 100 per cent tn spelling are; Alie* F. Easter, Darthy F. Ftsh-j er. Luis J. Milus, Shirley Whit- moro. Louise Hatter, Allene Briggs. Den Sinipson, Leon Steveuscai, Ja- :i\es McFudden. Essie H. floss. Porte Koborts, Betty J. Maxwell, Nathaniel Turner. Sylvester Beetle, A. Pickens. Elois Wesioo, I'nscdia was saying to be different." "That oughl "Well, ne and, Brian are great friends, aren't they? He and Roger too, tor that matter. I keep having to remind you that 1 first met him through Roger. But I've seen hardly anything ot him lately. And I've missed him a lot. If he went off in the country like that, with us, we could be together all day and every evening." This was undeniably true. Emily told herself that the reason she resented it so much was because David was such an unsuitable companion tor Priscilla. "Somehow, I don't believe David would care for Hollyhock Hill," she said cautiously. "I don't even know whether he can skate." "Of course he can skata, I've been skating with him. He's a wonderful skater. He skates Just the way he dances." "I thought you said you hadn't seen anything ot Oavi4 lately," Emily remarked, closing her eyes to the mental vision of Doyid, skat- Ing just the. way he danced. <1 ought to hav* said, hardly anything. Ot course 1 see him once in a while. After all, ne's one ot my best friends. Besides, we u*ed to go skating « lot on the Cape. * year ago last wtnte.r," "1 didn't Know you considered Davtu one Qt your beft friends." it it that way. She would put tho two girls in the southeast guest room and the two other men in the "sleigh" room; ot course Roger and Emily would have their candle, flame room as usual. She liked both David Salornont Brian Collins so much, when s! met them at the wedding, she had been really sorry not see them again; she was sure they"* would all have a fine time together. Ot course they would not mako too much work—Jenny was witU her as usual and Una Randell would come In whenever they needed her for dishwashing and cleaning. There was any amount of snow, the tobogganing would ba wonderful. And she would have the pond cleared oft. She had not been skating, because it was much fun all alone. But she wi sure the ice was inches thick,,, Brian and David all expresse<y themselves as equally delighted,^ when the invitation was extend to them and Roger, U any seemed even more pleased. Elizabeth had sent old-fashlpne sleighs to meet them, on their rival ana while the bells Jii and the horses jogged easily alon the members of Prtscilla's gave themselves up to the q« enjoyment ot an experience whic was new to more than halt o( them. Then the lights on Holly* ,,.- -Yes you did too. Vou like to "Yes. it is.. Well. 1 don't know |pretend you don't, that's all I can't see wny. 6 Isn't as U you were a girl an<) wanted him your- Comnioxme Joiui » v iiarth Narvel Miirtin. Berth* M- Elizabeth's plans, but i can ask VVi-en would you want lo go?" "Next Thursday." "You *eem lo nave this pretty A-ea thought out already. Do you .vunt lo oc atone, like Greta U«rbo. 01 do you want a tug boisterous You sett. This time Emily ; <Jid lay uouse | "1 doni want eithe; one wcuidn't let me •:une would you s u-rreT at c stay loere all And there isn't tot a O.R noisy nouse party. t tvam you and down ner pen. she threw it down. "U certainly isn't." the Mid almost sharply. -All right, I'll «!«• phone Elizabeth and it she can manage • nouse p*fty over tfee New Year weekend. t'U speak to the others . . . Waa tae*» anything *!s* you wanted to talk to me about ju»» now tl ttyv* Isn't I'd my f**Uy uke to ftnisb checkbook, »Q ! c*n pay nock Hill came into view, shin* ing warmly through the cold £ ter ot the night. There were fires m all the fireplaces, the hou was as warm as toast and decorated with Christmas and Elizabeth had on a red there was color in her cheeks] match u too, color that nejl Roger nor Emily had ever there before: and Mark weather, ner biology professor, did not seem too professional 'e too elderly either, was everyone with bags, and now about not buttered rum would somebody rather have pt| toddy and seeming and acting $ the most genial of hosts. And n« there was one ot Jenny's fine sup» pers. t big ironstone tureen ot corn chowder and chicken and not rolls and a huge Indian pudding... By the time they bad coffee, Emily was so sleepy she wondered whether she ,^ k«ep awake long enough to gefl out of bar clothes before she tuj», Wed 1910 the candle-flame sx>. wta, I'm M*» £«$«§_ tefffcHPt **» *9.u»Wy drowsy •IBM uouod ttafifa iSR^^W J^W«Y^W™ T^BW?*

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