Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1952
Page 6
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a; r- iETY ff A. M. M* * »», M. *il«, t Coww*r, I* Th»n'.c»glvfn« hol Mr, tlitf Mn, 0, A, Phlp- , Box ;ip> »#««. ii Mil* UrWlflt ifMto W*di Oh«rl«i tdw«f« JRtytton Th<t ririt Pre«byl«r)»n Church t Hope w«» iho *»««« of th« wed lnB of Mill Lorrnlno Brook* to Chtrla* EdwBrd ttoyiton at aorntef. **•*'«* of Mr, and Mrt, C. . ttop* And Mr. Boy «ton to th« ion <rt 0r. 0. ». IU»r mid iho Uto Mm. Roytton of 81, Ut.li, Floor bnnksli or whlU chrysan tht»rr|um» »ivd fern deeorstvd the pnflor whU» eryitnl eandni «brn» boldlnft t«H whlln tnpor* inr »*6Untt«d fe rto»e««y* of white termmJ an nrsh wh»r« tho vow# were by th« Tlevemtd t. T, I*flWf«mce ( pttdtor, In tho prcnence of the Immediate rein Included Council provided of nuptint mimic which "0 Pi-omUo Mo," "( perfedt I^ovo," "L,ohcn«rini Wed ding Maioh," nml "Mch"«H'»m.' bride who entered on erm of her f«ltn»r was drewsti In a jiuit ot navy fnllln with mulnhliii flC«e»)«Si"l«a, Her clocho wflH o whltu cut velvet adorned wll pedrl* and rhinusttmua and an of fnoo v«»U. 8hf carried n whty « nd fioob , fl.vtdot df ftmdrix Cot* ttttftdlng "i» c»glvfn« holM«jr» with bi, Mr, tlitf Mn, >ln tiui other r«l»tive», hi* Ml«»|Chirlo«» T»rpl»y of Auilln oifeg*,, wtrnum, T*«f, u vuit' « hwit*ikr«nt«, Mr, and Mn, C, VT. Tiitl«y. ov« 0«t hotidny*. Billy tV* H«ttidon, Jr, of tho of ArkiniM, Knyottc vJlle, U vUltfn* hli gmndpurenti. Mr. »nd R. V. M«rndon, »r. Mr, nrnf, Mn. Ch«rl«« K. CoUp of South Bund, Indian*, ipent Mon- dfty end 2'u««doy with Mr. And Mn, 0«orii> W. H*rUfi»lt! tnrouia to ; 1)«ttiM, ing vuit. for a Thanknglv Kdwnrd Allen left thli for Chicago/ III,, «ft«r gponiMna thn pntt weeiV with Mr, and Mn, Cl«no Allen e«id »on, Mickey. Hospitaf Notes Rrtneh Admitted: Tjminy Clonry, Hope. Una Toko* a Both (Saturday Might Was Nwtr Ukt Thill) Births pr«yar book lapped with nn orchid M>», Qrondlstm 0. Koynton, Jr >«, j WB» matron of honor and the brldoi nd only attendant. Bho svoru B biutu lollla tfUU WMh motehlns ««o«Mor« Jtia uml n ctn'siiao ot wlilto ehrymirtthiMmtma and cmrnatlonn. U, Hoyaton, Jr., «crv- ;ci IvtoB *ton od hlH brother «« bust man. Following tho Cflramony « bronk- '* taut wfl* 8lv<m for thti brldnl party Mr. H«t»«y su», *wl ift* Anna s OMVHI (intWOOP S relative* by Or. and Mm. O. Hoysten, Sr. ot IN Barlow Hotel. Mi*, and Mr*. Itoyfcton left, via ir B wadding trip to N«w after which they will bo ttl home in n«H««, Texa*. For travel Mrs, Hoynton wore tin ollvo green vuit with block and HRMP8TEAO COUNTY White Hole nnd Borndce Bowden, Hope, a «lrl, Deborah. , Henry nnd Katibcrlne May, Hope, n girl, Judy. Jurrien and nodhol Smith, Hope, n Rlrl, Brando, i 3nrnes nnd Dorothy Lntihaw, Ful ton, u boy, Jnmc«f. Vernls and Juqtjuotinn Bhepard, Waldo, a girl, Bnenda. Fnlrel nnd Dorothy Rider, Pat- mo*, n boy, Itlchord. JCiiHcnc! and Juonllln Galncn, Hlo- omfleld, a. girl, Yvtinno. JNarman'And Doti« Co««r, twlni, n girl, Normn, nnd, a «lrl, Theltnn Irving. grey n«ei«orle». She pinned mv orehld nt her «hotilder. Coming and Going Mr. «nd Mrs. L. ». Urrey hnd Mr. nt>U Mm, WoUn ond Mr*. tlrroy of Jncksonvllle, Tex- ond Mt, end Mr*, HolUt Sum- RIALTO * LAST TIM18 TODAY « &' PHtL REAQAN FRANCES LANQFORD PORASTAR 1 ' GENE AUTRY GAIL DAVIS PATBUTTRAM N6V6R ORY" t, 4 Of.8«rtAl "KINO OR.CONO.O" rv CARTOON HEY KIDS! LOOK! Free autographed photos of Gene Autry & Champ toallch!ldr«<v Terry and Syblo Ark,, a boy, Stephwn. ffin'rt and Jlerolce; Bnln, Hope, «lrl, Knrolm, WlUtom and Mottle Wrny, Hope, n girl, >Llntla. 8«m nhd Mnbel Gammlll, Do light, Ark., n boy, Sam. Fropklo nnd MUlte Brown, Hope, ft boy, Jerry. Dwl«ttt and Frcdn Pnnkcy, Prescott. ../•."• ' Fnmldn and LtrVetit Bowlln, ot Hope, n jtlrl, Niincy. Gordon ond .Dorothy Irvln, Jr,, Hopo, « boy, Mlchnql. KAgor iUMt.ixtreua.Laffqrty, Pnt moB. Ark.,.n boy. Lnrry. Thoinun untMU'rilin KieldlnK. Mi Cntklll, u boy, Micliotil. John and BUUe Mills, Hope, u girl, Vkkoy. Frank mul Dorn KlnK, Hopo, t glr), P*»K«y. nvlfina mui Luclllo Bollard, Hopo n boy. Kon«l<L Poxtor nnd Oracle Alford. Hope a boy, Jimmy, John aiwl Loronc Harper, Hous ton, Taxni, « Uwy, John. Cecil and Ada Sander*, Hope n alrl, tVlekoy. N«gro l*u|« -And Laut-a Woods, Hope A boy, ilotfry ond a girl, Dcbrnh tWtn*. Robert and Annie Thomas, Hope a Uoy. Blckcl. Tominic and tevettar Morrison a filrl. Corlcl; wnd n boy , twin*. WuUwr .And .Ruby .Fleming, Jr. Hopo. « boy 1 , Chiwlw. A. 0. nnd Lucille 'Frcoroan, o Hope, A boy, .tfreddle. Earnest and .Wllllo Perry, Hopo a Klrl. Putrloia, Orio nnd Mary AV«tt, twins, boy, Qrie and a boy, Otis. ami Cathrcii Mttldrow \Va»hin8lo«, Ark., a girl, Ku ntce. Molto and Prtgldlo Tayior, \Va>h Inaton, Ark,, * Blrl, Hnxel. Juke and Mary Coroy, ne«r Wa shltigton, Ark., ft boy, Jorry. Hob«rt nod Irono Kools, O*ai Ark., « boy. Elgin. J, W, and la«bulln Tyroe, Hope A boy. 'Lnrry. Q«oi'U« and Alma Howard, a boy, Dnrrell. Je*»te and Bra Dlxon, Emme n boy, WUUttm, Alvln and Tlwlmtt Wilson, Hop a boy, «»r»h»l. Augusta and Volma Maxwell, oJ Hopo, a boy, Davkt. Calvin ond Ethel Stosvart, nou Hoi», Ark., a girl, Ronnla. P*ivln and Lee McMorrls, Bi« in*, « boy, Roy. Karl and Ohurloan Smith, Hope, « boy, Charley. Hublo and Clara Porter, Cobun* bun, a gbrl, Shirley. DOROTHY DIX Oppressive Debt It Isn't everyone who uets n chance to see Lana Turner In the bathtub, but audiences vlewlnrj the new Technicolor muBlcal, "Tho Merry Widow," at the Saenger Theatre Sunday and Monday, will get n close-up of lovely Unna Irhmersed In « oa P «ud», HowtV/er, taking a bath on a Hollywood sound stage Isn't as simple aa inking one in the old family tub. as these shote show. At top left, make-up man ond halrtlrenser make certain Lana looks as alluring In the tub as out of It. Incidentally, the tub, a prleell'** French antique, Is reputed ortce to have belonged to Marie Antoinette. Lower left propman atlre up eorne foamy soap hubbies. Top right, Uana as the bathing beauty of the year. 'And, lower right the 1 scene n» It appears In thn picture, with Una Merkel administering a bit of added hot water. Fernando Unmas co-stars with Uann in the fllmlzatlon of the famous operetta — but he doesn't appear In those scenes. Letters to the Editor This Is your newspaper Write to It. Letters crlllcUinu the uctl toritil policy or cominenlliin'upon tjieU In the news columns, arc equally welcome. Every writer .mist sl^ii hi'i nanii.' and undress but publication of name 'nay bo withheld If requested. ; New Cardinal is Stunned LOS ANGELES 1M—Archbishop ,(, Franc is; A. Mclntyre will become a ciirdinal of the Catholic church alter heading the arch-diocese of Los Angeles less than five years. "I'm stunned," was the archbishop's only comment when told the news er.rly this morning by The Associated Press. He indicated tiil^s was the first news he had received about the appointment nnd Hobby Helps Veterans Editor Tlu; Hopo Star: I am nnklnft scrnpbooUs fur tin.' vote- runs hospitals iinU can use an tin- tmitbd amount of mitUTljil. 1 would bo uniti'l'ul for dlsijardvd iHuziiiea niul iiowsiinpi'i-s jwhtch any of your rt?:uli)r.i miyiit have in hand ond will ho luipp.v to pick .lu>m up If you will contact mo. For those n( you who hiu-o tlu> .inio nnd Inclination 1 would like ;o suggest thill thi.s is a fasuinntini! nobby which involves very little ;lmc and oxjii-nsi*. and Klvos back inimt-asiu'ublo joy in the knowlotiKc thill you may hnvc holpoil to choor lonely boys svho will not bo nbk- to spend Christinas with their loved ones, Those scrapbooks may contain cartoons, imc-cdotos, amusing poot- ry — anything in a humorous vein with now and thru a personal note In your own handwriting. Sinecri'ly yours, i MHS. WINSTON MONTS ! Nov. 27, IOS2 | Hopo, Arknnsna QOP'u SEEK BALL TICKETS V.'ASHINUTON. (»~ lU'pul.H- cans uvo lined uv> Uci-p I'm' tickets to the tnuuiiiii'ul ball, lii^lilii;!U of the Jnn, 1!Q. president itil inaii,mn-;i- lion fostivitlos. T'jo dubcomiuittoe in charRc of the ball said yi\stovd;\y the (i.OOO promised to mako a statement l.iti.T today, A native of New York City, the tall, slender prelate is 00 years old. He became archbishop here Feb. Archbishop of LA. Named a Cardinal Dear Miss Dix: I am In a desperate situation, and have even considered cuicide. The only thing that holds rre back is my family's need of Ttc. \ am 28, have a fine, hon» est husband and four wonderful children. Our problem Is debt! A $3,COO one! We are expecting another bnby in three weeks anrl, whilp I could go to work after It is born, the difference what I'd make and what I'd have to pay jorreonij to care for the family wou!d he so small It wouldn't make n dent In the total owed, My hus- )^nd is a factory worker and has Ittle left after our necessities are bought. The money was borrowed three years npo from my parents and his Wr put it into a business that fall ed. Ou> parents are old and the money th«y loaned us was aboul all they had. I would welcome advice from readers as well as from you. MRS. G. A Answer: Your appeal to other readers is very apt. If anyone ha? a feasible solution for Mrs. G. A., I'll be I'.appy to forward their suggestions to her. Tne amount of your debt is c- normous and there's no kiddiny yourself that it will be asy to pay There's a lot of scrimping and hard worrt ahead. If, your parents arc in immediate need of the money, the only way it can be paid back to them is to borrow from someone el?e, and pay that debt systematically. If you follow this suggestion, be most cautious as to where you borrow the money. Do not — I cannot urge you too strong ly — £ct yourself into the hands of 'oan sharks whose high interest rates will absorb all your money, while the principal remains intact. Try Bank First Sources of help might be the per sonnel department of your hus aand's factory, his union or a bank :n your city. Why not try the bank first and see what suggestions thej can offer? If you prefer to pay the monej to your parents in installments, suggest a thorough check on you budget. See how much you can spnro each week. Then, have a meeting of your debtors, tell them you ea:tiestly want to repay the money, and tell them on just what terras this can be done. Perhaps a _tipnlated amount each month would he preferred by them. Do take some definite step at once, and your rnind will be greatly relieved. Your present physical condition is not improved by incessant worry and the worry that we-rs r-eople down most is the one th<>y do nothing about. Once you tackle a problem concretely and begin Hi, solution, even on a small scale, >our entire outlook will b? much Letter. Dear Miss Dix: When we wanted to senu our daughter to college she didn't want to go to the one of our choice. We wouldn't et her go to the school she selected, yet sho itill har. a hankering to go there. How can we change her mind? DON AND SUE Answer: Why try to dictate the choice of college to an 18-year-old rl who presumably has brains nough to know what she wants? 'on admit the college of her choice a good one, so why not lot her o there? You arc, I think, bcinfi nrer.sonable. VATICAN CITY, W—Pope Pius XII today announced the names of 24 new cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, including James 12, 1948, aftnr servii.g two years as archbishop of the titular see ol Paltus and coadjutor archbishop o New York. He was first ordaincc a priest in 1921 in New York's St Patrick's Cathedral by the Inte Patrick Cardinal Hayes. James Francis Aloysius Mcln tyre was born in midManhattan His mother died when he %Vas H and .his father .became an invalia shortly thereafter. Francis Mclntyre, archbishop o Los Angeles, and Msgr. Aloysiu Stepinae, archbishop of Zagre who was imprisoned by Premie Marshal Tito's Communist govern ment in Yugoslavia. The new princes of the churc will be elevated to the Sacred Co lege in a great consistory to b held Jan. 12. This ceremony bring ing the death-depleted ranks of th college up to its full strength o 70 will be the first since the grea postwar consistory of 194C which the Pope gave symboli red hats to 32 prelates in one the most impressive and splend ceremonies of the Catholic Churc! Dear Miss Dix: I am married er the second time, and my hus- and is always arguing about mon- y. I have a fair-sized estate and e's always {inquiring about my in- ome and asking me for money, le c ays I should ask someone what£> wife's duties are. Just what are hey? L. R. .V.swer: It "it not a wife's duty o support an able-bodied husband, f that's what your man is hint- ng. He is, of course, entitled to •enow what your estate is, and per- laps heip you in administering it, should he be more capable along hese lines than you — which I doubt. Released by Bell Syndicate, Inc._ HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. Saturday — Double Feature "LITTLE EGYPT" Also "HAVANA ROSE" SUNDAY ONLY — First Run — "TRY AND GET ME" Santa Claus TO VISIT HOPE THURSDAY DEC. 11«i uvaUaolo s wilt bo Clubs Th» O»WvSt P«ul Horn* •tralton Club 'had »n un a stato (juotu basis. mas gifts. Eight members answered the roll call with gift su.^esi- lons. MP«. Stevens, secretary, presld- l aver the business meeting. The devotional was KIVVMI by Mrs. Pauine Ball. Tho following officers elected for Uu» coming year: ?rc*ldent, Mrs. Mouroo Stuart. Mrs. A. W. Stevens treasurer and reporter, Mrs. Floyd Matthews. Mr$, Matthews led the group in With Mrs. Stuart A. Kov. 10 lit tt» homo ot Mrs, dem«mttr»M«n on Chriit ^^^ ^PWW"^ ;hc prUv, A dainty dessert plate with c<rft*« wi»* served by the host*»*. Mr*. Anderson ot Nashville a vtoitor. WANTED 5000 TaEPHONE POLES 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or Rufus Martin Mwn* 7*3013 «r 7-3093 Watch for the HOPE-STAR'S CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EDITION Tuesday, Dec. 9th ft Mr. Merchant you'll want to have your advertising in this SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. EDITION OF THE HOPE STAR ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9. Let the people of Hope and this trade area know that they can find just what they want for Christmas in the Hope Stores. Phone 7-3431 and we will be glad to help you with your Christmas ad for this Special Shopping Edition. All Ctpy iwwtt b« in by Monday/ December 8 at Moon •y Chicle Y»«n| WOUL 5"'JJLE SOMETHING VOU'RE POSITIVE VDUOONT WANT ANYTHING? WIVES BE SO UNREASONABLE HUNGRY TONIGHT •V MktM«l O'Mcllty and Ra OUT OUR WAY By j. R. William* J AMP HOW HE DRIPS Answer to Prevfou* Puzzle ' In Old New York CAM I »B& MOUBURH. ALL SVft (SOT (3N IT WOULP BE A GOOD IDEA, WITH TH 1 CLEATS HE'i-% 60T OM TH' BOTTOM \ THAT SHOT OF THAT VALISE LIKE A FOOTBALL PLAYER'S AMP TH 1 WAY HE RASSLES. IT AROUMP.' f MO, I WON'T TELL HIM--1 WOM'T HURT SUCH A FIME \ FEELIU'S.' ' HAVE U& POWM IKJ TH' CELLAR. AMP INSULT HIM WITH A BENCH WITH A VIS-E PC* A A>OV\BNT MEPICIMS ON) EVERY- THIMC, BUT HIS OVVM WASH TUBBS A5HOT IM^IPB OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ..' LEAV& VOUK WHIMSICAL IM MV CUSTODY FOR 2M- HOURS.' LECTURE THAT IS, ER-UM TEACH VALUE OF vJlLL PO\MER, TEMPER AMce, BEHAVIOR 6UCCESS-—- ./" JUSTICE, I WAMT 1HIS CRACKED E6G HU6BAMO OF Mll^E PUT PROBATION/-— He CELEBRATED BY GETTING MIS FEET TANiGLED UP, AMD DAY HE WAS ROLLED OOT OF THE A\NM\MS OVER C006AM'5 MEAT , ' MARKET/ ROuTS AND HER BUDDIES I <2.£V VOli'Wt 33IT2UL 3HT 30A39 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY CLAUDE, /V\C-M8ER WAIT HERE, POY'S/WHIU.E I M/XK6 A PHONE CAUL/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ALLEY OOP WELL.THEREGOE5 OOP ON ANOTHER TRIP BACK INTO ANCIENT HISTORY." rtNM SOMEHOW JUST BE FORE HE VANISHED, I SOT THE IMPRESSION HE WAS TKVINS TQ OH, 8LJRE/ HE PROBABLY WANTED TO-KNOW WHERE I WAS 6ENDINQHIM. "J^can't sleep, spnhWhat have you got hidden under the mattress to read.?" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith "Okay, he's asleep now!" CHRIS WELKIN, Pioneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LADIES AND 6ENTLE MEN.MAY I OPEN MY SPEeCH WITH A BELL-RINGING STATEMENT/ [N.A DEBATP TfeUTH APRIL, WILL NO »*What are all the*e bill* fer cloth*.? Every tut* I look

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