Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 29, 1952
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f\f I ktt' , - J '*, 1/f HOM StAl, MOM, AKKANJAI Friday, November ASSIFIED •I m4 tfittM frf »*fare WbUcatk* For Rtnt For Salt AMV t«>* •* frivol, including pea gr«v«L HBd, <OP Mil, untf nil dirt, C«!l JeiM ainoislr 7-2M9, 0-aMm UNFURNISHED house nl»o bedroom with kftehun privllr««*. f»hon« 7-fcMfl. W-.1t NrUHNisiIKD TUMI**. » rooms am! bath M7 W. Third. J. W. Patterson »t Patterson's Sh Store. 20-61 > OAIKJI Mfifich«»l«r purnp with compensator and recoil pud. I.liu 1 ;ww. Robert tn Orono. W-81 MODKL™l2rifl"««u8» Winchester ' pump mm. Good a* new. $7ft. tot W, fllh, 25-31 BJUBCTRIC wolci- pump. Good con- dlUon, 8o» A, N. nidor, Pfttrno*, '. Ark»n«B», 20-3t iT THrira y«Bi ; old trained bird dog*, ) reBl»t«r«id, Phono 7-31IU2. UNPUIINIflHRD apartment. Newly decorated. 410 N. Main. Apply nt 412 N» Main. 26-31 Henderson Is Upset by Teachers Texarkana Overpowers Bobcats34-0 Arkansas Grid Play Produces Few Upsets By The Aitoclated Pr«ts wlicn 14 high schools clashed In A* expected the much-henvlpr (rW(jil(onH i Thanksgiving Day ' TVxurknna Ruswrbacks defeated the Hope BobcntM 34 to 0 here SOLID 'm« plo dinciuu with nx- temlon table, corner cabinet, /our choir*. Cnll 7-38CM «r 7-;il7»». HI-SI so , 'Turkey Day. Although oulmnnnear $ , c .,,p., ,,;tti c d feuds of many tho Bobcati ware stubborn <»M"H\ ycarl ' ,tandln«. Texarkana earn overythlnu they; Jn |he Ry Tho Pr«u ;\Mit1icrn State Colleges clinched earn got. The contest WHS nev<-r » runaway. Toxarkann turned u fumble and u< _ % ^ u blocked punt Inlo two first half j ^ oc ^ ^.3 i.ittie Flock, unbeaten in touchdown* and went on to scorn | ^ r (, nn sni< competition, already had in the third period and tallied'. |l( , blllfi est plum In high school twice In the tuit quarter ..-,,. ~ . the name on injuries. Mfpk'r- performance pushed his total point* for the year to 115. tops for Ft. Smith. Bailey did his bit, too, before departing, passing to Don DcCamp for p,touchdown. El Dorado's Wildcat* look n good look at Cntnden's huge defensive line, and promptly moved right thro'igh it to score a 3-touchdown • victory. Four flashy backs, Berlon a championship was at stnke Brown, Bobby Bates, George Porks and Dennis Murphrcc, pounded the Camden defense into submission with little toublc. Bates; put forth the longest scoring run, '' 22 vards off tackle. Camden played without the sc-rv- of the holiday i ccs of Bobby Galling, their triple- ARKANSAS yesterday, but that didn't lhc uc i| 0 ij as the boys, in .CARL BELL Stomps Woman Good Hunter STAMPS. Wl — How's your hunting, men? It has been mighty good (or a Stamps, Ark., woman, Mrs. Homer Box. Mr?. Box this year banned her deer, a 9-point, 150-pound buck, after only an hour and a half of waiting on her first clay ir. the woods. She had killed her season's limit just as quickly last year, and friends say Mrs. Box customarily shoots her limit of squirrel and clucks. achndulc the Llltlu Rock Tigers threat fullback, and the Panthers'! LITTLE ROCK, I/PI — Specula , iiodfd another victim to their cas-1 offense showed It. Time- and ugairi. j tion continues that Paul (Bear unllty l' sl - whipping North Little! Camden moved goalward only to'Bryrmt the University of Kentucky ! ""' ' ~ '- stop outside the El Dorado 15-yard i grid-master, will be the next head line. Ifcuiu Lindsay finally made it; coach ;>l Arkansas. across in the fourth period, scor-j Howoveri lhc on ly thing we cnn —- the Big Seven Confer- Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn Florida Fishermen and Strange Case of 'The Red Tide' Hope Star WEATHER ARKANSAS (A - fiftow ing rain this afternoon, turning to rain stwth- this noon, Sunday ctottdy, tuto W oust, not so cold southwest, est tonight 94 to 84, . Temperatures High ea LOW sa Precipitation .87 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 40 Star of Hew 1WH, Pr«t» 1t»7 Consolidated Jan. IS, 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1952 Mcmbcn th* Auttlattd tt»n It Audit •mew of ChmMlMM Av. N*> Paid Orel. « Mot. tndlna Sept. 30, W» — J,«4 PRICE Be a Churchwell's attempted ejulck cncc tlt | 0 „ i n the sack. it m'ruid cotiMxiutlvtt Arkom.n-i kick wn» blocked mkiwny In the; pj' ne jnuff, runner-up In the Big! " ' • Confnntncft foothiill! j|mt <juartt>r with Texarknnn rucov' S( ,.,,, n ro |lcd ovi-r hapless Hot " ' " ' "" crlng on the Hope 10. Ever* nndi« rirlf! , ,u-in, in the only other I'orlitr moved the ball to tho two I '|',. ft( ,,, c clash. Ft. Smith dumped Ing from seven yards out. | Texarkana's Uazorbacks compel- report on the situation today is how "the Bear" got his nickname. cluirni Kinship yesterday, but the ,M'iit>rldttr»' uccompliahnn-nl *«•» CH01CK toy bean hny. Oood Truck loods, tiosn It. 28-01 FEEG lot oolvps. Idcnl for looker boxo», MAM Hunch. Wushlng- Ington Highway 4 __Offirid M-Ot '•\<.' , '" r t . Vt , l W^f4«4i *. LOCAL and long dlnlnnce Hauling Alia local moving. Sue Dunnlo Hamilton of cull 7-3011. N-aa-im (>y horutoforo AikfiiipiiH Stnte 'IVticlvcru wlnloHB In eight ron- where Work* plun«wl over im dl :i2-d; Kl Dorado downed contoHt* boforo iho iipuct nt tho year H cutlnirc runkit bv In Hendet'Bon State, 20-13. Mud llendiiroori won and Southern StnUt lo»l to Arkaininn AAM, Ihp AIC tltlf! rtico would hnvu pd In n tie between tho two club*. . KVCIK converted. A Hope furnblu | (,< im) dcn, 20-6, and Texarkana on thu BobcHt 31 set up Texur-j sl(m ,p<.-.l Hope, 34-0, to finish out kunn'tt next tally. Afiiiln ICvors nndj' a j, t ,ccoKsful dny for the Big Seven ' Purler carried It to the 13 from wlu-re big Works bulled his wuy ncrnss. Ever* kicked nnd the half 11 inr score wag H-0. In non-It•iiguc play. Little Hack's well-oiled offense, ed for the first time in the Big '^vbcyouVc heard too storV be Srven this year. Yesterday, the /01 . c ; This is lhc way a man who HORS went back to the Class AA' th>jrc Atty . G cn. Ike Murry. rank and picked on Hope. John! lp i|. i( . ».. i ^»__l t-\.-i_ -tit....i • »tl*I> ll> the be&r three minutes. "Three dollars was a lot of mon ey in those days and an old grizzly didn't mean anything to Bryant so he ambled up to take on the bear Jacobs and Dale Works scored twice each in the. 34-0 rout that! proved Texarkana belongs in the higher classification, in other neighborhood battles, in I . lean tiv Quarterback Bobby Han-j f u | non. struck within 20 seconds for whi-h a victory means a success- In tho third period an exchange | ls fj r8 t touchdown. Billy Jones, a nf punts gave the ball to Texar- k.ina on the Hope 21 and Kvvrs passed to James Odorn for the MATTRESS renovation and innor- iprlttfl Work. Colib MattreM Co., 318 S, Wttihlnilton. Phona 7-2022, ..•'. N-2S-IM Notice * M»i MMh N»W and renewal subscriptions to any mntfailno published, Christ. ma» rules, Churles Rcynumon, City Hall. Dny Phone, 7-232R; Night 7.8781 CHIO-lm FlFQuT^fu^licrdrink, that's your t'uilneM. If you want to quit, that's our builiwis. Alcohol loi Anonymous, P. O, Box 200, N-lU-lm A« It was. Soulhurn hniullly j ln|ly i£ Vcril m ,,dtt it 21-0. Twice Irlmmoil A&M lost night, and » j,, lnc (| IU ,i purlod the Porkers Handel-nun win would not have mnilf any dlfforonce. A flred-up ccow of tutors, led by Senior Co-Cttpt, Max HarrlH. Mtappcd Henderson'* mighty often- «lv«- iwichln« time and ngnln In slsht of the goal, Three tlrrmii tho Ti'wchfid took over on downs deop In tholr own territory and roared bnc'f uo the Hold to score. Hnrriii, u halfback who has been tuimpoied throughout his career Uilliud —• Jncobs cros»;ng trom the ten and gutting looxe shortly after with un 85 yard sprint. Evors mist ed one of the two tries and thnt's ww the game ended 34-0. Hope wus unable to move ngi'ln Ml the hcuvler visiting line which showed Its superiority throughout, by anklon, Kcorcd two touch- LIST MK ortlitr your Mhrubbery, fait nhatlo trtice, Irult trees, (jrupc vinos in id berry pUnU ot all kinds. I have on hnnd strawberry planis, two cent* each. AUo pnony plants. Cftll or come lo Bledsoe's Flower Shop, 18J8 8. Main, Phono 7«4d40. as-3t CpRON »hop in my homo. Other hnndmudu useful «ifts, Complete •election now. Mrs. John Rock, iv. . 20-31 downs, on runs of 8ft nnd 32 yard* (ipd honied two convoriloiM. Arkunano A&M started strong •U'liinstl Sotithcrn, but faded titter n drat uuurtiir thrust bxforc Ihe pnimln<i uf the champion*' Louis Siinfol'il, lUifiatll Bullock, the ntftflo wnfo l.vn'iut, took Southern'K first pun 110 y.n'chi for Iho only AfoM touch 1 down. The AxuUtn couldn't hole <!>«! Iciut. mostly bccnuao of i U-okly clcfenao that let Snn hiilf-plnt halfback, sliced through liicidc si'i'l waltzed 00 yards un- louchoJ lo score. The Tigers, mixing Hannon's passing with the rushing of Jones, Johnny Vnnablo and Harold Stone, scored twice rnore before the first half to put the game: under wraps. In the second half, North Little Rock's do (jiisc stiffened, and the teams battled it out on even terms — a tcnclulown each. The wildcats only marker came The following Hope seniors piny j w hcn n Little Hock punt was ing their final game Include Jim Yocom, Ellis Rothwcll, Jack and lorry Jones, John Ktfck, Tommy Doyle, Johnny Tubor, Bobby Dru ce. Ken Stone, Clyde Arnold, Tom blocked to set off a 30-yard scor Ing march. Halfback Travis Hart did the honors from six yards out. Vine Bluff's line provided th Hiiymt, Jesse Duke, Durrcll Mes- opportunities, and the offense took ford complete three scoring tons? Snittnrd hit Jimmy Ctilp twlco Ui Umg paosos for touchdowns, d throw five yards to Joe ycary t>nd zone for the other. Horn* Study Course your hluh Hchool u homo In iporo limit. Diploma No Glututig. Texts (urnlalu'tl Wrll« (or trco booklet. Amurlctu School, S&OS AlubnmH, Fur Smith. Arkunstu. N-lO-ln n t\\ K, Top Apply Malinger, Diumom whllo lutly to kw haiuo for family at tour, A. 0 Bi-lftht, Fulton, Ark. Phono 3. as- Real £«tatt tor Solo ser, Richard Hum, J. D. Elu-n, Uee Coffee, John Gilbert and Tom Deck, Yesterday's loss left Hope's ree ord at six victories, four defeats, and two ties. First downs wen- Texurkanu 7, to 3 for Hope; Hope gained Oil yurdu rushuiti lo 238 for Texar- knnii but the Bobcats lost 72 yards on attempted, pass plays. Hope completed 9 of 10 passes; Texur- knnn 3 of 7, each team Intercepting one; Hope penalized twice for 10 yards; Tcxnrkanu 5 for 45. advantage of them as the Zebra rou'ec Springs, the Big Sevei Newport router! Batcs- Quarturback 7th grade at Fordycc and was as i big and awkward a boy as you ever saw. He must have been six fret tall then. He and his family had just moved into town from ille, 27-G, as Quarterback Carlos'* 010 , >t ad water tossed four touchdown j l ' oy ' lasses; Jonesboro subdued a "Well, loppec'.-up Paragould eleven, 38-13. and had to score 31 points in the iecond half to do it. High doormat. End Bill Reid, most note for his ability at kicking cxlr pdats, was Ihe star of the game ReU 1 blocked Uvo Hot Spring punts to start scoring drives, an booted five conversions. • Halfback Tommy Meek closed out 'lis high school career with a brilliant offensive demonstration as 'Ft. Smith trounced Subiaco. Tiny Tommy raced for four touchdowns, Hft.'r the other half' of Ft. Smith's scoring punch, Dave Railey, left Hprc are the scores: Texr.rkana 34; Hope 0 Biy.hfcville 35; Catholic Little Rock) 7 JfncL'boro 38; Paragould 6 El Dciado 20; Camden G Magnolia 14; Nashville 14 (tie) Pip.e Bluff 41; Hot Springs 13 Jacksonville. 13; Cabot 12 Holly Grove 45; Clarendon 24 Newport 27; Batesville G McGehee 40; Dermott 0 Star City 13; Dumas 12 Wynne 41; Forrest City 6 Mem. 20; DeQueen 13 Pocahontas 13; Walnut .Ridge 7 Harrison 33; Mountain Home ' Kl. Smith 32; Subiaco 0 Little Rock 24; North Little Rucl 6 Stamps GO; Lewisville 0 Marianna 19; Helena 0 Mansfield 22; Greenwood 0 one of those traveling circuses came to town. The circus conrustcd of one man and a bear. It was showing at the theatre. 1 The man challenged anyone to wrestle the bear. He put up pr'ze something like three dollars 3r anyone who could stay with unior Payne, 237, Oakland, Calif VANCOUVER. B.C., — Bobby A'ooJs, 131, Eureka, Calif., out- oinled, Harold Dadc, 131'/i, Los ingeles, 10. "Bryant whipped the bear, and the owner of the bear refused a rerratch unless they put a muzzle on Bryrmt." From that moment on the hnnd- |-. ome Bryant has been "the Bear." •' No FASTER Aspirin Than- St.Joseph ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 100 •VNOI'818 After * ttrilluni format w«(l«mB. will «ttt« olil |U>UM« on Duncan Mill. Boston. tli« -"• ot iwily'ii r eh. «cc»ntrle Qrnnii- BrUn Colllnt »nd hrm ol . FloliI ar* li'equont oallor* hero. Rsnoli IKH houu, wtnry «n<l «p«nt on« eve- ulna. Pu>la nnm hit wi(« leniod *lon* wiin a.'lomont. aiitnlly it* r*««nti th« ot •vmva. hlnk It wtu wrong to kiss you and I'm not at all sorry 1 did. n fact, I'd like wry much to KISS •on again, In spite of the tact that •ou'ro not especially lovable— 'ou're very attractive noncdielcss, Joine day I shall. Meanwhile, it rou make any turthct objections ehnrinlnn lairuder in hli lioin*. mon i Ivntl tcwomniiiM Kmily to * trom tn» o ID KIM Mr M tht • • «v«ntnii »mt . tot thw hold «ct. h» , h»r "Innoreneo, YOU v««U t»ft( Cftpo. «nd oJ him tit* CTfin ho«w». r«- ,„„ h»4 often culled on h«r «V li«r parent*' horn* down the TIRIS •u »twk if 877W Acre farm 5^ miles north o Highway 30, Qood S room hous elfctrlclty. 1 «o«l tenant lum» three b«rn», AH fenced und cro fenuwd, Uunuli\n water all ye around, \i mlnortUa I'vttei've IioU ot yuunip timber. i Acre fnrm W milo South Mu brook Church nour Blevlus, At on all weather ro«d. School bus ni door. Nice l«rge 5 room dwelling. Electricity, liutuno Oa», Plenty ot w«lisr, large b«rn. All good fei'llle soil teuced «md cctws foncod. An Woul location. QonutlM 3 bedroom home, hard* wood (loom throughout. All large Comfortable rooms, Plenty largo «io««U »nd bullt-lna, Attic fan. 100' X ISO' Shady Lot, FHA, 4k lntor«»t rate lo*n. Owner leaving IOWA. lUO S. Main Street, ORBKN1NQ INSURANCE It RBAJUT COMPANY ttoal B«l»le UM»U« Insumnco Phon« 7-4^1. 85-31 CHAPTKR TBN M P n 1 8 C I L t. A «ema to have whnt'a commonly called • crual on you and that I hopt you won't tako « vary Bcrlovwly, Ot ooum« •ho's a irr«ax d«»l too young to Know her own mind," Bmlly told David, "I Uvought you'd »l«ady tound out 1 never tnk« things ot that ileed something that would hit the spot right away. Why not Just whisky anil plain water? With tots ot tee, but not too much plain water." Emily laughed and followed directions, Urian. without rising, reached for hla drink and, having to my portectly innocent attcn-ltaKen one or two satisfying awol- Pruollla. 1 shall draw tho lows ana drawn a deep breath, novitablo conclusion. You're not turned oack toward David oetore the only person who can draw draining the small remaining Fights Last Night By The Associated Press NEW YORK, (.<J'I — Sunnysid Garden— Claude Hammond, !•! %, West New York, M.H., outpoin ed Mike Colucci, 148 New York It.IDAHO FALLS, Idaho —Dale Ha 210, Salt Lake City, knocked 01 Wanted Small and Large FARMS to Sell HORACE SAMUELS 101 E. Division Phone 7-G71G WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE POLES Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or timber, Call . . . Rufus Martin Phone 7-3083 or 7-3093 DO YOU WANT A JOB? Learn the Printing Trade Training Open To ' Korean Veterans WW II Veterans Non-Veterans Men and Women Printing is interesting nnd offers unlimited possibilities. Skilled printing craftsmen are among the highest paid in the country. The Southern School of Printing, in continuous operation since 1919, is now approved by the Veterans Administration for training KOREAN WAR Veterans, as well as veterans of W. W. II. Courses offered include Hand Composition, Linotype, Intertype. Monotype,-Letterpress and Lithography. For complete information write SOUTHERN SCHOOL OF t PRINTING 1514 South St., Nashville 2, Tenn. conoluaions." amount ot liquid trom his glaaa. 1 don't toe 'hat you need to "To comment on your comment. draw any apodal conclusion.." Pell ia ahutung up shop tonight." "1 didn't sue that you needed to he announced. "Roger naa gone either. But you dlt. And the con- out to Beverly. He said he'd oe elusion I ahall be Urced to draw is along R« aoon as he could ... Just that you d«n'« want mo to give the aame, i nope ne isn't late tor that poor trapped wd a good time potter. Can yuu pinch-ntt tor him be«auae you're )e»loua ol Her. You until ne geta here, it ne is. Dave? thtnlt that »ome day t'U malie love "ThanKa tor the compliment. to ner— it I haven't Mre«dy. And I But I've got a dinner date. In tact, you'd mucn rather Uunk I waa U ought to oe on my way right dying lo maka love to you again— now. I've Kept thinking Prlscilla It you can call what I did the I would be alont any minute and •ort very seriously, I might add it Un't only gtrta in their twms who, Bometlmci don't k«ow their o\vn) mtiuta~ though •ometimei they do. But occMlon»"y »»rla In their twonUM dont «lth«r." Emily nuahed *«*ln *nd turned »w«y. Thera WM no UM trying to ap«r with DiVld, H» WM a ITTflftt d«iU bettor »t U than the Brat Ume making love. It wasn't I wanted to nave a word with ner really. But the next time 1 klsa about that bon voyage party—I m you to call my mother about it at mid- You'rti not ever going to have night. We". I'll catch up with Pria a chtuicf to Kisa me aga'n." somehow and somewhere before "Would you tike to bet on thafT" linen ... Sure you can't get over to "Yea. I'll bet on It Whatever | New York for the great event The technical name is dinoflagel- late. But on the Florida Coast thcj 'call it "The Hud Tide." It kills fish — and Florida folk arc pretty grim aboilt the whole subject. It struck first in 1947. 1 heard about it only last -Ssplem bcr, however; on a visit down! there 1 found the docks still complaining tnat fishing had njvei been quite the same since the scourge struck five years before Personally I took the matter lightly because on my lone excursion into the Gulf I landed seven fish, and Barney Hamm on the s;iinu trip won the prize for the biggest •catch. Nevertheless The Red Tide i.-f real and sinister. It was there on the West Florida Coast in 194V — and this month it came back again, but not with the same force Accounts of the 1947 disaster say that great patches of reddish- brown water appeared in the Gulf of Mexico, killing untold tons of fish. Much of the. disaster came ashore on some of the beaches, ruining many a vacation. But this month the trouble seemed to be localized farther out at sea, off Fort Myers. The first ob servation, by Tony Patrus, reporter lor the Fort Myers News-Press, was made November 13 in a flight over a 220-square-mile area. HP saw many small patches of dead iish, "and one heavy concentration was about 10 yards wide and a mile or so long." The scourge killed all fish alike, he reported- tarpon, grouper, shark. "Sea birds wouldn't touch the dead Iish," he added, "although buzzards swarmed in upon islands where the mass came ashore." The following clay, AF reported, — John F. Howell, biologist of the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, examined the phenomenon and said: "My observation from the air indicates that the dead fish have been killed in the same manner that they were killed i.l 1947-48." The experts agree on what The Red Tide is, bul they differ as to how it kills the fish. The Tide represents millions of tiny marine organisms called dinoflagellates. Either they give of£ a poison or they , clog up the gills of fish. Anyway the i'ish. die, and it's only the manner of their dying on which the experts fall out. The fact that sea gulls shun the dead fish while the buzzards grab 'em doesn't tell us a thing. Gulls hunt live fish. Buzzards are scavengers. Maybe if we could find out what happened to the buzzards after they ale the dead fish we would know more about the poison theory — but there arc so many 1 buzzards in Florida that a few thousand wouldn't be missed, and certainly wouldn't be found. Accounts of the Florida curse arc interesting to Arkansas fishermen because earlier this year our state had a similar experience. Thousands of dead fish came down one of the central-state streams, and promptly there was a protest that someone had poisoned them. I But investigation showed no I . trace of poison in the fish. Then there was a suspicion of stream pollution by industry. But this also was disproved. My recollection is that the State Game & Fish Commission finally charged it off as soiiic mysterious ailment of nature. It's an odd coincidence!— yonder in salt water, here in fresh water ... in the same year. ' Chain Store Council Honors 4-H Club Youths — Photo by Shipley Studio Recently the Arkansas Chain Store Council honored 4-H Club members of Hempstead County with a banquet at Hotel Barlow. Left to right: Emil Kaden, Scott Store manager who welcomed the youngsters, Mrs. Lester Kent, Patmos Rt. 1, Fred Robertson, manager of Reohan's Store, Kay Kent, president of the Hempstead <l-H group, Whetfler R. Perkins, extension agronomist of Little Rock, L. C. Baber, manager and director of the Chain Store Council and J. B. Ellen III, who responded to the welcome by Mr. Kaden. Plane Wreck Sighted on Mountainside ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Wl —The snow-covered wreckage of a giant C124 Globemasler which carried its 52 passengers to their doom Nov. 22 has been found by an educator - flier high on the icy upper hand. Reuther Has Inside as CIO Leader ATLANTIC CITY, UP)—CIO lead ers remained tightly deadlocked today in trying to choose a new leader, but forces backing Walter Talent Program to Be Staged by Local Folks The fourth annual Talent pro- I gram sponsored by (he Hope jun- ^ad- ior senior high .school PTA will Rcuther seemed to be gaining an tcrcsl lo all high be presented on tlu- stage of the high school Friday. Due. 5 at 8 p.m. This program should be of in- in this school slopes of an Alaskan mountain. It was located only a few hours after another military transport had crashed yesterday at Tacoma, Wash., bringing fiery death to 30 of .the 39 persons aboard. And it was one of nine military planes with 209 persons aboard which have crashed with disatrous results or disappeared in the great circle from Korea to Montana in the past three weeks. Official Washington has taken notice of the tragic series, which has wiped out whole families, and ordered an investigation of its Alaska-connected radio navigational aids and communications S^'S 1 terns. Dr. Terris Moore, president of the University of Alaska and a skilled pilot, flew to the Alaska C124 wreckage with a companion Top officials ut the labor organization kept busy iri a scries of closed door conferences seeking to center on a successor to the late Philip Murray as CO president. Reuther. 45 year old, red-haired president of the CIO's United Auto Workers, was vying for the top job with Allan S. Haywood, 64-year-old CIO executive vice president. Both camps claimed growing strength, and seemed headed for a showdown fight for the CIO leadership at the big labod federation's convention, which opens here Monday. • , . • . '.. ' .... , ••- •An'' i nufnbc"i' < '6f' the" CIO leaders wanted to avoid any public clash. They were trying to prevail on both sides to come to an agree mcnt that would prevent any open split and thereby possibly endan- vhosc identity has not been learn- fier the CIO's future, d. They landed near tho moun-j One of these "peacemakers" was I don't oaro to d!ncua» the question with you, David." "Weil. I didn't want to dUousa Poiition Wonted ' AlUwuth i»i»«u* I* believed to m«*t i)»cU»cular development w«s >U> £!»«>, Ottth of the Uth C«m< JMttr whwh took thr«e-<iu»i't*tr» ot "-- iw»ul»Uon ol aam« P«ir<» ot Ku- the queatlon ot But. a> you Jlkc "A.U right I'll take you up. But not riK«t now. All our mow in lyouraclt, Emily V" "Yea, I'm very sure." "Sorry. Well, so long. Tell Prls tereaUng conversations ««em sub- 1 she shouldn't have let Lytnan cut 3*« lo interruption, tf I'm not mis- me out today and that I'll make taken, U»e luck ol Mie Irish u them both pay for their bootleg about to intrude upon our 1e- 1 sail, one way or another." llghttul Bomude » deux Isn't Unit I He Drought ms empty glass I «Jd, I »trlv« to. ple*»«. You might atrlv« to pltaae \oo one* in a while, Emily, Vou'd W «v«r ao much mow iov»W« U jf«« 4ld. H Mor« What makfti you think I want to b« more lovable T" love* m« very t am. That'a Wanted to Rent HOSPITAL M. c«u 7-et3i» of tout. wr 'HJS'ft* co»»»U wei«h very d to th« maw «t the earth am«u»t of matter In a awwuut to mUlbtut v.? .mMMA •IWNVM* "Don'j youT* "No. Roger much* juct u>» all i CAM abou "Oat I thought you w«rt inUr- «*t«4 in l«iv» ot ftltow men, like A-toOU Qftfi A>Cltl4MRI*^ "1 am. But U>»t'» not... You told m« youraeU th*t ctrUin kind* ot neopie couldn't»,," M i thought you didn't wut to dl»cu»» ttttt tpUod«, Bmtly." "i aon't—And e& not going to »tay her* and l«t you h»dg«r and bait m» «ny io«f»r." She row pwclpit»t«iy. D*vtd, who remained tested, «poke more eootb- -I doat want to badger a»d b*lt you. But you don't give axe any chwse. you pt«4 m« tftto tt. I cant Uaagiae wto, »w *»1 »et w*y with ert*** never f»ve m* w»y re»teal »RVago«l»Ue l»o» ve . ftnvafoai H»t*d vtry W*4t« . v»ry mtlwt hia special etgnal?" Davtd waa quite right. Brian waa jiggling tho old brass knocker which Emily nan attached to tha new door that had been out through the brick wall at the tide ol the tranaformed back yard, ao that vtnitora could enter there, instead ot through the old rear door, leading into the alley, where trash cana were perforce placed. U waa Monday and. aa usual on poker nlghta, Brian had cone straight to Joy Street from the office. Kraily haatened to let him in and greeted htm wlMi even greater cordiality than w«* tier habit. "Hello, Bmtly! i thought rd find you here." he wUd. "thet'a why 4 didnt tmther to go through the house. tHUo, Oavvd! Qoah, you a4way« manage to get through earlier then any ot the rest of us, don't you r Is u good luck or good management t" "Qoth in about equal proportions. And apparently Roger la still the one to «nut up swop." Brian nad nodded, almost cas- uaUy, to 8mUy as ne came in. wtUout «h»king nands. Now, without paying much apparent atten* to O«vtd, be draped tUs runv back to the table and set U down on the tray. Emily said good-by without looking up; she did not want to risk meeting David's eyes after what he had said that after- toon, especially in the presence ot g third person: tt might be too much 01 a betrayal. He paused briefly, almost as though expecting aome turUier word or at least some sign franker, but when none WM forthcoming, be did not- linger besx4e ner. With a passing compliment on the growth of her tulips suict tie nad last observed them, he •tralta* toward the new door In the side ut tne brick wall, paused again tor a moment and then went out, latcht'g the door carefully. "He will, you know." Brian observer, making sucking sounds With ths ice which was all that remained ol his drink. ~For neaven's saJke, Brian! Stop n>*Xing that noise 1 CSive me your glA*s ana let me refill it! tie will " M*. ?*•. t tte 4MMt 4 team iw^U«»» vwry weU be Ow »ort pled COM over Ue Mek ot U>» tmrett ctelf WW wik ba.cV w It, throwing atf n»t on toe ground and wiping » wolit brow.* -It's hot,* M saw unoriginal!* _ th»n|ct—but MU CM of tnott WN»bm wttfc «>, tt you doal -Make them pay (or it. That is, tt be want* Prise-ilia himseU. And wouldn't surprise me U tie did." "Nonaenwt He thinks ahe's Ju»t t ttd." »Riiy epoke wiu» autnof pt, But there was a queer teeling ~ rt, vtA of *»ftocatioo tn ber sta* wa atreJd toft b*r voice not sound entirely nonnM, ' to tell Just what Or why other pe*. they know what be Sir. m b»?» #»» * grew* D«vid by GEORGE E SOKOLSKY «npHESE DAYS," a timely, fearless, authoritative A column of comment on national and'international affairs, will appear six times a week in this newspaper. George B. Sokolsky is one of the country's great authors, lecturers and industrial relations experts. His many years in Europe and the Far East, together with a keen analytical mind, make 'THESE DAYS" one of the most widely read and quoted columns in America and abroad* You will «ijoy it and widen )wut viewpoint by fol- loving it regularly. Sokolsky's Column Begins Next Week >itu8 « tite r — .^- ~ **z. ''V^ 1 IN Plans Complete for Lions Club Auction Dec. 7 A meeting was held at KXAR radio station last night to iron ou a few last minute details concern ing the Christmas benefit auction to be held Monday, Dec. 1. It was decided to move the tim up irom 7:30 lo 7 p.m. in order tc be able to quit just a little earlie each night. It is hoped that th auction can be terminated eacl night at 10, so as not to tire ou the radio and visible audience There was some discussion as t the manner of purchasing the fooi and clothing, with the money rais ed from thu auction. In order t prevent any ill will, Lion Presiden Dr. Harold M. Brents, announce that he will invite all merchant concerned to participate in th buying. President Brents also stated tha a member of the Retail Merchants I Committee of the Chamber of Commerce would be asked to serve on the Purchasing Committee. Dr. Brents indicated that any housewives who would like to make homemade candy, cakes, or pies, and contribute them to the auction may do so by either bringing them to the City Hall Monday night where the auction will take place, or simply call in to the auction anytime Monday or Tuesday night. ain's summit in Moore's ski-cquip- ed light plane. His description of the scene was terse, "There is no sign of life- o life." The comment, radioed to ilanes which circled overhead, told olhing more. But Air Force pilots aid the wreckage was covered by now, with only the tail showing. They speculated that a snowslidc occurred after plane, en route here o Elmcndorf Air Force Base from McChord Air Force Base, Tacoma, ammcd into Ml. Gannett 1,000 eet bclowi the peak's 9,100-foot ummit. High winds kept Moore and his companion from leaving the wreck ceno. but they were dropped sup- jlies to tide them over the night. Meanwhile Air Force rescue officials were studying the feasibility of taking a trail crew in to the crash scene. Jacob S. Potofsky, president of the CIO's Amalgamated Clothing Work ers Union who told newsmen aftci a huddle ending at midnight: "I'm hoping for a meeting o: minds, for unity's sake. If it shoulc come to pass that we can't do that then we'll have to have an elec The CIO's two biggest unions each claiming more than a millioi members, arc the stcul workgrs and the auto svorkers. The aut union was in Reuther's corner while steel was supporting Hay wood. [ area since it will be made up en- irely of home talent. The ninth, tenth, eleventh, and welfth grades will each present skits and stunts and the various chool clubs will furnish cntcrtain- neiit through pantomincs, dancing incl specialty acts. The high school glee club under he direction ot Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, will render musical numbers. Another added feature will be the rrab Bag Booth where Chdistmas Successor to Lie Is Studied By OSGOOD CARUTHERS UN1TKD NATIONS, N. Y. Ml — The big powers were reported to day squaring away for a closet door struggle over a successor t U. N. Secretary General Trygv Lie — if one can be agreed on. The Russians are said to b wrapped gifts 'can be purchased for only a quarter but most of them will be worth much more. Homemade candy, gum and cold drinks be"sbtd'.* Admission will be 50 cunts for adults and 25 cents for students and all proceeds will be used lor PTA school projects. Sen. Fulbright to Mother's Bedside \\ASHfNGTON (If] — Sen. Kul bright (D-Ark) left Washington today for Fayclteville to be with his mother, Mrs. Roberta Fulbright, wno is critically ill. Sen. Fulbrighl was to havj lelt Unity for Europe lo study operations of the United States infor minion program abroad. lie said he would fly to IV.Vu nnd then motor to FayctlovilK FCC to Be Probed Says McCarthy By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON, dft — Sen. McCarthy announced today that the Federal Communication Commission will come under scrutiny of the Senate investigations subcommittee in the new Congress, j As the senior Republican mem-1 ber, McCarthy is in line for the chairnfanship of both the investigations unit and its parent body, the Senate Committee on Government Operations. He- told a reporter he feels the investigations subcommittee should make at least a preliminary check into complaints from any senator, .Republican or Democrat, to determine whether a full- scale probe is warranted. McCarthy said he already has received requests from two Republican senators and one Demo- Arkansan Held in El Paso Slaying EL FASO, Te:.' M» — \ federal Grand Jury will meet Dec. 10 to considei murder i'hargci against v/o Ft. Bliss soldiers in thj slay- in a of En El Pas'o taxi drive?. Judgo R. E. Thomasan today ordered the Grand Jury recalled to sift evidence against Pfe. Marvin Lee Austin of Marrnaduke, Ark., and Pvt. Raymond L. Button of Des Moines, la i"hey are charged with murder in the robbery slaying of Jesus Alvarez Gonzales, whose charred body was found in his burned cab Saturday. Judge Thomason set Jan. 26 as tentative trial date in the event the Grand Jury returns an indict- Ancient Egyptians visualized thi earth as a round ball. anxious to get Lie whose Winter Weather Strikes Most ot Arkansas By The Associated Press A snow and sleet storm that on- 'red western Arkansas late yes- errlay moved across the state irnugh Iho night leaving In Its •like Inches of snow, ley roads nd slippery sidewalks, Thoro were no truffle accidents r fatalities reported due to Iho now storm. F.iirly today the eastern section f the stnte received its first snow- nil. At PaniKoukl about an Inch f snow hail fallen after midnight nd Inlet- turned into slcot. Jones- joro reported miow and Icy roads. The state police were told to re- •oule traffic on Highway 08 north if Clinton. Highway Department engineers reported, tho roads im- lassuble because of Ico and sleet, The U. S. Weather Bureau at ittle nock said Dardiincllo with 1.5 Inches had tho heaviest snow during the 24 hour period ending n / a. m. today. Ft, Smith was nox w'th I) inches of snow.' Lowest temperature in the stale yesterday was at Gilbert, l!!i. Highest was at Newport, 40. >. 'ftain,.S/eef, Snow Hits for First Time This Season Haln, slcct nnd snow covered tho ground In this section Into yos« tcrdny nnd lust night but seemed to be molting mldmornlng Sntur- tiny. U wns tho first snow of tho season for Hope, Tho temperature dropped to 26 degrees from n high of 02 nnd precipitation wns ,27 of an Inch, aw cording to tho Experiment Station. Around midnight last night cars nnd trucks began faltering on the .lied Hlver Bridge at Fulton mtl ono was reported to have went off of the high dump on the bridge npprouch. At least four wreckers were on the scene but It wasn't until Highway crows spread sawdust on thu bridge thnl traffic was able to move again, Superior! s Bl Red Airfields Near Manchm By 8AM 6UMMERUN SEQW,. Iffl —U. ;S. £ Wasted Communist alrflsli in cannon shot of Mnnohurli struck at other sprawling'!** further south lost rilflht ir third blBRest night raid ot Forty-nlno B28s from, nnd Japan teamed up strikes. 3* of Iho big , braving honvy antiaircraft tfeji Red fighters to Slnuiju and In cxtromo Northwestern ,-J? Vlftoon bombed n-big Tiger Woman Believed to Have Had Help PIIOKNtX, Ariz., (UP)—Police nnd sheriff's deputies searched today for a heavy-set woman they believe lo be n friend of escaped trunk murderess Wlnnio Ruth lur.cled tour of duly Uicy havu bi tcriy opposed for two years — 01 of this way as .soon as possibl Tho Western powers are not in such a hurry, but they feel the problem of whether to accept Lie's resignation must be settled eventually. Diplomatic sources said secret informal talks may commence early next week. Little has been done about the problem since Lie dramatically tenAwrcd his'i'dSlKnntlon t6 the General Assembly Nov. 10 under growing pressures of Soviet enmity on one side and U. S. investigations into alleged ,Heds among American .members of the U. N. staff on the other. Lie said he was offering to step down in the hope that his action might help bring peace to Korea, The bulky Norwegian, who as first named to the job in February, 1940 incurred Hussion opposition by supporting the U.N. action in Korea. When his five-year term ex> pircd in November, 1D50, tho pow> ers were unable to agree on a successor and the veto-free General Assembly extended Lie's term a further three years. By The Associated Press Arkansas got Its first Iristo of real winter weather yesterday, when snow, sleet and sub-freezing temperatures blanketed the north, west and central sections of the state. In Little Rock, Tho U. S. Weather Hureiui said that the Eastern and southeastern portions could expect the same treatment today. Snow, the first ot the winter and a little early for Arkansas, struck first til Ft. Smith in the Northwest, and that section bore tho brunt of the storm. But Tcxarkano in the exlrcmu southeast; Fllppln in the north; Little Hock in tho central section and El Dorado in the south all were hit by snow or sleol or both. Temperatures -dropped • below frec/inf! throughout the state. The low yesterday was 1] at Fuyotte- ville, and tho highest minimum was 28 tit Pine Bluff. Ft. Smith first reported snow, at 2:35 p. m. yesterday, and before nightfall the city was eov- with an inch ot Hakes. Two inches were reported In tho city at 10 p. m. Fayottovlllo, lashed at 3:30. recorded n 'little over an inch. U. S. Highway 71, main north- south artery in the mountainous northwest was blocked until late last night by snow and Ice from Alma north to Fuyeltevlllc — a distance of 40 miles. Judd Authorities feared tho woman, whom they did not Identify, might try.'db spirit the Insane "tiger" woman across the Mexican border. Police Htild the woman had dls- iippotired from her Phoenix homo, i;nd they believed she may be ono of tho friends believed hiding tho auburn-haired murderess. Authorities described tho woman us five-feet, nine-Inches tall nnd an "old acquaintance" of Mrs, Judd. She was kwwn to have boon driving u Chrysler station wagon, but no definite clucu had boon uncovered yet. In Tucson, sheriffs deputies yesterday investigated a "suspicious house in tho University of Arizona district but wore denied entry. When they entered on a search warrant lator, they found un older,'* ly womttn 'but'no sign of tho Insane murderess. A careful check of alt* terminals nnd highways leading to Mexico fulled to disclose tiny clues leading lo information on tho 48-year-old plcx nt Haoju, a' nt Hamhyng and Communist tlctront positions. LfOW»f lying B-29 .... over tho targets ahead of, pcrforts to knock out soo^eJ and nnUnircrnft guns, searchlights from across Rlvcr l In Communist Aj (InRorcd tho dork sklca, »'^< Far Knst Air Forces; " tho Superforts aimed at tho by radar nnd results served. Pilots reported, <«\ out oC there quick." ' H A handful of Communist ilfihlors rose from , nt Antung, Manahttrla, and s| one cut looso at tho Sun'tr with Its guns. Most of (ippcurod to bo making 'non» pusses, however. Allied loese any, will be announced in ly report. Hatchett Director of, State Police w intlon », wh Osiris was a legendary king of Egypt who later became king of the cleucl in Egyptian rnytliology. Military authorities, meanwhile, continued to hold Pfc. Jack D. Scroggins of Joliet, 111., who told officers he was in on the robbery plans but backed out at ten last minute. Scroggins is being held as a material witness. high good nature, but not their womenfolk. There is something about a muitache on the lip of the man she loves that brings out the rna- .ernal lioness in a gal. Her creed Is simple: "Love that man — adore his mustache." And f you refer ever so slightingly to he fuzz patch under his nostrils she leaps to its defense almost as quickly as if you had trampled one of her children. She counterattacks with fury, with fists, wit'i words. Particularly words. Sister Kenny Is Sinking Fast /Tgi i, The national anthem of the United Kingdom is "Cod Save the " and sung (o the same tune "America," » ' cratic senator-none of whom he named-fur an inquiry into the FCC. He said they wanted the committee to look into what they called incompetence and wastefulness by the agency and "favoritism" in granting licenses to radio and television stations. McCarthy emphasized that he hopes to expand the membership of the Senate investigations subcommittee from seven to nine in the Republican-controlled Congress beginning Jan. 3. He said he also wants to set up a number of task .forces within the subcommittee to keep..- check on government activities in specific fields. An alert committee and stall "can 40 an pwfe, SYDNEY, Australia (/P) — Sister Elizabeth Kenny, famed polio nurse critically ill with coronary thrombosis at her Queensl.m | home, is sinking, the latest bulle tin frojv. fc«r I edside said ea.'ly .oday. Sister Kenney took a turn for the v.orse last night. She is un com'cicus, her right side is par alyzcd and she is receiving oxyger continut'Uriy. An airliner bringing supplies o a new drug, trypsin, from a New Yo:k hospital was due in Brisbani toniaht Sister Kenny's physician Dr. John Ogden, expressed doubt however, whether it would arrive in time. Tne plane has been diverted Sidney to Sristane and an i# waij,j»< at the al •-•*- •"— —- to the Boyle Finds Plenty of Women Around Who Simply Love an Old Fashioned Mustache By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK W) — When you kid Tien who wear mustaches, mister i'j, smile, smile. They can take the ribbing in I found this^ut by writing a piece questioning the romantic im?act of the mustache. My theory wa- — and is — that a man ordinarily grows a mustache to cure en inferiority complex and th;it it him into a snob faster than million if someone gave him a dollars. Naturally, I was honest enough to adni't myself that personal jeal ousy h;:d Influenced by think ng- The only time I ever tried to grow a mustache it drooped Hke limp bay. Well, most of my friends with mustache were quite tolerant about the whole thing, twirling their small fur forests as they sneered tauntingly: "Snobs are we Don't you wkh you could be a snob, too, junior?" But the women got angry. They said a mustache is downright abie. "Being a woman I would ten times rather be kissed by a mustache than all the smooth-faced yo- kew like you or some other men | coute think of," wrote a JaJy from Ann Arbor Mich. frt m rn Akron, Ohio, lass: "Believe me, being kissed by a mar v,'.th a mustache isn't at all Ijivc being hit in the face with a dry toothbrush. It's more HI navini; the warmth of nature close lo you — cavemanish. Warmth is a i ice necessity in a kiss." Well yes. But you could ai'ii.12 on tho.«c groundb that u rubber hot water bag is even muri> romantic than a mustache. A uintleman sailor from Bosun wired me pityingly; 'Haven't you heard the old saying of Scottish lassies, that kissing a man without a mustache ir. like eating an egg without salt." Another man said: "I grew a mustache because my wife .'/kes Robert Taylor, and he has a mustache. Now rny wife like* me, tou — I think, I hope." Still another fellow threatened to tu.ng me before Gov. Dewey of New York, who has packed a mustache lut yeari, and added: "That'll mean Sing Sing Prison for you — so better take care." There also was a perfect torrent of feminine mail that can be By United Proas A cold spell which hna chilled the country einco Tuesday lost aomo of Ha vigor toduy, but temperatures generally were below seasonal normals. The cold snap was ctmlorod In the Midwest, and snow ranging from u half inch to three quarters of an inch was likely to full in Iowa, Wisconsin and other Midwest areas, Freeing rain hit tho Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma and Central Kansas last night. VVest Yellowstone, Mont., was the coldest spot in the nation yen- terday with a high of 10 degrees. Lander, Wyo., and Akron, Colo, each reported readings of 12, Scoltsbluff, Neb., had 13 and Chicago 24. Now Yorkers wero promised cold, sunny wealhcr with an expected high in the low zeros, but Sunday will probably bo cloudy, The picture was much the same in New Jersey and New England. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol warned motorists that the freeing rain made highways hazardous, but about 30,000 football funs will probably ignore the warning to motor to Stillwutcr for the Oklahoma-Oklahoma A. & M. game, The sunny weather along the Atlantic seaboard was stopped short In Western Pennsylvania by a band of fairly heavy clouds. Temperalure.s were not expected to go above tho freezing mark in tho Pittsburgh area. murdcrcsH, Who escaped for the sixth time Thursday night by squeezing through a hole cut In a heavy mesh screen on a window In the Arizona Btiito Hospital, Road blocks were sot up In tho Tucson area yesterday and police there sought two former hospital employe, friends of Mrs, Judd who disappeared from i their Phoenix homos. Little information was released on tho two women except that they were wanted for questioning and woro believed to bp In thu Tucson area. up this way: "I luve my husband and am 3H-; ^ } brood my wsy complex proud of his mustache. And your wife would probably like you better if you grew a nu-ttache too — on top of your head." Well, okay, so I was wrong. A mustache can be more than a mcuse cover. Behind every manly mustache lurks a tender woman's orittly pride. A balding man needu every romantic crutch he can lean upon. So Us a pair of sweeping musts chios tor me right away. The kind I grow myself make women •wdek, with laughter instead ot i;igh with love. So I'm buying myself today the grandest set ot rare old walrus mustaches oo tb* naarbet. bss* n»y; tewww* E. J. Whitman Heads Hope Country Club At a meeting this week K; ), Whitman was named president of the Hope County pl«b. Mack Duffle was named vice- president and Syd McMalh elected secretary and treasurer. The board of governors include: 3. W. Smith, Fred Orisham, Albert Craves and Pale Jones, Miss Bess Thankful for Selection Miss Bess Walker, chosen uulcs person of tho month by a Chum* bor ol Commerce .Committee, thanked the group by letter today, Miss Walker is critically ill at her home. Her letter follows: Retail Committee of the Hope Chamber ot Commerce, Hope, Arkansas. "Dear Friends: I wish to acknowledge with deep gratitude tho honor you have ro- 'cently conferred upon me as th« "Sales Person ot tho Month" tor November, "As I read your many exhaulted compliments ot my qualifications in this vocation 1 could not help but feel a deep sense of humility, and my heart was completely overwhelmed by your kindness in making this decision which must have been a very tedious one when J consider the competent sales people with whom I had to compete. "I can only say that thip (nttfecft me very happy and tf I eeji ' -correct in thinking that ' ' justly; >wa» this crown ,ol U certainly makes'me {eel that fny.etfow nave been richly re. warded with such, trcmonduop Praise, — the pleasure te ,fU " "In starting my bus^osa o it was easy to step into a |ir<n already Well establishes '---* "— ugh congenial and ation :gaio p? fa»i my very best as a sgles, "With a bejrt fuy ot |pr tiU« nigh honor ap and also tor your food my ROOK, peace officers nnd bor ot tho Arkansas Kftnl boon named by Gov>olaq| Cherry as-Stntq Soliea""" Ho Is 43.y<SBr-old I , chott of Littlo Rocfr. ttatcli coeds Herman Llndsoy, Borvcd during tha, 4-yoo« ^ trillion pt Gov. McWothi 1 , Tho now director imnovinj torday thut ho expects ,to a revised budget for th<r ment that would rodwcft ,t personnel to around IW-fi present 162. ' n< He said that ho would mend employment ot H, „ and reduce the investlgat vision. Hatchott said that or mon i)i wduld bo' pay higher salaries to'.t! malnlilg, • ;' •' k Ho said ho couldn't' Llndsvy would ho capacity , althougl scribes the outgoing dl "a personal frlond," Hutchott was a m original IS-membor Artatn'j gers formed ^ tho 1030's tor beuamo the Stqte'P^ sorvad In the two croupi ;" consecutive years and; ri ranger to Copt^in. ' , Upon- leaving'the del Ilatohetji served a y(»aj FBI, tfiv, KJje Security 'J the Department of Inter year and engaged work for two »nd, In the pfavy, bolpg , an enforcement Office, of Pripo 6|ab year and a half. to Sadly Damaged in Accident Here An auto driven by S. was badly wbea it collided , Berwick yesterday another driv

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