Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1952
Page 14
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Friday, .November 28, r SHO.CGACM...IFfc BA2DAZZUL WILL QUIT A-THROWIN" WHARWEAINt^ THftOUW nfAIR AND 02Am me WILDCATS on we cffc-WB, rue FIRST HALF ENOS -AND AS THE WILDCATS CHARGE ONTO THE FIELD FOR THE SECOND HALF.,, Friday, November 28, 1952 HOP! STAli HO^I, By j. R. Wllllami VIC FLINT By Michael O'Molley and Ralph LaM •v Chick Younft 1 KNEW IF I'D JUST SIT BACK AND PLAV HARD TO GET, LORETTA WOULD PlNALLV FALL FOR ME SHE WANTED ME OVER TO HER HOUSE TONIGHT TC> StT WITH HER LITTLE BROTHER WHILE SHE AND ) x\\ ALVIN GOTO y -^ THE MOVIES OH, THANK YOU, LORETTA, I'D JUST LOVE TO tnioin Ywxitt, 1m . WVM,) r<|tKii ifwrtrj Currency Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 3 Slighted 1 Oriental coin *J* S . „ 4 Italian coin 5 Passage in the 8 Copper coin - °, ral . n 12 Swedish coin S FM , s 13 Upon I £ lk f'y , 14 Century plant . BRcstaurnnts ISLarse 0 Pen name of 16 Makes blissful in £ harl , < : s Lan ] b 18 Vendors 10 Negative votes 20 Animal n Tl- y 27 Small organs 42 British 21Lamorev 17 European 28 Press streetcar 22 Pedal digits Peninsula 29 Learning 43 Unusual 24 Aprprmiflnt 19 Oblivion 31 Exaggerate 44 Volcano in «.i ngiei.iut.ui. __ ,. , ,,:i_- TJ !?;„„„,. o:«!l.. 2G Lone sravellv y 23 ' kilns 33 Finger ridees 24 Free ticket 38 Salad fruit 46 Below (naut.) 27 Palestine coin 25 Car (coll.) 40 Strong 47 Persian coin ' aleslmecoin 26 Mountain vegetable 48 Kill 41 Stalks 50 Catch 1 IZ. K, IS It 'to y\ 3fa"" It W SI Si i Zb Ha 5 0 W _ 19 m •'///• W H 13 \b m '///; 51 37 5 w, It, ' / ///.- 'm 60 5S 5fc 6 ZZ if si i» «i 7 ^ Z'i 'i2 Jl) P fb 17 Vt> H HI 8 If n 33 •i9 9 27 il 5f 57 10 za 17 II Z9 N6 » OUT OUR WAY O'CLOCK TH6 EVE, LIKB& TO r t/ rUIN , r >»'W" B »Tfc/ 1-ir.M.^ ••••_- • _"•' J AT HIS PAVOWTB FLOWER 6HOf OP . HOW'S THBVMPB <J27 Nflvfltln city 40 B1li 3* Social InMOtt cueltoo (amlly 34 OKh6*tr»l ROUnn«)lrBtc(» will compoHllon fll Orwsfe war «od 40 Thus ft3H«rdcn 4S Senior (flb.) 84B«foro OU»0» 44 first .Towlnh 00 Ocnus or high priest mcndow Ev« 48 Permit* urnswe 40 Hor«e'» «e!t 67 Worm WASH TUBBS THE UMU0EO WHERE THEY AWMT VOUR 30 Writer 32 Iron (prefix) 34 Stow cargo 35 Suit maker 36 Turf 37 Consumes 39 Departed 40 Booklet of church masses 41 Masculine nickname 42 Tendency 45 Affairs L/kWE ^ LEBK.C^ TUKW& ONTO A OUR BOARDING HOUSI With Major Hoopla 54 National Automobile Association By Edgar Martin BOufS AND HER BUDDIES (ab.) 55 Intend 50 Nods 57 Furtive HlCCUf ACROSS ^kNiVAL: '' ^ ,i.X'j'L: By Dick Turner (?OUL&0 NICELY BUGS BUNNY By HershbeVger FUNNY BUSINESS By V. T. Hamli ALLEY OOP WENT OUT THAT ABOUT? A MACHINE? I tell you what let's do, lady—you take my place and I'll stand on your feet for a while!" - "I don't htvo any trouble getting through traffic alnoe I ut on thhi radiator emblamr By Ruts V/interbotha CHRIS WELKIN, Plo»et«e» HIS f RUMPS !k^\«C •y Carl Ander«» v £ OZARK IKI fAIL TO SCOK6 IH THE THIRD ftKIOD AS THEf/HfSS FIELD-GOAL our OUR WAY VlC HAS, JUST LBPT TONY'S PLORlST SHOP A KMhA MAN/BVlftV APTBK WJYNS HIS MORNING CflRlxVfllONJ. •MOHNINS HBRBFOI?THa«.OW6(«f I WEAR17 >.OU CALL THAT MAN\tH*r& ftflMT POtf HIS gRJTTONHOL* WHO JUST LEPTMK.qjMT. l*y-VM6TEK. VIC AWAY FRO,v\ HOME TO BE A COWBOY.' H!«5 PlPTST NAME VIC fry CHANCE? PLtKlT— HB'S-A JUST 5EMP TH' KIP OUT THERE AMP HE WOM'T BE.' Y 1 . TH' ONLY LOWED- MEAK A A VETHRINARV, A BANKER: AMP WASH TUBBS THRU ^ ROTTIN6 PLWJK! CLEAM-OP LEAGUE WAMT6 ACTION CLUB, MAK&. A cOMBTAeue' I'LL GLrVtXY GO E6AD, MARTH 1 A..' 6AWI3H SUCH '^i A ei^ARRE IWPULSE FROM, /.j THE WIFE OF A 6TILL A GEMTLEWOMANi DM / A6 A JUSTICE X MUST HAME FULL vJlTMOOT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A /V\OP AMD THOSE SCARECROWS TO JAIL IM LOCK- BUGS BUNNT FUNNY BUSINEfe, By Hcrshlerger ALLEY OOP OTIM. WANTA SO AYEH,.,I < WELL, I SEE WC \ THE HIGH LINK GOT WO. W8HT.,. 11 WOW: NBBD ON THAT LONG RECKON SOT JUICE THIS \ SHORTED OUT.,. IT MORNING! WHAT 3EEMS 3OMEBODY TIME-TWPVOU V I PO. D'YA SUPPOSE / LAID A LENGTH OP WERP.TALKIKJG WENT WRONG WITH IT LA9T NIGHT? "Now, Mom, give him the bill for your new hat—I want to watch his blood pressure go up! CHRIS WELKIN, Plqnefaer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS '.'E THE AMAIZA! I'M &XNG TOFINP WELWNl IHB PLOT IS CLEAR NOW' I'VE GOT IT/ START GUI'. YM6 SOMETHlNe HAVE HIPDEN A CLOCK /A/ TUfCHAN- , TO /NrefiKLjpr UKPS SPBECH! A BE TOWARD rue CHANDELIER/ WHAT AM IOONJNA OO, \~[uf OF tAUST MOR8IP? IFTHArCUJCK BE SOME GOES OFF.lTlu RUIN J W^OP ME/ _ . I*/ SAVINS YOU PROM THE AND MOW OUR. LAST SPEAKEB

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