Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon on June 14, 1917 · Page 2
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Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon · Page 2

Medford, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1917
Page 2
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T ... PAGE TWO jrED-FORD MATE .TRIBUNE MEDFORD, ORE(J()N. THURSDAY, Jl'XE 14. 1917. TOCAL AND Li PERSONAL A mule, weighing ono thousand pounds, shipped by express out of Medford Wednesday night to Ketchikan, Alaska. The animal was consigned to Heckennan & Company, from W. C. Karhart, and will be used on a salmon cannery tramway. Mrs. Leach, corsets made to measurements guaranteed. Phone C83-J. Mrs. F. A. Borchort went to Portland Thursday morning for the Rose Festival. Mr. and Mrs. Borchert are from San Francisco, but are temporary residents of Medford, where Mr. Uorchert is buing treated by Dr. Emmons. Don't forget to order your lunch goods for the outing at Medford Fish Market. A. H. Wlllson of Milwaukee, Wis., is at a local hotel. Johnson for nigh class watch repairing. tf Miss Pearl Hall returned to her home in Eugene after a visit with her brothers, Court and T. V. Hall. She Is accompanied home by Mra. T. V. Hall and little son, who will visit also at Monmouth while away. Piano tuning, W. P. Brooks, with Palmfcr Piano Place, South Central. 73 J. O. Corzort and N. Erlckson, S. P. employes, returned to jAsbland Thursday morning. . Buttermilk, 10c gal. DeVoe's. J. P. Stapleton and Mrs. Staplcton returned to Portland Thursday morn ing. Stapleton was of the counsel for defense In the I.avlne caso at Jacl sonvllle. Stapleton has offices in tho Ycon building. Bakory goodB at DeVoe's. ' I. N. Bragg, a former Jackson conn ty resident, returned to Medford Thursday morning after a visit hero. He has resided In Roseburg the last four years. See Dave Wood about that fire in surance policy. Office, Room 404, M P. & II. Bdlg. J. J. Van Waning, brother of A. J. Vau Waning, tho Southern Pacific agent, arrived in Medford Thursday morning from his homo at Iiubbell, Nebraska, it is probablo ho will bo- come a resident of Medford.- Dr. Heine fits glasses corroctly. The Parnots' Educational bureau will bo closed until next September, when It Is hoped the work mny 'bo resumed and continued tbruout tho year. Big Bo milk shakes at DeVoo's B. L. Hunt, a representative of an adding "innehlno company, is In Medford from Eugeno. 'Dr. Honry Hart, Jackson County Bank building. Office hours, 2 to 4 p. m. J. II. Cookson nnd wife of St Louis are staying at a local hotel. Metz cars at Riverside Oarage. Mr. and Mrs. W. M., French of New York City arrived in Medford on train 14 Thursday. They are friends of Mr. and Mrs. Cluy M. Connor. That Choice Hoguo Rivor salmon continues to arrive daily at tho Medford Fish Market. It's tho summer food. P. N. Xiolby, representing tho West Coast Ruber company, with hoadquur-tors at Seattle, arrived In Medford Thursday morning to visit his old friend, 11. O. Nordwlck. Fresh Chocolutes at DeVoo's. ftliss Frances 'Neil of Santa Barbara is a guest at a local hotel. For the best Insuranco see Holmes, the Insurance Man. J. Mix Kemp of OhleaKO Is registered at the Commercial club. Dr. Frauk Roberts, dentist, St. Marks building. Phono 3211-Y. Miss Hazel Under, teacher of physical culture at the University of Oregon, has returned to Medford to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. ltuder. Hatha, 2'.c. Hotel Holland. A. Vandcrspek, 1,1,. I)., manager of the North Pacific Loan nnd Trust company of Spokane, arrived In Medford Thursday morning nn a business umiorluking. I'hnne SS4 Heath's Drug Store. . William 111 Ii-.hIii u. who operated n ranch near Talent, died at Sinai hospital, Milwaukee, Wis., after a surgical operation. Ho was 47 yours and 4 ninnihs old. Interment wll Hie at his old homo at Homer. NYb. Onsollno nnd oil at DeVoe's. Walter J. O'llrlen of Unite Falls. who recently enlisted In the marine corps here, passed thru Medford Thursday morning for .Mare Island for training. Metz cars at Riverside Cnrnge. W. J. Tanner, n former ell ken of Medford, now of Vallejo, Calif , Is In the city for a few days. Dr.. Heine, eye, ear, nose, throat. J. Xf. Henry of (iucllo, Calif., Is In the city. Johnson for high class watch repairing. tf Karl Hoslwlck of Ashland was In Medford Wednesday nlqht. Nice shipment crabs for the week end at Medford Fish Market. LeBter Hodgson of Portland Is visiting Elmer Fos and other friends this week. Miss Grace Mitchell left Wednesday night to attend a summer school at Berkeley. 31r. and Mrs. Wilbur Jackson of Eagle Point were in Medford Thursday shopping. Patrick Haley of Eagle Point, J. Houston of Trail, and William Ferns of Phoenix passed thru Medford Thursday to their respective homes. They have been doing Jury service at Jacksonville. Second-hand Corona typewriter for sale, perfect condition. Medford Book Store. . Miss Jean St?rm::i, the four-yoaf- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Einil Schmidt, who recently broke her arm when she fell from a go-cart onto the curbing, is reported recovering rapidly. Wl. F. Isaacs, after Jury duty at Jacksonville the first part of the week has returned to Medford. June 14th, Maplewood picnic sets always Sue, our price 2Dc. Medford Book Store. Former Mayor O. H. Johnson of Ashland visited In Medford Thursday. Don and Carl Newbury, Robert Mold and Don itunyurd left Medford late Wednesday for tho Squaw Lake district, in tho Appiegate, where they will he employed in blazing a new trail for tho forestry bureau of the United States government. Twelve members of I company, constituting its baseball team, will leave Medford on Saturday morning for Klamath Falls, where on Sunday they will play the Klamath Falls club. All hats greatly reduced at Lottie Howard's 73 Mr. and Mrf. A. Carstens of Seattle, who had been visiting friends In California, and sight-seeing in the Yo8emlte forests and the Grand Can yon of Arizona, passed thru 'Medford today. Their trip has extended since April 1. They were met at Medford by their friends, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Fisher and Miss Jean Fisher of Rogue River, at whoso homo they will visit for several days before rosuming their northward Journey. Home Drying of Vegetables and Fruits ROLL OF HONOR SHY. (Contlnncd from Pago One.) B. Lowory, Wayne Lowry, David Low-ry, Lucile Lowry, Burton G. Lowry, Arthur James Rose Perry J. Gregg. Jackson County Hunk List. Those purchasing bondB from the Jackson County Bank: Loonard Carpenter, G. W. Dow, Ellznhoth N. Robinson, Laura V. Crockor, Asa F, Rohley, Weir W. McDonald, 11, W. Stearns, (loo. P. Llnd-j ley, Nolo M. Llndley. Emma L. Paul, C. W. McDonald, Eva Ww McDonald, F. M. Calkins, Maude M. Stlckel, Kate Stlno, Ada V. Smith, Lynno K. Smith, Sarah E. Llndley, Jano C. Carrol), P. C. Illgham, John O. Connor, Lesse M. O'Connor, Elslo Schmidt, John Pout ing, Win. C. Rice, V. II. Vawler, Med-ford-Ashlnnd Typographical Uuian, Ahbio J. Champlaln, Fred L. Cham- plain, Chas. P. Champlaln, Oeorglna C. Kottlo, Beul.rico C. Jones, Dora L. Smock. C. L. Upshaw. .1. C. Rollins. Robert Rollins, It. A. Newland, N. H. Roberts, L. L. Small. W. C. Eurhart. A. F. Rtennett, E. M. Brown A. II. Miller, Walter II. Stokes, Mildred I. Stokes, Win f red Y. Crowson. William Isaacs, Floyd E. Mlllor, Henry G. Brown, Marlon D. Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Ethel Curry, Edward L. Proebsting, R. A. Johnson, Fred W. Treacy. Modronl National List. Medford National Bank, Bertha B. Williams, Angus .1. Van Waning, tins Newbury, Win. C. Orowell, Thos. M. Davis, Win. S. Crowell, James W. Her-rlan, Wm. T. Ilerrlau, Miss Mildred T. Carlton, Harold P. Foster, T. E. Daniels, Harriet Wilson. Clementina L. Wilson. Virginia Wilson, Robert llruco Wilson. Fred E. Merrick, Un let t F. Piatt, lllnnch T. Salade. Marie Antoinette llowells, L. K. Williams, Georgia E. Pruett, Jennie Pruett, Ir-vln A. Pruett. Annie Kollhor, William Sinnott, Sarah S. Van Dyke, Em- inett S. Palmer, Ella C. Wostorlund, James W. Shirley, Abide Kendall Thomas, George P. Minis, Robert W. Wilson, Martin J. Heddy, William M. Altken, John A. Westerlund, Medford Printing Company, O. Putnam. Fruitgrowers' I lank 1. 1st. I'nriiier.t & Fruitgrowers Hunk, Dclroy Getchell, C. H. Wlllteman, Mrs. C. E. Whlteman, C. W. Whlllock, Robert Day Poller. Bayard MeClurc Getchell, Mildred K. Anile. C. A. No-j ren. Hazel F. Antic, Roland K. Swan. It. F. Alltle. Vnrorlo Mrt'lillo (lelcll-f 11. Ida II. Evans, Georglo I). Whllluck. Alice Mcl'lure Gclchcll, Kutd M. Hunt. Southern liltlc Glvs $1!."I. The Southern Pacific company has wired to First National Hank, Medford as follows: I "Have entered credit to you for your community nt th Northwestern National bank. Portland anil the Federal Reserve- bank at San Francisco,; $'-"' "0. portion of the subscription of 'he Southern I'aetlle company to the Liberty loan. "W. F. INlUt.Wt. "Assistant Treasurer." AMERICAN MISSION ARRIVES AT RUSSIAN CAPITAL PETROGIt.VD. June 14 - The American mission, headed by Ellbu Root, has arrived here. vegetables and fruits for winter use WASHINGTON, June 9. Dry vegetables and fruits for winter use if tin cans and jjlnss: jars for running' are senree or expen-ive. This is the advice of Seeiuli.sts of the L". S. (ieperctment of agriculture, who recently have studied the iwssibilities of conserving food to meet war needs in spite of any difficulties that may be experienced in obtaining cunning containers. Drying was a well-recognized and successful way of preserving foods he-fore canning came into general use, the specialists point out, and modern methods inuke it still more practicable than formerly, either inthe homo or by community groups. Methods of Drying. Three methods have been found by the department specialists to (rive satisfactory results. These are sun drying, drying by artificial heat, and drying with air blasts ns before an electric fan. Trays for drying by any one of these methods, us well ns tray frames for use over stoves or before fans( can be made satisfactorily at home.. Frames and (rays for uso with artificial heat may be purchased complete if desired. Homemade trays may be made of side nnd end boards three-fourths of an ich thick and two inches wide, ami bottom boards of lathing spaced one-fourth of un inch. If desired, one-fourth-incli galvanized wire mesh may he lacked to the side nnd end honrils to form the bottoms of the trays, r'rnmes for use before fans mav be made of wood of convenient size. Frames for use with artificial heat should be mudo of non-inflnminable material to as great an extent as possible. As many ns six trays may he placed one above the oilier when artificial heat is used. In dryin;: he- lore a inn tho number of trays tbut may be placed ono above the other will depend, to a large extent, upon the diameter of the fan. In drying in the sun, trays as described mny be used or the products to be dried mny be spread on sheets of paper or muslin held in place by weights. Preparing Products for Drying. Vegetables nnd fruits will dry bet ter if sliced. They should he cut into slices one-eifihlh to one-fourlh of an ich thick. If thicker, they may not dry Ihoroly, While drying, Hie products should be turned or stirred from time to time. Dried products should be pnekod temporarily for (hree or four days and poured each day from one box to another lo bring about thoro mixing, and so Hint the whole mass will have n uniform decree of moisture. If during this"cun-ditiouing" any pieces of the products nro found to be too moist, they should he returned to the Irnys nnd dried further. When in condition, the products may be packed permanently in tiejit paper hags, insect-proof paper boxes or cartons, or glass or tin containers. llecipes Spinach and Parsley. Spinach that is in prime condition for greons should he prepared by careful washing and removing the leaves from the rools. Sprend the leaves on trays to dry thoroughly. They will dry much more promptly if sliced or chopped. Guillen llccts, Onions, Oirnit-s, Turnips, Parsnips anil Cabbage. Hcets: Select young, quickly grown, tender beets, which should he washed, peeled, sliced about an eight of nn inch thick, nnd dried. Turnips should he treated in the sumo way as beets. ( 'urrols should he well grown, but varieties having a large woody core should be avoided. Wash peel, and slice crosswise into pieces about an eighth of an inch thick. Parsnips should he treated in the same way as carrots. Onions: Ucmove the outside p:i)cry covering. Cut off tops and roots. Slice into one-eight inch pieces and dry. Cabbage: Select well developed heads of cabbage anil remove all looc outside leaves. Split the cabbage. remove the hard, woodv core, and! slice the remainder of the head with n Irunt cnltc ntln... lit,,,.) i;,.;,,! machine. All the products under ibis heading should be "conditioned'' as described above. lleet Tos, Swiss Chard, Celery and itliiiliaili. Beet tops: Tops of youn beets in suitable condition for greens should he selected nnd washed carefully. Both the lent', stalk and blade should he cut into sections nhout one-fourth inch long and spread on screens and dried. Swiss churd und celery should be prepared in the same way us beet tops. itbuburb: Choose young and succulent growth. Prepare as for stewing by skinning the stalks and cutting into pieces about one-fourth inch to one-half inch in length and dry on trays. All the products under this heading should be "conditioned" as described. Raspberries: Sort out imperfect berries, spread select berries on trays, and dry. Do not dry so long that they become hard enough to rattle. Tho drying should be stopped as soon as the berries fail to slain the hand when pressed. -Pack and "condition." Mrs. and Mrs. George T. Monroe of Silver Springs, New York, are regis tered at the Commercial club. disposition. The young couple will make their home with Mrs. Quain-tance's mother on South Central ave. DIED BENSON Frank Benson, prominent farmer and citizen of Juckson county for many years, died at his home on Pacific Highway, between Medford. and Central Point, Wed nesday evening, June 13, after an illness of only two or three days. He was operated on at the Dow hospital at Central Point, Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, diagnosis of the case revealing the fact that he was suffering from acuto obstruction of the intestines. Dr. Dow removed about 20 inches of the small and large Intenstines to overcome the trouble, but the patient did not rally from tho operation. Deceased leaves a widow and a number of relatives. WEDDING BELLS Married At the home of Rev. F. W. Carstens, 42S West Fourth street, Rev. Carstens officiating. Mr. Tarry L. Quaintance and Miss Mae Meadows. The abbreviated ring service was used. Only immediate relatives and a few close friends were present at the wedding. Mr. Quaintance is a member of ComiSany I, nnd has wooed and won Miss Meadows since coining to Medford. His home is near Portland, Oregon. Ho comes from a fine family and bears an - exceptionally good reputation. Miss Meadows Is one of the popular young women of, Medfori!. She Is employed at the Palmor Piano House nnd is known for her charming manners and sunny JJcn j i rmm Wthhtt !mnnTmirr,Wmi a a i t nmmmhMMm Rugged ! Tread Driving with one eye on the road and the other on your tires is more strain than pleasure. When you are sure of your tires, the miles slip behind you and make motoring a real pleasure. "Equip your car with FEDERALS. Their Double-Cable-Base Construction does away with the most common causes of tire trouble. They are known as "Extra Service" Tires and they deserve the name. C. E. Gates Auto Co. Main and Pacific Highway, The Feder&l Rubber Co of Illinois Factories: Cudahy, Wis. . ' AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Hurry Douglas F I TONIGHT LAST TIME TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY i''.Ut SALK Second-hand windshield complete for 111 I I Ford. Riverside Carnge. LUST Purse containing II. UO or $3.00. Also check on Medford National Hank signed In blank. Please cull and receive reward at Mall Tribune, l'Olt SALK Will sacrifice my M-acre homo, two miles east of Ashland, well Improved, 1 ;l acres in pears, bearing two acres gooseberries and other home fruits, four in res In oats, large 7-room bungalow liix.'.o, fine, view.' Hum, with well water piped to house and barn. As 1 am going east, If taken nt once w ill include crop. Com, bonus, potatoes and -pear crop; flno run, Kood horse, chickens, all farming tools, wagon, spray pump, all goes tor :!000. or without llrettock. l-'ioo. Improvements cost $'J.S00. Will mnke n beautiful home for some one. If you are looking for somethiiiK for nothing, this Is about as near as you will ever get. Tome and look it over. Address Logan Sparks, route 1, Hox 172. .slihuid, Oregon. 74 EYES I l Entrusted to Me i will receive a scientific examination and I prescribe the proper glasses at tho lowest prico consistent with high grade work. If not convenient for you to call, you :an mako arrangements by postal or phone, for mo to see you at your home. j DR. RIGKERT ! KYKSKillT SPKCIALIST I Medford, Oregon. Hits the Fastest, Funniest Gait of His Speed Career in 'His Newest Preparedness Production In Again Out Again FUN, FAST AND FURIOUS TRILLS, SURPRISES AND GLEE BALCONY,, 500 Soats, 15c; lower floor, 2'w. Children, 5c, PAGE Bessie Love With Her Appealing Wistfuiness Cominn Saturday. COOL, COMFORTABLE, WELL VENTILATECi AVVAAV''AAAAA'VAAAA.'('Ak4. AAAaAAa.A I T ' ' . . v T ? t T ? r t r f ? ? ? f r r T f r r t y v r ? ? ? ? ? v ? f COMMENCING FRIDAY, JUNE 15th, 1917 Irrigation Hours will be as follows: 4:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY, on the East side of the Streets running North and South, and North side of all Streets running East and West. TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, on the West side of all Streets running North and South, and on the South side of all Streets running East and West. SUNDAY FORENOON on the East side of all Streets running North and South, and the North side of all Streets running East and West. SUNDAY AFTERNOON on the West side of all Streets running North and South, and the South side of all Streets running East and West. Wasteful use of water or USING AN OPEN END HOSE for irrigating will not he permitted. Corner property will be governed by the street on which the house is numbered. , ( WATER MUST BE SHUT OFF IMMEDIATELY IN CASE OF FIRE ALARM. DO NOT USE A NOZZLE LARGER THAN ONE QUARTER INCH IN DIAMETER. Do not set sprinkler so that it will interfere with traffic on sidewalk Do not have leaky faucets or fixtures on your premises. DO NOT ALLOW WATER TO RUN TO WASTE DOWN THE GUTTER OF STREETS OR ALLEYS. Violators of the above rules will be punished to the full extent of the law. WATER COMMITTEE. I Y T T V ? Y f T f Protect Your Complexion W ITU Marinello Motor Cream Forms a protecting coat before the application of powder. Keeps the skin smooth, free from irritation, and prevents tan and sunburn. Pit ICE 50c MARINELLO HAIR SHOP (jUt'iieU-Coi-ey ItuHiIing Page Theatre THURSDAY, June 21 Tlio lMiiKost and Most IniiMiHunt Musical Kvent of the Knlli-c Year. Com plot o Original Xew York Casino Thratre Presentation v Another John Cort Cast of Broadway Favorites. Klomior Henry Guy Snmpsel Irving llrooks Lily Leonard Atlolpli Link Koltert O'Connor M. If. We I don Gilbert Clayton (.'rant ami Wing. And tho Mont Kasrinatiiiff Chorus Coaxed from tho "Great White Way" in years. prices yi;.)-$I.r0-$1.OO-75c..'50; Seat Sale Tuesday. Mail Orders now. AMUSEMENTS. TONIGHT VITAGRAPH FEATURE TOE With WM. DUNCAN MARY ANDERSON An inlerc-linir action drama with beautiful photography in an artistic atmosphere. Of special mention are Philippine unlive fihtinr scenes. J Also Frank Daniels the Miperhiiivc comedian, ill "HIDDEN TREASURE" TOMORROW T.r.XOIli: ITJMClt STAR Adults 15c Children 5c iEliCyTromd i -in -tho i Surprise Your Wife and; the Kiddies Take home snmo Velvet Ice Cream toniqhi. u will surely please them besides an authority says that it has mure real food qualities that liulld -trenmh than most of the food we now eat. That's one of the reasons why yolt lloul.l tale home 1CI0 OREAM at east throe or lour times a week dur ing the warm summer months. It will he one of the heat desserts you could t;ie the Kiddies. White Velvet Ice Cream Co.

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