Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 29, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENT THE HATTER. OBSERVEI The announcement of & Tucker & Young ? THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." Dower Purest—Best PRICE" 15 ON ALL CANS, TO BE- GL-NUIML-. DAILY JOURNAL. IURSDAY MORNING. MARCH 2D. To John Mclntosh acd wife of the Lest Side, a son. f One dollar for ladles' rubber boots, i the Bankrupt ehoe store, J Try Ben Flsher'i Double Extract o lanlUa, and you will use no other, J Men'i self-acting toe rubbers a Iraus' Bankrupt shoe aale, 37 cents. I Dresa goods, silks and velvets, thi Ltett novelties, at the New Fashion ore. | Stoddard'a Photographs of th< I given with every $2 purchase i J. Q. Swoetsor's, Jchlldren's and misses cloth rubber forth regular price 75 cents, now 35 Tents, at to ft Kraus Bankrupt she fie. |The Loeanaport Oil Company filed •tlcles of incorporation at Indian tolls yesterday. The capital stock [$9,000. (Tuesday afternoon at tho offioo o ) EIo'sOD, that majridtrato offi Vtlng, Miss Myrtle ShalTor and John Lsstday, both ot Carroll county, wer< jilted in miirriajre. IT. H. Sio3°3OD has resigned the pe \lon of general general delivery trk *t the postotlije and Jame fldester is back at his old poat ero has been much complaint abou j management of tbe postofflce sine f. Hanawalt went in and his anxlet [replace old and tried official* wit. 1 r and inexperienced men is being nerally criticised. The Holiuildt Murder •Trial. The trial of Mrs, Augusta Schmidt or tho killing of Oscar Walton will irobably close, as to the evidence, efore noon today. The defense is bout through. Tho most important •Itnesaes and those upon whom the efense was naturally depending much were the defendant. Mrs. Schmidt and er son Walter, aged 10 years. The oy told what he had to tell in a very tralghtforward manner and wai little otbered by the skillful cross-examin- vion to which, he was subjected. The first witness upon tho convening f court yesterday r.alternoon was the efendant whoae testimony was list- nedto with the utmost interest by he audience which fairly packed the ourt room. In her broken way and with tho best command of English hat she could bring to bear on tho ubjeci she told the Btory of the kill- ng and ol the repeated .attempts upon her person made by Walton'prevlous- y. Her evidence included a story of her life for some years back and irorn the tale she told It was ovidont that tiers was not the pleasanteet life In tbe world. The evidence for the defense will in. all probability close before noon today and tbe arf ument will begin at the afternoon session. In this case the case will likely bo given to tee jury Friday evening and after that no man knowetb. Lone Blntunc.0 Telephone Koute. A Wabash special says: Lewis W, Morrill, or the Central Union Tele phone Company, Indianapolis, Is drlv log over the route of the proposed long distance line lo be built through central and northern Indiana thl summer. Mr. Morril came from Indi anapollB to Wabash in a buggv, select ing a right of way for tho line. He sajs that it will be built from Indian apolia to thU city direct. Here i will branch to Huntington, Ft. Wayn and Waterloo, tupping the long dis tance line between Detroit and Chi cago at tho latter place. West from he^o it will extend to Peru, Logans port, Lafayette and Delphi, and from Lafayette it will be constructed t( Chicago. It is hoped to have th whole line in operation by the end o tho summer. Tlie Modern Way Commends itself to the well-informed to do pleasantly and effectually wna was formerly done in the crudest man nor and disagreeably &s well. r< cleanse the si stem and break up colda headaches and fevers without unpleas ant after effects, use the doligb liquid-laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs Our millinery department for hand some pattern hats, at the New Fashion store. SPRING Hf\TS Very Latest Styles, $1.00. See Window. We will sell you the best quality Knox, Dunlap and Youman Styles for $1.98, thereby saving you $1.50 on your purchase, as other stores ask $3.50 for identically the same styles and qualities. Remember, all the latest Spring style Derby and Fedora Hats. 50 Cents on the Dollar at Actual Wholesale Cost on all Goods Usually kept in a first-class Clothing and Shoe Store; Overcoats half price on a credit of 6* months under order Cass Circuit Court still continues. OTTO KRflUS BANKRUPT STORES. SOCB NAME IN PRINT. tcrai of * Perwmul Cl»».r»cter Con. j •timing IjOKBUsporlera and TUelr : F. A. Dykeman was at Kokomo yes- i erday. ; A. L. Anderson has returned to Ihicago. . j Ed. Klrby is back from a trip to the ! northwest, I Will M. Elliott has returned from j Chattanooga, Tenn, Judge and Mrs. D. V. Baldwin have eturned from Ashevllle, N. C. Mr. and Mre. Frank Warner of Chl- iago are in tbe city. Mr. O. R. Woods, of Kokomo, was n the city yesterday. Mr. J. M. Watklns, of Anderson, is n the city calling on friends. Ex-Postmaster Reagan of Terre Haute was In the city yesterday, Mrs. C. A. Michaels and Mrs, Leo. Nussbaum are visiting at Chicago. j Ft. Wayne Journal: N, J. Clemmens, j ot Log&neport, l« a guest at the Rich. Mr. J. H. Cooley, of Plymouth, WRS lt nong tbe guests at the Murdock >6Bterday. Among the strangers within our ;ate yesterday was Mr. E, B. Williamson, of Elkhart. Mrs. Chester Keene, of Marion, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs C. S. Jones, on the West Side. Chas. E. Winn and Clara E Myers; Obed A, Walte and Telltha C. Pea were yesterday licensed to wed. Kokomo Dispatch: Mrs. Chester Wiltsie, of Logansport, is tbe guest of her parents, Dr. J. L. and Mrs. Puckett. Dr. J. T. Towey. of Marshtown, was .n the city yesterday Ibe guest of John Fitzgerald. The doctor will locate at [tewanna. Will Swigart returned this morning from Cincinnati where he has been in the interest of tho Otto Kraus bankrupt shoe sale. Eev. Teimnenstoin and Prof. Moesta left yesterday for Lapo.-te where the Lutheran conference U in session this weak. They will return Fiiday evening. Rochester Republican: Mr. Chris, Lawson, of Logansport, is visiting in this city at tho residence of his uncle. Mr. Sanford Painter, in tho northwest part of town, Mr, G. W. Wilson, of Ft. Wayne, candidate for the office of Auditor of State, upon the approval of tho State Republican nominating convention, was in tho olty yesterday. T. P. A. note in the Torre Haute Gazette.—C. M. Taylor, of Logans port, State president, has written that he will be with us next Friday evening and join the merry crowd in tripping the light fantastic. Peru Journal: P. M. Crume and wife returned last evening from Lo. ganaport where they visited over Sunday Mrs. Ed Fasnacht, Mrs. C. J. Seese and Miss Frances Hutter wore at Logansport yesterday to see Mrs Kaukusoh at Long CHIT. Huntington Herald: Mrs. Z. hunt, who has been visiting with her son A. t. Hunt, of the Herald, loft tie city on her return to her homo at Camdon, She will visit at Wftbaan on her re. turn. It Is the expectation of Mr. and Mrs, Z. Hunt to make Huntington their home some time in. the near future. IdavlUe Observer: Mrs. Susie Holler has gone to Logansport to visit relatives and friends., . .Jacob Davis and wife have rented a house in Logansport and will move there this week .. . .Samantha Callaway went to Logansport last Saturday to spend some days visiting friends....Mrs. Geo. Graham, of Loganaport, spent Sabbath with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Townsley.... Mary Towns- ley went to Logansport last Thursday for a week's visit with tho family of her uncle, D. F, Delzell A letter from Fred Pilling datodat Providence, R. I., states that ho was transferred to the marines last October and has been in England during the winter, and is again on his way to that country. It was rumored here yesterday that Fred Van Orman, formerly proprietor of the Murdock hotel, in this city, lately of the Coulter house at Frankfort, had purchased the controllng interest in tho Lahr home at Lafayette and would at once take possession. If this be true the Lahr houee will be run on better lines than have prevailed in its conduct lor some years past, and the traveling public will greet with pleasure the change. tVbat the Pharon In m> (o. There has been B general condemnation of the 'Pharos without regard to party. Mayor Read appointed his Finance Committee over the opposition of the republicans. He appointed Dolan chairman and Wade and Boyer. What right had Boyer to demand and receive the money for the Erie avenue purchase? Dolan was chairman and if he was an interested party and could net aot, Wado was the other Democrat on the committee to take his place. Treasurer Hoffman is 'ademocrat, and wbv did he pay over the Erie avenue money on the order of tho minority member, Boyer, a republican, unless the matter was all right? Hoffman and Dolan and Wade, all democrats, are attacked by the Pharos. Boyer acted for the others and with their consent, and if any wrong was done Dolan, Hoffman and Wade, are responsible for it. But the fact is that the Pharos is anxious to down its own party on account of the gaa vote. Hcnnelder-MMle Weddlufr Tuesday evening at 7 o'c'ock at the St. Vincent do Paul church, Very Rev. M. E. Campion officiating, Miss Carrie Little, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Little of east Market street, was united in marriage to Mr. John W. Schneider, a prosperous druggist of Bufnett87iHe. Following the ceremony a reception was given tho nowlv wedded couple at the homo of tho bride's parents which was attended hy quite a larjja purty of the family friinds. Tha Jcurnal pins many friends in well wishes to Mr. Srtmetti- er aud hla bride, Sp.clal Notice K. of P. All members o.' Apollo acd Bridge City Lodges, Knights of Pythias, ai-o hereby requested to be present at tho special joint meeting this (Thursday) evening, to arrange to attend dedication exercises at Lafayette tomorrow, ADAM FELKER- J. F. COMINGOUE. The backer of "Pompodour BUI" Bailey the colored prize fighter who got out of to« n Tuesday afternoon just ahead ot tho police, received a telegram f rote Columb'us, 0 , yester day from "Pomp" directing that bis watch and clothes bo sent to that place. Pomp quit the fight and the town a little more than $50 winner and until his fine is positively assured will probubly avoid Loganaport. Ho has a mortal terror of the police. Yesterday morning at St. Vincent da Paul church at 9 o'clock, Mies Mary Guickin of Washington townsDlp, Carroll county and Mr. Churls T. Moore o( Delphi, were united in mar- ringe. The hotel Bucklan, at Elkhart, owned by the patent medicine kinff, was burned to the ground Tuns-Jay night. Tte loss was $60,000 To John Murphy and wife ot the South Side, a daughter. The dsd's TeiUinonv. Kokomo Times: The most important witness of the day was the son of the defendant, WALTER SCUMIDT, who was ono of the eye witnesses 10 the killing. He started to tell bis story tc the jury before the lawyers were ready and was chocked by Judge Dykcmao who teld him not to be frights ened, and to answer carefully the questions that were aeked him. He said be was ten years old going on eleven, and didn't know when his birthday was. His mother told him, but he did not remember. His father was Charles Schmidt, and big mother, the defendant, Augusta Schmidt. Hi» home was in Loganaport, at the corner of Wright and 18th streets. Did not know the number of the house. Waa home the day after the shooting. His father was at Joe Gray's and went right after breakfast. Oscar Walton was cutting iorn. He heard Chris say that Walton said, "If Augusta's geese were not taken off of the corn he would knock their heads off." He and his brother Charley went to drive tbe geeae away. When he returned he heard a tumult in the south room and ran into the house through the kitchen door. He saw Walton have his mother with her back against the table and was beating her about the face and chest. In the struggle the table slid twelve feet away over to the left wall of the room. Walter could see blood on his mother's face. He cried to Walton not to kill his mammi and wanted him taken away. Walton struck him and he fell over a chair onto the floor. Finally, old Mr. Walton came in and took Oscar away. Then he took a chair, while Augusta's back was turned as It to strike her, but she didn't notice the act, Mrs. Schmidt went in aiter her revolver, but the boy did not see it when she came out. She jumped to the partition door and pressed against it. Soon the pistol shot went off. The boy said his mother went right back in her room and put her revolver in the— Judge Dykeman—"Cupboard?'' Witness—"No." Judge Dykeman—"Stand?" Witness—"No; where they keep tbe dresses." Judge Dykeman—' Bureau?" Witness—"No; tho wardrobe." The little fellow told his story read ily though in German accent, and like one of older years. When the cross- examination was being conducted, Judge Dykoraan told him to bo careful of his answers and not eay anything quickly, that would get him confused. The State examined him about the coroner's examination as to wbeth er he was giving hearsay or not, in (tead of what he knew himself. Wanted—For city canvassing ten good agents on salary or commission. —W. Llod, Tucker House. LOOK HERE! If you want to hu'y or *cll a. housa lot. If you want to buy 01 poll a farca. If you want to buy or tell a etora, If you want to trade i;ity property a farm, If you have ar.y ubeap bouees for Call on M. M.GORDON, Room No 1 and 2 R|iry IV-' for Hrlck HtreetM. Marion Chronicle: The work on G«i* City's new brick street has commenced. Thie will be the handsomest street in the country when completed, extending from the foot of the hlHat- West street to two squares east of the hotel. The nreet will be fifty feet wide east of the railroad, and this portloo of it waa sold for |12.75per lineal foot The Jstreet west of the • railroad will be somewhat narrower, and was let for fll.38 per foot. Tfce total cost of the street 1§ 192,615.66,. much larger than any street contract ever let in Marion. A Bu«lne»» rhance. John Brennan. a former clerk at EF. Keesling's drug store, who has- been at Sooth Bend, lor the past three years and recently returned from that- place, has bought the Twelfth street drug store of Theo. Parvln and will take possession of the Bame today. Itis understood that Mr. Parvin and family will go to Georgia where he will probably locate ID the hope that the change will be beneficial to Me- health. _ Kbenm>ti»n> Qnlckty Cared. Three days I» a very short time ir.i which to cure a bad case of rbenn^- tlsm; but it can bo done, if the proper- treatment is adopted, as will be seec • bythe following from James Lambert, ol New Brunswick, III. "I was badly afflicted with rheumatism in the hipe • i>nd l.pgs. when I bought a bottle of' Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It curec.- me in three days. I am all right today; and would insist on every one who is afflicted with that terrible disease to use Chamberlain's Pain Balit. and g«t well at once." Fifty cent bottles lor eaJo by B. F. Keesling, druggist. They Want tb« Itent. • -The people of this vicinity insist on having' Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not want any other," says John V. Bishop, of Portland Mills. Indiana, That is right. They know It to be superior to any other for colds, and as a preventive and cure for croup, and why should they not insist upon having it. Fifty cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER the Merchant Tail or, leads them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT filD Ask any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W, KELLER. 311 Market St.

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