Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1952
Page 10
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HotiHe In . with ''»hookfn« ox- Birt for » eh»nff», the Jtortle* ttopnptwant vciu. not held wholly to bl*m*. In ttrt «»xth of • eontimiln* of rtporlf, » tfouMTjudlcl ^ ft 1 ?* 1 * Suloseplt bf"7l«w,W R. MMI»r, Dttfdlt In du»trl«l «rtf|lrtfl«r, h» «n example of tho delay* nnd iru«trntl»n» »»>molime» b**cttl« offlclBl*. Tne nibcornmlttop. headed by Ron. Cnelf (t)'Ky), han lx>eri nhiirp ly i.-rllltnl ot the Juiilcc Deparl- rnent «nd IUi official* In pent ri»« pofli, Jn !U cvirrcnt finding, n followup en puhllr hoarlna» earlier thin y<snr, the lnv»»tl«ntnrii put tho primmry blnme im » taxpayer, Miller, nntl hli technl<u<«» for ovoHlna prosecution In « wnr contract Six Deaths Continued from P«g« on« M«fe#*tfcft and norUiwentwurd Wyoming «nd Ontral Montonn, ' wind of W'JW mflcn nn hour w'lh Bmuli of 48 to 80 MF'M crcn- ltd bllRMird'llk* condition* In nornc ftt'ffl*. Th* drifting mow made nnmvdrtiih* vsrlsbtp. Traffic wa* lmp»«n><' in many nreai ami highway tn.viM wan virtually halted In torn*, nlnceju. MOM » T AK.HO Schools Told Quick Jump in Funds Unlikely November 26, tJ> tol'l Some Petrel* «p«ul most their Ifino on or over v/nusr, to lurid only for nailing. \ >t , 0!<l Gfiv. -elect (firiiils of i hero last •i years V>i;of hltfhrr By UNITED PREBN Man Winter ronrcd Into :«l yf»tcrdny nnd ln»t nl«ht, the ntntfi with «>vi>ry kind of wesltinr In ihc booki. fin In, llccl. Know. elertrlcnl iii,irm«, hlRh wlt»d« nnd even a sin ill lornndo piilntr-d the rnojl rrilttlc ArhtitlBiin wcnlhrr filrturi) In •inny n rnnon. A ll;!ht *no\s. wrtd »ttll falling .it; c)i;ini:ui»! the tax Friynttovlllc nnd Flliijiln In North j A m-ijority "f I Fruncl* CHn-rry ' c.inti' '.iniport'-il i nifftit l! nt It mtiy for« the in-itiiu !««i\rnltit{ r«n:»'lve fun IB. T-»<- .:tntf!tnr'nt n rfUc'tiKnlon mi » Cll ((/IIHIllltl'C''fi |llli|P".'*-'l " ftm I !)'• plar;<-fl nrnl'-r the of tho »Uiti''ji rhi'-f firiwii'-i' C>i«>r.y <tiil<l In- thinijtl.t ! l.-ik'f two yr.nrs fur bi-nefll* of his; i p.-.i.iofti-r: ittdte tax la .v revision, t<. j |-i-;n-h 'he f.cliDiil*. !!•• did not flis-. i c l;<«f .i«'tcilln <if hi.-i ['Inn for. Up. ; pi i-Kotitalivo.v iuiy additional diirlnu, " Coun- \ at ca.ih control p officer, i II wniild WEST BROS. , November 26, 1952 ts Q ? s A a tt A M $ AS I Ml, I With All the Trimmings PUMPKIN PIE 00 r (THANKSGIVING) WHITE S CAFE STRUT) Arknnun* early today A «irAj| twl«tor dipped Into (he lown of Borryvllle In Cnrr'ill Conn-. ty Into yontprdny. It tore tho roof; off oni- hnuar*. dtunjiK'''! » hnnii illnpxed ri vacant .ichimti Ilul the only ciwinlty of; he fturrn wn« n 'IlKht scratch j nffercr 1 by four-year-old Lurry; Vi.i\"» v/llen he wai fUiuck by i, i )li.'CD m' flying debris. j Cherry Not Continued from fane One the antum now pm-fnrmed by thosi. 1 •niirt;)iwnt HltorneyK. Cherry, In one of his Infi-mmnni npw* c-inforencoR. aRaln declined to .ini'.'iiinco uny Important appoint- Hit iitn or to imike public any de- tulli of ti proponed new ftitciil and rntive plan which Iw luis boon diectin.ilnM Individually with Jlf i ..Ul many of hl.i nppolntoi's hiitl boi.ti dc'clilcil on, but thai iiu- notince'.tiont wu.i bi-inj; wltlihcUl ai Iheh 1 n-quost, in HOIIIO ca«o« so Ihsy could cU'tin up pi'K'dti' husl- iHiK» bofore ecttinit ready tu .1- Kumo a state Job, Cherry Hold t'no lulmlnlslnitlvo- flweiil )ilnn wncu't In finiil form, itiul uutil It WHS ho< wouUI not nmk« il public. AiutwcrlnH n question, he said th<- plttti would cloHely resemblo rt pl'U|3(i»nl »UKH('ttcd to the Uv,- Iliitlvf Coimcll hy it University of Arknnan* connultnnt mut already made public, thai ii n.uvo to place t.if-;h fiindH-uioti'-y i!'-rived from tuition. fecH, etc. uinlei- state- control woi...d luiiiip"''- "l-i-ialioii of the T'lrsi: furid'i are not now uridor |i-,,iv|:itive eontri>i, but nri; placed j.i i.anl'M for '.vithilriiwal by II;, ,li pn»:'.'iij( ii«i.-iu-,v or .school. J. \V. Hull, preMueul of Arkao- •:,-• teel, lit l»n:::.ellvillr, (ifiid th.it eajh funds are ln-ld to Nli-lel by each Controlling "In addition to bolnn t'"t audi-; t(d, (he funds are prr-audik-d and; |-i',;- ( rded tiK |'"ll of the illHtltu-i tlo:i." raid Hull, ; Most official;.) said further con-- trol of the funds would inloi-fVre> w.lh p; ynieril of teacher salaries, tiuii'itonaiicc construction and siii'NS'- hall operation. S (.'f-.'-i-rv expri'S.'ied hope that a' roinpn miso a/ireemenl could.^ b..- worhi-d out betvveen the schools anil the I.eitislative Council, which i«i ^lated to review Uu; proposal Hec. II. Schi'"Is represented included Ark- iini-as Tech, Henderson State Teachers of Arkadolphla, Arkansas Stri'.o Collene, Arkansas Stale Te-'M'heis. Southern Stale, Arkansas A \' M, and the University of Arkansas. 18 TUCKS! ^0 EVERYWHERE" Dress AC6TATI and RAYON CREPI Mayor Unknowingly Helps Escapee l.O.VOKK t'Vl -- Loiinko hus a redfaced mayor today. A yiniiii; N.'jjro stopped at Mayor II. II. Whitfleld'.s house Monday nlfiht and aylted dlroc llf'iin lo tlio NcRro section. Aftir pointiiiM Iho way, t)>c m:>y(.r tli'clded to no down town and left home in his car. He noticed the younc, man in a h.'rry and offered to Kivir him a rlili 1 . His offer of help was . JRC ' coptftl aiul Mayor WhlUftffil dropped the passenger near his tloslmi.llnn. '4'lu 1 official soon found out why Samuel Krnest Lovelace W.;IM In u hurry. The Colorado t>teoiivlct had jusl broken out of the I.onitke C'ounty Jail, where Iw. 1 was boinK held in connection with a safe bur- Rhiry at Coy, Ark. Sheriff Karl Jackson said 2(1- yeur-'ild l.ovehu'o olitained a rule from another unsuspecting oriver as far as Galloway Me had not Uoen re-captured e'U'ly today. Mews Briefs It happens just one« ,tjr 9 9 ! H«r»$ -wondtrfullY styl«J , »hr«yt tqil»d with iti tuck*d bock, i^«t«d buttons, and y*Ht s so iv* — *weh o pirfiict four ~'l wont It In m$M» thiwi o«t color. lor and Novy, 5i**$ 12-20, HAN'S •HLHMUMPt W»» I.lT'l'Ll'' lU'K'K, (At —Tlu< Ark;> SHS Vowvr & Unlit Co., will pii •t'gulurly iiutirti'i'l.v ctivUlciuis $I.PO in.d $1,75 on proft'ri't'il stock on Jan. - to stockhuliliM's ot rocorc nn Hoc, IS, U>. r )2. Tho <Hviili'iul \va dfdnroU Uy cliroeturs yosiuril I.l'lTUK .ttOCK. t.W- Hovenu Commissioner Carl K. I'arkor says Axr-t. C'ommlsslonor K. T. Harrioll ht'S roinnoil, t'l'l'octivo Nov. 30. 'nrki'r aid .lliirriell. who has been chluf assistant in the depart nient siiict! January, 10-49, has uc c«pted f i.io»tttoi\ with the Mqthie sou Chemical Co. LITTLE HOCK, t^-Qov.elect Fruncl'-i Cherry will be tho only governor to nppear on the program of Uio unnual Nutionul Association of Manufacturers' Congress of Am cricnu IndMslry. The meeting will be fu'ld in New York on Dec. 4. . UB—Arkansas' d«lly aver production of domestic crude oil incieasedi 2.050 barrels to 77,700 duvln« the week ended Nov. 22. The Oil and Gas Journal said yesterday that total production during the I week increased to a record hljh ol 6 (J33.300 U. S. Ammunition Explodes in France . CHALONS-SUR- MARNE, Fvawce, i UP) —Three Ireijjht c»ra q« aTOK-wtutwo destined tur the U. S. Army in Germany exploded in e ruihroad yavd h*re tod«>. AMvencan oltlcers tron\ .three Army l>«sts rushed here to invcsu- U»U- VkheUxer ttw blast w»s *u- Uceideni or sabotage. First f«pwts said there were noj MUUliivc. 4 . ' Oati: car ot the munitions tr»m ctwght lire *iud **t ^ «»« **»)»• I won. euch police evacuated all per- livmg »nd working within S, r JOOO (e«t ol the &ceo«. The r^ilro^d j y*rd w*s ro»«d o« and pa*s*o«er* (otv other tr"lw* were tweed to cr set ou U-«uas outside the »» SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M, Shop now for Christmas. You'll find our store full of Gifts to pleose every one on your Gift List. Shop the entire store and use our LAY AWAY PLAN. u I Calendar In Wednesday, November 26 j! The Ladies Auxiliary of the Sho- fl.Ver Springs Baptist Church will Kjpold a home baked'pie and'.cake [,;6ale Wednesday. November 26. in liltho vacant building formerly or- iupied by the Hope Transfer Co on Front St. Anyone desiring special kind of cake or pie, pleas* phone your order to Mrs. Fred Hunt. 7-3981, by November 22. The proceeds ot this sole will go toward building Sunday School rooms. vember 26. at 7 p.m. at the school. There will be a Thanksgiving service at the Spring Hill Methodist Church Wednesday night, November 2fi, at 7:30. The public is invited. Thursday, November 27 The annual Thanksgiving Service will be held Thursday morning, November 27, nt the First Presbyterian Church from 9:30 until 10:30. The Bodcaw PTA \vill sponsor Amateur Night Wednesday, Gift Handkerchiefs Get several boxes of these gift hankies. A gift that is always appreciated. Dainty linens, floral patterns and pastel colors. 98c BOX OF 3 49c to For Her Dresser Sets Choose her favorite set here. Just the one to please that certain someone on your gift list. See these. 98c , 0 5.95 Boys Sport Shirts Any boy will appreciate one of these sport shirts for his Christmas. CORDUROY 2.98 GABARDINE ..... 1.98 FLANNEL. . 1.49 to 1.98 Broadcloth . . 1.59 to 1.98 Boys Winter Suits We can dress that boy in a smart looking, good wearing suit at real money saving prices. 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Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pool, and Mr. and Mrs. George Newborn will be hosts and hostesses. DOROTHY DIX Stabi/rty Needed Dear Miss Dlx: Roger and 1 have been married for three years. I am 21 and he is 24. hast February wo took an apartment, after living with my family ever since our marriage, and were so happy fixing it up. Then there wns talk of married men beins drafted, so we thought If we had a baby my husband would be deferred. Months went by, however, and there was no siuii of a baby. The doctor said the trouble was with me taut, with proper treatment and medicine, may be harder on SOIMC than on not of the very few who cannot be orientated to tho service, the psychiatrist at His enmp cnn readily determine. This however, 1 do not belivo to l>e the been removed husband has leaned too much on you in the past, that the prop has thai unnerves him. A> h.-u could eventually hav the meantime, my child. In i and. husband was Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Hughes Celebrate 61st Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Hughes of Saratoga celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary Sunday, November Hi, at their home in Saratoga, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes moved to Arkansas from Alabama after they married and have made Saratoga their home since. They are thi 1 parents oC 11 children, nine of which are still living and were pros cnt for the occasion. They are- Mr. and Mrs. Edd Hughes of Long Beach, Calif.. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Raley, of McNab, Mr. nnd Mrs. Eclct Piercy of Cordcll, Okla.. Kenneth Hughes, Texnrkann, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hughes and sons. Tommy and Travis, Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Hughes. Patsy and Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Louis McJunkins, all of Okay, Mr. and Mrs. \\ilbern Hughes of Saratoga, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Arnold and children James. Ernest. Amanda Jane, drafted. All my girl friends became pregnant, which kept their husband out ot service. My husband has been in the army for six months now and is taking it quite hard. He blames me for the fact that ho was drafted. My friends rarely see me un less my husband week end, so 1 ,.. homo for a all alone with niy trouble. My parents work, 1 am in an office all day, but my evenings are so lonely. Roger and 1 are very much in love and he has always been « good husband. Ho you think it would be camp so . to give up the apartment since we spent so much tune and money ° n "• JOANNE Answer: .While I reali/e, Joanne, that you are under a considerable emotional strain and the last thinn for me to move to near him'.' I hat ami li.mcecs ci fai-t that your d to Inr.inke yon is readily stand, iblo. You've' turned into a cr.\h:il\v and eomiilainei . the most unui leomo combination in any group. M'i'.i": near camp would, at only a lempoi MV answer unililom since Iliero is l\o -e ;!iat your lni.--li.iiul won't lerred rlsi'U lin <'. So keep Uiu'iil. \vorU hard at your Form Bureau Adopts 68 Resolutions 1/iTTt.F. ROCK Iffi — The Arknn- s;is Farm Bureau Federation closed out its 18tl\ nnnunl conven lion here yesterday \vllh the ndop lion ot (U! resolutions. 'Ihe resolutions, approved with little dissent, rnnged from critlclz- Inn controls on commercial tlsh far.viins by the Arkansas Onmo a.vl Pi«h Commission to opposition In m increase In the state sales '(tin t lewardini; i tax. One resolution nskeu that the .,, im , P;ipe-June.s Facilities Act. und-i i-an lo-'which formers may borrow mone> ! fron the government to construe i-Tij!ation reservoirs, be extender to Arkansas. OriRlnally Your fur your own loneliness you a job that Ueep-. ou busy Early Christmas for Little Linda MANSFIELD, O, iM- -Little Llndn Harmon does not kr Aw she may not llvr until Christm (is. Doctors havp told . her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James ,'Harrr.on, that Linda, fi, Is suffering from an In curable kidney cnnc.«jr. ains, which s,.,-^^-,.^ ut managed btftveljr J[d l\^ ostivitics with ft , vlih ti lends nhd !\v . Congress as an aid :•!, in the world you want is a scold- Kenneth Hughes. David, and Mrs. Alma Others present were Clint Piercy of Corde.ll, Okla., Bud Williams of Saratoga, Ruby Salisbury of Saratoga, Jean and Louie Hughes. Ing, I'm afraid that's exactly' what as qiri'li'.v you your husband Hot. You anc both acting like job. stnp jiriipim: anil in;iUo friends. II. HOJUT is not servini? an i,nl sentence, lie's do i,.h ,i!i>l cnie lie should be ,|. I'iirl of his service lime ;: M.I| :nui the rest will HO t)iiVl-.lv. t'niess yon want to emer- this situation a physical k, change things and be roil Western States, the net does no apply to Arkansas. .Too Ilnrdln was re-elected pros dent of the Federation, as wer all other otflpers InehidinK Vic , president Harold Ohlondort of OHI ceola and Secretary - treasurer Harry Cioforlh of Kayetteville. Named chairman of the new Farm I'lureau Women's Committee —.f'irmorly the Associated W.i men's Division —• was Mrs. David up fuiv a possible m'ssed Yulettcle, I'Llnda's jtronl stepimclc tfrrnngeM with ftllov vorkers at the \Vt.4fttlnghduso plan >ere to have a .^Christmas pnrty Monday. They f'txed a trdc will nil the trimming^ nnd piled pros >nts hwcath tt. i l.lnda suffei ed nn attack o M, Tale of fitoU. Mrs. Chnrlc MeOougal of /'.tuttsarl was olecto secret nr)-t re jsurer. Uov,-elect I'YancIs Cherry told meeting of 'Jie Negro Division thn. "a«rlcultur I.I research must be c paneled In ,the near future." ••Our chlrf drawback In ngrlcu lure It'i.inyl Is the Inadequacy both Ktcittv and federal funds t research,'* said Cherry. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE •. M«ln A Ceiintry Clut> 8ATt)kd/CV "LITTLE Second Feature • <• "HAVANA lems, Give him a Htll Coming and Going Lieut. Martha Jane Eason, physical therapist with the U. S, Army, arrived Tuesday for a 30-day delay enroutc from Camp Gordon, Ga., before leaving for Germany. children. While 1 realize thnt yoi Ro : .l were married youni;. the mere I'ac that you considered yourselves old enough to be married should In- o ii'.Mimr your happy marring': 1 when Hi.i'.or eonu'S home for good. Mr. and Mrs. Arl Finchcr and Jeanelte left Wednesday to spend the holidays with Mr. Paul Gentry of Dallas. and Mrs. VISIT OUR TOY DEPARTMENT Select yours now and use our LAY-AWAY -PLAN c, 30 MINUTE FEATURETTE TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURE IN TECHNICOLOR! The OLYMPIC ELK' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fincher and Barbara of Kilgore, Texas, Mr and Mrs. Dorsey Fincher and Steven of Weimar, Texas, visited relatives in Hope and Emmet Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Jim McKenzie and son, Bily, have returned from Louisville, •Cy., where they visited Mrs. Me- Ccnzie.'s sister, Mrs. Fred Pultz and family. ALSO: LATE NEWS & COLOR CARTOON LLS! 11 • 1LS5 We have dolls for every little girl! Just the size and kind that she will want. Something brand new in dolls. Dolls with hair that is rooted into the head £L QC 11 All Vinyl Body and Head O.yj to I 1 Dolls with Moulded hair 4.95 to 6,95 Beautiful Girl Dolls 5.95 to 11.95 Beautiful Baby Dolls 1.98 to 8.95 Fitter Pat Doll with heart beat 7.95 Composition Dolls . 98c to 4.95 ALL VINYL COO DOLLS 9 inch Boy or Girl 98c 13 Inch Boy and Girl 1.98 With Sun Suit or Ninon Dress 2.98 Character Dolls 98c FRIDAY & SATURDAY • JAMES OUVIMURWOODS GRANT ROY ROGERS and TRIGGER "UNDER CALIFORNIA STARS" INTRUCOLOR! RIG THANKSGIVING SHOW! dicate at least a modicum of em otional maturity. You Must Act Neither you 'nor RoRer has a particularly strong character, but since it is the eternal role of woman lo bolster her man's morale you will have to be the one to get hold of yourself, lace the present, and future, logically, then proceed lo give Roger a little backbone. Thousands and thousands of our young men are serving our country in the armed forces. Many of them like II no better than does Roger, but they have the stamina to fete duty with courage and common sense. Thousands of them have left wives and mothers behind, thous< ands have left families. If yoi read the papers, you'll see tha the drafting of fathers is getting closer and closer, so there's no 'I.'ear Miss Mix: 1 am ID, and haV h-.-on t!''in.!-! steady with a boy the sai'M- .-.no. Recently we broke up. Since :nen we liave Rone on sev- pral daUs louether and have spok en of i.oini; steady at'.ain, but he says it won't work out. this time, siiice il (iiiln'l before. Much of our trouble in the past, was due to my mistak.-s, which 1 can see now. 1 c-eitainlv wouldn't, repeat them. The boy says he loves me and 1 lovo hir.i. but how can 1 prove il to Mm? OKT" Answer: A boy of 10 has much less emotional stability than a Hlrl the snine auo, and I think this boy of jours is still flounderlnK in find the answer to Cupid's pvob , more tlroo, bu ,v,-i-|. serious discussions oul o your dates. If he brings up tho snt Joel.'of your past dutlni?, or tho hopelessness of the present situ- atlon, toll him yen have both trav oled tlvil ground a Amen times and viu pn-fer to talk about something else U'K ciullo possible thnt ho ar- uu— just for the sako of something to discuss. Give him a chnncu to ,row up, and ho'U undoubtedly si.tr render in time. Released by Bell Syndicate, Inc. i'HANKSGIVlNCS MENU TURKEY with Oyster Dressing and delicious Giblet Gravy •,-•• OR , k ^ VIRGINIA BAKED HAM Brown Gravy%and Mashed* Potatoes^ $1.00 ; Groen Lima Beans Fresh Corn oh Cob Old Fashioned Spiced Sweet Potatoes Cranberry Sauce' Homebaked Pumpkin or Minqe Meat Pie GENTRY'S CAFE 223 East Third Street a Miss .Ruth Ellen Gibson of Little Rock is spending the Thanksgiving lolidays with her parents, Mr. and VIrs. T. R. Gibson. Mr. and Mrs. lloyt Rider and children, Joseph Lee and Beverly Jane, of, Houslon, Texas, will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Mr. Rider's parents, Mr. and Mrs Joe Rider. guarantee that a baby would have eliminated'Roger ns a draft prospect. It is reasonable to assume that since all people don'l have the same stability, a the farmer's body was found. Ttiwloi said he didn't know what disposition he would recommend for Judon until ho conferred telHtivcs. of uncerlainty IryinK to TIRED FROM BEATING^ BATTERS ?— TRY WONDER MIXING i" •^-:y-K\~.'^"'* •'"'••>'"'" ~jtn tLflV RIALTO * * Open 12:45 Thursday * ll:42-3:38 -5:34-7:30-9:24 TODAY AND THURSDAY VELOCIPEDES SIDEWALK BIKES Coaster Wagons 5.95 to 11.95 16.95 to 27.95 1.98 to 8.95 MECHANICAL Freight Trains These are the wind up kind complete with circular track, each coach painted in bright colors and black engine. A grand gift for any boy. 3.95 STREAMLINED Electric Trains To give every member a real treat. We have two sizes both complete with circular track cfnd transformer. Get his now. 9.95 11.95 Based on Rafael Sabatini's Exciting Novel! LOUIS HAYWARD PATRICIA MEDINA JOHNSUTTON Mrs. Glen L. Williams. Sr., will have as Thanksgiving guests, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Tipton and little daughter, Barbara Nan, of Evansville, Ind., Mr, and Mrs. Glen L. Williams, Jr., and Glen L. Ill of Little Rock and Miss Nannette Williams of Hendrix College Conway. Mr. and Mrs. Ladd Miller, Ladd, Jr., and Mildred of Texarkana will be the Thanksgiving guests of Mr and Mrs. H. C. Whltworth. Mrs. Graydon Anthony will leave this afternoon for Little Rock where she will attend the rehear sal dinner for David Wren and Evelyn Oswald in the home of. Mrs Anthony's sister, Mrs. O, G. Wren Tomorrow she will be ,3, gupst a the "Wren-Oswald -w'eddm^- m St Edward Catholic Church and the reception in the Mirror Room a Albert Pike Hotel. COLOR CARTOON & SPORTSCOPE Fridoy & Sofurdoy O GENE AUTRY iO GAIL DAVIS iO PAT BUTTRAM O PHIL REAGAN O FRANCES LANGFORD 'I'll Reach for a Star' Texans Never Cry Free Color Photos of Gene Autry and Champion The out of town friends and rela lives atlending Ihe funeral of Jim Reed on Saturday were: Judj? Louis Reed of LaMesa, Texas. Mr Ed Bloodworth, Mr. and Mrs. Wi son Bloodworth, Mr. and Mi- James Bloodworth, Miss Elizabeth Bloodworth, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown, all of Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harrell of Minden.. La- Mr. Barton Dean of Parsons, Kan- Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Kazia and Mrf T. S. Jackson of Delight, Ark. Hospital Notes SHOP NOW FOR CHRISTMAS USE OUR "LAY-AWAY" PUN WEST BROS. HOME OF GOOD VALUES Main HW.AA. DRAKE S CAFE /'For Delicious Well Seosoned Foods' '?' ^: Open All Day THANKSGIVING TURKEY and all the Trimmings 118 E. THIRD STREET Branch . Discharged: Mrs. W. P. O'Steen and baby boy, Hope. Mrs. Waynp Huckabee, Taylor, Ark. To Question Mental Case in Slaying . MONTICELLO, L«-Sherlft Jaskj Towler said a 54-year-old mentally retarded man. picked up at Wlno na, Miss., yesterday, will be re turred here tor questioning to the shotgun death of his brother-in- law ' .1 lie said Roy Allison Fleming, 59. ot the Enon Community near here, was shot fatally Sunday. Hi* brother-in-law. Mack Jud»o&. Wbo| f!ed the shooting seen*, was ar rested yesterday. TNs M*ritt said he was «»vtoc cd the shooting.-wb«* «*urw>4 be lore dayUgW to a cbicten y»4 »t| I A»_^ •••* *—• — ••— — —» ••• YOU'LL LOVE THEM . .. THEY'RE What keeps America strong? \ .The uncrushable spirit that ^ •makes America strong lies In her people-^ I robust, hearty freedom-loving people ( i ! like you. Let's keep it that way, with better food and wholesome living' from Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving^ } i -^-'YOUR HOLSUM BAKER ClOVfS Th*f«'» *»xlt mgg\c In th»w magnificent glpvej by S»««K>n •xqMltltely fo«hlon«d in white, black and eniembl* IiujUhlnfl thodei. Ypur choice pf tailored »»ylei or fa«in» ortng new Stftipn-deiigned cre«tiom. A$ v&rf

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