Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 29, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1894
Page 3
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HE best investment A in real estate is to keep buildings well painted. Paint protects the house and saves repairs. You sometimes want to sell— many n good house has remained unsold for want of paint. The rule .should be, though, "the best paint cr none." That means Strictly Pure White Lead You cannot aflbrd to use cheap paints. To be sure of getting Strictly Pure White Lead, luck at Lie brand ; any of these arc safe : "Anchor," "Sov.therr.," •"Eckstein," "Red Seal," -Kentucky," "Coilisr." FOR COLORS.— National Lead Co.'s Pure White- Lead Tinting Colors. These colors arc sold In onc-pouml ™*. ™h can bciiiK siiflick-nt to lint :', ro-.:!n.r. rf ...ric.^ Pure White 1-ail il« ik'.-.rol r, ;.'.•...• : i. •<.".-. • ^ '• no sense r<.Mdy-mi.«<l p:imts, l>r. " '•"• :l1 ;.' ..-,;"' of perfectly iinri: colors in the liand:Mi Mi... U tint Slrictfyl'urc White Lead. . A cowl many thousand dollars Iwvc U-'i snvefl propcrtv-owners by tavbiw our hn«t- o-J lntinK nn.l color-card. Send us .1 ixwuil c-irJ free. V Vnrk. . NATIONAL LEAD CO.. N Cinuiimftli Branch, . Seventh and rretmaii Avenue, Cincinnati. Traveling Alone On journeys is tedioua—makes trips seem long which are all too short with good company! How is it then that on one great journey so many choose to travel absolutely alone—turn their backs on the only companions that can make the way pleasant t It's the journey of life, and the way ii long, tedious, and even dreaded, unlesf V»e are hand ia hand with those Two Friends Health and Strong Ntrvei 1 When they are along days are full of sunshine ! Art they wilk you ma*inf Ike jaunty Itappf, er have wu dri'it* l/Un' way by eanltanesi, worry, mtrwork, fiisifnlion, or ollttr causes f Wt want to tell f ou l/ial a frompi and fail* lul use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer Always Irinft iact Htaltli ant Strong AVra/-> mates a reconciliation! Explain your case (with «Uwp for reply) ind the Doctor will irladly advlie you. Kree trat- 'ier disease with Nervous Trouble* will be given to u«cr» of the Vitalise* If found acce»sary Of drumtists at Ji.oo a bottle, or if not found with your local dealer write Hi. The J.W. Brant Co. Maktn ALBION. MICH. Add 4»D«y3t..NiW York Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. men! Tor othe We offer $500 lo »ny cliemlHt or oth*rr person who »h»llHnclby»nu!y- xls* particle of opium, mnrphlna, cocaine, or »nv harmful (I riu In ihUroin- erty which users curt depend upoc *l MJ rlfhl. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING, MARCU 29. Beautiful carpels at the New Fashion store. Men's good rubbers cheap, at khe Bankrupt shoe store. Ben Fisher's BAH IDC Powder is the test In the world. Try it- Spring capes and jwkets In all -styles a\ tho New Fashion store, Sill' a few palra of meu's best rub, •oer boots at the Bankrupt shoo store. Sioddard's magnificent collection ot Photographs of tbe iVorld (riven with .every $2 purchase, at J Q Sweetser'e. Buy our Goo 12 stoe and ge Siod. dard's Portfolio of World's pholo- .graphs tree.—J Q Swoetaer, Tho marvelous success.of Hood's Sarsapurtlla is based upon tho corner atone of absolute merit. Tako Hood's throuuhoul the spring months. To cure all mrvoua dUeaaea, .--Dr. Wheeler's Narvo Vitaltzer," prooounc- ec. tho grentaAt madlo*! discovery of the age Sold by Ben Fisher. The Baby's Best Friend—McLlnn's Onion S.vrup tftves immediate relief And euros croup, colds, oollc, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk For sale by B. F Keenllng. Only 25 cents per boule. Micntgan City News: Clerk Sall- wasaar bus received notification from the L')ffannpori aaylum that the appii- cation for the acouptanoe of Mrs. A ell» Palmer, of Sprlmfleld township, bas been received and thai room ha* been made for (be acceptance of the patient. Tbe Lnporte Herald »aye some fake •correspondent from Laporte has boon ••ending out dispatcher to the sur rounding preen, staling that the program for the grand opening of the court house bad been arranged and that Governor Matthews had con tented to m&ke tbe leading address Commlsitiooer Hart tells tbe Herald that >uob in not the case. DO program ha* as yet been arranged and will no toe for Borne time. He also nays an Invitation 10 attend will be s*nt »o Governor Matthews, and no doubt he will be asked to address the people but «o fa<- a» the floal details being Arranged ii con erned, it if falie. A. P1A.NO PERFORMANCE AS HEARD AN OLD ENGINEER. "I was loitering around tbe streets last night," said Jim Nelson, one of tho old locomotive engineers running into New Orleans. "As I had nothing to do, I droppt d into a concert and heard a sleeklooklng Frenchman play a piano In a way that made mo feel all over In spots, sajs the New Orleans Times Democrat. •As eoon as he sat down on the stool I knew by the way he handled himself that he understood the machine he waa running. He tapped the keys way up one end, just as if they wore guagee, and he wanted to see if he had water enough. Then he looked up as if he wanted to know how muoh gteam he was carrying, and the next moment he pulled open the throttle and sailed on to the main line as if he was half an hour late. You could bear her thunder over . culverts and bridges and getting faster and faster, until the fellow rooked about in his seat like a cradle. Somehow 1 thought it was old '86' pulling a passenger train, and getting out of the way ol a'special.' Tbe fellow worked the keys on the middle division like lightning, and then he flew along the north end of the line until the drivers went around like a buzz saw, and I got excited. "About the time I waa fixing to tell him to cut her off a llttls he kicked tbe dampers under the machine wide open, pulled ibe throttle way back in the tender, and how we did run! I couldn't stand it any longer and yelled to him that he was pounding on the left side, and if he wasn't careful he'd drop his ash pan. But bo didn't hear. No ono heard mo. Everything was Hying and whizzing. Telegraph poles on the elde of the track lootfed like a row ol cornstalks, the trees appeared to be a mudbank, and all the time the old machine sounded like the hum of a bumblebee. I tried to yell out, but my tongue wouldn't move. He went around curves like a bullet, slipped an eccentric, blew out his soft plug, went down grades fifty feet to the mile,' and not a controlling brake fet. She went by the meeUng point at a mile and a half a minute, and calling for more team. My hair stood up straight, because I knew the game was up ire enough, dead ahead of us was he headlight of a 'special,' In a daze I heard the crash as they struck, and I saw cars shivered into atoms, >eop!e smashed and mangled and ileedlng and gasping for water. I heard anott or orftSQ as the French professor struck the deep keys away [own on the lower end of the southern llvlsion, and then I came to my enses. There he was • at a dead standstill, wltb the door of the firebox of the machine open, wiping the pof- r&UOQ off hia (ace and bowing to the people before him. •If I live to be 1.000 years old I'll never forget tho ride that Frenchman fave me on a piano," 0 P. McCarty, general passenger and ticket agent of the Baltimore & 3hio Southwestern, will remain in Florida two or ihree weeks for the benefit of his wife's health.—Indianan- apolis News. An Imprefislon prevails that C C. F. Bent, on leaving the Oalo & Missis gippi to take hia present po.iltion on the Baltimore & Qhio, was taking a step backward, but an official of the rond says he now holds the most im portant position he hhS over held in his railroad car«er—- that of superla tendent of ihe Baltimore & Ohio between PnllatelphiB, and Baltimore and being the confidential man of thi higher officials, who look upon blin a being a man of unusual railroad abll y- Tbe Chicago, Milwaukee & St Pau railway yesterday tested a new device for the electric lighting of railwa cars. Tbe machine, which Is the In vontion of William Blddle, of Brook lyn, was attached to ft private oa bearing a patty of railroad men an capitalists and run to Milwaukee an back, with re- ulta that were satisfac Prico I " Worth a v^--s~^~sa '"PILLS Dislodge Bile, Stir up the Liver, Oure Sick-Headache, Female Ailments, Remove Disease aid Promote Good Health, Covered with a Tutelws & Sohbls Coating. Famous the world over. ory to the pi omotore of the ejetem- 'he machine is to be placed upon very car, and i s driven from one of ho axlea and geared direct from the xle to the dynamo at a ratio of three o one. The dynamo is one horse ower and wound to give a current of wenty-elght volts. One of the feat- res of the invention la aa eleoirical hanging switch which automatically hanges in the direction the car is re- ereed, BO that in the backward movement of the train the light remains teady. The machine is automatic hroughout, and tbe electricity is not enerated when the train is moving at rate less than twenty miles an hour. A system of storage batteries provides or a steady continuation of the light urlng etopa of the train, and will run he larnpa for five hours after the car as stopped. The lamps, during yee« erday's test, gave a steady, brilliant Ight that did not vary in intensity uring tho switching and stoppage of be train. Tho device le controlled V the American Railway Electric jlght Company, ft ia claimed by tbe company that the system can be oper- ted at a cost not to exceed that of Ighttng by oil. The Apple Crop. Reports have been received _by the 'armers 1 Review on tho condition of ho apple buds In twelve States, In llinola the buds appear generally well developed and unharmed by tbe winter. In Indiana the condliion is good, but fears were expressed by ome of the correspondents, as the rees In some counties have been covered with ice. In Parke county about .jalf of the buds ar. reported as killed dost of tbe correspondent report all well. In Ohio the development ol the iuds promises a full crop of apples. Michigan conditions are favorable. In Kentucky the prospects are still good. t was feared that they had developed oo much during the warm epell in 'anuary, but it is now ascertained hat the development was not great enouch to render them susceptible to he recent cold. In Missouri no disaster has yet overtaken the apple rees, and with no unexpected event, he fruit crop will be large. Kansas and Nabraska report little or no dams to apple buds. Iowa reports condition good, and apple prospects exoilleot. judging from the buds. Wisconsin reports are fsvorable. Wnbanh Coup e Married. Mies Tolitha C. Peaa a handsome school teaaher of Wabash and Mr. Obtd A. Waite a shipping clerk of the same city, were united in marriage ast evening by Rev. H. J. Norrle at j Broadway M. E parsonage They mmediately took; tbe train for Wa baeh where they will make their fu ture home.' 1100 Brnard, $100. The reader of thin paper will b« pl«M«<l t earn th« then IB at least one dft*d»rt dlnenne. hat aclenc* has been nbletociirn In nil Its stages anatha In Catarrh. Hull'.-Catarrh Cuw Is the only pos! Ive cure known to the rmxlicul frtittjrn tj. Catarrh btlng aconstitutional disarm*, requlivs a constitutional treatment. Hull's Catarrh Core la taken lnt»rn:ill>, acting dlnwtly on the bloi'd and mucus surfaces of th- system, thereby dwtro Ing ,he foundation of He disease, ami KIVIIIH the pa- tientstrength by bulUllng uv the constitution and a».-UtlOK nature In doing Its work. I he proprle. -oold bj druggists. CANDIDATE*. FOH TKEASORKR. I will be a candidate for Treasurer of the cltj of r.oiransport, subject to th« will ol tho Bepubll can City Nominating Convention. Loransport, Ind., February 13, l!S4. I will he » cnndldw for Tr-aaiirer of the cltj of LoitanspDrt. «ul>J«;t to tin- will at the Uepubll- can City Nurainatlns convention. LOKHnsport, Ind., February 10, 1894. [will be a am lldiite fo- minima Ion for the onice >fCltf I'rwi-urer miujtwt to the wlllofthp opubihsaii CuuvenUnn, •'•[!• ALLISOM, Louinspoi-t, inu.. t'eiirunry w, i»J<- I will be a andWitflfor Treasurer of the cltj ofLo«ri"port.sul>iMtt» the will ot the Bcpub- llcanCltrNoinina lug "" Logansport, End., March 6. ItWJ- G. A It. On tho occasion of the Encampment G. A R and Woman's Re.ief Corps of Indiana, at Lafayette, Ind., ipril 4 and 5, 1894. the Wabash Railroad Company, will sell round trip tlckts for $1 11. Tickets will be sold April 3d and 4th, good going date of sale and good returning not later than April 6th. C, Q. NKWKLI,, Ag't, Wnbasb R. R. Co. The L»tf»t Value, You get tbe greatest value out of a silver quarter wh«n purchasing a package of Simmons' Liver Regulator powder, There's nothing like it for indigestion or constipation. Fake It dry on the tongue or make a tea. You'll afterwards take It in preference to pills. Hindi* F«e*ory Wood for Male, Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall orders to Hillock & Plttman. Handle Factory on A VISIT JO UTAH. a Initaaoo of the Pr»ponder»DO» »• Smlthi in That Territory. That I know about a magnificent territory and its vastly interesting population is due solely to accident. I had become ashamed of wailing east year after year, and made up my mind to hitch my wag-on to the star of empire and learn something of my own great country. 1 knew there was a territory called Utah, wheru Mormons indulged in the domestic eccentricity of polygamy, and that was all. I mifrht visit Salt Lake City. All would depend upon circumstances. Ail did. It chanced that in tho middle of October I found myself in a mining town. I was to cross the mountains on horseback, and snow blocked the way. I sat disconsolately in one of those hostolries that reconcile you to instant death. It was frottcn np on the noble principle of violating every lorging of the human soul. No lath and plaster had ever defiled the virgin boards that separated one hxiraan being from another. It didn't make any difference which door was banged upon. All humanity responded to the thunder. As even a worm will turn, so did my soul revolt when one morning- at an unearthly hour a voice from my keyhole shouted: "Smith, it's time to skip!" "My name's not Smith," I replied, aroused from dreams of homo. ' "What is your name, then? If it isn't Smith it ought to be—you're down in the register as Smith." •> T o. that's not Smith," shouted my opposite neighbor, the day clerk. "Smith's at tho end of the hall." "Well, this Is the end of tho hall." "Aren't there two ends? It's the other end, you fool." "Who wants Smith?" asked a sharp voice in the distance, "I'm Smith." 'What's the matter? I'm -Smith," shouted still another voice. Were the guests all Smiths, myself exocpted? "Well, whichever Smith wants to get up at four o'clock, him's the one," frrowled the keyhole. Both the Smiths slammed their respective doors with a big, big D . "It's Smith in No. 1," screamed the day clerk, and the idiotic porter performed a reveille on No. 1 until the right Smith responded, and everybody but'the other two Smiths and inyso** put out their heads wanting to know where the fire was. If sleeping were a farce, what shall I say of the feeding-? "Kit, drink and be merry," was the cheerful salutation suspended over the dining room entrance. It was a sickly sarcasm, as there was nothing to eat, nothing to drink away from the bar, and bcinfc merry nndor such circumstances was more than could be expected from even a Mark Tapley. This was not the town where I read the significant scale of prices warranted to meet tho requirements of any appetite; Gooilraoal * *? Squ-iro meal !*! Perfect fjorgs v '."" I dared not expostulate, for it was in this sylvan retreat that an innocent "tenderfoot" was asked by the waiter, who carried his riffht hand to the roar of his person an:l laid it firmly upon a vary perceptible pistol, "Ilam or bacon?" "Both." replied the "tenderfoot. This waa too much for human endurance. Drawing forth his pistol, tho unsophisticated child of the mountains exclaimed: "No sich epicurean gor- mandism were allowed in that ar community!" Being- taken for "Smith" was an insult; being starved to death was an injury. It was time for me to go. Shaking the snow off rny feet,. I madly started for the -nearest big town. It chanced to be Salt Lako City. I expected to remain a week. I tarried one year.—Kate Field's Washing-ton. CLEANLINESS. A Dainty Mnthromn Almont nn Kiiontlal l.o n Wnll I'urnlnhod llon»o. Between a room that is dainty and one Unit is merely neat there is a great g-ulf fi*e<l to an extent which you novor realise till .YOU make it a point to notice your friends' bathrooms. Innower houses the builder has usually risen to tho occ-isiou, and with tiling, oak finish, porcelain and •rlimraerinj* zinc made thn room a thing of beauty and cleanliness, a joy forever. But in old- fashioned houses, where the plumbing arrang-ement.s aro often OBOuffh an aftertliou'r.it. it is frequently a g-looray, comfortless barrack, where you wonder how oven grown, people, lot alono that small race whose antipathy to ,1 ...„ f«.. ic ML'I»H Irn own. Win soap Toledo Jt., or P. J. Klmmer, ou «.«•*• '« Vvmmmmtrtt**. Kemp 1 * B»l«»ni win »u>p the oougi tt onoe ______ Quaker headache oap«ul» fire re. lief in ten mlnute»_ Clark'* spool cotton only 8 cents, at the New Fashion store. soap uu'l water is well known, can bathe from anything but the sternest sense of duty. Dark syood, dark paper, dark walls, with a white-painted window protected bv a dismal-lined blind; a scaly tub, which is undoubtedly clean, but doesn't show it; in. the corners and stowing places all sorts of respectable rubbish, from the rag-bag- and the shelves for infirm and indigent books, to the rocUing-horso which Bobby has • outerown-this is a composite picture 1 of » good many bath .-oo rus. Repaper- Ine—pretty wall papers are too cneap in these days for ugly ones to have a i shred of excuse for bein^-with a dado ' In Imitation of tiling, a dollar's worth of enamel for Uie tub. bright-flowered or wh te window curtains and rigorous banishmentof the household'8odds and ends to more atting- quarters could work a moral reformation in that room. An ftirreoable variation on the everlasting oilcloth, which the minute you steo on it after emergi ng from the tub chills all your newly made resolution! to bathe more frequen tly, is one of .the white Turkish rugs which will wash. A bright wire basket for sponffes effectively and much more hygiemcally takes the place of the outwardly decorative but inwardly musty rubb« SSomre ha*, whose name should be changed to that of microbe repository. These little touches, with perhaps» coat o' the enamel for the " 5UBBhn ». "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." We use only SANTA CLAUS SOAP, And White Wings of Purity Spread their radiance around us. SANTA CLAUS SOUP 15 THE BEST FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD USE, ALL GROCERS KEEP IT* AVAPt oMty BY N.K.FAIRBANK &CO. CHICAGO.- NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. WflLKER 5c RflUOH towel rack, wmch nan^s ovcrinew.o- wh«n it hasn't fallen in it, draw tlie distinction between bathing in a dun- ceou and in a cheery, eleanhness-eu- courting- room. -Philadelphia Press. HE ENJOYED HIS~MUSIC, And tho Ferryboat I'im»ciiccrn H»<1 » Good Time Hhi>wl«i>. The biff propeller ferry \>oat bewinpr the passengers from a western express had barely left her slip at Jersey City a few days apo when the passengers were attracted from tlieir papers and conversation by the strains of music. On one of the scats near the middle ot the lonfj cabin sat a thin little man, about fifty yetirs old, and on the floor in front of him was a lonfr black box. A broad smile lit up his face as "Sweet Afton," with variations, grew out of tho melodious pins in the box, and when the air was finished he chang-ed it ( to the "Sweet By and By." "When It came to the chorus he leaned over, and, touching a little screw, released an attachment that played on a series of bells ranfred along- the top of the box. The cffeut was exceedingly Bwcet and those who had paid little attention at first began to be interested. An old German woman, -who had been silting at the far end of the cabin, moved to a seat opposite the man. Several others followed her example. The next tu,ne was the "Lullaby" from "Erminie," When it began the man shut off the bell accompaniment and put down a stop that made it sound as if the music waa beinjr played by mandolins. This seemed . to please him more than ever and 'he almost laughed aloud. Finally tho cylinder rolled around to "Home Sweet Home." Then the man opened the lid of tho box, took off all the soft stops and put on the bell accompaniment. The music ran throughout the entire cabin with marvelous sweetness, and from the bejfinninp to the end the man leaned affectionately over the box and kept lime with his forefinger us if he was leading the IKtlo host of musicians inside. When it came to the variations he pot a little mixed on the time. Then his face grew serious and he remained motionless until the air was talcen^up again, when he continued his loading- and allowed the bland smile to play over his features once more. As the boat ran into the slip he turned to the passengers in general and said: "Ain't she a beauty? My father an' mother (rev thot to me for New Year up m Lacka wanna. I tell yer them's th 1 kinder folks ter have." lie drew the cloth gently around the box, then, picking it up as carefully as thouffh it were u baby, he joined the passing crowd.— N. Y. Recorder. —Mr S S. Turner, who h;is just been elected to the house of reprcsenta. lives in the Seventh congressional district of Virginia to succeed Gov. Ol-er- rall, had once an escape from death litr tie short of the marvel ous. He was a confederate soldier and after the evaou- ation o£ Richmond, with four other men, he climbed into a box car to sleep. The car had been used to transport powder and every crevice in t.he floor was filled with the powder dust In the morning one of the men after lighting his pipe threw the burning end of the match he had used on the floor. 'instantly there was an explosion which killed all but Mr. Turner. Ue was terribly injured and lay for weeks m almost mortal affony, for opium or other narcotics were not to be ha<i He recovered finally, hut bears still th» marks of the accide.it Of the torture he endured he cannot even &t this day be induced to speak. Kite* to California U really R-4nr*A via the FeoiiKJ-lvnoln L.ln««. The Mid winter Fair at San Francisco and tbo numerous other attractions in the Wonderland beyond the Rocky mountains can bo enjoyed by rBonB of limited means as the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania Hoes. Pa*. sengers can select any ol the several routes from Chicago, acd the return limit Is ample /or a satisfactory iO-- journ. For details apply to J. A Md- Cullough, ticket agent. Logansport, Ind. The usual treatment of catarrh !• very unsatisfactory, as thousands can testify. Proper local treatment IB positively necessary to success, but many, if not most, of the remedies in general use afford but temporary relief. A cure certainly c-mnot be expected from snuffa, powders, douche* and washes. Ely's Cream Balm, which la eo highly recommended, i» * remedy «hich combines tbe Important requisites of quiet action, specific curative power, with perfect safety pleasantness to the ^patient. The druggists all sell it. Ere art SHU OlitMrat Is a certain cure for Chronic Son- Eyes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cents p«r box. For sale by B. F. Keeuling, -Mr. Cheo wbo I am, my little man? ' the » know ' The Little feller who is iotali; avoid, any ezpre-ion/'-Ia. dian»poli« Journal. TO HORSK OWNEB8. For putting a horau in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, lid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, givlnf new life to an old overworked bone. 25 cents per package. For sal* by 8. F. Koesllng, dru«eist. MM«lro FouniliUuni DUeorered. Chicago citizens in their desire to axcel, have lately accomplished a blf feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are tome lady residents who can wear ahoei twelve inches long. . Your blood needs regulating In spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" Is na- wre'a own blood purifier. Mild and oiellow. Price quarts, |1; pints, 60 cents. For sale by W. H Porter, pre- <criptiou druggist, 326 Market street, Logansport, Ind. WONDERFUL1 The Remarkable Cure of an Arkansas City Street Commissioner. I had an attack of La Grtupa the 18th ot December, complicated with ionsl!itl<; wa« conflnei tomTbidonewsflt. TH •> physicians ga*e me o»- llj brfttttlilng was very labored; had a smothered- seaaatlon at times; mr cUoxt and lungs were v»f» sore. Pttelp's "Four C" re aedj helped me th» flratdoie: the soreness left my chest almost U* stmtl?;ws8W«ll In three daj». Th« »X>YB to due Mr. Pueipa In simple Justice to this woncMf fal medicine. p - irkansas Cltj, December 30th, 1891. Pour "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchltto, Pn«»- monla, and Ulcerated Tom-Ultl§. In oompotOtM* Ii In DrfFuRENT, I« n™" POWBWUL •»" Acrmf 1 -- toftictlsMDIFFKRBKNTfrjm »n» otb«r farm rw> elf as molasses U din-rem trom vlnf««r. II l»iRB?EL*.TIOX. BEsr or ALL TOU TtM *»RISK. Th«»siK«Ofth80oiitr»»tlH, tool "< MOST etVK SATISFACTION « raoanf w BEN FISHER.

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