Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 26, 1952
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MOM »TA«, HOM, *iKAM»*»» I Names • ftttirJ' roll of 9 " Mtfinc Nov. 7, ai JOB Alftortr. prtn«»" «*-- ilf|ii>)« tiff Ui "fit jmW» "A',' t rod i-eUto honor i»otnt» roll, * nil- fhono finni J6 »eth Koto* Bread Winners Oawn Jrmnfci, W»yn« H»e>» <md Mary H<rtUi, Alice ort, JSroogenu OWmrt, PaW CB • PolK, »»«]« -at- BUJye -WJWiims, 8yW* wor- OATMEAL MUFFINS Maktt « f« l Kfl«l Van Fleet and Clark Plan for Ike's Visit By L6ROY HAN8EN 8EOUL, Korcn, (UP) - U. N. <irim«nrter don. Mnrk Clark met O'-n. J*me« A. V«n Fleet today to thuat of Communist Air Infiltrating suicide a»)ta«. »in« or fhp score* of Red »pi«ss a»um*«l to b* in Seoul. inere wer« report the r >a!n con- fercncf *He Itself -which f-.outh Ko- rear, dourcc* say will b« Seoul— ill hai not been decided. ficou 1 present* a well-mapped) an rf st/rnwllng tarfiet. whose every, is known to the Cornmu' Battered Seoul Gets Ready to Greet Ike . , , /lr Force cannot exclude rc'f.ote possibility that the SEOUL, domed her l — Battered Seou fairest raiment and the Communists Hell, Ike." Mayor Kim ordered. U'replaced because •It is impolite 'to call such a big man by his nickname." Its replace rncnt was a formal "Strengthen JROK. Forces." Kirn said he did not know the rial*- o' Eisenhower's arrival but the entire week has been set aside an Welcome Week. Gen. Clark said Ihere was noth- Tuesday, nM Boss Hudolf Slansky andi sup- IU11 u»«*i t.f'-rf — poster* who now are alleged to have plt-nned an anti-Moscow plot. Mar°oUu* appeared before the five-man court in Prague's Pankrac pricon this morning and ad- mit'ed charges of conspiracy to ovcrth-ow the government ot f resident Klement Gotlwald, espno-j nage for the Wcsl, and economic' sabotage. -i*-,,. w,.,.,w .•. w .... - - | > Iflfi r"'llOll- fJUSMWIIIfc^ .,...» ».,... plan poJiey'recommendations and: .. WOU | { j unleash thotr first A- «;e'.trlty plan* for President-elect! ' fl ' u m S(?oul „ Elsenhower. ttolfttft Ulttmnhower's forthcoming! . m( . r j CB - 8 top gcnernls and Dc- vidli \n Korea. ' Hark flew hern loday from, h'» hc.idqunrtcrd In Tokyo. HP plorined to romcln In Korea "A conolp of day*" to rnok« nrrsnKi!- j»i«'iU (or the vhlt. Authoritative sources In Tokyo Clark would not b< j JSmllo Eldfif, Curolyn Brown. Jo Anne Km- on 1 folt Voflal/on» Nirti A«M Vi cup t«Wn«, «'»«>l»P«l . wim •Sf.cretnry designate Charles tV, 1 ."'"! t-te assembled there. Arid Air Secretary Thomas Kin| 0 ltc siiio in Washinuton today that j „'„,. „( Itusslfin-built twin-jot bnmb- I cr.i |>r''n?nti a threat to the allies " ' in K'ir'M H' 1 added, however, Hint „,.,„ „, -, " n hiindj ^ f,,,(ilcrs could moot tho dan t,, sreet EUenhownr v/hcn he ar- rlvfit In Korea. Clnrk snld he laxl snw Kmonhowcr "JuKt befor« hr wi-nt lo Europe to take over the NATO lommand." Clark Hftld he Micl Vnn Fleet, nth Army commander, "will be looklnjj forward to seeing Elsenhower," co.no covered her war wounds with bunt-! ing today. Ncrvc-tanglinK excitement swept this South Korean cap- Hal as it prepared n giant wel- for U.S. Prsedient-elect I). Eisenhower. Hobocy seemed to know when he would nrrive, but everybody was getting ready. Gen. Mark Clark, accompanied by the British and French nmbas- stu'.ors to Japan, flew in from Tokyo. C'li.rk said he would eotifet wi'h Gen. James A. Van inj> special about his trip but "nat- lur-'ily I will discuss arrangements with Oen. Van Feet for the Presi- dant-eltcl's visit. We are looking fcif'/ard to seeing him." ,, r . bid the threat ,'ni:lfl I'Miiain, Anntl.'T danKcr Is tht nevertheless', L'. S. I^ighth Arrmy commander, on arrangements for Eisenhower'.* Vl.ilt. Another Ex-Czech Red Confesses VIENNA art— Radio Prague to clny broadcast the confession of a lOlhc former Czech communist "Fleet 'ender that he was an '*'* . • __., ~.r+A «• n Vtnt n i Personal To Women Nagging Backache bands ol out in believed to be hldlni! bills nc-iir Seoul, nnd the Around the city, workmen hur- i'.'J i ied to complete 20 huge archc/. nf pro-Communist sympa-j f-'i oul's Mayor Kim Tai Sun 01- which rnlaht Include fann-1 tiered the work finished today. Me Alien, Jacquo m, Ann* U Jan Polly Compton, r »wd<ml* ' e«rn«d i Merit Boll, Kliglblt- iti roll commit of a mini- lie ot "B" ««fl n mini' lonor polntii;They are: ibpt Ketio Ellen \Valor»on 'Subrtliuw I powder to 2 le«»j«K»n*i »«W MiRttf, I t«M«Mxxm flmir, 4 il Imiii.T. SpflnVIc over mulniw tvieel mllV, Shui, Wfil " o' Thornton, 0»« Worn- wr'Folfc, VMlUm Nhibou! Marldn Jimmy lf«t»» Dowey inda Halbort, Burbtira IT Ricky rttrwter, Marlhtt J«k, Vlrgiu Alice Antho. PRESCOTT NEWS i,nd"r whom they once served. The Korean Dully News nald "pe-rliiipn" EUcnhower will arrive hero tcir.orrow, hut no official, word wn« given out. I On Clark's plane were Sir Elser DenlnR, British ambannndor to Jn'pnn end French Ambastsndin- Mimrlcr? Do Jean. Clnrk said their visits had no connection with the Eisenhower trip. Clnrk nnd Vnn Fleet neeompnn- led Dcnlng on ft visit to the Brl- tl»i: Criinmonwenllh DlvUlon. They Inter returned to Seoul where they (Hix'TS. wc mg ncue ann- ere e wor nse oay. ui tic 'assassins und saboteurs living I h.r. scheduled two monstrous dcm- ••••• it( -'"' ' ' " " ' "" eriran spy and sabotaged his na lion's Itcd-ordcrcd economy. The latest set of admissions is frcm Rudolph Margolius. 39-year- old Jew and former deputy minister of foreign trade until he was .rrcsted in the purge of Commu- Mr». P- W. Durham Present* Halnbow Qurdun Club Progrem 41 ml HH-mU»r» Mrn, G«o, Mr». H- , , Montttiimury, Mr». Leo Klnney. Ai?9h&r, Linda Hettit, .Buddy Jackson, 'd nnnimonn, . nMr J»ni«n ,' Mary Aattms, Sylvln Ac will* Kailh, John Na«h, Ju Jolly MeBay, ., Dorothy n'^uylw, J« Anne Kun F»yu Ward, , Mary WWtu, BnlMo Tul Howe, F«ya 1'oUor Beimia BSaminsltm Cornelius, ftuby 8u WsnKvUe Nbf, Alter Frftnofcu Fr«ef«»<, NeUta ' Marilyn lUo Bit H«rt» Mwrgaro , M«ry MHcliel Allie Marlar,- Mai N« K«y Kent, Nor I'l Mr», 0, R. Poitchay iu bbnenco of tho president. Mrs, )BW»on Henry. The minutes wt-ir end by Mrs. Nat WooKley, »«er<?- ary. The club voted to biivo u :hrl»lm»« banquet on Mrs. 13. W, Durham ho proKrnm on "Hlomnlna Kutu- ion," followud by « tlowirv nuu Mrs. IHwuhoy w»n flrnl jtliu-e «>n vcr flower arrdHHi-nu'iil nun Mi> Buchumm wen HCIHUUI plucv, ll(iNt0H8e» Hurvi'il n d'.'lieum.i t coumn with coffeu to ,-ilx- membin-s and three Mi'M. Shullun, Mm, A. S. Buchanan, ^MrR. Oil Hui-hunnn, Mm. IS. «• ihhnrp, Mrs, Vermin Fore;, Mr». II. t M,,^udCoKwahM,,. All,,, ^Wl,^ M™. H.J;. Jj^-nd und Mr*. K, K. Shell. W6CS Mr eta At Church Thunday Thi- WSCS of Ihu McthodUl Chur ch n««?t <»n Thuridny afternoon at IIt« church lor u continuation ot the lull iiuily en "Hoims Missions HtlU lllllliilll lllglitR," Tht! nu'CiiiiH w.ui opened with thu son);, '"lulu is <>ur Kwthiir's Wor- IKI,' 'followed with nn inspiring d«- jvulinmil Uilk l>y Mrs. J. V. MuMa- ' lien. : ivlr.N. Fntnli Hiillum, Jr., told tho jntni> of Tuny, u Mu.vican mltjrant I SVillklM-. ,f. H. lloslcrly gavn Ihu «tu |m -niHlihtcly went Into It closed dimr H,.-s«ion to make their plann. Alxo rlonctwl with them was U. Gen. Glenn O. Darcus. 5lh Air Force commander. U WHH believed the two were consolidating 111 ..i*."*' * ..•-.-• Armed soldiers stood at 2, r )-ynrd (ntcrvnl;. along main streets and hlfihwiiy leading Into Seoul from I tho nirb.isc south of the city. Son-el Wi!rf ni'iunterl. They watched pas» with suspicious e y e a. lc ,..,j to search any one suspected of carrving unathori/.od weapons. Mac'.iii.e-guns were being mount«•! Ihn-tiKhout the city In the event of f, fuicri'lllti raid. Mpnn-Ahlle, Korean laborers put the (Inching touches on what the ROI> fiiivcrnment expected would be the conference site. South Ko- rwm officials believed Eisenhower will ccnfer with in Hilary, diplorna- Uc and Rovcrnmenl officials as com their well South Korean President the cupl 24 ' wnici) , CaiiWy, Hall, Bernard Pun , of> nine tlh tWO Otll (H'tt^f on iN "At Junior lUttlv fi wutjHa period, end 7, n* (innbunced b , Wfor A"»y ** L retnln be eli- honor. Thoio Jo KU«n ,, Henry, R. P. Hamby OAR Quant BpoBKer Tho Bcnjttrnln Culp Clmptor of| , |Vl , ^aughtttr* of Arnodewi mwolutunu ,^ w met on Thurminy wfternvion In Ihe homo of Mr*, J. W. TcfUn- wllh Mr*. It, P. Hnmuy BSsUtinu him- tosn, Autumn llowt'rs In colorful huoK were iilucui* at imlnts of In- t«ro«t, Th« rc«ent, Mm. Tseter, i»vi!»l«- od. The mootlnit won ojwned with Ine riUml lollowud with lho Ot th« ntttlunttl snthem. MIM». Wailttco I'etnotu'Utn, gram chairman, j>r«»cni«U Mr P, Htimby, jjucttl Biiuiikor tm ntUrnoon. who jittvt* un and (oroolul taui on "IAU'H i^n Back lo the Faith of our Fort JPatberH," Mr, Hamby U » mem. bor ot tho Bonn ol tho Involution, The pre» sv«» read by Mu, ,. .. Tno chaptiT will »entl « ttux of used clolhWB to one «(• the DAU HUpfJvn'led »chot»U in DectMuUor Mr», C. H. Muoi'o WHS uiva'n u .. ,. , ily on 'Ucs|)ci;lliiK Minorities' after tin- nict'liHK adjourned with by Mrs. K. », Ward. twenty five present. HIM IMUI r *r *-• v. •*• - - •• vlo-Mi on reconimcndntlons on tnc| ronduc 1 of the war to be made from thu Far East Command. Pi-caning for ecuial attentlnn »re t of Insuring Elsenhower's security In Korea against ,.,. . .-. lockets In a retractable launcher and weighed about nine Ions It was powered by a m-nc-al electric U'bojel with afterburner develop^ in e x cess ot !i,700 pounds thrust. (,'iipl. Nanh's wife Glena, inotticr of thrtx- young dauuliters, was :it lite field to see her husband sot the resord, She ;mt Shu r.drnltted lo "plenty of ncr vousnuss" 'and said she was uli" when it was over. Syniiinan Rhce behind tr.l nni'ding at Seoul. Street cars carried banners spel lint; out welcome to tho president ele-.'l. South Korean and American (lags flew throughout tbe city. HELD IN SLAYING KRATTLEBO.no. VI. I/?)— A yirting filling .station attendant was Mil Of an open charge of murder today in the death of Hosa „ BurrinKlon, pretty 19-year- of (ice worker, whose throat cut in the form ot a cross. ,o,- mmvmu ».-vi Curing World War II, Loureneo pe r"dr cam MurquoH in Mozambique Portuge- nppi.ni t« ^ C()lony ln Ad-jca, WHS the neutral port in which U. S. and Japanese envoys were exchanged. isirat.ons— tomorrow and Thurs- day-whtthcr Eisenhower is here yet or rot. Rickety streetcars cl all ered Ihrouf.h Ihe streets drnped with huyc banners proclaiming a welcome. Storekeepers covered their windows with American and Republic of Korea flags. IH-clad ur- cli'ns .skipped along, waving tiny flags at passcrsby. There was a deadly carious noto 10. South Korean Army troops ar.d IO.'L'C liirew a guard 'around and .hr'iugh the city. Metropolitan Police Ch'ef Yoon Myung Hoon said securiiy measures would enforced unlil after Eisenhowei lea ,'es. All residents of Seoul possibly 800,000 persons were instructed t r.-c-istei with police. A 9:30 p.n curfew will be. rigidly enforced. Mayor Kim said security prepa rations are all set and added: "We will guarantee 100 per cen for th-> safely of Gen. Eisenhow or." South Korean Cabinet ministci and liii'.l-.-ranking political and military leaders arrived from Pusan an.l T;>eKu, presumably to be on hand tu welcome the President elect. More than 200 giant signs sprung up like wild flowers around the city. Soi.ie were more Ihan 100 fee One sljui lhal wcnl up yeslerdaj came down loday. It read "Give DID YOU KNOW THAT: AUTO DAMAGE COSTS ARE UP 156% The average cost of settling claims for property damage in 1951 was more than I So percent above that for 1940, while bodily injury costs rose more than 70' percent. Property damage claims outnumbered claims for bodily injury by about 4 to 1. As a result automobile accidents cost insurance companies $111 for every $100 of earned premiums in 1951. ARE YOU PROTECTED SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. _ INSURANCE — 210 S. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansat / Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn.. Each for Himself and None for Rome — and Rome Fell THE SINNEK OK SAINT AMBHUS1C, by Hoborl Ituy riolds; Bobbs-Mc-rrill Co.. ln- diiinapolis St. New York. It's the year 401) A.D. Theodosius I has died and his Roman empire, which look over when a corrupt people betrayed their republic, is also al Ihe end of its "Pope. Alarii: Ihe Goih is besieging Ihe imperial city, and on Page 335 I encounter this passage: "The people-.of Rome were frighlened ... II never cnlered their heads that man for man they must have outnumbered Alaric's forces len lo one and that a free and resolute populace could swarm out through the IU sates wilh any weapons at hand and scour the hills until the Goths were shattered and fled. Someone wasn't taking care of Ihem. Someone had be- Irayiid Ihem. . Someone had let them grow hungry and sick. Someone had failed to provide a great army. Someone ought lo be killed!" Hope Star WBATHKR PORMOAtt Arkansas} Cloudy * to / T cloudy, colder this aftornooiit.cleJi ing, colder With lowest 18-38 " night; Thursday fair, v cold. ,. Hig ai rltUfei , Low 31 Rainfall .93 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 38 Star o» Hop* IS99, Pr«« 1«7 Con»olldoted Jon. It, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1952 M*mb«r: Th« Aii«clat*d Pf«ti 4 , -».... Av. N.t Cald Orel. 6 Moi. Indlna »•»». 10, 1*11 PRICE Sc CQ*> have read this book to imagine someone H. wer \itf\'. und MrH. \V«.iloy Mrft. Jack Ciuipr, Mrs. W, L. Uritt tmtl Mrs. Itoy Stalnlon attended the Unplist SUiti; C.'iuwuntton In Little Hock last week, Mrs. Ditwsun llwnry, Mr. and Mrs, KtH'So MeDuugald. K. li. Sml- { th tinil Itiilph Iliirris attended u i L<ifiur(!(0il|! ut llfli'dln ColluKt', at last week. U. H. Jorrtiin, Mrs. Ilufko u, n«d Mr*, II. K. Dorris mo- tu Tcxurkunn Frlilny for the Mm. Today or 75/noffow... You//'Find /VOM£AS MEW AS / day. Mtllor, Uri-y 4 lloyco Sua Cook «nd ViritniH , . rl»tn8 vote of honor tw \wt urtlcle on "Thunks for America" thiu WHS uublUhod in the Novumbuv ia»u« ot the N»tlon«l Historicul UAU mudo nun nub- Sretilned ut least (H) honor ou th« Merit Jorry fr»nk», Car- Sue livin, Jimmy ?Klo, jimmy Allwt, Judy ' • flabsr, A d(?Uclou» salad coui-«f Vpd to Ui« flftot-n member* ; ''BtM Mrs, C, A, Huyncs, Mi», M. ^, Blackshcar, Mr*. K. M. ««• laud and Mr. lluiuby, Mr». C. Q. Gordon Ho»te»» To 0*nMta Club Thursday Colorlul «rrttn«i'i»vnl& of mums Mrs, IHttln ll«,v.-s was a Friday afternoon vUltor In iloiic. D\\ unit Mrs. A, S. Buchanan Kpcut Friday In Little HucK. Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Moore nui- Uucti to 'IVxarkana Friday for the tiny, Hody iUitlcr, Jr., has returned k> Southern Sin Its College, Magnolia, wfti'i- u weekend visit with his ptnvnts, Mr. mid Mrs. Hody But- lor. "Rembrandt or Automobile Design", Pinin Farina is the world's foremost custom car designer. His royal crest appears on only the costliest hand-craftedcars—atuf on Nash Cotiicn E OK OVER the new cars that are being introduced these days. You'll find new as the Nash Golden none as »i?iV JswieUc Fin Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gco. Jr,, Hill und t.iiul were lho nuests Stit- nlay ot rolntki>» and (riLMids. Airforce Pilot Sets 699 mph Speed Record TUK-\MAli, Ciillf,, Ud •— A roar Ml'». C. O. Oordou on Wturnow wh*?u slm \v«» hosicss Ux« 1050 Cantism Club. H^rtJ' rooms wt'i'o arra»j;v\t throe tables of ol»y«is «na MQrf, But'ko Slwitou \von hl«h «-coi<! iftty %»ittd ^nd sandwich ,. «our*o was hewed tw gu«sts Mrs. ing. flaiuc-*nrvading F88d Subie- JUu V»»tcy, Mrs. Tom CuHMsrw! ji>t ulano piloted by Capt, J, Sladc- --• JS;>'h u* Isdwuids Air Force Base Chwlene Mortw, F«»nt'U Haru-, tittld. Jonnn Huj't, Otti'Ottra llai- J*m«a CilUert, Bobbie CJuv L»oi\na Fvwjuan, VUarli's Fow I'raiwus Kvaus, Boiwte Ueau v. Furhvu slyling means new beauty and com- for^filh the accent on roominess. Widest ihnii and rear seats of any ear. Even Reclining Seats and Twin Beds if you wish. Reclining Seats, Twin Beds, Weather Eye Conditioned Air System. Yes—compare them all, feature by feature. You'll none as new «o i"« i-.v.-« r - Airdyte No other cars can offer the agree-the distinctive new Nash Airflyte ahead-of-the-time continental styling of leads the^hole world in beauty, per- Pinin Farina. Only in Nash can you find formance, economy and comfort-today such exclusive features as the Airliner -tomorrow-and in the future! F.;.ina styling narrows front pillars to eliminate "blind spots". New con- tint'iitiil sloping hood shows you more of the road for safer, easier driving. Farina siyling/vovMw more than 17Vi square feet of usable floor space in lugt;age cuinpafuncut. fall light conceals gas intake. Farina styling is complemented by the new Supcr-Jetfirc engine—proved in competition the world over for performance, endurance and economy. Farina styling features new "Road- Guide" fenders to give the eye an aiming point for easy parking anil passing. , Jerry Wilson, Doimw Htan- Ward, Kwast Whit U to this outstanding jrako-^ , ^^ V*V'S Aft.™ NAtlNBfAR" hus c,sriUU^lx.'t:t u now umvfficlul ssorUl sviuod record— ti88.U miles pcv hour*. t.'yinl. Nush. 31, wlwsg home Is in MoviUt>, la,, madv four low Kvcl pusses yestertluy over a mea- itur«d tUrv«)'KUo»«etcr courf-»> at the r«t>;c u( th Sal ton Stt, 339 foot Uvlow sea level, His performance was nvde under rules of the Federation At»rv>*«»uti«iutt Iniernatlon- ul an dlh« National Aeionautics Association, which must verify it iXHmiv it bt-conu's i4(ici»l. In shatlerit»B the record for op- vH\.ti«uil aircrad Ut the North AuK«iic«n aU-\v*aUxer interceptor, Until you it is hard finding Ihe . material to write new and blazing version of the decline and fall of Rome 443 pages long — but here il is, and ol Ihe besl. Our slory-leller is Gregory Julian, descendant of an emperor, ' spcculaling on his own chances ot taking the throne. Bui he is a member of the declining Pagan party, while Christianity is the incoming political fashion of Rome. 11 is his flirtation with the pros- peel of turning Christian — a temptation that he resists when he could have used it — to which the novel owes ils title. Each time Gregory resists conversion the great Bishop Ambrose says sadly, p, "Thy sin be mine.' And Gregory himself acknowledges: "The great intelligences had abandoned Rome and fled into the Church: Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine ... I came upon the dreadful thought that no great intelligence can flourish except upon a sound moral basis of resolute faith. Men like me, or minor intelligence, f could still retain a sufficient faith in Rome to act and, in our small way of day-to-day half solutions of increasing problems, somewhat flourish, even though secretly anxious and sick at heart. But Augustire, Ambrose . . . with their more ' penetrating minds, saw the rotten sand beneath the apparent stone . . . More terrible than the inroads of Barbarians, more terrible than internal pol- •9- itical particularism, was this obvious flight of our great in- lelligencie.s out of the Roman . civil world. When the few truly great minds of the time reject the common principle accepted as a basis for action by the common people of that time, I think that age is drawing to • a dark end." (Page 267) How dark had Ihe Roman world Cold Greets GIs in Korea Thanksgiving By ROBERT UDICK SEOUL, Korea (Thursday) (UPi — Icy cold weather and. a lull in the fighting ushered in Thanksgiving day today for American GI's hudillnd in trenches and foxholes alonfi the 155-mile Korean baltlc- front. The '>;ist major activity was i tremendous U. N. aerial altaolt yrstoHay oij a sprawling Comini' nisi supply and troop center in eastern Korea. American fightc'i- bomher;* hurled tons of bombs and flaminp jellied gasoline on the target,' louching off huge fires an explosions. As the ground war simmered to' scattered patrol actions, GI's looked forward pagcrly to the traditional Thanksgiving clay fare of hoi turkey, dressing, craujpcrry sauce and pumpkin pie. The dinner was sent to the front Six Deaths Are Attributed to Bed Weather By The Associated Press Witul-wliippi'd snow Grody Moy Killed in Train, Truck Accident; Lloyd Bruce Dies in Louisiana Wreck ipucl on :le sections of tho today. stranding Irnvel i-hools and blocking THANKFUL — Kneeling before a crucifix, this battle clad Marine takes time out during the vicious fighting near Bunker Hill Separate truck accidents with In 1 a few hours of each other cost the lives of two Hempstond county natives -- Grndy Hufih Muy, 85, ot I'atmos. son of Mr. and Mrs, Guy May of Bodcaw nnd Lloyd G. Bruce, IHI, Baton Itounc, La., son oC Mr, and Mrs. M. C. Bruce ot Hope, May was killed about 1:40 p.m. yesterday when thu butane truck which ho was driving was struck by a northboiv.id Missouri Pacific passenger train at a grade crossing a mile southwest ot Prcscott. Mis body was thrown about 175 feet from the crossing and the partially loaded butane truck was scattered for about 200 feet on Ihe opposite side ot the tracks, accord ing to Stale Policemen Millon sier and Guy Downing. had lo cal it right away. Olher- wise, it turned into a hard-icy mass ir. the bitter Korean weather. United Press Correspondent Victor "Kcndrick reported that a full moon shone over drifting whisps of oveicast during the night alon;: the central front, where the battle lor Sniper Hill has raged for VI days. The night started out unusually mild, hs said, but later frost started to cover the steep Korean hills ana gorges, now dressed in red and yellow autumn foliage. IL N. commander Gen. Mark Cla'k and 8th Army Cpmmandei Gen. James A. Van Fleet took time .out from preparing for Gen. Dwight Eisenhower's visit to Korea to issue Thanksgiving Day messages lo their soldiers. In Tokyo, Clark reminded lho fighting men they still have much to be thankful for, despile the war. He said America's strength and courago. its high moral determination and the preservation of its dignity, freedom and rights as human beings were among their blessing*. veB t. — NEA Telephoto. Longshoremen Unidentified Wreckage of Plane Sighted ers, flc.Mug rrmcb. At U nst six deaths were attribute;! In slnrin conditions. Almosn a foot of snow was recorded In some lo\\ ns. K.-insriN am! Nebraska, where hli/7;ird conditions prevailed In soiy .i!-cas yeslonlay, apparently fell the urealest impact of the storm. Il'il parts of Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota. Oklahoma ami Texas also lint Ihe 11 share of snow. The snow eased off durini; Ihe night in most of the .-.talcs luil the Weather Bu- The gas In the truck's tank burn ivnu s.iid il probably would con- ed a couple ot hours after tho tim-e in Minnesola and Iowa wreck. Railway traffic was halted I'.irounnoul today. only temporarily. May was e,m A si:: to nine inch blanket of ployed by the Butane Gas Company snow covered a seclion 150 lo '.JOOlot Hope, niles v.-iile from Soulheiislern Min- Bruoe Killed In Louisiana lesola soulluveslward into North- Early last night near Baton rn Texas. A four-inch carpet of JI OUBU| Louisiana a furniture truck while ciivered most of Kansas and ( j,.j vc u |jy ]_,loyd G. Bruce, ran Continued nn Pago Two But India Plan Gets Top Bit . UNITED NATIONS, N, ' Tbe United Notions Political Cp| mlttce voted todoy to give tooi orlty to India's Peace 'PS I deaolto violent Soviet opposlMbt Tho voto was 40 to 5 w«ll.;q Deficit of $3 Million for State Colleges LITTLE ROCK MPI — Deficits to-i ,--.. ,. alinn nearly three million dollarsU^gav/Tnd'Tnkcn'under th«; s seen today ns l««» l hlo in tho L, htp ot thu Umlod Sta te8 n f, .5" operations of the ynlyer- A 5 ncclal closo-door mootintfW" . of Arknnsns and eight other \ u w P |tern powor8 decidoa . '**' stale Htipplled colloBos. • nighl to avlp p ort tho pr i ( The deficits were foreseen In a m \d their action aoBurod summary ot budget requests sub- nc uon. mli'cd to tho Arknnsao Leglsln- Diplomats viewed th* „..,, live Council by tho nine instltu- votn as n tip o« that, a majflj lions ot higher education. Th« sum- hns boon f ounc i ^ tho muvy wns prepared and released to back tho U. S. view by Ucrron Northctit't, Council ex-h n d, nn resolution must bo , eculivo director; State Comptroll- to HpoU ou t tho handling «, JUS Soviet Foreign- Minister Y. VlshlnsHy denounced It *" " tho Start Wildcat Walkouts NEW YORK, (UP)— Hundreds ot longshoremen began wildcat walkouts today in protest against the Ne\v York state crime commission's impending investigation of or Lea Roy Bcaslcy and Budget onora 0 ( W at more catofuliy. Director J. C. Hogan. ' bnsud 'tliiolr reasoning on ._ Tin>se officials said tho deficits that tho U. S. had previously '«i would occur under proposed budiH it \voujd not vote for priority, ' at ull ot tho Institutions ex- JOSH th<f»c assurances wore - ;;angsU'rrisn: corruption on this city's teeming waterfront. At mid-morning police estimated (hat mere lhan 1,000 longshoremen had been called off the job, closing dov;n eight piers on the west ANCHORAGE, Alaska ifll — tin identified airplane wreckage ha been sighted in high mountai: counlry on Ihe -route of u plan which disappeared Saturday with 52 vcrscns aboard. Air Fo'rtJ o;flc;als snld. last night that a search pilot had reported wreckage inaccessible As we solemly give thanks for these blessings, let us also pray that our determination and our lailh si-all never Hater," he said. Van Fleet, in Seoul, said that Americans at home were thankful that their loves ones in Korea have boen spared. At the same time, he said their tears "will be shed for those of us who havj gone to a better world, the men who «r.ve their lives what we might live in freedom." ' U>t us be thankful today th.it we arc still free to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day," he said. There was some speculation that Eisenhower would be in Korea to cat Thanksgiving d i n n e r with troops en the front line, but there appeared to be lillle chance of il side. The dock workers were members ot Local &24, International Longshoremen's Association, AFL, and .they were rcporled incensed over Ihe commission having issued suta- poi-na for some of the local's of- licers ;;nd members. The hearing is scheduled to start next Wednesday. The demonstration had an immediate affect on four large inbound trans-Atlantic liners. Although it was expected that spot near Whittier, approxiniale- !y 5(1. miles south ot here. Tlifc is in almost a direct line ol flight from McChord Air Force Base. Wash., where the big Globemastcr started its trip to Elmendurt Ail- Base here. Maj. C. W. Hinkle, public intui-- malion officer at Elmcndurf, said the i rt-v, days 1C might wh ch dsnDDcared wHh 20 meJ with 20 men frim siaht la into tho bade of a lumber truck and injuries proved fatal to tho | former Hope man, his family here said today. Details of the accident j were not known, Bruce was born ana raised In Hope but had lived in Baton Itougc for the past nine years where ho was employed by a furniture com pany. He is survived by his parents, HOCK Iff) - Gov.-eloct|two sisters, Mao Faye Bruco__ot Francis Cherry indicated today Cherry Not Receptive to Gentry's Plan ccpl the Becbe Junior College un- Is revenues Increase or cash balances are carried Into the now blennlum. The Beobo school, It was reported, could operate wlthdn Ita requested $07,300 annual budget. The remaining Institutions seek appropriations totaling $17,080,883. East-WMt,quarrels. v-.,;. Anticipated revenue .for'them isl^P'^^W*., r ±M VlahlnMty astounded when ho called tho Indian », device o£ tho "North Atlantic with which no cooperatlpn | slblo.' ^Indla has no oom with NATO and has striven <v malntalo a' neutral * .w««..v very receptive lo Ally. 1»U> twin, Floyd,pt.W«pe; Doyle., ju?d Genteel Tom Genlry's plan for Howard of California.r Roy of Hous IranrllinL! all Ihe slate's legal busi- ton, Harold of Wichita Falls, Kan- ihrouBh Ihe attorney - gener- »«*; Earl, Charles, Bobby and Lar- $13,507,300, said Beasloy. Individual annual budget of those schools facing porters ot tho Indian pl»n - ness al's office. ry Bruce, all of Hope. $52»,QOO. Tho 21-natlon Henderson State Toacrors Cpl-l ft tnica on tho ba»U t-\/& ]c«e, Arakadolphta, $905,000. Commands 'torms laid 40 the fou>- big ships would be allowed lo berth, some 5,200 passen- ers i-.board probably will have o carry their own luggage .shore. The four ships were the great cw superliner, the Uniled States; 10 American ICxport Liner Imle- cndence, the Cunard Liner Queen Eli/.abelb, and Ihe Ilalian Liner Vulcania. grown? So dark lhat a corrupt government found it necessary to pile futile law upon futile law. For instance, Gregory cites the He had a busy schedule of appoinl New York Wednesday ments in Yesterday's air atlack was car ried out by Air Force and Marino fighter-bombers on vast Red Farina styling anJ pntctkal. H'i* Utw« «« for tasy Farina styling ^ vit,ibitiiv- by all iiutkk. Wiilea rear « wl (TODAY) uuics per hour murk set last tMiin. 13 Uy Ms»j, HicUard L. John- ut EitwarJs AFB, Johnson an 'earlier Sabre model, the At his top sp«tKl Capt. plaiw ucwstHi towatd the tompv«?**ibUity trf tae of *ouwd iii t»ve of the lake 775 mU«4 per bow o* lh« 'l*« rwa» in, Valley. Tl«? ruiv»s uuder which th« ( wall Farina styling makes full me of Air* fl)-l« Contlructhm for greater strength, w/i-iv ami rtgulitf-aml fating freedom from faJy-Mi squeaks and rallies. Farina styling incorporates enclosed ^ /run; wheels tocui air drug. Exclusive Airflvx Front Suspension levels road bumps—absorbs shocks and noise. Sie we &*&* A*te*iCA$ Mevesr AND SMARTEST CARS YOUR HIARiY ItolA OiAUIR TODAY! off trhrough that higher Uiau 1.0*? **** apt. N**h mad* the at u«3A inww ih*a W svu\>»v«'*pt ear* ot ta* ut the *nl»ad w»- «n*M.at«r«d by tour fi BERT RETTIG NASH J04-306 E. Third Str«* I ft ease of that curious special office known as "Defensor" — a man sent into a troubled province "to relieve the citizens from the overweening pressure of governors, judges, and taxgalhcrers." The Theodosian Code read (Page Allies ctlack 199j: ammunition. "Thou, Defensor, must in the first place exhibit the character, of a father to the commod- alty; thou must not suffer either the rustics or the city dwellers to be vexed with inordinate assessments. Meet the insolence of office and the arrogance of the judge with proper firmness, yet always preserving the reverence which is ,due to tlie magistrate. Claim thy right' of freely entering into the judge's presence when thou shall desire to do so. Exclude all unjust claims and 'tempts at spoliation of thost Jm it is thy duty to chenLtt'as thy children, and do not suffer anything beyond the accustomed imposts to be demanded of these men who certainly can be guarded by no arm but thine." Rome, that is, was reduced to . officially spying upon its own duly-, sworn officials — investigating the investigators — and of course it fell, for honesty and justice had long ago departed from the land tg. the Consuls and the Caesars, and it was incapable of ruling itself, iet alone the world. "Tbe Sinner of Saint center southwest of Wcnsan, an important East Coast port. "The whole area was left flames," one pilot rcporled. Other said they saw at least five sec ondary explosions, indicating th Allies ctlack destroyed stores o Tr.e lire sent towering billows o dense ,smokc swirling into the sk which prevented Allied pilots from making accurate observation of th results. The Air Force named America jet ace of the Korea war t day. He was 1st Lt. Cecil Foste tempi study Cheny refused to discuss Gen- The body will be returned to try/plan as such. He said he Hope for burial. Arrangements arc was not familiar with It. He said incomplete. Gentry hadn't discussed it with May Service Thursday j,j m Services for Mr. May will bo But in answer to a query which held at Sardls Church at 2 p.m. didn't specify Gentry, Cherry said Thursday with burial in Palmos he questioned the advisability of Cemetery. lotting the attorney general per- .Besides his parents, he is sur- r.'-ri all the slate's legal service, vlved by his wife and two small u Uiiu Gentry wants lo remove a num- children, Elva Janet and Larry whichh^' 1 ' of attorneys from the control Hugh; three sisters, Mrs, Eva n imm mcm msi ci.iuiitli. of individual departments and White, Mrs. Opal Bailey and Mrs. VnCc will 3 tu r tlj aiienclw thdy now represent, in- Louise Purtle of Bodcaw; tree bro- at daybreak loda$lo iV creose the si«,« the attorney gen- thcrs, Herman of Bodcaw, Youoll osit veTde,ilificali6n anJ oral's staff and have'it take over o£ Hope and Garland May of Tex- * ._"*... . I / n <MM4ln>m>1mn t^n r> n T«H« n flf M n II Arkansas State, Jonesboro; Ar- Panmunjpm, including no kan.ias Tech. RUBsellvllle; South- ropatrltttlon, Viahinsky> crn State, Magnolia; Arkansas A.|pr6vldo« for an & M., Montlcollo, $455,000 each. 11 and a«o Ncsro^colioso got WOO.OOO yearlyIprlsonorsi ,1.,*lr>,* thlu hlnnnttim. > I lire loUowod ,»y conloronoe to flottlo nil '« ' feasibility Continued on ^age Two arkana. ground parties, para-dro^'cj-cws orj helicopters. -''r No Sign of i; Bus Strike Settlement As far as Boyle Is Concerned Families in the Social Blue Book Can Just Turn Blue Santa C/aus to Visit Hope on December 11 " HAS 27, of San Antonio, Tex., an F- Sabrcjcl pilot. 'Ihe Air'"Force confirmed Fo ter's claim that he destroyed Communist MIG-15 jet last Saturday, his fifth of the war. Poster had named his Sabre .type "Ihree Kings," but he changec* thtj name Nov. 13 to the "Four Kings" when his wife Margaret g&vs -birth to their fourth child, a son. . Meanwhile, U. N. patrols slashed Junior High Students Hold Program At 1 p.m. today in the auditor- urn various classes of Junior High School held a special Thanksgiving Day program. The program included; Singing by the Glee Club, Bible. Reading by James Hatfield of Miss Moses' home room; Prayer of Thanksgiving by Connie Tulles of Mr. Rider's room; What Thanksgiving Means to Me — Girls, Mrs Jackson's room; Football player, Mrs. Pierce's room; Merchant Mrs Rilcy's room; The Home, Mrs Klipsch's room and The Citi7.cn. Mrs. Davis' room; Poem by Carolyn Strong, Mr. Rider's room; History of Thanksgiv ing by Mrs. Breed's history class; announcer, Royce Weisenberger. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Ml — I don't know -The slrike | how ycur family feels about it, family is boycotling the LITTLE ROCK, of union bus drivers and mechanics! but ugainsl Arkansas Trailways Co., Social Regisler. entered its eighth day today with As fai as we arc concerned, the no sign of a prompt settlement in Blun Book can go and turn blue. sight. As a matter of fact, it has al- Repretentatives of the strik- ready turned back — with rosy crs ant 1 management met yesler- stripes day with a federal conciliator, but The 1953 edition has dropped no settlement was reached. How- Wlnthrop .Rockefeller and his wife, ever, Commissioner, Charles A. BJHO, and to them we say: "Chins Wheeler of the Federal Mediation up, kids. Don't let it get you down. Srnythos). "vVhy it's simple," said our flno eld tribal leaders. "Us Boyles hai-e been outvoted by the hoi polloi. What Boyle wants, to be smothered in all those Smiths? during this blennlum. University ot Arkansas, 4,8-millions. Ilore are the building needs re- quoiiled In, addition to operating budgets: A. M & M., $1,380,000, Arkansas Tech, $105,300 for emergency repairs to tho Engineer- Si,me« dln8> ' 2 ' 037t00 ° IOC Oth8 tft^5 e po%.m^of , State Teachers, $1,650,000. hold u meeting to tho Chaifll tScrson, llUm, «« Tuesday evmlltt. 7$, '•• "A. & M., $1.050,000. business eenJuritA centorfl^ Biennial deficits by schools would activities for the be $1,447,638 for the University, son. $411,120 for A. M. & N.; $183,414 Tho sroup Wtofl UMW for Southern, Tech, Arkansas Stato offer three prttw to tho and A. & M.; $173,826 for Hen- orated homes ' ~ " dorson, $213,825 for State Teachers, aeason. First Although there is no change in prize of $16, ana » tnw> the University's total request some »10, A secret " Sutton to Pioy in Blue-Gray Gome Lifo can still be gay." Our 'own ' family isn't belli.' dropped by the 1953 Social Regis Conciliation Service said another meeting was scheduled for next Monday. ... A spokesman for the strikers, De-Mpr, \Ve got darned good and soro puty President F. A. Hureell "f at it when we found that there the Brotherhood of Railroad Train- wasn't >• single Boyle listed in the men, ssid the strikers offered tohtisjj edition. To our further horror cut their wage demands yesterday, and anger we discovered there but the company refused to budge wasn't a Boyle, listed in the 1952 froro its pre-strike position. This, social register of all cities — however, could not be confirmed. | wnich, to the dictators who cata The company spokesman, Ho- th (J social dinosaurs, means bey W. McClendon, vice president only New York, Washington, D.C. was una-j Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, St. Lo.iis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cin- and general manager, vailable. . . _ . _ . The 40 drivers and six rriecna- cinnati. Dayton, San Francisco, nics struck Nov. 18 to enforce de- Baltimore and Buffalo, rr.ands for wage increases in a new if y O ii live anywhere between contract to replace one expiredUjt. l^ouis and Death Valley, CalU., Oct. 1. The drivers want a raiS'Jjthe presumption is that you dwell with a Lct'B ctay out ot that book alto- t'other." He pointed out that tho Blue Book was down to 28 RooscvelU, 21 Rockefellers (only 20 now with Winthrop gone), six Astors and five Vandcrbilts. It was explained to him that when a listco was caught standing on his head at tho Metropolitan Opera, rldbig a horse into a hotel, or marrying somebody from the wrong side of the railroad tracks, he was dropped from the next edition ot the Blue Book. "No wonder they are weeding out the fine old American families and getting swamped by Browns and Smiths," said our tribe leader. "If a fellow named Brown Is picked up fop probably don't Lllw W III» v* *»»v^ w *w»»«» »w*jwv»»»**—"•-••IT — -- ^ _..,_.- w _, change* In salaries are asked. will make the selections Appropriations were made for Tuesday, December SB. " the current blennlum for two staff for the Judging will be \ members at $15,000 yearly, and tho of tho idea, tiw way tr same i* listed for 1933-55. But 12 idea is developed, and instead Of 10 positions at $12,600 decorating theme, are asked, and 12 positions at Arrangdiwalai feavfl , . $10,000 yearly are asked, Instead with Santa, Cfajt; to of the two at present. Tuesday, star, Buddy Sutton, has accepted, an invitation to play in the annual | Blue-Gray football game at Mont- beyind Communist lines, probing i for possible Red preparations for' mass attacks timed to coincide witu Gen. Dwight Eisenhower's arrival in Korea. 1 gorrery, Ala., Dec. 19. is the most quotable book, of our because, like g giajot X to quote only that which bears on morality and politics; but don't let me do "Bris book the injustice of picturing it as merely a political history^ ."The Sinnef o/ Saint Am brose" is a magnificent novel, a Roman version of our "Gone With Suttoi is a halfback and was co- captain of the 1952 Razorbacks. Fullback Lewis Carpenter's acceptance to perform for the Grays was announced yesterday. For the full season, Sutton carried the ball 100 times for 448 yards. Small n * 6 and three quarters conts, plus $1 hour for layover time. Wheeler said the company offered a quarter cent per mile increase. Mechanics demanded a raise from $l.b2 to $1.75 per hour. The company countered with an offer of of $1.39 per hour, said Wheeler. p-'rcell said that before the strike the union reduced its demands to 6 cents per mile and fl.so an hour. Be said that they offered to compromise yesterday the Wind" and but with faster action j scenes. An aijtomBbile driven by Bobby Boseabaum aad a truck driv further Brother of Hope Womon Succumbs Harvey 8. Jobwn, aged 58. d»ed Frj4»y. Novewtaer'JU at He «**« "te. 'I'll admit we Bo>les were pretty hiken at first when the 1932 ulcx of the socially acceptable nunbed us altogether. We held a onvent'on, and the hoary old riarch of our tribe, dressed' the occasion in his best Sunday uit said despairngly:' Hasn't a single one of us Boyles caught loafing on the sands <it Palm Beach, or lifting a pinky at a Newport tea," Well, tbe awful truth wai, none em- had. We all were gainfully gloved. Then we got to thumbing through Uy motto; the 195i Social Register and foundj 'U you «a»'| copfigbting, thuy even bother to check their index. But a Vender* bill? If he get» arre»ted, thoy ought to volunteer «p go bail for him because be lend? class to their book. But instead they just start rubbing his name put. "That may be high society, but it ain't loyalty •" »nd I say to heck v.ith it." So the Boyte family voted to boycott the Blue Book. And it will do no good for tbe editors to come creeping to us and saying, "Please can't w« just put one Boyle la our aext edition?" We art going,to put out or own Social Register. It will have """ pages — 99 page* Qf Boytefl page im sU tt» GoiUdl, V»nd*r bills, Roosevelt! the New York tbrowi aw»y. The book wiU be em* In addition, the University wants time ot tl»o day.pp 15 ?tal7 members to get $9,000, pen* upon Stf'" 1 -where only two now receive that eauw PCtwee.% amount. Salary of $8,900 yearly- Hope, Arfcan.-- now paid to 16 — ia Bought W* Wj nitely be to SB.COO Is sought fc)r 10, whero now A report " only four get that amount; $7,300 come »t 1 for 12, compared to five now, at party and that salary, and 48 position* »t Committee $7,OUO yearly, where now only nine I sincere. ~ positions call for such a salary, »• part Reductions In p«r«onnel, not Ml- sites, are listed for several »roaU' er salaried position*, apparently aimed to make up the. difference 1 M) Mrs. Grady Beard Local Hospital Mr», Beard, - « , wile ol Orady W. 8ew4, dtod early Wednesday in « H^pe. nospUaL thai AsiOj » Contained two pag*s page* pf , KW ai and Tbem»l 8, A|W»« _ Daily M, Uwto «C blazoned with thj

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