Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1952
Page 13
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J VW* TWO If U ForSoU AH* IMV« »»• o ., Sift, Cull J0*«0 SlnclBlr 7-MS9. O'W-lrn Tatum Blames Bowl Fever for Troubles By WARREN ROatftft JR. PANSY pUnU, New b«st Unto to plant l«r(ife ftow*re<i kind*. MOMT8 SEED 8TQRB Ml frtettl or cow trailer, tf. L, Hnlrr, Pltone 7-2204, pump wth eomponiinlor and recoil pad. f.lko new, flobert I*» Qrunc. 23-31 MODEL J8, Ifl B«u«« Winchester flood 11* new, »7B. 2.V31 pttrnp «un, w,. Strvices Offered end long dlilonct Aluo loonl movln«. 8«« Dannlo or call 7-3011. f N-29-lm Inner WA8MNOTON (*) — IT tb« CBUIW of It all. »*y* Head Coach Jim Tutum In btfroclng with It* president thai |k.<>r coaching brought defeat In the onrp-mlBhiy Terrapins' Ia*l two gam**, "I'm rnrry that I could not b« Ihn tender that Dr. Byrd thought 1 rhould be," Tatum «nld at Jack- lorn-lilt-, Kin,. Iflftt nl«ht, T)i«J was hln comment on university President H, C, lCurl/1 Byrfl'd crilfclom of Mnrylnnd foot- bull couehln« "from November 0,1," Tnluri) »nid Dyrd wn*l "ex- nelly rl«hl" nnd continued: "For three wok* our team hn» •en able ID do anything I spent moitt «f my ener- c-otii drnwl whether or n<A wo weri; K"ii'K to « bowl, •I didn't think Murylnml should bl« name c fio to n bowl UN It wns against! icl'.-a of tht. ARKANSAS CARL BELL •M. it i L'TTLE ROCK I* " ~ he u |" e Bobcats on Sick List for Final Game Although many will bu giving thrmk* on Turkey Dny its likely lo be the other way around for the Hope Bobcats who are almost sure to be in for n dismfil afternoon OUT OF DOORS with Hind Caitlno Sharpen* Your Skill By AL MeCLANE Fishing Editor The other dny I watched n fellow make a 1)0 foot cast without a rod. He used nothing more than to DC in ior n ui*nmi anurnoon an ordinary double-tapered fly line when they piny host to the big! and his bure hands to make tho? nnd powerful Toxnrkana Razor- cast. In fact he made a half-dozen bnckf». casts by switching the line back With Co-Captnin Tommy Doyle already out, he has been In n . L'TTLE ROCK I* " e |"| already -out. he has been In a lo Wr*lty of Ark»n»as faces a toucny| eal hospltal sinct . i a(lt Thursday. uttuntlon In uplocling a nnw " j five more members of the squad (oolboll coach. and forth, nnd every one of them was in classic form. Now 1 don't know what the world's record is for hand-casting. It comes FO rie aehonl j prefer n con< reputation, ' missed school yosli-rday and throe; but Kills Newman, of Turnwood, definitely ill with ,-i "virus N. Y. laid out u measured !)(i foot ! of fly line. Not only is hi.H spci'd ' terrific, but his movements Who u|) n s would S ,„ I,, ntralHht nuthorllliM definitely; ,- , )( , ( . n h with ii rendy made; |. oum , g> ,.,!„.,. ihim to Haiti A|li| '^ alf)O nrc Tn | )OI . vvillis, and Dill) rolleKo mentor: .... — . r/illeKj! n^" lf 'r| Rfl(hw ,.u , mf | coach Knsmitu'.or to ucscrve n| d(lnsn , t know whether they will .a time, h,r,n« of a big name coach nml the new _ po - »prln« work, Cobij Mattress Co., 310 8, WnnhlngUtn, Phonrf 7-2022, |(»V* IW I* fJlJW I IIW •» rw»fn **n ,.-».,.. ~., ,.-the conference rule*, x x x Yetjlnts agency wanted to «o didn't want to be the mnn to stop them. 1 m _ b<; reiidy by Thursday. Toxnrkana Is more powerful than perfectly coordinated that lie can even change hands in the middle of n cast. Hand casting is a stunt. H wouldn't be much fun to fish with- Notion Ho§ 27 Million in School WASHINGTON WV—There will 27,533.al4 public school studei enrolled throughout the Unit States this school year, say* National Education Association. The association, a national oj fe<!>tonal organization of educatf said ir. a report yesterday tfitt this means an increase of abOU| 821,000 over the last school yeatt To handle this hike in enroll ment, about 25,700 extra teachef are needed, and state and Iocs units aie spending 370 million do* Jars more than a year ago. f*j A shoitage of teachers in indfc catcd, ti.e association said, adding, they :ue still low paid in com- parisor. with persons of other ^ cupations-an average ot $3,405 year, u\, 5 per cent over the prl vious year. , November 25, MOM SfAii Httf I* BLON0II ty Chick Yew* OfAUK IRI HAVE YOU A MATCH DAGWOOD 9 NEVERMIND. J 1 FOUND ONE J NOW, WHAT COULOVc HIM FLARE UP LIKE THAT? Ill' North Central I know the boys nnd an conch 'I For Rent 8 room iinfurrilnhMl apart went, 8SW W. Dlvi»lon. Phone 7.8823. 23*31 For Sale or Rent ItOOM furnished house. 400 8, fjoiinor, 800 Mm, Kra Jones at Soott Store, 25 Notice . A»»oclntlon -- this season and will out-; out a rod. However, most lourna- the Hope boys some 15 to 20'merit castors can and do hand-cast ''' ' their timing and build "'". ( .! pounds per mnn on ti basis of last'to sharpen I j yc;ir's fi|(ures, not the ones re- up their n 'loaned for Thursday's nrtiurarn. I doubt />nMii;uiiioii — ..... -- . years r, o e ones uailly, Thc-re are »'• 'oOflt lwo | | ca r.ed for Thursday's priiKrarn. for this. Last year Dob ICllen's boys down muscles. doubt if anybody has over achieved tho perfection of our >e the fit mi to stop incm. i m lenswns ior UM». . ; i.nsi year uon miens ooys uown UL-HIUVI-U uu.- i;<--nui:uui[ m uui ifrald I ftiienl nil my mental en-j j-'lrst of a!l, would n name coacni crf l|opu i; , U) 0 , uu , ni . e flf , u| . f , (1 ! calskill wizard, but maybe it'» crux and n iirnnt denl o( my time! accept the job un ' ( ;! i , s . ,,, ' H'! to run up about as much score about time that we looked into concerned with thin Instead i gurimce that I' 1 ' 1 NCA will mooi- jno th,>v umnt tMu dm/, ivn.>,i i<»c i i-nriioss msiine from n nrnrtiral of with Ole Ml«s nnd Alabnrnn." Until two weeks ago, the Terra- nln»' record spnrkk-d — IM2 Su- «nr B'.wl chnmplons. winners of 10 itrrleht jjiirnos nnd rnnked number two in the nation being Mlchltfflr. Stttto, the team U beat three. ><'nr» ago to vnult into big- llm» college football. Then cnfno Waterloo, a double dole! l''lr»t It WH» Mississippi 21- H and, l»*t Saturday, Alabama 27-7, NEW and renewal subscriptions to any iruitf««lne published. Christ man rntua. Churles Roynorscm, City Hall, Day 'Phone, 7-2328; Nljjht 7-8788, 0.30-lm jjT'YOU^uTri^"~drin"h, Uiui's your ItwlneM.' 1C you want to quit, tlifit'a our business. Alco- liollos Anonymous, P. O. Box aOil. N-l 8-1 m TO I'll tleor hunteiK of lleirmiileod County who nifide their kill with out unlng ConHnitulntloria. ,23 -H H»«(MM»MMHWt,pHM ,-««• SlUU.uM.mttt"""'"*""" I"' 00 LKl" MK order ymir shrubbery. f««t «rowln« Uhrtdu treoB, fruit tfpi-Si ttrajw vliu'« and berry ptaiita of Mil kinds, 1 hiivo on Unml utrawlnn-ry jiliintH, two te«W eaeh. AUo nnnsy plnnts. Cull or come to Dlutlxoe'N Plow- cr Shop, 1UIO S, Main. Phone aa-at ..„ thin backdrop, Dr, Byrd — u former playur nnd conch — Wfenl before Uio Washington Touchdown Club ywtcrday for a speech and quentloivnnd-artnwer sosulon Byrd not only eomplulnod about coaching »t Maryland. He nisi stud Couch Tatum tnlks too much When nuked about Maryland'* football chances In HI.W, Byrd ru >IUnl: "If wo 8«t the kind of coaching wet n'd .from September to Novom b'.'v of ihii) year, we'll be nil rlijht, Llul If wo (jet the kind of coaching wo did fro:n Noveinber on, when tin- eonchesi utoppwl think Inn, 1 wouldn't be uble to answer." Home Study Course y |tn prohibition a«aln«t " 1 l '" l '- ss school holnnthlps? rom unother I'M to run up about as much score about time that we looked int "j n s they want this time. Ellen has ' rodless casting from a practic icj^ VL , t(!ran tcam that has | jcste d I standpoint. Ellis has been teachin t ' ' That point appears to be chief concern of Paul ( iryant, the Kentucky coach who >HH a hankering to return to his unlive itale. The r\'CA policy figures also m ^ L , (! as jcse . "° comt ;' i some of the state's elevens and | fly casting for several years now, suujcci (IHV( , ]ost on[y t() Liule j {oc ^ t Fort i and he tells me that when one of Smith, and Spring Hill, La. | his pupils can toss 30 feet b> o ne vn '- — Smith, and Spring Hill, La. | his pupils can toss 30 feet by U will bo the last game of the hand — the added ingredient of season for the Bobcats who so rod is just so much gravy. A fly rod is a lever that sols tliL- line in motion. It is not a far have won six games, tied two and lost four. But for some plain old hard luck the Cats could have a record of 0 wins two. inc.- ••••-•• ,."•—' »« i mi nan u rt-'coru 01 u wins iwo. inc the mntter of salary. Most nnt imos w(th NashvlllC| Magnolia con .'hoi would demand a "«•""•{ nn d Smackovor were that close tor pa/cluck. Tho NCA must be paid Umc ^^ s<jem to fiwm . th(> m line with other faculty mem- .„.,„,- o n u,.. lt . in line with other Hryanl says money isn't his primary Interest, and he might be willing to take a cut from the S10, r )00 or «o ho «ets n year at Kentucky to $10,000 or $12,500 at A/kunsuK. Would the NCA believe he actually took, n reduction without rnnklm' an Investigation which brim; Arkansas bab pub- C Thc- "lie way the NCA policy aide In Arkansas' miljhl moves the butt section and casts with just the' tips. Finally, he removes the tips and casts barehanded. Last summer T fished the Up- .iiuiui'F."--""• orbits of most plfi, t e!s can be approximately stated by a mathematical farmula, the po- r.ition where one planet is indicated by I'nc formula is occupied by more than 1,000 asteroids or small planets. — ,«,,.....,... your hl«h «ohool:« homo In spare time. Dlplohia Nf» c)B8SP«, Toxts ttirniRhcd, Wrlto for free booklet. American School, SIQ08 Alabama, Fort Smith, Arkanmna. N-10-lm _^____-_™ The Negro Community •y H«l«n Turntr Phone 74474 Or bring U«ma to Mlu Turnar •t Hlokt funeral Home »., „.„-...,,.^— wattroiiii, Top Hal- »ry. Apply Manager, Dlnmond «»*,^.««-««v« white lady to keep how.80 for family ot four, A. O. Brljiht, Fulton, -Avk. Phono a, as-tn Position Wonted Tho Mla»lo»B>'y Society will scr vts dlnnara Sunday In tho buaemcnt at BoeDoo Moujorlnl CMK Church, Nov. 30. Price will bo 00 cents. hw Rov. F. K. Powell, pastoi of Lonoka Unptlst Church will proa eh at BeeBee Memorial CME Cluu ch Wcdnogday night, November 20 The public Is Invited. Th« Junior oholr will rchoarso Thursday night, November 27, a 7;3Q p.m. All mcniburs arc uruei to attond, »wvlco tit at Ion or rout* man want* po- Bltlon In Hope ctr vicinity. Box lu e«ro of Hopt> Stnv. aa-at In nncicnt tln>t>», \va* Iho Hlaclt Death of the Hlh C\m« lury which took threo-quarlera of l.hfe population of some purls ot Ku- <jtmfftt, . There will be u pre-Chrlslma party at tho home of Mr*. Sara llanjllton D«c«niber 10, sponsore by the "Ought To QIU" club. The Hov. 1. M, Manning of Tex nrktvun will speak wt the Chut-c tit Clod In Christ on Friday nluh NoviMnlitM- US. at 7:30 p.m. The M Zion CMK Choir will furnish th Wanted to Rent fttol Estate for Solo '* ~^ •MI'A -VIT i in MMttlMttMUtMIOMM !*!« J», Oooa 8 iroom fertile soil t«aeid ajxd ld«»L 3 bedroom Uwue, lhrou«Hovit. AU and bulH-ln», torn.* m B- ii»m INSURANCE II U (ill V «-'Vi *«• » » -' . coach iunt is the provision lhalj cuacher, should have the security of Incully tenure. The University feels It is »"• Dortni',1 not only to pick a eoacn It (eels will clo n Rood job <•? nuiNlliiK football teams but also to get one who would meet the np- provnl of an many fans as possible. Tho fans make the financial ontributlons through tho Hnnor- nck cluts — which finnncu much C the athletic program nt tho University. Also if the fans luive onfldencc In the new coach, the mm'e tleket.i they'll buy in advance of next season. University President John Tyler Jftlt'.well, Athletic Director John Inrnhill nnd others feel the NCA situation svill be worked out. Yet, hoy aren't sure enough to make my pionilses. There hns been .speculation us to whether Bryant nnd Bnrnhill could j;el along losether. friction uehveen the Athletic director and the recently resigned coach, Otis luckless Bobcats. Lost in Woods 24 Hours. Safe WASHINGTON, Pa., Iff) __ _ year-old boy who started out to feed the plump turkey destined for liis family's Thanksgiving Day dinner and lost himself in rain- swept woods for nearly 24 hours, is tnifo today in n warm hospital. A search party yesterday found the youngster, soaked from rain and scratched from underbrush, spring, and the action of its flexing and bending doesn't add one inch to ;i cast. The rod makes casting easier, as it acts somewhat like an extension of your arm by magnifying your wrist speed. I've been saying this for a number of years now, but it takes a talent like Ellis's to prove it. Lie just drops his reel on the lawn, strips off all his line, and proceeds to bang out casts with his strong right arm. His left hand feeds 'shooting' line to the right while he makes side casts, overhead, right-curve, and left-curve ,„, ncaversklU With the steely- armed Newman, and just to make fishing a little tougher he insisted that we use nothing but our rod tips. Ellis scotch-taped my reel on a 4 foot glass rod and built up a workable reel scat from string and more scotch tape. After all, it was his stream and I was a guest. For a while it looked as if y'our reporter was on a dut'fcr'p holiday. Trout were jumping all over the place, but 1 was completely fouled up. It took an hour to get things working right and then, by golly, I caught six trout! I've done quite a bit of tip- fishing since, and I'm convinced that it has smoothed all the bumps UNIIEO \ \PH Af.l N^V^-^ Wanted Small and Large FARMS to Sell HORACE SAMUELS 101 E. Division Phone 7-6710 When Kills is demonstrating ho usually starts by casting with one fly rod in each hand. Then he re- out of my timing. With a short lever you have to apply power just right, putting exactly enough emphasis on the wrist snap when making a back cast and just enough snap in the forward cast to unroll your line in the air. Might be a good idea to go out on the front lawn and try' a few ground, sc much the better. (Distributed by NEA Service) WANTED 5000 * TELEPHONE POLES Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or timber, Call ... C Rufus Martin Phone 7-3083 or 7-3093 It's Performance that Counts! Douglas, was no secret. Reports 08 to who started it nnd how vni-y wlr.ely. ftH mllw north on ***•?*"'•* WT* ^>W"*^r'W w B—T-'T -P--T-.— —. " olttCU'kity. 1 good tenant house, "•• Jkl ' bavn». AH lonced. and cross itU\tf VTBtsv ftU year mlneruU ^sorved, rt yovmi , - , r ~ r • V- '„ -,,--- i- —• -v - - • - *WW* * >rn Chui-ob. u«av IWevlns, Ark. »U weathei- road. School bus i 6 Tho Mnrtln singers ot Ar ilu will stmjo n v>ro«rum ut the Qbvirch of Q«id v lu. Chi'Jst Sunday night, Novon\faei* 80. Tht» public is Invlttd. lUlph Jol«\«oa ot Lincoln. Nebi-,, U visHiug his purvnU, Mr. «nd Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Gladys aanvlile has vcUirn- _ snys there's no reason why he nnd Bryant, friends for a number of years, can't work to- gather In harmony. However, at least one of Bryont's Arkansas friends Is advising hiin not lo take the Uu/.orback post unless he also gets the nth- lot'.c directorship. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press N.Y., Ike Williams N. J., stopved Pat . 1 : S Syracuse 7; Chico Ve- 141^4, S t a m I or d. Conn., John Sonny Luciano, I'M. . ed to her hon>« Ux Tulane, Calif., after spondlniit several weeks visit- inn Mr. and Mrs, Clannla QamWe, «nd other relatives. Mlurni, Flu,, 0. BROOKLYN— Harold Johnson, 176, Philadelphia, outpointed Nino VnWea. 310, Huvuixa, Cuba, 10. Chicago — Sammy Hodgurs, H7, Bunion Harbor. Mich., out- pointed Goorgc Berry, 130, Gary, Ind., 8. Adventure Actor HORIZONTAL .' 1 Adventure ' actor, Anthony 6 He stars in 11 Dislocates \ 13 Keep l 14 Certify 16 Dower - 1 property ' 19 English river ^ 20 Heels over ^ 24 Baluchistan 2 pass 27 Preview ~ scenes from a ^ movie arc 2 • 31 Levels t 32 Fairy 33 Rent list i 35 Invoke a pest i on one j 36 Hailed j 38 To the center 39 Mends 41 Fruit drink 44 Shade tree i 45 Metal fastener j 48 Twister 51 Princely residence 54 Penetrates 55 Frightens : 56 Years between i 12 and 20 57 Lock of hair , VERTICAL i 1 Printing term • 2 Preposition \ ' 3 Devotees *'l 4 Born. j Nights (ab > Marsh 7 Possessive pronoun 3 Extol )Mud 0 Dirk 2 He is an adventure 3 Horseman 8 Seine 0 Horse's ga 1 Handled 2 Snoozer 3 Air !•£*! alarms 4 Iceberg 5 Above GUnaspiratt I H Ib Zf 31 35 Jfc 11 48 SH 16 25 12 H6 13 ) Answer to Previous Puzzla T A T * / C t ^ i • I o , P '£ -, \ k « > 0 X N A n X * • A M O *- C T * e T * ^ Y , o f S E 1- E o • MV A 1^ r, a "• R R ». R u E 1 7 A R * . 9 .*.' E A "~T T 1 U $ B 1 v f ft T . • A 1 L c e B • * A V E e c M '. f N a. O o _ o 1 R -J A B U M E 0 f B O N E T E E A ^ e R s & o T E 28 Roll 42 Low sand hill it 29 Girl's name 43 Grafted (her.) 30 Bamboolike 45 Peel grass 46 Frosts 34 Victims of 47 Promontory leprosy 49 Low haunt 37 Split pea 50 Bitter vetch 40 Little demons 52 Deed >d 41 Encourage 53 Gibbon % U) a ^ H9 M i '0, w %, % ifi •» 8 ' '^ % SI > yu % 'rf M 55 •MH > m iL ib at % bi W '•'A', Z3 ^ bi 15 » 29 16 0 VI • z5 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner .* ' P»l , -.•..•II i .11 I I II III.I II • II I — i "Time flies, doesn't it, Lucile? Hardly seems possible that we have a son old enough to be using the car!" SIDE GLANCES By Gqlbroith SPORTS ROUNDUP •y QAYl.» TAUIQT, fiuuUy <(uU» hedging in Uv» tssuv ot Sport maija- «ayB uwt bo exp*ot* _ 'Ke4«inttn of Australia to l»n:4»»*U»»*l ftttw ^c Davis I* no\u«» *t Adelaide au4 loin him ana •* *•- also out . others in a world loVU 1 - He tw *kk oi Uw young Au»s»». u-Sr* 8*d*mau wW twm pro *kv no misl»Ke uboul that,' declares the lanky C»Mtor»Oi»n who rec as the king ot Ihe mon «w> Davis »««« _ S»4fm«n be«i gjvea »u «U in tt» most ot * 'This is easy lo understand. edgmon is committed to play in he Davis Cup matches which get iv*er vay at Adelaide Dec. 29, nd you can bet that nothing will isp;a>" lo change his amateur ( tatus until Uv« Aussles have Ihe up safely tucked away again." That would appear to be Ihe bad M*WS the Australians have been to hear. They can't give w Team for your Car . SvHl«ma:» anoUjer wedding present o keep him amateur, as they did a year ago, and the World Tennis Faderulion. though most amidable :ody, probably would b»Us .at a ions series of "anniversary" p«»v ses, In outlining plans for his world lour. Kramer also makes it plain he is counting upon Ken McGregor, running mote, lo t»ke ESSO EXTRA GASOLINE > from th* v»ry start and all tho way, Esso Extra Gasoline delivers ready, steady power...long mlle- • age ... smooth performance ... clean-engine protection—all in one great "all-around" gasoline. Try a tankf ul today... and find out why Esao Extra is Ihe biggest selling premium gasoline in the area 'served by Esso Dealers. ._ bi« iuinp loo. H« writes: 'My »«i*» is to send *nd Uie No S Aussie. McGregor, against Pancho Segura and ine in « 7J-i«»lcto tour to setlte this i»- t«uvaUu>n«l teud. It would not tw an txhibiUoa. like oth« shows in up oo B dCNfr-M^tef, ^y «s you WW fc*i* V» *»»t .*» *'»», tfe» ^ •jjfe A, €sso ESSO EXTRA MOTOR OIL Mil« eft«r mils, your engine rujis smoothly, safely when Esso Extra Motor OH is on the job. Now heavy duty, ESSO Extra Motor Oil is engineered for endurance ..holds Its lubricating body at high engine temperatures to keep oil consumption down.. • cir* culates fast to give moving engine parts instant protectionT.. cleans as it lubricates. Helps check power-robbing deposits. Change to Esso Extra Motor Oil today... and enjoy the difference. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wllllomi VIC FLINT By MI«H«tl O'M«IUy T. M. R.J. U. B. P«tOlfc_ Copr. 1952 by NEA Servlct, IM; WHV VA,MME.R? \ f \T WOL.ILP IT'S STUCK: AI-J' / > LIK;E YOU HAS TO COME \ DUf-T THE \\OTDR OUT.' WHAT'LL IT 1 OFI" FIRST WITH LAZV TO J I BE" CUT OFF A THE '.FT A <T \ TH 1 WHISWiRS \ \ DID YOU i tTLOTH/ J_—^i ER TH' HAHP1.E? /> I.'-^^l'> if^W^ ^ ^,, F^ v ; ' -'2^ ; IM ^ ^ T c; *T ^\^5^«M^Jm^Mm ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople GREAT CAESAR,TVJ«36S/T'M IMPALHD ONl THE "Dl LEMMA -' -**- GOME'S. LOCAL T-^ DPL\FT£R5 OEMR^'D THAT X RAID TUB O\MLS CLUB 1\ THERE MUST 6E- ) -% • A 60MS \MAY TO I % PERFORNA THIS ACT \MlTHOOT ALL VOUR FRlEMDS TK& IT ALL .'-".THO6& FeLLOVJS &LECTSO Me . JUSTICE OF THE P&AC&: OU'R&^ - J *® !!ef *r:^^^Z-r^- cjr^crj^^. \& LA\M MO\M, <WA5OP.S /c'.t,. .ytfci^rC^'.-rM, ••,<• .^..Wg.j.'^^fec^^ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger M'm tryin» to find out where the forty bucks is coming ° from to pay the moverl" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter OKAY, euys,HERE'S TUB WAY IT WORKS— -. gACH FELLA GETS TO GAS FOR TEN MIMUTES/ r is THE EVE OF THE D£BAT£ BETWEEN JUNIORS rvBLU, IVB 9BBN IT BBFOR6--IM LAPV '» COSTUME R5WTAL AS6NCV. OM« UA9 SAV9ITWA9 WeBNTLVfli*^ UWBO- WITH PIKTV WATBR C ' INS* A O.BANN6 COMWUNt?".™,,,-^^, TO THAT SPiULBl? QNrtWft FLOOR 01* OUBASON'S TICKBT AftBNCV WH8N A NiaHTPORTSpt""" ' ^nfH^/TV"! 1 - WASH TUBES WHEKl DO X \TO COll^ A PHRASE/ START SPUTTIN6 SYLLABLES? got a bad report cw<J. bvt won't h««i I ,mtt9ui» to to any * * •>, MEM 'WHILE, THE JUNIORS 'MAKC- s UNUSUAL JlHpUgwfSf •me BACK /£& legjs, TUWJBD'dPP \BBHBW THE i^MB.ONTO M, THERE'S THE JEWEL TWEy|f • WSM! WE'LL PR6TBNO TO SPRW CROR» , WHILE WE KEEP 'EM IM 5I<3HT! GROWN ROIVDl LAND&TH6 « V. V -V inr, \ttl t»N»A »«rVU«, ln>, T BOufS AND HER BUDDIES V^OW. VtOVVt O'i-'-'c f! I OK, NOT \C\ViG '. r -1C I OH 1 . TTT73 r ?i^'' : ^- -. ' _ ^a.^ _ .V k "' ' '- wmtm BUGS BUNNY Vj^o 'ixWlHW AUNT \UNLAX,KIP ETU NOT , NOTHIN' TIME / I'LL V/AIT/ 11-Z9 ALLEY OOP Y'MEAN THW 'CNJBE YOU DIDN'T GET BACK TO WITCHUAND I FORE PAY- /THAT GRAND? LIGHT AFTER HALLOWEEN, YOU HAFTA, \ A WHOLE STAY HERE UNTIL > YEAR TO NEXT HALLOWEEN? \ SETHER/ VOUWANTMETO 0END YOU ON JU9T SO'SJ ITLLTAK6 . . . . . A. YEAR to <a£f'• / HW*i rs«? • • ME BACK 1 ^A " " "~"' ~~ '(om fl6w* ; CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer EFFICIENT FOR l TOO you've ' '' !, HENRY ' fd i ^w y i$

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