Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1952
Page 2
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sFTp Bdllor Mepfl Star: After .,„ „ the letter of Mn, \\illlflm Jonei p«Wl»h»d In tht Blur Monday, Kov. 4 I fee] It ri«ee«*nry to wrli« n ulUr oj | WM killed Idth Nov 'ptruclt it (1 U B "•»• ftrn hur Letters to the Editor to it. tWWw «rlUelKi)i* (he •««• lorili twlloy or commintMl upon n«u ui tho newt wlumni, tit wuiUy walooma. Kvery wriwr ,nu*i lltn hli nnm« end md* but w»»Hc*UOn of n*(M tod withheld U r*au«Ud, Mifit Drtit Right Ntwimtn Told Koren, (W) - »t Ui« word indny. th«y'VB (tot to look right for onl „—,,wilngly JMLjtol* Wsfi Frf^r^ ,<>»,<IiUv. ...j^KJiwnnta ijfjii .aid •$M p«r £i ipii)* p«r •Mi. tb« tBidd %^**^f"' JtnF-""*'""Tl It^tMiV M wdft- -ii fl . «rf,t«Jn(> :hftm ^ti& b* HW'fcnf i ?**. w TJW yM* JiifUd nH- aia^W I would l»t« to remove »ny ,,,,^.,aft th»t might b» CB«t on frXAH by Mr*. Jonon' loiter. KXAR conducted thit content wllhdlit chnrin In oxftctly the mfirinnr re- .io*j«d by tho Oono Autry Show. Certftlnly wn want lo uuolonlr.e 0 the chUdreo for tholr dl»Bppolnt« ment in not mpellnd Ocn«- Autry, lowovcr I would like tn clear ono mpro*«loi> that mlBht bo r«r*lv0d <rom Mr*. Junes' letter. The children wore admitted frcp, Tl>a pnr- ent» W«PO not r«Qutr«d to pay for tho children. In nddttlon, ihc children wore fldmllted to the Pro»» Box which WM ono of the r*uul»r IJOXOK rl«hl hohlnd tho fence down by tlm niojio And, l» connlderod o oholoti sent In tho nrena, In hand- 1U1« the himclrodd of dptall* In prapnrlng for nuoh » lnr»c undertaking we did ne«lnci to Inbe) o portion of the pt'o»» box tin "Ctene Aulry Content Wlnnorn." ynlluro to recognlxci the children during th« dhow wft» oortnlnly not Intentional. Till* content In not eon* ducted In cneh elty whore Awtry Appeerii nnd Im muni bo briofcd. before «tteh purfofmaneo by hi* advance publicity mnn, Tha Bdv»n- fee man awgred ui be/oro ihe first unco thnt h« would give tho lo Mr, Autry before the .,._.., However, he w«« cnlled to tittle «ock «ml tolled to tell Mr. Autry ot the content. Upon- learning of the overnight, 1 culled %. Aulry In Little Rock gftturday ttnd h,« w«» extromoly Upuftt over the chlldren'n dUnp- poUUmcmt and lold me th«t nil ioon OH he nrrlved In Hollywood hn would write onch child pornonnlly and Include nn BUloarnphvd picture and would <\Ut> «tvo thorn th<« opportunity, lo ftink him nny qu«ttlon they denirod to ««)<. Tho Third Dlntrlct I.lvo»tock 8Uow in innklng every effort to hvlnjj big time shown nnd pttrion- nlltlei to thl» urea - «how» thftt tew clttei thin «l*e hove the op- porlunlfy, to ««e. Wo do not mli- repre»«nt any *how or any PWUM of nny «how nnd en-ors such (is the one th«t occurred In tho Autry Show «r« purely unintentional mid A ih«fp mtihoftndum _.„—.. to Chkt PttWlc rftform«iton CnTlc«r U. Col, Itonwoll P. ttbxeiiiren reminded th? 72~~ wilh more on th« way — new*men lf» Kor«(» for the Kl»*n* rtowor vlilt thai they rmmt dre*i necordlni to the book when they meet the gftnernl. Varicolored lumbar) nek •hlrU, pleated »Uck*. Confcd- erntc Army cap* awl *o«ki that don't match nrn out, Ei»cnhowcr will bo greeted by n drub, green-clad corr«- rpOft'ionl* corps wenrlng the reRul.illon uniform, nomo of thom for tho flrnt time In the Koro*ii War. Tim order rciKirtedly wan In- uplreil by O«n«rul Mnrk W. Clnrk hlmnelf, who In the pant iiM bftrely Rupr«**od hi* nhock <it being welcomed by new*men wenrlnK »wcHt«hlrt» nnd brdroom ullpper*. Heavy Rain Hits Moil of Arkansas By The Amoelatcd Pr*i§ Heflv.v rnln that itnrted lain Sunday ntgiit continued In gome purlii o( ArknnHB/i todny. The U. S. Weather Buronu nt UH)« «ock Hold that Ml, Ida nnd Oclon had nix Inched ot rnin while New hope came clone to thnt ftmmml with «,M, More ruin wnn reported nt Ml, Iden thin morn- in», Mont of the rnln dropped over north r.nd wont Arknnans, with •outhorn pointy reporting little or Rifling wlrtdd were expected In connection with thurtderntorms fore- c«Ht for tho Rtata today. Other points In the stole ra- C^«ilvl«s{ tour or more Itiches of rwln included Mono, 5,47; Pino '*"-'•-• 8.31; rorCDtor. 5.29; Dnr- 4,BI\; Wnldron. ^.24, nnd ' 4. Tuesday, l«ldy, Nov«mb«r 15,19S2 NOM 11 A1, MOMtAIMMii Airman Held Continued from Page One Foul Weather Slows Search ANCHORAGE, Alaska, weather over the gulf of Alaska "birthplace of storms," wa* prospect today for planes an 'hips in the search for a C-l? '"- • and the 52 .m< noinccd him Insane. Jones has since been returning to the United States for medical treatment. „...,. The conspiracy indictment charg-i G'o! cnifister <•••- •••- — cr •sri tha» Cascio plotted "knowingly j ntoard. ' ' to give intelligence to the enemy ' j The Air Force-. Navy and Coast nbout .-secret flight performance Gunrd combined forces in the records ot tho F-86-E Sabrejel swoop ;>long the island and mouii- figh'cr lam-do'.lcd course on which the At the time, it was the most ad j big Alaska-bound transport; flew_ W van-ed jet fighter in Korea, but r.lmost certain disaster Saturday ^liaf^lfs'ecl'uiTcreln St£ '"f re,ort that wrecka^ had been bombers attacking Communist tar- si«hted near Middleton Island, gets over North Korea and its pilot* huve accounted for the de- slructien of more than 500 Communist MIG-15 jet fighters. The indictment said Cascio offered fer sale "to unauthorized persons a classified military writ- Ing, to wit: a message classified as secret containing flight data on F-8B-E type aircraft, with reason to believe that said writing would reach the enemy." An Air Force spokesman said wn«re the Globemaster made its last radio contact on Saturday, caused a brief flurry of CXC niont yesterday. It was latc.r discovered that , % ''wreckage" sighted was driftwood, tiiid seaweed. special .-.gents got wind of the plot and prevented Cascio from passing the information to a Korean middleman. i At the time, Cascio was on duty I with an F-84 Thunderjefc fighter- bomber group in central South Ko rea. 1 The Air Force did not accuse Cascio of plotting directly with tho enemy, but rather of trying So sell secrets to a Korean whom he believed intended to pass them on to the Communist high command. To obtain a conviction, the prosecution must prove Cascio had a "resso'.iiiblc belief" tho Korean would pass the information on to the Reels. News Briefs The people of the United Stolen own niiout three quarters of the wurld'fl lite trtnurnnco, nt any time any person h«« '» complaint, we, will appreciate directing them to u» nnd we will do ything poenible to rectify uny SHIVERS Third Dial. Livestock Show Nov. 28, 1052,' ArH,an»a» or two days, were released tovliy -- — - ,ml s..W the Ri.si.iims had put' ers. 22, who was arrested with n»t "ft-eU-rn" to K et them to db- the'lL >vus released at the same *crt. 'j, time. The ti'.ldiei's were m-rested 'lu Run point by Communist "peoples llee" Sunday when they dcntnlly crossed 301) yards After tha OAM Rogwr watohod hi» oppoixcifti out of night with,* lufluttwng *«n,»,lUon °^ triumph. H» WM far too oxolted to (Ml !*•> tlawn dud, in Wltft ot ht« long fMt, not ooiwelovn ot being qw<i« v, hfrnfrifttMiia not h*v,« . n» ot Pit™K * 5 *&*"' *~ , •i$ •"-' - 1 . .' WW-, ««*<.• »vld«ntly, neither ho nor any member of hU family was at home. mriHMTttp tho HKJOlvor and aat '•*• "*•-'- a womont. Ho pulled gaWuir and wont out Into itWfL A drlwily,' rain waa It 'wvd there waa no taxi in .„ fi*t»l»»g up tb« ooHor ot ,«, w*t;. *?xi ;buttonln« this more !lo««iy around him, ho walked to WV«r ajflto would •pnvtt wn iVMMTiitttu H9 nau provvu AA.iiri bold ni» own ftgaintt,. w „,„ „. ot thorn. Ot course, he muit tuu tod H»rv, b^ 1 nr« h« WO«W tak» time out to get to a and UU Emily... U &« whatt W been Wohttd in lit won^oh uy a mw>», U\« ««(ww that ttw locoi ti^d beto l\««hing towartl Bonton. WM ilowtng down. Then It rtoMMd »Jlbf»thor. Hq rubbed n«W him with tit« , W»W *«« «VP HghU out. side, »MOOpt at ft dtaunee. Whistles blW, ami <ron\ th« onfclno ol hi» triln »nd th«n from another. twlhwaway, A brakwnan,, carry- ln« a lant«rn, hurrtod. through the oar, IttSwtng «W «flfor,u mad« by Roger ftUd tfi« otiitr ioattercd BRITAIN LOVES THIS PICTURE—The grnclotisness nnd loveliness that has so endeared Queen Elisabeth 11 to her people Is displayed In this remarkable photograph. It was taken by United Press ; photographer Charles Jimics Dawson, ns tho queen rode In her Irish state coach to open Parliament.** Prinio Minister Winston Churchill was so impressed by tho picture that he telephoned the United * Press m London and said: "1'lcasc send me two 18-inch by 12-Inch enlargements of that wonderful'! photograph of the queen." Public demand for reproductions of the picture,is growing day by day.'* Russians Release 3 Americans LITTLE ROCK, (UP)— The Vet crans ef Foreign Wars were on record today as favoring re-appointment of William G. Smith, as Arkansas veterans affairs director. Merlon B. Tice, n'ntional junior vice commander of th eVFW presented a summary of the national VFW legislative program to Gov.- elect Francis Cherry here yester- dny. Ava's Illness Not Believed Serious LONDON, OW—Holly wiod stnr Avn Gntdner, suffering from a tropical infection picked up on n. movie location in Kenya colonyr is expected to be out of bod tomorrow. She is in a London nursing home after being flown back trim East Africa yesterday. Her doctors said her stomach ailment—from drinking impure wa- tf>r in the Kenya back country •wns not serious. She is undergoing a series of antibiotic injections ;r.d physicians said 42 shots njiight be needed. ', Tho actros wife of Frank Sin^f 11 • tra is slated to fly back to Africa' wlt.iin 10 days. ' Pine Bluff Asks : Delay in Repiy ' LITILE ROCK (/V) — The i city of Pine Bluff, want;; more tirric to answer a complaint filed in 'Federal Court here by an engineering firm in connection with the: city's UTCTU.1N (UPi -- Three Amcri- in sokiiers, held by the Sovii'ls En .1 Germany on n hiTting trip t ey were released by the liusi'.iani' to American authorities nt (i.30 a. rn. (12:30 a. in. EST) today. They were identified as Pfc. Gene W. Addon, 24, Nokomis, 111.; Pfc. Clifford D. Michae, 23, Mid- dloport. O., and Corp. James V. lli'^j-'s, 1!3, Toone, Tenn. A German girl, Ingcbord Rick- The three soldiers were hunting nnd su-aycd across the East-West n'etl- 'German border in n light log. into! Two "peoples" policemen fired shorts into the air when the soldiers crossed into East Germany. They fired two more shots to call Communist reinforcements. Two ctl'.er Communist policemen ar...»„ iMid the four men marched the Americans and the girl off at gun point. 'The American military mission to the Soviet zone at Pottsdam contacted Soviet headquarters to se.'Ure the soldiers' release. Allied nationals arrested by Communist East German police are lurried 'over immediately to tne Soviets. The soldiers were arrested in ilie East German areas of East Alon? with the National program were slate legislative annd political recommendations which included the retention by Cherry ol the entire staff of the Arkansas veterans service office and Smith. Cherry recently laid he would replace all state department heads. Tice, of Mitchell, S. D;ik., visited Cherry here to climax a four- day visit to Arkansas. He was accompanied by state VFW Comma.-der H. M. Warner of Flipin. $l.tj million sewer expansion ect. .'' : Lancaster and Love, Inc..' a;Dallas firm, is seeking an ,$8M,OGG judgement against he city and rt* consulting engineers. The defendants requested yesterday thaj. tho couit Ei ant them nn additional CO days IG answer thu complaint svNorsis After A lirlllliuit liii'innl V flutter unit Kinllj- Kiel "I <!<.'Uli! In n lino old ftouoo on Umcim ml) ItoaUin. the gift e[ Knilly'o rich, eii'i-entrii- tirnml- lliolhflr Korf.c.H, lii'lun Collins mul ftitvlu SiijoiiKinl, Inw linn iisKix-lntoit of Vlold, nrt' froi|«nnl I'lillpin hero, Rcivcli- lilH homo, woiiry nnrt spout ono ove- uitiK, l''lcl>i llntlu hid wile .wixtutl alone with Solomonl. CMAPTEK SRVEN WHEN Roger walked Into th*J library, lie »aw David nnd Emily were sented close to the tiro, so absorbed In what they were saying to each other that neither wna Instantly aware of hla entrance. For n moment, Roger had tho stnuiKc feeling that lie wns the interloper, that it wns David who really belonged there In the library benHlo tho lire with IQiniiy, He tried unsuccessfully to suppress I oa both preposterous-and morbid and went forward, making an of fort to speak eoixlinlly nnd nat iirully, but the sk-kviilng souse o y, 1 waa delighted to do so. Then, if'ter dinner she decided she'd like .o come back here and wait for on, instead of going on to the Valtz Evening. She didn't want to itss'you when you did get home. So we've been silting here beside ho tiro talking—why, for almost a couple of hours now! 1 don't snow when i I've enjoyed myself 0 much. I'll run nlong now hough. By the way, how'd you make out In Salem?" •Well, that's o long story—" "Then It'll keep till morning." "1 have lo go back to Salem lr the morning. Tho case Isn't closed 1 ""That wasn't the thing to say. Ho to have thanked David for illliiiB in, he ought to have said H* oovvw teli a w mlHU ing, and platform, ^^, ^« WM,ti«l*lt<Kl •t*y up h« wmrnwi, "Owl J nt t#r „ "Not uwwtt you w*nt to get H StCW •lawu »*«»»• »»w an (MI u* «,lt*.l.nl«> tnmislon stronger became Kiutly luul nol an* com , ho was glnd hla friend could keep his wife company through n long and disappointing evening. But lie didn't feel grateful to David, he wasn't Rlud to find him with Emily disclose a tempting array topped vith crisp sprigs of parsley. Roger drank slowly, and as the warmth ot the whisky filtered through his veins, he began to lake slow bites rom a sandwich. "In the meantime I thought perhaps David was my best bet," Emily was saying. "I had no idea whore ho lived or how quickly he could get here. But of course he Is In the lelcphone book. And he got here In no time at all. 1 don't see how he managed, dressing and everything. He lives on Aspinwall Avenue, way out by Coolidgo Corner. But he said ho wns used to doing things on the double." "There's no doubt about that." Again ho spoke sarcastically and again she disregarded his sarcasm. SAN FRANCISCO, (UP)— The body of a Rosston, Ark., man was among those of 235 Americans returned to the U.S. today from the Korea war area. Included in the list of dead aboard the Transport Harvard Victory was Army Pvt. Donald W. Dillm-d, son oE Louie L. Dillard of Route 2, Rosston, Ark. The body of Dillard will be sent with an escort to Arkansas, 1 health Lncl strength and productivity. "Witiiout that investment to develop farm resources in the jpas»7 we would be a weaker and .poorer nation, with a far lower income than we iftive today. Cherry declare.;: ..sat there is not sufficient land uv..liable toj in- cvease farm acreage. So, he jsaid, the oriiy way to feed the 193' million population expected in this country by 1975 and maintain present living standards will increase yields and protetcj^ against pests nnd .disease."'" ie to :rops FREE Pile Ointmeht LITTLE ROCK, (UP)— The Ar- ~ -_^_— j Beef Cattle Council will Noted Clinic Makes Most Urjisual Offer to Any Afflicted Person— * support the drive for a $1,500,000 animal science building at the Slate University. The council, meeting hero yes No Coupon—No Charge In order lo i nll ' odllc e to iring the proposed new research building. A council member said copies of he resolution will be sent to all member? of the Arkansas legisla- urc and to Gov.-elect Francis Cherry. "You should have seen Uncle Homer's tace when 1 walked into the club with David," she said almost gleefully. "David was qulvkly Into the hull, to weleom him home with a loving cm-ess, tho W&y she hftd always done ue- forp; instead 8lio sat very still, her white drcsa dazzling against the crimson ot tier chair, her lovely faco almost expressionless. David, on tho contrary, leaped up, holding out his tvand nnd exclaiming-, "Hello there! Vou liavo had u day of HI" before Roger himself could thlnh ot anything to say. Yes, it was as if David were the host, as if ho were the outsider and as It Emily did not belong wholly to him »uy more. "?ou'r* right I Imve had a day of It," ha answered wearily. Even hit voice did not sound like lilt- own, just as this room did not seem like nia own and Emily JU1 not »e«m like hla own. Ho turned in the library. Ho hated him. And that was puerllo and senseless, David had done the right thing at ihe right time, Just as he always did. The right thing? The kind of thing that got him ahead... "Good night, Emily. Thanks again for everything." "Good night, David. Thanlc you for everything." Well, she had spoken at last, she had smiled at last. Now everything would bo belter. But everything was not better. David had cono over to the chair where Emily was sitting and put his »rra around the baek of it. He did not touch her and yet, as he bent over her, the effect was that of a caress of- ansl accepted. He stayed w ^,_ for a moment looking down at h«r, not saying anything more, not nwdiug to. Then he straight- up and shook hands with groat success of the evening. the He dominated the dinner. I don't mean he did it by trying to monopolize the conversation or being aggressive or anything like that. But he was so entertaining that everyone wanted to listen to him and so attractive that no one could help looking at him. Before wa camo away, several people had asked him to drop In for cocktails and tho Amorys had invited him to Sunday dinner. I could see that Uncle Homer was fairly foaming at the mouth with rage." "Well, evidently we can drop our philanthropic plans as far as David's concerned. He'll be pretty well launched after tonight." "I hadn't thought of it that way! But I gueas he will be." "You can. be sure David's thought of it that way. I only hope flyV ttBVIll *l*Vv Ilia w**t«* *»w vvii tk^vi £{X^4J Ul-l Mtiiu Q«IWV*» t»w«»*-» '.-—- »w»y trom Davit* and looked *t j Roger,' still speaking cheerily, and Wjtt_ »%Anitic* **\«* litfvht ttMfl tttlA rlli~l I _ Jr*i. k »»*n*w4 KA luau OrnnA. •me council mooimE nerc yes- im. council, meeting neie ytb afflicted with Piles'" (Hem erday, adopted a resolution fav- . or any sl:nllar r ecta NEW YORK, (UP)— Arkansas on . hoids) or any sl:nllar r ecta l condition, the Thornton M4nor Clinic will send free on request, a full-size $1.00 tube of Thornton Minor Pile Ointment— free and postage paid. Send only your full name, age and address — no money is required. This offer is limited anij may be withdrawn at any time, so wQr suggest yoi) write at pneo. Address winners in the 1952 contest of the 1 Thornton lilinor Clinic, 911-Aj Lin- National Junior Vegetable Grow- wood Blvd.. Kansas City 3, MoJ This — - • offer is exactly as stated above— no charge—no obligation—no bill eis As-'cciation will be announced nere after Dec. 7. The Association will hold its annual convention here Dec. 7-11- to innounce the winners who will share $60,000 in scholarship prizes A total of 176 Arkansas boys and girls are entered in the national annual contest against boys and girls f'.om 45 other stales. now or later. . tier, hoping for help, and site did I afterword not glv* tt to him. Ho know Uim| Th« rront was gone. door cloaca behind |4Ut £IVW ** *V* t«»4*4. »»v «,M»H M r*<^ I *IW »*Wt,» »4W^ w».*wv— — must be bfceausk ahe could not, tor I htm with a bang. Emily rose and aome reason that lie did not un-| C anie over to Roger, putting her d«r*tand, arfd that he ought to I lovely amis around his necH. help hw out. Perhaps It would be "Darling" she said gently. "Dar- bottti- U u« aakcU her to tell him I ting, I'm so sorry you've had such what sa* had done, rather than an awful day. I couldn't seem to to go ou trying to tell her what say anything before David, but he had done. Perhaps h* should I now we're alone, we can have a «*fc her how she happened to be {g^ad talk. First though, you've got •UUas In Uieir house on Joy Street, to navo a drink and something to hla and hers. «l«n« with David I eat. Elite's left everything ready, Salomant. instead of being at Uiel m the pantry. Please alt down Copfcey fla*« with a group oil and rest, while t get it (or you." thdr old friends- AJtter she bad! He was too tired to protest, too ioM turn tnat, everything would I tired to say she must not wait <ag ail rtgat. It was because she I on him, or that he wasn't hungry ill 99 atiU, because sKo did not I or tto»t *1! right, he would get smile ot siwttH tte&t everything (the wntefcy and sandwiches him t4 so att«ng« «wl sieUening. (self. Emily brought them in, quiet h« would a*k her. But David tiy aad expertly, and se« them down > »g*i» beiojre U« could frame |on Uw table before Mm. She iltod ^ 'two t*U gtwasea vrtth l« ttm » "four ton was c*rt*inly my|UkM«w« bucket s«4 Mid. «UU wit* good vwo drinte, » «Wt oo» tor ^^^^ . . ^ ^_T_^t I ^ *. ,i»,ht M»<& « AK »| ii.a^alr Roger set down his glass and aid his half-eaten sandwich be. side it. "I seem to be pretty well bushed," be' said. "Let's get upstairs, shall we? No—don't bother vith the tray. I'll take it back to the pantry myself." The hatred that Roger had felt for David earlier that night welled up within him, choking and suffocating htm. And U was no longer the hatred of a man for another more successful and brilliant than himself; It was hatred for a recognized rival, who would have won a desired woman for his wife U he had been first on the scene, and who might still hope to win her, if she were not the embodiment of loyalty and steadfastness ... Thank God,-Emily was loyalty itself, steadfastness itself. On that score l»e had no «*xl«ty. Tb« an*, lety waa all for his own made- <ju»cy. But that did not make him ^^ _ .. .V- , Farmers to Hear McClellan, Cherry LITTLE ROCK, WV-Sen, John L. McClellan and Gov.-elect Francis Cherry will address the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation's 18ih annual convention here today. Delegates to the 3-day meeting also will vole on 66 resolutions tnd hear committee reports "*. the final session. The resolutions include demands for government economy, inflation conlrol and a re-appraisel of Arkansas' severance lax on natural resources. Another resolution, ap proved by the screening committee) yesterday, calls for the state's in-j elusion in the Pope-Jones Water' Facilities Act. The law permits farmers to borrow funds for construction of farm resfervoir systems to impound irrigation waters. : — ! LITILE ROCK, W— Gov-electj Fraici-s Cherry said today thatj government money spent for agricultural research benefits all of the pecfle, not just the farmers. Speaking at the 18th annual convention of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation here. Cherry added: •Truly it is no expense at all, but the kind of investment a wise; nation will make in its future For Lifetime SERVICE make your Home ^ Improvements SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK tf! — Listening toniRht: NBS — 7 Cavalcade Drnmn: 7:30 ,o. ~ „-- Red Sl.elton; 8 Martin and Lewis. Mrs. Ernest O'Neal, president, CBS - 6:30 Mlndny Carson. 7 i . _i *i._ t t M «.a* nneelstn nf- O«vrtnln A i-n ITitnnV' 7:30 Kit*. 0110 American Lefllen AuxllUfy Has Meeting November 24 The American Legion Auxiliary , met at the home of Mrr. M. M. ,'McCloiiKhan Monday nignt with Mrs. C. M. Asec as co-hostess. lolendar ^Tuesday, November 25 Catholic Altar Society is nsoring a benefit "Koffee Klat._ Tuesday, November 25, at the parish Hall which begins at 7:30 ,,p,m. Coffee and caUe will be serv- <fl and games will bo played. The r'ipublic is cordially invited to at- ver Springs Baptist condutted the business session at I ter which the meeting was turned lover to Mrs. R. E. Jackson. She Church will . presented Mrs. Henry Haynes who ver prngs a . presene rs. e hold a home baked pie and cake } Ravt . an interesting review of the sale Wednesday, November 26. in ; book "Fifth Chinese Daughter" by - People Are Funny; 7:30 Mr. nnd Wrs>. North. ABC — 6:30 Silver KiiRle; 7 De- Attorney; 7:30 Life Begins Chapter AE of PKO will meet jiesday, November 2n. at 3 o ck at the home of Mrs. Mack Ituart. on Spring Mill Road. P'The Ladies Auxiliary to VFW meet Tuesday, November at 7:30 at the Hut. Hostesses wil the vacant building formerly oe cupied by the Hope Transfer Co i on Front St. Anyone desiring -f \ special kind of cake or pie, pleas* | phone your order to Mrs. Fred Hunt, 7-3981, by November 22. The proceeds of this sale will go toward building Sunday School rooms. The Bodcaw PTA will sponsor Jade Snow Wong. Tho hostesses served a sp.lad plate to those present. Mrs. Kennle McKee Hoste»« to Circle 5 of WSCS Monday WSCS Circle 5 of the First Meth odist Church met Monday Novem ber 24, at 7:30 at the home o Mrs. Kennie McKce with Mrs. Ho iner Jones and Mrs. Royce WeiserT DOROTHY DIX at 80. MBS — 7 Black Museum; 7:30 Dr. Khtiare; 8:05 The Search That Never Kncls. Wcdni-rdiiy Items: NBC •— 10 a. m. Strike It Rich. . . CBS - 10:aO p. in. Grand Slam. . . ABC — I! a. m. ttrcaktast Club. . . MBS Actions Or Words? Dear Miss Ulx: 1 have Just started college and. while people may think I'm loo young lo go steady, I hnve decided on one boy, However, he Is five years older than f.ticl my parents think he's too old for me. Also although he tins mentioned marrying me, he is go ing out with another girl. Should t lo» him so with her and say nothing, or should 1 show him I'm jealous'' Answer: — 9:IU) Take A Number. - ••*- j M [H'tt uuiiu> uiui «iia. nw Amateur Night Wednesday, No- bcrgol . as co .hostcsses. vember 26, at 7 p.m. at the school. There- will be u Thanksgiving service at the Spring Hill Methodist Church Wednesday night, No- Hb I . OU UI U1U I1LU. nu.->ii.::*;,i.-3 ""'.iCUSl L.I1U1CU VV e LU l(J M-Ut v 11.511., i..' be Mrs. W. T. Woodul and Mrs. i vember 26, at 7::i(). The public is . . . Otis Bryant. After the meeting the members will wrap tray favors to in veterans hospitals. The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, November 25, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Mack Stuart invited. Thursday, November 27 The annual Thanksgiving Serv- Wednesday, November 26 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Sho* SAENGER ice will be held Thursday morning, November 27, at the First Presbyterian Church from i):30 until 10:30. Hope Country Club will entertain with "Open House ;ind Tea' Dance" Thursday following tllc football game until 7 o'clock. Mr Mrs. Claude Tillery, leader, conducted the business session. Various committee reports were given and Tuesday, December 9, was set ns the time for the nnmial Christmas party to be held in the home of Mrs. Tillery. It was announced that Rev. nnd Mrs. E. D. Galloway would show slides ol their European trip at the rcgulai 7 o'clock service at the church Sunday, December 7. The devotional was given by Mrs W. E. Cassidy and Mrs. Harold Hall sang "Living for Jesus." She was accompanied by Mrs. Georg Murphy. Mrs. Dexter Bailey presented the program' using "You Have a Talent for Thanksgiving" often by the Whnlly of a bv.ddy from Ihe samb btftnch of si i vice The fnnMly has a very pi-etty I? year old daughter and, nn the li.sl night of his leave, Stan : j took her out to dinner and n show. .„ „ !„. Mm* th '-vns so rnnd 1 wouldn't spenk to possession so ««c old « ins itint I returned to Texns would like to sel. Could you tell M|d hft hflt , (nke| me where I could tnke them,' hr( , QUt fls n , okon ,^ f n p preciaU(m ' ' '' for nil thi. family had done for him. Thorefbftf'!' tWrtt '„„,, to be mnd wnr'rt he Ibv it — ns-iuuilng. lhl» .^me* U everyone l n hre 8 K, • tnlft * m * dim know before his art-Wat fi^tne-" Be In g lm»*iili,^iBsWftfc. l^nilrid " try t , «fiKrtM trf M . bnck at you. He dldl You relallafcjf eel by sd mad oho .r. w. Actions speak much lou.lei- than words, and if a man declares his love for you one minute and is out with another Rlrl the no-it — well which Is more the bride wore a floor length gowi of white slipper sutin with nn im jorted ehnntilly luce draped ii i point in the baek buttoned will sntin covered butlons. She wore a crown ot urnnge blossoms with a linger Up veil trimmed with seeded pearls and carried n bouquet of white mums centered with n purple orchid. Mrs. Carl Willis wns matron of honor nnd Miss Marthn Ann Sutton and Miss Billie Jo Rogers were bridesmaids. They were dressed convincing, his actions or words? A /OUHK m an sincerely In love has In blue taffeta and Misses Carolyn • Positively Last Day • lOULUiili guniu nn i »i i \j v,ivwi». ...... 11 ti v *; i* -imtufc iwj iiiovn* «(>•»»**& and Mrs. E. J. Whitman, Mr. and | as the theme. She was assisted by Mrs. Martin Pool, and Mr. and j the following cicrle members: Mrs. Mrs. George Newbern will be hosts James Lauterbach, Mrs. Syvclle and hostesses. Kathleen Mallory Circle Meets The Kathleen Malory QUIET MAN ' Burke, Mrs. Carl Jones, Mrs. Gcoi ge Murphy, Mrs. Ray Miller, Mrs. Hershel Patterson, Mrs. Bill Clark, , Mrs. Grovor Thompson, Mrs. Fred me «.«i.i.^-.. — ^ Circle of . Johnson, nnd Mrs. Thomas Cannon, he First Baptist Church met at i The hostesses served a dessert plate lo 33 members including one new member, Mrs. A. H. Futrell. and two visitors, Mrs. Neil Crow. and Miss Virginia Noel. WED.-THURS. A BIG COLORFUL .he home of Mrs. Nonna Jean Delancy Monday night, Nov. 24, at 7:30. Mrs. Delaney opened the meeting with prayer and a short business meeting followed. She led an interesting program on "Awakening in Nigeria." Hot chocolate and cookies were served to six members present. Melody Maids Meet With Carolyn Story Carolyn Story was hostess to Wisteria Junior Garden Club Elects Officers The Wisteria junior Garden Club] of Paisley School met last week A with the leader, Mrs. J. W. Perkins. The following officers were elected: President, Denver .Dickinson, vice-president. John Graves, secretary Patricia Holt, librarians, Norma Mae Smith nnd Ann Spraguc. representative, Reba Russell. Spring flower bulbs were planted the Melody Maids Saturday morning November 22. In celebration of the 95th birthday of Mrs. Edward MacDowell, Barbara Griffin presented a pro- am on the MacDowell Colony. card was read acknowledging net. Little Sutton nnc Joan Gunn were flower gilrs. They wore identical dresses of pink tnf feta nnd net and carried baskets of chrysanthemums and white snow flake flowers. Dei-rell Sutton served Mr. Suttoi as best man nnd ushers were Jack White and Ronald Richards Mrs. Rogers chose for her daughter's wedding a skipper blue gabardine suit with while accessories and a corsage of while baby mums. Mrs. Sulton wore a brown gabardine suit with brown and gold accessories nnd a corsage of bronze chrysanthemums. Immediately following the ceremony, the couple left for n wedding trip in Houston and Galvos- ton nnd will bo at home at 300 Edgcwood upon returning. For travel Mrs. Sutton wore a no eye- for nny but his beloved. Fidelity is prlina facie evidence of love; ciim't settle for anything less. Dear Miss Dix: I have in my Speculation on Relations of Taft and Ike By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON I/V! — There will Answer: Your city. 1 nm sure, j., ( , c ) (lj , llt>l | j s ) uul | c | apologize for has n rtamp nnd coin denier who] (h( , way , ncton , i ( i, m -t think 1 would be ghul to look over . vo >'>'| should.' Who Is ilRht', 1 collection. Locate him through the! BETTY clnssifUd pages of your telephone bonk, If you are unsuccessful in! Answer: One of ihe mnjor trrnib- ge'.llng the information you \vnnl, !u«s with this world, Hetty, is thnt. send me a self-addressed, stamped (no mnl.y people spend too mitcti ] envelope nnd I'll send you Ihe! time wi.rryinK over who Is right mil ics of some reliable dealers woo in sltunlions ns simple ns this one, Thrtumh your whole story there Is vein of "tit for tnt" so In the long run. who hns been the offender nnd who sr.ruld do the npologi/.iiiR'. 1 Quite n (HirstIon, thnt! 1 shall ns- suiue, f( r your snUe, though you inn.le no mention of It, thnt your never tiiilik >yoM"htid beet* of at lenst nsfl'Mrftw* hrf That shouta 'naVc left things «fV6»t between you Two breaches*of nlty; t\*t» Wrirtllod-fw at' "madness". Are" you th a r „, to get on n high horse nnd dictate terms? I '-think not. You had ttw^ - S be coins. happy to appraise your Dear Miss Dix: K( r nine months I hive t-een going sternly with ,i bov whi. is In service. He Is now tflst Vord*. Thtlt _,.,..— , for nny woman. 'Wftlgji 1 •ttn apology of "ft '"-* * Vsbiy. Mlsv DlV, Why U it I 1 their doors SO 111 O ' (>V V'J^IV Cllflltl H»V- tl V*W1<r» H hnrd ns Iheyi-iiu without ttytng •them'nulftly 1 I never ' stationed in Texas. Hi- come honu known to Him. H In August, which wiis Ihe fiist liiiu-l dales with oilier buys during Stuns I hnt! .:een him in eii}ht months absence were While IK- \v»s invny 1 luul been KO- inp with other boys — .lust lo a dunce or the movies. When Stan come home 1 told him all nluml it, tiiicl he wns very niinry. lie did net over that though. While he wns home, he wns en- I lilt , ' l»l.*»tv»»li**l ^ A'nswr'r:' SonU''folka"nro jilst tint* unilly henMer hnnded thnn others. Door-slmnlng Is nlso n marVcloUB wii.v of btn\vi)\g olf, Stoom," you diiled, mid didn't toll him, — . ..,,.. .., you are utility of deeciHlon us well j nol recommended ns ^n i\s Inek of eonslderntli-in. You men- ' ' ""'" " ' lion Hint you were "HO!I\M stcndy" with Stan. :i slide of ntfiilrs whleh nonnnlly [H-ecludes other dnliiig, prdeedura, YOU fiivist „_ whni cutcKory yuufc pnrtlculor fender fits. Kelensed Hy Btfll SyndWntOj ^ is ;> Kil't from the Melody Mnids to this project. The entire group sang •To a Wild Rose." Mnry Charlene Horton played a |)iann sholo and Donna Freeman and Carolyn Phillips played a piano duet. A vocal trio composed or Bobby Kay Turner, Donna Kennedy, and Marian McQueen. Refreshments were served to 25 . suit of beige crepe rep suiting of nylon acetate. Her hat was of bcigo feather with rhinestone trim and a beige veil. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Sutton, Miss Kulh Sutlon, Mrs. Murl Templetmi, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sutton, Mrs. Jennie Sutton, all ot Texarkana Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gunn, Dianne, Joe Ed, and Joan of Smackovcr. be plenty of eryslnl-ballinK be twcen now and Jnnunry, when the new Republican administration comes in, about future relntlons between President Klscnhower nnd Sen. Taft. But the test won't come until Con.'!rc:-.s settles down to work, El- senhowtr starts sending up his piograms for npprovnl, nnd Tnft toKins lo demonstrate what he thi'nlrs (if them and what he wants .o do t<- them. In the foreifin field, for instance, Tnfl h.iR said the differences between his views and Elsenhower's are only matters of degree. But, depending on the viewpoint, those differences might seem as o as the sen. For example, Tall opposed the Atlantic pnct whie.h Eisenhower endorsed S o fully II'at he went buck oversells to rnnkc it work. That same doRi-cc of difference around the school building. Mrs. I me . m b cl . s a nd the sponsor, Mrs. Perkins gave an example of three ways of planting flowers — by seed. bulbs, cutting and illustrated them from a chart from the Experiment Station. The meeting was closed with the Paisley School song. C. Hyatt. somi may RIALTO * • LAST TIMES TODAY • Randolph SCOff wilh LUCILLE NOKMAN WED.-THURS. IOUIS HAYWARD • PATRICIA MEDINA Miss Mary Alice Rogers Weds Howard Sutton At 4 o'clock in the afternoon oi Sunday, November 23, at the Gar- rclt Memorial Baptist Church, Miss Mary Alice Rogers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Rogers of Hope, became the bride of Howard Sutton, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Sutton of Blevins. Coming and Going Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Armilnge, well known former Hope residents, were visitors over the week end. They are in Arkansas for Thanksgiving week as the guests of Mrs. Armitage's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Reid of Delight. The Ariui- tagcs now live in Madison, Ind., where Mr. Armitage holds a position with the Jefferson Proving Ground. However, ho stills maintains voting residence in Hope. Miss Martha Wray' of North Texas State College, Denton, Texas, arrived Monday night to spend the j with him. between the two men on fuuin- important progrnni ipi-ear In others, if not to Tnft. to be a basic difference between Eisenhower's idens nnd his. If the other Hepublicnn senators for-inl'" name Taft their flooi iendcr-a job he's held for lh-3 pa-'t fm.r years without the tille- lu-il pel a chance to settle hu' disi.gnements with tho President be.'ore they reach the rrnnte. •\s Republican leade-, he woul.l be cal.ed regularly to W.nve House conferences on legislation w h 1 ch I ' ' "' EVANGELIST WHO PREACHED TO CROWDS OF 5,000 AT TEXARKANA COMING TO HOPE'S FIRST BAPTIST ^ W3 *.«$ *!•*..! nerence .sen h o w e r want-.-cl to push iM-miRh Congress. So liv-- Iwt. men i-ei-ld'ai-Kuc in the privacy of t.»e 'A'littc House. . If Taft lost out there lied still te in a key position in 'he Senate • !>. Vo rnako his ideas prcviui Taft seems able to get the Senate a see (Mdorslup without mu-.i trnu blc. |-.senhower will Inv-i to reel., n .lVLUIlULiJltVii*o. 1 1V UU AVAUiiwuj t i ijji* fc n.* u|^ v-» •-.. • Reverend Elbert O'Stcen official-1 Thanksgiving holidays wilh hpr , _. !,.. j_..ui~ ..;„„ nn ,. n mnnv g ran dmolher. Mrs. John H. Arnold. Hospital Notes ed at the double ring ceremony before a background of white mums and huckleberry fern. Tapers were lighted by Jack White and Ronald Richards. Miss Dana Lou Cunningham, who wore a dress of pink taffeta and net and | a corsage of white mums, sang "I Love You Truly" and "Because." While the bride and groom knelt at the altar, she sang the "Lord's Prayer." Mrs. Wade Warren accompanied her and played the traditional wedding marches. She also wore a dress ot pink taffeta and net and a corsage of white mums. Given in marriage by her father. Five Arkansons Missing on Planes HOSPITALE Branch Admitted: Mrs. Wayne Hucka bee Taylor, Arkansas. i military planes. Discharged: Mr. Claud E. Parks ™ yAl ? k a" sa£ of Texarkana, Texas. WASHINGTON Ml - At least five Arl'ansans have been listed by th ,. p orcc in the past two day missing in crashes ot two U.S Clubs STUDEBAKER l*I«>A^ W? Evening Shade The Evening Shade Home Dem ons*ration Club met at the home ol Mrs. McCormick. Twelve members were present and M'S, Beckman was guest o: the day. Home-made Christmas gifts was tiie topic of the dny. During the business session the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. A. E. Weatherford. away from the tent grounds because of -. -, r^wAw^^^ will be conducted at the First Baptist Church. , f , This Is your opportunity to hear one of America's most 8 ucce8sful,Ev B np)llsta. Opn'tyrjlM one Of '• Eddld Martin's thrilling mcoonsjes,' . «,,««» *•<*• & kiwi , and » ttgbt on* for te«cU. Tb« to _ pufly^ft 0* story" 9)f th* Buckrow. across the border teem USA American sector borough of £*& CONCRETE Does your home need new walks, steps or drives, a new porch or patio, a wall or floor? Any of these improvements will serve better and longer if you build with sturdy cpncrete. Concrete is durable. It is resistant to fire, decay, termites and vermin. Concrete home improvements are moderate in first cost, cost less for maintenance and repairs and last much longer. They are a sound investment in low* emWiJkesf improvements. PORUANP CEMINT ASSOCIATION M»?iB^«rt^— --'•-^'•waZuiS* ^^£22 '•."£«&..£' .&?•£, ^^S$K Get one now! A car value that sings! A buy you'll talk about for gears I Two "Arkansas airmen wcr aboard a 4-cnginc, B-50 bombt which crashed near an Army chemical center at Edge-wood, Mel., yesterday. Three others were aboard tht C-l r :4 Globeruaster missing over A A!rm'ar. First Class Thomas U. Adams of Little Rock und S-Sgt. jB.ncit B. Morris of West Helena vcii- listed officially as missing In Hit- Maryland crnsh. Bodies of four of tne crash victims had not been i-L-eiA-ercd lust night. The Air Force said S-Sgt. U. n. Viirfnssan of Grecnbrier, Airman R. Burns of son. inson, . A Christmas party for member.; I nnd families was planned for Dc- cfinbei. The hostess served refreshment* to those present, assisted by her dwughler. Make Your Plans Now to Attend the THANKSGIVING CHURCH THURSDAY MORNING IN HOPE AT THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ,, 9:30 Til 10;30 Rev S A Whitlow will-bring the message ancHhe First F Church choir will have charge of the special Thanksgiving music, : j Vte •m ....freebom to toovsljtp -*- _ «. muster. The search for uranium has ipurred new explorations in Ihe Portugese colonies In Africa. Check Studebaker prices if you want real savings! See how little it takes to drive home a beauty of a new Studebaker! Come inl Get a good "deal" and a good deal more! AH .pQdel* oHw Sh<fcbak.r A«to»pHc Driv. or Overdriv.-and ,l O ,e-r,docin 9 tlntad *«.-*! »»«ro C*A ARCHER MOTOR CO. 3rdStWrt H«pt« Afkr STUDEBAKER'S IOO' H ANNIVERSARY THANKSGIVING DA The PERFECT Day To Say THANK YOU In the Most PERFECT Way Send a Gift of Nature's Beauty FLOWERS Your Florist Can Telegraph Your Thanksgiving Gifts Anywhere in the World (Sponsored by N*f f Brothers) We, as Americans, hav<? so njorw belongs so truly to u§« Op thi friend* in church; give thgnfes the qu,i*t peace of ' • i- -V* ^ BSBr.. *«» . " .¥* s? y. v/ & i \* J,*' 1 * A JvjfV ^.i fVs ,J( Li.U *?. A ^*

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