Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 25, 1952
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K.', sn,#V HOM ITAt, MOM, )• * t^^^j* ^ ll% |i "",«,. tfe>' _^L MAliUNmil ' 'flttf*** «n«o» — aid h« Will o»H for more nm itrclift on education, mwtitKto nnti **t*n»ln»" «l tho "- nminl convention i. i«fd thl« proirum wmilU " 9 't n mc»n» for providing •1li>n dftowt dtnntlsrd of living OT furmeri *hoMld ««wo from .tf.-Mlp, not wvtrnmwil rh«k«^ Hurdir) «Kh m«» (H«W: ,,, ,,gy ttinllM' f«a IWrnton V ' M*W7 OV V"" 1 ^' **"•«•' ,..iWWiM«»"«J <l P'» ft td'Mr your full nume [Jl —jL . i^j^ -**Hr.Ll~k» llA «|l oMiittUtm'-jio bll ^ ; - v ^ j< '• . menlinv. approved i»n ocntlroi of $100,000 l« tonntiMel » new Biirenu l»ulldln«, hnro, H«r »sld lh" money wouM be lined for plflnnln* «»'' to ««'i'»'" (; '' bulldln* •»»• Th« prp»W«ni ..ii.l the |>lwt w«» Upprovnd »» ii »«;e PRESCOTT NEWS »tr in" ,K ROCK. i.fV-1 Monday, November 24,1952 Ark.. has bcrn nutnori/.etl 'l"ick lax vmtroft* for ** rac !°" w>A * n . Manufacturing Chemists. Associ.i tion Inc.. has announced. to oosomodfll'- *»n «x_ pVndTnV Farm Burtn«n projernrn " Tht" propo»i»l will bo mihrnlttifd •<> tho c«nv*nilun for rnUlicmUm on Tlt"*day. ho »».<•• mm\^) 'uOMffM* M^ W«*tdd« MD Club Hat Nov*mber Th? Wmttnlil" Home Dwnofntra- (inn Club m«l Wednesday after- nwn In the homo of Mm, W. » Hiw«r» with Mr«, A E. Mcduir* for th« November met.i- lnn with ttlevfiii ttnftiH'"'f s and Mr*. Mrtdftf" rt«r«o»m. county Home Uu- •iioimtrullori jutertt, |,i ••,i* < nt, Thp <lev(*llofiul t»IK wfl» given Gilbert Wi-slmorf'lnnd. Iho lm*m<.'im ir.ortlnit con (lu«t«.t(i by tin- I't-otililenl, Mr*. W, S. Hlnek. the following nfflccni rtwn", 'MM.'W.' S. Block. Mm, Wai- U>r ConiK'll Hccretary nnd IrcttBur- cr Mr». ll'nrry Ke.fky. vice pres- mint, Mr*. Hob.-it I'enchey, reporter, Mrs. Gcor«e T«i»l. birtbdny di.ilrmnn. It wild voted to have u c hrlnmfls puny un the evenliiK of Uet. I''"', in inn hortm D< Mm, KuKimc Helen- Nation to i* l»J- ^ O Soon Hove 2 Ex-Presidents Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by Tho Editor .Alex. H. Washburn 20 ut O/ ARTHUR E080N (For J«m« Martow) WDihuitfton '^ — On Jan. bind ii'jor, sonieihliiK will for Iho firm time In more than 20 ymtH. An KlHonhowvi steps in mid Truman step* out, this coun try OIK P iigaln will have two liv- FOODS NOW AT KROGER LOW Hope Star WtAfMiR Arkansas: SJwwc«, defStorms cost, nfirih vote northeast this cMrumc north; Colder lowest sa-30 northwes east halt tonight; W Ing, cold. Temperature High 62 Low 44 •Riflnfnil 3,04 SPECIALS r UK M ^ ,' ^ for your best THANKSGIVING Witys KuHlnts Your Thunk»«lvln« Tur-1 oy," , . . Mid. Tiul CiirrliiKt"'* eonoueteci everwl tSun.uH wlili Mrs. W»U«» ,'onnell wlrinliiK the prl7.e, Uulnly reireslimeiHH went »erv- d hoiii the dlnlntl mble Ihut WHS- conlort-d With n «irl made of ve«M- Hbles HUH wu» dunitfucd by Mm. A. I,, Turner. ever 'ft - ,J» "T^ 0 *^h«rHe» M 1 ''GODCHAUX PURECAN5 Folflers & Maxwell House COFFEE 1 Pound QRf Can OJC_ 10 u,95c Mr*. In IH2M Culvln Coolld«o )olin-d Willlnrn Howard Tafl HK an ,.|/lcr MtttcdHinii. Tnft died on Minch C, )U:iO. Since then w<- never huvt: had more Ihim one livuif! former president. lU'w ot u.t K''ow up to bo prexi del. In; fewer ntlll to b« cx-presi KROGER OVEN-READY Railroad Picture For Awoy — Buf Nor Long Ago The adage that no business evei stands still — if it isn't alOng with the icst of the counlrj »t must Le slipping — is shown by , • passenger revenue figures to^American railroads, as reported in the 1052 edition of Railroad facts] I (Statistics for 1931) just received ini '•this oiflce. j There was a slight upturn ii* passenger business for the Clas-; 1 railways in 1951. but the four 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 37 Star .» M6M 1W. fj«*» 1» J«*. 1*. '»*• Mr». T. Worthlngton to '47 Brldlie Club J, T. \Vorlh Intttpri entertain '47 UrldKii Club on Weil-. ufturi.uun nt tho LuwnonI Hotel. ,1. H. lion, ,!, v UIB9YS 5 No. 303 Cam 2 No. 303 OQ,, Cans 4»7v,. _____ MRSTTUCKER Shortening Pounds 2 1 Lb. OC r Boxes XwMrV* und was YELLOW CREAM STYLE 2 No. 303 OK- Cons O3C ^AUVI'TO SLICED o N °' 2 *AO*Un Hopvy Syrup 4* Cons "t^y Boxes 4&3C nrraw:emonin of yel low unit whlto ininnn formed the background for the plnyem, Mrs. C. H. ClNiy was awarded thu hl«h scum prl/,« and Mrs. ha- Wfinl Oryson the gumo prize. Club HUOBU wore Mrst. Boycl Ar- nolil, Mm, Tom Oiiry iincl Mrs IkMiiitt, Member* present m- 1 Mrs, U. A. DuUmar, Mrs ITS Down. Mrs. Dudley Uw M'rtt. Gienn llulrsloii, MrH M,»Mulii»n. MIR. Jim Nulnon ft'ii'w. It, W, lluyiiolilN, MrK. K. H \V,,iil Alrn. U. A, VVurrwn, Mrs U, W. Wiuklim, Mrs. H. I' 1 . Vur jroiiuli, Mrs. tdward Brynoii uruy. A (U'llKiit'ul nultid cuurau it^vt/d, Mr. nnd Mr*. Ert>e«t Cox Houls to C«nn«t» Club Mr. und Mrs. Ernenl Cox wert« hosl>t In tins Blue Ribbon CmuiBtu Club fit their homy on Wednesday uveiilnti- An urruy of bouquets of inuins wen- pliieetl dl point* of Inlurnal l'»>.H'ediiii4 the «mru'S « supper wus stirviHl I" members Mr, and JWrti, Uuiiinun, Mr. und Mrs. 11, J. Wllaon, Mr. und Mr«. C. O. tionJon, inul Ur. and Mrs. A. t>. Uucliuiuin iijm ueoru honors were won b> the Ko there's no clear pnltcrn ol whnt's expected i>( n mnn who lias IK;It! the niillon'x hlKhust office. j , •riuii.i.n undoubtedly bus heiirdl | the old vim.lvllu JoKe that pretty wvll il iiHtrntes bl.s prutu-nl prob li.,ti. Tin- funny ninn suys lie tlfK!»n't want to be President. The .Sii'."U(hl mnn iisks, "Why not','" Funny man siiys, '•'I'iie job has no future in it." In n tiny forelKn countries when ii party loses eontr.'iet Its leaders stay on »» \\utid of the oppOMlllon In piii'.ii'inent. There he cnn defend his punt actions and plan his flltl'ie UH'H. H hns been miMiU'Stcd lluit soni'.- thliiK llUc- that be tried here, will. eX'pre.iideiit.i becoming non-votinji iiu-'iibtrn of tho Senate, tint nothing ever came of that propose i. Nor has Truman much In i he sviiy of a Hiilde from the piiit wneri he considers what he Hhoiikl uo. The White House h»S »nkl he linn received n number of offers. Must unusual offer: A recording company would like to peddle phnnohi'iiph records of his piano MoloM. Hut Truman has said he won't t.'lk of his plans until he's cut ot olfiee. 3~* 'hcv're Oven-Ready .. * completely cleaned, fully drlwd rcadv to stuff and bake. And you get more meat per pound with a Kroger Oven-Ready Turkey! 19 to 22 Lbs. Avg. * Meet Called to Try to End Bus Strike I.ITTt.K .HOCK. I/V) — Union an: compnt,} officials meet here I"- pr^n^ears'rcporled consecu-, day in an effort to end a week- tive declines; and Ws gross otjold strike agamsl Arkansas Irall- $900,310,420 compares unfavorably ways I.u: .with the 1921-25 average ot $1,102,- Fcdrra 15 to 18 IBs. Lb. 8 to 14 IBs. Lb. ,fi Krocier Cut-up, tray pack fRYERS * Plump, fat stewing HENS Michitioldcn, 3 to 4 Ib. av«. east es- I louver, being liulepeiul enlly wealthy, has bail uo finaii- citif wonlos tlurinn bis long years out of effiee. Me l.t.s been able to do Severn, official jobs fur the Kovermnenl IneU'dliiK bead n commission to study the reorganl/.iitlon of the ex ulive ucpai tmeiit. By contrast, consider Thomas •fforsi'ti. Hi> left the presidency $20,000 In debt. And he was sucl a perfect host — some of 111 Utiests iluyecl for weeks — that hli ;lebts mounted. He became so brolto n national subscription N tnken to ball him out. OR&MEDARY PITTED AMERICAN DILL and SOUR News Briefs you ten< 've ' Capital Pride, whole or fuHJia^f HAMS u DUCKS U S Gov't graded Select OYSTERS 59 C IGROUND BEEF Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Pt. Lb. 295,733 when this was a smaller nation. Furthermore. 1951 was a period of inflated activity due to defense work, while 1921-25 was a postwar deflationary era. On the other hand, railroad rus Co. Mediator Charles A. Sa/7or Who Lost Foot in Wreck, Resting Better A sailor who suffered the loss of his left foot in an nuto accident near Hope last Saturday Is reported to be resting better today while a companion also injured was slated to be taken to his home in rex- arkana. The sailor, Kenneth Dean Fnucll. 21 Chicago, was driver of the cur which went out of control and overturned State Policeman Guy J^PJ^ARKANSAS. TUtSDAY, NOVEMBER 25,1952 Eisenhower Has Three Cabinet Posts to Fill NKVV YORK. I.T) — President rl'Tt Eisenhower's new Cabl- nU shaped up today in this PRICE Se Wheeler of Little Rock called Hit" meeting, tbc 40 drivers and six mechanics] .struck last Tuesday in a wage dispute. The employes arc members ot the Brotherhood of Railway n«*k s-uct ho "owning said. His foot had to bo ,u p fi ,; t si "e| amputated following the accident, the fust sinc.L| H '. s compan , oni c , alld E . Park* 34, of Tcxarkana, Texas sustained Airman Held for Offering to Sell Secret Data TOKYO, (Ul'i - ..... An American Air Fi.rce sergeant was held in- cupimuiiH'ado today on a charge of trying to sell secret information Bbout the F-H« Sabrejet fighter to the Communists in Korea. freight'business has been uniform-1 Tra.nmcn. iy healthy and expanding. Freight Wheeler sai '»y healthy revenues of the Class I railways in 1951 totaled $8,634,100,781, twice the $4,21)0,067,550 annual average JTor thu 1921-25 period. Also, thu "Average of the post-World War II yoars !<J4G-!>0 is definitely higher than for the war years 1941-45, running 7 billion dollars against (i billions. It is pretty obvious to most Amor- asking a l j .'i leans that air and highway routes j meet the popular need more nearly than do passenger trains, but railroar 1 freight business stands on ground just as solid today as it was when the first brakeman ,gsigna!ed the engineer and swung aboard. The number of passenger trains oppratert by the Class I roads reached their peak in 19iV-25 with ;aid Robcy W. Me- Clc'idon, company -vice president and ycrcr;il manager, union Deputy President I*'. A. Purcell and S. P. DIXOII, acting commissioner of tho slate labor department, will attend the meeting. Both company and union offi cials have said negotiations were at aslalemate. a back injury. Officer Downing said he had not been able to learn full details of the accident as both have been oo critical to question. Court martial charges were filoo drivers un pay increase guarantee of KiO drive miles foi any work day, and layover time of SI an hour for the first thrc hours. The mechanics are seeking a houily pay increase from $1.33 t $1.7o. McCk-ndon has said he is not considering the hiring of other drivers or mechanics for 330 buses serving Arkansas, Runs from •urbge of 54,613, now fallen Kempi.ir to Texarkana via Little 1,'ock and Hot Springs were halted Tuck Bishop Given Life in Utah SALT LAKE CITY (UP) — Willie (Tuck) Bishop, bespectacled miner who in nine years was ac cus.-d of killing four men in Ar Kansas nnd two in Utah, today en tercd the Utah Stale Prison to be gin serving two life terms. Nine years ago, Bishop was con vicled of one. of the Arkansa and sentenced to life i Nov. 1H against S-Sgt. Giuseppe Casicio, 34, of Tucson, Ari/.., n veteran of nine years ot service in the Air Force. Cascio's arrest on Sept. 21 climaxed six weeks of work by Air Force intelligence officers. H was lie first case of alleged conspiracy vith tbc enemy by Americans crvinc in Korea. Cnscio was specifically -accused of "attempting and conspiring to sell military intelligence to the cnciTiy. Conviction could mean ifc imprisonment. In addition, the Air Force ac- ctistd, Caseio of Hi counts ot blackmarkeling with military scrip in Korea. Arrested as an accomplice with Cascio was .S-Sgt. John P. Jones of Manchester, Mass., the Air Force said. He was accused of obtaining tho Sabrcjet secrets and ..;.'. Kroger Brand. 20 Or. Loaf . to an all-time low ot 36,130. And there has been a corresponding shrinkage in the total miles of track operated by all the line- haul roads. The peak was reached in 1926-30 with a total ot 420,553 miles. Today it's only 396,000 miles, 'the shiinkage being in branch-line abandonment — still leavin mammoth network of rail lines the length ;.nd breadth of our country, and now approaching a stable operating level in view of competition. by thu strike. slnvinc'-. •7 in ,7 »< «H' the Arkansas state Mi' .-till hud thoso posts to fill - piislnviislei- Renoral, and. Ilii' si.'1'rclavles of coinincrcc ami Ubur. Also tho sub-cnbl- net jobs of soi-rotarii'.s of air, navy and army. Tin' (joncral has nnido di-s- iv,itations to fill those .seats si'i-rouirins of state, John Fos- KM- Pulles of Now York, de- fonse Charles E. Wilson oC iJolruii, treasury. CH-OI-HM M. lluniphroy ot Cii'xvliuiil interior Guv. Douglas McKay of Orefion, aRi-lcul- tun- K/.ru" Taft Benson of Salt I.;ik'. t'it.v, and attorney Ren- 01 al. ili'i'bfrt Urownell of Now York. Kisonhowor also has named ll;iroia K. Slassen, former ROV- CTMor of Minnesota, as his ninti'til sei-urily ailmlnistralor, and t.ov. Sheriiuin Ailanis ot |. Now llampshin! us his top i Wiili' House assistant. Reds Attempt to Restore Front Line Supplies SKOUr,, Keren, Cilc-ui O. Biircud, (UP)— M. Ocn., 5lh Air Korccj c Oian Methodists to Dedicate Memorial Cross A service ot dedication of a m<*- moi'lnl lllumlnntcd cross will br held at O/.nn Methodist Church nt a p.m. Thursriny, NovDmbor 3^\ ThnnksHlvlnR Ony. Blizzard Si Oklahoma,!® passing them on to''Cascio. Court martial charges were not preferred against Jones. The Air Force said he cracked under the strain, although he had no previous record of mental instability, and ago, he was granted a brief Christ- h ^^ Qf Ah . Fm . ( . t , cloclol . s pro . mas furlough — and didn t comcj Continued on Page Two Sweet Potatoes Kroger Brand, finest quality. CREAM CORN 2 Pride of Illinois, while or Golden. No. 3 Sqt. Can 33c Cheese Spread 2 Lb. Loaf No. 303 Cans 35c Mm. J. B. Honterly Prdaonta Spiritual Ulfo Study 'i'lio Spirllunl Lif« «roup of tho First Mulhodlst Church mot on WtUnusduy nwrnlng ut tho purson- u««s with Mm. \V«rr«n Ooldou hos- tens for iho monthly meeting. Mrs. J. W. Tet'ior, chairmnn. lirutiiUrdi und opened Iho luoetlng with pruyur. Mrs. J, 11. IK-sli-ny .'v«t)iito«i the study on, "Abundant IviiiK," by Stanley K. Jonus uuu owl tlu< meeting with prayor. There wore nine members pres H. ROZEN POODS P6AS, CUT CORN and SPINACH ( Hom>r Brand O"| *» Pockoae <<fc IV MEAT PEPT. TALLKORN BACON Pound 4/C VALLEY OLEO 2 Pound* 41C PICNIC HAM Pound 3/C Pork Roost 45c Jvtru. Hoberl 1'eiichey. Miss Allei trillion, Mrs, C. U. Ward, mid ivs. Thull tUnnlng motored I attic Hock \Vedneadliy for iho d«> Mr, ami Mrs. Allen C.e« wcr visitors in Hot Springs. LITTLE HOCK, UV-Tho strike of bus drivers and mechanics aiiilinsl the Arkansas Trallwiiys Co. itsrvuilneci In a stalemate today. No weekend lu-luin was taken by officials of either group and Federal Mediator Charles Wheeler says no meetings have been scheduled, e -10 drivers and six mechan- ^,., members of Iho Brotherhood t Maiboatl Trainmen, struck Tiles ay in u wage dispute. 'AYiO.TTKVll.t-U;. Wi—Larry Ho •'s outsUindlnt! performance in he University of Arkansas-South •in Methodist University football liero Nov. IT) luis brought tht 3rd annual Hall Homccom , a senior from Denmitt Wily srn'Cted by the working radio l.nd press as the outstanding Ka icK senior in the llumccomiiit. Mr». R. P. llttmby and Mrs. J, UnUte lutve returned from visit tit St. Louis. Mr, and Mrs. S. O, U-gun wh huvu been visitors ui Miner Wvlls, Texas, and Dallas, whet they \ver« «uc»U of Mr, und Mrs. i-chf Mourc, have retuvnw* i*> their home. The uwiird is otary of State presented by Se (.'. G. Crip Hall. HOT SWEET PEAS Kroger Brand, Tender, tasty. PINEAPPLE Kroger Brand, crushed. 2 No. 303 9Q., Cans ZVC No. 2 Can Windsor Club Brand. CORN MEAL Aunt Jemima Brand. OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce. Jellied. Cranberry Sauce 2 Packers Label. Jellied. 5 Bo bg 45c No. 2o.)0 Con No - 30 ° c ans Kroger Brand No. 303 Can It is my considered opinion that one of the finest trade publications ir. America is the monthly Ford Times, featuring travelogues, ^ color photographs and paintings, and a roundup of famous eating •plaees with their favorite recipes. The Ford Times has been kind to Arkansas with many a writcup about the Ozarks, float-fishing on White liver, cruising on Narrows lake in our own section — and there's itill another Arkansas ar- tic!e in the December issue. It is a spirited account of catching alligator gars in White river near St. Charles, Ark. to- This may be familiar stuff to native Arkansans, but it's dene fesfionally and in a manner highly favorable to our state — and given national distribution by a majoi automobile company it is a majoi Filmland Reds Draw Attention of Probers By VINCENT J. BURKE WASHINGTO, (UP)—,Rep. Har old H. Vcldc said today the House Un-American Activigic-s Committee will spend less time investigating comriH-nism in Hollywood next- year and concentrate- on Red infiltration of labor unions and college campuses. The Illinois Republican is slated to head the committee in the new Cengrtss which meets Jan. 3. "The committee already has spent a little too much time on •lol'ywood,' Vclcle said in an in- iew. "That field should be subordinated to more important matters." He also predicted that the com- nittcc will permit some of its icarings to be televised. House GOP Leaden- Joseph W. Martin Jr., vho will become speaker, has announced he will reverse Spcakei jack. . While absent from the southern M-is-n, Bishop killed two men in a bnnkhousc brawl at Ophir Utah. | One jury ordered him executed by firing squad but another jury, | after Bishop was granted a retrial, recommended life. In passing sentence late yesterday, Judge A. H. Elicit told the 57-year old miner that "I suppose these two sentences, of necessity, will have to run concurrently." Bi.-hop said he thought the Utah piison would be "nicer" than the Brisk Fighting as War Enters 30th Month By SAM SUMMERUIN SEOUL, (A 1 ! — Brisk fighting on tHe Central and Western Fronts one in Arkansas. today ushered in the 30th month His transfer from the Salt Lake , ' ,,„„„.,„ Wnr Plane Believed Missing Near Camden CAMDEN (/!')— A searching party pruiHHl through three snow-cov- commander, said today Iho Communists are milking n "frnntlc al- tempt" to restore front lino supplies depleted In the heavy tight- IIR of the past two months, n-ireus said Ihe Weds overreach- d themselves In the fighting, pnr iculnrly along the central front] vluvc n vicious battle has raged on Sniper Ridge since Oct 14. I think they used up more of heir supplies Hum Ihcy intended to." he said. "I think the 8th Army (ave trcm such « hard lime Ihey osl more Hum they wanted to. "They are making n frantic attempt to bring Mippllcs up to an acceptable level." U. N. wnrpluncs have destroyed more Hum 1,000 supply-filled Communist trucks during tho past six (lays, But Barcus snid that no matter how strong his IHh Air Force was it could not completely shut off the flow of supplies to the Communists' front line positions. 'We would use more pianos to .. former pastor, In memory of his wife, Mrs, Georgia Esther Cone Lewis. ROKs Insist They Have Say in Peace By B1ANUEY JOHNSON UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., I/W — — South Korea Announced lodny It would not neccpt nny truco iir- rungcd by tho United ..Nullona (iRft'nst its wishes. l»ro»ld«p, Syn«man .Rhoo's forolRn minister Indicated Unit Is «ovcrnmonl believes Koien's future Is nobody olso'8 business. BOUOER, TCX., . . r.nrd driven by winds o! g»W 1 i-oiirrd Hcrogs soWthWd"*"* 1 '" BUS Into the Olilnhoma pnnhaiiUlcs today, blootdng/* with diltts from 11 Intint forelnu rural schools to, cnunlnc nt least one doath. " The Borger school district ported eevoral school buses ' not returned from their m r " rounds and "might bo snow' HutrhUison County Shcrltt Anderson aald "hundfcds" ot were stalled on roads In the cr area. All hlahwayfl out ot were blocked by snow • and linos and buses 'wbtO'XirtaV „ opcrnto. Ed O'fioll, Oklnhoi HlBhwny Dcpwrtmcnt dWJslOf '" glnoer at Buffalo, Olda.', , » nil roods in tho BuKljlo.." would bo blocked by- noottt r Ten Inchon ot show ha'dv lit Amhrlllo, Tex., by 0(30;'« ...... ,, -, ., In u formal statement, Mlnlstot CST( t ;, c heaviest snow counties in this irorning for a East Tennessee missing plane uc'neved to have crashed on route f j-om Pennsylvania to Camden. I A construction company president, T. F. Scholes, left Reading, PH. ut 'i p. m. (EST) Sunday in a private plane for Camden. Me had pood advantage," ho said. "But no inotter how many planes wo had, u few enemy vehicles would always ret through." Asked It he had enough planes in Korea, the silvery-haired General smiled. "No commander over has as much as he wants. I wouldn't say that the 5th Alv Force IB ut optimum strength." tie explained that H was possl- le for the Mods to keep sending undredr, of trucks to the front ight after night despite heavy de- tructbn claims made by U. S. ot Foreign Affairs Y.T, Pyun said: "The govemnmont ot tho Republic ot Korea cannot nnd will not accept, against Us wishes, any ar- ranpcmont or narcemont or resolution in regard to the disposition ot what it considers to bo its citizens or part ot Us historical domain, ma.lo or reached or adopted without its official and full partlclpa- lien with the unrstrictod vplco sovereign nations usually exercise in similar matters of exclusive concern to themselves." not ai rived last night, und his plane was more than 2*1 hours ovM'due. DarMiess last night halted tho soai-cli for the plane, which rest dents of the Kasl Tennessee area of the Korean War. county jail to the Point of the Bl . uish and Australian night Mo'inlain Prison was delayed a ra(d|M . s drove i n t o the Red linos day after sentencing to permit a I d clashed with Chinese troops visit with a sister and_a brother- . . ht hours> BH1 . said tluy saw thr crash and burn in H was to be re- ...... , . TT . . in-law who came to Utah Arkans'ie. Sl'IUNGS. l.V>—Prosecuting >• H. Julian Glover say of assault with u doaclb have been dropped uKiilnst \Villiiun und A. U. lUuck) Turner of Cunulen. Tie men were ehnrged in con- nei'lUm with an altercation lasl March with Augu: his l.attimore, Ni'Sro porter nl a Hot Springs tour ist court. BAUXITE, tfl — The Aluminum Mrs, H«rmuu aiUam of Texar Hunu spent « parl ot last week willi her duwghter, Mrs. Tommy Mr. and Mrs, L. U Mitchell u»- Hvdvd funeral services for Ur. Q. K. CiuuixHi in Hope Wednesday is T»yU>r Graysun liwn a minor Uon at his horn*, "* Marachino CherriesVot lOc Orchard Queen Brand. Cherry Preserves Kroger Brand. Peach Preserve*- Kroger Brand. 120z. Jar 12Oz. Jar 28c 23c Devils Food Cake Kroger Baked Chocolate Fudge iced. Cinnamon Rolls Delicious with coffee for breakfast. Sandwich Bread Kroger Brand., sliced extra thin. asset in helping bring tourists anc even home-makers down our way ^ I note, too, in this December is sue, that the 65 best articles whicl - " have teen published in the las ^ five years are being incorporate -^i\in a new book by Simon & Schuslci • New York publishers, "Ford Treas ury of the Outdoors," $2. My editorial is no paid advcrlU ing copy, believe me. Actually, am going to pay $2 for the book. The Ford Times editorial btaff in the years I have been following sent free to the done the best Sam Knyburn's ban against TV radio coverage of hearings anc leave the decision to committees, their magazine newspaper hav themselves. Vide feels television coverage- would "educate" the public 01 co.-nmf.nism and enhance the com public woul have a higher regard for the com mittcc and its functioning if the saw H in operation. They couk see it operate in a sane manner i keeping with our guarantees of the bill ot rights," he said. mit'ee's prestige. "The general "selling" job for outdoor America of all magazines, paid or free . practicing the magic that lies in N faraway places. Final Rites for William Green than eight liant gunfire pierced the pre-dawn | darkness on the Western Front. Allied infantrymen on the touchy I Central Front stormed back at I dawn and recaplured two key outposts near Red-held Jackson I Heights. The Chinese had cap- 1 tured the positions in the night. Mark Clark huddled with r . cader to eight million American his top field commanders, then workers but a "plain man" to his few back to his Tokyo hcadquar- lome Mk, has laid to rest ycstcr- tor-. The UN. supreme comman- £ av dcr conferred with -Jen. James A. The 82-year-old American Fed- V-jn Fleet, boss of all Allied eration of Labor president who ground forces in Korea, and toe rose from Eastern Ohio's coal U.S. Fifth Air Force chief, Ll. pits to become one of the labor] Gen. Glenn O. Barcus. worlds most powerful figures, died Friday of a heart attack. Slimed this morning despite 14 fetches ot snow 1 . * , ' The Civil Aeronautics Admmis tratlon effice in Pine Bluff, Ark. reported Scholes' disappearance last night. W. B. Spcnce of the CAA said Scholes was supposed to hnv checked his flight plan with him at 0:12 p. m. (CST) Sunday John B. Ileese, superintendent o l!-.c Sc.ioles Construction Co., here .iaid last night that Scholes wa duo in Camden at 0:30 p. m. Sun day night and that nothing hu lx>en r.eard from the executive j since he left Reading. i'ols because "Ihe Communists re experts nt salvnRO." Undoubtedly n lot of their vehicles arc junk," He added that many ot the rucks his pilots claim ns destroyed arc not put out of notion, "A lot of them are not completely dcf troycd," he sold, "in many cases, * the vehicles undoubtedly arc repaired; Sometimes Just the Bess Walker Sales Person of the Month corded no curly by the Ami wonthoi bureau, Pollco WBS also probably tho ol. traffic tloup, with hundreds o slnllcd around tho city* - i Many undorpassOs worfi on winds ot 80 to 3B - mil hour, with gusts to ( 49 hour, drltiod tho record. D. R. Mitchell, iho fircma a Burllnslon railroad motive, was killed when ho under tho wheels ot MB Ioc6ffi live as ho was attempted to boar it while H was moving, , >* A low of 10 degrees w«s to cast tonight In Amartllo, The 11 * urlDo Weather Bureau said nnow was sonernl from Ani8 went to Albuquerque, N,M.»' north Into Uustorn Colorado,,, : cargo is destroyed," He said the Rods' desperate plight for supplies explains why destruction claims skyrocketed since August, when only 188 claims were made, and July when the total wa-, only 343. In the first 24 days of November, pilots claimed 2,368 trucks destroyed. The Soplcmbcr nnd Oclobcr claims totaled more than It is very difficult to get an ac- Miss Boss Walker, an employee of Haynos Brothers Dopnrtmont Store, has been selected as the "Sales Person of Iho MonW' forj 'November. Tho selection was mudo by n secret Committed of shoppers who shopped Hope businesses in search of tho person displaying tho most helpfulness, courteousn6ss, sales ability, and being proper In appearance for tho typo of work bo- Ing done. This announcement was made by the Retail Committee of the Hope Chamber of Commerce which is conducting tho Sales Person of the Month program. This IB tho second ^c CAA saT^holes. whose curale uase^mcnt at night," ho , u U..VM — addition, Barcus snld, "the , ,. „,„„. •N^wir.n ii wisl enemy nas become bolder with his KSrt"^tes"t«« green, no were plane. for supplies.' He imid Iho low number of Volde said the important matters" ho wants the committee The Rev. John H. Shanley, pas- tr.r of the First Baptist Church, where Green was a member, called Green "a plain man," gro\Vn from humble and plain surroundings to great heights, but he never forgot his fellow man." The services were held in Grace Methouist Church because Green's-] church could not accommodate the persons who came to pay a tribute to him. Seventeen Man's Life Is a Long War Between Angel of Neatness and the Devil of Disorder claims during tho summer possibly | was bccuuBO tho. Rods have reached an "acceptable level" of sup- I plies- Askei what would happen it tho Reds unleashed their 2,500-planu selection mudo In the program which is scheduled to run for 12 months, ?•• Miss Walker, or Miss Bess, us she is more affectionately known, has served the shoppers ot Hope and territory for many years, After graduation from high school In tho spring of 1011, Miss Bess wan, employed by Haynes Brothers, Department, Taft Give Ca to COLUMBUS, 6., WJ f ,.. crt A. Taft Ot Qf|o, Mwo|| or of thu llofubucim fienat Commlttoo, ways ho''' has Prosldonl-oloot Owlght 1 »! „ howor his rocomrnondotlo^f the three cuplnot posts not J Tuft did hot rrtako U ' public at a nowfl po-' CoUimbuu or in hiS"i Bureau Convention . «p« night, Ocn. his secretary ot labor, of commerce or postmitj oral. Tuft sold ho Summortleld, chairman oti publican N u 11 o A a It f whore she Is still employed, und whore she hus worked continuously. For a few yours, her duties wore simply those of a saleslady, air snapped: 20 Oz. Loaf hi •APPROVED BY DOCTORS .PRAISED BY MOTHERS LIKED BY Hunter Reports Finding Skeleton NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Wi—Police heao. down the Arkansas Riv- $r today to investigate a duck • hunter's report that he saw parts of a human skeleton lying (-"on a debris-cluttered sandbar. The hunter, R. A. Holland of "need 1 (Ind.) and the United Packinghouse Workers o£ America. Ho ac'cied there is also a for versive pr By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Every man's IIlctLlwlft * Jl - » MI i n i v««v- llcirili vtl UUIU IU i**ii t« kj*-»v.*«v ——•to investigate include at least two | iundl . cci pcrs ons crowded inside bis labor unions, the United tlec- thc churcni 3,000 more were on liical Farm Eciuipnicnt Workers ._ he outbide anc j a throng lined Ihe streets leading to the cemetery. Last night, Mrs. Jennie Green, his 82 year-old widow, listened to a tape recording ot thc funeral services. Bedfast from an illness of several years, Mrs. Green tiny and white-haired, was unable investigation of alleged sub- sive activities in education, ..nmarily at the college level." He said the committee probably would be interested particularly in certain suspect youth move monts at some of the big universities. Velde sruri he discussed the ^committee's future role in, a "long talk" -ast Thursday with Vice II SMAU TURKIYS, f WICMS, FRYIRS, .1 ^ Ruby-red mokes delicious cronberry sauce. Cello *- - " » j. r LcllK rtal j. u i_4* iJ«**,7 !»*!.•• Pose City, said he saw part of pl . ci . idL . nt . oll , L .t Richard M. Nixon a skull and a few scattered bones h va , ued Nixon - s j u dg on the sandy bank east of here iu - \vh'>e hunting yesterday afternoon. Police Capt. V. B. Thompson said it is possible that a body was deposited on trie bar during the) sprvng rains. He said the report I would be investigated today, 1 The Comrade Fears the Truth! Behind the Iron Curtain, the LIE.is the life is u long war between the anq^-l ol neatness and the devil ot disorder. In my case the devil has had a hammerlock on the angel as lonjj us I can remember. I like it that way. My two greatest hctocs of the twentieth ccn- to attend the last rites. Bodies of Four Sought in River EDGEWOOD, Md. I*—Salvale tcAirib probed thc cold waters of ,„.. .,„ —_ - - ,the Bush River today for the bo ment particularly because he was fi ; es o f f our men believed dead *tH* PASCAL CELERY Fresh, erl«p, flreen, LEJTUCE Large size, fresh, crisp GRAPES Peep rc4 Er"p* ror *POTATOES y. i. No. 1 Stalk Heads Lbs. 19c 29c once a member of the House un- Aiirn-ican Activities Committee. Vt-lde said he and Nixon agreed the committee should do three •hints'- 1. Help the incoming Republi- in the crash of a B50 Air Force bomber here yesterday. The body of a fifth man, S. Sgt Robert E. Lee of Springfield. O. was found floating in the wate shortly after the crash. lour others escaped when th „_____ We would make the cost pro- his clothine* I am against tho hibitive tor them and thurn them new vt.'tlcss suits because they back." give a man four fewer pockets in which to store the souvenirs of his daily life — Ihealer slubs, the cards of acquaintances, broken] pencils, spare shoestrings, and ua aiswered letters. The future home I daydream of| will have, first of all, a trcmcn- Lions Again to Hold Radio est hctocs 01 me iwenuem <->-"- """ •>"-*. •••-• «> — •• - --.T" | . . ury are Ihe Collyers, elderly bro-ldous basement arid a mighty attic, Aur-fimi he s who spent a lifetime filling The Imcmcnt is for my wife to /VUCllUll their own brownstone mansion with k-ep as bare and clean as she .„,,.- abulou-s junk. chooses. The Hope Lion* Club and KXAn Whenever I speak longingly of "But the allic is for rno lo mess radio 5taUon have completed plans building a home, my wife, Frances, says: "vVhcre do you want to build it -in Iho center of the city dump?" S5--U has this attitude because she has spent 15 hopeless years try- partmcul up anyway I want to," I tell her, {or utl ann ual Christmas BenefH U will be locked and there will Radio auction. This venture, trice be a bifin on the door saying, 'No f or tno '" ,_.nft last year, was admission — this means you'." JBuch'"a success, that It has boen "Jf you do I'll call the fire de-L-mubllshcd as an gnnu^i event. has'spent 15 hopeless years try- partmeul. and they'll break down Contributions of merchandise o ing to cure inc of the incuratals the doer with an ax, Rover," she cash f rom the«variouj business i, Q hi* „/ ,.niif*rtinH trash and hold- says. "You can't create a fire haz- h „„„.. ancl manufatit&rlnS Plant cnn administration "weed out" any „ „„. —,., . Communists in government by big four-engine plane plunged I :.,t~ Ta,.^n«'c /«-r>nl? at the mouth out it, the Commu- »Uts could no' turning over "any information we might have which they don't." 2. "Co-operate" with the Senate internal Security subcommittee, f it is re-appointed. 3, Seive as a "watchdog against infiltration by Communists intoj tinue .. over captive millions. moil powerful dp « Boone's creek at the mouth of Bush River shortly after takeoff fron the Army Chemical Center airfield here. ;he new tion." Republican administra- Bulletin; fi Grady H. May of Patmo* was killed in a train wreck at Pretcott about 1:30 this after- nooiC •• .,•»' . ' • . . The United Stajtes has abput " "" ' ' Deputy Clerk Pleads Guilty to Forgery ! JONESBORO, UrV-A 27-year-old \ Lake City man, elected on Nov. ' 4, as deputy clerk for the Eastern District of Cr»ighead County, pleaded guilty yesterday to 10 charges of forgery, uttering and overdraft. He is Jimmy G. Simms, slated to assupoe office Jae^ I- Simms w?s arrfSijved.'iP Circuit Court at Lakf Cwy*jcst*r4ay before Judge Al Harrl«». w whi» SWtinued the habit o; collecting trash and holding on to things that perhaps were better thrown away. "You have never learned the ort of letting go of things," sho says. "Don't you know that b a sign ot insecurity? You sava everything but your fingernail clippings, and I wouldn't be surprised to find you were storing them p.way someplace." Well, I'm not that bad. But I rave my own pel theory, too, about people who throw everything away — they, are afraid ot the past. I know a man who has such a pas- tion foi neatness that as ao.j-i as he unwraps one issue of a magazine, he throws the previous is- houses an< i m8 nUf8*itilrlng evc-n on your own property, l^ jjope, arc auctioned over U|c ' " raclio with bid* being received by Tint's the law." Law cr not, I am going to chit attic against tht luiny day . y car - B auction, which start* li.c way sue aw &y — read or unread. "I like to feel I start my life afresh every mojning," he boasts jroudly. And all I can feel about him is that he must have a terrible ex istence. The love of old things is a war.n- ing and sustaining thing, assuring a man of the sitent company of many intimate friendships of retirement. It is gi .i.f »o have n ,. xt Monday, at 7:30 P-m.. will ife big storage trunks in it, each b(J han( n e d Just * little differently t.nu init.alcd wii'n a tetter of the tn an last year. alphabet. Each of these will be a j n gtead of all bids on merchwv u-u bwt of tr.,- things along dlge bein g bandUd ever the telfr ay I have v.'o.-n o: E .*.fc«cd p h on e, some ot the bidding will be .. saved - the lane leftover sou- Jy rect ' ltam the au4lence. The ven:rs of living that helped or hurt. O!d magazines wiU go in the trunk marked "M", old shoes in the one labeled "S," old letters in the one that says "L", and miscellaneous objects will be stored er "X". What are you going to put In the 'A' trunk — apparel or apple corps?" jeers Frances. "Never mind," 1 tell her, "When I'm old and grey I'll have a wonderful time pawing through the memories in those trunlu What'l you do then?" "I'll just put a rocking chair in the attic," says Frances, "and stt there and watch you, Rover." _ w In the ladies" department, 'Miss Bess' knack £.r knowing tho customers wlrt .s and needs enabled her to assume complete charge ot tho buying in 1030 for ladles ready.to- wear, notions and dry goods in which capacity she still serves. Customers ot Miss Walker regu- arly write her requesting that sho ecloct dress material, patterns, und trimmings for Susie or some other member of the family to bo mailed in return, She has many many friends whom she has served and in some Instances is now scrv< ing the third generation. To so many customers, she Is the only one that can satisfy their needs/This again is indicated by the fact that during her Illness, many customers have written let* tors and made telephone calls to. make appointments with Ul»» Bess so that she can assist (Item with their need. -a A sincere interest in. the customer as an Individual and their needs regardless of the customer! station in life, endears her to tbj hearts. p{ many Hope shopper*, This simple faith in human ture and Ihe genuine, desire, to •crvo, eertatol? mates " r - ™'" senator Said hq "89 in many " pt.jh^sjpji point monts imado by <h elect but the man bo re? cd wore not picked,fpr He sold ho recorr Hurry Byrd (D»V«) ot the Treasury, i fc that because tip d; mend tho man Else ted, George wouldn't recommend 1 job." , - 4 Ho prain.pd the, Ezra TTaft City, Rev. Bring Thank U invariably a J-m not sure she's .,*** t ?A past $is toircjagaiiu^the ides. It wound* Mfce &,? Person of the month toe 8J|1*« ions have obtained the use of the ity Hall and the public is Invited, Thp merchandise to be sold, will be in the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company window, frpm now until the auction. Lift yew the proceeds amounted to some IJ.ow. Saturday wight,. MJ»« er has been confined to Off W* The Retail Bivliten ol tbfl pi commerce. *> nt frtendi, which \y»f ciotblni for needy *» »* ticipate in thin worthwhile (?au«, by either atten4ia« ttw r»«Uo tion to person t t the City Hope Schwli or by In, ao4 actively , ding via telephone Monday ni|ht< December J at 7:8 m, wfeeeJi Jftjfcfi wiU b* t <Uy <w Tiwujisiiivj cl4»»e» w|i Owwbwr'i,.-

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