Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1952
Page 7
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*t' HOM ItAfc, NOM, AEKANSAI Monday, November 24, 1952 ' Monday, November 24,1952 HOP! ITAt, HOM, ARKANSAS .... I. 1 • — •' SPECIAL GROUP JERSEY BLOUSES $7.98 Reduced $8.98 Reduced U ,J |»0rt and Sleeveless Styles. Many Colors^ Would make ideal Christmas Gifts, 1 SWEATERS SPECIAL GROUP Marly $4.98 - $5.98 -$6.98 V-f •Ktafifc' bhly 65. Assorted Colors and Sizes. Save as Much as $3.98, Won't last long so hurry Sleeve COTTON T-Shirts $2.00 Were $3,98 - Ribbed knit, Pretty styles. •••••mil . , r . .-,m +m . ^ CIO Officials Hopes to Pick New President JNEW YORK, (UrO—tofflcUit* of V *I0' tinhmn -mmrtlfi* heiro In d»«d *< union v/ore pxpectMJ to try nrt ejite on ft succc*»or to ine nt'i I J ;ti)li> Mtirrny n* president > big \a\tor orRanteaUan, •re were two ieudlnR cnndl at-* fcr the |>oit vncntnd by Mur HY'S df-ath In Snn FrnncUco Nov arc Allan Huywood, CtO rn.,,0,,,,K director, Ami Walter P U-uther, prt-nldcnt of tho powerful 'lu U-ilK-d Auto Workers Union. Today'* mwtiriR of executive: jimr'l l.l<tmljT» was called for tlis- •iiiidtjn of n memorial to Murray, ml it wu» Umrtu'd that n "test of rtiWBtb'" will bp made between lii>wond and Kmither for the pros- it >cy, with lulvocnU'B of both c'aimlrifl "overwhelmlnB" support. If tht iM'<'Hnn falls to rcauh a decision, the battle probably will ho foiiRht out tin tho floor of thr CIO convention, opening In At- lnntlc City. N, J.. 1>«e. 1. Tiicr; also v/mi a possibility thnl n "coinprrmilM)" camlldnto rniKlit pi-t tho presUUwy if no nBruement I* rouclicd on Haywrwl or Hwu- thi-r. Merit inrifd prominently In this iol".- V.ITC: Joseph Curran. president of thi- Natlomil Wnrltlmc Union ;,iid C). A. KniKht, who h(;ad.H the ClU Oli Workers. Union lenders worn reported an xiuus to Kottle quickly tho qucs tidii nf a new jiresldcnt in order to [irosent a United front for labo when the rii-w rtepublican-Hteerec Co-.'iircsH convenes. While labo loml'Ti have (jlvisn up any hope o obl:ilnltifi repeal of the Taft-Mart ley law, they want to make a con ccr'ed effort to oppose any furll i rr "reatrlctionB." IlaywtKxl supporters clnlme bat-Hinr from nearly all the smal rr CIO i-nlons as well us the Stec wnVors union, which Murray als hoiiclod tho ComnumlcallonH Wor trs the Trunsport Workers and th llubhcr Woi'ktrrs. T'lit l.ig auto workers union was u-porU't! firmly behind Heuther, ilsi prc'stdrrit. Haywooil, (1-t-year-old native of Yorkshire, Kn^lund, came up thniut:i> labor's ranks In the coal jn'nt-.s alunK with Murray. Gr«cn mr-l Join, I.,. Lewis. His orRnnl'/Ing ofldrU in tutor years have been il'i-ft-tot 1 nt tho mass industrial un- Jtiiii 1 , such as rubber, auto, transport anil Sitoel. lU-uthcr, during his six years nit a uiilon president, has diroct- cd his Uili'iUS to "outaulu" activities as a prominent labor voice In politics, federal It'i'.inlatlon, civil I sullta «.nd other issues. >U/>s 10* Pr/ra* on Festive Foods Help You Cot the Best lor the Least for your grand Thanksgiving Feast! FANCY TOM TURKEYS 15-lbs. and Up Ib. FANCY HCN TURKEYS 8 to 16-lbs. Average Ib. DUCKS GEESE that Zero's MI Inter- d« foip your job, Made i6 do It for loss money, Modo iJ^S M dooia^ on i'.ous ne^t tiw IntemftUonal lino, Pr«Nrr«d Pan»ll know why. V4 «wl %-ton sizes with 7V4-foot body. Smart, roomy, efficient. Easy to handle. Easy on gaa and oil. wUh »U-«t«ul Mftro' h«ve Olid 8M-W. fool 4ft padty, Larftr M»*ro «MtUui l»|M>iiLti'«i<» WVtfc ol tht MttMWdlUn Body Corojwny, l«w«|£i9«^^)ntenMMaMt HwtvwMr ComiMny, »n wilt »U-»Uwl ||y bodl««. fcwfecttor »w«y4i«m'' •hop work. 6H. 7V4-(oot bodiw. «»d m-inch whc^baaea. UCKS Massachusetts Dressed — 3 to 5 Ibs. Ib. Dressed & Drawn 4 to 6 Ib "»• DA ACT U.S. Choke Heavy Calf KUA9I CHUCK BLADE Ib. ROAST PORK LOIN END 59< 59< 55< 47c HENS HAMS BACON SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Otis Bryant. After the meeting the members will wrap tray favors to be used in veterans hospitals. The Cosmopolitan Club will meet j Tuesday, November 25, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Mack Stuart. Wednesday, November M Calendar Monday, November 24 WSCS Circle No. 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, November 24, at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Kennie Me- Kce with Mrs. Homer Jones and Mrs. Royce Weisenberger as __ ^ ,^.,,.. _ -, . ,.- ,-j.^.^.r, l|l »¥«»»If»*»W*«J( •" — ' ; ~- 1 ——i -5: i The Ladies Auxiliary of the Shover Springs Baptist Church will Thanksgiving" will be the theme nolc , a home baked pie and caki> of the program which Mrs. Dex- sale \v e dnesday, November 28. In ter Bailey will present assisted by i the vacarlt building formerly or- 12 members of the circle. Mrs.. CU p[ c d t,y the Hope Transfer Co W. E. Cassidy will bring the devo- j on Fl . ont st. Anyone desiring -p linnnl A full attendance is urged I :„, u.-j ,.t ^nUo nr nie. nleas* hostesses. "You Have a Talent for tional. A futt attendance is urged | specia i k( n d of cake or pie, pleas* and each member is asked to ph one youi . order to Mrs. Fred bring their Christian Social Rela- Hunti 7.398!, by November 22. Tho lion Card report. proceeds of this sale will go toward building Sunday School FRESH DRESSED & DRAWN "SUPER-RIGHT" SMOKED Butt or > Shank Half "SUPER-RIGHT" FANCY SLICED Ib. Ib. *SAENGER • Now Showing • EXCITEMENT... ROMANCE and ACTION Storm the Screen! _ | American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday, November 24, at the home of Mrs. M. M. McCloughan with Mrs. C. M. Agec as to- hostess at 7:30 p.m. A VCT SiiiC Standard, Pt. 89< U I d I OO SELECT^, Pint COOKED Butt or Shank m - Q Half Ib. IONA GOLDEN CREAM STYLE EARLY GARDEN Ho. 303 Can SULTANA Was LIGHT MEAT No. '/ 2 TUNA MINCE MEAT COCONUT BAKER'S MOIST TOMATO JUICE .ONA MARSHMALLOWS 9-oi. Pkgs. 4-oz. 46-oz. Al^ OCEAN SPRAY No. 300 CRANBERRY .................... Can 21< LIBBY'S SLICES or HALVES No. 2V 2 DEI MONTE I SLICED No. 2 1 f. I. QUIET MAN «.h JOHN WAYNE —-MAUREEN O'HARA BARRY FITZGERALD. Kathleen Mallory Circle of WMU of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday, November 24, at The Bode aw PTA will sponsor Amateur Night Wednesday, November 26, at 7 p.m. at the school. Thursday, November 27 The annual Thanksgiving Service will be held Thursday morning. State Youth Aboard Missing Plane LITTLE ROCK 1*1 — Mr. and Mrs. Clay White of Fordyce said yesterday they were notified by 'he Defense Department that their son was aboard one of three U. S. military.planes, presttrneO lost m> Alaska recently. The parents said they believed' their son, Bernis F. White, was aboard the C124 Globemastcr reported lost and presumed to have crashed near Anchorage ycster day Another victim of the recent wave r-f military plane crashes was announced yesterday. Mrs. Vivian fcholton Slanderfer of Lit tie Rock was notified by the Defense Department that her husbnnd Capt. .'ernes B. Standerfer, was kilied vl en a C46 crashed off the Ea ; t Const of Korea on Nov, 14. * 11^_ <~ v _._»..«... ^ , _,_. , JtU Will UU Ilt'IU **»M»«**«tf ...*.. 1 . 7:30 in the home of Mrs. Norma Novembel . 2 7, at the First Pres Jean Dclaney, 708 East 6th St. bylerian Church from 9:30 until Letters to the Editor This is your newspaper Write :o it. Letters ctitlcUmg the editorial policy or camrfrtming Upon (acts in the newa columns, are equally welcome. Every writei .mist sign his nttme and oad- a-ss but publication of nnmi nay be withheld It requested. FREE Delivery •••• FAT Serving You Since J896 Heartbroken Youngsters F.dllor The Star: There are a few things in life Adults can not overlook. One Is broken promises to their children. Day after day over KXAH ie- contly listeners heard about the contest for youngsters concerning the Gene Autry Show which was j HENS Lb. 39 :HOICE FAT Lb. Tuesday, November 25 The Catholic Altar Society is sponsoring a benefit "Koffec Klatch" Tuesday, November 25. at the Parish Hall which begins at 7:30 p.m. Coffee and cake will be served and games will be played. The public is cordially invited to attend. Chapter AE of PEO will meet Tuesday, November 25, at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Mack Stuart on Spring Hill Road. RIALTO * • TODAY & TOMORROW Randolph SCOTT Cartoon - Sports - Musical The Ladies Auxiliary to VFW will meet Tuesday. November 25, at 7:30 at the Hut. Hostesses will I be Mrs. W. T. Woodul and Mrs. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creomulsion has stood the test o£ millions of users. CREOMULSSON relieves Coughs, Chest Colds, Acute BronchitU Mosier—Tarpley Wedding Solemnized Miss Ora Lynn Tarpley, dauRh- tpr of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Tarpley of Spring Hill. became the bride of Clyde Mosier, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mosier of Fulton, tnday night, November 21. at £ o'clock in the Bruncr Mcthodis' Church, Orange, Texas, with the Reverend Bob Waters officiating. The bride wore a grey suit with navy blue accessories and a cor sage of white carnations Mrs. Clifton G. Tarpley, mntroi of honor, was attired in a blu suit with navy blue accessorie and a corsage of tube roses. Milton A. Mosier served his bro Iher as best man. Mr. and Mrs. Mosier will mak their home in Orange where M Mosier is a member of the scho 1'aculty. to be In the Third District Livestock Show arena in Hope Novem-1 ., .jbcr 21. Each child was urKcd to Before 1H30 U. S. presidential soml , n (hc qucslion h( , wolllcl naK Gone if he were Riven the opportunity. The announcer promised the 10 winners that they would be special guests, would be Riven passes, would be given reserved | ! seats marked "Gene Autry Con-, I test Winners," and would get to hurch of Hope. j nsk , h , , iucsti on of Gene direcl- Thc bride-elect attended the Uni-| lv ersity of Arkansas and was grad GEESE candidates seldom made public np pcarantes or statements on contro- ersial political matters, leaving tat wcrk to political spokesmen net friendly journals. 49 •Fresh Dressed lYoung Lb. URKEYS 59 ated with honors from Hender- j on State Teachers College, where he was a member of Alpha Sigma 'au Sorority mid Kappa Delta Pi. tonorary education fraternity. Mr. Traux attended Hcnacrson State Teachers College and was graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College. Both he and Miss Camp arc at present teaching In the Crossctt Public Schools. 303 Can Del Monte PEAS Miss Nancy Camp to Wed Robert L. Truax Mr. and Mrs. Dcwey J. Camp announce- the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Nancy Ann, to' Robert L. Truax son of Mrs. R. M. Truax and the late Mr. Truax of Gillett. The wedding will be solemnized December 21 in the First Christian Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Claude E. Parks, of Texarkana, Texas, Kenneth Favcll, Chicago, 111. Discharged: Kathy Pickard, of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Ncal Cornelius of Hope, announce the arrival ot a baby boy on November 22. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. E. E. Bruce, of Hope, Tom Purvis, Jr., Hope. Discharged: Finley Ward, Hope Mrs. Hollis Flowers and son, Ron aid Hollis, Hope, Linda Sue Weavci Hope. 1 E. E. Prescott, Washington 4 Green Giant Cream Style Jb Cans '0.303334 Del Monte Cream Style Del Monle Glass No. 303 Cans No. 2'A 4O<$ No. BRAND .Can ORANGE COCONUT COID LAYIR CAKC < ivi i '$< i '&?Mi «i;^fe;* : 'W:* £<->!% Thanksgiving One of our mosf exceptional values of all time.' 4 With Plos- ^ lit Turkey! ONLY Worthmore Cream Drops (I2-oz.)/ Coconut Cream Drops (12-oz.), Choc. Cov'd Peanu»s (8-oz), Bridge Mix (8-oz.), 3-Cornered P'nut Butter Chips (8-oz.), P'nut Butter Dainties (8-oz.), Hershey's Kisses (53/ 4 -oz.) or Hershey's Miniatures (5-oz.). YOUR CHOICE — Ea.... PRE THANKSGIVING Many entered the contest. TlM1 ;lloA-3 fnn Cmnherrv little hearts were thrilled beyond lll>3 uj ^° n Uranucrry description when their names were j read over KXAH on Wednesday, i November 1!). Ten little hearts j were broken on Friday night, No-1 venibcr 21. Where did they sit? Outside the arena in the press box with no "Gene Autry Contest Winners" identification. Parents paid $5 tor the better seats (parent and child).) Vere the winners recognized? Not I at all. I They were never given the op- jorlunity to ask Gene Autry their questions, to shake hands with him, or even to spenk with him. When he show ended and Gene dlsap- jeared 10 disillusioned and tragic- faced youngsters were tugging at their mothers and dads, saying, "But, mother, we were promised. We wore to be special guests. Wo were to talk to Gene." : So it is that American young- Fresh Draised >\ [ FRYERS tresh Pork Shoulder i tb. ,* > ,ut* Small 4 to 6 Ib. Delicious Picnic HAMS m sters in this area get an early lesson in pledges easily made for publicity alone and freely broken after the sales talk has served its purpose. It scorns to me far better that no promises ever be made Hum; that they be broken, especially : when little ones' hearts are broken along with the pledges. MRS. WILLIAM JONES Nov. 22, 1952 Bodcaw, Ark. STARTING TUESDAY MORNING LADIES COATS SWANSDOWN - JAUNTY JR. - BETTY ROSE PUMPKIN PIE STUiiING BREAD JELLY-TOPPED BUNS ». 25« 39 < GREEN BEANS 20 < PLUM PRESERVES PURE VANILLA .... ». .«»c-. • - » 25< .,,,...,.« ... 19* BROWN 'N 1 SERVE ROLLS 2*.. 27* POULTRY ^fe. • mmmwmjOM *_... SEASONING —- FRENCH'S 1-oz. PINNER ROLLS PARTY RYE BREAD Sultana Small Stuffed In lO'/j-oi. Refrigerator Jar... 49* jm« Parkw Lib. Festive Fresh Fruits & Vegetables FRESH CRANBERRIES 1 Lb. Box 29c OUR OWN 100 Reduced!.... Bags HONDURAS COCOANUTS OLIVES DROMEDARY DATES TEA Walnuts: Mixed Nuts Gelatin "-i, 3 * s ,17* Scot Towels 2 4 COATS 79.95 13 COATS 89.98 5 COATS 98.50 1 COAT 110.00 YOUR CHOICE $69 .95 9 Coats 59.95 11 Coats.... 69.95 YOUR CHOICE $49 .95 It hi<; been estimated that tho [ United States will reach a population of iflf) million well before the tnd of this century. Some Causes of Chronic Ailments Free Book—Explains Dangers Of Related Ailments Folgers, Admiration Maxwell House Chase & Sanborn . Ib. 85c [Berry Crocker, Pillsbury cake MIXES |3 boxes 1.00 5 Lb. Bag Juicy ORANGES 29c Cello Pkg. Hearts CELERY 22c Large Head , j i,y LETTUCE ,~'.*m MEYERS BREAD Long Loaf .... 22c Short Loaf . . . . 16c FRESH COUNTRY EGSS doz. 49c FRESH 1 Lb. Box CRANBERRIES 29c Learn the serious nature of Piles, Fistula, Colon, stomach and associated disorders. Write today for a FREE copy of a 40-page illustrated book. Thornton & Minor Hospital, Suite 2319, Oil E. Linwood, Kansas City 3, Mo. Pound lOc •M PASCAL CELERY Stalk 15c No. V 2 Can AVOCADOS FLORIDA Each 15c CAULIFLOWER TEXAS Lb. 17c GRAPES EMPEROR 2 u>, 25C YELLOW ONIONS p^ 1Qc «WWBPI 01 Ann Page Rich, Creamy Mayonnaise Pint t'- 1 •''i* ~ ff^", *&&»•- f>% v r J A •i 22 COATS Regular Price to 49.95 YOUR CHOICE $38 .00 25 COATS Regular Price to 34.95 YOUR CHOICE 00 'Mo-Kcc Cured Vz or Whole HAMS Ib. 55c Quart Mfrocle Whip ' !jf DRESSING 49 ^^^^ - . jfe | 10 Lb, Sack U. S. No/h^ SPUDS 49c Flat Siic Crushed & Sliced PINEAPPLE *., ,* i cans 27(E^ REDDEUOIOUS J.;yfc| APPLES 3lbs.83e I doz. 49c CRISCO SNOWDRIFT 303 Size Can Yellow Cream 2 cans 3k 7 cam CORN KING SLICED W\SI\r< l\ii^« •lii.i.v**' I , ~J^"*«V mftS ' BACON BAN&K Ib. 45c 2 Ibs. 21 Tho»e Prices Good Monday, Tuosdoy, Wednesday, FrNfly and Soturdoy ^_-_——.^—^••^••••••••[•^•••••^•••^•••^••••••••••••••••^^^^^^••^•tMaajai^^^^^^^^^^a GETTING TERRIFIC CURTAIN Every Fall and Winter Coat in our store has been marked down. We have all sizes and all new fall 1952 styles and fabrics in OQI fVMvmwi•..« »wJ Jpte mtin titan you'll find In «ny other IViRY DAY tht chftring'f getting Wir «^ ! 8?»«M...w» ft> ^ " "" them »U , , , w) b. outpwiorms inem jut. . . , -• . • lt f..i ruovci CD on non-premium fuel, plus .,, for th« most Pteutitul CHfiHIli a 0 iw «^ - 1 lor ^hp tvtr dtjigntd... for the best-performing, safest «flrfoa t¥tr Afyt. CWM ^ Americs'i FW?P«mUy Uarn the many reotom whyt new mb^wfy'fV$ t 1 ^ £gW&'tlC "^Plr » "IsHww ilPwpwf^^WI fluff! D«|*itWt SUM " f-. ' S?lf£f il t \ ', -?, S%'^ *V^ 7 "\ . ;„•« *«> • ' > )f X 1 "i%

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