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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 24, 1952
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r>f s "• *.rt SIFIED ^itii**«f«»tt«*««* For Salt .ii Secretary of Interior Has Ike's Views gAt.EM, Ore. t*> — Tho appointment of Oov. »ou«l«» McKay of to the cabinet will give Saturday, . 1951 room houw, Uirw Attic fin, How furnace blind., gwtOK an* »t°r««« room. Will Mil frr tWItrWid monthly Bflym«rt(t'W Wat. Four P«r cent SBrt on low SPORTS ROUNDUP •y OAVLE TAL8OT. NBW YORK, <lf> — There U con-| IndignBtlon among the b»*cb«ll writer* of the bi.c«uiie the bt l«»Rue ba»c- EUwihowef a mon who uwvnrt Hi reflect EUonhow er's dom«»tlc vl«?w» almost exact ly. Jn Iht p«nt, th« next secretory of th« Interior hn»; Male ownership ot oil Football w»flk;bn)y. Houi* P*lnt $!.« gallon, Snl* |«U« 0 »lon or ymir money back. flyer* Swap Shop, 103 3. Wnl 17-01 nut. 1'ANSY plnntl, 8 vlt»« bwrtuw, nnndln« paradlco t»u»hc», hydrnngonij. 1B04 9. Kim. OAMPBKU, FWW- ntdU'hood for AJfl»kn rtml Hiiwnll, Outward ft ColninUln Vallny Au- thorlly, but fnvnwl blR federal power proJncU, provided the »t«te him n volco In opomtlon of the projocl*. Once hl» appointment wn« on- nounvod, McKny rcfimcd to dU- eu»« lh(,«»e or nny other pollclcn. lt«! KB Id b«s would confer flrnt with ifi-nt PANSY Now beBl ll " 10 to plant largo flowered kliwls. P MONTS BEKD STOHK K2-81 . i( were n f«iw crlo« of re- Bctlonnry" when (he nj»polntm«fnt bolt witter* of the Midwest stuffed at the ballot box and elected Hunk Hrtupr of the ChU-ngo Cubs a* the wont valuable player in the National Leaguo for the pant m-UHon. An w« get It, wlmt huHwned was thnl th«> connplrittor* <»' H'e wmt- ern hu.f of the circuit cnut their vot™ almost solidly for H.-iuor, tho sluxp.er, whtlo the Kmtrrnorti, not »HHI oetinK anything, wen- dividing thoim Mlrnoftl actually between the two plcthcri, Joe Hlnck uf Brooklyn nnd Robin Roberts of Hie Hhlln. •(hi? result win thut Sutler «c,ienkrd Iti With 226 points to Robert*' 211 nnd Ulnck's 2011. Hci- Ihom they drew nil but one flmt-pluru vuli'S. The any thiit If Unit Is the way tlit-tr hiilr shirt cnusin» of the West lire going to net. why there'x 10 uitn ruldliift the most vaulublo Ey The A*«oclated Prei* HUAYOFF3 Smackover and t , )K ,.-i. 21; Jonesboro 14 ; , M) (i,.ii 20; Bciilon 1U CH&» A MoOclii-' 1 27; Bauxite 0 ,.. ir( - y 10; Harrison 0 /viil,, 25; NashvUle 13 |. irl- 25; Hflx-r Springs (1 ( ; ' ir li-)l« 20; Hughes 0 |j,,,,, a s 3«; Norphlet 0 Ota Eeve" I.ittl.: ilock 40; Clarksdale, Miss "•IVxarlc.na 20; North Little Rock o? Hit? WUB mimiimced yttnUrduy, but lien nmonit public office-holder* nnd iunv«p«pttn» of the Wc«t com- iwnt u open red fuvornble toward* McKay. Service! Offered on public powei tod us en uxiimple. II« hn« m»d«s t)» n.»;.itkm cl'-nr In repnnt over th" f»uv yoar» > u YBAR8 of experience In floor UK be-on governor STAR and finishing, D»l<? ;"rr»ii W.7'h Phone 743M 0-21'lm LOCAL »nd long dl»t»ncd UnuUng Alio local moving. Sec Donnlo Hamilton «».'' call 7-3011, bunco to develop water resources' Vhun tho lob I* too bill for pri 0-33-1 m *»'SB -II » For Rent npnrlnien wUh'bBthr Electric rofrl«or«tor »rlvnl<» front nnd buck entrance d bloelu MOP Depot, $111 monll o MiltHblo tenant, «. U. FRANI COMPANY. A. P. IHMony Mftnagor. l "" hmuio nt»ar hl«lv lu-hou Call 1'3538 utter 3 o'clock. 2 room unfurnished menu 3!W W. 7-3883. that privnt Sugar Bowl Game Already a Sellout NKW ORLEANS 1*1 - The Sugar Bow' football game is a com- rloic sell out, the sponsoring New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association announced today. Association President Irwm Po- chc said the last available tickets had been disposed of with the ship- r.ierl ol team ticket allotments to Lieorgi.i Tech and Mississippi, op- pon'.-nts for the Jan. 1 game in the UU.OOO-plus capacity Sugar Bowl StaJlum. ••We e:m now announce a com-'-•- sell out," Poche said. "We Hope Battle to 14-14 Tie Hope and SmnckovtT played a 4-14 tie last night on the Buckaroi Field before a small shivering crowd. AlthouKh- seemingly superior in practically every department the ^^^ __ Jobcats twice had lo come from ,, 1V(V no tlckels for sale and make )chirid to lie the count. Time nnd j this announcement so that the ngain the luckless Hope crew would; tnousnn ds ot fans who have been march down into paydirt territory: W| . illngi w bring and telephoning for only to lose the ball by fumble or j Uekcls w ju know the situation, to be set back by a penalty. Smack i .. We regret we have no ticket over only made one first down thu! for salc We believe we could sell opening half but led 7-0 at the end! ano thi-r 50,000 tickets it we had of the second quarter. And it was the serts." The Negro Community •v Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or brmo itenw to MlM Turner •t Hlcke Funeral Home Mrs. Iciophine Arbrey died at her home in Stephens. Friday, November 20. Funeral arrangements arc incomplete. ;?V r 1 Funeral services for Muck Seng- gins will be held Sunday. Nov. 2.5, at the Methodist Church in Clow. With Hicks Funeral Hume in charge. n of li-ctloit ut nil. I'hoy cio not fer-l, In othor words, that Sautr, with hl» .270 unofficial nveragf nnd his 1)7 home, conlributi'd anything like as much U: tho Cuba us KobcrlB diil t,, tin- PhllH with hln m victories Hluck, the great rookie reliefer, Jiil In pitching the Do d««;isj Into Ihr. World Scries. What raise* i Ihelr blood iireHduro In piirticular Is the fact that one Westerner did not Include Roberts in Ills fii'Kt 10 choices I'nd that three of them didn't Black a tumble, ttlo rms'il the fcdorul govern- should tuUo over- but not „.,. full miy on how t ir run Iho project*. 'Iho . ho-Jlct b«ve r. hand In running hlitgn. McKny u«U» U federal co-opornllon, . On irnt b»»U I'" opposed » Col .imblu Valley Authority. So did tho .,.„. Ihnt blink McKny him pnrlicipnted actively in the Colum bin ntmln 1nt»f.Ain«ncy Conunlttfe ti ui'oup t'f f«d"nil Biid^tati^agen clos Ihul on how to unlop th« Cohtinhln Bnntn This h.is won him ottpocltilly nmong llbern i>i,,,- illnff 2(1; Monroe, La. 12 ;,; "^mith :i2; Fuyetteville 26 CLASS AA ict IV 14' Sinnckuver 14 die) lia -II; Ark.-idelphla 7 Other Scores j .ckfoiwllk- HI; '()'/ iirlt 21); Waldron a |,: in ville 27; Ola li l.iHl,-. Hock Catholic 20. Morrll '"slioriilan 13; Lonokc 13 (tic) 'ill-ink i.'V 40; DoValls Bluff 0 f.iili'f :)'); Klaine 0 H,Qi.icn 41; Gurdon 7 l'n|-ii-;ni 42; Horatio 0 Stur City 1»; White Hall 7 like that oil night. On the final try for victory the Bobcats moved from their own 20 \ to a first down on the Buckarooj one when time ran out and the game ended. Hope took the kickoff nnd went to the Bucks 20 before losing the ball Bald Knob 12 (m a tumble. It wasn't until the Mr. and Mrs. D. 13. Frierson San Francisco. Calif., are visitm?; relatives and friends. BIO SEVEN Little Hock I'inc f-IK'ff North I-Hi! W L T Pet A member of the triumphant >loc wui'.l'l have enjoyed himself it to l)i!)>t If he could somehow ir.i'inliiK ot the local cluiptei nfler thu award to Sauer was un- iiovncud. You could have cut tin moral Indignation with n bat. Those guys started planning j this thii.g buck in the middle of Iho yenr," one member .snarled. "That wus when they Martrd woiklni,: on me, miyway. M;iybi-| Sprin.-.d thty lii.t: somolhlnn nt that tlme.j Siibi;u-(. uul thin wus befori! Suunr fell off j Fayfttt Iho root. What WHS Im <li>mu for j Van IJtu-i-n tlu- Cul'.s in Ihe last part of the District II n when they won- slldint! I" 0 1.000 1 .HOC Hock 3 2 0 .000 second quarter that things broke loose. Stymined ai the way Smackover's Dick Morris suddenly found Himself clear on an end sweep and went 57 yards to score. Woods converted. Hope tied it up in the third period with Clyde Arnold going over from the four climaxing a 1)5 yard drive. But the Bucks came right back with Moore cracking over center for five and the score. Woods again converted. In the fourth Hope again tied it up with Arnold going over on a sneak from the two, Ken Stone Kl Dorr do Ft. Smith Hot Springs CLASS AA Final District I 24 24 05 i TUT sneuR iiuui "•>- v-. i ",. , onverlcd both extra points 0 .333 0 .333 0 .000 M>ai!o cr For Sale or Rent WO budiwom h«u»o. Modern olonets «nd cnblnets, 1n neighborhood noor 1'iUsley '"- 1 ol, Sam HmisUold, 7«8010, _ ___ Notice Tolisphoiic ao-at On lh«> other hum! some Demo- ralH iiniiruvi'tl his appointment. "A very flnu cholcu," snld O»- r«r t.. Ch'npmnii, presonl secrutiiry (,f 1nloi'l«>r. • . ... "Or>'|.'onlnns of both piirtleh l'l« u'tf McKny pcrHtmi.lty." said i.,|.ot» Swci-tlnnil. Diimocrntlc nn- fifth pUu-o? U couldn't have bi;i-n miurh." Ju-u'sbi.io Kit siirno poriod you're| Korrcsl City iibiiut." iuiotlu-r put .''I, d-ni . Anumu ««.«e dtaapprovln* of Me«v wi>* Si-n. Wayne Mor»e of Ou- „.. and rcnowttl »ub,«crlptlon« to any mapilno • pttbHslu-d. CUrinl* m«» rate*, Charles Keyncn-Btm, Clly Hull, ttay .Phono, T-wais who tho Kovornor, .. who boiled tn« wllh r o en* p"v v In thu recent c«mp«l8n c««r»etcrl*a.» McKny n. « ' W 1.. 4 0 1.000 2 2 . 2 2 .501 2 2 .MO 0 •! .000 W L PC 2 0 1.00 0 I .00 0 1 .00 0 0 .000 Throughout the night Hope ran ilmost ul will with every back do- nu his share. This was evidenced by the 320 yards rushing for Hope to 198 for Smackover. First Downs: Hope 21, Smack over 0. Passes: Hope U, completed A. Smackover 7 completed 3. Fumbles: Hope 4 recovered onl one. Smackover 2. Penalties: Hope- 5 for 45 yards, DeMarco Is Gunning for Title Shot By JACK HAND NEW YORK Iff! — Paddy DC Marco is gunning for a title shot De Marco s a ut -ightweight champ Jimmy Car- top ranking _in tcr after his unanimous 10-round decision over Honolulu's Henry Davis iast night. De Marco, loser ot his last two to Arthur King and Orlando Zuela, looked more like his old bully joy'self in punching his way past Davis nt Madison Square Garden. All three officials gave De Marco the fight. Judge Harold Barnes vot-d 7-3, Judge Bill Hcaley 7-2-1 and Referee Ray Miller 6-4. The AP hat' it 73. Miller had a rough niahfs work prying apart the two laddies who insisted on mauling at close quarters. Davis was on the deck from a "knockdown" in the Mrs. Pearl Frierson left Friday for San Francisco, Calif., for an indefinite slay. Smnckover 4 for 40 yards. In pagan times Halloween was marked for placating the spirits ot the dead and the rcsultini; holiday was converted to All Saints Day by the Christians. from their television sets to tee- De Marco's attempt to regain a top ranking in the 135 pound class and Da\is' New York debut. They didn't see too much. Head lo head most of the timo with punches landing on elbows, shoulders, back bones and gloves, the boys seldom fought out in the open. Davis landed the sharper punches but they didn't come olten eiio-'gh against Paddy's heacllona is tv O DC Juarco danced around his dressing room, boasting, '"Tuniylit months before that one. "I'll fight King and Zuleta a nok ppart. After all, I beat 'on; ,..-. .. ppart -- -- . , both before. Then I want to get after Carter." Davis who had six stitches third ar he seemed to slip in an attr-mpi to back away from a ligr.t pur.'ch by DC Marco. Referee Miller ruled it a knockdown, but never had a chance to count before the bell rang. Only'lMlO paying $8,935, strayed sowed ir a cut on his left chce,<; bone will return to Honolulu. He is in line for a non-title- bout. wi.li Carter at Washington, Jan. 21. ^ "Paddy's style- bothered me-, •- saia. "I knew ho was lire he but liretl . he smothered my punches. of oil lh»ovc» . - u ' u jyowntb tlrlnk, that's your VUBlnew, H y«« want w cult, tbat'ii our -buulnoss. Alc<> Anonymous, P. O. orders lor J»m «nd fre»n coconut cnkes 'or thankmtvina and Christina*, w- Jer «»rly. Uimu Portoi-fleld 7-8633. 80 ' 8t Home Study Course Curtice Named GM V-Pres'tdent IMSTRCHT l/P — Hwrlow H HOP ftfl-yoiu-otd executive proald'nl of General Motori Corp will tnko over «» noltnjj prc»meni. n ,i> 1 when OM Pmldonl C. fc. WuU^cnv*. to .wiirt Beacon r! .M.ttiiti of his appointment ns ft, mutton of rtrfoiwc uiuler Prc»| "Hohoris wa.i winning 11) of his KIM SI BIIIIU-S nnd pulling the 1'iuls rifsht up in Hie- race. JUlacK was lH-..lln« the Giants every time Ihey stuck their lu-ucls up nnd win- ,lni? a pi'nnnnl. Those «iiys mnde u tntce out of thi- whole, thing." Peraoaully, we only listened, not hnvnic any »lronK feclln«s In the nui'ter r.nil riot being one of those who vctwl and got outsllcked by tho backwoods bloc. Thu truth I* Hint wi» have ulwii.vs thoughl the tnetii "ivinst.'viduiiblo" to bo VIM.V iit'liiilous und liiivo wonderod by Whnl inlrlcnle lino of reasoning a pt-r»on Arrived »t oxartly the- ii«IH plwvcr for tho distinction. If It's only Iho "best" pitcher or o "btsl"" biittor. lliiil isn't too uird The records and the averages studied, like a District III Mnlvern ('onwiiy Hussc-Hvillu Arkiulclphia District IV Cnmtlen Masnolm Sl'iackover W 3 2 1 b Pel 0 1.000 1 .007 2 .333 1 2 .333 1 2 .333 \V L T Pet 3 0 0 1.000 2 1 1 .023 1 2 0 .333 0 I 1 .250 030 .000 SYNOl'SIS Emily Thaycr hud long nnd eagerly ' o ro- Field's rlaco pro- t? room on Boston's Beacon HI". M he would choose a wealthy hoped she"would ch i-.\ chhrt. But when you start oUlnK tor tho man who meant hu most to his team, that is much COMPUTE: y»«r w« h *5; l , w P l1ttt home lix No iU 11 nis* »»,»»••*'••'-•-•-• f. tftorenl, or so ll souins here. ^ ^p^ n ^p B pgaBSgyBBBeBPBB3BBB9GBSSSSE3a& OUT OF DOORS with (i . Dec-. I, .nmmncod Cm furnished, NvT'UiTtov fre« booklet. American | School, 3903 Alubtuiu*. Fort Smith, Arktttwm. N-10-lm tt Wonted to Buy SMAU. horse for child. Must b« gontlo and well broHon give full d«»crlpUon. Wrllo llox UU, caru ot Hope SUr. |tro .. following tor the cabinet |»bt b Logo! Notice """"WARNVNQ'ORDBR mis \vttitro88, T«P *ry. Apply Manager, Cafe. ' '•" . No, 7458 of EftrHttc Uombreo 13. «1^|I1*M ~..In tho Chancery Cow • County, Av Plaint broo is warned to appear cwirt within thirty day* """ k i^tnllkl of line there lo Fights Last Night By The Associated Press NKW YOHK — Paddy De Marco. 138. Brooklyn, outpointed Henry Diivis 135'•-, Honolulu, 10. PORTLAND, Ore. — Earl Turner, 100, Richmond, Calif., stopped Eddie Kabul, 100, Woodburn, Ore. SSbanll Only gSnflmolhcr Vorfi*.* lovable tyrant,' scorns pleased wlth the alliance. Walking homo til"« "'>• l u Field discovers _n_ ttnn old house for tT for oul , Oie means of n trum\ you ng <nch as ho. Roger nnd Emily >• r od ami.1 Cathedral sP' 0 "" 0 ^ the wefldlnB reception she me iitA n-Rt tlmft two of her nusnana s iiewlvweils with th»t coveted house on ' O inquired, offering the scones. ••Well, he's an antique dealer, | catering to the luxury trade. So he keeps himself Informed. He certainly would give anything to see tins room," David added helping liimselt to the scones and looking around again with mounting admiration. "I'd like to bring him here sometime." "I'd be very pleased if you would, ff you let me know beforehand when to expect him, I'll see it Grandmamma wouldn't join us for tea. She could tell him so Joy Street. Here Rocer's very POMO»- <lvo sister Caroline, visits them and is ' bsence. , hked when durlnB TRowr'B absence. avia Solomont pops In to visit Emily. this plausible and pretentious at- Artful Dodge's the only one who brings in chicken coop litigation," David grumbled to Roger one day when they were in the library together. "He can smell a penny from ncre to PawUicket, so he never says no to a case, even it It's a suit to recover the value of a cut clothesline. Then he slips tho work to us. But he takes the cut of the tee tor liimselt, because it 3 •business' he brought Into the firm. One of these fine days How F«»» 0° Antelope Run? By WARREN PAGE Shootlnfl Editor Fur inori' studious aulhi'i-ttios lh«n 1 Bi-"t" with stopwatches and .surveying instrumonls, joops aiu. Jngun'r*. l»»vo clocKod unli^'iv "t steady speeds us high as 50. 'Ihoro «ve those who insist that a spru.l Ut lit) is UUlto possible for tho while- nuupcd hol-i-od* of the Wyouuiui tt Sj»jJiISNCl2D oiwsrator or wute man wants Bltiwi 1st H»»MJ or vicinity. "B" in c»r« ot Mo^s Star . court thU 7th day C V, Nvinn. Jr. ' Att'y lor HttnUtt John L. WtUoHi Att'y Ad Ulem . Nov. tSKAL) Omera Kvuns ptagu« U lwllen*<l to In ancient tlnws. »» m««t »p«?ta«;al«r development w Se ttlWl; »e*th of th« HVh C ti»ry wh»«h took Utt-««>-(i«ttrt«rii ot the1 population otwme ptirta ot «•* NOV. 8, i5> aa, as. ^ __ Clerk JN THE PROTK COURT OF MKMPSTKAU COUNTY, plain*. .. . , By contrast, tho wlutotail buck who breaks down through the ttm- Wtth.whul seems to be dnt- spoi-d is straining to 20 i>r .„ Ho merely seems fast because of'tho dense «rowth ~- the untolopc sails wlons out in the open, whoro you osin sow him go when he sees you come. But neither one can boot a bullet. And Mr. Antelope is ovon less ioal a bullet than he should isc «t his curious habit of|n o had seen alonu an arc of « circlo. j u mj niust * around" the throat of a car or »j the pick-up muter, instead of lightins « shucK straight for U»o state lin --JSJWviW" y^.Wv^ Wf HTID 5000 TELEPHONE POLES ESTATE 0^ THERESA BRYAN of decedent: 3U Swth Ptn«. Hope. Arkansas of death: October W. V«J» v?t>* CHAPTER FIVE AS EMILV greeted. David with cordiality, Caroline stiffened m her chair. Matters were at a pretty pass Indeed if a man could come uninvited, to her brother's house- in her brother's absence— and be made welcome. She acknowledged his presence without speaking and with the barest possible Inclination of the head. But the gesture lost some of Its effect, because David forestalled her with the mocking quality of his own greeting. I'm sure you wouldn't remem- me, Miss Field," he said. "I much more than 1 could about the things she's loaned me. She's lame, so she doesn't go out a great deal any more, but I'm sure she'd enjoy talking with your stepfather.". Roger arrived barely five minutes after David had left, so there was not much chance, during the interval, for Caroline to impress Emily with her disapproval—especially as Emily seemed wilfully bent on being pleasant and was, moreover, preoccupied with the prospect of Roger's Impending arrival. She heard his key turn in tho latch before Caroline detected any such sound and ran out into ber , was only one of the wedding guests who belong In the category of those brought in from 'the highways and byways. 1 " Having made this announcement, he appeared to the hall to meet him. The next sounds were easily identified, even by Caroline, and there was a considerable delay before Roger and Emily came into the library. Roger was smoothing his hair and Emily's pretty color was heightened. "Hello, Caroline." Roger said and kissed her, too. "How are you? Emily says David's been here. Sorry to have missed him. But I'm usually later leaving the office Recalling David's outburst, Roger smiled faintly. He was still seeking to resolve that intricate point in a minor bankruptcy case for Mr. Mills, and the task was one on which he had already spent more than two hours, apparently without getting one whit closer to the desired goal. Unless he could achieve something definite in the way of progress within the next few minutes, he would have to stay late at the office again: and this was the niglit ot the first Waltz Evening, when he and Emily wore to dine at the Somerset Club with Homer Lathrop! The shrill summons ot his telephone broke in upon his mood of dismay. 'Mr. Mills wants to see you in his office," the switchboard operator Informed him. Roger hastily gathered together such notes as he had assembled in the bankruptcy case and, papers in hand, entered Mr. Mills' commodious corner office. Mr. Mills pulled a bound folder from the litter of papers on his desk and extended it to Roger in bestowing over room! Roger's been ! over the office ' his bride's accomplishments as a doniestic or- canizer. But I didn't realize that canizer. she'd have so many museum pieces at her disposal. That's as fine a Gaugenglgl as I ever sa w, over there, and I don't old Miss ^"' to finish evcry- that " My buddy nailed his trophy this l ust because of this pe- past Fall Just because trait. to 45 d«Uv«r«d or six the Rufus Martin forever barred and to t viously spotting daniter as the local Civilian Defense officer for a bunch of seven or eijjlu itoo auto lope while they enjoyed a siosta. While we discussed possible- suim tail plans and munched midday sandwiches, this boss buck disappeared: and a tew minutes later im *las*es turned up a wetl-hona-vt anwlope. apparently the same one, working his way down the hill on tt line that would eventually bring him w Within 400 yards uf us of my magnum Norm that put him on the trophy And how far might that be? \\ t-11, as we doped it out later, the- proper load for an antelope running 40 miles an hour, straight across ut a range ot 300 yards would bo about 17.84 loot for that cartridge, close to tour antelope lengths. How'd we figure it? Well, the 117-giaiu bullet 1 was shooting left the mUMle at 330U feet per second, was traveling 2650 or better at 300 yards. Hence ii sipped 300 yards in .3028 seconds. In that *^ , \ f ± : _ . . *lt.t ,il\t^li\r\A 'haven't the slightest doubt that David Salomon! would gladly leave some poor, overworked girl to 'polish off his odd Jobs' while he goes out on the town," Caroline rejoined. She rose, buttoning the jacket of her severe and rather shabby suit "Roger. You look very tired to me. And you seem to be coming down with a cold. Don't forget that your colds always settle in your chest. One of these days you'll be having pneumonia, if you're not more careful. Good night. Emily. I suppose it's use- who suggested _ on that particular wall o» to U S you ttot Roger ought Got a real job for you, my boy. Want you to take over for me in a jury trial that comes up in Salem this very afternoon." "But, Mr. Mills—" "I know, I know," Mr. Mills admitted graciously. Having rid himself of the folder, he smoothed back his thinning hair, adjusted hia costly tie. and went on with increasing fervor. "Short notice and all that sort of thing. Reason for it, though. Expected to handle tha matter myself. It's my own case, you see. Then, not ten minute ago, Van Pick called me from Benning*ton and says he must see me up there at once. Head of one of tha AdmtuUtrator 1015 W|}*»v. «. W, ». «jf « liUle valU-y in very few Instead, he continued v«x his original line. ev«»v swinuunj u bit, so W* ranse from us space and lighting it the way i have. And she's loaned me lots ot other things—among them the tea sen-ice. It was given her when Grandpapa was Ambassador to Russia, about thirty-five years ago. I never knew before it was supposed to be 'missing.'" ••Oh, yea, it's had quite an interesting history. I'll have to tell it U» you sometime." to bed at once and keep ' " , picks up his heels! Incidentally. « I'd been shooting many stUl think -' percd by the presence of a thtrtt person, Caroline said to herself bitterly. Not that he seems much inhibited now. IH a Minnie. ke'U oak her *ow wuc* s*« tM*fcs it's worth. But she was mistaken. Instead ol asking Euuly, he told her. at sonie- ^ ^ he's better.' Unfortunately, Caroline's predictions about the symptoms of a cold proved to be correct: but the nature ol his work prevented Roger from taking proper precautions to arrest their development. By the time he did lake to his bed, he was really ill for several days. Therefore, to his great regret, he missed both David's second call and Morris Bracket's visit However, Emily's detailed accounts of these served to while away some of the tedium ot his illness, though they did not compensate for her temporary absences from his side. Roger, who was seeking to resolve an Intricate point in a minor bankruptcy case (or Mr. Mills, Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Wasliburn Spank the Kids at Home — Don't Bother Our Congressmen A Washington week-end dispute! /reports that tnr Giulnnas Com Jtmitlcc which u; prepin-ing to in vestibule public sales of reading matter alleged to be objectionable has been deluged with copies of novels, both standard and pocket-^ p, size, and "comic" books, sent in j by citizens who are, in the words | of the Associated Press, "demanding that congress do something book and magazine Hope Star WtATHtft ARKANSAS: Cloudy with cnalona! ruin* no impbttl pcrnluro changes this tonight, Tuesday. ,36 High 60 Rainfall 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 36 si«t •» free" m» IM. 1*. I*** HOPE, ARKANSAS,iMONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1952 PRICE 5c Faint Signal May Be From Missing Plane High Court Orders Prisoners Released, Calls for New Trial in Liquor Tax, Penalty Case to clean up racks." It. is unfortunate for the crews good i hoped By LEON HATCH . LITTLE ROCK I* — The Arkansas Supreme Court today or- EI.MENDORF AIR FORCE den-d tnat Joel Carson, once un- BASE, Alaska (UP) — Search ,lcr death sentence, be released stymied by bad weather, I fro.n the stale penitentiary. today that a faint radio \vith one dissenl, Ihe court snid The erudite North and East hav ed himself into a pos his fellow legislators naturally sc- The Air Force C-124 Globcmas lee-ted him to lead this burlesque tor vanished yesterday while H of a witch-hunt was attempting to land through LITTLE ROCK, Ml — The Arkansas Supreme Court sent back] to Columbia Circuit court lor a new trial a case Involving an nt-j tempt by State .Revenue Commis Iraq Military Leader Closes All Newspapers Russia Pouring Supplies Into Indochina BAGHDAD, Iraq (A1-A touRhj By JOHN M. HIQHTOWER •toner Carl T Parker tcT collect new military-headed government} taxes and penalties for alleged today dissolved all political par- sates o'. liquor in Arkansas. lie.°, closed 12 newspapers and pro- The lower court directed a vcr-j limited demonstrations in the wake WASHINGTON, UP) — Stnto nnd Defense Department experts saU today Russian-made war suppllo ni e pouring Into Indochina over transcontinental Red rnllwny ays U.S.and Bri Still Apart 01 Peace Propos • ... he had been convicted. After the pardon Carson got into - m North Little Rock and diet In favor of George D. Marsh, of week-end rioting in which whom Parker was suing. least 11 persons were believed kill- tern protccled from Allied nlr nt Parker charged that Marsh had Kmuied mobs looted and set \ lock because U cuts through China, transported whiskey from Loulsia- ed -mcl r>8 wounded. \ Officials snld this gives new heavy fog and wind after a flight was son t back to the penitentiary hypocritically shoved this jxjb of frori McChord Air Force Base. lo scrv , t a i5- ye ar sentence for • • •• Wash. robbery from Sebastian County. Search craft battled high winds p r j son " officials said that Carson and poor weather yesterday and OW p C i the 15 years because, 'through e-turned to their bases last night phrisin;' ot the parson, he had been relieved of only the murder exploring literary garbage onto the , shoulders of an Arkansas man — ' ....yhile they, back in their own book- •'*iiBtackcd lairs, will revive the old wise-cracking question, "Do people in Arkansas wear shoes'.'" The fact is, books, pockutbooks, and "comic" magazines aren't given'away — they 1 are sold. To buy something you've got lo have money. If the children of America are reading things they shouldn't, at their aye, where do they get the money to buy what they do &'« Where are the parents in Iftis 'deal? Isn't it a case of first try|. ; V ing to unload their responsibility * ••• for regulating allowances and supervising children's reading habits upon the schools, and now trying to put it upon of the nation's ivith ne-gative results. na and sold it in Arkansas without ,j ;o lo (ho O f{jce of tho U. S. In- paying a state tax. The Supreme lorniUiim Service yesterday, slon- Courl said the trial court erred cc j t) lc British Embassy nnd at- in not considering evidence that tacked two police stations. Army Marsh held a federal license to troops i oiled into the capital to sell liquor in Arkansas. i restore a semblance of order last Last night the Air Force report- sc ' mcn(:c . cd the Civil Aeronautics adminis- ' ~ s COIW i c tcd of first de(ration Elation at Yakataga, Alas- m . dcr in 193a f or fatal shoot- ka. ha« J picked up a distress sig- £ _ K u guard at the "" h " F '<"' K , C Jj and - Msltte Hospital in Little Rock. • ih iM, where Carson was held for a mcn- «' VC ".,Tu ^L PK ± tal examination prior to trial on a The state had sought to collect night i.ftor rioters had driven three times the amount ot taxes Uce off the streets, it asserted had been evaded, but Armored cars nnd machine-sun the Supreme Court said this pro- c;m .j tn ... nuu-oiicd Baghdad streets vision foi triple collections applied H QC | ny , the shoulders lawmakers? nai on the SOU KC band intprn-'.tional SOS band. No up of the signal, which was so weak no bearing could be taken on it. .„ charge in Conway Coun• d th I i,. ^ was sentenced to be elec- weakness of the signal could have U''oculcu. ™ mr n, lt pd to ,,„„„ ™,,=,,H hv tho wnather or The sentence was commuted to caused by the weather or DC'Hi causea uy vne wuuuiei. ui ~-~ ---. ------- , ,.,, could have been sent by a "Gibson We imprisonment and B«l Giri" hand-operated emergency on Jan. 3, 1952, to 21 years transmitter carried on all planes. After he was returned to the . A search armada of 24 planes penitentiary. Carson, through a search lawyer. asked Lincoln Circui . When your editor was a boy ho didn't have money enough to buy- stood .by to Hy over the . area by sunrise if weather per- Court to direct Prison Supt. mils. The forecast was for rain He'islcc to release him. Le to criminal conviclon* civil cases. and not Abdul Ilah called on his Army cl.ief of staff, Gcn. Nur Al a , f f i,.,v,ort din Mnhnuuid, lo take charge a The Supreme Court at fumedM ^ f)f thu dl8Ol . dcrB> „„„ Columbia Chancery Court in UsK., th( , ,, clu , l . al tlcc ,. ccd m ulcria 40 determination ot ownership of 2401 acres. The suit was between Hattic Satlcrwhilc and others on one side, and H. P. Young and others on the other. The Court sent buck to Union Circuirt Court for new trial u suit involving ownership of an automobile. The lower court denied the striking power lo Communist forces In Indochlnn, nnd presents a <v. sinister thrcnt to Burma nnd Thailand. Informants snld evidence that Ihe Vlotminh Communists were receiving Russian supplies was found in n recent raid by French nnd nntlvc defense forces on n Communist supply center, Allied raiders captured 25 tons ot nus-'sinn-mndo mortar nhplU nnd four Russian "Molotova" trucks with gasoline engines, among other presence ot Uioso 2-rton troops. Then h formed a new Cabinet. The general look the posts of prime minister, defense minister and acting minister ot interior himself. All other Cabinet positions were handed lo civilian non- parly incn, four ot them newcony- ers to the government. books on the newsstands. And if it were a paper-backed book, or anything resembling a picture maga- ' zine (yesterday's version of today's "comic." book.) he wouldn't have dared to bring it home. This is your country — not your lawmakers' country. Don't try io pass the buck. Idle literature bought by juveniles is a reflection on thn financial and moral control supposedly exercised in the home — it. certainly can't be called an indictment o£ government, for we don't recognize . and no improvement in the poor 'j nc . Lincoln Court refused and visibility which hampered opera- lions yesterday. Maine's New Governor Has Never Lost By EARL ARONSO AUGUSTA, Me. Wl—A bespectac an appeal was taken to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said that "notwiti-standing the fact the pardon doe-b not accurately describe petition. 'of Commercial Credit Cor- Carried over from the regime porlation for recovery of the automobile from Icy Mackcy. by dates and places all the ad- mild-mannered but de Apolitical censorship in this republic ea iwr.si miia-mannerea out ue *?? .iif.«,n,,m.ni,,* mon. , lernlta,ed enough to win every elec o£ self-govern ing men Once you start dowry.'that road free- speech and press Danish and Truth is strangled by w'-atever ignorance, prejudice, or .^attention happens to be in the majority saddle. The well-meaning people who are ignorantly carrying bundles to Washington for Gathings ought to go back and read history — which they obviously know nothing about. *' Speaking of tolerance, t, a Protestant, marvel that back in the Dark Ages when the Catholic clergy held a monopoly on all reading and writing they' copied and perpetuated lor posterity not only their own books but all books — including those- that were against truly adult mind can no them. The conceive of any book that deserves to be burned. For we know, hat K.this been the frame of mind o the men who have gone before u lion in his 18 years of campaign ing will become Maine's governor in January. It wasn't until he was 31, that Republican Burton M. Cross, now 9, decided to go into politics. His mbition as a youth was to be come -a-'lawyer. When family fin nces prevented that, he decidet o nelp make laws. who defeated Democra Ja>.rie-s C. Oliver in 'Maine's Sep lember election, would like to a cast "level off the trend toward centralization of government." "If we follow a trend of turn ing bacit services from the fedora government to the states and fror state government to the towns, he has said, "local governmen oilce- again would mean a lot mor than it does now. "Many problems can best be handled at the ':own level, where closer supervision and a more miiteii convictions, yet we think under the rules announced by this court for the interpretations ol pardons, it was adequate to show he intention ot the governor to jardon petitioner for all convic- ,ions." The majority opinion was writ en by Associate Justice Pau Ward. .Associate Justice JSd, F McFadain dissented but did ' ho ourselves would be withou books — cheerful but illitorat savages What a Tempest in the Galhing Teapot — all because careles adults give kids too much spending money and forget tu spank 'em when they bring home- lurid literature! The manslaughter conviction and ivc year sentence of S. J. Andcr- so'i was upheld on appeal from Jefferson Circuirt Court. Anderson was found guilty of the tatnl stabbing of L. J. Avcry, 17, n an affray growing out of a dice near Pine Bluff last Decem of former Premier Mustapha al Umari were the finance and social affairs ministers and Foreign Minister Fi.dhol Jamali-now in New Yovk as chief of the Iraq delegation to the United Nations Assembly. 3CV, items. The i ^_ trucks at the Vlelminh base of operations means that Red forces in Indochina must now bo regarded as nro more mobile than "vei- line, thus creales o now degree of danger for all Southeast Asln, officials said, These informants declared that Phu-tho, where tho captured war materials, were concentralod, is around 400 miles from Iho Burma border and about 350 miles from the Tlv.ii border. In the raid ,mnny other types ot weapons nnd ammunition were also captured, including supplies o French, American, British and Japanese manufacture, as well as Talent Program Sponsored by High School PTA Friday night, December 5, nt 8 o'clock the Hope High School PTA will present on the stage ot the school auditorium Its fourth «n nuul Talent program. Parents, teachers, and students are working together to make this 11 night ot fun nnd cntortulnmon for nil who attend, Already plan ncd nro , skits and Hpccinlty acts by the freshman, sophomore, Jun Ipr, and senior classes, also th( different clubs of the school aw musical numbers by the girls ale club. Admission will be 80 und 25 cent and proceeds will bo uaod for PTA school projects. ^$1 :«« *i ^ .i***! Most Serious Diplomatic Rift By UNITED NATIONS* Wi Tho most SBfriQqrdlploMl between Britain and itno years continued unabM^^ spite uflorls l^y,India mo countries to ologO tho.breic Day-long harmony inovoi» expected, but diplomat^ hpli hope tot- thcm» », , ^ Tho two groat alllos 'spit opnrt when tho U. S. ssue a written opinion. Carson's attractive wife was in the courtroom when the decision was announced. She jumped up whispered "wonderful" and hur ried out of the room. Carson, now 42, had been on furlough since Aug. 1, 1951, when his involvement in a minor affray in North Little ,Rock led to his return to the penitentiary. He paid a fine in connection with the North Little Rock affair. The Supreme Court upheld Benton Circuit Court in deciding that Mid-Continent Petroleum Co.. was entitled to possession o£ filling station,: Mrs. Cora Lee Under hud scught to cancel a lease by which the company gained possession of tbe station. Negro Seriously Cut in Altercation Early Sunday morning local officers arrested Willie Carl Wliitl. Hope Negro, on assault charge following an altercation in a Negro | section in which he is alleged to I have cut another Negro, .Robert After scattered disorders Saturday, trouble reached a pitch yesterday as mobs marched on the U. S. Information Service office, throwing rocks and shouting: "Down with foicign Imperialism." "Down with forged elections." The crowds smashed into the bulling, They .dragged, ( dc*ks, chairs,, papers, pamphlets and even stores of automobile tiros nnd batteries into the street and piled 11.em on a bonfire. The building caught lire several limes, but office personnel look refuge behind closed doors and apparently escaped injury. Other mobs stoned the British Embassy at about the same time aivl attacked two police stalions, burning one. Several dcmonslra- tors wore killed in the clashes. Although they had used tear gas Chinese materials. But interest here centered on the fo.ir Russia trucks because ot their possible strategic slgnlflcnn- ce. The fact that they are in Indochina at all, responsible authorities said, means that tho Red railway line into Indochlneso qup p ly routes are functioning against all obstacles. , ,,;,...• .. • "'• The latt llnlcbf the tall line from the Chinese supply center of Nnn« n»nc in Kwangsl Province, China, to Chcn-kunn on tho China-Indochina border, a distance of 120 miles, was completed in October, 1051. It was estimated to be capable of carrying many thousands of tons per month to Indochineae Red forces. But Allied leaders figured that Cautions About Letting Down Guard WASHINGTON, Wl — Rep. Dewey Short (R-Mo.) chalrm«n-do»lg- nulo of tho HOUBU Armed Services Committee, cautioned today against "letting down our guard" ' it a tcuco is agreed upon in Korea, The 54-your-old former college professor will head Iho important House committee after Republicans organize the new Congress Jan. 3. He la running on 20 ycuta ot service in the Hpuso. "We must guard against .the mla lakp/vire have made in jine paqt- _ii.... ..t« lu ft IXn * t»*\f\n " Wn ml In In tlsh Foreign Secretary Eden that it could not i British-backed Indian com' plan foe ending tho Koy.ota M| cr of war deadlock, unless tho< posalB should bo given as they stand, but the U. all details spoiled out. .1 India came up quickly flcatlons but those" not satisfy tho U. ( S, Tho 21 powers which back' original American resolution un urgent closed meotlng^ night uv which U- S-, WC§$L- State Dean Acheson detailed™^ American objections to ,tiw dlan piopoBuls. The 21 appari failed to Jind « position .V" would please both' British a: U. S, Peelings i|t;tt»e IOIIEO nnd aftcrwardB?i wero'n«t,< to cn'o unother-highly • dlplomotic Circles. , ., ors of tbo Lindjey, with a knife. Officers said Lindsey suffered a wound in his left side. deep hydroelectric companies that furnishes current to the Boston-Edison. Some sort of hitch in a subcontract that will have to be ironed out right away. Can't be in Bennington and Salem at tha same time." "But how can I argue a case before a jury this afternoon, when I've never even heard of it until this minute, Mr. Mills? Can we get a continuance, under the circumstances?" "Doubt it Trouble is, it's been continued a couple of times already. Last time it was to be ff J reached I had to leave for Philadel- * * phia. The way it happens, sometimes. No harm asking for another continuance, of course. But afraid it won't be granted. 'S why T. A. Jackson, 73, Dies in a Hope Hospital Saturday Thomas Alfred Jackson, aged 73 a resident of Hope-, .died Saturday in a local hospital. Funeral services were to be held jit 2 p.m. Monday at the First "Baptist Church by the- Rev. S. A. Whitlow. Burial will be at Shilo Cemetery by Herndon Cornelius Funeral Home. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Cora G.unter Jackson, two sons, Robert and Ben Jackson of Houston, a daughter, Mrs. Lola Jones of Texarkuna and a sister, Mrs. Luther Bra/ell of McNeil. thorough knowledge of local con ditions may result in a better taxpayer's value for his dollar." Cross' father died when he was S. The boy was driving a pail- of horses on the family farm here when he was 12. A track enthusi ast, young Burt was a familiar sight running in Augusta's outskirts or practicing field games. When he was 31 he ran for the City Council and was elected. Subsequently he served as president of boll: the Council and Board of Legislature was Death Toll Reaches 24 in Arkansas By The Associated Press The state's violent death toll for I the week endcc. last midnight reached 24 with the reporting of two deaths in separate shooting NEV. YORK W) —• As the veil incidents, a tidffic fatality and an of seerucy descends on Gcn. Eisen in quelling Salurday's oulbrcuks, the police yesterday generally held back from using force and left nny haulage of more than 80 miles Jro.n the rail terminal to various Viotmlr.h supply centers would bo highly vulnerable to air attack. Thu Ftonch have uncontcstcd use of the air. When Allied loaders learned that but ho wont that Eden didn't mind to stay horq tint day and therefore -it • that ho had,a Now ~ ment lor a day be, in (London* <, ;, -? * A Few Sober Facts Which Face Eisenhower on Eve of His Visit to Korean War Zone Baghdad in control of the rioters H C( I supplies woro piling up do~ " ' "'— spile repeated airraids, a large- scale reconnaissance In force, com Continued on Page Five plote wilh artillery and paratroopers, was ordered a few weeks ago to smash tho latest Jlcd operation dlaarmlng too aoon," ho aald In meetMHI , ,., an interview. "While our ultimata Minister ot Stft' Boal should be world diaarma- A spokesman. munt, wo must koop Btrong as loraf "•--—--"— '• us times remain as they now are." "Wo must build up, rather than reduce, our military strength," ho added, Short, who describes himself us neither an Isolationist nor a mill- turloBt, said ho believes tb«ro can be substantial savings made in noxt year's and subsequent milt* tary budgets. "Wo must out federal expenses it wo are to prosorvo our economy, which is our main strength, " ho declared. "With the military budget taking about 80 cents out of qvo-y tax dollar, (t Is obvious that it affords tho place tor the heaviest reductions." But hu emphasized that no ROKsSh RedAttac By HAL BOYLE industrial accident. hower'3 projected visit lo Korea, Aldormen. The the next step. Drew County Sheriff Jack Tow- many a veteran of that conflict ler sail! a 2-state search is under- must look at the calendar Monday way for Mack Jaudon of near with wry memories. Monticello, sought for questioning p or jt was j us t two years ago in the fatal shooting of is brother- j that thc :n-law, Roy Allison Fleming. forces there launched their great "end-the-war" often- ^ sal two years in the House and four in the Senate, where he was president in 1949 and 1951. As presiding officer, he seldom if ever became ruffled or snarled in parliamentary tangles. He ruled with impressive fairness. The governor-elect enjoys fishing but doesn't go very often. Re ports that he hauled a 6', 2 pound salmon from Sebargo Lake are "somewhat magnified," he says. U was u 2'/ipounder. Mrs. Cross was Olena R. Moulton of New 'Hampshire. She and Cross met while she was visiting her grandparents in Vassalboro. They have three daughters and two grandchildren. The 59-year-old farmer's body SIVU The war was fivc mon ths old was found early yesterday morn- then< It will be 2 g months old Tuet. ing near a chicken coop at his \^ uy farm in the Enon Community, near Fcw great drives in military his- UN Probe to Continue NEW YORK, (#—Tho U. S. Sen *Bte internal security subcommittee' will hold its next public hearing 1 in a continuing probe of citizens employed by the United Nations. A subcommittee announcement over thc week end said the session Will involve personnel in the In- terraticiial Monetary Fund, a spe cial U. N. agency. Pee. Hew Hat ' MALON, England, — The Municipal Council here has ma-le its decision— it will buy a new of ficial hfct for the deputy mayor. li>* i»nGy tbree-cornere4 on* he at ftio^tjom ** s& ff$y Warm Sun Melts Big Dixie Snow KNOXV1LLE, Tenn. Ul—The big Dixie snow has largely melted under warm sunshine, but communication.-; snarled by Friday's 18 to ^2-inch fall were still spotty early today. Most trunk telephone and telegraph lines into this city were back in service by yesterday afternoon, but many mountain points to the rast were still blacked out early today. Hard-working linemen have restored power service to thousands of. homes, but a few families depending on electricity for heating and cooking had to spend a third Monticello. I t 0 ry have opened with more pub- Towler said Jaudon, described as lic optimism — and more private highly nervous, disappeared inv' -- -- mediately after the shooting. Pulaski County Coroner Howard A. DisV:ongh said Edward Rogers, Little Rock Negro, was shot fatally early yesterday. Dishongh said a Negro woman, Hazel Frazier, lold officers she shot the 58 year-old Rogers as he attempted to enter her home. Coroner W. R. Griswold said William Franklin Peterson, 48, was injured fatally Sunday in an acci dent at a Malvern manufacturing firm. He said Pelerson apparenlly was struck by a falling timber. The body of a Marble, Ark., saw mill worker was found crushed be neath the cab of a truck in a can yon yesterday near Eurek Springs. Eureka Springs Police Chief Nor m-m Faulkner identified the vie tim as Kindall Hudson, about 30 Ten persons died during th week as a result of traffic ace dents, seven in fires, three in shootings, and four deaths wer due to miscellaneous causes. Marilyn Monroe Stretch Curvy oubt — than the U. N. attack lat began in thc early morning lours 01 Nov. 84, 1950. The optimism centered at thc Tokyo headquarters of Gen. Doug as Mat-Arthur. The doubt lay in tie minds of the frontline commanders. They were uneasy. The reason: They didn't know he size of the enemy before them. The goal: The Valu River, di vlrting North Korea and Manchu ria. Tie tig question: Had the shat lered Norlh Korean Army been re inforced by only 60,000 Red Chi- ,iese "volunleers," or did a mas sive Chinese force wait like a hid den cat in the frozen hills between the Allied line and Manchuria? Deep-penetrating patrols had f» ed lo yield Ihe answer to the ene my's strength. A division chief o staii looked at the war map in his tent and shook his head as be 'old correspondents: "Gentiemen. I've been studyins these maps for a" quarter 'of a cea tury, and this one doesn't tell what I want to know." A general was so fearful of ambush that before the attack started he issued orders that every cle in bis division retain a basic and joy. He didn't know what foe lie would meet, but he was tired uf stand ing still, and the general feeling was, "Let's gel it over with," And there was also that magic uimor spreading liko wildfire through the lines: "They say we'll b eoul of here by Chusmas if we make it to the border." Ten of the U. N.'s 10 divisions rlivck out across a frozen wilder ness of mountains and ice-covered rice paddies. For two days they plowed jubilantly onward against .slight opposition. The second night the enemy counter attacked. They came in streaming waves, blow'ing bugles and waistles. The mystery was over. The Chinese seemed to crawl out from behind every rice stalk, In thr^o continuous night attacks they shattered three South Korean center in the ..Jrlangle formed by the towns Phu-tho, Tuyon Quang und Yen Bay. ' /. It was regarded as a highly successful operation when results were analyzed and captured material totaled up a week ago. Officials here professed to bo as pleased by tho maneuver as they were distressed by the evidence It provided ot the.flow ot Russian supplies all tho Way across Central Asia, Siberia an^l Chlfa to Indochina. doesn't favor budget-cutting at tho expense of preparedness, "I believe wo can sharply reduce tho military budget," ho »ald, "without reducing the strength ol our military forces by a single man or a single weapon or war piano. There i» entirely too much waste now and by stopping « wo can save billion*." By HOBERT SEOUL, Korea South Korean «Ql4'or» Chinese attack force, * Sniper Ridge .today curtain" of can night ,..„ Reds supply syi worst blows 01 TUB nnicat'* t ,(U? divisions, drove them back 20 miles, ambushed a Turkish force, threatened to surround low; y, S. Arir.y divisions — about one . th|rd of America's enttre world wide striking strength. The endless waves of Chinese tut ned the great attack into a great retreat. The Allies yielded Pyongyang, the North Korean cap Hal. then fell gradually back on Seoul, which later was abandoned stubborn, ' bitterly fought loo. The withdrawal was magnificently directed, heartbreak to see. I flew v/ith an air colonel over the long lines of Allies riding down the lonp road back, and be said: -That crying. Powell C. White, 82, Succumbs in Texarkana Powell C, Whttoi aged 82, a resident of Hempstei»4 for many years died Sunday night in a Texarkana hospital. He is survived by two daughters Mrs, L. C. Godwin of Galveston, Twas, Mrs. IS, J, VanMetcr of Rogers, Ark., twq BOM, Sid WJ»lt« of Toxarkaoa and Lynn White w Hope, Funeral services w}U be held it 2 p.m. Tuesday »t SprWf Hill Me« thodlst Church, Bitflal will be In. Sullivan Cemetery of Spring Hill nephews will be pallbearers. Catholic Plans Benefit The Catholic Altar Thanksgiving Program Planned at Spring W Supt. John H, Houek, Jr. "w cca that tbe Spring HIU High Sclwol will have a special TJ»anksgvn| uervlce in the high school building on Wednesday, Nov. 99. at U;M Ihq , curate rifle 1 ahd on some, 400 ' in an .alter Koreanc Bwt the a.m. Special music is being arr»nge4 under the direction ot Mrs, B, U Wiggins, and Rev. CiRji4; CUrk, pastor of the Spring HU1 Methodist Church, wUl b« the gue»t ttwtoj., the northern,^ It w&* "• 3U! hsve 88VWS sfwsa MfM»V JW| JodajrL , AU patrona ol too scfepol j»re invited to be present, •.-. ( -w ~ $&M wUttenf 32 M»y: hurls," .be "It hurts where -» can't scratch. Liter the Allies pushed back with relatives. Otherwise life appeared to be supply of "bug enough to sustain out gasoline," retreat it nee- north beyond Seoul again, lines' .uc roughly along the 38th parallel, where the war began, Put in nearly 18 months of trwre talks tbe Chinese have built their army from 500,000 to some one mtt Pali Sing Hymni teenagod hunting »8 Gibson toy dying Ot in a cow, wet sponsoring a be«0Jtt ch" Tuesday, November 29, in the Parish Hall. Coffee and cake will be served at 7:90 P-o», Tbe public is invited. Half a Mrs. brought' » nug« bw e*g "by the Star Saturday. The egg weighed a h«U pound, me§iiu/e4 ?V« ' «nd wii

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