Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1952
Page 6
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SOCIETY New Cabinet 8£tt! Please All ['fftlMU «W» »«<* **|favr.r«iUe reaction from leader* o ^irrv ". ^ ^uwssrss.'sr.iSM-x «•„«; <; ,«- »,:„,, ,„„ SSL ilK%'n."«««» .•:«'. i'.' ™".»'.'"',"' I "L± r, , cr :rr's.»:i,,™';;,«"," *™*^«>° Auxiliary Will American Leg moot M. M. Ag« «• h»n with Mr«, ho»t«l» ot 1: Glr«l« of WMU o« S8 iflrrt 8»»iUt Church wU of M«, Norm* hn " « rt * t Profldent'i-tect .Risanhower'n Ihreo to hlii "•••• HBM .itAlt. RevenueActMcMoth Rood Doesn't Help Group Lets Market Losers Last Contracts .„ CL.RK* B.ACH ^'^pSX "..T.n.TK HNOTON Wl — H you've ooo w«<re awarded by Oov. Slcl «0me k-m«n» In thc stock. McMath'« Highway CommlMlon In thl» y<-ar, thuy'll all took who t probably wan Its laat meet DOROTHY DIX Hour whr-n y«u got nround to balancing ywr 1<>«*'"' <( ntfnfnst! Knin* tor Income tax purpone*. Th* new revenue »ct makes yonterday 1 i'-man Commission will 1 1 I lU 4'IIIUM x^ w ,...... ——- —-1 k-nve nfficc with McMftth In Jan •rn<* new revenue »<i ...««.;>. n-'u'sry. Tnking Its place win be a distinction between tond-tcrm ami;5 man commlsulon named by Oov.- ehort-term capital |nMc»-th»t li.| e ,..-«;t FrancM Cherry. The «m«ller ln*ie» on Kccuritle* you held fm-j C01 nml»8lon was authorized by «lx month* or wore and tho»« you Amendment 42 to the «»»«• t""• mM In IeM than six month*. frustrated At 26 Pear Mi*» Dix: What can be the! trouble with me? I'm a married Woman of 88 with two small daugh torn. My husband's Job keeps him from home a lot, I brood by thc hour because all 1 think ot U going dancing, having fun, taking trips to places I cannot visit and buying lots of clothes. These things I cannot do because of my family and my huirband'S Income. I have wonderful, considerate husban win tries to please me in everything. I'm never satisfied, though. CDMt ; Under the old law, you could do i :luot Ui€ per cent of your term losses but "nly Ml pc ftf. tlMS three w«r« for cab ft your tana-term lurnrs. potts: Herbert Hrownell .Ir,,j That encouraged security Now Y'Mk lawyer nrtd former aide' omstorwm to do just the Mov which was adopted at the 'I g'-ncrai election. i thing in which you can take *.-—- *ruftr«ton and inferiority go hand I in-hand; put yourself in the super- I ior class and you'll no longer be 'thwarted. Make friends. Thfttll most important. Make them thrott| eh church, through a civic orgar"-* 3 fation, through the PTA In y ,.„ g e-.l,n« fat and people say £.»«£ throu^tne ^ «„ because I'm frustrated. Is that so? ,^ ^ ve something to Impart I'lcaee tiy to help me LO IS A | ^ ^ turn _ ^ 10asp tij iw m-»K ••"- • t . Answer- You are indeed frustru tct, but thc situation isn't new or alarming. It's quite a commonplace problem among mothers tied down with young children. On thc cheer Above all, remember — ch-ldrcn will soon be grown, you will ha\e lots of time for the daft cine, fine clothes, travel, but neve* ' anything be as * with young children. On tnc CULL. , ^^ wjU anylhing b e as sweet lul side- is the fact that there arc j i(j you _ s tne babyhood of youf ! rnunv KfillllionS to YOUT (IllCmn , . ,_-_*.,^ fl T.nnrn in pniOV thefTI . m«,n7 solution,, to your dilemma. » . ««..• t' (n sure if you 11 folio 1 * d m about of Qov. "Thomii* E. Dewey, on nt torney conorM, and George M. .-,-.— , Humphrey, Cleveland Industrialist, «.. **las scctctary of the treasury, to I ti>i»^«k.«»..«., >i«.«i*nni*ri former i;u»v»>.>,», .v* — - , ..... --.- • • — from what framorn of the "*v«miu- Department onglnocrn ca cf the Jobs, for bridges acp'SK the Harding Drain In Pine Hiii'f wi s awarded conditionally, OIK Bandit Slain Continued from Page one liomb holdup in an attempt to "perfoim the perfect crime." The would be robber was Identi fled as Jacob Reuben Katz, 45, whom police said owned a chain W IMM*'•* ""It !•••-— —-- " - - , market* by tax»n« only half] JKIinrnowOr nuillinniCH iwi"»» ..... - ..... •-••- - ,,_i.« H«okl» 8W«»n of MlnnwBta »ith» capltnl KalnH if «tock» ' - i.i t drainage project. contract commitments mttUiol (witurlty administrator. I the capital galm ir KIOCK> nrn •** »j „„, $14 , 00 o in uncommitted for six months or more before sell- <- " f * . . , , •Sra-SCS.'SSK *-.-.* JJ "B" JK.'S SS, S Jut! iway funds for use before Jan, Engineer AH s asrSTM^V-s: * = '^,:™±±" ^ payer gets a <|iilck profit. In whnt iipp'cnrs not to hove bo'-n p,m» n'>l«' bunlncisamnn, nnd I predict " tor him n rnoit i.ucc«»»ful iidntln- wtratfw." , Uyrd, who refuied to support icitlu urodldnntldl noiTtlnftf, "»™ •-•>•- • - fl*ven»n. had been man-1 unrne way -nllowhm the taxpayer, •£,•&. Treasury P«»t but, ^ ^ y ( w.. ,^^-n,^ In whnt tinpcnrs noi to nnvc oo'-n i»"i" - - ----- jfss£rArs±- K Missrafi s same way —allowiiiK the taxpayer? tu .... lh(> . ''1" U 1 L : . a liii'lgtl asking for an annual ap iiruiirlation of H'l million dollars for - • • j or the prepared a few o! thc suggestions I am about to make, you'll be able to write mu in a month and announce that you have already developed a better outlook on life. Small children do tie one down, '»" - --' -" crpaUve an d the but freedom at this time of your'* 1 ^"""'• ln *' life comes not from daydreaming b*t from pursuit of some reward youngsters. Learn to enjoy ev?ry minute; their childhood la so fleeting. As for your overweight, don t you honestly find yourself eating more than you need, because you nothing else to do? Keep b " eorllei yentarday ho did iwi Secretary of tho Treasury Sny- As a result, the prnllce of sell- ±». r as jrsszA&swn. ^^^^^,» Id ut* (j**** i V-iff> »*?f wfM « !'*»•"• ««.ifa- nuked to I HMmphvcy, offering hia nssliitnnoo ------ pot f, trnriifor of uu- „,„-,„ ,-.- called Humphrey "nn ndmlnl»tr«lor of sound Judg- tneiU ond oxpfi'lfncu," Mlitufl! Security Administrator Avercll Harrimon miicte n similar offer In a telephone cull to Slits- ten. HorrltTinn's office said lho two agreed to an early meeting, uut set no dnto, Bun. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, who lo»t tht GOP presidential nomination' to Etoenhower, declined comment on yi>»terd«y's nppolnlmenU by tho President-elect. None of tho income t»x purposes, which i» usual when the yenr IM drawlriK t" n close, was stimulated. The owner oft'.-n nc,ld his loortra sooner than ho wished In order to set his ful 100 per cent deduction. This dedu: tl'm uneouruKetl short-term deal IriRs, which limd to be .ipoculativi and thus Inflttllonnry. So when the net was umendci in 1051. effective this year, it pr.> vldeil tl.ht all IOSSI-B could be full deducted. They can be used to off sot capital jsttlns for tax Tin; department has operated for the past Iwo years on $21 million iiiiwally. Johnson said 9 million dollars of ,10 proposed budget would be ot aside for maintenance; the re- Afl^ fc*0tt w^*«"- ——Y— • - inket on Monday afternoon proBrnm ond . irtwdy on Jfoword Step". futldny, November BO , 85 Wta AH«t Society !• 28, at thu ortS cuke will bt MTV « will bd pl»y«». The ptjbtte & cordially Invited to at» LudJen Auxiliary to VFW net Tuoidfty, November SB, i2Ttll&/«trl&« IlHt. H«rt»i»e« will m MM, w. T. Woodui and Mrs, hit Bryant, After «»« meeting the as, the )»m« ot * , Spring Hill Road will m«*t a o Appolntmenti went to men report edly favored by Tuft, although Humphrey wu« honorary chulrmnn of a Ttift committee In HMD. Sen. Waynd Morse of Oregon, who bolted tile Republican party vo back, Sievenicm and now calls himself nn Independent, commented: "Tne latest batch of ElsenHnw- ev ftppttntmcnU Is but a ctmtinun lion ot placing renctlonnrlos In complete control of hi* lulmlnlstrn- tlpn. . .Btaenhowor apparently be- Uovoa In nlnclng big business in control of the government." In at" Indirect comment, former Secretary of tho Treasury Henry Mnritentliau (told ho hopes the Kl- Benliowur cabinet "doesn't do too itutch iiln l>u«lne»s." Morgenthau, who i>rVed' under lho late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, told roportei* In Tucson, Arlr.., he wua "n little bit worried" about tho make-up of the cabinet. and it they exceed the capital K"> for the year, up to $1.000 of the lox can be deducted from ordinary in "He was wealthy enough," Cap tain Joseph Flynn's department salJ. "He had a nice home and three children. We are not sure his motive was money. "We're working on the theory he did it as a thrill in an attempt to perform the perfect crime." Police found Katz' automobile icar the.- bank where he sprayed ammonia gas into the back of ar irmorcd money truck in the al ,cn:ptt'd robbery. The truck guard, Thomas Doer- flinRer, 24, fired five shots through n peephole into the cab of thc truck, hitting Katz three times, arid thriii collapsed with gas burns Jng activity. A certain amount of daydreaming is good, rather than harmful, but when carried to extremes it can be one of the most deb'liating time-wasters in the wor id. It le;.ds to self-pity, which leads to martyrdom, and where that leads I'm sure you needn't be told. <ei' urges will pass. Dear Miss Dix: My husband, is 13 years my senior, has a hab of visiting his old girl friends a»l his two ex-svives when they come to town. He says I am very selfish and jealous for objecting to this strange activity. Am I doing thc right thing by being a l(_'£l(lS III! CtUIt J> VJ VI 11 V. V,*il I fc vvr • j HIV. • » to" " • " " t The easiest way to lose friends,! and calm wife over this^cir alienate your family's affections' and seucl your husband flying to i tnrow a fit? SWEET .,..,„,,.. for construction. He addec tint thc Increased budget did not mean more money actually was In siuht, but that it would give lit- department an opportunity to si: any funds up. to that amount .MmsMi also handed a list of 6!) 00111118 of maintenance malpractice to the commission. He raid that he made a spot checlc iif negligence by maintenance The counts ranged from come. Here's, the way the revenue acl wcrV.s lor Smith, who nets $fl.OOO n year from 111" law prnctiet;: Ho ii nde a killing this your in nine fii;lch Uranium Hhan-s, luiy- lti« In Kobruiiry and scllitiK In Ot- ooer. mnktnis a long-term capital gain til $2,000. As the price of the stuff began to zoom In May, Smith sot excited rind bought somo shores of Magma Queen Koolsgold. FolUnold prompt loafing on the job to leaving grav cl 'intl Band on o paved highway after completion ot a repair job. However, Highway Director Or- vnl Faubus told the commission lluit .Tornson was "deliberately tor bad maintenance prac Mid Johnson agreed. Reaction from other members of the Botuito, which must net on con- ftarnation of such appointments, Included^ ftrkm (D-Aln.,) tho Deinogt-alic vleo pt-esidentlnl nomine* 1 , sold ho was not itcciunmt- cd wrth Brownell and Humphrey ,, y t»OV*nr»5»r (i Sif »l* Will but prnUecl Stuasen us having "tho right outlook on the mutual old program." Son. Mvmdt (U-SO anld ho con- «lder«d Brownell ami Stnsaon well (jvlftliflecl, but did not know Hum nhvoy. , . Ben, Stennl* (D-Mls«) prnliod Brownell's choice, sold Stnsaen ., wit* "Hccoptublu" nnd did not T h « know Humphrey. «J **• Sen. NVntkins (W-Ut«h> snld he School 1 approved the appointments ot Brownflll nnd Stassen. ly lii-HfU' « l° n K drop, until lu; had ,-\ loss of $1,800. when hi> sulil it This was In October — a short- tunn ci.plttil loss. On his income form, Smith win ndd tho $2,000 .gain to his $S|OQO income then deduct the''$1,500 to**. N,>xt h« will fliiui.- hi.f net capital gain, $2,000 minus $1,500, or $500 Deducting htilf of this, or $l r »0 from the total, ho will have lot a t:»xnble ini-oine of $t),lSO. H Smith luul had the Same lurk experiences in the market las year, lho l«w nl that time wouli have led him n taxable income 1 o 1 only $7,r-00, liceousc he could have bd'nncor' UXi poi' ci'iil of his short- term loss ayuiuat only 50 per cent of his long-term gain rnubus said that many of the faults were the responsibility of rouMty road foremen and "we can't expect high type .Intelligence i;r .> hinh grade of efficiency from the people we can afford to hire for maintenance work." Contracts awarded by the Com miss.ion Included: of the eyes, face and lungs. The guard was sitting in the locked compartment while two other guards were inside a bank transferring money. Doerflmger said thc bandit en tercd the truck's cab and unwrapped a metal cylinder with a rubber hose attached. He then sprayed a stream of ammonia through thc peephole of the compartment. ,"l grabbed for my revolver and fired through thc peephole," Doerflinger said. "Then I grabbed a shotgun and tried to get out o the rear door. That's all I re member.'Is 1 Doerfilnger was revived with an member." Company officials said "a lot of money' was being transferred to the bank from the truck. another woman is to become a downtrodden matyr. Don't let that happen to you! Assume Brighter Attitude Your first step toward reformation is a brighter and gayer attitude towards your immediate life. Don't regard your home and children as confining agencies. See them for what they are — the sour ce of unlimited, scope for happi- ncs=. Your children are two little souls for you to mold; what they leavn from you now will remain with them the rest of their lives. Dr.n't let their daily lessons be ting :d with the reminder that you are bitter and morose because theii presence keeps you from the mcr rimcnt you miss. Your home is t kingdom of your own creation and over wr ich you are absolute mon arch. Use whatever talents you have to make it finer, more beautiful — a,,fit setting for its queen. If you can paint a chair, make a curtain, embroider a scarf or frame a picture — do it. If you think you can't, learn! Learn and do, soirething constructive, no matter how small. The antidote for frustration is to produce some-^ Answer: To get your share of attention you might have to become ex-"/ife the third. Your husband cti tainly carries visiting to an ex- tr»me but since he apparently has -jassed the first blush of youth, I suspect, the middle-aged span, I doubt it he can be reformed. Bet- t<ji try being sweet and calm. Dear Miss Dix: For a long time v/e have wanted to have pen p«s n other countries, and o£ other lationalities. We don't know^where to ?et such addresses, yea" can help « spAT ANQ SANDY Answer: Since all your attempts to obtain correspondents Ior other - to o people have been diverted to ser- I have no pen pal ad- vicemen , di esses Cor you. However, i esse . , that m&ny church publications car ^ ther-i. So, perhaps readers will render assistance readers wi" icuu>-» —-forward to me some material a- uii these lines. I, of course, send the information on to you— and anyone else who will send a stamper! self-addressed lor H. ncleaKed by Bell Syndicate^ Inc jeffersen County — 106.33 feet >f reinforced concrete bridges across Harding Drain, city of Pine Bluff. Highway 05. S. M. Dixon of Wiuren $-15,730.16. Garland County — 0.530 mile oi blacktop, Westlnghouse Plant re location road. Highway 270. Reynolds nnd Williams of Little Rock. * 4 Clark County — 0.067 mile of blacktop on Gum Springs Alumi- if Pmitii had hopefully hung on to Mu«mn Queen until December, sell ImTlt J»st before the close of the nit, iv J 1 "'" .. „ i n n0.<t>rm ;u» i»'t,f,-*\ * ••- o - . Ue vuild have added one-half of his lonj,Merm gnln, m- $1,000, to his SB 000 ordinary Income, nnd then he ** ' .. .«._»... .1 a>\ nfu\ long-term hnvc deducted $1,500. In si year's law, however, vear and making it a ions-"-' " oss, he would have wound up witn exactly the taxable income he has U He y wou\d 5 °have deducted half the loss or $750, from half the gain, o, $1 000 adding the $250 differ- 'o his ordinary income. PRESCOTTNEWS Mrs. Je»se Sees Ntgroes Making Much Progress WASHINGTON, WV — American iroev are eeW\ointc»liy worse white clthMfh* tout the iw *,. .them li'««tttnit smaller a Labor Pepartment report ml tor * Senate labor suo- eonimtUet headed by Sen. Humphrey fD-Mlftn,,) A, committee summary ot the re- Nrt utkU 1, Tho bl«eat number of Negro \wkaw are »tlU found In tower. N«l«e» l|»to better Jobs that Port«r Presents rtv Rose Garden Club Th«> M Uose Garden Club mot Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 in the home ' Mrs, J. Franks with Mrs. , C. H, CU-iiy as en-hostess. Yellow and white mums were used in decorultne the livinft room and a horn o( plenty filled '-vith fruit nnd nuts was used MS a con- torpteco for the dining room table. Mrs. J. U. Ilemls, president, pre- , Miller, Buddy Kr. C^aid McUland Jay Me- Nully. Blake Council and Kobeit Allen Ersklne. The meeting was dismissed by O. \V. Watkins, Cub Scout Master. Mr*. Ralph Gordon Hostess to 37 Club* Vari colored chrysanthemums in firneeful arran K ements decorated * . ., .1 Oolnh rinrtton Quake Ruins Buildings in California SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., (UP) — A "strange" rolling .earthquake rippled across widely scattered areas In California just before mid night lasj night, and police here said "numerous buildings" wore damaged. . . There were no reports of injuries or deatiss caused by the quake and no reports of extensive damage in other California cities. A police officer here said 'numerous buildings" were "cracked.^ "Many windows were broken, the officer said, "but I can't give an estimate on the amount ot damage done." He spld there had been no reports oi injuries that I know of. One lesldent of San Luis Obispo sari it was the "strangest quake I've felt since 1932." "There was no shock, just a caressing roll," he said. . he tiemblor rattled windows, furniture and dishes in homes from thc Los Angeles region to the San Francisco bay area. Residents at San Matco in nor them California reported feeling a 'strong shock that lasted over a NOTICE I have purchased Bob Turner's Grocery on West Third Street and will appreciate continued patronage of old customers as welt as new ones, ... be FARMERS £52 fcJEsS M« *» V»*'** J "* »^»»-» ™r^..-r^« T - w»» »p**d*d durtoiK the war years belni* contlnuod, Negro wage and salary «^-« in 1MO earned *n averaee ot iSJottt 11,900 » y«an or W Metro thru 40 {Mr cent ot tho 15 W U to of *U n* went to school Interesting pvognviu on "Umdsenp [ng and Care of Shrubs." A delicious dessert course was served to the Iti members present. Prtacott Garden Club Hat November Meeting Tho November mectlnu of the i Prcscolt Garden Club was held on Tuesday afternoon In Uw home cf Mrs, J. C. \\oodul with Mrs. Cuss McCasklll, Mrs. Burke Sheltoix and Mr*. C, A. Wynn associate hostes- SOS Mrs. Jack Cooper gave a report onTthe Stone- meettaig held Friday in Ull * UVQ«V»J «••» was hostess to the '37 Contact Club. Mrs. A, V. Uognier won the high score award. Club guests were Mrs. Everett Ward und Mrs. Dudley Gordon Members present included Mrs Regniei-. Mrs. C. P. Arnold Jr. minute The longest shqck apparently was feH in Salinas, about 100 miles iouth of San Fransisco. The sheriff's office said the temblor there lasted three minutes. "There was an initial jolt and then it just rocked for two -and one-half minutes," a Salinas po liceman said. ruirn Plant road. Highway 26. Ollard Giegory and Son. North Lit tie Rock. $35,462.41. Benton County -1.53 miles of blacktop and construction of Ben tonvillc bypass. Highway 71. Kills Koontz of Ft. Smith. $70,314.^ ^^ s^'s 'fLlBETVOUDIO THATON PURPWE!" , I r * » t «• th* «t«0y \u«^r l«der • p5Sk ww -^—ttfUtH «* worth ever t*» week teft 8»twr4*y raowdim ior ««bln on N»rro\vs Lake. Hospital Notes L»roy PhUllps, program neKtilvr, wno. *-. »• ------ o. nuu»i> v» --• — •. - • „ .-,, Mrs Tom Bemls, Mrs. Frank Gil-1 pikc and C lark Counties — 0.466 bei't Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs.t n , Ue ol blacktopped approaches Frank Haltom Jr., Mrs. Mark Jus-: aucl om , concrete bridge across tiss, Mrs, John Pittman and Mrs. Antolne River. Highway 26. Fors- Archie Johnson. gren Brothers of Ft. Smith. $98. A dainty salad course in the Thantwjwiujs motif wus served. Mrs. Bob Pledger of Dallas is the guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs, J. H. Bemls. on 'What Do 4t %rV**("-^ T " ». ...» „„ Want IProm Your Roses? First place In flower arrange- went to Mrs. Arthur Turner. iiic«t« *»«•*» »« ----- --- _ Mrs H. I* Eaton and Mrs. W. P. Cumming* tied for secoi\d place. A dainty salad plate was served to 26 members and a guest, Mrs. Warren Golden. SUven Cub Scouts Receive &obc*t Pin« , . Eleven members of Cub Scout Mrs. D. W. Bryson Sr. of Gurdon spent a part of this week with her daughter, Mrs. A. R. Underwood and Mr. Vnderwood. John C. Stegar of Excelsior Springs. Mo., is the guest of Wft mother, Mrs. J. C. Stegas. Mrs. J. S. Craiu of O»n tajrls- iting Mr. and Mrs. R- Fand Charles. 011.70. .. Uarlu:>d nnd Perry Counties - 21.-J48 miles of base course and blacktop and one concrete slab bridge on Short Mountain FourcNe Junction road. Highway 7. McGeorge Contracting Co., Inc.. oi Pine Bluff. 1584,877.25. Standard Form, Non-Assessable Policy ROLAND R. ROBERTSON Hope, Arkansos 317 E. 15th Phone 7-3660 FARMERS INSURANCE EXCHANGE Mrs. H. F. Helton has returned from Austin. Texas, wbere she T- W* See the GAS RANGE the PAY was the guest of Mr. and MJTS- Pack. 81 received Bobcat Pins lu » George W- Wyatt. cwxdlelight luck of Cub »nd thetf *'«s «iven by Mrs- Al Dautels- *ohnso». field Scout c*t ptos froca WIZZARD On Display at Your Friendly HOPI STAl, MO Saturday, Nsvcmber 11,1*51 •y Chick Youna CANT EAT A THING-)! ME 6ITH6K' HE BOSS AND 1 HAOYlVt STILL FULL A CHOCOLATE MALT -f OF CAKE AND AND DOUGHNUTS A ICE Cfit AM FROM AT FOUR OCLOCK T C THE FW?TY MOM, DON'T SET A PLACE FOR ME f AND I'M.THf: ONE , > WHO DIDN'T LIKE < (CHICKEN A LA KING TONIGHT-1M HATING DONTUK6 CHICKEN A LA KING. BECAUSE IT'S SO FATTENING. BUT THE EST OF THE FAMILY LOVE IT AND ASKED FOR IT SUPPEP OVER AT CAROL'S HOUSE •y Mfchtil O'Mallty «nd OUT OUR WAT' By J. R. William* Answer to Previous Puzzle f AMP IT'S- (3OOR > TOO-HA-HA— / AND DOM'T BE PUMPIM' MB WHAT IS EITHER/ YE <3ODS/ OME OF TH' FELL POWM AMP 7 ILL. MISS HE C5OES TO ALL. A HAFF TH' THAT TfEOUBUE TO I MOVIE New Mexico Way HORIZONTAL 53 Looked I Capital of. _ i'f i°" g „ New Mexico ^ 4 Click-beetle j s p c 5S Made a 6 New Mexico's mistake official 5C Lethargic flower is the VERTICAL yucca j Twirls II Plumes 2 Fervid 13 Biological reproductive bodies _ v "\V *f ?,. % -C ., —' i ja - ( I • •-••- ' *SnN;~ ••*> 12 Percolate 35 Courtesy title 4 Beverage slowly 37 Enumerate l4Pnrm"n nMinn 5 Social insect 13 Scatters 38 Drool 15 Father or 6 Health resort 18 Circle part 39 Bridal path ID i-atnei or ? Rocky 21 Bh . ds o£ pr(Jy 41 Eat pinnacle 23 Little ball 43 Watchfu* 8 Rugged 25 Ache 48 Exist mountain 27 Harvest 49 Scatter, as hay crests 29 Began 51 Fourth 9 Tautens 33 Conccdcr Arabian caliph 10 Natural fat 34 Peruser 52 Light brown mother 16 Diminutive of Edgar 17 Organ of hearing 19 African fly (var.) 20 To cut 22 Priority (prefix) 23 Equal 24 Snare 26 Fondle WASH TUBES THEV PROVE BY WWLBA0aBK6 BUT WON'T 5TOI?., TH05E COME VET, PROP'TW* •FAKE RUBY WHERE WE POUND IT? WHY MOTHERS 28 Aeriform fuel 30 Eastern state (ab.) 31 Ignited 32 Salt 33 Amphitheaters 36 Personal (ab.) * 39 Eras 40 Disencumber 42 Tissue 44 War god OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople HOVO "DO YCUMi I'VE ORDERED TO MAS y<2L> PQTTIMO K RATE A j^( AAOKE M.V ^\ THICKER ^~^\ FOR ••( BURLAP TriAM ' PUT IT SACK 4 '%% ( I'VE GOT OM J-A \MHY DOI^ V T MV 6 LAB / -L WAK& LJPVJlTH FROST BEFORE X , ^ ••* MOSS ll^iTOA BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES 45 Three-parted (comb, form) 46 President Coolidge VOViO 1NWE oo\ w^ow waoox VMM? VOW WAKKtO 47 Dispassionate 50 New Mexico's population is largely Mexican By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY LE/VVAAG FLIP \ ARE VOU TMOee PANCAKED KE«,TAUfZA.NT PETUNIA/ J KNOW HOW By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP EHfOH.HI V'KNOW RNG THING .SHCOTINS A MV GOSH.POOLA.M-LTHia TALK ABOUT WITCHES AM' STUFF MUST BE He does have a certain something—perhap$ it might be best defined as purchasing power! By Galbroith SIDE GLANCES My hats were 'always getting swiped »o I carry my own rack!" CHRIS WELKIN, Planereer WHAT6IVE?, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS PUT YOU CAM WATCHJ KNOCK, IT OPF/R.y- l VDU PONT TONIt, 1"/H GOIH6 TO TSU-VOfl HEY,! SENIORS 6OMMA SPUir PROP-ER- QOTTA BOILED DOWN STAIRS ? HEY, FRKK, CAN I WHAT- . sue- JICTM-ARE ~ |X/(J "*^S6J QO-IN6 • ?1 b*t ihe e^ts plenty! I'm g«ing to tft MALCOLM PORTERFIELD'S GROCERY AND MARKET 723 West Third Street Phone 7-6720 PROTECTED WITH TO INSURANCE SAVE MONEY LOWER RATES * SEMI-ANNUAL PREMIUMS • Farmers policies are seH- renewing. Thi* eliminates the high yearly re-sale cost ... the savings are passed on to/ policyholders. • Claims Service U prompt. Policyholders deal direct with their local District Agent. This eliminates red-tape and delay ... policyholders receive prompt service plus prompt payment. R. O. MOON District Agent [FARMERS ^INSURAHCt .CROUP

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