Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1952
Page 17
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y, November 21, 1951 H.OM ITAt, IIOM, iDpipNHpiMMMffvw" "• " ^ SIFIED P^— 'P»*'iF ^^^^** iin^^^^ IMAM* horwi for «blld< d«icr)piw. Writ* B«* »f »U Jt»W top 7*2«9. 0-M-Jm MBW R, C. Allan Wtfwriltra jnK machine*, e««h 'W^--.Rental - ptffchnim »>««, When Cental ptW *<!««'« «ir »«'* yo» Iho machine, Bo C. C. Bryant, 3W Smith Pint »t 15-' Wanttd to in? care R to | Eitot* for Salt Uoven room home, thr«o bedroom* Bttlc fan, floor furnnco, Venetian Wind*, «nr»B<i nnd »torn*o room, Will »»H for equity nnd monthly payment* of *M.9D. Four per cent Interest cm Joan, 217 Eiut 13th telephone 7.2801. 17-Ot "lhi»~~week only, „„„„„ paint »4,7« fisllon.• »M. IMfitotlon or your money buck. By«r» Swap Shop, HW 8, wni- ut, CORNKLIU8 Height*. 302 B"t Hth, % taBdrOom home. Financed. lai JOO x 17(1. Priced to Mil. WHY pny rent? You can buy thin » room hou«« uptown for I«M than rt>nt, 123 Sooth Wn»hlngton. Sldnwnlkn, paved «tr«trt. Lot M X 220, Yflti pay #»0 nnd move In, Bolftnco *W per month, HOME «nd income. Duplex, 6th nnd Pine. We hnve n price on (hi* thai will mirprlit'i you, 1!. n. FRANKLIN COMPANY A, P. Dolony. Manager 10-flt H^ipWanted" Bobcats Go to Smackoverfor District Tilt Wisconsin Waiting Until Next Year MADISON. Win., tfl —The cnnv, mm whtre the "Walt 'Til Next! Yc-.ir" tune probably originated wait rocking today to an unaccustomed rhythm. . . 0 Wisconsin itudent* and fans. uajr »hruB8ln« off 40 years of Big Tcnj PRESCOTT NEWS Nov«mber 23 .turned to her home in Van Huron uUi Fellowship of the after a visit with her daughter Church will meet on Sun Mr*. J. W. Teeter and Mr. Teeter i.m. >orks to End Disastrous Grid Season By ChlekVourtf OZARK IKI football frustration*, are booming! for the Roue Bowl with a heavy! The Hope BobeaU clo*« out their iwa'.. All thal'H needed In n wlndup The Youth Choir of the Baptist Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor and children of Loekesburg have beer road trip* tonight wh«n they Jour- noy to Smnckovor for a final dU- trlct contest ««oln*t th« cv«r-p»- t«)t Buekaroo*.* th« Karrto U ratwl a ton up with pa.Mica»on tlU nt both t«nm« completely out of nny| Coach Ivy Willl,mson » Badger. ton ormw over Minnesota to i-t lonst n share ot the V-Vntcr-. Conference chnmplonshlp *nd an almoa certain bW to the 'outh unoir 01 me uapusi «-«•• •«.,.„„. -,-.— - „ w rt nnrt will meet on Sunday fit 5! the guests ot Mrs. C. D. Ward and [•mining Union will meet Hill Ward. ^ Mr. and Mrs, Tom Bemis am Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bemis spon Monday nt their cabbin on Grnss L.ak(>. ansas Razorbaeks iCir disappointing at 0:.'»0 p.m. Classes for Young People of the Church of Christ will be held Sunday nt 6:40 p.m. traditionn. ,oe for «2 ^•M^aMii*****'""*" 1 *'''"'* 1 ""''" ^™ '• ' >ANRV plant*, 8 doxnn $1. Arbnr vita« bunhw, nandlnn fou»he«, naradlee toughen, hydrfm(foa» l 1804 3, Kim. CAMPRJSM- FLOW SHOP. Phono 7-4420 18-0 IXl'EIUKNCKD Lndios ready-to-wear. Very Rood opportunity. Writ* full particular* nnd pUfVloua cxperlcnec to Box "A" In core of Hope Stnr. IB-at ._ ___- 00 BAUSS 7-878J. hny, Phono JO-D ROOM ho««e. Hardwood floor throughout. Venullnn blind*, at tic ton. 081 8« ultl Wnlnut, IP"? KXPKrtlE'NCED waitress. Top sal »ry. Apply Mnnngcr, Diamond Cnfo. N - |0 - tf rat<: , „ boyg nrc In good nittipc nnd would like to bolster their win column, and are rot- Me ' l ' r The BTS of the Central Mission- ry Church will meet on Sunday it 7 p.m. ,*,.,.»...- There will tie n Young People's victory service nt the Church of Naznrenc Mrs. Homer Ward is ill in a Tex arkana hospital following majo surgery. , a fl)ntt< , f th " " ° the''Sunday at 7 first i p.m. ed by many on nllglnly favored inj tllI!C! S1 ". tonight', tilt. i 'W " f The Rome will be broadcast by Station KXAH. It olenn pino lumbor; wallbanra 3 cents foot! doom, W up; win down, frame*, left over lllen, )«*» than H price; dink*, $ft up; ««» heatori. *0.7B; B«» plate*, W^tt; btitane tank. »30, Muo'u C«rn»>. G. IB. iiiwln« machine. Both In good condition. Roaionttble. Phono 7.8708. ^.^^^1^ 'QUQII, alt* '^riod «nfc ( gum nnd FypreMH. Ainu S'S'S Oak tind Gum HUltnblu for Knrm two. Oak " pout mid lirldKo Unibors. Company. 81-1 The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-M74 Or bring Itemi to Mlee Turner *t Hlcke Funeral Home Defense Is Factor for Top Teams NKW YORK UPI — Football fans who hnve been grieving about llv nviT-rmphnitlii on offense in foot- fonll can t'tke heart today by comparing the list of four unbcntvn nnd the best teams on do and-bugny! The Pioneer meeting of the Pres- j byterinn Church will meet Sunday ws no dlfferunce wh.it; at 4:30 p.m. The Youth Fellowship happens in other key games in' will meet at (1 p.m. Supper will I tic rimferenc<> tomorrow—Wlscon- be served by Mrs. T. F. Crayson ...in can't lose if It wins. Michigan.) a nd Mrs. Max Kitchens, with lt "-' same '1-1 record, can' Ohio State arid still do no than tie the. Badgers. If lhat happens the Big Ten athletic cluv nt (j.;)o p.m dlri.'cto! i, will decide which team lire's West ibis winter nnd Wisconsin, sir-'-'' It's never been there 'iiiiforc, rates the nod. The Young People of tho Assembly of God Church will meet Sun- Mrs. J. W. Bradley has bee ill at her home. BBRBBR MKMORIAU 0. M Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pwtor 0:45 n.rn. Sunday iichriol. U o.m. morning wornhlp. 6:00 p. m Kpworth Longn 7 p. m. Evening worship B. MT. 2ION OME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manning, Paitor 0;48 ft,m. Sunday School 11 ti.rn. MornlnB Worship 0 p.m. Kpworth League. 7 p.m. Kvenlnn worship . Hor(!',H whtit they'll find: Mlchlunn Stntu, top ranked team 1,1 the country, has the best do- Vine a|{itln8t ranhlng defense witli tin nverane of 1)7.3 yards per Riitne. Georgia Tech, No, 2, has tin- Souer Named Most Valuable Player Mrs. Carl Dalrymple Hostess to Woman's Association bi'»«t totnl defense and against both „ .... . .. with a figure of 10(111 yards per game. UCLA and .Southern California, rnnttcd third nnd fourth respectively, are tops, with Oklahoma, In pus* Interceptions and also havs yltlded the fewest points pot' game. Uy RALPH RODEN YORK, Hank Snuer, tne rags to riches outfielder of the Chicago Cubs today was named the most Valuable Player In the National League for the 1952 by the Baseball Writers Association of America. The selection of the 33-year-old Chicago slugger came as a surprise to many as Snuer slumpec barily during the last month of the Tho Woman's Association of the Presbyterian Church met Monday afternoon in the home of the president, Mrs. Carl Dalrymple, with ten members present. Mrs. Dalrymple opened the meeting with the devotional and led in prayer. She also conducted the business and the minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. Wallace Pemberton. Mrs. Warcn Cummings conducted a program of praise and Thanks jiviriK and the annual praise and Thanksgiving offering was receiv- Willie Pep Willing to Fight Anyone KT. LOUIS Wl — A contiden crafty Willie Pep, his latest "com b.ick" opponent listed as a v lim, says he'll fight anyone, at time to sain another crack at w ning tuu'U his featherweight cro f-o-n Sandy Saddler. The bobbing veteran put on usual show last .Anight to win a unanimous, 10-round decision from Fabella Chavez, a youngster from FAYETTEVILLE Ml — The AMI close oiif IP YOU'LL STAY AND FINISH SOME PAPERS WITH ME TONIGHT; 'LL BUY YOUR \j DINNER will 1952 football oason .*».*. H« "Jmi f( j«Mi««MH<»>M">"< *'" Services Offered YDSAiitr ot exporlonco In floor Handing nnU flnlnhlng. Bnlo Rog or», Dl» W. 7th. Phono 7-2884. 0-aMm LOCAL nnd lontf (Ustnnco Unullna, I Also local movlna. 800 Dannie | HtttnlUon or call 7-3011. "« For Rent BETHEL A. M. ft. CHURCH Rev. Q. Ponchnl, Pnitor 11:45 o. m. Sunday school. j] n.tn. Morning Worship 0 p.m. A, C, K. L. 7 p.m. Evening worship UONOKB BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F. K. PQwell, Pa»tor I): <IS ii.rn. Sunday School ll'tt.m. Movnlng Worship. 0 p.m. BTU 7 p.m. Kvi-tilna worship of course, .but It's more than coincidence that the only four mnlor unbeaten tennis happen In be iiinoiiK the best In restrnlnhui Urn othei club from movlni! lhat ball. I ho fans crowding Los Angeles CoU.ioum and watching over their toleviKlon sets will see two crack p:isa defenses In Snturday'n UCLA- Sov.thorn Cnllfornin duel. UCLA bus picked off 35 opposition passes top* in the country, and USC's iitlilwarl defensive platoon lias Drubbed 2r> (or a tie with Oklahoma fur second. Southern California, Incidentally, hiut scored seven „ _„„ 8 room wW> bnlh. Kleutrle Private front and bnck antrnnco. 3 blookK MOP Depot- »1» month to »uUttl»tB t«ni\nt, K. D. MANIC COMPANY. A. P.". D»lony, CHURCH OF QOD In CHRIST Bid. 0. N. Dannls, Pnitor JO: 15 n.m, Sunday School )!I:JO p,m, Morning Worship 0 p.m. Y. I*. \V, W. Q p;m Evening worship , , of Us iiS touchdowns on pass In- ed. Cake and coffee were served by the hostess during the social hour. The big four also do well scorin;'. scnson f 0 r,owin« a brilliant start S-iucr won his circuit's highos lionnr by a narrow margin ovei lUuiin Roberts, the graceful right hnnder of the Philadelphia Phil lit" 1 tmci Joe Black, the rookie re ili'l' expert of the pennant-winning Brooklyn Dodgers. The Chicago star, whose climb to major league star d om was a tortuous path, collected l!2li points out of u possible 330. Roberts, who mere games than any other second with svho inadv. pitcher, 2U, 211 points. finished Bl a c k, 5 ROOM howso lun»r high school. Call 7-3585 utter 3 o'clocH. 20-31 TWO 'bedroom house. Modern closet* nnd cabinet*. In good neighborhood ne«r P«I»loy Soho- oj. Sum Hartstluld, Telephone Notice Night T rtSWiT**!-*-— J«^MK YOU want your Sole or Rent QAnnerr OHAPMU BAPTIST R«v. F. R. WlWwm, P««or »:45 «. m. Sunday aohool U o. m. Mornmit worship 0 p.m. »TU 7 p.m. Ifivwninji Worship RI8INQ STAR BAPTWT R«v. W. M. Brby, Pwtor 0:43 a.m. Sunday «chool. 11 a.m. mornluB worship. 0:00 p. m. B. T, U. 7 p.m. Evening Worship VlrRlniu lends tho pass defenders In ynrc'HCc-, however, with a yield ol only fiO.O yards per gnme. When 11 comes to scoring, Southern C«l has given up 3,3 polijts per «amo. nnd UCLA 5.1. Georgia •h. the only tt-nm which has yet o yield n touchdown on a pass ts n '1.1! average. Atthouiih Dos Koch of Southern Cnlitormn bus the best individual HintinB average in the country, th team average per game u r.rooklyn's entry into the World Series possible, was third with 20«. Saner, u G-foot-4, 200 pound brul- serai ran into a terrible slump in September. He hit only three homers dro\e in several runs and col- celecl 10 hits In 75 times at bat. WSCS Has Fall Study The Woman's Society of Christian Service met Monday afternoon at tho church for the second study on Home Missions and Human Kifihls, under the general direction of Mrs. Kverett Ward. The meeting was opened with the SOUK "0 Mother Let Me Walk with Thee" an inspiring devotional was given by Mrs. Dan Pittman Si 1 ., Mrs. Glenn Hnirston told a story on the study theme. The interesting study was led by Mrs. L. C. Galling. The meeting closed with the pray er hymn "Blessed Be The Tie That Binds." Hollywood, Calif. Both weighed 129 pounds. It was just a matter of Pep craftincs-£. — with some nice help from a jabbing left and a head- snapping right — that gave the Hartford, Conn., ex-champ the clci-r-cut victory. Judges Howard Iles-s and Fred Connell, and Ref- "iee Ray Palmer saw the fight the saint way. Each gave it to the 30-year-old Pep, 58-42. But while Pep considered the tough less fight a success against "a kid ', the promoters were enthused with the outcome at the gate. A crowd of 2,491, just a drop 15,000-seat areana bucket, bare $5,593.50 to see the locally televised at Tulsa tomorrow in a ett'ng almost like that of last ear, when they upset a hlgniy avorcd Hurricane team 247. Al- noht, lhat is. Once more Tulsa goes Into this raditional rivalry boasting the alion's leading offense. And once u-re Arkansas is a definite under- Bui 'here the similarity stoP**^ A year ago the Razorbaeks had S l le that was double tough on rush r| a rood job ot breaking up The 1952 Razorback defense h09» been extremely porous, having yielded an average of four touch- towns per game. Last year Arkansas started a thrte-gume winning streaking- m Wnr Memorial. Stadium at Little Rock by making the Tulsans vicf; tinis of its first major victory m tint uicna. This time Tulsa has the home field a field on which the Ra/orbacks haven't won smco 19 Therc*s a bare possibility that Lewis Carpenter, the fullback who wrecked the Hurricane last season, will return to the Porker lineup He's been sidelined for the ua-t two games with a knee in- juvv. Coach Otis Douglas said Carpenter would make the triy- and would play if there appears to be no danger of his remjunng tne knee. . . Unlesb Carpenter is m top form, Arkansas' chief offensive weapons will be the running of Larry Hogue, Buddy Button, Murray Elton and Jack Tioxell and the pass com- bimtior. of Quarterback Lamar McHan and End Floyd Sagely. Key men in the Tulsa ground game are Howard Waugh, a tank, like fullback, and Ronnie Mornsif a clever quarterback Morris arm is quite dangerous, ^VOu'a PAY C_ FOR IT ? r LOBSTER AND PEAS AND SALAD AND ASFWPAGUS AND SHERBET AND SHORTCAKE AND A PARFAlT AND TVvO CHOCOLATE "Ij ( I GET SO > SLEEPV ( AFTER A \ BIG MEAL ? Z-2-2 >v -^- ** ,i*jt*», / < , K>, 1 jyM,nj > »)«l», ffl Colorful Crosswords Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 57" Kapital" • 1 Primary color b - v Marx • 4 Shade of VERTICAL . * re .? n , , 1 Rodents 8 Dehcate color 2 Cream colored 12 Black as the 3 i mrno rtal of 4 Mocks spades" 5State 13 Russian name 6 Maiden .14 City in OUT OUR 'liiUiillldul.:!'!!!/ HP'D LIKE TO <SET V* WELL,IP YOU LIFT fllT-r-"— 1 /-I^M- OklTHEM SO ] ONE IN.TH' CR^^JG By j. R. Williami VIC FLINT By Mlehoel __.., ONI THEM SO J ONE IW/TH'CR^^JE- TH' MliSiHT MAM . \ MANJ AM' BOSSES. WON'T 6ET ALL.TH* \ WILU EXPECT YOU ^.MAF OFF THENA i TO LIFT TH-NT SIZE ~AM' LEAVE HIM TH' TRICKY FINlSHIM' JOB O.M 'EM TOMORROW.' WHAT WOULD - 1 V YOU CO "LIFT ONE JA |N OR WA , T Ofv) TH' CRANE? fa -rri -, AM' TH' GAM£i POM'T LIKE YOU SET TIN' A .R^p EXAMPLE/ \ £>O I'P WAIT TOPAY \ AM 1 WORK T'MORROW.'I in the paid a nationally and bout in terson. rwn too Ht - completed 14 of 18 m Tula's rout of Detroit last weeK. Arkansas needs to win — or at least gain a tie - tomorrow to OHUROH OF R«V. C. U. CroMl«y. P««tor W8W ftnd reW"w«r7ub»or»ptlo«» to j »;48 a.m. Sunday School uny m»««*li\8 published, tihrtat- \\ a.m. Momlw worship mu» VRtes. CJwrleii Royrtorscm, u p.m. \. i. \\.vi. City mU. Day Phone/_t : a38»t| 7 p.m. Kvening Worship untfR to Colorado with 42.8. That's, esnetly n yard better than South urn Cat's 41-H, lloustdu is sixth in the country In total defense against both rush inn und passing with an averag of .204.9 yards per game, in rush injj delonse, Houston ranks tilt with an overage of 101.it yards pe name. 0-30-1 m that' The Oospel Tornadoes of Wichita now Itr* reitatant eotitt «oot\. with eoppur P«r«on«llty Despite this poor showing the Morris Feels Ike Can Do Little P1TTFDURQH Wl — Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon, conunentiut! on Pu!SidenV-e)cut Dwiisht p. Eisen- icit inti>orlion trip 1 to to "VotVr'e hot Cub cleanup hitter wound up tied or league home run honors with 'itlsburgh's perennial champion, Ralph Kiner, at 37 each. He also od the loop in runs batted In with IJsl, the highest of his major league career, and baited .270. Three writers from each major league city participated in the balloting. Points were awarded on 14 for a first-place vote, nine for second, eight for third and so on do-vn the line. | Only other players to poll 100 or more votes were Hoyt Wilhelm. the rookie relief specialist of the New York Giants, and Stan Mus- iai. the six-time batting champion of the St. Louis Cardinals. Wil- iiolm pU.eed fourth with 133 points and the $8;-),000-;\ year Musial fifth,: with 127. Rounding out the top 10 were. Knos Slrughter, St. Louis. 92 points; Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn. ;il points; Pee Woo Reese anil UuUe Snider, Brooklyn, 29 points I'ucb; ant; Hoy Campanella, Brooklyn, aiu. Heil Sehoendienst. St. liuuis. -> points each. Christian Fellowship Meets in Home of Mrs. Dennis Ledbetter The Christian Fellowship of the Christian Church met in the home of Mrs. Dennis Ledbcller on Mon day afternoon. v Mrs. Harry Moore gave the devotional talk based on the 23rd Psalms followed with prayer by Mrs. C. W. Johnson. In the absence of the president, Mrs. Moore, vice president, presided over the business. A report was given on the rummage sale. Plans were discussed for the Thanksgiving market to be held on The Top Radio Programs NEW YORK, W) — Listening to- NBC— G:45 One Man's Family; 7 Hit Parade; 8 Best Plays. CBS— 6 Beulah; 7 Mr. Keen; 8 Mr. Chamelon. ABC— 6:30 Lone Ranger; 7:30 This Is FBI, 8 Ozzie and Harriet. MBS— 7 Adventures of Maisie; 7.3(1 Grteie Fields; 8:05 Great Day Siturday Scheduling: NBC—7:30 — ••-- , CBS—10:05 least gain u u<-- - -•;.., avert equalling its poorest football record in history - the 1950 maik of two wins and eight defeats. The Arkansas-Tulsu rivalry is one o£ high scoring games. The !a«t 10 tilts between these . twfij have produced an average ol « points each. . _ . Overall in the series, the Raz- orbaeks hold 15 victories to nine for Tulsa. Four of their meetings have ended in ties. Two Razorbaeks seniors — not including the questionable Carpenter - will miss the final game of their Pennsylvania I punHK^ P0lnt26 ffOfcriy item 41 Occurrence 15 Musical 9 Rainbow 27 Distorted 42 " syllable \Q Number 28 "Gloorny dean" majesty" 16 Debasing j j Small barrels 29 Compensates .43 Way out 18 Camp 17 Ascended 31 Wooden joint 44 Top (prefix) ; peddlers t g Falsifiers PPfts 46 Always 20 Destroys 23 Flower 33 Depart 47 Legend 21 Possessive holders 38 Prosper 48 Seth's son P ro " oun 24 Yawn 40 Secondary (Bib.) *2 .Bad 25 Wolfhound color 50 Pacifier . <4f) 24 Festive 26 Sorrowful cry 27 Poultry disease 30 Warning signals 32 Moon goddess 34 Free tickets 35 Power 36 Abstract being 37 Seines 39 Prayers 40 Teutonic t> barbarian 41 First woman 42 Gain -^v. knowledge .45 Turn back 49 Extreme 51 Shade of brown 52 Father 53 Bake chamber in a stove 54 Self-esteem .^ 55 Famous ** English school 56 Impudent -VTIC' *$ t-iti^ ^f fV 5 ^^^% SfcS^W'iA 1 ''-^' WASH TUBES THB vvHeauEt? oouuv PC* THfcOPfiM BLfi\«TDR SWAPT.. a9W5!W feWjil JJ^A ' THE TRICK& OF THE >\i"irt\W!.i.TO, *^- ,,.2t \ ~~* CT.-7WUJAM / I M (,., u 5 r.l Q'l.l OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople CARNIVAL Sy Dick Turner a.m. 10 Ilcwdy Doody. . Let's Pretend. . .ABC— No School Today. . MBS— Cidtowu City «o»o . Ttle I, I* City Lumber Co.; Frank Cfcaeret* ( Tol4S-T«x »u- (Mao ( * C»»\P>» C. IS, 18-3t "nftw'""^^! prtew top Ja»« fr^ah eoeauwt i *«A »»r»y,' Unna for November 18, a ton lligh School in Taxarknna. The Klrli were aecompaivled by their «t»wv*or, Ml^s K. Mitchell. Hw s«»islo»v openwl at ft a.m. with Flo- i-euce Wilson presidinji- Opculim ceremonies by tho Toxurkana Chap ter. Twenty ehapters wore reprc- scntetl includlnu Blcvlns. Hope, Ar kadeluhtti, Stephens, Stamps, and Utt Nov. 26 beginning at 9 a.m. place will be announced later. The annual Christmas bazaar will be held Dec. 4, 5, and 6. A joint meeting of the two Fellowship will be held on Monday evening Dec. 15th in the home of Mrs. Johnson. After the benediction the eleven members enjoyed a social hour. The hostess served a delectable Thanksgiving plate. am. Coast Guard Cadets. Meteor Sighted in Southwest Skies By The Associate Press A meteor flashed across southwestern sky last night suddenly disintegrated in a blaze of while light turning night into clay at some places. It was seen m at least four states. The Oklahoma City Weathe. Bureau said from the varied reports it had received there was no doutt the fireball was a meteor the and Will Jinan 1.1**- *»••— «-• tneir varsity careers. Co-Capt. Donn Pivor, a defensive haUback, ?aT a bl-okcn jaw, and Tackle Don Smith bos some broken ribs. $ It'll also be the last game for seniors Hogue, George Thomason, luuon! Bill McFnrland. Elton and Johnny Cole, all backs, ana Herbert Marshall and Bob Linebarner. guards. 359 MORE CASUAL MES WASHINGTON (ffl-The Defense Denavtraent today identified 359 aaditioral casualties of the Korean War The list romprised 68 dead^ 243 wounded, 37 missing and .Sr Reports o e Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Colorado. Mrs. Bemis Chappclle and little daughter of Newton, Mass., are the Rucsts of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Chappellc. .... U«at Korean War in Korea." Morse, who bolted th« Hepubli can party and withdrew his sup port from Elsehower in the No-' vember election, mude that comment ill a speech last night to u Pittsburgh Israel bond drive dinner, Ho added; '"Vou'vo not Koine to perform any mlvucles by any visitation of unyxmo to Korea. You're going to United Nations — nowhere else.) And you're uoiiifi to do it by ne-j S otiatini!. not with Soviet Hussia, but with your allies, for unity." iMoiuo said a "military state oC mind in this country has gone too far in thinking that a third world war is inevitable." He declared: "If you let the military group go unchecked. World War III will bo- Mr, and Mrs. Everette Stutsmani and children, Susan and Stephen' of Joliet, 111., are the guests of her mother, Mrs. Watson Porter. settle the Korean War in the (come inevitable." to wun», Bus*. M ftoUfo Roy C, frjr. Mr. and Mrs. Jam«» Withersp&on Mr*. Ren» Cole. l*M. jfJlci* Troter, Mr*. &Uen Smith «nd Q. C. Thom»» attended the CUE Conference At Magnolia oh Sunday, November 16. SPORTS ROUNDUP r. rimne»w«w *«» }»«»•« Hiah School Tuesday to Hope Star, Homt Study Course your, high school at in sjmw Um». 'Stehfi^L — ^ Smith, Ark»>ua». Mrs. 8p«l* \VUU»m« has returned home after spending several days in Cwpev, Texws. R, L. lirt>dd»«t h*« v*turo*d home aftw spending several day* visiting n>l«tive« and trknds in By QAYL» TALBOT. NEW YORK Ufl — Let us all en- Mrs. Betty McCarroll has Moore Bros. Fresh Dressed Turkeys Your Name Size You Want Date You Will Call BRING THIS TO OUR STORE TODAY Price Guaranteed and Guaranteed Fresh -mie eoY's RoosteR V/A ciyr£ LOOSE AT v-^? GOT A.M *A!ITU v - s SAME RISHT f TO CROW A6 A SUPPOSE THS < " Y\ MAM HAS TO V\10l3LD DR1MS A COULDN'T HPME "DOM& LOOK»W - .-,- ... K( , BI ! OLLy.,. BUT NOt STOPPI THBV'RB Om SI©HT HEUCOP FUVIMS U BOulS AND HER BUDDIHS .« ? oo BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger joy a big hearty laugh at the ex- porse o( the lusslers, those funny, funny fellow* who put on their rib- tickling acts night after night uruund the country and are n^ver, iit com-fe, taken seriously by«»ny- one who tjot beyond U\e fourth Ijrade. eitattel of sport. quont infervals thereafter. The gitipplers, from all accounts, gave their big town audience tho works, as fine and conscientious a performance as could be seen in Windblown, Idaho, or anywhere. One ot them sot tangled up in the ropos and was kieked half to death before the referee could rescue nim. A 241-pounder was They had the nerve to take over \ m ..ied blue by what a knowing Uw gin&miHM "Pon't give it another thought, Quigley! After all, the store doesn't expect you to mollify everybody 1" NOTICE! NOTICE! mistake I advertised PRESTONE for jd Sold only Three Gallons at that price qi.J. I W pwr tJVIIWH »«iJM tf*r*+f w««.y before the mistake was discovered. FROM NOW ON PRESTONE WIU BE SOLD FOR $ID| GLANCES By Golbraith UIKE WS'RB .HOW ABOUT LV 0EAN6? TWO Cfc-NT-3 ) COMIN WORTH »t «t* ALLEY OOP By V, T. YGH,OOOLA. HIT WHAT , „ , SHE SHOT AT ALL RIGHT... ) WHW'O OHE A SHE'S COMING IN WITH ) HAFTA, GO A VERY DEAD CAT,' /-,A SHOOT IT A VCKY Vtw t/M.^,^ roR? rrin [•'^S5 Mrs. Orscie L, Hindman is inf wlative* tuxd h-i*«ds in Washington. Fights Last Night Madism: Square Garden, tlxe other night, ««d you'll hold your sides wht»n Vkt tell you what happened. U was h clneh to happen, because there Ui.'i a more hep crowd of suorts fans in the whole world than hw« In the nation's greatest critic described as a double frank city. ees. W*U. thes* groaners, better than ton ot the grandest names lit the dre* only 18,351 paid ad- staiid- furter twist. It was structly big time. It's bten. roughly, 20 years since tho noble science enjoyed its last big prosperity here. Back in 1931- S3, yflum tha apple sellers stood in eveiy block, Jim Londos. the GoWen Greek," packed them into 0»e Gaiaen week week and tl(JW . locked »ad barred th« doors- Another 6.000 w*¥« WU out to the str««t, m»d clean through. Tbe receipts sou'U l««v« ott l»u«hwg toj ad th»t Ui« Uie police had to light off tie over(JW Then all ol a sudden something ixappencd. The crowds quit com- i>i, and Jim and all his colorful ellovvs disappeared into the shadows. It hw long been Uk«n tw granted tfiSF rMsUng w«mW never come mooxent. w« now feinkl wck to Ow Qsrd«o. Th« PER GALLON WYLIE GLASS & SALVAGE CO. ThW "I'm your neighbor—I'll bet you fifty cents you can't fill it " with water and play itl" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser t&i'ti MA CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer VH£SENIORS HAVE ACCEPTED fHEJUUIOKS' CHAULEMGE ~K> A DEBATe Sur Aee HAVING- A TOUGH //•z KAOOSE JOMES IS 1 COOKIE COMBS SAYS WORDS OUT — HE'S 60T J MAKE HIW NERVOUS/ LARYMeiTlS / *• 4' SASSAFRAS r*^ '^ HOW WORKS DEBATE/ SAV.WMO poe THATUEAVe? 5.,.FPARRU --- • l-l*AC i TIME AND I PONT ALL, AUONE.,.^ HENRY ^4*wffttof c §^P«iJt , "•" ifc"'* 1 " ' -t-M. V! ^ww*'

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