Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1952
Page 6
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Reynold* and Wllliami Friday, bUffjUN. |53RSSs?^i^fe-Krl£^ B . ]«* «<«'4«tel-?>3Hlrc Contract* Let for Nine Road Projects LITTLE ROCK, <UP> — ^WJ* rent low bid* totaling f»57,z»o W«lv«l on nine road and of'LHtlr Rock, 140,871. Clarfc County — One mile of nlacMop on the Gum Spring! Alu f.ilnuni Plant access road, state Httfhway 26, Ollard Gregory and Son of North Llttlft Kock, J8M82, blacktop on the Alabam-Marble court, »lBtc Highway 68, Fouir Bro- thorn Construction Co., ot Sweet Home, 150,140, Ibs -{*| VV'.I *"* >*'**•' HI"' — — • »"I"~.| -r»**fVIW< Vorwlruction project* bjM Bonton County — One and one : onus* Highway,'" Com- half miles of blacktop on the Ben- hor« today. I tonvllla Bypass road, state High McMnth, The W-membtr . group, htiif Francis I mile of bituminous surface Ititife' !n*t W. mi, te?^" '*»*« yfhttppy ffry* *t«> flr» -n't* . to C»rt>»lnO «I «« nr,d to tW* «onver«ntlcm «• Ulwwd it lightly. Kmtly did not wit »»<mtly in |h« dw* be«ld« L» r » TOU ch for utercotypcd WMM tto iht tram »p«d on to- „ n rorwi of grtenng [^ tw *f. n I <»*• At }Mt, doWr- W0 m«n, Wit »ha had quickly dl«- minod W eh«n8<> Uio ttotor 0< Mr covered that Caroline, though »h<> houghtu, W« «*»ed Mm by name derived no pleaaurs irnm «mh r.a- B« MttMd nt» ««nd, lit did not UHM», connld^red th^ni an e»wn- Mr or rrttim h«r o*re»« twf pwt ot correct '""nily ritual. ' Un't home y«t, but think lltdi Rttil* H'HWRItflti *"* A »v«v"p»i« i ••tiocvr >>»u «. iiwiiw f*t t M<\ f»ll»n Mls-ep from h,e will b«, «ny mimue. exhtUfttiOfl. TMn, afraid Nome tea right away, —.-that fjcr Ie4»t movement wouw An d o,«n iriorr. mnd« «re»h, when dMtWtt Wmltno mi Mill «*«•« no dew come. Timm give u» on flundly, uilnklft* ftbout the hotue P xou*e for »cecmd cup»." , » -. „ i . . w|f b( , slt j 0 t ne » clgorotto and .imoIc" T riixurlaujily in her the houeytnoon their return C'ifrry. Tlip Ifir^rfit *lnK^ contrftct ho nwi«rcla<l today wa» for niilrn of Ki'ddinK and Ijltumlnou.f Mirf/irli P nnd rfinslructlon-, of )> i :' : iifur(;(;f.l coiiiriK' hHdfte on! fitiiuv lU(jh'.v«y V in (rftrlnna «in<li l'»rry c(>untir« Tin- wutk Involvif.' y «lr<>lch of n>:«d '''" In »horl; Mmintnn to the Komelio Junc-| ll.ui i-'um, ' The MKJporuP cnnlractlns e-om-i pa-iy of Pino liluff submitted u low bid of $.'>»<!.»V7 on the pro- Jrcl. Olho- projcrli. tl" 1 l«w bidders nnd their bl<li follow: C-ltli'iifldii C'miiity — One rein- fnr'ct'd cimcr.'t" rulvr-ry ovrr Kl- n I if Uriyou dltcli on thp West ^ „ nnd one concrete bridge inn the Antolne river, state High, ' wav 26, For»gren Bros., of Fort T..I i ' 31 Arkonsoni on Casualty Lift WASHINGTON, (JH — The Department of Defense today announced that one Arkanaan has been killed, eight wounded, one injured p.nd three missing In Korean action. /.luted as killed was Pvt. Junior D, Keen, husband of Mrs. fcdlth M. Keen, Fayettevflle, The wounded: Pv.t. Korold Brogdon, Jit. 2, SI- loam Springs. , Pvt. Lawrence W. Davidson, Rt, 1, Brinhley. P^t. Levl Jones of 231 Shepard Milv«rn. Cpl. Fugene H. W/lght, Langley Pfc. James F. Williams, El Dor ado, Marine Pfc. Edwin L. Keenen, Rt. 1. Rogers. Marine Pfc. Peter McCoy, Rt. 2 Little Rock. Marine Pfc. Charles D. Rogers. rkadflphia. Listen as injured was Pvt. Robrt L. Johnson of Helena. Missing In action: Pvt. I.onza . Bass, Portland. Sgt. 1-c Paul J. Browning, Rt. Marine Pfc. Lnnce G. Rickcr, It. 1, I-each Orchard. too,on. . .. Crlttcndcn County — Two miles r,f «r:ivc.l base course on the High- 70-iouth road, a county road M. and L. Construction Co., o Little ,Rock, $10,253, «••"•• v IV" rwutnd n« . worn «t thn omce with M»I and *nth«»la«fn and, from the very nen. aro first, Emily took immanM pride ™» g*j; l S B , BK , y . riier* wa* ana ptoMHM in hrtr own houM and ^*Z l * ! J l , H » Btha t Vnily, In aplte of w»«» lnte "' K - , t hor wtth obv |. Caroline followed . f hr nw and mdUJtry, to It* OF B ttnlwtlon woduecd eisabfllliiDiiment. nily, In aplte of e. had wmehow very plenalng effect wlUi |U io, j ol»b' loon (13, W. C. IJurrow Co., of Mnlvi-ni, $15,(!17. Jefferson ("minly — Holnforcnd imcnslc briil^e on state HiKhway 0, r t, S. M. Hlxon Co., of Warrt-n, ,7:i7 Ci:irlni)d County — One-half blfcklup on the WofttlnRhousi -rtloc.'itUin rood, slate BTrtS? =?'. .olnUor"^. &V» the front door lnir» ana nd ovorfowering family 1 ••*- «'"«««"- vonarmUs portrftiU, Througn core »nd Oriental #»«», Italian fwrnltura, Hnwtlun qtnanwntt wd n nowro- H«ne6u» fioiWotlon of book a had Seen a«iembl«d to creato a «ur« iing degroti <>t Harmony; and it nps d*oi«lone in regard had now and then ueqn "'lf«i7oV"cour«c. Xpparcntly, I hftvn nnothcr vmitor." "Out surely yflw wouldn't bo nt homo yot." . . . ,. "Oi courso t would be. I hnvon t had any c«Uer» before. But ovl- by her Qor»ter«nc<-» with her grartdmo'thcr, the expert hftnd gt Old Mri« Forbes hod never boon oljatruMva, CaroJJn* Field told hernvir that wp bef 4Uty to «• «mt her oUicr'* Ut« was nqt <;ompl(!tiily r&, |t iM;*uM'h«m u; with ~ , , •1 couldn't help overhearing what you worn »«ylng. Ami I'm delighted to learn thru you are 'nt horn*.' Xour grandmother thought ' , Ih viow, »hft »r«ftdB iroomint vlijt«.to th« hou*« on Joy Streqt during It* or#tfnlMti6n. When the brtd*l eoupls wa» actually tnatall*d there, ih« promptly V* and wan chagrined to be a neat, ro*y-ch«eKod uniform, who you I'vo jufll been mult- .. Ing my party-cull on her. I'm worry It wai »P loflg delayed, b«cuu»o I r««Uy upproomiod her invitation to your woodlnlt recqptlon. MHO her «j)on n«' with great good DP»W««M WP**" «^« •• •••" ••• --,- «• - - -wilt and uanoreit nor competently intone Hbrary, unnounqlna *"" \uoii At fln^ne y°" At the lound of a atrang«> voice, Kmlly H*d Jn»ttncttvcly rl»qn. Caroline «at itill, whtchlng her, «vs •ha moved irrtteefully across Iho room and held out her hand to David Satomcmt He came brwavd wW> all tho (umurnnco ot n sveleome gucr'., Uio „„,..,«.. of. W» tftce R' u '' Ul ° brooiliveM of hut bearing In no way «uff*e*tU>4 Uiat he had been thriosg^ a JrrU41Un« day; Kmily oould'-not h«IP noticing Uie con- trait ^o Die tetltnlo algna of fatigue wltloh ftl>B«r Wiled to tionceal when returning from th« olttce. 7j'o B* OoiUlii ' by King tf*ttur*a Syndicate. we* Unadttll Klmtcy, dough- t -Mr> and Mrs, "Lnsvton Kirrv AP,ll4 FATAU a - —' -1 <~ »py „ pnrto oofti ; ot InJurlSH »uUftrt«d twa rteoks ng U\ ft,< hlinjn't accWe.it - v Tho \vlfl6\v, tWo daughter* nn< n son tURViV*. RJont of ,iho rnajpr plnnets In th jtijHi' lyttom lihvo moona. 3 thru NOTICE I hove purchased Bob Turner's Grocery on VVest Third Street and will appreciate continued patronage of old customers as well as new ones. MALCOLM PORTERFIELD'S GROCERY AND MARKET 723 West Third Street Phone 7-6720 PRODUCER DIES HOLLYWOOD-^— Funeral let:" will be held tomOCTW lot R-naud Hoffman, who produced one of Clara Bowl's first motion pictures. Hoffman, in his 60's, Wcdncfc'ny. : November 21, 1952 HOP! ITAt, MOM, All KANSAS LOOKS IIKCMUK FEEDS UKI MILK HALF THE COST [ OF MILK FEEDING SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. lijCalendai lional. A full attendance Is urged nnd each member is asfced to bring their Christian Social Relation Card report. American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday, November 24, at the home of Mrs. M. M. McCloughan with Mrs. C. M. Agec as co- hostess. withheld Indigestion ' ~" Gas, heartburn, sour stopiach can make a lurtny day seem dark ttficl gloomy—unless you take a tip from millions of Americans. Always •*»» carry Turns. Just cat t or 2 delicious Turns after meals or whenever stomach distress occurs. Almost instantly, Turns neutralize excess acid. Contain no baking soda or other water- soluble alkali to over-alkalize or cause acid rebound. No mixing, no water needed. Take anywhere. You never know when acid indigestion will strike. Carry Turns always. Get a roll today. On// 10^— 3-MI Package 25i £g i^Frlday, November 21 The Dahlia Garden Club will ilAeel Friday at -2:30 at the home 6t Mrs. C. A. GnxTilee, 208 East 18th, with Mrs. H. U. Bullock and ^Mrs. Y. C. Coleman as co-hostesses. < Saturday morning at 10 o'clock in the home of Carolyn Story. Sunday, November 23 There will be a special meeting of the Evening Shade Baptist Church Sunday, November 23, at 11 a.m. All members are urged to attend. Kathleen Mallory Circle of WMU of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday, November 24, at 7:30 In the home of Mrs. Norma Jeim Delaney. 708 East 6th St. HIGHLAND'S _ Hi -NUTRA CONTAINS IMPORTANT AHTIIIOTIC TERRAMYCIN MAKES CA1VES GROW WITH WITH USS SCOUR/NO \ f Saturday, November 22 . The women ot St. Mark's Episcopal Church will have a Bazaar . Bake Sale Saturday, Novcm- 22, from 10 a.m. to 0 p.m. at! Parish House, 305 South Kim, j BjsRiiujit door to the church. There I '' A \viil\be cakes, pies, cookies, can-, '.dy, and hand made gifts such as' aprons, place mats, baby things, :etc. %;-The Melody Maids will meet Monday, November 24 WSCS Circle No. 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, November 24. at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Kennie Me- Kee with Mrs. Homer Jones and Mrs. Royce VVeisenberger as co- hostesses. "You Have a Talent for Thanksgiving" will be the theme of the program which Mrs. Dexter Bailey will present assisted by 12 members of the circle. Mrs. W. E. Cassidy will bring the dcvo- Tuesday, November 25 The Catholic Altar Society is sponsoring a benefit "Koffce Klutch" Tuesday', November 25, at the Parish Hall which begins at 7:30 p.m. Coffee and cake will be served and games will be played. The public Is cordially Invited to attend. Chapter AE of PEO will meet Tuesday, November 25, at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Mack Stuart on Spring Hill Road. Date of Rosen burg Execution to Be Set MEW YORK W> — An execution ante for Julius nnd Ethel Rosen- birn, convicted atomic spies, may be set tomorrow by Federal Judge Irving H. Kaufman;. U. S. AUy. Myles J. Lrtno Sftld yesterday ho will ask Kaufman to set the electrocution date. Th« couple have been In Sing Sing Prison's death house since their conviction March 2D, ll)5I, on chnrKcs of relaying ntornlc so crcts to fUiaj&flt -,. On Mond*# >lhtHU, S, Court" fqr A IfCctmir t" an appeal tor M rev convlclitmi • Sea ly than fresk wrtw/ k ;»•»»* TUMS FOR THI TUMMt Your Calves will show Increase up to 30% In Rate of Growth GUARANTEED TO SATISFY OR MONEY BACK' , AVAILABLE AT j YOUR TEED DEALER' SEE IT WELCOME GENE AUTRY! * SAENGER * TODAY & SATURDAY • ! BATTLING KILLERS IK THE BIG TIMBER COUNTRY! GENE Wednesday, November 2» The Ladies Auxiliary of the Sho ver Springs Baptist Church wil hold a home baked pic and cake sale Wednesday, November 26. in the vacant building formerly or cupicd by the Hope Transfer Co on Front St. Anyone desiring >£ special kind of cake or pie, pleas* phone your order to Mrs. Fred Hunt, 7-3981, by November 22. The proceeds of this sale will go toward building Sunday School rooms. MIAt IOAF Make* 8 servings , 1% poundi ground b«ef •< CU P chopped onion '% eup Mother's Oots (quick or old 2 tempoonj salt fashioned, uncooked) ''« te°»poon pepper 2 eggs, beaten ' CU P tomato juice Combine all iiiRn-dirnts ihnrouishly and pack litmly into a loaf pan. Bake in a moderate oven (,350°P.) 1 hour. BROS. BONUS VALUlS VI •m •ijfll </ «.»*•• CHAMPION new ^ 1 BLUE CANADIAN ROCKIES" GAIL DAVIS CAROLINA COTTON CASS COUNTY BOYS MYSTERY SHIP OF THE SOUTH SEAS! Marguerite CHAPMAN • John ARCHIR ALSO: Chapter 7 of Serial and Bugs Bunny Color Cartoon The Bodcaw PTA will sponsor Amateur Night Wednesday, No- ember 26, at 7 p.m. at the school. and baby girl, Tcxarknnu, Ark. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Put Stone, Me- askill, Mrs. Cli-alnus Thomas, ot Hope, Rt. 1. Mrs. C. W. Bcrger, Waterloo, Mrs. Hollis Flowers, Rt. 1, Hope. Discharged: Linda Crank, Lewis ville. Thursday, November 27 The annual Thanksgiving Scrv ce will be held Thursday morning, November 27, at the First Prcs ytcrian Church from 9:30 until 0:30. Clubs THIS SEASON'S 45 INCH BURLINGTON MILLS Mrs. Lex Helms, Jr., Hostess to Daffodil Garden Club Mrs. Lex Helms, Jr., was hos ess to the Daffodil Garden Club Thursday afternoon for its Novem- >er meeting. Mrs. Harold Brents presented the program on "Five Lesser Principals of Flower Arrangements." Mrs. Ed O'Gran was welcomed into the club as a new member. The travel prize was won by Mrs. Mary Nell Turner. Refreshments were served to 14 members. Miss Lorraine Brooks Honored With Shower Miss Margaret Hogue and Mrs. Arval May honored Miss Lorraine Brooks, bride-elect o£ Charles E. Royston, with a miscellaneous shower Thursday night, Nov. 13, at, th£ hqrh'e of Miss HogUe. ( The honoree was presented a corsage of pink carnations and was the recipient of many useful Columbus The Columbus Homo Demonstration Club met November 17 at the lunchroom with Mrs. B. C. Webb and Mrs. Leo Ev.ins as hostesses. In the absence of I ho president, Mrs. L. K. Boyce, Si-., the vicp- president, 'Mrs. J. E. Delaney, presided. The devotional was given by Mrs. Delaney and the group repeated the Lord's Prayer. Nine members answered the roll call by naming something thcv had made for Christmas. Sevfral aprons were shown as Christmas gift suggestions. During the business meeting, HIP following officers were elected- President, Mrs. B. C. Webb; vice- president, Mrs. Fred Caldweli; sec rotary, Mrs. J. E. Delaney; reporter, Mrs. C. R. White. Plans were made lor the Christ- j,- mas meeting in the home of Mrs. R. C. Stuart with Mrs. C. R. White as co-hostess. The group enjoyed a contest con home nf Mrs. David Waddle. Mrs. Sid Skinner, president, cnl 1 ed the meeting to order. The devotional was given by Mrs. Wadle Old and new business was discussed, and plans were inado for the Christmas party. The following officers for 195,'i were elected; President. Mrs. Vin'iiie Goynos vice-president, Mrs. Clyde Sneli- grove, secretary-treasurer, Mrs II. 11. Linaker, reporter, Mrs. W. C. Beck. Mrs. G. A. Linaker nave n short talk on hooking rugs. Mrs. 13oU Linaker drew the surprise package. Pic and coffee were served by the hostess to 14 members, our new member. Mrs. Leo Collier. 4 guests, Mrs. Lillian Brlant, Mrs. I. B. Davis, Mrs. Preston Putinnn, and Mrs. George Murphy, and to Mrs. Blnckwoocl. The December meeting and Wit! Christmas party will be in the home of Mrs. Bob Linak •comber 11. SUITINGS — GABARDINES — FLANNELS REGULAR $1.98 and $2.29 VALUES YARD ducted by Mrs. Billy Webb with Mrs. B. C. Webb winning the prize Delightful refresnments were served by the hostesses. SAVE ON LARGER SIZES 34 Tibleh 25c. 100 for tfc LIMITED YARDAGE IN ASSORTED WOOLENS i Plain colors — patterns — plaids — suit and dress weights — Flannel — Crepe — Jersey VALUES TO $4.95 YARD WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS /|i HEY KIDS! LOOK! Free Autographed Color Photo of Gene Autry and Champion to all children attending the SAENGER FRIDAY & SATURDAY. arrangement o£ gold and gifts. An .,— „ _ , bronze mums centered the table with streamers printed with "Lorraine and Ted" failing from it. Refreshments were served to 30 guests. Plymouth A great advance at no m car price actua/Jypriced"lower! , •\ SUN. MON ACTION... EXCITEMENT... ROMANCE... Fill the Screen! Miss Brooks, Mr. Royston Entertained With Dance Mr. and Mrs. Grandison D. Royston, Jr., of Bicvins entertained Miss Lorraine Brooks and Charles E. Royston with a dance at the Hope Country Club Saturday night, November 15. Arrangements of greens and autumn leaves flanked with burning | white tapers in silver candelabras were placed at points of interest. Miss Brooks was presented a corsage ot white mums. Refreshments were served to approximately 60 guests. Births Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Bashaw ~f Pittsfield, Massachusetts, announce the birth of a son, Frank Barry, on November 18, in Pittsfield. Mrs. Bashaw is the former lone Greene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Greene of Route 3, Hope. Hospital Notes Branch i Admitted: Mrs. John Brown, Me 1 Caskill, Mrs. W. P. O'Stecn, Hope. Discharged: Cathy Pickard, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. O'Stecn announce the birth of a baby bov Nov. 21 at Branch Hospital. Branch Admitted: W. C. Griffin, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Archie. Stone Melrose . , -j The Melrose HD Club elected officers for the coming year nt their November meeting at the home ot Mrs. W. A. Brown. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. Jewell Still. Roll call was answered with "A gift 1 can mek for Christmas." The fallowing officers were elect ed: President, Mrs. H. E. Patterson, vice-president, Mrs. Perry Henley, Secretary-treasurer, Mrs R. C. Sparks, reporter, Mrs. Ollui Roberts, recreation leader, Mrs. Jewell Still, song leaders, Mrs. Wes Nincmire and Mrs. Thelmu Meadows, Scrapbood chairman, Mrs. Jesse McCorkle. The Council Christmas Party was discussed with five cakes being furnished by the club. Mrs Perry Henley had charge of tin' program on making Christmas gifts and showed articles that eould be made. Mrs. Blackwood gavi' sorhe interesting suggestions on I making Christmas candles, curds, and decorations. The surprise package was won by Mrs, Othu Roberts. A dessert plate with coffee was cut your running cos * •» f *»•* h a new Ford Pii I Those who have seen it are still talking about it —the first truly baj. , viced car in the low-priced field - the beautiful new 1953 Plymouth j — now on display at your nearby Plymouth dealer's. It's the roomiest, most beautiful, best riding, best perfon»«$ { Plymouth ever built, with the engine increased to 100 horsepower,; | and a new higher compression ratio of 7.1 to 1. And Plymouth brings : you this great advance in engineering and design at no advance in price. In fact, 4 of the body types this year are priced lower! \ See the greatest value car ever offered in the low-priced field^ See the great ftew J953 Plywomb - iiowl RIALTO * TODAY and SATURDAY DESPERBDOES' OUTPOST BOB CROSBY and His Bob Cots "Rookies On Parade" cocs goes into the bronchial system to aid nature soothe and heal raw, tender, ! inflamed bronchial membraae*. CUM! anteed to please or your dru||«t re- i funds money. Creoroulsiott has stood i the test of many millions' of user* Chapter 4 "KING QF THI CONGO" & CARTOON SUNDAY TUESDAY YOU fflU MAY WIN A NEW PLYMOUTH ^NM te.-*. m MM i~IMHM«r'.«» *** HP.Mftlj * and ««A in «fc $25J3QO Qoafsst! fmt tell w uA«U jo» l CROSSROADS of the WIST! CARSOH ,<£*ww*\ served by Mrs. Brown and J. F. Mangrum, co-hostess, to 13 members and Mrs. Blackwood. The Christmas party will be at the ! home of Mrs. J. W. McAdams with j Mrs. Thelma Meadows as co-hostcs? | Paisley The Paisley 4-H Club met Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 with Mr. Oliver L. Adams, County Agent, and Mrs. Lorraine Blackwood, HD Agent. Sara Lou Ellis led the group in singing "The Arkansas Traveler." Three movies were shown. The first one was about a monkey, the second one was entitled 'The Little Raindrop," and the last one was about "Sokey, the Bear." Everyone enjoyed them very much, The boys and girls then met in separate groups. Mrs. Blackwood told the girls how to make Christmas cards anc objects with paper, Mr. Adams and James L. Gattis showed the boys a sprinkler and told how much water to put on each pound of j gineer, talked about how to put ter on crops in dry weather. Centervllle A demonstration on making plan* er boxes with copper foil was given by Mrs. Lorraine Biackwood, HD Agent, when the Cttjtervi.lle HD Club met November 13 > in thp „,,,.,*,<#»?***' CHOICI OP TWO OHIAT CAM Ford F-l Pickup! Ewler loadln floor-to-ground loaded h«l»ht! •11 u». unu •» mturitl »wl» It's a proven fat that 3 OH! of 4 Ford PUkupi run* lor kit than 2ttt • mil*! Safer Cough Relief When new drugs or old fail to help your cough or chest cold don t delay. rveomulsion contains only safe, help* , •• -—• -- «--- -. f^l Trovcn ingredieau and no nar- corn. Mr. Gattis, Extension En- colics to disturb nature's prbcess. It «'—— »«."™H ahm»t hnw to out wa *>V»VW . . . • 1 i__l^. +~. ~iA ONLY FOBD shown you nationwide truck running cost figures! The Ford Truck Economy Run Book shows hundreds of running costs on Pickups covering gas, oil and service (*but not including fixed expenses, such as license, insurance, depreciation, etc.). Come in. Look up your kind of job. SEE how little it can co*t to run a FORD Pickup in your work! HOP! BUSINISS * PROFESSIONAU WOMEN5 CUUI wishes to take this opportunity to express its appreciation for the whole hearted cooperation of oJJ businejs|s and personnel who »e tr& r $y«ess of th« Womonless f HANKS A eifeS ?«?w OVW 7 and c*mw a Ml K -ton l««4. cupjipity of tbe l-'ar4 Pickup fa » fuU cu. ft., to, compared to 91-9 cu. I t. in tJ» make! FORDTRUCKINGCOSIS 4* 4» ^*Hr A PipM' . if P* ff^A*' t TA. •• ' • *lt > ?u *» - W * < L.,

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