Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 21, 1952
Page 5
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I dclibcrlely withheld comment on the 'iupelo incident because the dean oi Mississippi newspaper editors, Edgar-G.- Harris, who publishes the West Point Times Leader, is a neighbor ot Tupelo, and I Hope Star WEATH8H ARKANSAS! Ftfr Wtt . nnon, tonight, Saturday. A wnrmcv this «tt«n«ofl, *< . cooler Saturday, Lowest tfcrttj hives tonight 28 to 30. . Temperature a ' IIlRh 68 Low 28 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 34 It.r .1 H.M Jan. HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 19S2 M.mh.r: TM Au«Ut.d fr«. » Av. No» f«W Clrtt. * MM. ••« rf %i5' »«• '*»* PRICE Fanatical Red Stabs Smeared by UN Troops By ROBERT TUCKMAN SEOUL l/T) — Allied infantrymen smashed a fanatical Chinese as* sault tt.day on Sniper Ridfic — or ibe Central Korean Front — and stopped lesser attacks elsewhere on the battle line. In the air, American Humphrey, Brownell Added to Eisenhower Cabinet; Stassen to Direct Security Agency Devot/ono/s to Be Given by Rotary Members Hope Rotary Clif will sponsor morning devotionals which will be broadcast over KXAR next week Sabcrl at 7:45 a.m. jets clashed with :\I'G-15s for the fifth successive day and pilots reported one destroyed. Allied fighter - bombers ranged lia-ircd he would write a competent over a wide area of North Korea, appraisal. He did. Here it is: -"-- --' J <u - ! —' —* * u " 1 " i Frankly, few of us have much sympathy for the. North Dakota newspaper man who fled the neigh- Lbor'ng city of Tupelo because some- boay called him a 'Yankee.' In the fust p!ace, nobody objects to being called a 'Yankee' these days, and a yood newspaper man shouW have more guts than to fall fo: such a bluff." Here is an editorial that ought to be read by every householder in America: Old Boxes Can Be Coffins iFroi". Anniston Star, Ala.) American newspapers only last wjek carried another tragic little atory of a small child who suffo caled in a discarded refrigerator when the door closed accidentally behind her. In the last two years aionc, (ib chilren have died in this terrible manner, reports the Chica go chapter of the Refrigerate Service ot Engineers Society. De spite these grim warnings, peopl continue to place old iceboxes i f sheds and storage rooms and foi t,et them, apparently unaware o the danger they represent. The Chicago society half issued' a warning about discarded refrigerators, urging householders to remove *he locks from these boxci at once. If the refrigerator is to be used again, it may instead -be turned backwards against the, wall, so that no child will be tempted to climb in the door. , ( ^ As an added inducement to lhi« safety practice; the .efoupv,has-of- fered to remove old refrigerator loess free of charge for anyone desiring this service. We here at Pilots said they wiped out 7 build- hips, seven guns and cut rails in five places. They also pounded the Cor-munist battle line. Desp-tc the fierceness of the Red infantry attacks, a U. S.. Eighth Army rpokesmari said the Allies lost no ground. He SE ; d an estimated 750 C'v- ne<-e stormed the frozen, forbidding s'o-ics cf Sniper Ridge but wore cil'ed, wounded or driven back by luhborn South Korean troops who lave lost and retaken the hoignt Six Rotarians will take part in the broadcasts; C. C. Spragins will speak Monday morning, followed by Guy Basyc on Tuesday Fred Greham on Wed- morning. ncsday, Terrell Cornelius on Thursday and Herbert Stephens on Friday. On Saturady morning Luther Hollamon will, broadcast a concert of sacred music from the organ of the Presbyterian Church. Everyone is invited to tune in on these broadcasts and enjoy tho programs conducted by these business men ^pf Hope. By MERRIMAN SMITH NEW YORK. lUPi— President' clert Dwiglit D. Eisenhower today nppotntcd two more members of his cabinet. Thoy are George M. Humplvey of Cleveland, O., as Secretary of Treasury and Herbert Brownell, .Jr.. of New York City ( as attorney general. Eiscr.hower also announced that he would name Harold E. Stnssen, long-lime contender of the Ro- putllcr.n presidential nomination, as director of the Mutual Security Agency, succeeding W. Averell Hti'-riman. Humr"rey is an Ohio industrialist. B/pwnell wns 1!M4 chairman of Ihe 'Republican National Committee MMH director of the unsuc- Autry Show Here For Performances at 4:15,8:15 p.m. The Gone Autry Show moved into Hope todny for two pcrforman cos m the Third District Livestock Show Colisum — tho first nt 4:15 p.m. nnd the second lit 8:15 p.m. The King of Cowboys, along Will' Smiley Burnottc and others in IKC cast will be guests of the Uotary Club tit noon. A local "Newsreel 1 over KXAH nt (i p.m. will ieuluro an interview with Autry. With the snow will be Arkansas' own C.ail Davis, Aulry's lending lady, who is from Little Hock; The Cuss County Hoys; The Winter Sisters; .hihnny Bond; The Jomcz Indians; Pat Buttruni and of course Gene's two famous horses — Champ and Little Chump. Agreemenito India Pi for Peace Seems ~" Dulles to Map Cold Allies Hopeful cessful presidential campaign rf (j timerf in 30 diys. Some ot the fitting was hjinri o-hand. \ Red battalion slammed again* Pinpoint Hill, thr: dominatin ground ot Sniper Ki !f>e last night. Yri. Communists suppo^xe-i their a.-r-aults with a tiv.-nerdous barrage of mortar and artillery.d Chinese pulled out and left two companies to push ahead. But by 1 p. m. the drive was blunted. 3-Year-Old Has Leukemia, Mother Told By NORBERT OLSHEFSKI MORRILTON, WI — A yount pregnant mother o£ three children said today her first-born son, 3 year-ol.t Wayne Tilley, is on h .Vvery. JasL.thr.eat of life." Wayne is dying from leukemia, described by doctors as cancer of the blood. And as her voice quivered in U c.-a.*....c, .. discouragement, 20-year-old MrJ. home will do well to follow in,is M ie Tllley told how t he boy 4;«>r>Ur \iiortiin(* wnd maKG SUVC OJ*. I , ° . _, , ._ m .,..*.u;«,* iuc-f U. S. Spending $350 Billion, Reflects Drop vji,,. Thomas E. Dewey, and i'i he current campaign one ot Eis- cnnowci's lop strategists. WASHINGTON The Fedcr- Reserve Board said today the lotion's total spending this year will be a record 350 billion dollars. But it said the 1952 increase will be substantially less than in the past two years. Total expenditures and total production are showing a considerable '.•iso in the last quarter of the year, the report said, "reflecting strengthening of business and consumer demands and probably some in- 'crease in national security expenditures." Defense spending is now about By WARREN ROGERS JR. WASHINGTON. I/P — President- cleft Eisenhower's first three, cau- inc'. selections, greeted with approval by Republicans and Demo crats, teemed assured today of quick Senate continuation. The appointments which Eisenhower said yesterday he will send to Capitol Hill after his inauguration Jan. 20: Secretary of slate— John Foster Dulles, former Republican senator •mJ one-time advisor to the State Department during Democratic administrations. Secretary of defense— Charles E. Wilson, president of General America Has Lead in Research WASHINGTON 1/11 had tlu: assurance Cong res ot a famou New Secretary to Form Super Strategy Council By JOHN M. HIQHTOWER WASHINGTON, IM — Creation of i super council In tho "Elsenhower administration to mastermind a coH war offensive against the Kremlin seemed assured today by tho announcement fTint John Foster DulleR will bo tho next score- Price Clinic Is Scheduled Here tor November 24 Hope will be the site ot another Imnlnessinun's "price clinic" on Monday, November 24. Hay Lawrence, manager of tho Chamber ot Commerce, suld today that arrangements have be en made Proi Crack Deadli for ol tho Arkan- *"«»*«"»" tiiry of stale. Dulles, like President-elect El- The OPS mim will Chamber of Commerce Office from 1 until ',) p.m. Merchants with , .. ,for cndlnpt tho Korean bo In tho| ono] , dcnc uock,l s'.-ieiillsl today that the Unltcc Slates has taken world leadcrshi in fundamental research. The wi ni'ss,, Ur. Vannevar Bush, said lot of credit is clue to private, lax-exempt research foundations. Bush, president ot the Carnegie Institute of Washington, made that str:lenient yesterday lo a special House committee in v c s tigating organizations to delerminn of Ilium are promot- whether ;my Motors. Secretary of the interior— Gov. Douglas McKay of Oregon. While rcaciton was generally favorable on both sHes of the aisles in Congress, lime was no comment forthcoming from llv- While House. President Truman lias been critical of both Dulles and Wilson. timely warning and make suiei .. -u ^ ^ interest in anyt hin g , just old iceboxes are rendered ha.i.i- practically a shell, less to playing youngsters. Wd might ?dd that the same th-.ng holds true for trunks and containers of any sort. 'About the only t little lari noar ly a and untu the ; OVP to hide. Make sure this »..-, b hat Mrs orite game cannot lead to »agLay| hQr sop had been a victirn O f m your home. disease for practically all his life She was almos time and hospital here as because she couldn't a nniless at th son to paticn to tak him to a hospital at Russellville about 27 miles from Morrilton. Iloctcrs at St. Anthony's hosp tal told her Wayne needed an im mediate operation on his splec Cattle Testing Program to Start Here December 15 The testing of cattle in Hemp-1 and' ever, "then they held out i stead County for tuberculosis will "hopes tot a permanent cure. The '"£ December 15. Dr. H. E. Au, said it would be only a matter "i- veterinarian Bureau of Ani- time urtil he died. L ' VelQUnya w u\ do the testing. So they operated and Mrs. Tillc its for testing will be spent hours on end at the hosp by County A fi ent Oliver tal while her son lay near -Jo.t L. Adams. At least 10 per During to determine 1 culosis ij an and c.lOc f £cat "i cel came. her long vigils ™« phlo what it was before Korea, ie Federal Reserve said. It said efense expenditures this ycnir will qual about 15 per cent of the na-' ional total. The increase in sec- •ity outlay in 1S52 has been sub- .antially smaller than was anti- pated, but is now picking up, the eporl added. In the third quarter of 1952, ac ording to the Federal Reserve, se- urity spending — including atomic nd stockpiling — was at a rate of bout billion dollars a year. weeks the town's citizens her courageous effort to ta and her brood and The Federal Reserve report in hided these deatils: Wholesale prices will average a ittlc lower this year than in 1951 but consumer prices will be somewhat higher. Consumer spending will be mod eratcly higher than in 1951. Government purchases of goods and services will total about 75 bil lion dollars, nearly, 50 per ccn more thon the year before. There has been little recent ten dency for prices to rise. Outlay for business plant cuip ment will be about 27 billion dol lars th's year. Private expenditures for nonfarrr housing arc running at a rate o about 11 billion dollars a year. Tha is about the same as in 1951. Personal income this year wi probab'.y be aboi't 5 per cent more han in 1951, when it set a. record. Disposable income— income alter taxes — will be _about 4 per cent more than in 1951, Thanksgiving Union Service Planned Here An annual Union,Thanksgiving Service will be held Thursday, November 27, at the First Presbyterian Church from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The Thanksgiving message will be delivered by the Rev. S. A. Vvhit •low, pastor of the First Baptist Church. The choir of the Prcsby ,erian Church has arranged spe iBl music. The Union Service is sponsorcc each year by the Hope Ministeria Alliance. All denominations arc in vited to attend. infi un-American or subversive activities. He cMid other educators who have t'.'stifled in the past three days sr.id tlu-y are unaware of any such trends among the fouiv dations IJi-. Henry M. Wrislon. prcsidciv of Brown University, was called for testimony today. Hush told the committee tha oi.e ot the firealcst achievements of the loundalions has been "to givo us the seeds of a strong, of fcctive system ot medical train ••Hero is a trend that Is' iti'o'K actly the opposite direction from the scientist siaid. ticnhower who announced his so lection for tho post yesterday, has mndo clcnr that his first major new fio.il In foreign policy will be to wresi the initiative In the globi-l conflict from Russia. 1 Dulles has declared that one wny to i(o nbout this is to sot up ii cabinet council, including not only some regular cabinet members but also "ministers without portfolio" charged with high-level cold ir plnr.ninnK. Word that the veteran diplomat, cently a Truman ambassador in c nr-Kotntlon of tho Japanese once Treaty, would get the num- er one cabinet post next Jan. 20 ar. generally well received by lute Department officials here dc regulations nro Invited to consult | with him any time during ""' tlinlc. niontH to M planned to .. , .. tloors in tho U;\ to work 'ovor',,W n plan, . M In 19SO the-proportion of the U S. population at age 65 and ove was 8.2 per cent. Nation's Most Wanted Thug Is Captured pile itome bitterness toward him csiiltinK from his attacks on Tru- iaii foreign policies during the residential campaign. LOS ANGELES, Dendpan Mobster Leonard C. Moc- prob i em Wednesday by India's Vi* hnn Mtnon. Other nation* group nru Cnnadn, Australi key, Denmark »nd' CoWml They have us a worlw changes sufHSostcd -yor British Poroltfd" Socj tlwny li.dcn, who said plun bilngB tho U. N. agrifomnnt on the ono owtw „„.. , Issue holding up an arr ~* — With Keren — tho prlaonct 0t ' crl necirtonlally In custody, police Amot'lonn suong Am« It not work- . ioiis split 'among U»o backing a Uj, S.-dral He was asked to compare Ru sia's scientific efforts with thos n this country'. Bush said it well known that the Soviet Unio las beer, able to develop an atom bo.-nb and effective jeb planes, b .he unanswered question is whet er they can break new ground fundamental science. "Russians must follow the party line, even in science," he observed. "Great science never prospers under such circumstances. I am very happy personally that Russia has that system." Representatives of some of the largest of the more than 30.00C tax'frec foundations may be hearc by Ihe committee next week. Nashville CreditQroup to Meet Stockholders of the Nashville Production Credit -Association will hold their Annual Stockholders meeting in Nashville Wednesday, November 26, ot 10 a.m. The us- som questions concerning the dc today nought answers to unsolved th °"°{S ln £i ft^um gangland executions dating from! *P°. 'J}'?!""_JIi!!"" liquor bootlegging days to modern Maflu. •The nation's most wanted trig' DncK , n , B u »,-»»» gorman" was the tab given 45- rosoUu j on which, tha< year-old Leonard the Lip by Cnpt. , th u. N. ' 0. E Hamilton ot the Los Angeles' police, intelligence unit. He'd given officers the slip 20|; lec i before thoy years since Indictment on , £ <? u f T h e rOso.ullon ctiUB mob killings In Toledo, 0., dnt h { n ,, commission, from 1031 to 1033. Offjcor^,thinks 1 """ -••'•- -•—' tho''0«mlght bo Homo tcrs such as the Bugsy . dor, the killing of Mickey Cohen's 18 "S™ y -. K ^ Ql «±^ '«iSd homos -un^a n couple years back. Detroit police also want to askl r. The H-Bomb Explosion May Have Startled Diplomatic World But Not the American People may at who js cxpecUng baby in April, choked up found the county a be such an area and move K^W areas without an i her story. test. An official test is required as she tow ncr siory ^ of an area every six years unless She s.ifl ""Cnla some place more frequent tests are consider- tey, >s Los Angelcs . ed necessary by State «nd Federal officials. All livestock owners desiring to i^have their breeding animals tuberculosis tested free of charge should advise County Agent Adams at once. Cattle owners moving cattle into their herds during recent years will receive preference Then she added that it was be cause of him she finally discov ered the true nature of Wayne's sickness. Last Sept. 24, Mrs. Tilley said her husband took him to a doctor She said Wayne did have a feve that night. He didn't return wit the boy. She s;ud she was frantic By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK — The explo- and Betty Murphy Is Practice Teaching CONWAY — A Hope student at Arkansas State Teachers College, »ctty Murphy, has been given a Student teaching assignment at Greenbrier, according to Imon E. Pruce, director 'Of student teaching at ASTC. Miss Murphy, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Murphy, is teaching commercial courses. $he will graduate from ASTC to January. went to a lawyer the next day for lie IP buv he told her that she would have to find her husband before i,he could get her son back. Five days later, while on a trip to visit her sister, she saw her husband's car in Russellville. The husband Etill had the son but Wayne was terrible sick, run- a high fever. t was when she and her husband argued and they went to a Russellville lawyer and got a divorce. Her husband took off for California. Then, because she didn't have Jim Reed, 75, Long-Time Hope Res/dent, Dies Jim Reed, aged 75, a long-time resident of Hope, died early today in a local hospital. He is survived by his wife, a fos ter-son, Burton. Dean of Parsons Texas; two sisters, Mrs. J. k Bloodworth of Texarkana; Miss Jennie Reed of Dallas; two bro thcrs, Lane Reed of Austin, Texa and Judge L. B. Reed of LaMesa Texas. Funeral services will be held a % p.m. Saturday at Herndon-Coi nelius Funeral Home by the Rev L. T. Lawrence. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. sion of an H-bomb weapon in the Pacific may have startled tho tiiplonru'tic world. The average American, however, took Wt |c more note of it than if, on a summer night, he had glanced up and cen a star fall. Previous tidings of other ncv- Previous uauius ui umi--i »*•" — - — . u <„ ul ma;velous ways in which tho fair chance, an opportunity to ™»n .ace could destroy itsell show what I can do." Badgered and Uocol Optometrist Attends Conference Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd h»v« returned, frpjp where they i lin sociattbn will retire the balance of its government capital and will then be completely farmer owned and controlled. W. S. Brock, President of tho roductlon Credit Corporation of t. Louis, will be the main speak- association has made 142 oans in Hempstead County total- ng $303,570.24 for tho year ending September 30, 1052. Secrotary-Troas Field misa of hoodlum 'Jack George whose body was found stuffed ln| an automobile trunk. Righ*. now police hero seek Mo- eorl's bullet dancing wife, Morg- nret, who dropped from flight coincident with her hubby's arrest. Backtracking to tho Moo or l apartment In Hollywood, where u-nlf has been paid since May un dor one ot many aliases, detectives found coffee boiling, Ice cream molting, but no Margaret. JMCIU ttBBl&ViMU OUtlUH" J-*'""" <nv.iv...,,, •--•- •—.-,-.. ... (.I..J urer Paul P. Moreland has charge It's highly unlikely they II rind ot transportation from Hempstead her dropping slugs into a low- County and urges all the members 1 phone. That's how MocoH .gave and their families to attend this meeting. The program will bo broadcast over station KXAB In Hope. Local Negr Club Honored I4TTLB HOCK, AJ ., olx Negro 4'll Club inf -ii- .sible exception of mother love. The Bafe-seerning world he wa born Into has vanished long ago. He has seen the horse and buggy replaced by the jet plane, the lernscope slide give way to tho television imago, chewing tobacco succeeded by bubble gum. ihe l:cy phrase of that sturdy, distant time was "all I want is a uman lace could destroy lave exhausted his capacity for error and dismay. The ordinary mortal today is red of being frightened by graph- c previews of what may bcfal. lirn. He has eaten the bread 01 risis so long it has come to have stale taste. People were so upset over WL atom bcmb that the wider threat of the H-bomb can hardly appall he-n You have to rest from fca" sometime, and the average man bedevilled by these years of ceaseless change, a 52-year-old man to- nay worked fewer hours than his father rtid. But his leisure also is now tormented by fears of new dooms his dreamcci of mares. grandfather even In his never night- feels like taking a stretch right now seventh-innint; Autry Color Contest Winners Announced Eldon Cottman, manager of the Saenger Theater, announced today that Ann Cole, 1404 South Main ----,-- .. . n . n street, won first place ta the Gene any money, she brought her son to. Autry co i or u,g contest. Ann will the hospital here and learned the j receive a pa i r O f genuine Gene Autry blue jeans from West Bros truth. The young mother said, "it just hurt roe so bad that I could hardly stand to give him up, but now that I'm sure he can't get well it would be a relief to know that "so maybe I'll get conked some- ume by an H-bomb instead of an Htom bcmb," he thnk-:. What difference does it make to a ny whether it is swatted with a rolled up newspaper or a baseball bat/ He is also losing his ability to maivel at the fresh marvels of science, because so many of its wonders turn out to be blunders. This has been a fearful and tremendous century of strident and continuous change, multiple deatn and vist growth. It Is perhaps U>e mo?t adventurous and exploratory century in history one that has small candle of liS» l It is no wonder that this middle- aged man in a middle-aged century now often years, most of all, for soim form of security, u sane- t^iary fiom the threat of immense danger that has palled his times auriost las long as he can remember. Even the young, ordinarily venturesome, are infected today by the craving for a kind of security Parents Asked to Meet, Study Cub Program Parents of Cub-age boys will meet on Monday, November 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Garland School. The purpose of tho meeting is to inform the parents about the younger boy program of the Boy. Scouts of America and how they can help their boy to achieve the most from their Cub Scout experiences, The meeting iff tho first of a series of three to ba held^or the parents beforo the first session of the Cubs. Cubbing is dedicated to the same objectives as the Boy Scout Program of character building, cit izcnship and leadership training, At the same time, however, it is designed to hold the interest Of both parents and cubs through » program of worthwhile activities phono. ,— - .-.».. ,~i_i himself away. Ho had $1.800 in his wallet and a Cadillac at the curb late Tuesday when arrested by telephone company officers, Who had been plagued lor some tlmu by someone using slugs into that purllcu'ur phono. Later through fingerprints police discovered just who thoy had In custody, and also found some papers with names, addresses ana telephone, numbers. From there tho list ot thosu brought in for .questioning wore like an underworld who's who. Among them were Tom Dragno, James (The Weasel) Frat ano. Miko nizso and Salvadoro JMnou. Officers said all were local "as- soclatea" of Malia, the notorious crime society. They were released cclved -..—-^ ,-.,..,, .,.., nual Negro 4-K Congjfi, opened at Arkansas Bap logo yesterday. About •• members, leaders. tthcjU attending the ,two-day, 6 cal mont Jlcmpstoadt '•> - Estclla, Wlndtlpld, Club, crs in the Urpss won.pv? and munt — Jonathan' . Unity Boptim Hold 'Thank*' ' T Unity after the question session In Lot Vegas, Nev., officers arrested John BaUaglla, brother ot Charlie iThe Bat) Battaglla, another mobstpr wanted fop quoo- Honing in the Hollywood shooting* of Brancato and Tromhlno, JPWi was on tho other end of the slug p Hamilton and police want to ask johnny just why Moccrl baa a bank deposit slip' for «0,OQO mate out to the John »att8fiU* account. Department Store Jo Ann Kidd. 1011 Fulton Street 1 won 2nd d will receive a be won't suffer She a] that sb« the doctors tell her end free Pass to see Gene Awtjry person tonight at the Boute te Joe. be thrown a into the darkness oi strange new worlds who seem to ma«y more terrifying than inviting. A man who is only as old as this century — just 52 years — ,)&s em'ured a lot. He has weath- ler«d at teast tbree depressions and ' war*. When fa* pauses no gentiation ever really has had jn the long hard lot of mankind of this earth. The ordinary mortal would like science to quit dressing up fresh- mass-death instruments and build him instead an escape hatch from the perils of the twentieth century. But in his heart he knows the wry truth: There \» no escape hatch. A man must live in the tune he has been allotted, and f ice its tasks with what courage and kindness and hope he can mutter. It is bad enough to feel like one Tbjs meeting has been called for all parents whose Cub-age *on attends any of the four grade schools in Hope and is not confined to Garland School parents. It wUl be ent«rtai|M»g a» well »s informative. A number of activities have been provided. There will be prizes given for some- of these activities, A Mm will also be shown on tb* Cub Scout program. The meeting if, not tor the entertainment of the boys. It is for Mother and Pad. lite boys would not enjoy the meeting, however if the Officers Agrtc , § A-Bomb Would Help SEOUL, Korea (PF1 *" American and Sputh Tfafew (rfttfwe said today that IWfr <rf the *tpmte bomb wouW net »ub»t8ntialiy Help th» Nations in the battle ot --' floating alone on a broken spar in au unknown sea. But there i» IM> pou>t in anyone in that plight wor- the parent has no one & prospective CwS? ' will be welcome, the Witt, ft?

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