Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 28, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1894
Page 5
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f|^^^ DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. OBSERVE! . The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. // | Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK. [TlSTHEPEOPLt PMSTJJESI AND NOT THE TESTIMONIALS OF PURCHASABLE CHEMISTS. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING: MARCH 28. All the new colors as well as black roolrie silk ribbons from No, 2 to 60. at the Bea Hive. Twenty-five beautiful pattern hats received this morning at the Now Fashion store. W. T. Stead's sensational work. "If • Christ Came to Chicago," can bo had at the Journal office. Wanted—For city canvassing ton good agents on salary or commlision. —W. Lind, Tucker House. The Journal Is pleased to note that the advertising business of the late 8. R. Nlles, of Boston, Maes., will be carried on by Tho R, S. Nllos Adver tiling Agency, which was Incorporated prior to Mr. Nilea' death. The management Is as follows: E. G. Nilcs, piwiident; Carl G. Xerrahn. vloe-pres' Ident and general manager; J. C. Howard, treasurer. The family of Robt. Cramer, who works at Ash & Hadley's furniture factory, is prostrated at their home on Race street by the evident (-ITocts of gome dellterloussubstance which entered Into the food prepared for the evening meal on Monday. Yesterday morning the entire family Of seven members were confined to bad by reason of the nausea produced by the subitanoe. The illness la not wrloui, bat li sufficiently distressing to oauie much discomfort and they 'are'all wondering what could have caused it. -. < ' Ward Barrow'* CUP. Indianapolis Journal: A brief has been filed in the Supreme Court by the attorney-general In the case of Ward F. H. Burrows against the State. Bur rows was a student at Wabash college In Crawfordsville and was sent to the penitentiary last fall on a charge of grand larceny for the theft of a check from a fellow student. Ho and a young man named Plser, from New York, were Intimate friends. Just before commencement last spring Piser sent home for money and his father, who is a wealthy man, sent him a check for $50. Becoming Impatient at the delay in getting the check you Piser drew on hie father for the amount and received the money from a Crawfordsville bank. When the check finally camo Burrows intercepted the letter containing it and wont to Logansport, indorsed the name of young Plser upon the back of it and attempted to collect it at one of the. Logansport banks. The bank would not pay it without eomo Information as to the drawer of the check and Burrows telegraphed to the bank on which the check wag drawn and signed young Pisor's name. The New York bank wired the Logansport bank that the check was all right and Burrows received tbo money on it acid went to Chicago and "blew it in." Ho was arrested and convicted of grand larceny. The defense declares tbat a check ia vftlulesa until indorsed and the theft; of it could not be termed grand larceny They admit that the name of young Piser was forged, but claim that there was no larceny according to the statutes, This point hs§ never been decided by the Supreme Court of thU State, but in other States it has invariably been decided tbat a check is valuable property and the theft of it is larceny. _ Cbnrch Officer*. At a mooting of the congregation of the English Lutheran church Sunday evening, the following church officers were elected. Trustees—Lewis Ray and Frank Wtipperman. Elders—Oliver Reed and Ezra Patera on. Deacons—W. B. Stuart, Marion Flory and J. F. Gangloff Tlic Modern Way Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man. ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and breakup colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy^Syrup of Figs. You know Clark's spool cotton Is only 8 cents, at the New Fashion store. PRINT. lUBii r of a Perioaa! Character Co» ••mine LoKBmporten and Their Frload* Mrs. J. A. Chappolow is visiting a Kukomo. Clarence Jonas was at Kentlan yesterday. Henry Helden and wife are visltin at Chicago. C. B. Landis of the Delphi Journal is ia the city, Pat Sparrow returned yesterda' from Kontland. Hon. A,. R, Shroyer was at Indian apolls yesterday. Col. Sol Tanerman returned to Cin cinnati yesterday. Miss Sadie Murphy, of the Golde Rule, is on the alck list. Victor Wise, of Chloago, la visiting at his former home here. . Mrs, J. E. Pearson and daughte have returned from Brazil. Mrs. Wm. Whltehead and children returned yesterday from a visit at Ft Wayne. J. E, Medary departed yesterday t California. He expects to reside here after in Los Angeles. Law Shurto has returned from Low ell, where he was called by the tbj illness of his brother. Miss Gloy Anderson departed yes terday for Elwood where she will re side with her grand mother. Auditor S. L. Helvle and son. Ed ward, went on Monday to Ml. Clemens, Mich., where the latter will take treatment. Among the college boys home for the apring- vacation are Alex. Boyer, Geo. Hadley, Sam Jones and Bert Stuart, home from Wabash college. Ills announced that the marriage of Mies Nellie Knight, daughter o Mrs". Thos. Knight, of Toledo etroet, to Mr. Jos. Mlnneman, will occur at St. Vincent's church April 26. The Schmidt Trill. The last of tbe witnesses for the State in the trial of Augusta Schmidt on trial at Kokomo for tbe" killing of Oscar Walton, was old Mrs. Walton, mother of the deceased. She is nearly 70 years of age and very feeble in condition-but told her etory in a con elusive manner which showed that her mental faculties were not Impaired by the advance of years. Her story of the fatal shootitg was substantially that which has been given Journal readers before in theee columns. She was on the stand three hours or more. At the close of her testimony this forenoon the State rested its case and the defense outlined its case. The opening statement was made by Attorney Shirley, of Kokomo, and in the stUement it was presented that the defense would hold that the defendant had been exasperated beyond all endurance by the repeated attempts of Walton upon her person, and that the shooting was the juatlfia ble outcome of a violent physical as. sault, both upon her and her son—that self-defense was the motive ol the shooting, and that the defense would be able to show this as a justifi able cause. mutrniit Ezpre««ed. Concerning the over Sunday parting of the jury in the trial of Augusta Schmidt at Kokomo, the Kokomo Tribune says: "There was some bad feeling ex pressed by Cats county people over the order of Judge Klrkpatrick, permitting the jury to separate and go to thoir homes over Sunday. They are fearful of corrupt influences and de- ilare as Case county pays the expenses of the prosecution, they would gladly pay the additional cost incurred in seeping the jurors penned up, and r eel much safer ovor it, having- tbe knowledge that no opporlunity for Improper influences existed. The 2aas county brethren are mistaken In their estimate "of Howard county people. The jury is a good one and ,hoy need have, no fears ia that dlree- Vnotlier Attempt at Jail Breaking, Yesterday SheriJI Homburg discovered that one of the rods of one of tbe inside shutters guarding tbe windows had been broken.. It is suspected that ,hl9 break was accomplished by some of the prisoners, that the shutters might be opened at night that. sawa, etc., might be let in from the outside to assist the prisoners to make way to iberty. The breach was repaired and careful watch will be kept to prevent . repetition of the work. There have ieeti a groat many attempts to break ail In the past few years. FarUh Ofllcer*. At a meeting of the congregation of 'rlnky Episcopal church the follow- ng parish officers were elected: Senior Warden—Dr. W- H. Bell. Junior Warden—C. S. Vlgus. Vestrymen—W. D. Pratt, Thos, Manders, W. 'A. Osmer, T. H. Slmp- on, John M. Johnston.C. M. Michelle, , H. McDonald^ _ Ladle* suits and bouse dresses ready made, at the New Fashion store. HALF PRICE FOR SEASONABLE MERCHANDISE. 5 cents for Linen Collars worth lOc. IO cents for Linen Cuffs worth 20c. 37 1-2 cents for French Balbriggan Underwear worth 75c. 37 1-2 cents for Unlaundried Shirts, No. 1 quality, worth 75c~ 50 cents for Fancy Percale Shirts worth $1.00. Oxfords for 75c--Ladies' Oxfords--worth $1.50. 200 Pairs All Sizes, worth $1,50, for 75c, $ 1.00 for Ladies Kid Button worth $1.5O. 1.00 for Men's Congress or Lace Shoes worth $1,50. 1.00 for Misses' Heel Shoes worth $2.00. 1.50 for Ladies' Fine Kid Button, sizes I to 3, worth $4, 1.50 for real elegant Low Shoes, all styles. OTTO KRAUS: The Bankrupt Sale. . A MhortTalk on Adver«I«Init, It Is continuous effort that pays In advertising as in everything' else, says an exchange. A business man doesn't keep his store open one day in the week, or one week ID the month, or three months in the year. II ho ad- vertises.that way that la the Impression people will get. It Is contln- uousness that has made each letter in the word "Boyal" before the words 'Baking Powder" worth over $2,000.000 The owner ol Royal Baking Powder recently refused $12,000,000 for Ills business—a business built up and fostered by persistent advertising. People are very forgetful. They have to think pretty hird to remember the vice presidential candidate two campaigns back, and jet ho was pretty well ! advertised at the time. It baa been truly eaid that tbo time to advertise is all the tin^ In business there Is no such thing aa standing still, A business man must go forward or he will fallback. Even If you do just as much business this year as you did last, some other fellow la doing more business and he is getting ahead of you. Each i ear's effort should be to ex ceed last year's sales. Tho only sure way to do it Is to advertise. Adver Use in busy times because the iron must be struck while it is hot, and advertise in • dull times to heat the .ron. It can be done. It is a safe rule to tako advertising you would medicine—when you need it. Adve'tisicp Is the only medicine for sick business, but it must be of Rood quality, just as medicine must good 10 do good. It is poor policy to publish a mia- .eadinfi- ad. The plainer and more irulhful it is tbo better. Business men are coming to understand this, more and more, every day. Tho time S passed when "people like to be lumbugged." Barnum is deatf. When you havo decided what to say and how to say i'», pick out the best japer vou can /lad and use it. Remember that the best paper is the cheapest and the place to put your advertising is in the place that people ook for their news. Make the ads. newsy and they will pay. There is is nothing mysterious about advertising. It is an exact science. You are simply telling people where hey can get certain needed things. That's all there is of it. If you can oil them about something they want, ir ought to want—If you have a good hing to offer—advertising- will Bell It. Most any sort of advertising Is useful but newspaper advertising Is not only he best but It costs less than any 'ther kind—service considered. You 3an get more circulation—talk to more people—for lees nyjney, ID a newspaper, than in any other way. 'Igure it out nnd see. Alcohol and Hi* JEflVcis on Life Will be the subject ot an address ,ext Sunday afiornoon In the K. R. i". M. C. A. rooms, by Dr. W. A. Cisna, f Chicago, who 18 well and favorably nown to many ratlrpad men. The ootor is not only an eminent pbysl- l&n but has the faculty of telling tome f the practical things be knows in a ery simple and Interesting way. Two Political Prediction*. A Washington special to the Indianapolis News says that S. A. Bay lees, who is here with Governor Matthews and bis party, predicts that ex-Con. pressman Owen, of Logansport, will laad the Republican State ticket. Auditor Henderson, speaking (or the Democrats, said that Joseph T. Fanning, Deputy State Auditor, would be nominated for that office, and tbat the Democratic State convention would be called to meet late in Au-gust. The Eagle at Lafnyette. 'Lafayette Courier: This morning a large live eagle was received. It will be at the headquarters in a caee all next week and will be carried In the parade April 4th. This Is presented to the committee by M 1 -. Mortimer Levering. It will bo under the care of Col. P. DeHart, and after the encampment will be taken to Tecutnseh Trail and there kept until the Soldiers' I Home is built. Had Jler Pocket* Plcknd. Mrs. King, of George street, happened to be a passenger on the Vandalia train yesterday afternoon which conveyed the participants in the Bally-Cory fight back to town. When she reached tbe station she discovered that her pockets had been picked and that her purse containing $.5 or more had been taken. ijloeascd to W r cct. Yesterday County Clerk Bliss issued the following licenses to marry: John W. Schneider and Carrie Littla. John Catsady and Myrtle ShalTor. Chas. E. Mumment and Man- Hunter, i LOOK HEREI If you want to buy or sell a bouse lot, If you want to buy ot eon a farm, If you want to buy or eel) a store, It you want to trade city property (or a farm, If you have any cheap bouses for «*!«, Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, Loganeport, I&&. Rheumatism Qialekly Oared. Three days it a very abort time ia which to cure a bad case of rheumatism; but it can be done, If the proper treatment is adopted, ae will be seen bythe following from James Lambert, of New Brunswick, 111. "I was badly- afflicted with rheumatism in the hip? and legs, when I bought a bottle o£ Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It cured 1 , me in three days. I am all right today; and would insist on everyone who is afflicted with that terrible disease to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm and get well at once.'" Fifty cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. They Waul the Beit. 1 'The people of this vicinity ineisi.-. on having Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not want any other," eaye. John V. Bishop, of Portland Mills. Indiana. That is right. They know- it to be superior to any other for- colds, and as a preventive acd cure- for croup, and why should they not insist upon having it. Fifty cent bottles for sale by B. F. KeesUng, druggist. The U. R. K. P, arranged last evening to go to Lafayette on Friday to participate in tbo ceremonies attending the dedication ot the new Knighis of Pythias Castle at that place. It is probable that a largo celepatlnti of the members of the subordmata lodges will also attend. Don't Toltcco Spit or Smoke Tour Lire Aw«y Is the truthful, "turtllnit title of a little book that tells nil abont No-to-bac, the wonderful, harmless, GDAiuNTEKD tobacco hsblt cure, The cost Is trilling, mid the man who wants to quit and c^n't runs no phyi leal or flDnnclnl r In uslui? "No-to-bacfc." Sold by Ben Flutter. Boon at siore, or by mail free. Adilrcw, The Sterling Rtiiwdy Co., Indiana Mluerai Springs, lad. I On the occasion of the Encamp- I ment G. A, B. and Woman's Belief ( Corps of Indiana, at -Lafayette, lod., j April 4 and 5, 1894, the Wabanh Baill road Company, will sell rouod trip . tickts for $1.11. Tickets will be eold j April 3d and 4th, good going date of | sale and good returning not later thac. April 6th. C. G. NEWILL, Ag't, Wabash B. R. Co. i To cure all nervous diseases, • Dr. Wheeler's Nerve.Vitalizer," pronounc- • ec. tbe greatest medical discovery of the age. Sold by Bon Fisher. NOW THIS IS A FACT Carl W. Keller & Co., the Merchant Tailors, lead them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT THEIR PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way their clothes are made to fit and then know th« truth. GARLW. KELLER & CO. : 811 Market St.

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