Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1952
Page 8
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HOM.STAR. MOM, A R K A N S A » "'jt$35iJ386iI SALE OF i*WRT s 5.95 on°d $4.50 Voluoi 50 R. f, jn W' /% StitTIR ,tH«M oro Noflonolly Advertised Brands our regular stock of shlrti, Good selcc- MORN.NG BURNS Army Censor to Be Court Martialed PRESCOTT NEWS t hnd ai th<:ir KIIOSU Sunday. Mr.'Mr. and Mrs Chnrlii" j nnd Mrs. rii-rU-it Kv;,ns. Flora, ™ | Ann and Jitirui, Mr. and Mrs. J. Friends cif Mr |om i C. Galloway and cliiiil:<-n <>I Ash- will regret that lie i'< i ; down. i 'he Cora DnniK-ll HOSJ I — - 1 a broken hip. Jr. Mutlc Club Meets Kiln Wiirn-n and Mmy Vanrcy On K'/uMl .liitiim MIIAU: Itaiold O. Harbce o( Shr.'vc I M| . ;lli ,, Mrs w ,, tMm |> 0l t ,.,. " pntt had boon th" K«CKt of Mr. nnd j)|u , B ,. t , ky .Mr anil Mis Warren M,, Wilbur n Willis who iii.-c.oiTi- p ()rtt . r ,,, Kl Dor:.d., wne t!,.- hliu hijint- (or, a visit with wce )t em | K nr.sls of Mrs. Wat:;on ' s - I'orlcr. ,s Norn F.nKli- "f Tex.-irkana I the wi-'-K i:nd with her pin-. Mr. and Mrs .1 A. Magic. «i, T ,i,TiMi.*,n,,'-i.2i!<; !,»,""•-7r :'•:;,»;::',: !-jf^r=^:s^isiS'»^%"*^«' :onrflw'f<i hcfij. . ion. <<iiiri»Hi.i. IIMKHI. fwond Anny hr«l.|ii..rt..r« an-! "' '«{ '»«"""•' t"' 1 '" ,'f '' ,u M i'"" ...itmcwl ycM.Tdnv U'«tl It w-,ul.l ; '-' "'"1 dbcin,,, d the I fe '.u,i I. ,.( ,.i:'b"ur»(M ..«»l"n»l V,,-rh,. t ., ror!'o.npov.r, N-vin and < -"'nan A Inn book. '-Ko,..nr. T.'it«»." whlch.i r.'. ".I... "Mm-HSU," i,j, Nj-vin (t, hi* f,wn'W«r.M -Ki-h n i«1<»|> rtthv.-.-. played by C,.-,..-v,c hm«. •('.,..» |nr«f p»rt nf tht» i.orri-sp«nd.'n!n;l<l"-h"iiK piny,) ., piano sol,,. ^ t.-tpn, Which I f<-lt -AIIH vlohilmKi "Aw.'ikit. Awake. l,> (^.Kim.m I :ie •(••'•lirity »n«l '•ndnn«i-ilii« llvi-d 'jpioi.ii.iin vvim rorn-ludrd with a ^ f| , )|l( | Ml . s -|'(, 0 nuis Buchanan Voorhpffi In churned with fmllnft• vnml K-II-I "At D>i/.mnn by Hita h ^ , |s t|||l|| . w(M , k ,. )u | KUI . s i s Mr. 'ji Diihnilt li iniiniin''! Ipt of his: W»t irn. ^ ^ v i, s C'harli' 1 Duchanan and \.<nik t» the [)epmttn''iit of Aimy; Dyi I'IK Ihf hunim-xs sosKlim It ' t .i;ti\y of Curndcn. .fill nrvli-sv lind 'llnrcK-irdlfuJ thr o..';*ai, voi, (I to hiivr a M;.HIUK pnrty '' j !(.'!• irf hi* CdmiiLiridliiH ..Ificcr u, in aildlllon t(. the rrKiilni Christ- M) , , |)| , 1 M ,. s OUs Townsend of ' wllhdr/iw thu book fiom piiblirn- -na« pio«n»n il !""•'>' H»" will j..^^,.,., .,, 1( | Mr. and Mrs. Tom ((„,, l>c held in the liome ')f .((-.tula A(||i() (|f fiui ,|, m W ere the guests i The i lui(•«('« wfi'i- filed by f;< n Hi'ini.i. sundiiv of Mrs. Watson Porter ' .liKci'ih Bvvlnu, coiiiniiili'li-r of lh«. 1 : Tin- liojdemic.* -i.'ivi-il a sandwich ' ' . M .y v(ilr.cd the clmlnK prn.vcr, ^ r , m(| Mrs (-,,,.j| G, ; , nt (. J,., M| . ;lp(| M| . s , )l( . k |{;, ys ( ,f De II wii5 votPd to hnvc a season \ and c , lal . ll)U( , ,,f Maiinoh;. have : w j, t '„„,'„„.„,.,. Use j.nival of o ,,1 pravfi for foreign mls.ilons on l)cptl lh ,, KU ,. S , S „( MI and Mrs. (|.,, r) ht.'r Kav on November IS. i Thursddy, November 20, 1952 KidneySlow-Down w : May Bring Restless Nights Thursday, November 20, \?52 H$FE STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS D«'<:. 5. C, U. Mrs .Jim Griffin of f'n--coU is the m.'iti'rna! )>i ;!iidmiitlier. WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 100 Whi-n kWney fiincll.m »li.wit<lo«ii>, m«nT f.il'h^ c-oiniilTiin uf nnKKinU t.ncV»ehff, hnd- «..|u^ .Ii7.7.inws«n.lli«»«f l»-iv«n.l «ncrity. n, n'V-i.lTer n-i!r"« niuhts w.'h these din,.,.„ fmtH if riMlui-'-'l kidney function U K«U t^nu v..\i .ii.-vn-tliie I" »uch cunirnun cnu«« "i iiml «li'iii«. oviT-i-xerti.m or ' Mr. ond Mrs, I';nil [i'lohannn visited- Mr*. Oil Buchanan over the weekend. Mr. .mil 'Mrs. Arch Wylic of Hope wen.- the Sunday nue.sts of 'Hire l" Clllll >ltnl l l Ililt'l'l^Tl 'I, > ivoM"..-' — ••*- t,i tiM nr wiiinl! <li''l '"">' <•»"•*« Betting Up *"*)*>i\'i"nrit\<!cl y»«r kidneys if Ihosc condl- 41 .u I,. 'lii>r vmi 'try Houn's Pills—ft milt! I : ; r'.li" t^-'V "nc'-Miifully by million- for ovi'v r.u yi iir.. H'« iimnzinK how muny times < I-:. .. i... ...11- rniinf f mm thcrtp dlscom* .nil Rl- SAVE MORE-BUY 100 TABLETS.490 ^^^^-^^^^^ ^ !'1':H] Alftiy on Ihf W.'».t Cor.sl tint Ihc ltiVBill«ftlion wnn nwlU'hfd lit r" »o O«»n, Hvi'lll^ would not hii.i with cold dniiU.H. DO CRAMPS give you that | monthly look? Mr. .iiid Mrs. W. K. GunUici L.VO i. turned to their home in VNfi! alter a visit with their dan- 'hUT. Mrs. Jimmy Duke and fam- Super Market ,M( Pound Bag Fu " Croam Admiration Found Boo WMU Ha« Hoynl Service Pronr.im I The WMU of Hie First Baptist ll>. 'Church met Monday afternoon at ' •the chiiri'h for the monthly Hoynl Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cole spent | Service program with III members the ucek end in Dallas us the nd .11 visitor, Mr:i. I). W. Dry son guests of Hen Cole and Terrell. ,i of fiurdon. Tt-xas. where they visited Mr. and The meeting w/i:i opened with the Mrs. 0"orge Hruner. M,i«uiiMiit*tnr,. ,„.„,.,.i,„",„,> ?: mti ,.;; c '"i; il f ", r lli , t ;. Wluilt> wid « „ ,. A ~^rzr" Sl . Vl ,,,.... li«« yuur mlrwr .how .r, nhUr.l^klr,.. i Woi Id ' followed with pruycr by Mrs. C ..A. Oarrctl. S,., was the wornrfrtil, nirvwu f«r« dtirln* >i.ur "tmd ! Mr». Hryuoii. «,>i'k end guest of her daughter. t^»?^t*^.^»^rr:..f.h| l '"- l ''' /:i *•«'» M'-«- '"'k" Under- Mrs. K-ymond Avery In Little (luritiil wwh *»» •* rt»Mi»»nil» of women H». wood In charge, presented the pro- Kut'k. u tisxirftrWmi^ ».h u «r»,K i«» ™ »'«••• i "»"' -Awnk.-...^ NI. linlii wUluiui r«-llny miy j Kei'lii I.enrns of l.o\-e." Alter the n^».,U.rN«,,.t^ k ! 1 te^'J,,Ki^"« "J^UH Saves" Mrs. William -^ mom mirroul nil nwnth. Ai* fur Cnr.lul. [ Willld (jave the devotional lalK on |!!',^H MOHTHIY OMMM ' "Worship 111 l.ove." Mrs. Kit ward Ilii CHUBI Of Ufl I Hryjion, Mrs. Horace Mines. Mrs. ||l; | Thi>ma« lUichanan nnd Mrs. EUI jl] i Itn.iley gtye diMciissionM on the h i |)i'oKl'iim topic. Mrs. We.nley Kind- I' Rr-v. and Mrs. Warren C.olden HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE THURSDAY - FRIDAY Saturday Double Feature '/A^;y/w Rfldrtf MacOOWAlL Pieston FOSTER ..IN.ttCIINIC.QLP.lt . AlSO "THUNDER IN GODS COUNTRY" CARDUI ct us both piosecnlor Mild fgl. ., !^!J"d-:e. '<4* i Voorhees t:nid his book, puhlish- S GOLDEN BISCUIT (5 Lb. Bag FRED 23 Pounds lB 2 for 29C 2 FO, 49c am Chease loc With Beans &DINES PET MILK Tall W9 J — ' — 7 F o. 97c ed Armistice D.'iv, ran into a "one- k<>':HTal harrier" in the .person of r>rl.'!. Cieu. Knuili Dorn. deputy in- dir'uatlon nffn-.-r al the Pentagon In Wiinliiiuiton. Voorhees contend Dorn opposed Ihc Inuik liecau.^i' "lie sum I had no riifht to wri'e ,1 sloiy «'luch reili'ded afjam.sl "•«• '. MiM-Arthur." (it'll. Dorn denied this. lie and his Mtnff spent three d.-iy.s HOIIU '.<r the hnnU with Voiirhft-si ami •>r,lrrini; chaiKes in "certain parti iiiat were not suitable," Dorn said. No d,,ie has been set for the court mill-tin) but it will be hc|i1 '•'" the nei\r future." Vournooti is a former editor of Hi- 'Uu'oma, Wush., Tinu'S nnd liju j -i-rvod with UK- Army 1(1 .\enrs is i reserve officer. Durim: the piir- j ind covered by his hook he wis I eHic-f censor for the Kluhlh Arrfy in Korea. I MORTONS _^ SUGAR CURE 93c MORTONS Tender Quick 42c 19c BRANDS GUM Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? jK, vllnlllf. Irjr ll«r« Tunl!- 'l'>li|li|» ttininilnl Iran >H«. i"-i. nuy nmi fur i«-n; »um>lmii«mi»rF U4W-4 vltnitltn lit rrlll M»« rtMtH llltli\ ()r HAVE MUSKY- n't rxulir tl Hi Kin i"ilu ii.Sr, »'ur tilt vitt^t Mvltttf* M9 l)iiiitrjr-iui\lu( "I rntiuniy" ulio. Al all tlnii) stores ovvrywhero — ill llo|it\ ul Cox Drvifi. 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McRAE FW M»«, «M»W*U lU * tJ1 ^ 1 ' * 1 ?* •nd » 8 sW«»CiWil«>«M»J*rm In- for U Shop Now For Christmas-Use Our Lay Way Plan UfFQT RRIK ilLul DHUu. HOME OF GOOD VALUES l^d&Main Hope, Ark. ®F 1952 FEA WRING SMILEY BURNETTE PAT BUTTRAM JOHNNY BOND CASS COUNTY BOYS and the JEMEZ INDIANS from their NEW MEXICO RESERVATION WITH ALL THE MELODY RANCH STARS and MANY OTHERS! Woman Pinned in Cor 5 Days, Lives HAMBURG, In. i.V — A GO-ycnr- old grandmother l.i.v seriously in- j jurod and lii-lplcss tor five dnys inri nig.its in tl"- wivekago of ^ C;M concealed in n weeded gully I ueruii.- ;i busy hishway. i She )>;id u broken left hip. broken < lelt arm. several fractured ribs j jii.l wr.5- suffcrinK severe shock.; Tliousands of cars sped by but j 1,0 one spotted her. | Her only food was :\ few pieces uf luiUe and her only drink a Legal Notice ruin water and a bottle of boric and solution. Throughout (ho 120-hour ordrai. b.-lwoou spells of unconsciovisnt >s. proved to look hnck for some And then, hy ehnnee, n highway reason," snld Jtnek Krnscb.pl. ijr idor oporator sw.w the \vrcckcdj Today, Mrs. Olen McKnlght of from his high cnb. "I just j St. Mo,, Hnm hurt? hospital Doctor* Said IKWQ dltion wns •-"r l »iti*i > l*irt>1y u » They snjil It was " n ca«a ino'licnl books," LEGAL NOTICE ! All owners of real property with- ; in the following described Jerritnry: | Tracts HH-M. IOK5, lOKli n"f' j 10F7; and all that portion of ; tract 11K1 that lies- Kast of I South Walker Street and North j of the Hope lli«h School Foot- ; ball Stadium all according to ; the revised and official map of i the City of Hope. Arkansas, ; filed for record on the 15th day : of March, 1!M!>, in the City of : Hope: j are hereby notified that a petition has been filed with the City Clerk of , the City of Hope, purporting to be' signed by two-thirds in value of the owners of real property within said : territory, which petition prays thai ( a local improvement district be formed embracing said territory, for the purpose of paving with bituminous surfacing all of the following streets: East Sixteenth Street from the east boundary line of South Walker Street to the West boundary line of South Kdp,e/ wood Street. And that the cosl thereof be assessed and charged upon the real , property above described. All owners of real property within said territory are advised that said pe- ' tition will be heard at the meeting' of the City Conned to be held at the • hour of 7 P. M., on the Kith day of. j December, ISIa'J, and that at, the j said meeting said council will de- j lermine whether those si.nning the j petition constitute two-thirds in val-1 lie of such owners of real properly, ! and at said meeting all owners of. j real property within said territory i who desire will be heard upon the j question. ! Mrs. Chas. K. Heynerson City Clerk Nov. '2(1. Dec. 12 Legal Notice ORDINANCE AN ORD1NANCMO AND ABANDON STREET AND NO. 700 TO VACATK A CERTAIN ! ALLKY IN i STOCK UP AND LIVE FOR LESS! •JUNKETS ON SALE AT ... CRESCENT DRUG STORE ADMISSION PRICES ADULTS,,.2.50 ZOO 1.50 Tax Included CHILDREN* TICKITS ,... Vi PRICE Get Tickets Now, Don't Be Disappointed, |very.$«ot HQI in iv«ry City Where Autry H<M WARD'S REPLAT OF BEARD'S | ADDITION TO THE CITY OF i HOPE. ARKANSAS, AND FOR i OTHER PURPOSES. j WHEREAS, a petition was duly! filed with the City Council of the! Cily of Hope. Arkansas on Hie -1st i day of October. 1952, petitioning tlu; ' City of Hope, Arkansas, to vacate ! and abandon all of Ward Avenue extending from South Shover Street, South, to a dead end and that portion of the nine (ill (not alley running East nnd West between Lots Twelve and Thirteen of Ward's Replat of parts of Blocks Eleven llli and Twelve <11!>. Beard's Addition to tin.' City of Hope, Ilcmpsteud County, Arkan- ' sas, as shown on the original plat ' recorded in Misc. Book 8, at Pane i 94, Hempstcad County Recorder's i office within and for Hempstcad j Count v. Arkansas, and. i WHEREAS, after due notice, as j required by law the Council has. at the time and place mentioned in the said notices, heard all persons de- j siring to Lie heard on the qui-stion. ! and has ascertained that I he Street j and alley hereinbefore descrilied has heretofore been H-dk-atcd to j the public use as an alley and j street, but has not been used l>v the public; That all of the owners. of the properly, abutting upon the' said alley and street to be vacated. ' have filed with the Council their ] written confront of such abandon- j ment: And, that public interest! and welfare will not be adversely! affected by the abandonment of | such allcv and street NOW. THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. That the City of Hope, Arkansas, hereby releases, vacates and abandons all its riuhls, together with the rights of the public generally, in and to the street and alley designated as follows, to-wil: ALL OF WARD AVENUE EXTENDING FROM SOUTH SHOVER STREET. SOUTH TO A DEAD END AND THAT PORTION OF THE NINE f9i FOOT ALLEY RUNNING EAST AND WEST BETWEEN LOTS TWELVE (12) AND THIRTEEN (13). WARD'S RE- FLAT OF PARTS OF BLOCKS ELEVEN (ID AND TWELVE (12i, BEARD'S ADDITION TO THE CITY OF HOPE. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY. ARKANSAS, AS SHOWN ON THE ORIGINAL PLAT RECORDED IN MISC. BOOK 3, AT PAGE 94. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY RECORDER'S OFFICE WITHIN AND FOR HEMPSTEAD COUNTY. ARKANSAS. SECTION 2. That a copy of the ordinance duly certified by the City Clerk shall be filed in the office of the Recorder of the County, and re coyded in the Deed Records o Hernpstead County. Arkansas. SECTION 3. That this ordinance shall tak effect and be in force from, an> after, its passage. PASSED AND APPROVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL ON 11/18 52 PUBLISHED IN THE HOPE STAR ON 11/20/52. • (Signed) John L. Wilson , Mayor ATTEST: (Signed) Mrs Charles F. Reyoersou. City . 20, $££. 4 KROGER OVEN-READY Young, tender Fox Deluxe Turkeys. Eviscerated for greater value. SALAD DRESSING Embassy Brand. Cranberry Sauce 2 Packers finest. OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce. SMALL PEAS Kroger Brand. • PUMPKIN 2 Kroger Brand iWashburn Beans •Northern or Pintos Qt. No. 300 Cans No. 300 Can No. 303 Can No. 3~03 Cans 3 Lb. Pkg. CHEESE 2 L L I.I Velvceta EATMOREOLEO 2u».,39c Smooth, spreads easy. AJAX CLEANSER 2 c»n s 25c With foaming action LAMP BULBS 60 ~ 15c Westinghouse. LAMP BULBS m " q "£Z 18c Westinghouse. CODV'iciht 1949, The K(OQ«r Co. ,„ GROUND BEE|ft Fresh, lean. . * PORK ROAST Fresh Butt. SMOKED PICNICS U)1 . U 3?|1 Armour 4 • B lbn. • .» > *•'"* T-BONE STEAKS U. 8. Gopd Heavy C&lf PORK SAUSAGE Morning Glory nr Star SLICED BACON Wlcklow tra-pflk ' » . , .„ , i« ,rji 3EEF LIVER Lb> 5' Tender Economical • . ,/- r NECK BQN£$r ;u:,"& Meaty, fine for tiolllnn PURE LARD Lbf 1 Capital Prldo or Armour * <»«•«< OYSTERS ./pU^ai Government graded soltcts V/HITING FISH:. Clran, pan ready. Lb. ub . Lb. ijA fre»h, delieious >•'»-.' treot for Holidoy 4 J eotinp. Kroger Boked. Each Pecan Kin\ Toasted, delicious Fresh, golden loaf CflK§, ,.^ffiS <i '-m Top quality Florida fruit for juicing. f/^r v ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT Yellow Onions 2 23c i'i.i " * t «,.(* . <<4 41 j Finest Quality Florida Se«dlej». "^ 14. H'^I •: t * t r^ •» H*.s-f *' r. Firm, mild, medium $ize. Red Potatoes 10 U. S. No. 1 Selected. Bunch Turnips 2 ^ 29c qyoiity, hi^r^|rown. . ,IAI ir ||p| ||'" |I|||\

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