Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1952
Page 18
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****^^ MOM ITAfc. HOM, AKKANSA* Wednesday, November 19, 1952 ymouth y bo pre- hout the in fl»p« ort «fid «tyl» the new Plymouth mnro before tho ouUtnndlnit low-pflc«4 field." «jriymwrth model* will \ty tit NuntvMcDowell J$, R. tlBmm Motor PRESCOTT NEWS ffiuridny, N»vtmb«r » Th6 BonjurrilM Cnlp Chnjititr of DttURhU'rn ot trie American Ho volu- tion will rnofil Thursday nfMrnoort Ml 3 p.rn, In Iho hom«s of Mm. J. W. TmM-r with Mr*. R, I*. H«mtty c«-hoi(te»». ' Plymouth l» thn y n«*w Plymouth to be it. to the public In tho ntwry »lnce the prJgJnnJ odf ft« thn nwombiy JWe. ft Moiof Corporstlon <>X' .predlet moioriiit» win bo the nflWi itream- tho luxuriously ng Inlerlotir, tho Itonepower and the Th» Women'* SoeKily of ChrlntUn Service of the Meth'xllHt ('liurcti will have their *ludy on Homo Mlftildn* nnd liurnun HlKhta (•' tlta Church on Thursday «ft«rnoon nt «!80. Mm, J, B, Utmterly will (>o tho Intider. The choir of thn l»r«»uyl«rin» Church will inwet Thumdoy ing «t 7 o'clock for attended th« homocomjng flwrnc nt lh«> Unlv«r*lty of ArUnnniu, fay (tltcvllle, Sflturdny. India's Peace Offer Gets Cold Reception Dy OIOOOO CARUTHERft p*i:!hl D. Kliicnhower. I!, H. Seeretfiry of Sink- Dean A dv' or* went to Wnshinj(l«n for the corftrencc and hoped lo get Irani the Incurring Mickey Rooney Takes Another Wife administration LAS VKGAS, Wl — UNITKD NATIONS, N. Y. United Nation* deU'Kftte* gave Mm. f". K. Shell him returned from Ulflte Hock where »ho vl*lt«l _ Mr*, C. V. McK<>lvcy nnd MM.I CO<) | but ntudlous reception today v '"' I.llllnn VnuRhii, | ( , ihe long aw.iik'd Iridinn com proposal fur dt'ltllriK M i c k <; y some annurancfi that vital j rlooncy. Ihe diininutive film actor 8. i'ancles towarcl problems fidgeted arid fumbled for the ring tht- U. N. will not be clumfied. Th* 1 Indian resolution calls for aj (, ur .nation commission to take: Lincoln Made Address 89 Years Ago Unp which «o«« on di»- »howr<»m» Novom- r PlyifcmUh 1* Inlroduo* ' concept of iiutomobll« lh» low toPicad field," J» B , Msnittiold iblnc tho »tylifl« i* rndlCB) on8lnoprln« do- to"pr0dw<»e the truly P, fof outlet, nafor tind tsWe drtvlna," , tWrtnw Plymouth h»» ed for Improved Mr», H. H. McKonitla Ho.tont to W«dnei<J*y Bridge Club Mutnbi'm of the Wcdn<.t»dny Hrld- «d Club won- eiit«rt»lrie«l Wt>dn«i»- d«y f^lornoon by Mr». M, H. Me- Howls at l)«r homo on tinitt M«ln Htrcpt, The room* were Iwitutifiil, de-i-or- sled with tirrnnifimionU of cluy won ch ar«c of n>patriatin« priMmors ;i.< soon tin an mmisuce i". in Knrcb. Thi? High Bcoi'p nrl/,« wn» Mr». Allen Ooe mid tho tlpn prlfte by Mr*. Mftsll Munn, At lliw conclusion of tho Ihe hoMoiiu ftorved w d«le«ttiUI« cuursu In tlu< Thunkniilvlnu lo mombem Mm. C!u*« Me- C««klll, Mm, Onllltt Athlriw, Mr*. W. 8, Reiiuii, Mm, Cliirku Whim, Mm. Uutlley Gordon, Mrs, Harold Mr», Oc« and Mm. Munn, By AUTHOR EDBON For Jnme* M»How •A'ASWNOTON i/fi — El«»ity-nlnn yi-iira iign todiiy, IIH coon n* tho Hull lit iw Glr<; Club hud fmlnhcd, the tnll homely rruin pulled (i p»p ! fi'idtt hlr pocket and bi'Kiin to n'ii'1 it ipt'uch In his hluh, immiiitlrnl Volro. The crowd »t OcttysbiirK. P».. prnbnbly didn't pny too much nt- tcniion, by | "Finn iicwe nnd unvrn your.; fl«o." Abriihum Lincoln III-BHII, "inn- fiiU't-rrt bron«ht forth on this fimllncint M now niitlon. conceived in lilimly Hiirl dwileiiU'd to tho pioponituin Hint «ll men im- cic- Iiuilnns sucgi'sted two Com- Korean prl*nn*r "f *»r doudtock ' munlst ;>nd two non-Coii.rnunist Although objection* wen, rnU.-rl, catmns - I'olmul, </..•choHovakia, on -.ever.,! ,, :) lnt« of the drnJt res..- Sv/rdcn > nd Swil/-rland. Hut they | ,,.„, li.l.on 11'tih, handed th- U. N. Ck-,,- Ld.lH If ""' <"»»"•'» ««'-|' t « )1<; '! the rr.,1 AMOmbly yi-nU-rdny, neither | (,,L( "thcr .states nolpn, litlpaUrri | v ,.,.. CV.riimunlRt nor non-Communl.-iti m the Korean hostilities.-exclud-. ,, K ,,,.,| y . r»pr(!»(jnl<iUv«s rcjocted the pro-', in,! |»'i m.mcnt members (.f tin.-, j|<--Uier ptHinl otitrlKht, Neither sldv, how-1 Security Council --could .sei -v« •, , i( . () t , over, wu» enlhualstlc about It. | Tli< . , .... ( .. . _ ,...*_!.. ,1 ' . ..,,.1,1 .Iflltlll'l' 1,1 Vllll' 111 C'.'ISC (H , I to slay . co:;t nil me r • • ' Tho world dl|iloin»la marked Iliiic In thv main Korenn dcliute In the Aanctnbly's r'ollliciil Com- rnitlcn rt they could ntudy the r«<- d-ilutlor further. Hos»lori« orl«linil- l> xchcdiilod for todiiy wcro post poriod fur luck of spunker*. ] DeclinonH »llll wen; bolng made bcnlnd tho sceneK, nnd It was expected other compromise propci- siiln wotilrl be Introduced after the Koreim debate Is resumed tomorrow. The ('ologutt'M ril»o awaited the outeonic of the major policy talks In Wiishlnjjton lodny between President Tinman und t'rcslderit-oloet hostilities- -exclud- i members nt tin 1 ; •ily Council --could serve | commission would choose aj ul tiinpire to vote in ease of : deiidlock on decisions. solution, introduced by In- ! i r-si^lfring HV Mr. and Mrs. Jo-' } :«-|)h Yule-Mickey's real name. I Kooney's former wives wore ac- i tre. 5es Ava Gardner and Martha Vickers. and an Alabama beauty contest winner. Kdward J. Webb who operated jrif rnlng as he man led for the wedding chapel, said Rooney a fourth lime following n surprise appeared nervous and had trou- t'lopewont from Hollywood. i bl<: loc;.tin« the wedding ring. The bride, a flame tressed con>' "I'm really in love," enthused punitive ly unknown model de- ! Mickey, who met Elnine at a par scribed as slender and "quite a; ly about two months ago before bit taller" than Mickey, signed'he left t,n an entertainment tour tfvr mnriiagu certificate as Khiinoiof Kun.a. Mahnkvn, 22. She's bectn marriod '. on?e brforc. iviiif, the slip to newsmen t<> btor told they'd be wed at F'amiinjo Hotel, the couple mrrricd hy the Hev. Thotn- iil tho Woe Kirk O' the Chapel. Then they hurl::i Rancho Ve«as Hotel, under the commission's dia's V. K, Krisnu Morion nflcr| Ui'VS n( iiJK'ksl.'iKo talks with Amer-l Husslnns nnd various pur-; iietwccn, declines locco will 1 used either to prevent or Iho rcpiilriiition of |U'is-j , « reoSn inlo the cur'n In 1iJBfin«e eompsrtniprit, odeUiftB tnoro h«»dro»m tutd more hip nnd ne* thun ever bofttro, y Hid dbperitJaWa Plym- hn* been given ovon jr< H'dr 10IW Ihe hor»t" ai bean inoreoiior) to too rutto body ntylpi" tiro of["&''$« two Plymouth linen tm* llio Camt>Hi1«» Urn- are •Don) 1 Bedim, Two-Door i, lju«ln<'ti« Coupe and tbi> ox> ' "" " popular Suburbnn. Thw )liu» thlti year ' y, n Four*Door B, Cofivurltblo Cmtpp nnd S fittlvedtirp Hardtop, ftfcl hinge* of lh« dock ltd Led at the axtr«rne out- |^i|8l tnore unnUle KH>«ee, The W.ioot trunk In,almost 30 'larger tholi prmvlou* A.jt through relocation of. th» pipe ul lit*! l«(t coriu t ««J, wWuh «Uo pro- fll Wnfort 'Plymouth Automatic be nildod to tho SJteW ... wiUt voduees iptioit hy outtlntt down id w 30 per conl whllu «d upood l« undlmlnUh- hl«Uw»y orul»tn« ttunr, I .eiUinfi'c U «nvo» up to cent on «fl*ollrie. An adv ratln in each of tho vfrttt. Overdrive l» if»v truffle Center HD Club Honor* Bud Jon«t> Brlclfl-Elqot Thn Cpi»lcr Homo Dernonalrn-1 lion Club mat JI*"r»'Jay ofleriiuon In I the homo Of Mm. A, M. ItutllK fur tht) inoiilhly mitollnH, Graceful arrntttti>manta of yi'llow oi)r>sni)tlu*muniii wero placed nt df Intorodl. The prt'UHlent, Mrs. A. P. Joiios, prenldiid, Tho devotional tnlk WHH «lvon by Mm. UuttlR, JiUI'IIIK thi' tiUNllUiKH miH'lllIU tho following nttlcerH wore oUsolod; l»ra*ldt>iU, Mrn. OHn Will*, vleo- prt'Hldiint. Mr». Chnrlcs Ittifurd, dwcretitry mid lroaaur«r, Mr«. M, I'lotlltt. The club will nerve tho IviwnniN Cl»b u Thttiiksylvlna dinnor Thurw- day evenlntt, Tho procepdn will br lined Ui pui'chiiso it piano (or Hit; Club lioujfe. Mrs, Vivian dorin will; prBnuitt n numlciil entiM'tiiliiini'iit nt Iho club lunixu DIM;, (t, thai will bo KpuitMorod by Mris, W. S, Ulnch for Iho bwrwfll of Iho club, Durlntt tho nocial hour M!HS .Sue Joiu»8, brldo-oloct uf Ur. Hurtild ^nymund PoUuck of Okhthonta City, Oklu,, wax honored with u mUccUunoouii shower. Hhc alfsu re- eelvud a yellow thryaantheuuim COI'HIIgC. After Ihe lovoly Ki f l» w«ro upi-iv od ami dlKpliiyt'd 'tin! luu;ii'HH uorv* cd loa and honrt ' ihnpfd cukes Iced In wliito iuirrln« out the urulul mtnlf. Mra, \Vulnun Whllo Jr,, Mrs. N. N. Ounlel und Mi'tt. Jack attended thu Southweiu itltt ot Ooi'den Cluba in Arkndol phw Friday. Objtfcllve for ' oar' IHut was oaslor in to hand))} nnd eniilitr " ,tHtti"rldo quickly ObjOcUvU SV88 III- f'tlw- (m«lnfc forward m«r« V |n«,h«» u»v« rnorp body ftolocutjon of whoel houn- ' ' [j ntim). niovtsd clnspr to I of the tho roar uprliiK, r«sr wheel ,lwp oil unevon Mr, tuui Mm, J, K. UomlN have from Ulut'inmiti, Ohio, wiit'i'i) they were thi? auest t»f her Mr. und Mr#, llniolil iu,f( irom \ViishuinUm, where Mr, IkMtUs WUH nimuHl (lr.it 'lfiv(H'i)»uk'iit of Uiv Ni|lit>iuil Luin- Aftof nil. thorc hud taocn plenty nt Kpot!t'liinak!ng ntroady. EHpecliil- 'y from Kdwnrd Everett, whn had bt-.-n n U. S, Hvnator, a (jovernor of MnH»bi:huM!tt«, n cabinet nu'in- lift- (i mlnl*.t«!r to CJconl Hrltaln i 4 )i(.l prealdmit of llwrvnrd. An Hie nation's lop orator, Kvor- oil, In hl» hour nnd 50-rnlnute louclu'd all tho basci*. In u dtmcrlpllcm of how th: itarly (Jrcicki cared for thoso who w.sri! killed In bnttlo. Lincoln Kluck to his own nation, ttn.l It* awful problvnm. "Now we arc on«ait«'d In » «rcnt civil w.ir l««tlii« whether thiit nation, or wny nnllon KO conceived ,.,ul no dedicated, can long en- ilin'o." ho Kiild, "VVc an? mt'l on n Rreal battle- floM uf that war. Wo hnvo come od U-tiit< a portion of that field, .i,« u fiiuil r«Mln« place for those whn luMt- Kiive tholr lives thai that i.eitloii inlghl llvu. "It IN nltout<thor fitting and pro per that we should do this. "But, In n larger BOIIHO, we can dedlotf, we citimofr consecrate, eautuit hallow, this ground. The dien, livlni! and dead, who Nlri'iMilcti here, have coimocnited ,1 fnr iiiiovo utir poor power lo add i:r detract." Oddly, Lincoln almost dldn'l make tho speech, and for a «ood ro INOII. No cmo asked him lo. He ,ind hoen Invited to tho ceremonies oiirlior After ho hart accepted, th sponsorii decided It would be okay U> hnvo the President say a "fe\v .ipoi'oprii.to ronmrlts." To ui now, m»nie of the rencllot I'lu.' HarrUburii, !'».. Patriot am Union Mild: "We pas* over tht silly remarks of tho President; fo ino cr'Ktil of the nation we an \vt|llnH that the veil of ohllvloi »h»ll bo dropped over them aiv llr.tt tho.v shall no more be re puaUut or though of." And fiom the ChlcnKo Time dime tlxis: "Tho cheek of every An\frlei.n must tlnule with .shume ,\» he uiuln the silly, flat, and story" In court records In which 10 nnld ho was Hobln Hood find .stole from tho rich to give to the A pNychiutrlHt told tho court Hill hud :i "warped mind" beyond cure. combine to owner* nn Mr, and Mi'K. Tlunnaii Huchanan, Nuncy Huehnniiii, Juno lltiu-h, try Iluchunan, Mr, und Mis, Frank llallmvi Ji\, Mr. ntul Mis,. I, F, Varbiouijh wore iinionu i "' ho»o who attended tho Henderson leudrlx gani<9 In ArKndetphiu Sat Lincoln himself didn't worn to think in- hint « bvll-rlnuor. "The world will little iiolo nor loni! ri'iiiombor what wo say horo," ho siild, "but H can never fnr,!i>l \> lull they did here," Lineolr wii» reudy (or hl« wind- Mr, and Mr*, V, D. Wdrthiim and Miss Dorothy Wo\\rlhum «»( Qurdun wer« the KuesU Sunduy Mr. and Mrs, L, L. BuuhtMum. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Uukt) luive had H thttlr gu«KU Mrs, Clu»sli?r Klu- of Waldo and Ivoy Tldwcll uC OkUhomw City, Oklu, Mr. and Mrs. Flunk Gilbert, Judy, Mui'Uiv, ami Joun spent live woek end in PnyvUevlUo und attended the UomecuminM c*l*l)ra- lion. MUa Joan was tho «viest uf Mi«s Mary Uou Thomas in the Pi Phi Huust). Mr*. Roy C. Adums bus to nor homo tn Conw*y vt«lt With Mr. «nd Mr*. after tt Ucu, Jlra 8«ml* and Pvt, Bill iupwp^mip^^^^^f* 1 *™'^!" 1 ''! 11 L ' •RA SPECIAL (I! ESTONE only 'M S Nr Gallon Law iiock of for Trucki & Cars I •It is tor us, the living, riithcr. Ui be indicated here U> the unfinished work which they who r>.,i«ht here have thus f«r vu nob'y iidvum-eu," he »«id. "U is rather tor u» to be here dedicated to tlu- urvett t«i»k remaining before us-- thiit froiu these honored dead we l.»t(t? li-.crewsed devotion to that en.me tor which they jn»ve the last full measure «f devotion-—that we hero htsbly resolve that these dead sbtill not havo died iu vain; that mis iinlUMi. under Clod, shall hnvo a new birth ot freedom, und th.it K«wnr>.int ot the people, by the ix'nple, for the people, shall iu>t from the oarlh." The tnll man sot down. He Ivui expected to mukc some r.ei- tttrctnry remark!) and probably ho U<H only perfunctory applause. It didn't mailer. The Chicago Tribune man summed it up in j sentence • "The dedicatory remarks • f i President Lincoln," Ivw said, "w-ll I live (uiiuig the annuls of man To be remembered, and poiw'iv 1 - tho nation wtu in Kidnap-RobWy Spree Brings Sentences CHATTANQOOA, ; who TV«n.. t* led by u described himself «s a knight in golden armor brought fvAK»v«l «unt«nc«$ yesterday to a former i>m«fi£hter »ud « l&-y««r oU,v Virgil Lemay. to five yo«rs on a kid- charge and a year and u fur car theft. e wtvtimu boxer, Charles Hopkins. W, Jacksonville. FU . gKv'n seuteucvs totaling 17 — is tor kidnaping «ukd two (or interstate tr»n«i>wi»tion of u inotojr c«r. The ««ut«ACt*« order«4 to rwa cousecwtivc- HiU, «o An Ai.iericnn spokesman rxpre.-;- •<! the belief the' Indi.m plan mild not work and asserted the ! jcans , Hussmns ami various par-; ( ., >mmi!M(m w ,, ulf | not b ,. .,,,,<, to i ,„:, ,„ ,,etw..,.n, declares lo.-co will ;,,.,„,„,. UK , ui) , : , nl ic job of feeding.! m ,l |,e used either to prevent or, m)l]sin ,, .„„, administering tho! ,.((«'l Ihe repatriation of pris-;^ o.oMsatids of Chinese and Korean' "' 1< ' 1 ' 9 - ' prisoners who refused lo go home, j The [J. S. stands firmly against j The Americans also objected! for.-lble return of prisoners who j strcmgly to the Indian proposal, oppose I'.oinu back In their Cum-iihat Ihe disposition of all pris-! mmii-iHuled homelands. The Com-! ortors not yet repatriated 00 days' nninlst!' have demanded that all: ; if;.er Hit' armistice would be tie- lirlsom-rs be handed over whether [ oidwl by a political conference, tucy w ml to return or not. ! The U. S. stand has always been th.il the prisoner question is not political and must be settled clearly bofoi o any political discussions on Korea are started. The Russians said they would ii'il comment on the proposed compromise until after they had .seen a Russian-language text. Veteran Shot by Penitentiary Guard i,GNOKK 'ffi — Police reported thi.t a i!7-ycar-old Korean War vet cran was shot near here by an Arl'anshs. Penitentiary guard who was searching for an escaped convict r ..onoke County Sheriff Earl Jackson said Vernon L. CumrninMS wbs struck in the thigh by a rifle bullet. The Wound was not believed to be serious, Jackson said prison guards Were oned on a road where a man, believed to have been the escaped prisoner, had been sighted. The convict. Don Williamson, fled the Tucker Prison Karm last week on horseback. He was serving a 7- year term. M The .sheriff said Cummings, returning to his home from church Sunday night, drove through the ro.id block, overturned his car in a ditch and was shot when he Blurted lo run. Jackson said the veteran told hi'T-. "It was my fault. I should have slopped — I guess I got seared " Unrini! the last decade the num-W b<:r of U. S. families increased 5 fr<rii approximately 32 million to ** 40 million. Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor H. Washburn Hope Comforts More Childhood Ills. than all other children's aspirin combined! Mothers end children prefer it; doctors approve it. Get it today. lo The Indian resolution can/fully avoided any mention of .screening Ihe prisoners—a point to which the Riissinns have violently objected. It calls for both sides to hand over all prisoners h) the commission in a rtcniihtari/.ed /one, where they will be free to return home or Moore Bros. Fresh Dressed Turkeys Your Name 4.' Size You Want f :'..., Date You Will Call ' BRING THIS TO OUR STORE TODAY Price Guaranteed and Guaranteed Fresh Unrising Generation Governor Donaghey and State Tax Commission Tuesday afternoon, there being no bus service on the Arkansas ^Motor Coachej line because of the Irivers' strike. Wallace Cook and j I drove up to Emmet and Prescott with the papers for The Star's! carrier boys there. ! At Prescotl one of our boys re-' marked that we got there before' the bus did. But 1 reminded him] there wns a strike and there] wouldn't be any bus. "Don't you • read th<- papers?" I asked, and he looked sheepish. . But it didn't bother one of the • other boys. lie cracked out loud: "Guess we'll hear about it tomorrow at school — in history." , t Star W6ATHBR POftttdAft ARKANSAS — Fair and this afternoon, tonight; . Temperature* HiKh OS Low 30 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NQ. 33 »of «» H«p« II**. Pran 1*17 Cofli»llda»*tf Jan. II, t»M HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1952 M*mb*ri Th» AtwclatMl Pratt * Audit turtati el Circulation* Av. N«f Paid Clrel. 4 Mot. tndlno S«pt, 10, I«M — PfclCE 5c Allies Uncork Rocket Barrage in Sweeping Raid Dy The Associated Press The A.lies have uncorked a double blow fi'jiiinst the Chinese Reds— the heaviest rocket barrage and plane strike in tho struggle In the Central Front. First. Alllr-d poutidec! eiu'iny 'positions nlonn a nari-ow. two-mile sector. This at- Tlie Joint Tax Revision Commit-1 tack la.-iled two hours and 15 minu- ' at Little Rock Monday to make recommendations to Governor-elect ! vnounclng the great new_ Plymouth w f <^p> y/? the /ow-jpriccd field- at no advance Jn price 41)0(ty~ types actually priced lotver. U's at your nearby Plymouth dealer's — the fiis-t truly /«i/«/JiW car in lite /fi«--/>rjVt-«i /iVW— the roomiest, most beautiful, best riding l'l> mouth ever built! llocause «f tl»e true iw/aiuv built into Ihe new I'lynuiulh ride, you {id tin- softest, steadiest ride aiul the smoothest handling you've e\er known — almost gjioscopic gtabilil) on all kinds of roads. 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YOU UY ww one raui » ON include 6 mew Plymouth* <wwJ hundreds of c«* award*, *• <*•<** «* '*" ***? Plymouth <*nd complete this e Chic' of Staff Hoyt Vandenberg. _ Then Ihe Allies bombarded the Francis" Cherry' "will meet ' again | R( ' ds wilh rockets. A total of r>7<> ' ' '" ' !i few seconds targets north About an hour later, AP Correspondent John Randolph reported that t\v,> enemy infantry companies attacked South, Koreans on Sni- 'he censored dis- that the attack He said: "Wheth- Salurday, November li!). In the , meantime sub-committees ., ru | agjnnst Communist studying certain assignments nnd| ot *>nip'-r Ridge. report back to the whole committee. There was a declaration of policy at the opening meeting which deserves public emphasis. The statement, unanimously agreed on, was that the committee, doesn't propose to either increase or decrease the total amount ot taxes collected in Arkansas. That's a matter for the duly-elected representatives of the people, both state local. But if a fairer and per Ridce. and patch indicated was continuing. er the action is just another probe or n lu.avy attack remains to be Keen." more efficient system -can be devised the committee will have clone the job it is supposed to do. ^It seems to me that this point was illustrated in the debate which occurred at the opening session when the proposal for a State Tax Commission came up. Among the tentative proposals submitted to the committee by the 'analysts, through Chairman Charlie T .S. Wilkins of Magnolia, was this: 1 "Consideration should be given to the creation of a State Tax Commission that will have the exclusive responsibility of administering the state assessment laws. This agency should consist, of three members, to be appointed by the governor with the consent of the senate and to serve staggered terms of six years each. Such an agency should have sufficient HJ) funds ;i!vl personnel to offer a program of aid and technical assistance to local assessors. Adequate assessment aids should be made available to local assessors by this commission including such aids as tax maps, land classification maps, and manuals for the assessing of both real and personal property." State Representative L. H. Autry t of Burdette, Mississippi county, author of the Autry law in the last session of the legislature limiting state aid to school districts where property is badly under-assessed, and now chairman ol the Arkansas ^.legislative Council which is meet- ijjjjjfg ahead of the 1953 General As! .rsembly, promptly took issue with the proposal. How, he asked, can we expect a State Tax Commission to be any more successful today 'than it has 0 proven in the past? John A. Rudisill, executive vice- president of the Arkansas Public Expenditure Council, countered with the statement that the people and the legislature had never given the State Tax Commission idea a chance. A State Tux Commission was set up in the administration of Governor George W. Donaghey, he reported, Act 257 of 1'JOi). Like today's proposal it authorized three terms of six years caen. But, Mr. JUldisill continued, it was butchered by later amendments, and has been abolished and reinstated several times in the last 40 years — notwithstanding the fact that in its original form it was widely acclaimed as a model law and was copied by other states. I pointed out that, while no one thoroughly trusts the idea of delegating local tax authority to a state commission in Little Rock, the property tax situation must have been pretty desperate back there I can pilots, shut down five Commit nist MIG-lf) jet fighters over North Korea today, raising to more thai: .V'O the toll of the Russianmadc plans destroyed in the 29-month- o.d Korean war. The acrinl duels between the Sa brcs ana MIGs took place as F,'!•! Thiiiiderjets smashed the "hot- te't larijet" in North Korea — a huge enemy troop concentration and suspected rocket launching site near the Yalti river. Other Allied air attacks include:! two B-2C raids on a 30-acre metal prm-essing plant at Moktong in north-central Korea and against a 55-ncre troop and supply center in northwest Korea. Two other MIGs were damaged tod:iy for a three-day total of 21 MIGs destroyed or damaged. With today's five kills, Allied pilots have accounted fo.- 502 MIGs destroyed in the Korean war. Capt • Paul E. Jones, Jr., of Ar- ;'ipon. Ga.', shot down two .MIGs i.i GO seconds in a scramble ranging from 540,000 feet down to a few hundred feet chove (he Suino reservoir thinking thi Man- ciiurian '..order. District Governor to Visit Local Lions Club District Governor A. L. Jones of El Dorado will y,islt the Lions Club of Hope at 12 on November 24. The purpose of his visit will be to nd- visc and assist the Officers. Directors, and members of the club on matters pertaining to Lions administration and the Lions' great program of humanitarian service. Lion Jones is one of the 248 District Governors who supervise the activities of the i),600 Lions Clubs, fighter-bombers| Liolis international was formally founded in Dallas. Texas in 1017. and during the past 35 years has become the largest and most active, and fastest growing scrv ice club organization in the world. There are Lions Clubs in 37 coun tries of the world with a membership of over 445.000. During the fiscal year l!). r il-. r )2, 909 new Lions lubs were organized — a new Club every ten hours. The Hope Lions Club is an active un't of the International Association of Lions Clubs, which is dedicated to community betterment in all its aspects; to national and economic, social and cultural progress; and to the promotion of international understanding and amity. In all these fields, Lions International has won influence and prestijje, because of its countless •constructive services. The second annual t-iions Club- KXAR Radio Auction will be held in Hope beginning at 7 p.m. De- 1. The proceeds from the Bv ROBERT UDICK SEOUL, Korea lUP) — Ameri- Truman Elated Over Ike's View on Prisoners FOURTH FOR MICKEY — Mickey Rooney tries to be serious as he carries his bride, the former Elaine Mahnken, from the chartered plane that returned them to Los Angeles following their married In Las Vegas November 18, This Is the second marriage for Elaine and the fourth for Rooney. — NEA Telephoto. comber auction ages for needy families in Hempstead County. provides Christmas pack- Producer Could Be Hurt in Price Slosh Possibility' that milk producers in this county could suffer a cutback in event retail milk prices are reduced is one leading 1'aclor which confronls Mayor John L. Wilson und the City Council. The Mayor and the Council were told by representatives of milk firms Tuesday night that a retail reduction would almost sure to be followed by a sMash in prices paid to producers for milk, it was pointed out today. Naturally the council would Sot want to be a party to anything that would cost the producers but at the same time the city wants prices ot' milk in Hope to be in line wilh those elsewhere, the Mayor said, Vindicating there were many factors which need to be studied. Cherry Cuts Short Meet of Council By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK 1/11 - The Arkansas Legislative Council agreed today to recess this weekend until Dec. 8 after Gov. -elect Francis Cherry told the group he would be unable to have his program for presentation to it before then. Cherry, in a brief appearance before the Council, said he was not suggesting that the Council adjourn but merely wished to advise them that he had been delayed in formulating his program by three weeks illness. "I think I can have tf?e matter I wish to take up with you in shape by Dec. 1 and if you will Interpreter Called in to Testify NEW YORK i,1'> — A new interpreter was called into Federal Court today to handle the testimony of one of the Japanese executioners of a captured U. S. Army captain on Corregidor. The witness is Seilaro F'njitn, 32, a wartime sergeant now serving .'iO years in a Tokyo prison as a w.ir criminal for the slaying of Capl. Burton C. Thomson of Swea City, la. Fujitf, brought from Japan as a government witness at the trea :;un tri:i' of John David Provoo, bewail his testimony yrslevd'ty through an interpreter, Robert M. Gene Autry Show Coming Here Friday Tomorrow. Friday. Nov. 21, that youngsters of this section will get to see their favor ite cowboy movie star. Gene Au try and his famous horses. Champ ion and Little Champ. Teachers Hear Report on Recent Convention At n meeting of the Uempslcnd County Classroom Teachers In the Hope Junior HlRh School Ihls week Mrs. V. J. BurrnuKhs made n report on the CTA meeting held til Itoblnson auditorium on Nov. 7, during the ABA convention in Little Hock. Mrs. Owen Atkins gnve highlights of the proKrnm presented tit Ihe CTA luncheon held nt tho Mnrlon Hotel also-an Nov. 7. f the world." M ,. Si n> Ki j nc k 8 ,, n prosohlud In bis first post-election news I the CTA creed. Mrs. Lawrence conference — his first in f net Martin, proHfunv chulrmun for the since Sept. 25 — Trumnn laid em- evening, discussed "Yugoslnvln" WASHINGTON Ml President Truman said today ho Is very happy over Gen. Dwight D. Kison- bower's views on the Korean prjls- oner ol war issue, and declared "This country Is a unified organl- in Its policy toward the rest >>nap|N on unity and on the effort o mnl-e the shift of power to President-elect Eisenhower as smooth ns possible. Me began wilh this statement which he permitted quote dnectly: reporters to Tho Aulry show give two performances in Ihe Third District Livestock Show Coliseum bear with me appreciate it," intil then I Cherry said. will Baptists to Meet at Morris Church November 29 and 30, the First Union Association's convention will be held at the Morris Baptist Church. A full program has been arranged for both day's and lunch will be spread. The public is invited. Taking a leading part on the program will be Rev. R. W. Burin 1909 for Governor Donaghey, a j kett, K. Lasmith, Homer Henry top-notch business man and a good and Lcroy Samuel administrator, to turn away from local assessing to a State Tax Commission. j sion is not to be feared' if a good There being no agreement what- assessing job is being done at soever on the , state commission I the local courthouse. One of the v idea 1 then suggested that Chair-1 things we looked into last Monday man Wilkins poll the committee to was an analysis of the Iowa Local gee whether there was agreement', Budget Law. which I'll discuss on the judgment that Arkansas' j more fully another day. Iowa system of elective bad failed — and LITTLE ROCK, Iff) — The Ar kansas Legislative Council yesterday cut short its session after a wrangle as to whether Gov.elect Franci Cherry had approved a proposc'.e bill. Today, the incoming governor 's expected to ask the Council to temporarily postpone its deliber ations until he and his aides cai complete drafting of his legisla tivp proposals. Cherry was scheduled to appeal before tho Council, at 10 a.m. to day. Hep. L.H. Autry, chairman o tho Council, called a recess yester clay to confer with Cherry at tht governor-elect's temporary head quarters here after Autry and tw Council members disagreed or Cherry's stand on a proposal. Autry told the Council that Cher ry favoicd abolishment of thi present Confederate Home and thi transfer of its residents to a ncv building on the State mental Hos pita I g-ounds. He added that h intended to introduce a bill to tha offeet in the coming Assembly. Reo. J. A. Gipson of Salin County and Rep. Harry B. Colay os Nolunb County disputed Aul ry's assertion that Cherry approv ed of the proposal. The discussion arose after Rep Glenn Walther of Pulaski Count cmicizfd the proposed bill an asked that budget proposals t support the Confederate 'Home which houses widows and daugh tevs> of Confederate velerans, b j considered by the Council. No at ' lion was taken. After conferring with Cherr Rep. Autry said he feld the Council "would be spinning its wheels" unless there was more correlation between the work of Cherry and his planners and the legislative The nelense attorneys objected to o.no of the translation of Kujita's es'imony concerning Thomson's oath and Provoo's actions on Cor- efiidor. Provoo, 35-yenr-old former IT. S. \i my sergeant who was captured n Corrcjjidor, is accused ol bo raying Thomson to the Japanese and of selling out other fellow insoncii; to their captors. Fujita, head of the firiim s<|iiarl vhieh e-teculcd Thomson, alleged- y nfler a final quarrel with Pro- voo, testified his superiors toid ii'i Provoo would be of groat advantage to them "because he could .peak the language very well." The witness said Provoo told of a prewar visit to Japan to study 3'iddhbm. "Ho pleaded that 'I would work for the Japanese forces, 1 " Fujita said. at •!: 15 Boh Shivers, Coliseum manager, announced the building would be completely enclosed Cor both performances. The two-hour show will present some of the finest talent in the nation including Comedian Smiley Burnclte. Au try's pal in many shows, Pal Huttram, County Hoys, Johnny The Cass Bond, ' The Strong Four, a group of Jem or. In dians, Gail Davis and all of Gene's M'<f. >dy Ranch gang. "I want you to understand Hint th'- election is over and thnl we are trying to Ret things in shape lo make nn orderly turnover of the government to Ihe successor, nnd Hint we wtinl to let the world know thnl this country is ti tini tied organization In its policy toward the rest of the world. "I wt:: very happy to see thn 1 Gen Eisenhower had told Sen. Wl ley that he wns with tho policy on the i risoncrs of war in Korea. That \\t-s one of the main thing!) about v.hich wo talked in Ihe meeting the other day when ho wns down here." Eisenhower and Trumnn met nt the White House on Tuesday nnd later announced jointly llitu they had ariunged for an exchange ot Information. They expressed belief this cooperation would be to the advmtnge of the country und promote a fnvornblc progress ot international affairs. Yeslerany, Eisenhower hod n mectlnc In New York with Sen. Wiley of Wisconsin, who will bo- cone chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the new Republican-controlled Congress. :• Wiley said Eisenhower "Is completely dedicated to the principles at the U. N. and re-emphasized ins agreement with the principle of no- forcible repatriation of Communist prisoners." us a unit of the selected study course "World Affairs Are Your Affairs." Mrs, Frank Mason, president, was In charge of a business meeting which preceded the program, Mrs. Jackson was acting secretary, During tho social hour refresh, inents were served, Nazarenes to Organize a Church in Hope TO WED NEW YORK UPI • Kay Summers- by, 4H, President-elect Eisenhower's Wi'rlime secretary, is scheduled to be married today to Reginald I!. Morgan, 47, of New Canaan, Conn., a Wall Street broker. Dulles and Byrd Reported in Lii for Cabinet Jobs! Dy R'ELMAN MORIN NEW YORK, W — elect Elsenhower ttritt John Fb*t« Dulles conferred today buf crsm Republican foreign ulvlsor declined to COITII peculation that he had bp erod the. post ot secretary ot 8tat|| ">\ny statcmcnls about Cablrtc ippnlnlmcnls must como frotnj uneral himself," ho said. • He declined to filvo any detail ot his conversations with tho f ident-eltet, Their conference, ered "vurlous aspects Ot atf'.ilra," ho anld. lie tinned aside questions whether ho and Etsonhow4r r t^t( about tho appointment today " l Urillsh Foreign Secretory Am! Eden. Eden is duo to »oo tniTl oral nt luncheon. Dulles nlsa declared .lio ! "nothinj,' 'to say" on matters i.'ilitig to Korea, the budget, ptl Iho United Nations. Newsmen pointed out that ports ot his Imminent appolntftifi as societary of, state httVO published. After Dulles had said an ar nouncomont would have to col from Elsenhower, himself, a*. porter said, "Then you are nO cionylnR it." 3»1 Duties repeated his origldil statement and said, "Anybod upocuUitcs at his own rlsH." Kisonhowcr discussed ioreli prjblom nt length yesterday, two reports on Korea. Hu was quoted by Son, dor Wiley of Wisconsin, tneml ot the United States delegation the United Nations, as firmly behind tho delegation's , lllon. on tho pivotal question- cornpuslry return of war prlflone| m Korea. J f '' FORMER ACTRESS DIES HOLLYWOOD M —Funeral services will be held today for Mrs. LoL'ise Lester Heal, 85, who played the role of Calamity Jane in one ,>f the first Western films made i,i Hollywood. She died last Monday at the motion picture country home at nearby Calabasas. By WILLIAM THEI8 , WASHINGTON, (INS). —1 cal circles reported today ^ « Ptevidaut-oluct Eisarihowor has. eidod to make VlrglnUJperi The Possible Social Impact of Growing a Mustache Is Discussed by Hal Boyle By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Ijfi — Many women have miji-ricd a man because of his bankroll. But did any woman over in; rry a fellow solely beciuioi. 1 of his mustache? Did :-hc ever, crumpling shyly ugainsl his manly ibosorn murmur: VYou yourself have an utUrly rcoistibie personality, my dear. But your mustache! Ah, I can fis''t agi-inst it no longer. It has s-vept ine quite off my feet." A boy, rubbing castor oil on his upper lip to stir the slow growth of the n;!uctant fuzz thereon, rnnyl co.-nforltd by Ihe fact it is still daydrean. of such situations, ~ ''^ " and trouble it takes arc no long '.T worth the effort. But one who grows a mustache to cure himself of inferiority will never yield it until death. In case of fire I jo places its safety before that of women and children. It is his hairy manner of sue- ccjfs in the battle every man fights within himself, his flag against Iho world. Behind every mustache lurks a mouse that has been turned by this symbol into a lion. Ever watch a man with a mustache? Notice how he toys wilh it, K up now and then to be Possibility of Long Strike Is Shaping LITTLE ROCK, Iff) — Tho pos- sibilily of a long strike In tho wage dispute between Arkansas Trull- ways Co., and 46 union, bus drivers and mechanics took shape last night n" both, aides stood firm on liidr positions. An union official said dally that the strike, which affects 30 bun runs in Arkansas, would continue "indefinitely" unless outside mod- iutors step intp the conlrovcrsy; a company spokesman replied that the next move toward settlement "is up to the union.' F. A. Purcell, deputy president of Iho' Brotherhood of. Railroad Trainmen, said union represcnta^ Rev. T. C. PotU The Church of the Nazareno will establish a Church In Hope under tho direction of the Rev. T, C. Potts, it was announced today. The now Church will meet temporarily In tho 1OOF Hall on South Elm Street and regular services will start Sunday. Sunday school for all ages will start nt 0:45 a.m., worship services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. The Rev. and Mrs. Potts have three children, Vcra 10, Mildred 13 and Troy Jr. 3. Mr. Polls has hold successful pastorales In Oklahoma — tho May Avenue Church In Oklahoma City for three years and the First Church of tho Nuza- rene at Clinton, Okla. Ho received, his education at Bethany • Pcnlul College, , | tary^onti place null, Ji\, aha> Sehi' C| Knns., in his cabinet. Browtioll, former Ropublloai lional chairman and protog Gov. Dowey, is said to bo for thu post ot attorney gene Carlson, who served a« Iko'S sonal advisor •throughout IdenUul campaign, is descrlbodA the general's cp|inpromUe ^ fur socretnvy ot. agriculture.,.' . This tame informed specuU itidieatod that Son. Lodge' Mars,, who was defeated fpr election, is the most likely'. polntco for the, key post * J ftmso secretary. Lodge Is now serving n interim liaison representative; all but budget matters in off I have never heard in real life of there? He never is safe from tho fear someone will take it away a mustache with 'much romantic j from him, or shave if off while he tax assessors a State Board of Appeal lor tax this vote \vas commission). But it also has good . unanimous, as already reported on assessing at the county level. And the wires and in the state papers, j the Iowa law provides that while , But of course it would take a • U"i State Board of Appeal may constitutional amendment and the; reduce assessments submitted to lapse of a couple of years or more • it there can be no increase. to legally change the county as-; So what our present controversy The Council is the official Joint influence. What is the actual social impact of the mustache? This question arises because it appears that this form of male- facial landscaping is getting mrnv popular. It seems to me I see ir.ore and more mustaches around. 1 would like to believe this is only because there are more people i'i tne world, as I like to look at the br'ght side of things. I would i;ate to see mustaches become a badge of valor or a measure of achievement, as in a society in which that were true 1 would have to become a hermit. Budget Committee of the General! Men t> row mustaches for only Assembly and serves between the! three_general reasons: biennial sessions ot that body. Preliminary work on budgets for public institutions, health services and in: m e r o us self-supporting; , agencies already have beea com I The first of these reasons is the L They have an inferiority com kx. 2. To pay an election bet. 3. Curiosity. sessor to a long-term office filled by local appointment. The State .Tax Commission idea, being swift' er, therefore remains a live though j foundation in local assessing. Arkansas amounts to is this: j State Tax Commission works! well only where there is a strong most widespread. And the aver- Cherry also has announced tent- a se mustache carrier will adrni disputed issue. The stock argument against a State commission is that we lose local control of taxes. But we've never really had local control — not during my nearly 30 years in Arkansas. We lost control years ago to the legislature. That's where our vital s&iwoey is coming taxes. Arkansas' elective system of tax assessors is on the way out. The same day our committee voted unanimously against it Governor- elect Cherry took the !>eme position speaking before another joint group — the Citizens steering Committee, appointed by Wmself. and Hie Lja School £**ojqwttee r alive plans to organize a new Department of Finance for the state. it, if ptessed. "I grew mine to prove to my Ko-.vever, he has refused to make!**" that I could do something the public details of tho project. andi°li»er Suys in my crowd hadn' said yeslerday he will not reveali done," one said. "It helped me is asleop. A mustache automalically lurhs u 'nan with an inferiority com- lex into a man with a superiority complex. Secretly or openly, he becomes a snob about. Often he will take more trouble to disci' ;)linc it properly than the ordinary parent does to curb a wayward ,on. Ui couldn't sell it for a cup of coffee, but to him it is a patch •I real estate more valuable iu'.ri all the forests of Canada. In hit case clothes don't make the man — but his mustache does. That, I believe, is why wives put up with husbands' mustaches. Being Kissed by them must be vaguely like being hit in the mouth with* a toothbrush. But a woman tells herself, "Well, i£ it makes my litt't rnan feel taller, I'll go along." Arid that's what the mustache does do. It gives the felloW the same feeling he had when hu wore bilks as a boy. What I have against mustaches is that I once tried to grow one lives were "willing and prepared to meet wilh tho company anytime the mediator calls on us." Then he added: "We'll stay out on strike indefinitely. There's nothing ccourag ing in sight and there won't bu anything unless a third party intervenes." "The company has offered as much as they possibly can," said Robey W. McClendon, vice president ana general m a n a g er of Trailways., "The company is always willing to negotiate," The employes, struck Tuesday to enforce demands for a wago increase. Drivers seek to boost their pay from 5 cents per driven mile to Q % cents, plus a $1 an hour for laycvers. Mecnanics, who nov/ earn $1.33 an hour, have demanded an in- cro.ise to $1.79 per hour. Garland Fifth Grade Visits Star Plant The Fifth Crude of Garland School, taught by Mrs. F. J. Burroughs, visited the Star Plant early Wednesday afternoon and saw for themselves how a newspaper operate*. The visit was made In connection with their school work. out of curiosity and found it vntil he completes conferences' individual legislators on the subject. Autry said should cjjJter &rol*b the mfti$ "jntwnvittop Cherr overcome a lifelong feeling of in-1 and dribbled. couldn't. H didn't grow. U drooped fcriorily, and gave me an immediate sense of security and per- victory." The boy or man who rears a mustache out of curwsity or to pay an election bet he has lost wx>n novelty wears tbin, and ttte mu§t9cb«. %« time , ;£'*, How do you cure an inferiority osr.iplex arising from the discover y you can tear a telephone book in balf, but can't grow a meaily, piddling, worthless, unsightjy, o<4- oi-date, impractical thing like mustache that nobody really Mn, Taylor to Be Buried at S hover Funeral services for Mrs. MplUe Taylor, former Hope woman who died Sunday in Pomona, California will be held Saturday 1 *t 2 p.m. at Shover Springs Church by the Bev. ribward White. Burial will bj to Shover Spripf I Cemetery. P. C White Seriou«ly 111 at Ttxarkano to McClellan Says GOP to Welcome Help LITTLE HOCK (/!') - Sen. John McClellan (D-Ark) says ho ex- 'pects the Republican majority in the new Congress to welcome the support of conservative Southern- erg'who have stood with the GOP iu the past on legislative policy. The Senior Arkansas Senator, who calls himself an "independent Democrat" long has been an out- oppkcn foe ol President Truman's administration. He told the Lions Club here yesterday that he will continue to vote with the Republicans It they "are right," The senator took notice to cnargcs by his opponents that he is actually a Republican, and odd ed: "I don't care what they call me, if a Republican is right on an issue I would rather be with, him than with a Democrat. "It is necessary for us sometimes to rj*e above party loyalties and pursue principles." Tho btnator said he would oppose any further government twnding in Europe "if the incpme administration pushes it.'' "Wft'v e given them Euro.pfi tbe tools to rebuild 1| they will work." usnineton. , i^ift Byrd s appointment to tho.ffijf Republican cabinet in 20 , " ' Would reward both the south' broke tradition 'and voted cnhower, and tho senator Byrd helped Ike carry Virgil refusing to endorse GQV£'£ Bon, the Democratic prcs' candidate, Should Byrd «d Into the bower cabinet, it 'also Is r. Virginia Gov. John S, Bui may appoint Harry F. son of the senator, to his scat. Young Byrd (t »„"" state senator and Winchej newspaper publisher. Byrd, long frjenijly,,, to, Ihe Sen&te's leading i vc/cole. Although, he s; fiDnul mature as , a ihe Senate Finance CoiPi) tanks third among the- T in seniority th,ere an& hope of ever, gsinng.itit ship, , _ Brownell's appointment 1 mean recognition u ""•'*--"> iYbrk Bttorney ; Dewey, who teas indtcai not »}en to le^vij'" .governorship, Uarlson, a ity, was reported. 4 hower'9 selection the respective « Sen. AUen (R> Yt., and (.) . • 1* J Civic Grou MeetiTi Hope Civhj ation v/Ui will be are be said. "We the*n to furnish only the manpower, and that's yvbere they have fallen, down." Hope Hoi Two on HSTC Debate Team A ftary carried yesterday vdifl* 8#s4i Coltege U*ted

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