Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 28, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1894
Page 3
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MYSTERIES! The Nervous System the Seat of Life and Mind. Recent Wonderful Discoveries. No mystery has ever compared with that o/ humnn lifo. It has been, tho leacUnx subject of prorL'.s.-,lonal research and studvln nil ni?us. But nowitlistaudlug Ulls tact 10 w not K™CT- thiit tho sent of llfu Islou-.i- tedln tliu up- ^uvpiirtot tin.. ipliml cO i-d, I near tho u.is-6 1 ot tlio brill n, I and so sensitive Is i ii l.s port Ion of tiio nervoius s£i- tuni tliur, even tliu ui-lcli of *l ncudlo iv Ml cause JiiukUit doath. Eoccn' clhcovorlcshnvodomonitrarod t.h.-it. nil tlioor-'an.s of lUo body uro uniliM- Uw rOu- trol of Hi" m>rvu centers, loouiuil In or imur tlio 0:v<u of thu lii-alii, anil th:U wliun Ihusi) Ant •dci-,-in--e.l thu orxnnM which they >mpn:y wh h menilii'i-cd tliatiisoi-lous Injury to thuspli^H <;urd will caiNO puralysls of tho 1)0.1 / uutiAV tlni Injured point, bccaiMO t ho ucrvd lotv.ajf, prevented by Hio Injury from reu-Iilns' tltu paralv/ed portion, It Will bo uiiuuriiood IK*' llio ilt!i';irt-'<.-i)ienc of thoiUTVU cuMCur-" v.'lH caiisi!thiidor:iiix«n)oiit of tl'o variuuuor:;;i"3d >vhli:h they sir,>i>ly whli UPPVU iviivv- Tini-tlili-dsof t-m-onle ilt-e.-isi.-s uro duo to thu Impi-rlVvt action of tho nor™ cena-i 1 - at tliuu.iM.'of (ho Drain, not faun n. di'r;iii,T.ii- iiicn-. ;>i-liii:ii-Pyor:;,'iii(iihiif in tli" oi-ati ji- i-ir. Tliu Ki-u:ir, inlsluku of jV.iysli-laiis in ti-i'ulin,' t.hi.-so tlldiMM-'slslhittlK-y trc.'ii- tho .^i-i^n ritUer tluii iliO r.crvo coutcrs \vliwu suru Lhu cuu-»o of I ho t run bio. Dn. l-'mNKM.x Jlii.K*. th« (Wlohr.itod s|>r- clali-it-.li;;.-> profoundly studied ttils subjri'iiur over-M vwars and lias inadi- miiuy liiii)i)rt:i:n dl-Ji-ov-i-Vii's In uiwmxtiuii with U.o'.ni'i imoiv'.; tlii-in lielim- til.' Hints roiiiuiniiJ In, tin; u >ov,j : niitumt-nt, and Hint tliu ordinary mt-iiio.ji <« trvatt mi-lit an) wi-onR. Alt hoail.-n.-lie, (11-/i- [lusM, dullness, wii-.nislon, pro-sun;, Uiui;> nmnl.-i. melarirholy. hisanUy, epilepsy, •„., Vitus d.incc, etc.. ant nervousdiseases no mutter ILO--V cause:1. Tho wonderful «ui-ce>=.0i Dr. Milr.-i' ISi/stor'itlvn Nci-vlnn Is dim to tliu fiu-t that It Is ha<Ml on the foreuoln? p'-lni-lnli 1 . Dis. MII.E.-I' RES-CURATIVE NERvisi'.lasoKHiy all <lruiKl*ts on a poililvo ciiaran or.or sent, direct Uy l)u. MILKS MKDICAU Co., E; {hair, Ind., on ronelpt, of priw. Jl per b ttlo, six bottles for ii, oxprr-sa prepaid. It ..aolthcr opiates uor dan"— DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MOKNING MARCH 28 BOYER, HYPNOTIST. It Is with muoh:»musement the pub- 'llc U watching the attempt of the .Pharos to make a campaign on the theory that Councilman Boyer la a -hypnotist nod that the democratic majority and the democratic mayor •have yielded to the seductive glances •of his eagle eyo. It is so amusing that no one for a moment ha« treated it serious-ly except when deceit has been attempted. Oo Friday, May 6th, 1892, after the present council was elected th* Pharos said. The democrats haw jive, members .o/'tlie council and 'Kith tho Mayor's vote can control the body. There have been *K> changes in the membership of the .body -since that time an- us far as the Action, of the council has been con- oerne dtbe Pharos statement has proved •correct. 1'ho mayor succeeded in namlngbis democratic commluees over •the objection ol the republicans; The democratic city attorney, ot gin- oer, street commit-sloner, chief of the •lire department, chief of the police, • etc., wire elected. Possible this was befo< e Boyor.'o powers as a hypnotist ii go on with iti Bght on it» democratic council. THE Journal is frequently called upon to use strong language in denouncing the Pharos. It seems impossible for that paper to confine itself to the truth. What U tho Pliuroi It is no U^ht of the Journal but, Pharos, when you are attacking your democratic council don't you think you ought to toll tbe truth. Of course you cannot tell the trutb very often buUep't this ft case when you ought to do so? Why put tho Itom of Interest on bonds in this year's expenditures and omit it In lastyoar't? This Is $11,050. Why charge tho council with tho Incroai-s in expenditures for police when you know it was mado by your democratic metropolitan police board, appointed by your democratic govey nor, M'Uthow-), This item is $2,110.13? Why charge your democratic conn cil with ify.TCO 00 advanced for lint avenue which the city will pet buck? Why clmrco umr democratic coun cil with $11,647 »-l for Efio avonuo ivhe.n your dt-niocriitic councils in thv lust ton years huvo spent *C OOU for altornty 1 !! foes in n futile tfl'urt to get tbi-3 otrciit opunedi 1 \\ hy ch!tr;;o >our democratin council with $7 9lil 80forsewors pbtitlonod for aad es'.aOlished uador tho luwi 1 Why charge your democratic council with $558 00 for new e eotric lights made necessary by the growth of ihe cUj ? Why chares your democratic council with $1,415 attorneys' fees made necessary by the attempt of the gas combine to get $50,000 more per year out of tbe gas consumers in Logansport? Why charge your democratic council with $375 paid to an engineer to report to what extent the water »orfc9 wore worn by which the Logansport manufacturing concern burned down? Why charge your democratic council with $900 paid to the school board according to law? These amounts Ggure $86,955 27 which deducted from the amount of this year's expenditures show that the ordinary expenses of the city have been less this year than last. The Journal does not know what the Pharos is driving at but it does know that It is misrepresenting _ the democrats ID tbe council and that if they have any friends ^ the Pharos will bear from thorn on'election day. Two Pollllcnl Hri-dlctlon». A WHShincton special to tbo [ndian- apolls Nowssays thatS A. Baylesa. who is fat-re with Governor Matthews and his p»rt.y, predicts that- ex-Congressman 0*en, of Logansport, will land the Krpublican State ticket Aucltor HeLderaon, speaking f-r the Drmocrftts, eftid that Joseph T. Fanning, Deputy State Auditor, would bo for that office, and thnt •attack on it- own ptirty tlon of which Mayor Read is the bead. In the one item of Erie avenue, most complained of.Councilman Beam noted •"nay" anc bad ihe others dune likewise the measure would have been .defeated. Buyer's name is uftd simply as a j 'blind to attack others. V\ hut be did the democratic majority in tho cnun- .cll did imd upon them re-ts all tbo responsibility. Tne Fhan>» knows -.this aod intention, lly attacks its •party. It» "i-k of hypnotism Is of course, not seriom. It Is not oour ageous enough to make a direct at•tack and uttc-mpts thU Mib.terfuyO. All this Is capital for iho Journal andit'irjf-s the Pharos o keop up the ftebt. Tbe next council will bo republican find It will bo the most- .acooom'cal in tho historv nf tho city. LET the people look out for the •natural gas company which will spare .no expense to get its tools into tbe •council. LstiVio people look out. for the Ft Wayne electric light comMne which '•will spare DO expense tq get another •five ye»r contract at $100 ppr light when o--b.er cille* are paying $50. L-1 the people beware the hired 1j tOOl» »nd organs of these monopolies Tbe Journal is the only organ, of -the people and If they rely on -Its <id Tlce they will prevail. Do not be deceived. Bewnre of false proiihets. D" Slot Neal»'Ct It. World's Fair Art Portfolio No. 7 now on hand. Also numbers 1. 2 3. 4. 5 and C Any six coupons and 10 cents secures oner umber. It is not to late t<i commence the series as the coupons »U1 be run until ell ore s p- pHed. Do not f-il to secure this beau lifut nod artistic series. The »lcwf arc tak-.-n fiom govi-rnmont photo graphs and nro perfect. AD1HT10.VAL LOCAL. paternity of tbe nine month's •report is still In doubt. Dr Po»ell denies assisting at the acouohetnent and tbe clerk alone »eetns to Ifnow anything about it. It wa* «n urjust itatement ind at tuch wae eagerly wlzed by tbe Ph»ro«. Now that the council has l»ld the complete facti be fore tbe people and tbe Pbaroi bM b««D compelled to publlib tben there U no room lor further diiouitlon. Let Let the Trntb be Known. EPITOK JODBSAL:— You will please Insert in the columns of the Journal the following explanation that Ihope the tax-payera of LoganBport will 'read and compare with last year's statement of expenses. My ttxea in the city is o\er $500 a year, and it is reasonable to suppose that I would not be in favor of increasing taxes if it could bo avoided. Logansport has spent more money in the buildlrgol new streets, cement walks, street and alley crossings, street culverts and aewers in the last three yoara than she has done in twenty ytars preoeedlng. It is unjust on tho part of the press to comment on expenditures without taking Into consideration what has been done by such expenses. The Pharos positively should not indulge in misrepresentations whereby her own political members of the Council aro wronged, and in order to jualfy themselves have to ask the Journal to publish a card, which we hope will be read by nil parties. The Pharos nays in iu lust yeiir's expenses ending April 30'. 1893, *ero ifGl.co7.-l3, and the .•.-qxnses lor 9 months this year is *S2,22S 05. which WB 2 rant is so, but wu shall ask,. the following bills to be credited to our account this year in xeoss of lust: Url> avmun' pnrcliiisp ........... $ll,i;i7.!)l v I'll il In ,-n:viiin!i' foi propwty _ ..... mmii-r'.i b.-iH'iti ................. •> 1 ,!; ll 5! I'.-iUI w«vr ii.ssi'ShiiH'iit ......... i'L- • i ' (.itiiitw r for lirhli;<-< ............... '•"."'.•'l, liw ,»i c'»f clcrtrlc llilhts . ... aut..l liiorniiM* fur pullcc on il"connt Jlpiropolltiin i-ystein lor ..... II |lHIM"lltllB .................... •; H<'.»-» Uiwyurs tw» on uccount of .............................. !'!irkM*lilcliiva did no: buve Ins 1 y«:ir .............................. xiptiBB- on now cemetery Driveways ...... ........ lit of Mujlni-er WitDted- For city cunvas/mcr ten ponrl ngunts on salary or commUalon. W. Liud. Tuckor Houao. Malaria is ono of th-> most insidious of health destroyers. Hood's Sursa- purlUa. counteracts its deadly poison ami builds up tt.e sjeiom To cure all nervous diseases, ' Dr. Wheeler's Norve Vaulizar," prooounc tho greatest tnefJic-tl discovery of the ago. Sold oy Ben Fisher. ThocolO'fd folks of the city bave decided to have a grand emancipation jubibe some time in August. The program has not yet been decided on. The B.i by'a Besi Friood—McLInn 1 Onion S.vrup gives Immediate relief and cures croup, colds, colic, and par- tlcularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. V iKoesllng. Only 25 oente per bottle The journeys of Christ with 12 load ing »oeoc3 U his life, benutlfully 11. lusirated by lecture, recitations ind »OOI?B, at Market Si., M E. Church. Wednesdav evening, March 28ih. Admission 10 and 15 cent*. Is your head clea- P Have you a good grip on a'l your interests and a boundless energy In your bloodP Vou oan have both If you otwerve the pre- OMition to Uke, *hen retiring for the night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time y >u get to work next day you will feel M If you could u 1 M tr»ln of OJHI.. Be»ureto getthetmill ii»«. J53.-183 30 Thus showing that for nine moolb" expense?, less the extra, compare with last year's expenses for twelve months. The enumerated accounts, as shown above, fjr money paid out through ihe various channels over what the demands were for last year you can scrutinze and with ool judgment aek vourselves how much of tr.is $38 791.75 could bo avoided. The o>d canal ditch has been a nuisance for years and should have been condemned and made into a street years ago. The sewer assessment.|the city's .-hire, was certainly agood investment. The expense for lumber lot bridges was made by the County Commissioners refusing any longer to maintain the bridges In the city under a recent ruling on the law. The increase in e'ectric Ugh lag could not be helped. Tho Increase In the police we bad nothing to do with. The lawyers 1 fees of $4 415 was caused by Vie gas company aid «as well spent with what Lafayette got stuck for. Tho money epent on the parns the women and children will not object to. The money expended in improving our new cemetery wa- certainly a necessity. The $375.16 paid to a competent engineer to come here and decide whst tho city wanted to make ber fire department ample was an absolute necessity. The school fund levy to the amount of $900 was required by the tax lev/ according to law and demanded by school trustees. The above utatement, I hope, will be road carefully that you may see how much wronfr your city council ha-s done >-OU The editors of leading papers will also pleaso read aod see how fa- they have advanced in doing wrong totbeir honest representatives In tho Council, in rai^roprortentiBC the facts tnrough falsa ideas of political neCBSsitleX which is not. in my esti- m>.tion the proper thing to do. I can as-iiro you «s fur as I am con- corncd that, tho 7thofM.i'y will end my carter in Iho council becau>-Q of the many untbank'ul people one has to contend with in doing rl^fct. Ymir ? , WM Do i, AN, Chairman of tbe Finiincu Committee A Sensational Hook. The Journal has only neveDly-Dve copies o! Stead's noted work "When came to Chicago" and those desiring copies should get tl em at once be'ore the supply is exhausted. This is the first edition and It is not possl ble to s>ay when additional copies oan be secured ! wt en this supply is ex hauled Come in today. This work in the most sensational of the ape and tho fame of the great Euglish editor gives it additional popularity. $100 ttptt* r *^ $100* Tim roadcr of this paper will Iw plowed to th-1 "n'ir* !• »t " > ' >sl on * " tBBI ' w ' tllsouios !h,.i li,.iu,'i,.u luu bftin iioiftociin 1 In an Its "tones inaiiii. ufiiuirth. Hi"' Catarrh Cur« Is tiie nn , u wl IVH ure Known to the mednai rr»t»rn-ty qrih (»wi IVH "/^J^tujjdon,,! ,||.««.(i». rcqul'HH n trTOinionl BHII'IJ Ciitsirrh Cure IB ih -ictliiii (llfp<!tly oti thn blo-'d wnu Is 1 of in--System, tiwrohf dwttru ing ffi^S^«».^«w3JS? SS^l^^^u^^rit 11 M ther oBrtOne HnmlrnJ OollHrs tor any .iue K I» Mi^u piin Sunil lor list of testimonials, MrttI"!.' "' ' CHENEf 4CO., Toledo, 0, Er"^oldbjdrugi?l»M. THE LOCOMOTIVE VIKEMEM. It Is doubtful If there is a man on the train who la less appreciated than the fireman, e»ys an exchange. Tbe public shakea hands with the condutor who has charge of the train, thanks the brakeman for many little courtesies, bows to the baggage master who looks for its luggago in transit, trusts its valuables with the express manager, and talks long and loud ol the 1 brave engineer," but the fireman— ho who bends to bis work and feeds the fice that makes the steam—is never menuoned. Sometimes a purse is made up for tho engineer. No one over heard of the fireman getting a puree, but tho records show that he has performed as many deeds of valor as tho engineer. Again, if the train leaves tho track or (joes into another train the fireman has 'fewer chances to escape than any man on tho train, except perhaps the mail clerk, shut op like a rut in a cago. Wbon the fireman is at work, and that is nearly nil thf time when the wheels are turning, bo ntandi stooped over, shoveling in the fuel or rakiug he coals in the Giubox. His view ahead is obstru ted and he cannot see the danger that may be dashing upon him. Tho rattle and roar of tbf) machinery may drown the engineer's warning call. A crash! tho tender pinB him -to the boiler bead, and he flies a horrible death. Stand Ing in the narrow gangway peering ahead a tudden lurch around a curve may throw him off. Instances have been known when the coupling between the engine aud :-ank parted, and the fireman diopped between them to be ground to pieces. The records show that more firemen than engineers are killed in iailrond *recks. About the only tltoe the fireman has a little leisure la whfn the train Is running down grade. Then •she is shut off," steam is Bared, and the koiijht ot tbe shovel climbs up to a cushioned seat and takes a breathing spell But even then one eye is ahead, nls hand on the belloord, and the other eye fastened on tbe steam gauge, whose little black hands, fluctuating back and forth, gauge his labor as well as the steam. There is a science in "feeding" an engine that is not understood by one not in the business. There Is a way to t^row in tbe coal at d to empty the shovel and c ose the furnace door at the same time. It requires nice calculation that tells how many "ecooploada" are needed to send the hands on the gauge to the proper figure: deft handling 10 keep the deck of the cab clean, aod a hundred other little things that go to make a skillful fireman—one that saveB money for the company by husband- Ing tbe coal. In the old days tho Qro- tnan on "woodburnera" had a hard time ol it, and certainly earned the small money ho received for his services, but he had a elnecure compared with the man in blue overalls and jumper who'"stokes up" one of the hBge -'fflOgulu" or "hogs" of the present day. These engines haul freight and eat up coal as if it were groasod paper. The fireman ia at work continuously, and about the only time he hds to rest is w hen the train "takes a sldlr.g" to let a more aristocratic passenger train pass. Af wrthf ball tn ov e r. After the dariww t«« t>«»fc of mom, after tbe star, in D r Halln w»y'B offloe In the block, corner 4tb »nd. Market itreeti. The Indiana tux cases ware called up la tbe United S'atuS supreme court yesterday, Tbo argument will lasl scveru.' days. pun Handle engineer ,/. A. Bos.1 wto ruot- a switrh engine at Gas City is in tho city suffering from a aore nrni caused hy buing vaccinated. Tbe Michigan division of the Vandalla has a good freight buaness both north and south and the mac are getting in full time. Passenger business on all lines is reported improving The grand officers of tho various railroad organizations are in Chicago In conf-rence with the president of tbo C & E I road. President Carpenter announces thai the new schedule will gtand In spite of all protestations. Tho Big Four bus commenced to raise the two locomotives that went through a bridge into the Wabaeh rlvor during a collision a year ago inn October. The work is expected to la-it a week or more. C. C. F Bent who was superintend entof theCqleag'i division of the Pan Handle before Cbss Watts will be married at Cincinnati next Thursday to a lady of that city. Mr. Bent now holds A responsible position on tha Baltimore & Ohio. East bound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 85 316 Was, against. 89 616 for the p evlous week and 32 181 for tbe corresponding week of last year. The Roads carried ton- nuge a,, follows: Michigan Centr*!, 10 985; WabMD, 8 404; Lake Snore, 14 043; Ft. Wayne, 12.660; P»n H»o- dl» 8-1LO; Baltimore & Onio, 6.892; Grand Trunk, 7,315; Nlokle.plwe, When Your Watch or Piano NEEDS REPAIRS Do you let a blacksmith or carpenter tinker with it ? No. Better let it aloue than do that! How about your nerves—your very life prop? Tlii-i delicate raecliauiiin gels out of order, and who shall repair it? There are fine mechanics who cannot repair watdics; there are good physicians who cannot lix up the nerves. Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital- i/,ur is a safe and positive cure for every form of ne.-vc debility and nerve exhaustion if used faithfully according to directions. Be It's Just What You Need It is, if you suffer from Chronic Headache. Sleeplessness. Debility or Prostration ! These are warnings—it" neglected mn- co Paralysis, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, or !• Our Vitalizer does not slupify—it • builds up—cures! ,*TTi*f Mirrnrk loanyoncwhoiOi.-u. orrer ^50° ii»>i, v .maiysi* ^ ollicrwisc, a iK.rncV <;f inoriiiiiin 1 , uiiiiim, coc.-iir.i-, or any !i:ir:iilu! ilHiR I" Ihis raill-Uy .ay Free s:v.np':<i f;ir '.•onvincitig Iria: of .r.iy druggist, or .lircrt fro"! us 0:1 receipt of 5 cent! (stamps) !or return pos;ngo. The doctor will >;ive Tree advice to any whs ask it. All arc \ve'.co:nc. Otu- <!o!l.-ir :i jo'.ilc c: ;in::.;;jists. Whco aW foun.l -.v::!.- i:--.. For Sale by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St, NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. Wf\LKER 5c S 163; Chicago & Erie, 6,388; B-g Four, 2,483. Chris Paul was in from Peru yester day calling on his former shop mates at the Pan Handle machine shop. He states that the L E & W. shops where je is employed suffered another reduction last week and that the em- ployes are now working but two days a week, eight hours each week,. BiUroadman all over tha,country especially brotherhood men, are condemning E V D-bs. president of the American Railway Onion, for at- temotlng to precipitate the emplojes of the Union Pajilic Into a strike. According to the rules of his organi zatlon his ucis are illegal as the A. R. J. does not recognize strikes. Every once in a while one Is reminded of the fact that the project of building a railway from here to ladl anapolls is cot dead yet but merely sleeping. Yesterday's Indianapolis Journal states that -'The board has decided not to permit tbo Indianapolis, Loginsport & Chicago Railway Company to come Into tbe city over the streets it asked for ft year ago. A Kansas City jury recently awarded a man $2.000 damages against the Rock Island road in n. rather strange and Interesting ca=o. The plaintiff was employed on a section with a number of Swedes who could not understand English and on that account was badly injured while unloading ties. Tho jury decidud that tbe ruilroad company wa.-i guilty of negligence by hiring' such men. Tho record uublit-bed monthly by tho Railroad Gizeue shows that in February tne>-o were 105 rail way accidents in this country, in which 1,5 per sons were killed and 58 injured. There were fewer accidemfi last mnntb than in any month since June, JS89, and very much less than in any winuir month ior years. 0( the kl led but one was a passenger; fourteen were employes. Of the injured 12 were passengers and 45 employes. There were two instances of vicious train wrecking—one at Roscce, Cal., tbe other near Houston, Tex. Twentythree of the accidents are.charged up to negligence in operating and thirty- seven are unexplained; sixty seven were caused through rear or head collisions, AThlnir »r Beanty, The Mario Burroughs Portfolio of Stage Celebrltes contains photographs of the loading actors and actresses of the day, many of them In costume. The beautiful faces and figures are attractive even to those who are not admirers of drama. The portfolio contains 16 photographs in each number -and m»y be had for three coupons ^nd 10 c^nts. The liUirmt Value. You get the greatest value out of a silver quarter whan purchasing a package of Simmons' Liver Regulator powder, There's nothing like it for Indigestion or constipation. T»ke it dry OB the tongue or make a tea. j You'll'afterwards Uk« It Jn preference 1 to pilii. EVERYBODY SATISFIED. THAT DB. MERROLL AND HIS ASSISTANTS. Tber Advertlfte, *• do C'ure After nmm Da Exactly Tti*t They Oilier* Full. During tbe past six months Dr. Merrol! und assistants guvo a guarantee that all patusnu treated during that lime, if they were ' dibsailsfied, that on the first Saturday of each month they would bave their money returned to them. And out of 1,457 treated for all phases of diseases, but six patients have returned dissatisfied, and their money was cheerlully re» funded. The names of patients who were dissatisfied and received their money back bave been given in these columns at ihe time the money was refunded. Read the Following Offer and Call »t Once. For the purpose of. obtaining date! upon which to base coniemplaied new departure in their pro utsionat and Business dealings WHO. the (sick. Dr. Merroll has decided to make ibe following proposition: All new patients or old ones renewina- treatment, who ca'l at the doctor's oilice, 41 1 _ Broadway, during ollico hours, commencing Monday, March 26, and throughout the week. After a careful exumins,* I lion, if curable, will he treated until i cured for $C whether it is one month, I or many. $6 include* all medicines, exnminatioos and treatment until tbe • patient is permanently cured Th's is 1 tho only fee that will be ' charged to any one. nnd in any cir-o we fail to cure we will refund tho money, np wo hive- dorr- in tho oast. From M-rch 26th \o March 81st is. positively t> o only WPI k for which wft will lrp«.t pn<ionts st this s-rf.it fiicrific". After March 31-Jt. thn doctor informs ' K 'hit they will nosi'ivoly treat no paiipnt. loss tlinn$lOn mouth, nnd n? wo know thfro to ho strl- tly firpt-rlnss physicians as well as trr>n of their word, we would advise all nffl'c'prt t" <™ n "Doa them Rt onus, tin.fr receive th'a most generous of all offers. Quaker lief in ten minutes e capsuls give re- WONDERFUL! The Remarkable Cure of an Arkansas City Street Commissioner. I had nn attack of Ln Grlnp" the 18th of D»camber, complicated with tonsllitKwiB confine* to my bid one wwk. Tli • phpudan! gn'-e me op My bWrtMns wan very Inured; hart a »mnth»r«d (n-n-atlon attlm-'Sjinr cue<t and Innes were very snro. Ph«lp's"HourC" renedy hcluM me W>» firs; (lose: the sorouflst left my cbcst almost In- »t-intK; was well In three daj-s Th* ft OTO U due Mr. Pdelps In simple Justice u> tbl" wondw- fal medicine. P. H. KRANRV Street Coinmlnnlonet irkansas City, December SOU), 1891. Four "C" has 'ured AstUmi, Bronchl'ls, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Ton-llMR. '» oompoKltlan I tl In DlFfr.RKNT, 111«>BK rowtatm. M" ACTiVT In tact Is »a DIFFKBBEST tr >n> »ny other tanr ! remedy w molvM H dltT-reni from v!«*«r. U ' 1»8BK»BLATFOV. BKST or »1J. TOD »*«»«»» {RISE. Th«ws*MC»ofthecMtr»otK fXmr "• j MUSTGIVlSAT'SrACTIONS monw f BEN FISHER.

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