Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1952
Page 15
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MOM ITAt, HOfi Weelneiday, Nevembsr 19, t»52 IFIED for Salt ANY typo o( gravel, Including araVBl, wndi top »f»U. dirt, Clll »n4 flu 7.M99. 0'28'tm OVT OF DOORS with Ttxai Ttam to flay AM&N MTTT-B ROCK * ~ - - Unlvemlly «rf Hwiiton and „.„. A. M. * K. Callow of BlaH will ftiesl In Iho Negro 'Roek Bowl Clmlfi" here Dec, 6. Selection of imb«»teh TCXA* 8«i»th»rn to meet the Arknn*»* col- wii» Bnnnunciffl y«»lcrfl«y. Testa* femiUwn him won elKht Jritf miehlnM. ««»h rft8 Hentnl «- r»ttttsh«ii«j plnn, When rental pn(4 wninl* our Mlft prloft, wo give you tho machine, BQO G, C, Jlryflnl, 320 Smith Pino 8t N, hft* wrm fmir, will bo A. M, tbrpij i Tha War ., bem.Ot for Canter for Negro Blind "f Arkan hook irinklnR. The fish hookj large H.I it Is. I" carried* ,';„'"priiirlpnlly In only three potm-i r ,..,.,.. „,.,.-. ltr iP» t.Kl«y; Norway. A.m-riea MnrfthflU 1... Shepherd of M y rtlo j which Ims more r-ct-nlly cntcrcrt „,„„ ,-eneh, S. C., wnrits to know »oni»-S, h ,, f i( >!<t. ;ind Kni/Jnmt, the homo lout! thing about tho origin nnd develop-! oflhc ,,M"-.l f.ictnrios in tho fish imcnt fit the fl*h hook, AccordmR • hn , A v ,,,,;,!. Oklahoma May Quit Big Seven How PMih Ortw Sy At McCLANE Flihlnfl Editor The Negro Community Similurn fl*h hook, AccordmR to Shepherd, tho C'onitrt-sulnnol Library hni nothlnu (>n the ittV'i IB* ni**"*"'*' H» f MI •»i 7 «i"» * *•*"""» »• - * Um Rehabilitation (»o I'll try to bring yo" nro-lilstor. Rev«n room houno. three bedroom* Htllo fnn, floor furnnco, vcnotlnn blind*, anrn Re nnd »tor««« room. Hni! «ntl for equity nnd monthly payrfiiml* of W4.09, Pour por c«nl lntere*t on lonn. 217 Kurt 13th »t. Telophono 7-wmi, nut, pnlnt ur Swup 12,75 gnllon, Sfll- yrmr money buck. Shop, 10ft 8, Wnl- FOTNTKfl bird do8, trained, See Alvu OormBn, HI, J, Emmet, A / k< ^^-,- n .- r . -I* 8 .' ipANHY pl«nU, 3 dozen $1. Arbor- bimhcH, nnndlni) , JJHH 8. Kim. CAMPBELL FLOW- t!tFT mior, Phone "M-iae. llt-Ot Camden Meets Benton in Playoff 8y HOWARD GRAVES CAMDEN, i*l - ll'ii tin- ii«»liml tho miHtni' when I'« HU'i'U Cntndcn In the Cl»n« iiinynffi« Friday nlKht. Blbort KI/.ZO, tho Btudenl, Is renting tb«? Dial, 3AA .chumi rein* »bllp Hum Colomnn, th<' il<<i»n o! ArknniHis'hlgh »chnnl foot- bfi!l <<o0«htt*i In piloting bin 2ltlh ; elovwi. KlMti wore the i colors unilor Col«innn In iitul 1637. tilmiB with brother Inn* up In dute. Double h«wk» were uaod before jslnifle hookn, but this wn» lonfl before the flppenrnnre of the modern hook ax we know It todtiy. Nil one knows exactly when fl.th hookn wer<- first ut«d by mnn, but tho first hook-Ilk ftlnntrurn.Til record- t-r| In history was the tfirije. i JJurln« th« Stone A,?o the IjistriljiitMl by NKA Service) ARKANSAS oss, AAl dl 180 BALEB 74741. hny. Phono IB-IH 8 IWQM twu«o. Hnrdwood floorg throughout V«n«tlan bllndii, nt- tie fiw, »a« South Waliwt, RAVIJ half7 Some 3H cent* fool elenn pine lumber! wailbtwrrt, it cenlB (ooti dwi% W up; window*, frame*, tail over Ul«», !««» tbnn Mi price; »Jnk«, 19 up; go* hpntorit, fll,75! ||HR ulntufl, $!l.73; butonp Innk, $!», Mac's Citni|»- C. J£. Holey, 10-31 , Only one of two tonm* In ttut jitnttt u«ln(J thy doublo w|nK 9 f - ftitme, Colemnn recently «"w hl« tt)52 toorn ncoro tho a.OOQth point he took over thu t-«aohln« i»l Cnmdon. Knlorlnu th« lUi»le Friday ni«ht. Iho hnvw notehml 3.H22 points In tlii) ai ycnr» of Coli'innn lotich- NORMAN, Okla., '/Vj Oklahoma, i Usitiinlsht d thy Bin So von Confer- I C.IH.C lust niaht by thrcnt<<-iiinK to ..'.vUhdrrtsv and ncccpt a football Iwiwl bi'i p':rh.'i|>:i tu tin.' rnnp,o • ijowl -•• in di.'flaiu.-'' of confiTonco ; llllf'S. i Tlic- » 11 r p r i so iiniuniricoinirnl . , i cnrnp fiorn Dr. George. I.. Cn-- |C ' i iinivci'sity president, who told I liu.'lcnt inlly h^ would Munition ! b'jwL tr p if the Ifiim w;ints tc> KO. ! -If and Athletic Director Hud i \V'ihm-;on iru-t-t this morning to ! ('.!.••»• u<,.-. tin' i-xplfislvo .subject — i :i:i:l p.'-hiip. 1 ! tliMiidt- whether to : i-'/vi- t.ieir iinrielit ties with the ! Hi,' SeM n. I _. __. l)r, (,'rnss inclicuted Ktrongly the | j .SI,IH-I-:J. fiflb rjinkeii in the nation I i-'"li'penrient — i :ind |K.;,C;C<! for a fifth straight! Rion for ; iriMp riv'wrt, havi. 1 tlu-ir eye on tlio | i»l.)pt«'d i ClraiiKe Rowl, from which hi; iv' pi-i'led iceeiviiiH several feeler::. j l-'iii'b a course, he- told cheering I stuilert.-i. wiTtilil ontail withdnswini; i ,n,ni the conference — and turninj! By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or brino iteme to Mlee Turner •t Hloke Funeral Home The West Arkansas Annual Con ference has closed its meeting a Bethel AMK church. Rev. G. Pas pastor. Bishop W. R. Wilkes AMDD o ! Atlanta. Ga.. presiding Bishop o j Arkansas and Oklahoma, the Rev | G. T. L. Duncan. Hov. J. H. Cov ! ington and E. D. Marsh were elec j ted secretaries. The Rev. O. Sherman, A. A Cooper, P. L. Johnson, G. Pascha or certain suspen- violating the bowl ban last December. And no and Mrs. G. TX Pattilo and I. T. Juncun constituted the finance committee. Mrs. E. M. Nelson was elected conference Sunday school siiperin- endent, nnd Mrs. E. T.. Hicks con- ercnce. YPD president. Tho Rev. G. Paschal was reappointed pastor of Bethel AME church and wishes to express on the behalf of tho officers nnd members their sincere thanks to Mayor Wilson and members of the police department for hearty cooperation to Rev. F. K. Williams F. K. Powell. T. J. Hhone, W. M. Erby, 1. M. Manning, o. N. Dennis L. C. Washington, members and friends of the various churches for their cooperation. The city-wide usher board and the Yerger and Mopewclt school helped in many ways. Thanks to Mr. Rutherford and Walker and everyone that helped to entertain this large delegation. Thanks also was extended to the Hope Star and KXAR for their timely announcements of the conference. Wedncidoy, November 19, WS2 HOP* STAR, MOPI, ARKANSAS honorable course withdraw from the CARL BELL J.ITTI.K HOCK. (/W -~ Tuko it fr >rn Otis DoiiKlns, the sufft-rlru; fno'.bnll cuaeh of the Arknnsiis K v/.orh >iHs. Unit Texas olfenso i-. s(iiiirOi:nK to behold. HiB LiiiUK didn't ciU 1 a pile of stntlstU's I" show his respect for ,. Cottni Bowl-bound Unit-horns. .ir di(! he mention the 4-1-7 pasi-j Baylor. Dick Ochoa. Texns. l-'ullbnek — Lewis Carpenter. DEFENSE l:'nd:: — Ciirleton Masscy, Texas; \V:iyn<> Martin, Texas Christian. Tnckk'.s — Jack Little, A&M Dick C'.inpman, Rice. Guard or man over center — Si-veil. i l.iiuibuckers — Bill Forester, I Southern Methodist; Bill Athey, Don Rhoden, Rice. tl»« other uning tho 7-3701), rtidk mnclitno. Uoth In ijocirt lU-asonnblo, Phono • 10-31 2AA in thu pliiyofi*. AvMnflt-s l>rop »chool nearly fxtlnet ttffeniii'. C»lor«i«n's 1IM2 Panther bonnU o bltf, f«»t tiK«ro«| coupled with M bnlnnced biickfUsW thin IHM nm the plgnkln i.0-13 yard* nl(.t»K th« isroitnd nnrt passed squiul e line Services Offtrtd^ y^Auinor^xpTiflwco in floor ln« and finishing, Uala ItoK' 818 W, 7th. Phono 7-8834, 0-aMm LOCAL und long distance lla»!tn«. Al«o local movlrm. See Donnlu IIoinlHon or call 7-3HU. oaa-Jm WHS made of wood, stone, flint, bone or shell, Sharpened at both ends, U wins burled lengthwise in the bull. A line was tied around the middle of the gorge und when Halfbiicks — Joe Boring, A&M; V-il Joo Walker, Southern Methodist. Safety — Ronald Fraley, Texas Civ.-i''-.ii:\n In soltcting two of his own , players for positions on.tho offen- Arkansas coach desifm-i .sive team, Douglas commented: Texas' HI eat double-duty! "AH r.f our coaches afiree that inH thi.'.v gavi! his ball club. jle expressed his sentiments the AII-S"Utliwesl Conference he' plcki-d today at the request of The Associated Press. Five members of Doug's offensive dream team are I.oni?horns. And I lulled the fish swallowed the bait, a pull | on the line crossed the gorge in; the fish's stomach -so tb.it he could Hurley Sewell as the eon- j taere isn't a better offensive guard -; most oulslandins player i in the Conference than Marshall, not eject T For Rent 3 €OOM unturniihwt duplex npiut- went, Sereonwcl In tleoplnji porch. Phone 7'OUOl «|ter 0 P>««- 13-lU i'u I,* 7 *', in '" «"•••••"•'• M . 'J't.X«rht,nn, North Ultllo Rock M\>\ Pint' Bluff- and only by a m-mit iiiiitil-- hiivc put dentit In tho I'antlH'i' 1 :. tl>M »eiiK(.n record. I-» r-, view. Wr.rrun, Mnlvevn, CrosKott. Hr.pn. -SuwkovtM- and Mnunollii; IIMVH tullun before Colommi'H Yltriu?' "Kii"^*" bolster the Pnn- tuor (U'ft'n«lvc lino thnt hiia nil-Avert' but ftO rushlmi ynrds per tanks— Cnpt. Kenneth »«• ll puundi.i' lOW> Agce, 225 „ „; -««d Trtwln Greening, 240, hnvtt b«pn responsible tor plug«in8 thi> middle of thov ; PftnvUer forward \vnll, vl», it. In 11 sense you might cull this a double hook. At nny rate, the next step was n more positive one., and the prim- Ulve tinnier found that tho goi-jfe WUB more effective when bent up on uiich skle. The time he renll/.ed the curved point was superior — it was n round flOOO B. C.— the Hin- (jle hook came inlo existenee. Shortly afterward— -a few thou- siind yeiirs-- a barb was added. The burb was simply a .sharp piece of wood lushed lo tho hook near the point. Samples or these crude hooks, but having Ivory barbs, may be seen In museums among by nniv.iiiK him to both offensive I n'.wi defensive teams. j Here ;.re Douglas' All-Smithwesl OFFENSE ICnd.-i Tom Stolbandske. Texas; Ho!. 1 Hl,.ir. Texas Christian. V.uMUes -— Charles Genlher, Texas; Hobby Olson, Texas A & M, Ciliards"— Hurley Sewell, Texas: Herbert Marsliall, ArkimsKS. 'Center — Jack Sisco, Baylor. Quarterback — Ray McKosvn Texas Christian. Jlnlfba-;k,s — Gib Dawson, Texas he's the smallest. "Car'n'iiter missed our last twoj Co"fe.rc:iee games because of a| ];nce irji'.ry, but I don't see -how| lie eoulc. be kept off anybody's' te..m." 'Oespite missing two games, the senior Ai Kansas fullback is the K'lulhw.'st's second ranking pass receiver nnd is well up among' the ball ca.'iiers. Hour.ia!- points up the Razor- lacks' vcak defense of this season by not nominating a single Porker for the defensive team. "The only would be to conference." As for himself, he said, "I would be perfectly willing to go," but p-ii'iterl out he couldn't authorize a trip unless all concerned agreed In 'ace conference disciplinary ac- lio'i, o>' other consequences. "Neither Bud nor I think it would ho smart to violate the rules," lie declare 1. The development camp, 'only a wct;l: af er faculty representatives, meeting in- Kansas City, refused to make an exception to the con I'erencc restriction on any postseason athletic activity. It nlfo brought to the surface lenj'.-sir.oiildering discontent, referred to by Dr. Cross cryptically Ja.it nif.ht when he said, "We're in the clog house with the Big Seven for ivany reasons." Asketi about the conference co- si'ion a', a Quarterbacks Club n-.eoling Monday, Wilkinson said; "I have a strong feeling the rule will be changed in January, l.ut that's just a month too late." The pronouncement from Dr Cress, a strong sports booster, is a direct icversal of his stand a year a«;o when he went on record along with univerity regents, a: opposing post season football games. The president said he had already contacted the regents, who letl the matter up to him and Wilkinscn. In Kansas City, Conference Executive Secretary Reaves Peters said, "It's nil news to me." AWARDED CITATION SOMEWHERE IN' KOREA The Ethiopian battalion of the U. N. armed forces today was n warded the U. S. Presidential Citation for "outstanding perform- amc of duty and extraordianry 'leroism in action." FOR Plumbing & Repairs Phone 7-4337 Fixtures and floor furnaces, Shallow & Deep Well Pumps. F.H.A. Title 1 Loans. ROY WARREN PLUMBING MASSINGILL REST HOME 803 E. Division Phone 7 4320 For convalescent aged, men and women. State and city approved. Reg. Vocational nurse. Jewell Massingill Haul and Spread SAND or CLAY $1.25 Yard Pea Gravel, Clay, Gravel and Fertilizer Available. RALPH SAUHDERS Phone 7-4683 or 7-3174 MATTRESSES Rebuilt or mads Into InnerorlM Work Guaranteed — On* Day Service —— DAVIS Furniture & MaHreti C*. 119 S. Elm Street Phon* 7-8211 . liouiio. Phone 7-attta. "•**• !*-Jlt~--Oj« - M -"' 818 \S. Avu. FUHN1SUKD 3 room aptmmvnt with b&th, Elwtrkr ro{i'lB«rntor, front and buck tnHruneu. * ^ V*n *-W *< »••>» w**»« ^m»»w ^».W--T.-»-T-9 blocks MOP Depot. »18 wonU» to (tUltaWe ten«nt. tt, D. FRANK COMPANY, A. P, JQfclwy, l»-3t a . :•• ; , , , Ciunikn fan* point )ivlth pride to - the Kaklmu weapons and fishing equip- Kiitherocl from Indian and of In comparatively let the Far North, recent times. "baekfleiii Thut K'fttures'« qunr-| Many unusual types of primi o( l-.ticks that rUHr.UM*' ' t ' c ' < tivu fish hooks have been unuurth the Dmtblu \Vlna nl In various jjnrls ot the globe - »ot'fonr. svllh olflclency. Kvory time Quarterback Bobby ban curried tho ball this seuaun ho plekud up 7 ytu'da for Thnt'8 hl» »vorn«c The early Chinese version of th used a tor Notice »'JV«t Itt] * -* Y . MSfbol »n »lv« lax tNt, chre and renewal iub»ortpUon« to magaittne City Hall. Day Night 7-at88. jjT Yoyr^nfto difforetu Instance, n splint of bamboo tied in n flexed or bent position. When the line ilitnorK. IIIIHB <u» uT.ru...... \viis pullocl, the splint straighten- in 124 currluH thU your, Halfback ct | ou t m»d jammed In tho fish's Tw1 Brtulshnw, the tonm'a bronk stomnch, Later attempts in other nwuy runner has picked up M yard per ball curvy Ing overage. Jpff Smith ».houWev» the pnas toailng atvt when tlio yard th<. hard with 0«tUn« Panthers need i> \v»y they cull on quit, thnt'» our 1C rhone," 7-8388! 0-30-lm "~ drink, that's vovi wunt to AU-»- thn Blip driving Fullback Huio Wudney, Und»«y al«o doubles ns defenntvo Unebackcr. Bnvdshnw U tlva Icon*'* top »cor- v," with »U point* with Ontlln« «c- counttng tov 43 »"rt Smith 42. Ten •«. ,, . ... ile |0r Sal* Or J n |SoX»Y 1 8 '' '- Steel window*. til« gablei and \V»Vl» U»rou»hout, T, G. McBay, cwrtrector; Lew Calhoun, Pnnth«ra h»v» l»IHad this suosont jv; vou with Sophomore George Jordan v \ WVSi co,'W«rtinii »f«*« < W.-of .the Ul.'s. , aarts of the ck'bc are whale bone, reindeer horn, nnd wild bear tusk hooks — all polished with some scraping instrument. In this country, early people used « cactus spine hook, which was tempered with hent and moisture. The Polynesians miidu hooks of humim bonu und the primitive Swiss lake dwellers made a bron- *o gorge with a I'-shaped bend in tho . . PunUww were runn«r-UB to in center for tying on the line. lodny, in out-of-the-way primitive hooks are still use. In some eases these fish for tho Class AA ,, two yours ago b«t though I he mute is rocky, they thoy uvlght BO nil the w»y this your, Johnny Roy Visits His Home Town DALLAS, Ore- W» ~* Vouthful Juiwvnlc Ray, who oftnw»d tnnuj t nnd ,o»Unu« with o sobbing slngintt *tyle, camo back to hl» hometown h«r« yesterday. And Onllas gav« htm one ot the biggest \v«lc<un«» in thu town's hw- t«u>'. Schools were closed lor tho Johnnie Roy parade. Signs and bunn«ic« h,u«4 h» liorea* windows, •>'>'-mu* R«y record* Wared from .. Uve town'* Jwke boxes. Uu tol* 1 un uudlenco at tho high »eh»x)l auditorium that tho welcome \VAI» ft <ir«a.n con* 0 tr ««- that had always wttnt«d to con\e smttchers. ai'e more effective the moderns, Wciiusf they ire .le- xljmed for highly .specialized commercial nniiltnK. When tho Chinese made the first! steel needles USth Century) the groundwork was l«W for commei- 8y»lntiiOPPQ minity •" T^*"JP y' T MAiiS»w""iai'fSf'' ' <rT " r "~ , he gave bis formule to "Faith Is the whole key For Sole or Trade 8»v»my «cr«» land, fln« pasture and lota of young pine timber arowini). Consider city or close in property. TQMWARDLAW Porter's Glass Shop Do you nted automobllo QlaisT If you do, »e« J, C. (luster) ROTHWILL at 1t8 B. Candy St. "We D«Uv«r" phone 7-6797 wnu. I know. tne up in his Ray. I ight JSB, Syracu*» !***» Cknato*, BBACH. Chuck 151, Detroit. 10, »«>«« HE'S NOT ON OUR PAYROLL... FARMERS Hospital. FOP Informttlon Contact GARLAND E. URREY Agent 1407 8. WB» Phone 7-877« DUNLOP TIRES TIM & IATTWY S1RVIC5 tt« E. 3rd H»m« Study Count I FARMERS at r««»«o»ble r»te*. HOPE AIRPORT dill W»UW» 7-9MO but we couldn 't do business without him! JOHN T. WHEN vou take your car to an Esso Dealer Station for pasuline, or that important Fall oil change and check-up - you're not really "doing business" directly with Esso Standard Oil Company, even though we make the fine products you get. Instead, these 26,000 Essa Dealers from Maine to Louisiana are local, independent business men. You deal with the owners, themselves-men who have invested their money and their iuttiativt? in building their futures on sen ! i»g you. From many c£)*||||jfc brands o/ £s$q chosen Esso products. Year after year, they have seen firsN hand evidence of the satisfaction to the buyer that Lsso quality stands for. *v As of today, these able business men have, on the average handled Esso products for 12 years each. Many have bought from us for 35 and 40 years-some even longer. Obviously, we couldn't do business without these men. And naturally were proud of them-just as proud of them as we are of'the $8,750 workers who are on our company payroll. +Both groups — our own employees and these "partners" in their independent businesses—express this company's basic belief that individual enterprise, given its fair chauce to earn f a|r rewards—is the best way and the Amerigan way to make progress with aud few all Ifes popU> of this country. •y Chick Young OZAtK IKI ( I RETURNED >VOUR SAW ONE ( DAY WHEN VOU v«-RENT AT HOME--IT'S ON YOUR WORK BENCH -V YOU LOST MV YOU LOOK) (GOOD SAW, AND I'M ' V -, GOING TO PUNCH 'At ONE- YARDS AT LEAST/ WE JUST WASTED sff THE NICEST RGHT/ I'M VERY SORRY DAGWOOp . AND I APOLOGIZE By Mlcho.l O'Molley and Ralph • ; . ...Jii...... . - . . * i ',. i.i 4 f OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willlami Answer to Previous Puw-le PLIWT RXLOWK7. THBVN IN THBPCB/ Winter Sports WHY, EVEM THAT FINE, KEEN-SENSED BEAGLE CAN'T LEARN WELL.THATS ALL R16HT--HE'LL MAK& A 6DOD 6HOST V. VODELER PER > HOUNDS AM' ( SAVE THEIR \ BRET ATMS/ THIS LOUT HOW TO TRAIL. RABBITS.' ALL HE fCMOWS !•=> TO YIP, YAP AM' YOPEL AFTER" A RABBIT.' VERTICAL 1 Best winter sportsman 2 Mislay 3 Gaelic 1 . 4 Distributes, as cards 5 Mr. Coolidge G Declaims 7 Mark 8 Fruits 4! Baking soda HORIZONTAL 1 Snow vehicle 5 Winter weather 9 Glide over snow 12 Ripped 13 Operatic solo 14 Ventilate 15 Attacker 17 Hawaiian wreath 18 Staggers 19 Seesaws 21 Blackthorn 28 Rowed , „ ....... „ _____ 30 Unaspirated 10 Bleaching vat 31 Essential 47 Ages 48 Network 50 "The Winter's "by Shakespeare 51 Geraint's wife in Arthurian legend 52 Musical directions 55 War god T. M. «•(. U, 8. Pit. Oil.' Ccpr. 195? by NCA ftirvlo, Inr. l(i Body of land 33 Eagle's nest 35 Domains 40 Showed disapproval ^iBiacKinoin 2 0 Stop watch 23 Courtesy title 99 Rplllinp WASH TUBES ByU»II.T DID VDU KNOW 22 Senior 24 Dry 24 Fruit drink '27 Too ' 29 Masculine 32 Send back . 34 Mountain ridges 36 Hinder 37 Reshowings, as of a movie 38 Horned ruminant 39 Mother of Zeus 41 View 42 Biting quality of frosty air 44 Unemployed 46 Thin overlays 49 Comrades 53 British money of nccount 54 Opposed 5G Label 57 Passage in the brain 58 Pseudonym of Charles Lamb BUrHOW)PR06NBL.V I FOUMO If MEN* THE F^RWER| 25 Greek district 43 Danger 2C Rear part of 45 Consumer airplane 46 Ballot ONE OF THE 5MNLL \WHO HW> TRIED TO MAKE OFF DID HE KMOW THE WITH VOUR BKIEFCNeE! HB DIED MUTTERING THE MMB WITH THE RUBV i 7;;™^^ '5%v&l; >l ""^' )/;i ' li ^" >iXl "^ x l ''' Al/ ^ : «a» 1 ' v 1 !: 19 ',, With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE V^ELL, IT WASpl THE VOTeR-o BATTlNJS A „ POFFIM6 UP W AMD Y^lAEM THeV 1\ FLI6HTS W ELECTED WHERE COOLt) VOLl FlsiD MORE U6 OrC) THE COURT, BOulS AND HER BUDDIES 59 Compass "point 60 Mother of Castor and Pollux 61 Communists 'e sort \-3 XNVit. ft By Dick Turner CARNIVAL MILL 1 :, ARE KlMDlU EXTRA BUGS BUNNY C-CAN VOU V/O'COURSE/ I'LL SEE )! GIVE VA A IN J\ THAT -^ V C-CKVSTAL PAUL-; By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP V'Now don't be difficult about the furniture, George! ' \«2!jjn't you tell , , .... me I could buy this fur coat IfJ.,could .• find something.to use for money?"" By Golbroith SIDE GLANCES "No mechanical device Is gonna tell ma what to do!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By B loner CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetaer SAY. WHO DO vou ^SEARCH ME?,BurTHAj SUPPOSE PUULEO WHISTLIMS SOUNDS THAT DIRTY TRICK / U<E ITS --• ' A OH. WELL, WAIT TILL THAT PRIVILECiBP CHARACTER SETS A LOOKSEC AT THE SCHOOL BUU-eTlM BOARD/ THAT'S BEEM, SWALUOWEP/

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