Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1952
Page 7
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Mneidoy, November 19, 1952 HOM STAR, MOM, AftRANfAl HOM ITAH, HOPI, ARKANSAS , November 19, 1934 **« M4 «if*rtir HHW Mr*, FoiW hmiw, whatever WM ffenerftlly eltrcuutfd to tho can- trury, WIM hecaunfl *ho WM willing to Una tMfiMiM HA y«»rn* t * "m n In tj fmV jwuim I ^^^ i f * ,,THttWW rotn»<l ft KITKllI, ; of U\m nnnounoo- tr Wer« on 1 - dttughtor you'w kolnit to toil mo mfl nmjl I known It, too, ^"fciylr 1 him'» «htn«fc emint- and ft. <•Wit"m « tell rnd. tt«rtwn'a Jftb ,. betWi 1 Md ftfl. ifdtt'voffo* "" never net i, r don't ;i>« on flw; I -\[ and plrtMont to InvlU Roff«r'« n«w It iuvH h*r dstitfhtaf wiw r.ot did not f*ll to vaiM nm up lion of thin when h» nnd ISmtly w«ro nettled in thdr towing romn on lh« train for Now York, with thulr h»m!«>m« rmw tin nil urminil them, ltd the §M»twwe«, overnight ttaftn to bo mir« nothing WM mining. »nd lifted th« por tion of «oftr*l pl«««* to mftk U(«n mofft orderly, beforo He milled down thn iihiide* and, newt- intt hlmiMtir b«ntdtt Kmlly nor in a ttmd ombnico. "Vott looked Ilka An an**'. d«rt- tn«r," ha totd h«r after an Interlude. "Rpftlly, I novor saw mich ft beautiful brtdsl I'm riot tolling you that lioenuM I love you no much. I'm DAymff It becnuwi It's true. And you jwtod like an angol, too~ mftWng everyone feel wolcotne and at home and giving them the Idea you ware rMlly glad to (»ee them. 1 t, _ ^ T. ,f ___ . _-«_,• « uu ..t *t_l. It *« Field. And I'm to Old Mm. ew h6r nrmii rther'a n«oi(. »«d, lh« oth- l heaved her w UmmelikB her dtlolt. _ r int All sound* to me. -1 don't {i (MiylhinK by this hour. Why ._ .,}i» night hore, •and DtirlB ovor to I'd lliio to havn R ydui Rlona, in the !W»J t ro „ , the r«wt either Emily Jtavo n Merry f,WW rlffHt ftbout oltepiptatl It. niiu Iv0ffoi* v?or(j CJmrch and tho w«ui hold on Of «ouni«, no dl«fnol add "and thla mount nil tho more to mft because tho -toui *tmnif«w,' WUi'mit. your Brsclatm STrcetlng would not huva been ftllowml to forgot, for ono mo* , that th«y w*rt -wi *ba knew this WM MA wwWereit But "H« and doen. He'« a In M* ill Uie fnoro wftrmiy on fei* lUiaonht, "But I WM really glad to nee thorn! 1 liked nil your frlondu, Hojwri «v«r and over no mueh.'< "''Truly? Not just tho Unhcrnitnd willblndtr. H doenn't matter much rhat ho »yi, bec»u»« ho «4y« »ny- itinc slid everything; *» Wfllt? I'll never he ahlo to cue* Urn way he <JoM, Emily." A ulllfht wlntCulneM h<id ornpt nto hi* happy voice, Kmlly tiRht- uned the cla«p or h«r nnttew n««ln leaned Ov*f to Uliw him. t eotiwo you will. Or If you aren't you'll do Komcthlnjr « I » « tetter than he doeo," "AH right, that'll do for Dave. What about Brian?" "Well, I didn't like him quite «o much. I thought he wan a littl« drudo," "But you wild you liked all my now frlendd!" "it do, I do. But I like thorn In different ways. 1 liked Davlil in- irtlnettvely and I liked Hrlan In spite i of myself." Buddenly lie felt very tired and did not want to t*lk nt all. It htul been Hfcrd work, keeping up with the endleiw rnqulromcnU of the ot- fleft during the name period that he WM expected to attend tho Innumerable parties given In Kmlly'8 honor. Very often he had hewn obliged to nit up all night In order to oo both, though ho had never old hef 80. And tho night before, I(H bachelor dinner had ncemod In- ormlnable to him, and ho had not wen able to forget that, In order to glvo It, he had been obliged to •ell certain itecurlltaH. And ho had bo ir>ttCtou»noj(« of tho rent ot my old crowd? Of ooume, you Knew th«m ftlre»dy, But tho junlom In tho firm— oouW you gist ni\y idea what th«y wero e, dwlnjr thorn so liurelaoly!'? "Or ootirse, I cowlcl. Til doMrtbf , them to you. Then you'll Hnow I'm not protending." Bho looKod Her nnircrd ft Uttlo more flttnly in hln ftmtwont on, "Duvld Womoht wan almott tho flrnt portion who OBino down tho line. He didn't look a bit OH I'd expected, t thought he WBH very arrortlnflf. And very— wry virile. There In mioh ft word, Isn't there t" HoRpr laughed again, "There certainly i*—nl»o mich n qudiity, Yen, Dnvltl h«* U nil rlKht And dciterliioB him, too, 1 con ace how you'd remember him. Ho ttoon sUuul out In a crowd, not Ju»t botmuso of hit) »Uo or hla loolt« or )U» wonderful olothe*, either," "No An4 he's alao got an oxoeptlon&l voice. 1 noticed Unit right nway, too, 1 nhouUI think he «W«»n thftt th.0 oo'uid do alinoit anything he want i will hold ftt Old 104 with It." ;bt, iDW. by JfffcncM Pttrfclnw KoyM. QUtrlbuUd by already sold others in order to buy Kmny Uw right ring. ' In tho day* before their mar- lagc, he and fCmily had «omctlmea "uietly «uio by aide for long *o content In the com- of their minda and aplrltn Ft. Smith Man Named Hi-Way Group Head LITTLE rtfJCK, MR - Oov.-eU'et n'rry'* proposed 5-mcmbor Ar- cnnmiii Highway Comrnlmtlon Highways, Water Seen ns Problem KKW OIir.f-'.ANS ift— Southern g.ivcrnoi! bollrvi; ttrn building of morf H'lf'j'.i.'itc highway.! and tiir; cor»orvntlon of water rosourcosj »!•• nnv'tiK the top problem'! fat jh^' tin- stales. A niaj'ii Ity of those attending the int the greatest progress, Indus-1 enlng out weak spots in the Demo- j trnlly, agriculturally and cconom- cratlc party," he said. Ho would) ie.-<lly of any nrca In tht nation. Stevenson Not Looking for Job — Gov. not discjss whether ho would run for the | residency in 1956. The Illinois governor, ending his first fo'.ir year term, said he plans to rctuin to his law praetice in C'nicago after the first of the year. He reti.'-ned to Springfield after a five-day vacation in Arizona. iriflt.'r by C'hfrry un hi* choices the newly-adopted Mnek- oil Amendment, nre mibject to conlii mntfon by thf Arkannas Senate Tito proponed Commlinlon, In"'ling Orr, Minn Wllllo A. Law(ton of Ijltilr.' Rock, Oilonn Wnllncc of Nodhvlllc. C. S. Lynch of Pirie>| Bluff ftiio Dun I'ortls of Lepnnto, | By RELMAN MORIN SPRINGFIELD, III. A<Hal E Stevenson says he Is not >....-..» .,.»„«„, - - • . •- , considering any public service lamed liaymoiHl Orr of Ft, Smith three-day Southern Cwinors Con-1 I'osla after hi* term of office ex•»..« tonttillvc chninnan here yos-j fe^nco. which <».;fn><\ last night, P"'"S In January. K-r-lay. Indit-ntrd that toll _r,.n(I ;! ,-,,,. be- But, (he defeated Democratic! NEW YORK (ft - Prcsidcnl- Appolntment of ftll flvo membffr», ing f"vt.r.-<| HKTc;isirif:ly a<i » par- j presidential nominee told reporters' eloct DwiKht D Eisenhower air! tbl .olutlon for traffij: prohloin,.) yesterday: "I would like the pri-i.Sen. Robert A. Taft,' his rival fn,- /,ov Ifprmnn lalinn.Ro o f! vile^e rf expressing myscU from ! the Republican nomination, con- f,«r«i:.. who wns . l«-tte f j rhnir- I me ta time on import Issues"! fcircd trday on legislative prol>- in , Mining the nyfct four years. | j e ms that will confront the next When Sour Stomach Makes You Queasy TUMS Correct ft Mighty Easy / SOCIETY lor this important meeting. Mrs. Terrell Cornelius and Mrs. man nt tin 1 fonfwcric'.', said I'Ticnt that tho South is mak- ' I would me a hand in straight- 1 session of Congress. FOR THI TUMMf Record fast relief for gas, heartburn," lour stomach, acid indigestion. Irs. Fred Grcsham Wednesday norning at 9:30. The presiclunt ot feach garden club, federation officers, and federation chairmen are QjC.xpcc.ted to attend. Thursday, November 20 blue 'wool gabardine suit with matching accessories and pinned at her shoulder a corsage of pink car nations. John McGchcc of Arkadelphia, served his brother-in-law as bcsl ! man. Mrs. Cruce chose for her daugh- j ters' wedding a brown wool suit with matching accessories. She pinned at her shoulder a corsage of varigatcd yellow and bronze car nations. Mrs. Benson, mother of. the groom, wore a black sheer accessories varigatcd lavcndar carnations. Following the ceremony, an in, formal reception was held at the Hope Chapter No. 32B OES will home of Mr. and Mrs. Crucc, tor Baptist Look to Field in N, Arkansas IColendar Wednesday, November 19 : _.. ... .. , ,, , r .,..,,... | Keuy Bryant win oe Hostesses al dress" with matching f S Cily iederation of ope G. i dtiM ucs ^, KM<m Bi u ,e nope and hcr corsBgc W8 ' o( plubs will meet m the .on e ot ^ ^ ^ lllU ,-soay, «uvcu.- lavcndar carnations. uei at 12:30. meet Tnurauuy night, Novcmoer M. A pot IUCK supper will be heitt ,il t o cioeK prcceaing tne meet| uig. 'inure win oe an ejection ot t( tiferr'.'O with Cherry yesterday. Miss Lnwfton sal'l lh« uroup din- viftd tho Dost methods by which to fulfil, tho nlm* and purpose ot the amt-ndment, which wns d< v - ned to tako the Highway Commission "out of politics." :h*t they needed neither wordH nor to complete their con- ot harmony. Kmlly, aenoltive to hi* mood, did not b r o a k In upon It; sho wan not tired heraelf, but who umlcrHiood hla exhau«tl6n. Moreover, ho Imd not been mmlnlncd by tho exhilaration which had never Itmsened, for her, sinco »he learned that Old Mm, Forbes wan her ally. Sho had known from that moment that aho and her grandmother were «omo« how kln4ml uptritn; hut aho had ulio known that the elderly woman and tho young «i«n mldprlee'l other and that perhaps thoy never h«r about hl« nding In tho mat' to hlm that, wttlfcnit words, *h« had divined hi* ;itif ' ( To , ,«»>- 3. Ether tnk, and nt of a Ford Plan in State Getting Attention By OORDQN 'BROWN ^ASjJlN^TON W — A teacher training expprlmcnt In Arkansas JIM eerrto In for favorable* coin- tntmt during opening iihanoa ot o investigation into and; activities ot tax- undotlonn, , financed by th* involve* u fifth mining tor tho»« oh » tenoning career to iniurt) « well' rounded liberal orlu education a* well at un odu- cation in .teachlnji method*. Brook* Hay* CD-Ark), pre- over the subcommittee mak- $ invwUgatton, invited wit- n«nt«Sfl to comment on the Arkan- ii'experiment. Emerson Andrews, oflthe Rus. s«l! Sage Foundation, remarked Foundation wwk. In "U attrnotlnR a Brent of uttontlon" in fields or oil- ucnllon and, ptillnuUtroplc giving. A nlmllav comment was made t»y Dr, Ernest HoUis or tho U.S. Office of ISdcuntlan, Jjtay* toW a reporter t)int tho (:X)!orlm»nt Is. under way in var» Joust institutions ot higher learning In Arkansas anil has been reforrecl to, na n significant development In giving educational Iwidorshtp a bfWla for eonstvv^otlvp curricula in thft future, HftWl May Tighten Control of Agency Funds i LITTLE ROCK, I/P) — A measure] doflljtnw to give tho C'cneral As-j snnhly some control over the expenditure of cash funds by atato Institutions was recommended yes- tcr.lay lo tho Arkansas Legislative Council. The Council took no Immediate 1 action on the recommendation Control of cash funds long has been a controversial legislative uibject but little, if any, action cvci\h'as been taken to restrict tho slat* institutions from disbursing the money at the will of each riRoncy'H chief administrative officer. Cash funds are raised by the InsUtullt'iw through student fees, chnrgos to patients, donations, proceeds fiom sales and tho like. A special Council committee ap- nciintod to Invostluntu after State Comptroller Leo Roy Deasley reported that $10 million was spout in cash funds last year, recom- 1 Hiondod that receipt and oxptiiuli-, Uitv of cash funds be reported toj tho "cliiuC finance- officer of the ptnto." Gov -( loct Francis Cherry hns proposed a now, Ijopnrtmont of PI- nniico ,md AdnlJnUtrntlon, If this nintorlalixos, thq ndnilnistrntor np- p.irontly would be the chief "fl- nnnco officer." If not, thon the state- comptroller probably would have a u t h o r ity over tho ( c».sli funds. '-!,• Tho rommltloe, headed by Sen. Tom Al'.m of Ilrinkloy, specifically proi'osod: ))etai!ed reports bo mndo quarterly oi' receipt* and expenditures of nil cash funds. No salaries bo pafd from cash funds. Cash funds not bo used for construction without legislative^ appropriation unless tho money 'is oh hand, to eomplcto the construction \vhcn It Is started, All cosh funds, •with certain specified exceptions, bo subject to $ttilo disbursing and purchasing lows. Checks drawn on cash funds bo approved by the finance officer be- nney s .c'rtfV v ' • : "-' 1 "''''.'' : ' '" ^.^ •* * "* ^ """^ " y<w/.w* ^ v ^ plenty of Christmas J&tittgs Now! CLOSEOUT! SEWING THREAD • Discontinued Colors! • Odd Lots! Better Hurry! For 5C CLOSEOUT! 250 Yds. BETTER FABRICS Ginghams! Cottons! Rayons! Real Value! INCH WOMEN'S ALL WOOL SLIP OVER SWEATERS • All Wools! Nylons! • Regular or Turtle Neck! • Sizes 32 to 40! Girls All Wool SWEATERS . ...... A. 98' Velvety-soft.. • and most becoming to her! the ^rflgrtim U n lined at corrocttnu* 4 ,^»akne8s In education of futur*;tanchevft, learning how to tenth," he Jttlft, "but not wluit to toaeh. They can teach children, for example, w&.« a cake la but nnt how to make Under th,o foundation plan future teachori can hl^vi n filth year in which to found oWt their education. The htv«fl|iatton i» by a spe« clal Huuie, WbcommlUce set up tinrter ft resolution directing an In- for<s becoming payable. The finnnco officer bo' authorized to reciuiro agencies to Justify all cash fund expenditures. Rop, L. H. Autry of Mississippi County told tho council that he hones $3,3 million can be saved by trlnunl|\g proposed budgets for slate ag&iftlcs and revision of the Revenue -Stabilization Act. He added that he would like to see this money used for public education. foundation*, (specially to see w»«thor any ot them may be en* gaging In unAmerlcan or subvor- *lv« activate*. The subcommittee la headed by op, Cox' (DQo) but he has utned acUv« chairmanship ot the H>arliig over to Hays. Storms o .S. Prm moved into Minn* a r»mp«g* toft Is Trail ways Continued from t'age One County point and a route to Ft. Smith, continued to operate out of tht) picketed depot, Inter-City's drivers are not members of the BRT- Union drivers for Continental Trellwuys, however, observed tho picket line by loading and unloading passengers on tho sidewalk out- the terminal. had .57; and Fort Louisville had .25 «y» »rM, Th* starw. tint ot Indianapolis Wayne and inches; A hugh high pressure area in the Western two-thirds of the nation was pushing the band of rain along »t a good clip, especially in Southern states. HAVE WORMS m Grand gift idea! CHENILLE ROBES Full, wide-wrap-around robe in corduroy-like chenille... yes, it's wash* able and practical...but oh, how good-looking too! Big bow and scroll design adds extra glamour to the skirt. Many colon, sizes 12-20. SMART TRAVIUING ROBES Beautifully tailored robe* of fUk'likA iroyiMi FYomih ciftPiV-' IVy pwk n»^Jy in Value-packed shirts sure to please any man's taste! The meet ing oi' fClub which was scneduled for [Thursday night, November 2(i, luis been cancelled. the Hope Music \ muccrs and ail past matrons and Paisley Brownie Troop will incut Thursday afternoon instead of Wed ncsday immediately after school at the Little Hou.-H! under the lead crship of Mrs. G. C. Cromur. Hostesses will be Finn Aslin and Jean ic Lowe. The Junior—Senior High PTA Study Course will be held Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Homo EC Cottage. patrons win DC Honored. are urged to ue present. DOROTHY DIX Lonely Woman Dc«r Miss Dix: 1 nm s woman in my early thirties, plngued with just about every complex there Is. LITTLE ROCK (*i — Northeast: TO begln wltn \- m „ sptit-person- ArUansas is a fertile fiold for Bap-l n ij t y nn j( good, half bad. Sonic- angelists despite the fact [ times t think the only answer is on the death of my father, n widower, t came lo ti bin city from a smal' town. While at home, 1 had bron going with a boy for souu-tiine. When I came here I be- tion heic that sonic Baptists my nue fit ! .nto the social life of members of tho families. Arrangements of chrysanthemums were used in the living room and nt vantage points throughout the house. The bride's table was overlaid with a linen cut-work cloth, centered with an arangcment of white chrysanthemums and flanked on either side with silver candelabra holding white tapers. At one end of the table was the tiered wedding cake topped with a miniature bride and groom. Mrs. C. H. Hawk serv- i ed the cake and Mrs. A. G. Crucc The '47 friendship Club will poured the punch. Mrs. Bill Doss Thu Dalfoiiil Garden Club will meet 'limr*uuy, iNovembcr M, at kjit- noine 01. ivirs. Lex Jiuiins, Jr. nu memucrs pieusc wring crescent Noi-th-c-<st Arkansas "have been threatened." He snid the Church of Christ is "making a strong effort In Northeast Arkansas," and added that a strange city? Although I'm con-: ! thi-t I am seriously Interested in siderod attractive and dress well,, An!W ,, l ,. A mnll is eert .inly most my peculiar character, shyness and backward personality make me uncomfortable with others. aria will be a "missionary, m , contly l b ,. okc t)ff wi(h b ' » it ___-.»«— i „ erv *(nnvc I . " . * meet Thursday aitcrnoon at 2 o- CIOCK at me buenger inealer witn Airs. Canton iving as Hostess. The Girl Scout Community Committee will meet Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at the Little House. f All Girl Seoul Troops and Brownie 'Leaders are asked to be present Vote for your favorite Actor and Actress during the statewide Movie Popularity Poll! * SAENGER TODAY & THURSDAY Friday, November 21 was in charge of the bride's book. Immediately following the reception, Lt. and Mrs. Benson leit f<5V Anchorage, Alaska, where he is stationed at Elmerdorf Air Force Mi ic uaniiu oaiacn Club will Base, and they will make their meet Friday at 2:M at tne home , home. field for the next 25 to 50 years Dr. Williams said ho knew of evoral instances where Baptists wve-boon threatened, but he dldn t ctPll the nature of the alleged ireats and declined to elaborate IT-II questioned by newsmen. The Convention, an organization f most Baptist churches in Ar- cnnsas. opened its 2-day meeting •:re yesterday, Some 2,000 mcs- enscrs and visitors braved rain ml" a sudden cold spell lo attend o first three session. Messengers, as the Baptist call heir relegates, voted last night 01 ivu s. L,. A. (ji cenlcc, i!uU IVasl Itnh, witu Mrs. ti. u. xiuuock and ivirs. Y. C. 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C - D ! 2.98 v^^s^^i^i WARM BEACON ROBES Slipping into one of these good-looking robes is like wrapping yourself in a blanket...they're made of extr* thick blanket cloth for unusual wumtlbu Cihonfifi brown, blue or nuroon glen Ptui SflaaU, wedii ...Dangerous Paradise! ...Port of Sin! The Melody Maids will meet Saturday morning at lu. o'ciocit m me nome ot Carolyn Story. Mrs. Benson is a graduate of the Warren High School and attendee Henderson State Teachers College m Arkadelphia. Lt. Benson is a graduate of Hope High School and after graduating from Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, ho has beei serving with the United States Ai Force. Out of town guests attending th wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Helm er E. Benson, Jimmy Benson, and Mrs. Charles Badcr', grandmothe ol the groom, all of Hope, Mr. an Mrs. John McGchec of Arkadclphi and Mrs. Ralph Halligan and sons David and Ronald of North Litll Rock. Sunday, November 23 'lucre win oe a special meeting ot tne Evening bnacie cnurcn bunu.iy, November 2j, at 11 a.m. Ail members are urged lo .1 loved very much, but ho wns ten yours younger Hum 1. Do you think there could be true love between us? JUST MARY nrcasoiiable to fall to ioi>H/o llu 1 justification of a nirl sceltui » form oi friend for tho last lime TliU is jealousy and sluliborni'ss cur- rit>d In Iho nth domvo. li he lui - j'.iven yi.u, In this Inoidonl, i\ fair « is I that you consliler \vcll bcfori' eon Answer; You asked me not l<> j timilng the friendship. print too much of your letter; hi| ' . — shortening it 1 hope I didn't leave out any problems, for you eer- liiinly have enough of them. You do Rive them In reverse order, though. 1 think the broken romance Is responsible for more of your difficulty than anything else. You arc. Judging from your beautifully written letter, a vel\v Intelligent ncii ri 'it-uji ii-.i. \nit-n ici.^v •••r* — i o strip the Board of Trustees of preson, and shotildnl let things Ouachlt'i Baptist College of its nd-U'i'l J'uu down us completely as they /H (H,l 111 'I u»i|/itoi. \_->»tiv.|>%i.- •«-•" i . nlnistrative authority. The presi- »vc de-it of tho institution, Dr. H. A. •laswoll, was vested with all ad- TiinistiMlive authority. The Trus- OK will continue to set pollny. Dr. llaswell said the action was of a move to regain Ouachi- accreditation by the North al Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The college lost it.-, accreditation in July, 1951. At the afternoon session, the Convention organi/ed a Department of Evangelism to take over the state evangelistic program. The State Missions Department previously h;iil control of the piogram. Dr. I. L. Yerby of Oklahoma Cily was chosen to head the new department. News Briefs Wednesday, November 26 Tue L,aciies Auxiliary ot the Shover springs i>aptist Cnurcn will uoid a nuiiie uuKL'U pic ana caiu- sum vvcunesduy, November 2ti, in ine Viicaiu Uuuciing lormerly or- cupiea uy the nope Transier Co on i'roni bt. Anyone desiring -ft special itina ol cane or pic, pleas* pnone your order to Mrs. Fred riiim, 7-oUBi, by i\ovembcr 22. Tne proceeus oi uus sale will go lo- wara ouiiaing faunaay (school rooms. tin. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins ai Mrs. J. S. McDowell motored Xexarknna Tuesday to attend tl funeral of Mrs. Collins' and Mrs. McDowell's uncle, Mr. John Mar- j J^',^'Ei' w jn' preacher Roe ot ti, P.rooklyn Dodgers, died al hi home here yesterday. The physician, a iiiitivc Arkan san, wa., at one time a minor league baseball player in the Class AA Southern Association and the Cotton States League. He receiver! Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Martin andiu^ medical license in 1915. Fun- daughter, Tina, spent the past),.,..,] Bcrv ice will be held here week visiting in Dallas and Fort Worth. Mrs. James E. Bell and children of Casper, Wyoming, will arrive Saturday via plane lor a visit with her mother, Mrs. \V. M. Garner. VIOLA,, \m —Dr. Charles Ed w?rd Roe. Gli-y ear-old father ( You Need Companionship You ecrlalnly need companlon- hip, and outside work would also ioip to solve your difficulties. You lave no more complexes-Hum most a!Us, luit unfortunately you have .00 inuih time alone lo brood over i 1 our troubles. Gel yourself Into cir'.-ulation, through church, civic af'airs, voluntary hospital work, suidy groups — anything at all that \\ ill keep you busy and put you in •:onl:.ct with other people. Think c t them more than you think ot Dear Miss Dix: 1 am U2, ami tor the past four years havo been going with Alan, whom 1 "let in college. One of my parents approved of him, the other didn't. While waitlm; for the opposing piiront'.s approval, I met Larry, who swept mo off my feel. At first he swamp od mo with dales, but now has faded into the background considerably. My parents both liked Larry. Is there any way 1 could llnd out why his enthusiasm fl/y.lod out? JH-.L KAnswer: 1 think you had better just face the fact that U did fl/./.U: jut, and stick to Alan. Larry apparently is the gay cavalier type who likes the fun of rushing a girl but Is I'red of the conquest once it is won. yourscll. I")ear Miss Dix: Six months Fears GOPs Will Become Yes Group WASHINGTON. UP) — Sen. Ct,p> Dear Miss Dix: After ten years .it stipulation, my husband has returned home. During the yours he was away, I have managed to sun- port myself quite well, Since he returned, he refuses to work, ex- me to support him and do all Iho housework, besides. l-Uw can I get him to leave, or go ti work? s - T Answer: Shut off the .source o c.iipply. Slop bringing food into tin „ , , , , , , ; ,'iliousr, taking your own im-als on ;art (Hind) says he hopes his fel-l,,,. ^ ,. ctaUvos „,. friends, until _^ ... ... . . I'M \V 1111 lV'l«»vi»v-i" "• ...— , ;ow Republicans will not bccoir.H h , jpeldcs there's no profit in a "rubier stump' Congress under ' The Bodcaw PTA will sponsor Amateur wignt Wednesday, Noat 7 p.m. at the school. Garland PTA Study jroup Meets Monday JLUc Garland bcnool PTA Study " ' kji.miiIJo, IT 1.1 o, i i niuv ii »iu.i, •oup met m tne school audilori- M ,. s _ w _ s Gordoni Pa tmos. • SHORTS • "Last of the Wild West" "Feminine Rhythm" Late News RIALTO * TODAY & THURSDAY SAVAGE SR^TACLE! K, 'Actually'Fl/mea* in Africa} •3 ; i ._..-«fe«sa. -.'.,, i ivionaay aitcrnoon at 3 o'clock, .topic 01 me study'was "Is *our nooi a Good Une ' under tne dir- uon ol Mrs. John Wallace. Churchill's Group Maintains Margin LONDON !/H — Prime Minister nice, aaugiuer 01 Mr. and Mrs. CourchiIVs Conservatives mo,-e ester Lcroy Cruce oi Warren and I ih;.n maintained their parliamen- leuienuni Charles Helmer Jbenson' tary voting margin last night in t tne united states Air Force, I th« first crucial test of their drive ANTHONY STEEl DINAH SHEIIDAN HAROLD WAIRENDER • RIB - TICKLERS • Color Cartoon Candid Microphone nucr Mrs. Frank Hutchins has returned from a three weeks visit with her daughter, Mrs. C. C. Chaney, Mr. Chancy and Jackie in Dodd City, Kansas. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Sam Earle, of Stamps, Mrs. Frank Willis, Hope Th'.u-sdr.y. ST. LOUIS, UP — Thu appnint- mont of Louis J. Obcrstc as assistant director of the Little Hock office o£ the new 3-statc int(M'nal revenue district was announced here yertcrday. District Commissioner John B. Dunlap said other Little Rock appointments include: Joe D. Henry, herd of collection division; Law- reive B. Sullivan, audit division limp the administration of President- elect D\\ight D. Eisenhower. l told a news conference he wants Republicans in Congress" to assert their authority in dealings with the White House — .something, he said. Democrats f«iled to do in 20 years of New Deal-Kim Deal administrations. The Indiana senator said he intends to co-operate with Eisenhower, but added: "I'm certainly stayinc, with you. i:.;le:>sed by Bell Syndicate, Inc. , not goiiiK to co-operate blindly,". He snid he believed "a «ood mnny tcnators will do likewise." Cnpcharl, who supported Sen. Robert A. Taft Instcnd of Eisenhower for the GOP presidential noiniiiH- lion, ai'.n said yesterday he will back Tafl for election as Senate floor le;.der. head; Ted E. Donhan, assistant — Miss Billie Ruth Cruce Weds Lt. Charles Benson 'rue wedding ol Miss Billie Kuth Discharged: Mrs. H. B. Barr, Hope. audit division head; Cornelius \V. Wyblc, intelligence division head, and Rex P. Hayes, acting alcohol and tobacco tax division head. ington safety expert Is to speak 'tce-ueidc." LITTLE ROCK, — Two Pul- on 01 Mr. and Mrs. Hclmor K. to roll back Socialist legislation enson 01 Hope, was solemnized passed ity the previous Labor gov- i O'CIOCK in the afternoon ot j urnmcnt. unuay, ^ovemocr IB, in the sane-j The House of Commons ap- uary 01 me t irsi Mcmodist Church j proved 302-282 the decisive second at warren, wan tne ueverenu ;cading of a bill restoring Brit- ohn Kaipn Clayton, pastor, read- ain's nationalized trucking industry ng the oouble ring ceremony be-' to privi te ownership. The normal 01 e an assembiagf ol the immecli- Conservj'tlvp maigin in the 625 ns':i County high schools will receive citations for progress in driver t education and safety todn.v al the 4th annual Arkansas safety Conference. Some ,'iOO safety representative ;,nJ pupils from Little Rock and Fuller High Schools arc to alien I TULSA, U'l — Arkansas' daily nvorago production of crude oi and condensate dropped oi'f ISO bur, reh- lo 75,040 during the week end ed Nov. IS, says the Oil and Ga Journal. The Journal said only three pn Slicing .nates showed gains durin the week, with other states repor inn a total loss of 3,250 barrel It was the first drop since Au Our Wonder Skirt... Coronet Rayon Gabardine $5.95 JUSTIN McCARTY mokes you wonder how yoti over lived without this wonderful skift. Tho Coronet rayon gabardine is a beautiful silky quality — feels and looks exactly like worsted. Rounded at the hip with small darts, and saddle stitched down the front slot seam. Gold, beige, navy, luggage brown. 8 to 20. : Hopo't Flneit Deportment Store the 1-dr.y session at which u Wash- 30. tie lainiues ana close friends. Vows were pledged belore the altar decorated witij wrougnt iron Jedestals filled with while chry- saninemums and woodwardia fern ana naiiKed with seven branched candelabra holding burning white £yzanunc candles. Jfreccedmg tne ceremony, a program ol nuptial music was presented by Miss Jcssye Mue Harley, organist. The traditional wedduig murcnes were used lor tne processional and recessional. Tne bride, given in marriage by her lather, was dressed m a cinnamon brown wool suit with wiucn sue wore a white sheer seat House is 16. The Conservatives also intend to denationalize the iron and steel industry but the parliamentary battle on that issue will come later. Says Hawaii to Be Admitted WASHINGTON UP) — Sen. Hugh Butler (R-Ncb.i, who will hca'l the Senate Interior and Insular At fairs Committee in January, prc- w . u w 11 " ad- milted to the union as a state by the next Congress. But he said he believed state After Dinner Speakers Now Have to Have the Gift of Gab and a Touch of Vaudeville A 4 T » U C By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Ifl becoming a nation of after dinner speakers. II might be a good idea to pul a I'oveinment bounty on them right now, or there won't bu an ear in the land left unbent. As a people we have always had admiration for the I vals th'.- value of the crop grown America is'in the iiclds to fatten livestock. In Ine last lew years dozens of lee lure arenclcs have sprouted up that keep stables of after dinner speakers on call — and they range from bird imitators to U. S. senators. The fee ranges from $23 to an ouis|ju* K .» »ui.i..-ui, u> , .- — $1,500 .ir more, depending on the gift of gab. But the idea used to rating of the professional car bend- be th-it the gab had to be good.jcr, and the crucial nature of his That noble standard of criticism | message 0«Ht !M(W A produtt of Cintral 4/»«r« Boy to Santa Claus: "I'm the boy who left th« beer on the mantle last year." —Larry Garrett Diouse. Her hat was winter white , hootl w ,,, be dcni(jd to Alaska , fur with a nose veil. Her other ac- ,, c SB;(i hc bclicvcs Alaska ls nol cessones were dark brown. Her' >u cconomica ii y rea dy for state only ornament was four strands of | nood pearls. Sne carried a white Bible j . lopped with a white orchid and i As a consi ,quencc of the rise showered with white satin ribbon j j n t ne hirth rate, the proportion of and stephanolis. j children under 5 has increased Mrs. Bill Doss was her sisler's ', from 8 per cent in 1940 to 10.B in matron of honor. She wore a navy , 1930. has gone the way of vaudeville. Today listening to after dinner speakers has become a form of nass self-punishment. In Europe '.'ople .-itill go to a hotel or res- aurant for the food. But here? 'he pr.cc of he entree is no long- r determined by what they put on See the GAS RANGE of th* DAY Iff WIZZARD On Display at Your Frieidly I^^^^^B^ ^^^^W^" . Anybody who can do anythlna today can earn money as an after- dinner ipeaker," one lady manager told me. "I met a fellow at a party recently who happened to mention hc had just grown an orchid on his refrigerator. I signed him up at once. You'd be amazed vc.ur plUe. It's determined by the| how mr.ny people in this country ee of the vocal chords rented for hive secretly yearned all tneir lives to grow an orchid on » re- u occasion to deliver "a mes- Bfce of importance to us all." I ha<t to be counted as a cul- savage, but s o m e t i mes — and never realized it before." Hut the real reason so many Built with features reservetTfor bit] trucks -that's why GMC's/atf lUiai aUva^Vt UMI. a u i*» w v » •••»•- •- —- »•-- -—>- - . wouldn't it be quaint and old-fash- folks will suffer through after djn- ioned and good clean harmless i ner »p-.-tfhes is this: They us,fun to go to a diner where every-lure If they listen to enough of oooy jun traded conversation and; them somebody will get around to enjoyed a real meal - and; invitin? them to make an after skipped the message? j dinner speech, too. Then they will Why oo they have to skimp on j gel a chf nee to deliver their mes- the menu to provide the inevtta-1 sage. And what man today doesn t ble ear message? Must the ice have more messages in hi* »oui cream tlways be followed by a j tt.rn western union? dismal lecture on "the peril* of] There are a few isolated cases the brave petunias in Patagonia?" j o.' rebellion against this spre»4Uig or a dashing lady wild-life slayer I suc-mission to mass torture. Retelling how. all alone in Africa, she i certly a friend of mipe. revolting survived the head on charge of a against another night at OM= T HERE'S extra value jp a CMC pickup, stake or panel truck because there's extra quality in the way it's built-a lonfl list of heavy* duty features that are wswpHy reserved by other waoulavturera Cor their "bjg triwki only/ 1 and way j n j t § deep hundred herd of antlered grouse? This growing willingness of the public U> sit in Slack-jawed, glazed- paralysis, trying at the same ttrne to digest a limp hunk of and a cUnche-studded oration, has created a new entertainment in- these poet-coltee hour culture bar- rases, told bis wife: "Honey, do we have to go? I'd even rather stay hf.me and listen to yow 8li "Why, darling, let's do stay saW Ws 4eligbte4 yearf ' ft you '— --I'M against wear and breafciiowii by the, same features you fin4 in the big 200-H.P. GMC's: To»^H8rdeoe4 t, airplaaMyp* TOita «»4 Ty'w* ^R^Mli v3^TE»-.JS-l HEMPSTI^a,M0' -t f" ^<^ -"-s-* ? A &'*! * H/* '4^V-» 5 ^I ~'IK^ 1ST

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