Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1952
Page 14
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Hunt >r,Find Cash Interrupted Mo, WK-A IS-' Violin* Dtoth Toll Reoch«i 27 By ffit A««oel*t«d Prm Two Ch»He*t«ft, Ark,, i< m*t» hjurcd f»t«Hy when the «,»r In whkh lh«y WM<? iittln« over turned in»«r HntcHff '*> Hfahwny 22 »r»tcrdny, Their \ia\a how « March bottle led him to In • I brought Ark»n»«*' violent futility cnun*|ioll for tho wcfk <>ndmJ ircftl Collier of t cojnpftftloH, John of ftMMiti*', III,, wore '*' MemphlJHbatind but jy MfenouH Highway Pa'<«, cotdwott, .jn hod »I4,102 with thorn, tfMftb *»A MA of another ' 'nt Urt * «wer near UwJr »>f;,th« J&tter nrnounl »y L»SBllo BU tot thc /»ir.<!» HflMcl, 17, won kill" I the rranh. Thnmns lfill>iH. ("». l«d ubwil nine hour* lulttf of I" i'le* fct'fferwl In the; wreck. At l«a«t M othpr pwrnon* flic!) (•> (HirlllH Ihi- «•«•<•!•:. (.Mills Ivo 'llit<-l'' f T'ocBhofitfl* wn* NHlMl find throw ntrmt>«r« "f hi* 1i»id yourtS Celltor told t (o «n abandoned houio letvllle oarly thin month ilddcn bottlo of whisky i ito 8«w A hole lo«dln« . #o he climbed up, Ho &MX with the money ownor of tho laid yeKtcidtty ho hod no III toward young Collier, lucky far me that ha tho house," Plimu «a h« aldn'f know* uw |wpH'8«i<J Collier told htm ho """" *ome money to n«l«h tllen took off l»» i Ohujip (or Memphis ,,«wj' planned lo buy Wld go to California, and HdO, ' iry »tor<» operator In tieur " itp», Mo,,'from whonr T wnlehsR. noticed th itflmt of rtiorisy Uioy hud who tracts been held wHhou ll Held tlw money, banfc wrapper, muo wl bnn 4lif»n.iU8h UiveRtlgotloii hH Islneft the rightful «wiiw in; In Junesvllto. »uld he on f« llvtsd iii tha now her doruh about flv ita said ho often woul tw $),OW) or »2,000 c n nil wrnppad In him iibinU half of the mono IHo faU wtt« tor household «x !*'< ' tw^i'tHi Wan that she hntl my hi} tnici, ''She nevur hbout il and fitter *h di blQ»od the IWJU80 "«n i with my brother Tony. |j(hl to 27. when th« n«y were nutoinohllc In wli»«-i» i iff Rfix Jlnriwr tiftld UK- l oct:urri?d on nluy. Ufiir i fi 70.yi-ni-' MomphJ* Ki'gni, wiia Injui ainlly Blindly inoinins wtmn wn« ntruok by a c«r mi HtahwHy tixl Innido <h« cliy liir»n», jl(lt ^d I h«' Big Showgirl Tells, Navy Officer Jailed A Plymouth's '53 Cranbrook Features Styling f-ANTA ANA, Cnllf,, (UP) officer, who told n »ix fuot ,wo Inch uliowialri Im wn« tin "1m- war votcrun", will bo «i rut(tn«d todny on charxtm hu fin- bowled $3tl,(H)0 from his ship unJ Hptsnt mmtt of It on wumim, liquor ond amo» In n cro*H-coiimry lffn U«or«o McCulit-n w«t« arrt>«to(l l>y Fill ust-nia >»;<• terday In » resort hotel nt n<wi-uy N«wpoil Boaolt. AgfiitH iiHivu<l lit on Snydtti' n» he »li'|it, n Uuulwl KOI vice revolver til his nidi;, Main tip U-nellntt to Hnyder'H dr« rtst wim Huppllvd by ii niutuestiiu' who told Texan uuihorl- tl«» *hw had travuUid with Snytlm- h« told her hw WHR »n war vuli-nin" iibmu (<> Chrometrlm l» InK-icrntHl an purl of the il««l«n to further enhance the Ion*, ow, wide appear- of ihS? 1053 MymoulK. ThiVCninbi-ook Four-Door Sedan Hhowa also thc horizontal character lines " re Box te seat trim RIVCH both PRESCOTT NEWS November IB Thu W«»l»Ulo llorruf Ucinoniflra- lloii i-Uib will rnt-wt Wednesday t'itUnan Jr.. and H. I-'. Yarbrough. Mm, VV, at K. l:;i() in .SptlUI'B, tho home Mrs. 1' ot ij. Mattli- '>( (iuvnr.il days Tlu- Mc-n'« Clans of tho Prrsliy- U-ruiit Church will enjoy « supper mid pi-oKnun »l Hn' church Wi-il- ni.vytiiy cvrnim;, lliimby and Mrs. J. l-'ullon i\re spenuing In Si. Louis, Mo. White Collar Man Has Dim Future By WALTER BREEDE JR. . lltt war charged with t'niinv/.liiin| li'ivurntnent fund* Irmn i« ilf.ttrn.v- 1 i>r ^t t'ortsinouih, Vn. tn'oiuui Ort. 17, Hln nrraiunnivnt WH* cflti-ikil- od for today U'foro llic U S. CUMI. minilonnr hpro, FtU Ajjont Jonoph H«nti'l«n» >'i. o< Sun Dltftfn, Ciilif,, mild (hi? dl.s- bur*cmi»nt offlctjr udmliii'd HIICIIII- Injj nil Itut J2.000 of tlw iwmu.v i>i> vvdnten, llqwor, fun^Kii-nuutu uuti'. aiwl travel. F'iiU'liiUi Johnniio «»lil Suydur did not (ouch IUT Mm, J, llO.StcilH U her homo til '•'• I'.in Jerry On 'I'linr-tiliiy lliiruUI InuntiPi ! of tin- rutt uti T. Worlhlnnlon will be the -I" BrlilKi 1 Club at mi VS'i'iliu'Miliiy afternoon Honored iilU'i'iioon Mrs, I'liiarlalnud pupll« i<ki lit the HU'vins Mis. linon Cjei- and Mrs. Hoy C, Adams of Couway were Thursday visitors in Hope. Mr. and Mrs, I... I.. Mitchell have had as thi.-ir /.'.tii'Sts Mrs. Cliarli$> l'i;>tini, iiiul Miii'i, Handy and tvob- bir of llatun KtiUKi 1 , l.a. i win ml xvith » parly al I hi 1 , school ! hnnorlnij lu-r son, Jerry on hlH (Hh ' birtluliiy anniversary. | Hubble gum «l>d Mickers xvere ] Klvcu UK fnviirs and Individual 1 ciituvi iiu'd In pink were served. i Mix. Iin«rnin xviir, asHlsti-d by I Mr», I'liuest Speat'M, I ,,..^. ,...„._«.., j ProseoU PTA ha* i November Mooting Mr. and Mr.' a p.u l ul lust Miss. MLS. Di-nton Uoblnson nle Sue have relumed Texarkanu after a visit Mettiu UubliiKun and Mr K. 11. Weaver. NEW YORK, l/IV-Who's belt —'.lie while collar employee in lliu front office or the production work,.| in the shop? j Uusincss leaders disasree. Some s.iy the accountant, hinikkeeper, «ti-pOKrapher and filing clerk never hail it so good. Others point to the iiu'hrr pay of the tool and die mak-i 'i'i or the man behind the turret: latlic. According to this school i c( lluiiu'.ht the while collar man i:; | incluslry's poor relation. | Peiiple xvho see hard times ahead j j fur the office force cite the growth | and Den-joi office mechani/.alion. Klectronic' Inline in I business machines of ama/ing com-: xx'ilh Mrs. | yifxliy r.iul efficiency are making; and Mi Truman May Give Farewell Address WASHINGTON, ~- (UP» Prcsi- Trutnati is toying with the of appearing in person before U)p Republican-controlled 83rd Congrers early In January to deliver a "farewell address/' Administration officinls empha- lliat "nothlnji has been do- cirlyd ycl" and sad Mr. Truman "i.lay or niny not" so tlirough with the unprecedented speech. They naid the speech would not thi! usual "state of the union i'" recommending a legislative (jioKram. Instead it would i b<! a review of Mr. Truman's sev- (ii yea'-s in llu; presidency, or, as tine informant put it, an "account- I" I" 1 -' C;otiBress and the people of his Kit-wardship in office.'" A congressional appearance by new CungreHs not controlled by his party would \>v without histor- pri-ci-elont. This is the first' c in administration since pprov:t! of the twentieth amend- which noolishcd the "lame !.H\:!'." congress. residtnts CJrovcr Cleveland, Wi'liarn Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, and Herbert Hover were imong the outgoing chief cxecu- ives Bonding state of the union iii-ssat'.i-s after their adrniiustra- iions had been voted out of pow:•. However, they sent them to lame cluck" congresses. Franl'.lin D. Roosevelt— alter the thi-c-e times he was reeled — sent statf of the union messages tc I he new Congress. Bui each time both the executive and legislative brunches were continuing in Democratic hands. If the farewell address is made by President Truman, he is expected 10 follow his usual procedure arid read his final message personally and have It broadcast at the >-ame time. Congressional clerks read the '" ° ' la:-! Roosevelt message. But he broadcast its highlights the same nii-.ht. ON THE SPOT —The House Un-American Activities Committee has subpoenaed Gen. Walter Medcll Smith, above, to tell what he knows about Communist infiltration Into the U. S. government, particularly the Central Intelligence Agency, which he heads. The action was sparked by General Smith's now controversial remark that he wouldn't be surprised if there were some Communists In his dwn top-secret agency. UA to Take Estate Fund to Court Tuctdoy, NovtmtKgf IS, Would Dismiss Boy's School Superintendent LITTLE ROCK </!>) — A resolution demanding the dismissal of j H. H. Hargis us superintendent of th c Arkansas Uoys Industrial School was taken under advisement by the Arkansas Legislative, Council yesterday. Rep. f uul Van Ualsein of 1'trry County and Rep. George Holmes / of Cleveland County submitted the resolution. changing that tin' scno<;l "was the poorest managed L£ ;my*-)f the institutions we'havo been to." Both legislators objected lo a proposed $tiOt) yearly inci-ea.su for Hargis included in the .school's 1953 budget request of $122,47;;. ' "The general appearance and ! condition of the school, the opera' tio,i ami management, the inter- i LSI of the. employes in the welfare i of the buys. . . and the economic. I operatic-ns are not, in the opinion ! ot the Council, what they should i be," said Holmes. T!ie Council "indefinitely postponed" final consideration ot thu budget. Hargis declined to comment on tne resolution. However, in response to a charge by the representatives that he "campaigned all summer", the superintendent said he actively campaigned for Gov. Sici McMath. elation presents in its monthly i ii.agaxine. ' Personnel," the 1'ollow- j in;! resu'ts of an employment sur' vuy in the Cleveland industrial Mr. and Mrs. Hoy l.oomis and Hilly spent the weekend lii OHIa- homu City, Okla. The white collar man in industry i.i happy and content, says the survey. He has more freedom than his (.•oili'iiv.i'o in Ihc plant. The office employee is more likc-ly to get a Christina's bonus and he's more certain of a steady annual wage. The plant workc.- is constantly subject to layoffs and temporary unemployment. Because he's closer to manage- I 1TTLE ROCK, I/D—A petition which opposes the spending of a (rust furd by the William Buchan an Foundation outside Bowie County. Tex., will be fought in court by thr; University of Arkansas. Dr. John Tyler Caldwcll. University president, says the school! previously had promised its assi- tance to the foundation in the court ac 1 ion. The University has been granted $500.000 of the trust fund for a leaching hospital now under construction in Little Rock. The trust fund, established by hospital and clinic, the petition said. It was filed last Thursday at Tcxarkana, Tex., by Texas Ally. Gen. Price Daniel. Daniel said the fund now has a value of 2.5 million dollars. The petition said the present fund trustees have spent only $10,000 in Bowie County and more Ihan $200,000 outside the county. Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor .Alex. H. Washburn A Sharp Analysis of the Tax Problem Before Arkansas I Thu most important thing . fbrought home from Little ROCK It? Monday night after attending the, opening session of Charlie 'Ailkms | .Joint Tax Revision Committee was • >, n mimeographed statement which j Covered only a little more than a. '••page. | But into that page the analyists who did the preliminary paper work for the committee condensed the whole history ot Arkansas tax- Jitioti — the most remarkable sum•nary I have ever read. This is thc story of a people escaping responsibility at the local level, throwing more and more * of the tax burden upon the state Hope Star WEATHER FORECAST ARKANSAS - Ifnlr and ea*. 1 , this nflornoon, tonight; a Ultra,, f warmer Thursday; lowest tteaf 39t»; cxtromu north to 40 extreme souttt { tonight. ^ \ temperatura* High 78 Low 3D Knlnfnll .10 54TH YEAR: VOL 54 — NO. 32 Star of Hop* 1199, Priti 1917 Consolidated Jan. II, 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19,1952 ~M«mb«rT Th« A«otl«»od Prow * Audi* Bureau ol Circulation* Av. Net Pold Clrtt. A Mo». tnrilnq Sept. 30, l»il — J,M« PRICE Clark Denies Asking for More Troops TOKYO, l/l'l — Gen. Mark Clark today flatly denied published reports he has asked for additional U.S. divisions to mount an of- Icnsive in Korea. In reply to a query, Clark said such stories "are without lounda- tijn in' fact." The Chicago Sun-Times Saturday saic. Clark, a U.S. Far East commander, had asked the Do- ^ ", fcnse Department lo send him three or four more American divisions. The volume of the sun is about 1,306,000 times that of the earth. Tin- I'roHCOtt I'TA mot Thursday ftrriiiKiu. Nov 13. at tho Park Uusll si-huol for the rugular Mrs. Karl King Jr., has ri-liirn- oil from l.illlo l.'ui-k whon- she visited her inolla-r. Mrs, Ira K. I mail should lake. What it moans Ward and her sister. Mrs. Jiml is his: four machine operators can m:iny clerical skills unnecessary, they assert. A case in point: The lii'll Toll phono Maiuifacluriiif! Co. in Antwerp, Belgium, has perfected ,.,,.,,., u ,,, ,. »u eloclninic mail sortor. Mailing | ".onl, the oflico worker has better laldrossos pass before the opora im-s mi a pneumatic system tin- operators pross little Irvors in- tlicaling the distrubtion route the opportunities for advancement. ,.,, u [; Hut his average pay, the article concedes is lower. NIXON GOES FISHING MIAMI BEACH, Fla., I.VI —Vice Piesident-elcct Richard Nixon, his wife and a group of friends soent Sunday on an all day fishing trip. Nixon, vacationing here with his family, gashed his right foot on a trrnacle or some other sharp object while swimming Saturday. Seven or eight stitches were required. Does that tell-tale look on your face say change of life? A Krent mHny women suiter "ch.infro of life" utter forty. They tire unsily, Imvp "norves", sleep poorly, are hunt to live with. Their eyes anil face get Hint "change" look. Cnrdui has helped thousands of women to lose that "chanite" l.iok. Cnrdui nets to (1) Improve appetite, (2) thus build strength and resistance, (H) ease tension and nervousness - sleep butter. Le[. triple-action Uirdul help you feel belter, look heller and be your normal, cheerful self again. Ciet Cardui today. (Say: "card-uou-cvc"). MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF LIFE \. nosiidcni, Mrs, oponi-d Hit- iK Mm, C. (.'. v,r»up in H. II. Meby in- Thomas who Auii-rica mu i Hush. Ud tho tlu- .Uoautltul." Mrs, U'ln Hay« iK-iun uli mr.d lior at th, 1 plum., llwv. W. U. t-ordon KUVO thii ilovoUonul liikt-.i from Psalms -111 and (oil in I'Vtt.vcr, MM. «. \V, Uoynoldi, pro«i«m fhalrinaii. imroiluvvd M V a. Ul.nan WorthhiKlon who hml charijo of tho pnniram "tJoi-jd UlUt-ns Promoto Youth Activities. Mrs, WorthiiiiiUm upokc on thu wiu-lt ol thi) Cub Scouts and tin-} iiouiit-i-il Me;'.- Maurice McUollaiul Mrs*. C, P. ArnoW, Mrs, and Mrs, WorthlngUni wuro savins «* 'li'U uwthi'i'd. Tho Cub Souuts urosi-nt "Amvriia" and ««vi> thu P of AlU's:uuu.H> tu the flag whk-h Murk Cniso spoko on. Cub SooUts Mtfuu 10 Mo." Tln- wmnors in lhe room \\'I-H«; Primary. Mrs. Ardcll 1'tu'K KU-iMoi\>ary, Mrs, Guy Parents Forgive Fleeing Son Junior Hltih. Hit roll) l-'voshiuifn, Smith. Jtiuh NEW YOKK. .'.PA tearful IH-ycar- iilii lio.v-hivuk httnu; today jitter a two-day t'llK'hl with a brntlu-r-won 111.. 1 for|.'ivene,ss of his parents in tin- fat .1 shoulinx uf an llyear-old sisicr. Hut he 1'uceil a court tharijo o» ;i jiu'enile dolinuuent. V'l'liec inuttod Daniel Keller us saying tilt' shnotliiK was ai-oiili'ntal uirl that ho h.ul iniondod only to tVlShU'li 111" .•iistvr, Miirinu. Tin.' boy said ho Umded his fa- llu'l"'t> ."- ralibc;- rlfli; dunui* an urfiunioril wiih his sister and "tlu- t miu wi in on," uocurdinK in As! .si^ant Disttict Allviriu-.v tionruc K »"R|'/.«!in. \*-i "'"K l ' : Diinid and his lu-otlu-i-. Harry, II, a j l1 ' 1 '; ui.o fl-'u thoir HroiiN IMIIH; tu.ni-th AVhiit: oi . (.'i-iiii.y nikilit, weri' n-iiuiu x d with I llu'ir vvocpiiii; pari'iits hilo vostor- vouiilj ( |. 1Y Clark j _.\ f l>u , mimnos bcfort' tin- hoys l«oo.j wv ,- o iii'iuiitht lo iluMr Bronx hutnu uow a«;U bond Drive Off To Good Start Th«> Christmas " Seal Bund drive tin- pun'tits, U.ivnl and Ma Koilor, h.iil n-torni'vl from fuuoral servici'S for Marion, Harry, wlw \v«s not invulvi'd in ilio urguinonl, insisted on accom- p;myii\v his I'ritjIH-sivickou brother r'r'day nljthl oflor tho shwtinj! •lo U) Iho work formerly accomplished in the same longlh of lime by 70 p.ail sorlors. Similar labor-savins foaluros are iu-ovldeo by now and more efficient dictating, billing, accounting-book- keepiin!, check writing, addressing, duplicating and tabulating ma- chlin-s-by pushbutton—operated til- lag systems thai enable a clerk lo m.-lc-c ono of many hundreds ofj thousands of cauls in a spill sec- j ond, by polage meters, electronic' "l>i-ains," cali-ulaling machines and olci-tric typewriters. C. W; ight Mills, associate professor of sociology at Columbia Uni- vorsily, recently told an office nu'paKcment confi-ronce hen; that offloo mechani/ation has put an ond lo Iho prestige security and favorod financial position unco en- juyod b\ tin 1 whito collar worker. llofi'l'i- moeham/ation. ho said, iiio while collar wurkor inado aboulj d'tulili' tho ini'unio of hourly rated I u.igo oaraors but lnvlay Ins income I is "only sh;;htly abuvo, and in i sovoral important oasos lower | than , tho average income of various wane-working jnoups." On tho other siiU- f<i tho fonco, the Air.i-riv-au Manaiioinont Asso- i 7-C^r BETTER TEACHING For Your Child... vi. 1 . Daniol and Harry lot t on Marlon's bioyi-lo. Paniel had taki-n S1SO from father's drosscr, and had $11 it left when he «t his of g^y-—•" outh balanced car in the tow-priced field I nuimu-t in whkh those their vosponsibillty is out; 'the roniftrk "Yes. this a mme 1 nm tlttd to help with" w»s uiuininusus fiom tho Ki'uvip. A uvmtnutoux fduciUiouwl pro- Ki'yni is yet to bo done if tho rapid in tuberculosis death rule xviuiuuvs. We cannot Mop here, contribution helps Vo over* thu iraH^dy of Hies* deaths u disease which Is prevent- abkv *tt»e conUnuous mass case- luuiuig I'.iMgium Has mettul u nso in early 3i*v«v«.H-y result InK' in early rvc«v«ry. , Tlu u.Uoxxw,. me Uiosu who ar« :i aiMH-iul cvminbulKm by In the bond drive: Mrs. Biisit Muun, Mvs, Bobbin \VlUoii, W, J. »aU. B, A. DwUmar. A Of*\ Foy Box, James Harris, T,> K\ U>gui\ v D L. McKac Jr., Dan their ARE YOUR AUTO INSURANCE COSTS TOO HIGH? Encouraged by these Lion Oil $1,200 Scholarships for Teachers "Mttt Hit fttw Wym»Mlh" save uoNf insure with FARMERS compare this rate which banian iuj Fl»., ami wound up in Sunj I on! Mtss Juiuvsim. wh,a t'tf «ta«;0 »i> SJ;«'i-«ii\ CutUns. o gavtf hvi $5,<X» wh«*n thtfy v-d. San Anumto w*!*wtti«« i afU-» »it«i«u in S%u UK-go closed IACH * MONTHS Piui 5.00 Non-Recurring fee at beginning of policy for $f t OQQ/$IO,QOQ Bodily Injury end $5,000 Property Damage Liability, • Standard form Non-Assessable Policy * No 'up charge' for mileage & business use. ROLAND R. ROBERTSON Hop«, Arkantot 317 i. U»H Phone f~3**Q R. O. MOON th/ new Ik' *i»iid a tuuuey found in «Ut' a o« an auto bout m in his a* ERS INSURANCE tXCHANGE Probably no adult aside from you, his paronts -spends more time with your child than his teacher. For 36 weeks of tho year more than . v s of your youngster's waking hours are spent in school. What he learns there will help determine what kind of a person he will be. His future depends upon the quality of our Southern educational system. That is why the Lion Oil Scholarship Program includes contests offering six $1,200 advanced education scholarships for teachers. And that's why the teacher phase of this program has been expanded this year to include elementary school teachers as well m high school teachers. These contests are in addition to scholarship contests lot high We of Lion Oil Company sincerely hope that the interest aroused in advanced education by these scholarship contests will benefit the entire Southern educational system ... as well as the individual winners. The Lion Oil Scholarship Fund is our way of showing faith in the Southern communities in which we work, build, live* * » TEACHERS...First Lion Teacher Contest Open Now... You Have Until November 30 To Win A $1,200 Scholarship! This year, both elementary and high school teachers can participate in the Lion Oil Teacher- Essay Contests. Men on Your essay, in 1500 words or less, on tho subject, "What I Can Do To Hei:ome A Better Teacher" may win an all-cxpunse graduate scholarship worth $1,200. You chooso the university and one of four convenient attendance plans. YOU AtE ELIGIBLE IF . , .You teach elementary or high school grades (principals and superintendents who teach are included) in any public, private, or paro- ciiial school in a county where Ijon petroleum products are sold at the sign of the Lion. DON'T MISS YOUI CHANCE TO WIN Be sure that your essay, properly identified, is mailed before midnight of Nov. 30, to the Lion Oil Scholarship Fund,El Dorado, Ark. ASK YOUR PKINCIPAl for tho Teacher Rules Booklet, or write the Lion Oil Scholarship Fund. COMPANY Council Told Competition SetsMilkPrice Representatives from two large milk firms. Bordcn and Midwest, told thc Hope City Council Inst night that competition governed the price of milk in various sections. Donald McQueen Named by HSTC Debate Team AHKADKLI'HIA — Donald McQueen of Hope has been elected secretary of the Henderson State Teachers College Debate Team. Sponsor Krank Mugers of the speech department has announced. , i-. n,,,,,.... ... McQueen ,s also freshman sena-j Company struck yesterday after . , . , . , n «• , llr<m for liiKher wages, halting the lor and pled • ••' ""• '""- Trailways Tied Up by Strike in Arkansas LtTTLF. HOCK l»V> --• Forty-six of Arkansas Trailways captain (if the Sigma Tau Gamma social fraternity. I fii 'ii's bus service state. through the is a pre-laxv student at llender- j-i,,, -inkers, members "f H 1( - Holdup Man Is Apprehended Near Fulton A holdup man was appirln'iidocl almiii :ili minuli's afti't- he rohhod Uu 1 licnu L'afe of Tesarkana curly lasl nicht. TM,. man, Ulcnlified ns Hilly B. Ciavtnn, :'_", of Kliuulilu', Texas and All.mi.i, (la., was reported lo have look aimul $.">() from a rusliinu'r nnd $r."i fi-..ini Ihi 1 cash rcKisli'i 1 of I hi' cafe, liii-n fled in lhe woman customers auto. Trxarkana officers nmiticd tho was sold cheaper elsewhere In Ar-j son. 01 mi; KIA uuiv*^:ii u^v... ...- "ikansas than in Hempslcad, that Other members of tho team arc ' until finally the state is forced into" s lhe rcply thc Mayor and City p,. CK j r i t , nt i). ivi(1 DHVCM- of Arkn the humiliating position ot being Council received, more dependent upon federal grants than any other common wealth in America, with one exception. One representative told the group x The local •vu'kansas is tax performance in atrocious no matter how you look at it. For instance, thc statisticians show that thc property tax in neighboring Mississippi, thoroughly comparable with our state, produces twice the per- capita revenue that it does in Arkansas. With this introduction, I am going to give you thc exact text ot that one-page statement which _Mr. Wilkins distributed to our corn- Monday. Quote — Characteristics of the Tax Structure of Arkansas. 1. Thc tax structure of Arkansas docs not meet the requirements of a sound tax system. The system has not proved to be adequate since at times it has failed to produce an adequate amount of revenue. It does not strike all taxpayers alike therefore some are ^Discriminated against. Thc unequal assessment of property for property tax purposes and thc non-assessment of some property is an example of an inequity in our tax structure. Even though the cost of collecting our taxes, especially on thc state level, are low com- . pared to other state revenue, de- .Anderson, partments, this may be false econ- "trumpt'd omy. There is a possiblity that we are not expending an amount sufficient to gather all the taxes due. ^-It this is the case, inequities are produced since the marginal tax liability is not being collected. The effect psychologically is undesir able. 2.'State taxes are relatively high when expressed as a per cent ot per capita income. In 1951 thc per capita burden of state taxes amounted to $48.35. This was j less than the national average ol' $59.35 but when expressed as a » per cent of income the burden was much higher in Arkansas. State taxes accounted for 5.8G per cent of income in Arkansas while in the nation as a who'.o state taxes represented only 4.14 per cent of ^income. 3. Local property taxes are very low when compared with those of other slates. In 1950 the per capita burden of property 1 taxes throughout the nation was $47.76. In Arm kansas the per capita burden was otrty $13.G(i, approximately 1.73 pei cent of income in Arkansas ant 3.60 throughout the nation. 4. When state taxes and loca property taxes are combined the burden of taxes in Arkansas i comparable to the burden in most states. In 1950, for example, the per capita burden of stato taxes and local property taxes in dollar amounts was $108.28 for the nation, al average and $62.38 for Arkansas. When expressed as a per cent of income, these taxes accounted for 8 per cent of income in Arkansas and 8.16 per cent in the 48 states. 5. Stale aid to local units of government has inoreasnd greatly in recent years and is now a significant factor in Iqcal finance. Aid to local units has increased Iron $10,108,000 in 1942 to $43,790,000 il J051, an increase of 333 Per'' cent. Puring this same period granls to local units throughout the Unilcd States increased 163 per cent. Thus it is obvious that state financing of local functions is increasing. Stale grants to local units of government account for approximately one-third of the state expenditures. 6. The state has assumed a large part of the financial burden of the local units of government .either by making grants or turn- that his firm sold only in Hope from thc Tcxarkana plant and didn't RO nny further north. He cited several points in other slates where milk was sold hiphcr than here but wouldn't admit to any place where milk was sold cheaper. The other firm's representative admitted that milk was sold cheaper in Nevada County and elsewhere north in other counties to meet competition. In other words the cotmcil learned that as long as no other competitive company undersold, the prujscnt price charged in Hope for milk would remain unchanged. The council is making a study of possible action. President, dclphia, Hoy Mi.-Doiigal of Magnet Cove. Max-id Pr.vor of Camden, Donald Bailey of Hot Spriuns. and Bethel I..an of Tcxarkana. The HSTC debater.-; xvill hold a wurmup debate with Ouachila Baptist College here on Nov. 22. Regular forensic meets in which the team will compete xvill be announced later, Magcrs said. Tupelo Case Termed Hoax by Governor JACKSON, Miss., (UP) — Gov. Hufth White today joined police of Tupelo, Miss., in declaring a newspaperman's claim of being run out of the stale by hooded lerrorists "doesn't ring true." White and he believes Newell Probe Starts of Another Prison Riot JACKSON, Mich, l/l'i — With riot ing inn.ales subdued by shotgun blasts, authorities at Southern MieliigiMi prison loday begun a probe '.:\ which they hoped to pin tne blame for the third major up- i.;iiiK here this year. It broke out in the mess j nrntberhood of Hailroad Trainmen, set up picket lines at the terminal here. Trailxvays service from Memphis lo Texarkana via LiUL 1 Kock and Hot Springs xvas halted, as xvei e runs from Nashville to Camden and from I'rescoU to t-'pringlvll, La. F. A. Purcell, deputy president of the BKT. said Monday night that the Trailxvays depot at Texarkana also would be picketed, lloxvever, no pickets bad shown up at the terminal late last night. The union contract xvith Trail svays expired Oct. I, and the cm ploycs voted last week to strike jeslerd;y it their xviigu demands had not been met. An increase of one cent per each mi'o diiven plus SI an hour for layover lime is berni; sought by Hie 40 drivers. They now earn 5 cents for each driven mile plus a cent u mile "no accident" ho.HIS. Six mechanic members of i the union are asking a 33-cent an hour b-iosl lo SLUG. Hope Slate Police Station and thc robber xvas met at the Fullon bridije and apprehended by Offleei ul f ieei .s sa Id. money and t .Some $11-1.70 ic auto xvcre Council May NotAdonGame, Fish Budget Presbyter/on Men to See Wildlife Film The men ot Iho llopo 1'reshy terian church xvill hold their monthly supper meeting on Thursday, Nuv. 20. til 7 p.m. Tho menu will feature squirrel (mulligan, and tho after slipper pro- I gram will consist of movlos to bo presented by Tmn Mull ot the Arkansas Fish unit Gumo Commission. Little: Rock, Ike Gets Dope on Situation in Korea By LYI.E C. WILSON WASHINGTON, (UP) - 1'resl- ent-el'",'t Kisenlioxver hns all the r.ad news about llle lint-cold war . lu-fore him today and nitiy be. able! A | ( p 1 -,.;ib.vUM-luil men are being to depart for Korea in with Nations troops In tin- field. me to I ,,,.,,^1 (,, attend, and guests will United ji M , w ,,| (!omo> lo bo IVnliiKon has been alerted j rundy with nir tranHpurla- MTTI.K ItOC'K I.Vi The Ai Purcell said last ni^ht that lhe kansas Legislative Council today ll.ivale-ied by implication not t( ;',ct on i udiiet requests of the Ai Uniisas (lame and Fish Coinmis sion unless the Commission fo! loxx's its wishes in certain rcgulti 'ion. lhe CVuncil adopted a resolulio "ri'spei'lfnlly requesting" Unit th next move in the stalemate up Id the company." Kobey "is W. last ni-iht. For a time there w 01 ' 11 1 i,',,'| ril | ',-ece'iv 2,200 w.ldly milling rioters in- j '• ,1,.^,., ; i JVU-Cleivlun. vice preMili-nl and gen- manager of the firm, said ,j vt , c | no overtures from 27, up of for Fargo, N. D., unknown rea- volved. many streaming into the yards from cellblocks forced by pals. Some had knives grabbed from the kitchen. Others had clubs More than 20 shotgun blasts wcre| tlu y afternoon. 'J the strikers, and, "I haven't made ...._, to them.' ixlcClendon said all company rolling stock xvas in the shops by in strike deadline at 4:30 yuster- sons" his report of being taken foi a ride, slashed with a razor and warned to leave the state. '•The whole thing sounds like :i hoax to me," White said, "and I'd like to know what is behind it I don't believe now that anything dici happen but the case is fired into the air. So were several bursts from a sub-machine gun bo- ore the two-hour disturbance was uellcd. No one xvas wounded. One onvict, however, suffered a scalp ut from a flying missile. Still, a death may result from he riot. Capt. Earl Sccrisl, one f 140 stale troopers speeding to he scene, lost control of his car trumped up for unknoxvn reasons." , ,wo miles southeast of Lansin nd hit a tree. Lansing hospital ifx-ndants said he was not expected to live. He also pointed out that Missouri Pacific buses traveled most of the Trailways roules and passengers Game ;\nd Fish Commission: 1. Folloxv Act 70 of 1051 xvhit ailemiilid In ,-iiiUiori/e persoi over (!•"/ I" hunt and fish wilho biiyi'ei a Heense. but which the se i'l'gulatiii! 1 . Commission lias n folloxvei'. 2. Depeal its regulations requir- thai persons hunting rabbits mid squirrels have a hunting license ;.nd that license be pur lion when F.isenluixver wants 11. lie refused tho olfer ot President Truman's airplane. TYulalivo plans depuii tcunorrmv apparently ivc been abandoned. Sc;eurity •ecaulidis will forbid announce nenl of KiscMihower's new sched- e. H was nearly four weeks agol iat he told a Detroit campaign 1 ally that he would fio to Korea, f eleckd, to seek an honorable i.d to the war. Candidate Uisenhuxver made it .Matter of great urgency. Pre.si- lenl-elect Eisenhower has some ., political huddles on his cat- -mlur for the next few days, but he uniency of tho Korean sllua- io-i ha:: increased rather than les- in the past four weeks as leavier casualties and bitter •athor swell public anxiety and US. Officials May Be Charged in Wheat Deals WASHINGTON, (UP) -- Inform(d soui'.'es said loday "several" K'wcrninenl officials may face criminal prosecution In connection with an international wheat racket wea . laiiirner hard at combat morale. iiivi'.sllgnllon DepiirlmeiH, by the cn;>sed for all dogs used in the hu.itin" of rabbits and squirrels. ;i. Ki.-peal its regulations by iraiiways luine-a u,»v, ],.... r ,^.... ... ,..., - would not be greatly inconvenien- which the Comnusion ret used to ce't by the walkout. restock farms " ' " Passengers seeking transports- c l i;ty tion to Trailways points last night lie''water. sent to the MoP; Kock terminal only a block away. Schedule differences caused lung dc-lnys in some cases. Buses of the Inter-City Transit Cornpary, which serves Pulasiu Continued on Page Two private prop which Co not involve pub- Style Show Is Ready for Thursday Night The whole town's Inlkin' about the Woinanlcss Stylo Show that llopo Business and Vrofesiiional Woman's Club Is staglntl Thursday Night U P.M. lu thu Hope of cheating the govern- iTienl are also In .the works iitf'iinsl (i group of Texas grain exporters alleged lo be Involved In the racket. ' 'Jhe federal employes tire Bald to have known about the shady er.llni'.s without reporting them, They have not yet been publicly Says Airforce Ready to Hit, Manchuria SKOUL, KorcB fUPV — Hoyt S, Vnndcnborff, U, S Force chief of stnff, disclosed tho United Nations now 18 newer nntl bettor plnncs In K Vnndcnbors, moklntf his lit itpoction tour ot tho' 8th ^Jlf 1 '-, H u yonr, Indlentod that thj& Force Is prcpnrod to attack W. T .-._ a n Ir buses in Manchuria U Wainlng! Ion KO orders. , lj^ Asked to describe n new '! *"'" mlck" on FBU Siibrjot, Vftll bortt Hidd, "It's Just a bottor f l^l plane— n Inter typo." "Alt Ihp new modols ernl Improvements," ho proved tiRhls, Improved C.,..™, utl.w ot wings and hriproved?8l lino supply- The now 88'8 '" moru mnneuyerablo and- A fuller. "There's nlwnys prosrostt on 1 ?)! now typo." ' Thc F-BO Is thc plane assign* Hhoollrig down CommtinlHt Ml' while Hlowcr jets carry out 'sU-r, Inu ond bom U Ing attacks |c ((round InrHOts. -^ Vandcnborg anlcl thq P 1 - ddrjot tighter-bomber uttm Improved and tho now tj been supplies to tho 40th Bomber WlhB. Auditorium. round thu AUSTIN ILL UNITKD NATIONS, N. Y. (/Tl — Warren H. Austin, chief U. S. delegate lo the United Nations, is confined to his hotel suite with a chest cold. The news is Boi"t! this super production is the /anles tiliow VfVer '"tb' i "ef Jtte to Hope, ti fuel, it sounds, so good that t neighborin« town has asked tin dlrectoriMrs. Bess Kvans, to "pu the shoA' on the road" and bring It to their town. Only one performance, U o'cloc p.m. Thursday Night. ilr'.ltificc, Tho eiisi involves Iho uso of ow-Knuh Canadian whetit In ship- i"iits which are aviiilablo only on iiriuH'S of U. S, wheat and flour. The exporters wore suld to have t^ the low-grade Ctiniidiun .—hormully used for livestock 'i.'vd—ut reducod cut rntus, used il as a "filler" In U. S. wheat nnd collected the gov- trnmenl subsidius. The Agrlculturo Department, and the general uccountlnK office h_uve been qulully " "They have bettor portovmiu hotter weight-carrying » capac inoro niunouvorablllty ahd t,, get oft lhe ground faster," ho'sa Askotl whether Iho Air Ifptroe equipped to carry out any slon tbc ndmlnlalratlo,! ,^ innlie to bomb Munchurlan' ucroas Iho Yulu Blver, Vai Wiwft^ berg said: ,~ "I think tho Ah- Force t» In ,i pobitlon lo do whatever lha ttdmk lalrntion wants done." ", tltS Ho WIB uskofl If thai inotmt.. Air Fo:co In Korea could Munchurln without more planes. ,.,„'I said the Air Torn," fcj»J| Minor Revenue Positions Assigned ST. LOUIS (/PI —John B. Dun lap, newly appointed district com missioner for Texas and Oklahom yesterday announced appointment to minor offices in the new interna revenue district composed of Mi souri, Arkansas and Kansas. Dunlap, former commissioner o internal revenue, listed the follow ing appointments: Little Rock office: Louis J. Ober- sto, Assistant director; Joe D. Henry, head of colecction division, Law rence B. Sullivan, ne.ad of audit division; Ted E Donhan, assistant judit division head; Cornelius W. Wyble, head of intelligence division; and .Rex P. Hayes, acting head ot the alcohol and tobacco lax division. Kansas City office: Frank VV Renner, assistant director: Mat tbaw J. Bender, head of collection division; Lester V. Lechliter, head ot audit division; and Fay Degroot acting head of alcohol and tobac co tax division. Wichita office: Arthur J. Krcn bei! assistant director; Elbert L Beard, head of collection division Hobart Ahavor, head of audit d vision; Paul M. Kays, " ssista " audit division head; Daniel M Dwyer, head of intelligence divis Daniel O. Cain, acting head o U. LU llvt:. ^ ^ _„„_ , , •"" " Grode^chooTFooFball Champs and Their Most Ardent Backers ion; ah-ohol and tax division. is a V& ^m * :i ^ l * UI U J itiarvtit^ fet wtn-iJ ut *.«* ** il ^ backs to the localities for the support of specific functions or by assuming the actual performance ol certain functions. 7. Most of the turnbacks or aids , — — - . tp local units of government came' kansas and approximately a result of political compro- the amount was produced m Miss- Capt. Cannon Made 100 Flying Missions Capt Curtis Cannon Jt has a rived back in the U.S. frr TI Kort when- he made 100 missions as Jet Fighter Pilot. Capt. Canno 1950 graduate ol West Point InvosUnallon of the practice for the past three months. The deportment's report Is now in the solicitor's office, on route to lhe Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution. The OAO which servos as Congress' "watchdog of tho treasury," will bo ready to submit Ha report to Congress "In a couple of woolw." The report mny touch off one ot the first Investigations In thc 83rd CIonjjroKs. .Sen. Geoi'Ke D. Alkon H-Vl) already has displayed an nti.'i'URl in the case. He will bo thc lew chairman of tho Senate Aflrl- culture Commiltuo when Congress Members of the Brookwood foot- all team, city grade school champs his year, and the pep squad were entertained Monday nighl with a banquet in the school cafeteria 3 rincipal Coach Joe Ensminger. First row — left to right: Edsvard Hartsfield, Phillip Gilliam, Ben Waller, John Ray Luck, Charles , Flowers, Jimmy Janoe, Jimmy Bearden and Dale Wylie. Second How: Mike McMurrough, Ray McKamie, Bobby Erwin, Teddy Messer, Ford Ward, Dean Holder, J. B. Thornton, Curtiss Churchwell and Floyd Sooter. for tho recent sorleH Ing Boxcar crashes appear "mostly pilot error." In t 1C dayt, lour CMlO'a have CM up. "It seems from nowupjpa read awuy Irom horpo "" Hi ft coli cldcncc," ho r echanlcal follurei found so fur, I think It .fatly i<llot error," ?-Io s.'lcl morale in Force Is "surprlsluulv tb#t BUFJtnry facllUina ^ to bo Improved." Up uul^ i loused with Improvement* W WO.VB one aU'cvuIt. ! ( "^ Local Movie fai Seem to Like Marilyn —Shipley Studio photos Back Row: Coach Ellis Roth well, Joe Jones, Harold Douglas, Lloyd Sooler, Freddy Hoberluon, Jimmy Tate, Joe Enaland, Charles Blackwood, Billy Butler, Barry Spragins and Coach Clyde Arnold. ,homa. and Texas nearly three ' times the amount produced in Ar jnises which were considered temporary expedients. The interests involved in this method of tax dLs issippi and Tennessee. 9. The state has been reluctant to grant to local units of govern- y Ijj Vf^U Ul V»*iJ »44\p mv*** *<* »•**.»•».. BWBBW'' — — - tribution favor its continuation re-jment the power to levy non-prop - - '-- ' er ty taxes which have been granted to local units in several states. At th* present time local units P° or economics unsound principles of government. 8. The administration ot the property tax has deteriorated dras- pend almost entirely on the prop- Ucally over a period of years. U Is common knowledge that under assessment, unequal assessment and evasion of the property ta* »re widespread. Such a f|fi &ot ooly results to tt» los^o,! ed rfvejaue b«t erty tax for their support. 10. Federal aid plays a very important part in the Arkansas lis- eal system. In 1051 Arkansas received **7,2«M»0 in the form of from the federal ipjvero- ._ ^^ ^ •4< ,..^... in January. Tho Treasury Department also has been brought Into tho crackdown. Hi. customs bureau IB draft- pg new export-Import regulations limed r.l curbing tho racket. Thu activity violates terms o£ the world wheat ug'reomont under which the government subsidizes U. S, wheat and flour exports. It alHn violates tho "Intent" of im- porl royulallona which allow low- t.i dutiej: on low-grade whpat 1m- portud UE livestock food. The American dealers reap their profit from the fact that Canadian whoal Mills for «5 to 40 cents u bushel less than American wheat. Wheat imported as animal feed carries im even lower price and a much lower duty. Ono angle n°l yot cleared up In the investigations is whether tho Voxans elso have exceeded the /03,000-bushel limit on the amOU" t r"jph"n"'Wttyi>P.J6 4» *w of Canadian wheat that can bo t h e actor's W(JcUp f * fl i.riported to this country for. u*oU w i ce us rnajiy yotea n\ in Uoud or bread. opponent, Hoqcr^"*"^ 11 Autry IK In thU powglas, Tony.' Box Alien, peclt and Movie funs A Movio Star which started last . Saengor theater has fans casting votes, foe actors and uctressen, ,.. man, manager <?f the'Sa^j,, Marilyn Monroe Is JoadHjg among autfosfioft thfQuaH three days of W ' Jane Russell, Susan Ueyward, . Grable, June AUyson, Betty HuUon<ar ' are close behind,. •-cast for 49 different actr Party Termed Successful, 435 Attend An employer-employe party held last night at the High School was termed today f 04 "the roost tu^c* cessful undertaking ol its kind evyr held in Hope". •The party eUwcted approxfc mately 435 perspnu, Wnner wa» served at 7 p-m, |A the school csfuturia foljowiid By an qddrts? by Dr. C. L. Gan«« ul H»l4U»« ferent —„.,, In the local tyy Lorotta "" ,.., subject "The _,. Way", was timsly and'4rew , from the huge audience, *Phe w«s f«Uowe4 by vwipu? and a dance. It &» now ' ot participating Hope i to maJtjs it »n wirmsl event, Minor Acei4ent*/ Minor Oomogv Two minor »ccWen(s vestijjated by city polic* terijjjy. QV& inv<idvii by ^smef A- WjWainswi fftij 1 Ai&e , Mary

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