Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1952
Page 10
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AORATtS For Suit 18.00 (ftft DISPLAY *»* wrtoah 1 J*t t u tauter Of iktt* owe-any raw, • ..iMtMrni of. Mtfuj tjt wOw Iw weh M tortwt, hewm f\NY typo of (travel, Including pffft Br»v«T. Hand, top noli, and flit dirt. Coll Joiia Blncliilr 7-2880. O-28-lm TYfclft Mf«» counter, electric ftnuMft* mill, Toledo uralet, nil cer, 0 CMP coltl drink box, rundy •how e«»ft, Orody Cr»ln'« 8U>rc, Artcanna*. Phon* l!V3t Sun Bowl Hos One Tcom Picked KL PA«O, T«»x, W — The Sim "Jowl hn»J one learn — Mliilmlp- pi Southern — for Hi Jnn. I foot* boll RRM» UKlay »nd HMcd five ftom which to pick South- Mlnml of Ohio, Cln- Dnylon, NPW Mexico nnd t>ti>h will burnUh thp part of the pnrt In tht> Now ern'* fon, D.iy NEW fl. C. Allen typewriter*, ln« mnrhlncn. cn»h roj(|p Hnntnl — purchttvo pl«n. Whi>n paid our *nl« price, Wo «lvf; you tho maohlnc. 800 C. C, IJryunt, 3*) Smith Pino 8t, 15-flt ntmohui*, elmlrman of th »«lfictiori cnmmlttifo. uold ihu oth «?r »i<Bin mny not be known for w«?fk. T'hurp wrri Indlealltmn th.it (t mny IM Nov. 27 Iv-foro the tlon In mni\i>, Th»t'» tho day Miami and Cincinnati, which hna lost M0M *t A*, HO Pi, A ft It AN S AS Sites Homed forSchool Playoffs LITTLE BOCK l* - - firit round of Arkttnsa*' school friotbnll ployoffi bnck for Tuesday, tLONBll Cage Fixes Bring More Suspensions SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYUE TALBOT. I NEW YORK, I ' rur.vs t:.at Tony ! — The definite Trabcrt of Cin- ' «**-.«fr imrtif Th»i NEW YOHK »f i t» \ Nat Holman.j cinnati and the U.S. Navy will makp lhc tr|p to Australia on Mt ' M«h, former CHy College of New York.' own tin.t to join our skimpy Dav- tho reserved seats at Adelaide already arc sold." ooiirnitc high in councils, bent us. wrote a Aussie Mel tennis 'We don't think you car. but wc would ot le ft „_ conch, and two other in Cup forces in pursuit of thc Ime to think you were having a Mami-oponi Thursday. tj co i| t . fl< . official* nro under sus-' l n ' «' r " « tinnal l « n "'s Trophy}go at it." Wnrkert Tr«»« mefts slon todny. in tho latest out-! cnnn(-«s the picture a little. They will feel better with tur> th« l"« cr » hornc i |(ro*lh of thf 1051 basketball! J' docsn't mean that ,'ix" ncnnrlnls. The Negro Community •y Helm turntr Phone 7-4474 Of brmo Item* to Mlw Turiwr •t Hlcki Fufteril Horn* for the Initial roundj flnnouncod by thf? Arknn(tusj_ Atnletlc AMOclallon yesterday. Tho ptryoffK once banned by the AAA, were rnvlvwl for this yum wc susnent) ,. d wlth w(.ri. &ua|jiiiu(.u wun- , , , h , b B ; only orr Kentucky (innif this waiion nnd been ti«»d b •-• to Till- to rlftf>imlno iharnpluns. ft-ritly, however, the athletic •iitl/ntlm; again a b o I I n heel thr- president or tho rol- ' li»K<!, n f° w hours after thc city of hlffhrr education's com-i basket- of defeating tho Australians in the Clinllengo Round at -.Adelaide are materially Improved i — riot so lonx as Frank Sedgrnan i and Ken McGregor remain sound news that Trabert is coming, as they know him from last wint; r as one at the world's most prom- Isinft young players. .Tony was immensely popular personally too and tht-y will be glad to welcome nt -.vlnrl find limb— but it should •hiin again. Tho same cannot be better contest of the three 1 anid ot every player wc have- sent The City-wide usher board Will mee 1 . Wednesday night, Nov. 19, at the home ot Mrs. Daisy Mill- drovv. All members are urged to be present. A FATHERS PLACE IS WITH HIS SON ..' n on inicr-i:uiiri£iaie oasKOl- . .,, . .. „,,„,„,.,, tll(>m (;f unbof . (mjfn ,,| day serlw and will make the Aus:ii. piny for the* Mld-Aniftrlcim Coivj rl( . voff Astern, wh | cn pit,' c )|s Seven room hoime, three bedroom* nUto fun, floor furnace, viwltliti blind*, Knr««o nnd stwatffl room. Will noil for equity nnd rnwithly paymertl* «f H4.39. Four pftr cent Interest on Jonn, ,317 En»t I'Ub at. 7-St6QJ, 17-fll „ ... Nm A< lltd 18 w jrtreSi ~s»& 7-3431 STAR J»AINT 8AI.K, thin week only. J[Dtl»e pulnt $2,75 aiillnn, Hiit- Jutf action or your money buck. Dyer* Bwap Shop, loa 8. Walnut, 17><n POlW'KiTTjTrJlfl'irirftineti. HOD. Alvii Dormnn, lit. I, Knimol, Ark, IB-lit I'ANSV" tiiiimuT 3 doisim $1. Arlw vltoe bu»ht'», nnndlrm bushim, jinrni'lCK bunlien, hydrangea*. 1HM *J. Kim. CAMPBELL FLb 1 lilR & OWS SHOP. Phono 7-4420. IM-nt eltomplonnhlp. Six Teams Eye 'Gator Bowl JACKBONVif.LK, Fin.. »i»'.s rm.ch happier. Wc can testify that they were trlcl ill id wir.nern In c:ias«'» A A. A! Namoo with _ Holman were Pro- OM . no(l ,, y wllal thcy cmlsi( | el . ed i fciaor Trank S. Lloyd, chairman toljl inadequacy of our tnem. That Trabert will reach anything nearing his best form be- lore tho Challenge Round is doubt- It mi(iht not even be possible Mrs. Carrie Williams died Monday, Nov. 17 in a Texarkann hospital. Funeral incomplete. arrangements are * jj, ,-...- »t_ i j i.; it n (V-j i ji Jim 1 -*-) vi *i w j \n \j\.n ij(i|^-,ini. ifciiitLjj»vj*\-'k'-»vtikjt_t-"-'".j>v.>-. trfs tho schedule for the flr.it; " f ""' f " cul Y alnk ' tlc ,, committee j 1[)a , s ,. | (! (: I ions -Vic Scixas. to employ him in singles in tho -'" c 'Nt""t p onch Harry Sand. j sll . n j K h t dark and the promise ot inter-zone final at Sydney Dec. Th« Howl hns itii «yc« on Florldfl, VlrKliila, Tul«a, llounion, ond Syracuse. commlttuc Vllnhova Thft Mondtiy nl«bl It had narrowed tn lhi'«e six thi< lint ut tviiniH undc-r ciinitldcrntlon New Ycnr'x Day footbnll Mldn rnny go out any dny, but lni- uniiimltuw did not Indicate ,i »{)(!<: If lu d.'ite, None of the Iciuna under con- hun lout nioro thnn two except Florldn. Services Offered VJSAH8 o( «xp»ri«nce In floor unndlng nnd flnlnhinu. Dalo era, Oia«W. 7th, Phono 7-2234. O-ai-lm nnd long dlMnneo Hauling, iocul moving, Boo Danntct Hamilton or cnll 7-3011, 0-23-lm WILL tlo any kind of typing In my homo, HwiNcmuhUi rntau, Phono 7-H(ll!(. Ill) K. Avc, C, lfi-31 For Rent 4'IIOOM duplwc OHortinttnt, utifur- nlshiHl. Front nnd buck entrance and nlHscod In front porch. Quo Block from school. -TO N. Elm Phone 7-S408, ntlor 0 p.m. 7-2510. 2U-tf 3 ROOM -tlnfurnlfliunl duplex upnrt- ment, Scrcoiii'd In nhH'pltiK porch. Pltonn 7-tH'IU nttar 0 p.m. 13-01 Missionory Ousted by the Chinese MONO KONG M*) — FrnnclH Olln Slcckwcll, an Ainwrlcnn Meftho- clir.t mlt-r.lonnry In Chlnii for 23 yuurji, nwchcd horo todny after i.xpul»|i,i, fruni Hcd Chlnii, Hu srid hu had tipunt 33 months in jnil, 14 of llitm In solltnry con- flnrnicnl, nnd wa» rel«a«fd nflor nil 11 moiithd of "bruin wimhtnc." Htoekwt-ll, who WIIH piistur of MelhrnKKl churches In I,«rnont iiiid D«wey, Okln., hnfon? Koine to Chlnii, mild hu WHS never nian- playoff Clnss AA Jcneitijoro nt Rogcrfl. Cnmden tit Uenton. Class A Jfarrl.ion nt .Srmvr.-y. IJoonevllle v» Nashville nt Mc-na Marki'd Tree ut Stult«art. at Me Go hue, n j The inflations came .exactly-,• yoi/nK Ham Richardson late this [two weeks after the University 'of] month. Letters from a couple 'Kentucky, which City Collejjo de-j o ( O ur triends out that way were • f,»atc'<l in route to its famous twinj e.-itislic. tournni i<;nt. victory in 1!)50 an- 'It is n shame you blokes can't 1B-20, probably against Italy. But whether he's ready or not, Tony should pair with Seixas both in Singles and doubles in the Chal- hound Dec. 23-31, if only Mrs. Joe Collins of Kalamnzoo, Mk:h. has been called to the bed-,, side of her parents, Mr. and Will Cannon. Screen Actress Answer to Previous Puzzle council Atkins advance'.! to second pension. round (if forfeit by Groon Forest, j (,'jiy th.-it it was suspending, H ,,,(i , H ,t a butter team when all'for good will purposes. for the coining season | Ki'iil'icky acterl after thc NC'AAl . ______ recommendeil their suv CurllHlo (.'lly. SprlriKs Jit Eiirlo. vs. lliijilu.':i at Forrest j NCAA College which won thei' and National Invitation j I in 1050, dropped outp 1i.t bit-', lime basketball after most Norphlct at Dumas. ! O f jis r;liu-s wore disclosed to havn Clri-im Forest forfoltort bctcnti'ir' paitlt-lpatod in tho 1051 scandals, the Hcht.ol already has begun has- Holman, who has boon on sab- kclball practice, nnd officials simM b.illcal leave without pay, was '.hey weren't Interested In the, criticized by the committee in a plnyoffc. OUT OF DOORS with Friends will be glad to kno\V that Mrs. Zazell Walker is recuperating from a recent operation in Texarkana. HORIZONTAL 5 Renders 1 Screen actress, , watchful — Lawrence 6 Short-napped The Bright Light Chapter of ths| Eastern Star will meet at 6 p.niT today Nov. 18, nt Hicks Funeral Home. All members are asked to be present. i Mu said he would fly to U.S. •, (i fuw days to rejoin hltt wife Fights Last Night By The Associated Prosa — Rocky Castol- Wind Can Be Dangerous to Dogs By JOE STETSON Dog Editor ..... . , . . . .. Tho 'sedan signaled for a left report to the board for his tesli-, iwn as u camc to n stop at , thc | many that he remained aloof from; rod ,; ht s() l movet i j n on the , details tit the basketball program . , , _. , uuislde <>f actual coachinK. limi, I5, r i r >, I.u/.ernc, Pti., »d Vic Curdull, 153, Hartford, Conn. 10. PHILADELPHIA — Percy Bus- Mtit, 1211, Philadelphia, oulpointud Teddy (Hcd Toi>) Duvls, 120, Hartford, Conn. 10. Uoslur. — Wilbur Wilson, MS, Do? ton, outpointed Gus (I'clli ri«ht side. Tho black cocker I had T . , „ , , been watchina from behind was "hither Professor Holman kncw| h „ out lhe winf)ow as hc str ait>» | very well many of the aspects of j d t() s . |mple lhl , wind . j big-time basketball dealt with mj ,. Arcn . t you afraid to lct him do this report or else was so naivo thatr . l askod tho chap in the car. ARKANSAS Moll, M7, Huston. 12. alwiut ii-,atte>s involving hi.s own joh ns to throw doubt on his 'fit- lea, 13 r ). Oakland, Calif., outpoint- ed Dennis Pal Brady, HO, Hartford, CYnn. 10. Salt Luke City — Rex Laync 1200. I.i'vistcm, Utah, knocked out 'No," hc said, as hc displayed a heavy leather lead which prevented tho doK from falling out. Thc light changed and off hu zoomed into tho traffic. Johnny Guii/.a'AI SpauldinK. Oakland, Calif., 3 lUCDKOUM hrnmo. B15 W. Avo. 7-a008. 17-31 Notice NJCW and nwwtvl subscriptions to miy innannlnu published. Chri»t- nittMi, Cluu-lcs Hoynomon, City Hull, »«y Phone, 7-3328; 7-a7tm. o-ao-im F YOU wnnl lo drink, thiit's yuui- UidlncHH. U you wunt to thnt'x out- bualnumi. Ali*o- Anonymous, P, 0. WOK aofl, N-lB-lm Jonjtoit rlvoe In well bfokw Ktvo full »W 08, care W'W ost 1 IMliK bvowu hound dog. An- 8W«v« t» name. lU«k. U fovuid please notify Koy O. Fry; Ut, 1, Patmo*. 15-Ot MAN'S brown overcoat ftt Mam- mons SUcllum. Telephone 7^8001, 17-at ONt SPAING Hill rood, Plymouth lnn»te «ft Vi um pickup. Call T, 0, Porter 1 *..Parana, Wanted WOMAN ~° n «U SVSOP8I8 Rinlly Tlmjur hml lonir mul »sK»rly RWrtltcu RoKvr KlflliVM inurrlttKtf pro- )jo*«) ninl now on ChrUtrnua Kvu, In tier tti'Hii<lii»<tli(<r li'urbi!*' nloMiuu ilruw- ln« room on UDntmrn Ili-nton Hill, hn *»R» her lo lw>m» ld» wltn, Kinlly'a pvuniiU nntl licr umU>, llumvr I..utliri>|i, whn I|OI>U Ilie tuiully |HU«it-eti-li>gn, Unu hupp'.l «ho wimltl rhnnnt! n wriiltliy hunlinril. Only uruiulnmthur I'-oihon, a ItiVuUlo tyritm, ««emi pk-ninnl with the nlllHiuo. TWO OLD Mm, Forboi looked at hor prunddouiihtor with a glint of prido In her alirowd old eyes na tho Bonator, with BOinothlnu of his molh0r'M conUoaeonHlon and lews of hor Rrand nvanncr, tardily permit- led hlmuolt to bo drawn Into tho oonversatton. So tho girl had had the gumption to tuUo tho bit In hor teeth after All! For aomo reason nho wanted thla tn«pt, woll-mcan Ing l''leld boy ami tiho Intended to hnvo hint. Hho hud uuccocdod In him to propose, In aplto of his lictnltanoy in tho facu of hor family's opposition; nnd now that she svtui definitely engaged to him, nil*) would marry him, no matter what h«r fanilly'a plans were. They might A» well give in gracefully and lot her have her Trlnltj Church wedding and wear the an central roao point veil and go nrounil tho work) on her honey moon: because, lf s they thwarte« her In tlu-eu uuittora, aha would b very dinioult to live with tho ncx tow month*. She might even elope Old Mrs. Forboa Joolt^ At Emily ' '"'~~ '" ew, Phonrt t-5!8<l. Clean- lt-3t « wv ieo «UUon op*. Alsw route man for Hope and Vkelnay, Box'«" tn care «l Holp Wonted •ftfW - . . ttctly what had happened during that hour in the drawing room, be fore the newly engaged pair ha come up to tlu> library, U took very •peelfcl kind of kisatng t m&Ke a girl look like that. Invo untarlly, Old Mrs. Forbes sighed lly wny to find escape from Old .fit. Forbes wns to move away om Boston—aa far nwny us was umanly possible, oven If tlmt •cunt the Pacific Coast or tho cop South. But family had left o.ston vory little, except for brief lulls to Washington, made under ho hlghost official auspices: and or the sojotirna In Kuropo which ed a er grnnclmother had supervised, had Ivon In Boston, sho had moved Imost entirely In u small clrcum- crlbod circle. Moreover, If he took tho desper- te step of moving away from tofiton, ho would loyu the ona pos- Ible opportunity for suitable cm- loymont which had presented It- elf to htm BO far. He knew that lie firm of Cutter, Mills and Swan lid not havo tho prestige ot Fiske, Cord and Gibbons and other firms f loiiR-eHtabllshcd standing. But t must bo Bound financially, or It oould not havo had offices In a il|?hly reputed Devonshire Street lullcllng, A* Kogor finally turned from Vtount V'urnon Into Joy and began .o walk downhill, he was startled ay a sharp, sudden noise which seemed out ot harmony with tho 'hrlstmna celebration aiul, ping, looked around him, trying to loctitu and identity it. Me did not •uccticd In doing so; but, as he glanced about, ho wits aware of a large, squarely built brick house, looming; up across '.the street. l| ilooijjori 4 oornw iuid it had th< subittaiiUi-i, nuwsivo look of a place which had been built to en dur-J, But only one window In It wus lighted and this solitary illumination was electrical and as out ot harmony with seasonal fcstivl- tlcti a» the sound which had puz- tied hint. It served only the better had expected, that her family was awaiting explanations; and now that the Inevitable moment had arrived, she was able to face it with more courage nnd treat it more highhandedly than she would havo believed a tew hours earlier. Exhilarated by her tlrat experience with declared and released love, she acted and spoke on thc impetus this her. I'm sorry If you're annoyed because 1 didn't como upstairs right after you sent Uncle Homer to fetch me, Grandmamma," she said, almost casually. "You see, Roger was telling me about his new job and 1 got so Interested that I didn't realize tho flight of time." His new Job! What job?" the amily asked, almost In. unison. "He's just been offered one— that is, practically. By Mr. Harold Swan. y.ou know his firm, of —Cutter, Mills and Ssvan." Know his firm? Who doesn't?" Well, of course, 1 realized it was a very important one, but—" •'Important! It's notorious! What ;CARL BELL LITTi-E ,ROCK your futlu-r meant, Emily, was mu j 01 . ,,,, that It's n tlriu headed by u bounder, n renegade and a dreamer." "If you please, Kleauor! As you were saying. Emily My concern wasn't limited to the fact that the dug might tall out of tho car, although this is also a risk which must be guarded against. My thoughts wore particularly directed toward thc injury to tho dog's eyes. The eyes of dogs, just as those of humans, are not designed to bn subjected to air speeds ot 40 to 50 miles an hour and up. There is not only' tho probable injury to tho cornea and tho inflamation that may result in infection with serious complications, but the likelihood of ontropia. Entropia is the turning in of the lower lid. Irritation such as may be caused by the wind or by infection may cause a dog to sciuint in such fashion as to turn tho lid raping of the ayelash es against the cornea then agsra- | vales the situation and tho condi- i lion can become permanent. En- The Univer- •ily of Arkansas, currently caugiit between two fires on the matter of subsidixing athletes, has been promised the help o£ the Southwest Conference in working out its difficult problem. Arkansas' accrediting agency, to which no other Southwest school belongs, says athletic scholarships may not be awarded by a member school; the Conference says they may. Jr. Edwin D. Mouzon, Southern Methodist University's member on the Southwest Conference Faculty Con.mittee — which is the league's controlling body, tqld Razor-back boosters at a luncheon in I'tiyctteyllle Saturday: . "SMU and the Conference will do everything they can to hnlp Arkansas compote on even terms We want Arkansas in the Confer- Hard to Tell Youths About Explosion By ARTHUR EDSON For James Marlow WASHINGTON M — Your're sitting a*, the breakfast table and you look over the headlines. "Well," you say, "I see they've exploded the hydrogen bomb." 'What's a hydrogen bomb?" asks ths 12-year-old. < "Why, it's a—," you say, hu'P rio-'ly running your eyes down the story. Not much help hero. Especially from the official announcement. It says: "The tost program included cx- pprimcnts contributing to thermonuclear weapons research." That moans exploding the H- 8 She rode in - sasa . youngster 13 Interstices 14 Smell 15 Nets 16 Brine to lieht 17 More rational 18 Chum 19 KniehN t-\h 1 20 Linger 22 See beforehand 26 Top of the * abn , cc ., J A « (Scot.) 8 Reunite 9 Boundary „ (comb, form) I0 Whar' H Exude " Cereal grains 1G Auricle 18 Feigns 21Go by aircraft 22 Rural area 23 Mountain ,'fp N M 27 Exchange 43 Withered premium 44 Level 28 Year between 47 Domestic slave 12 and 20 48 Tarry 29 Sea eagles 49 Employer 32 Pertaining to 50 Scatters, as (corf*, form) an age hay 24 Cosmic order 39 More succinct 52 Terminal i In addition to being encouragement for Arkansas in the subsi- disation matter, statement was D.r. Mouzon's another blow acuinst those frequent rumors that lhe Conference wants to get rid of Arkansas and take in another Texas college. farm tamily. Q«tv year t»round work. Contact 18-31 Biitintu Opportunity It was many, many yeara itlnc aho . . . A,nd no matter wbjkt any* one »*ld, tto<t« waft nothing to equal it, nothing in Uio whole world* . . "Besides. I have every r*aaon to bollove--" Mrs, Thayw aald, turning rrom tJht Window. Then alte caught alght ot Roger and Kwity, «anding by the ftr«plac«, "Oh— now do you do, Roger T" alw went on, «k w*» oanal«tv>Ht with her to display « large placard which BACK, idtoaa ot court«ay, "This l« quite a «009 INVESTMKNT «iv«8 you your own. tndt'»JW\dv'nt buslnwss Dtwr* aiing a route uf new 4 cent dlu- eri handling new. faat-moy- confection* to dru« *4 Club*, liu« dtopi AM locations obtained |«r Yqtt «vw« aayo car, aud WOO, wulch tt etc. 1 tima't e«j>ect to Bee you tt»re this evening." «* 4W." OW Mm Wrte* fa|4 t4»ra»ly. "i Invited W.M, » «up|»o«* , every totxe 1 invite someone to my own houiMs, , , Will you please ring tor Pearson T 4 tion'i tt^t what we are waiting tor, now that w* «f* «U tor* 1 wish to have the punch and cake* brought pad and. with OEM aiul thlrsUftr tor nearly two hour* now—ever since m^-Btertoualy dlaap- no \wmder. everyone within the orttl of OW Ml* Fwfcw ot few, Ra«r «M4 to aid maUoa. Write , pi he went down th* front •tep* into UmUburg Square about two Hour* l»jt«; no owe waa «*Xe - ' real Mat* agents. eyei ittd Mr uole*. they completely TO SETTliE ESTATE! TO J3ROOKS. BRIMMER AND SHAW 80 STATE STREET For same moments, he stood UU, gu*lug ftt tho sign; then his wandered away from like win- ow where it WAS displayed and tie urveyvtl the entire structure. U mil none ot the architectural xwuty which distinguished so bourn on the Hill; appar- ntly It Monjfed to a later period ram the at&tely, porUocujd man•ions on Mount Vcrwon Street Which he had Just passed, almost \u\8»«Uicly. But It bespoke solidity sp»ctou*neas imd cultured, or Uvt»«. This was the sort of to which he might bring with pride, where they could ive happily together and welcome their men4» and bring up their children in * way which even her would k* bound to approve and actually to admire. Slowly he unbuttoned his overcoat and felt the awail pad with an tn&nites- pencil attached to it, which alway« carried in his vn-aUtcoat M»ck*t, When he had extracted it, to Jotttd Oown the number of the house antt the name and address <x U was Emily's turn to take the initiative in exchanging glances with her grandmother. Even her new-found daring had not eiiibold- i>neil her to look f,or any uelp from tills all - powerful quarter and, amazingly, she wes getting it. Sho continued her recital with increasing assurance. "1 think tho Brian Collins Roger mentioned must be Castle Irish. His father's a very wealthy contractor. He's brought lots of clients In tho tlrm already and he's only been there two years. Roger says Ir. Cutter Is very practical about uch things." •Practical.'" 'If you groan like that again, uittner, I shall certainly have | tropia. is painful to say tho least I and car. very easily affect a dog's ! disposition and entire outlook on life. Kntropia can result from unavoidable circumstances and it is known to bo more prevalent in certain breeds or strains, but every effort should bo nindo to re Fumbles no longer can be called thc breaks of the game. More and mure football teams are being coached to cause fumbles by t.ack ling the ball rather than the ball c-irrier. The importance of fumbles has b'ien emphasized by many of thc niiiion's top upsets this fall. Recovery of opponents' bobbles led directly to one Arkansas touchdown against Rice and two against SMU in the most recen Ha/orbrck games. SMU also cash oc\ in two Prokcr fumbles for TDs High school coaches who parti cip-itod in a pro-season poll by Tho Associated Press batted .50C in picking the loams most likely bomb? So your say, "I don't oxactl know what a hydrogen bomb i! But I know it's a lot more powerful than an atom bomb." "What's the difference," the 12- yoar-ok! asks, "between a hydrogen bornb and an atom bomb?" You decide not to try to meet tho question head on, but to try a flanking movement. ; So you say what you've been reading in the papers. About how there hrs been this terrific explosion on some little islands old n the Pactific Ocean. About thy ailors writing back what a tre- nendous explosion thcy havo seen About lhe sailor who said he saw n island blown clean away. Now tho 7-year-old jumps in. 'Why do they want to blow the sland away for?" she asks. "It's £>n experiment," you say. "The government wants to know vhether the thing will work, so ,hty take the bomb over there and ry it out." & "Will it kill everybody?" th? 7-year-cld asks. You think for a moment about ,het. If it can blow away an is- inrd, v.hat can it do to a large city? You look back at the 7-year-old. Sho apparently has forgotten about everyone getting killed and is slidir.i; out of the breakfast nok bench to got ready for school. "It's your Brownie day," youji 4\ 30 Operatic solo 25 Dircr-tion 40 Conducts 53 Winglike part 31 Route (ab) 26 Hawaiian 41 Entire 55 Before 33 Dyeing precipice 42 Crafts Christ (ab.) 34 Soaks flax 36 Mortgage ^7 Paetlo HitrK 38 Countries 40 Cuplike spoon 42 Peer Gynt's neither <fl .ft'casures of cloth 46 Contradict 51 L'-.sclose 53 Stratigraphy term 54 Tendency 55 Harmonized 56 Dispatches 57 She is enjoying a successful — - (Pi.) VERTICAL IFish 2 Range i , 3 Check 4 Rib 13 15 I/ ZZ 30 34 37 12 5i 56- Z. " 3 2H 13 •» i i' 4 25 5Z ) iO 9, '9: '$. 10 MS ) % i[ 31 35 9 Ml ' ^ 8 38 9 bb 57 Ib %j% iZ ^ 53 B « P '9f ^ 39 fb I Zb 35 3fa 17 10 ** ?7 IS II ze 19 i ^9 50 18 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner the £ll»\H.liV» •*>*- *«*»»V1N. fcV/ IV.- - _ , . . __ f probability of its occur- to wl » th . elr way lnto ll >° Class touae to which last took acrow Joy Street, started down MM a*ata. Agate he was d«p tn Uwwgtot Probably u» houae coat more than he couid te a ttf*U»e. still it 414 I mice and thus avoid thu result! ing distress. I There is only one practical way j to remedy the situation once en- i tropia is encountered and this is ' by surgery. A veterinarian, skill! ed in plastic surgery, makes an | incision in the skin below the eye I and removes such amount and shape of skin us he thinks is nec- AA playoffs. Favorites Rogers and Camden came through. The mentors miss eci in District Three, where Con and Russellville were favcr but Benton won, and in Distric IT wo, where Blytheville was tl; selection but Jonesboro got th prize. Those misses weren't bad The coaches had brande< Dinner. I shall certainly have shape of skin us lie trunks is nee- h The coaches had brande Won call a phyilclan. As I | essary to correct tho situation and , - darkhorse, and it too aid before, go on, Emily!" he then closes the incision. The ,. 4r ,. nns!ls A.hiMin Associatio »M . "And the ttnn has another junior -ho was Phi Beta Kappa at Co- umbia and graduated from there umma cum *uu<ie. Roger couldn't remember his last name, bnt his Christian name's David." •I suppose you mean his first mine. He isn't a Christian. And o hear you talk, Emily, anyone vouUl think you were quite pre- tared to call him by hia first name, n the course ot a nice, friendly chat in your own house." '•Why, I ani, Mamma! You see, Roger—" "i do wish you'd stop quoting Roger FialU as if h« were the Law Midi lh« Prophets." suppose you didn't mean to » poor pun, Eleanor. But I think we may as well reconcile ourselves to tbe fact that Roger Field is the law, as far as Emily concerned. Isn't that what you were gradually leading up to. Rnuly?" Once again Emily met her grandmother's direct gase. The look ate saw there waa all she lower lid is thus drawn into normal position. Don't risk the necessity for such a procedure nor tho possibility of other eye injury by allowing your dog to ride at high speeds with his head out of the car. t Distributed by NEA Service) In ancient Europe, black cats 'OUK I'gtS ' wife says to her. "Don't forgi your dime for dues." And then, pausing on her way to schocl and the Brownies, she turns to you: •You and your hydrogen bomb. The old atom tomb was enough for me." That's pretty much your too. But even if you can't exp the H-bomb, you've glad side found it first. And your ho that, now that it's found, never, never, its use. will be a need p\"Wonderful season, autumn! Tang in the air—smell of, -burning leaves—odor of moth balls on a crowded bus!" 1 By Golbroith tilt- Arkansas Athletic Associatioi executive committee to judg Jonesbcro the 2AA winner over Blytheville. which didn't play any district games. BACK IN DENMARK COPENHAGEN, Denmark UP) -7 Mrs. Eugenie An d e r s o n, the American ambassador to Denmark, returned here by air. last night after six weeks of election, •vork lor the Democrats in Uivted States. ^L S K ' \ \ u /^ J >- were beliovcd to embody evili - ., . witches and even in the Middle: su ,X..° f , IIo ^ st ° n . Ages they often were burned alive on Halloween. •Tis reported that Earl Kaiser, ttv? Razorback's hard running sophomore back who has spent Kust of the season riding the bouch, is thinking of dropping out oi Arkansas to enter the Univer- His fi>mily, formerly of Atkiiis, now lives in Houston. . . Also, some of the better fresh aoe aald- "That U. I didn't e»e*n to t«U until after e>s as a teacher," the report flic committee said its report was a result of investigation by >pociul examiner Andrew G. O'Meil. The report told of payments of money and handing out of tickets to Mad-.son Square Garden games to high school coaches so that coaches would "recruit promising athletes" for City College. Professor Lloyd approved such pavmeini, fcnew that varsity players actually played summer b«s setoall for pay and also failed to a IMS attempt to bribe Uw report said. The com- WB*F*s|pl thte «ttoa with 1. . J^ - "^'.s*'.:' > _ i ^«*a_ _ _ _«j . FARMERS Buy Farm Bureau Insurance Fire-Life, Automobile, Polio, and Hospital. For Information Contact GARLAND i. URREY Agent 1407 8. Pine Phone 7-3772 men gridders are said to be tab- a dim view of the future in ing Purkerl.ind. A major national grid power is interested in Preston Carpenter, the brilliant younger brother of star Lewis Carpenter. SUCCESS AT t-AST NEW LISBON, N.Y.. W —Ait- er nearly 75 years of fall hunting, Christian Klindt bagged bis first deer at 85. He shot a nine-point buck near this Otsego County Hamlet. MONTREAL. «Mfive j»er«»s ? hilled end two seriously hurt night when a fast moving Can* dian Pacific pas^pr tra». tat Quebec DUNLOP TIRES We carry a complete stock of new and used tires. COLLIER TIRE & BATTERY SERVICE Phone 7-5846 116 E. 3rd FARMERS Do you need seeding or fertilize ing done by AIRPLANE? We «To all kinds at reasonable ratet. HOPE AIRPORT Call Bill Watson 7-9900 S«« . . JOHN T. MctAI Per life. hewlUliMtlw, «U* accident, Pelio and *a«» In- Prepare for the That's one on the bo»»J ,H» had to giv« th»t n«w girl the ' / ~«*rsyy*i/'~' -" •k"' J ' j «"_ • -^•^sA^vtlfe'liika fe^s^w ^K.lfl}r,» -TbjW, ^- * .^* •y CM«k Y«tt«9 OZARK IKI MJ^UAU^IH^ A FATHERS PLAGE j ( MOPE 1 V IS WITH HIS •? •* tEA. S. Sr DAUGHTER T^ DADDY?) ^s^^^-L-^ -^tW PLAY W SMZARED FOfi TRAPPED AGAIN? By j. R. William* By Michael 0'Mall«y and (\\UBT PE A rcCK IN PACK. =. M1M AMI? Ht l_l_ /'.--^:-;5'>v.i>;'. » ANOTHER HOUR ^:^^ : .^'' : > J^^-£ AKE - ?«%%%>£:; WASH TUBBS icft-aeo ^ DOCTOR.E^V..?\ VBNH...-BUT M60 PHOMED POLICE TO II'M /^FRMO t W/VTCH FOR. VH05E CROOK5- / DOCTOR CAN'T HtV! £0 VOU FOUND JED? J HBLP HIW RUBIBS THBV OVSRLOOKEp IW THBOU5T. AWD With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE vw WORD/trie MSNT6 OF tril6 CHANNBEK HARDLY MATCH TIAE- OP A 30STICE OF THE A RUS AMD so/v\e CMAiRS AfJD STREAfA CAM OUT A CARO REGISTER, ' V^O'LL Be/ I TO My Edqor M BOuTS AND HER BUDDIfS CHAWCE&IFJ Vou usetKeX CASES/ CISAR- BOX- PV^NStll VAt C»ur. \va tiy NBA »«»!«. ln». T, M. B»». U. V P» BUGS BUNNY CARBPUUV QdlT RACIN' WHPsT AKG "VOU SOINS PO WITH THAT SAW? PON'T QC WATCH .THAT TA5UE / BR /v\OTOR... AIN'T GONNA HURT IT/ By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP AFTER AUL, THERE R6N.LV, IS NO SUCH THINS AS A WITCH... _—*txf- afo'I S, KNOW THAT JUST DOCTOR VYONMUQ... AFCUKE! 1 EITHER MUCH PROFIT./ ^ _ WITHOUT FUNDS? "It's my daughter's idea— so she can say good night to -. . the boy friend in privacy!* CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLFS AND HIS FRIENDS ALL HOT RUN* W'HEEF WE EXTRA COJ-ONEl-.THAT PERISCOPE Afl ANONYMOUS TIP THAT 7fM£- 7 AN HOUB LATeC-. BOMBS HAVE B5EAI PIAHTZD /A/ ^ PI-MOTE CONTROL ANP WATCHED BY BUT, GENTLEMEN . L HAD MO IDEA THE HIGH SCHOOL J^AS BROUGHT ^stLJce TO TA/gsVTCrWF ----- SOWS BORROWED TH6SB HATS FROM YOU • VD weee CUXKS IN THEJR BRIEF- CASK AMD i THOU&HT- - , THe CHIEF SAYS X WMM 7 -T& TAKE tM DOWM I MEMS' T&THES7ATlDNANI>y HATS/ SOA< 'EM IN OIL / / BETTea TAKE THESE ALDN&AS EVIPENCE/ IF I EVER set My HAMOS WHO BEHIND (5RAB A HUNK l. POPULAR TUNE TITLE TEUORAM DEAR owe: THE SHSIK OF ARAB? is BUBBtCS SO VOU COULO SAY W VW HEAKT.

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