Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1952
Page 7
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SUM plans t«ct tmifrt _ - tjfrftt Kiitotf •"•" » «om ff eonqtloit of U W*» Group Offers ' Continued from ?**• On* that levy « t«K On fmrMtwl *»*• fcfcm*." ; AtitiMftt now Allows 13,000 «*• ttrfnptlon for the h«*d of * fsmlly, for R (Inflii person ana (or o»eh dependent, OUior •uggMtflmt: J, Biiio eh»n»M in BdmlnUtTn- IWn iff ln« *»!•« tax fit *9 /fcjev*n.polnt^ «t< I'll fbordw. 4ftf radio throat< with rtn "«v«n 0CT1, attompU American pros* K» a eotitlnurtlg umilt And cduenllonsl prourum nnd re pohl of the «JteffiptWnl gftmA Ift the 16« 'DUO lax to «rs, proco»«or(i, public c M r r i « • ind oUmmunlCfltlon 8, ChdrtM the corporation frnn chlxw nnd «ommuntonUon flrmn. of onpltnl inve«t*d In »l«e r«th«tr thnn oft Pel to win j up « btifter "vw betw«ft« ..., Korctt, aid. "wnn pru- «V*wtal \»y tlio b Winter or test) of MucArthur'* d«*»t,' ltt» flr« & ttt« *ev<m points In thto South Korofth ft*t«m»nt HIM lour pflncfp;))* mu»t be upheld (he unlflontion of South unification be flecompHshwl only by «t fore* immedlfltc w thuwiil at Chi»io»9 troap* from J«o Nwth and nmolgn- plun for Korean rccn nuppet North Koroa, were that of then* for north- wni oooutiy* of Jtorea and attack- wo* 'mnkln|t Biting 'premise to oh th» matton u NorUt Kot-on With South «e«i ( v^lth « general elwtkm >h North only under U. N, point mu'. iho <i/ Koren "will «oi !Hto «i'm)»tloe" thnt cn>itlii.'i(t with Otitnt one, U, ftntement nlio *nld the i.ornan govern'ni?nt wlnho* N, to keep troops in Koron unlll nfter unlficntlon hns been nnd thft 'ROK army Qn<t ! >>h&uld be expended to 20 division* Jt«/w«», M Jftftt, conild (NfeMjtp^tfi ttttttOprito. af)«nd retolvo W, 8, mllitnry nld The other point* donlt with fl nnrtelftl economic Aid plum, H T'ttclflc defense pad ,w«l -*et an, and tho ttcntrnWlKy of friendly Uif*«hln« W ho (*jt-»!iUoi» bolweun .Inpan and Soutl Id accept tho lensoirt i Korea, .UL. ^^_ a ^J^^^!^ .._. .. ..V. ... , _______ ,„„_ ___ - • --• ------- i .^-.~ -*--•- - — -•- -- • ^ Emily Post's TELEPHONE TIPS noticed my toon- ally cnlls Infonruitlon if sh« doesn't tWiik this irn bnfl hftblt rmd It Wh«t to you think*" Mttet uurobom nw listed in book «nd one only tlien, should <m« tuil XWt irf4 oallo'to ItvfortoKtlon are un* , > * Inqulrwi t «»ckit Pd»t» wUl you ptoatt trtid tftkiftft «s«U is not tn, tonve you* ' , * take « wewwtgo It down, Ii'« annoying to ofelkd, but "J o«n't Anyvwy* %6 wantad Mm, but I «U«B ho'U m$& much a pftjft of ovuf ohoxtld ktww do »ttd how to \ue it. That Congressional Group to View H-Bomb <UP) - Ron. Jourko B, Hlekenlmmer *«M today tho Cott|jre»»f0n«i Atomic En- t,t*yt Commit!** will preview th* hydrogen picture," with »p*pf« 1 intention to "the security Ulfll m»y hnvc occurred," fn lh« reetfftl H-bomb l«»U. town nepubllc«n, ranking 301* «<mftior on the commltUM! nfd prorpuctlvo cnhfrmnn of th<; told * reporter "We nr»» el the CommunKU In this competition (or nuclenr pow- n competition which they forced upon us," | Uwy think about wn«ln«j wftr, thpy hn<) best (top, look nnd ll»ton," Hlckcnllup ft fir, Julei Hnlpern, chalrmot) of [he fttittftUon of American Sclen- tfolt, hlnt#d thiit the H-bomb f» only the forerunner of weapons :np«b)ci rtf evon Kwitt-r Jon, Ho mild Irt n Htntornent thiit Knerjjy (,'ommlniihm'ii ilntorlc announcement of H-bomb tarts "J» » sober oml nrlni reminder to the world thnt a wny must M found to prevent the us» n( Iheia and *ven more potent weapon* to twine." Hlck*nlooper mii<l« hli statement thortly nf ter jfovornmcnt of- Tueidoy, u,' Quick Ruling on Coal Pay Promised WASHINGTON, W — Economic Blabilizer Roger Putnam has promised a quick ruling on the disputec 1 pay raise for coal mln- '.rs. And there was a hint the miner* might not strike if the ruling vt'nt ap.alnst th.em. The industry negotiated a $1.90 i day pry raise with union leaders John L. Lewis but the Wage Stabilization Board approved only part of It. The W.SB decided only $1.50 per day wai; payable and barred the remaining 40 cents as inflationary. Lewis and the industry have tisKcd 1'utnnm to reverse the, WSB and approve the full amount. Putnr.rn heard arguments from both Lev.'is and Harry M. Moses, industry spokesman, at a special hoarine yesterday. They argued coal miners should Rot special consideration because of their hard underground work and conditions peculiar to the industry. They contended the ful , t»<tl9l» revealed frivo«llff*tkm» nre 1 HE MET HIS MATCH— Sumo wrestler Odnohl, 0 feet, three Inches wnderwnj throughout the H-bomb, tnll, who floors his opponents with his 400 pounds of weight, has ' - ' - ' finally been thrown—by Cupid, Odachl, whose name after business hours IB Yujlro Yamnmoto, leaves a temple ofler marrying 80- 1 oound. five-foot toll Tomlkl Ishlda, tfl»k foito In the Pacific to deter tt "restricted d.ntn" hut revealed. Authorities oxprexved concern fix: flow df "«y«wltnit«i» Ictlers" from Krtlwntok cloncrlbinr. whnt the Writers — mont Junior pay raise was the wsb's rule. approvable undei Women Sentenced in Fatal Beating MONT1CELLO, Incl. (Ifi — Mrs. Fr.ye Hcnson of Ft. Smith, Ark., lecelverl a suspended l-to-I4 year sentence In White Circuit Court list Hospital annex. Board members said the expansion program Is In addltiorr-^fiT a $1.071,561'" anr»;al budget also to be rtcommended for approval. Dr. F. C. Brown of Blythevflle submitted the hospital expansion rc'juest. He said it would increase Tutufay, November 18,1952 HOM STAt, HOP!, ARRANIAI here yesterday in the fatal beat-! the institution's capacity by Ifig of a house painter last year,! beds ant ' lt>0 additional student Mrs. Hcnson pleaded guilty to! nurses. ••»"• involuntary manslaughter brought! Two other phases of the expaifj against her and her 21-year-old sion program would include, apj>ro- n..phew. John Jeffers. Jeffersi VLI! of construction plans for a plf-adetl innocent and Judge Rus-jnow Ounchita Baptist College dor- «;ell Goirlon told the Ft. Smith wo-;"'Hory and new cottages at the Man she would be required to re-; Bottoms Baptist Orphanage in turn to testify at his trial. Che young Arkansas woman returned liere voluntarily a week afio after a talk with a Ft. Smith minister. She told the court that th- painter, Thomas Fleming, attacked her during a drinking party at his river shack. She said her nephew came to her assist- Mrntici.'llo. Eisenhower Quits Columbia Baptists Open Convention LITTLE ROCK UP) — The 90th j NEW YORK, (,?l — President : "k'ct D. Eisenhower has . re' signed !• president of Columbia [ University, effective the day be(!/:•'.•• his inauguration Jan. 20. ''' The university announced' 'yes- torday 'hat Eisenhower in a -fel- ler dated Nov. 15 submitted his rcsipnntion both as prcsidnt and "an ii':tivi: trustee." The (. ; rnei-;;l assumed the presi- officers nnd imitated men call- Taft, Ike in Meet to Fix Action Table By JACK BELL WASHINGTON, (ffi Sen. Taf (R-Ohlo) called on President-elcc Elsenhower today to fix the time- tatile for legislative action in the new Ct ngress. the security regulations for the Al tho same time, Taft told a twfrtt "for?c, news conference he doesn't be- The AEC'declined to revonl the i Hove It will be neesaary for Els- specific security regulations until enhower to Intervene in the choice tt| history's first hydrogen bomb explosion. The lel!or« ttttirtecl arriving in this country a week before tho Atomic Energy Commix- nlon'8 Sundiiy announcement o( tho H-bomb tests. The tn»k force which conducted the tests wn» Composed of AKC, Atmy, Hnvy nnd Air Force per- sonwl cottitnnmled by Maj, Qcn. Clnrkson. Military off I- cihh "here said tho ARC In id down the thtt ItwMtgntlons are completed, but B tpoke»mnn anid "any revel- tiUnn <tf restricted data would be A'vlolnflon of tho atomic energy ftol." Th* low provides stiff prl.s- Somite Republicans of their new lenders. Taft predicted the .Republicans will fill major posts "without any battle," Ho declined to say wheth- leniences for such violations, c-r he wants to be chairman '01 the GOP Policy Committee or floor lender In the new organization But the Ohio senator said he bcileves Eisenhower should sum- iron to i he White House for week- *sid<the H-bomb tests "flrlve T«om« with renewed force the weed for some alternative to tho priMi-nt armaments raco." "W« tiiny be sure that we arc not the <only country engaaed In such rffsoorch," ho said. "We l.v conferences the three top lead httVMw Illusions of security •tnontfpoty of a super Wo nation is secure the hydrogen bomb and must renllxis that the Ottr 8. Raloflne the term taxes era In the Senate: the policy chnlrman.. the floor lender and the bend of the conference? Of «U Tnft, senators. who will seo Elsenhower in New York tomorrow along with dlstrlbu-! "'"''• Ml "; tln <?•»*»">, prospoc- control the riumjbcr of distributors anil ImpOHO ft tint feu on retailors and, wiiolfcsiOera rather than the current gvn«un,tcd rntn^ .'4. Equalise suvtn-nneo taxes on tho new said the general will be asked to ttr.cuta which legislative measures he wnn's action on first. s Tnft listed the following as the most p'Tssing: 'resources,* using nti n base on all resources, using a* n base the c«nt mnVkot v»luo now an oil. A suggestion 1 thnt n state tnx too created "thnt will responsibility of tho state assess- m«U l»wa" brought a heated reply -fron Hop. L,'H. Autry of Burd- otto (Mississippi County."--• Atitry: do we have to thnt ft tnx Commission would b* effective in view of the H»tory of our tfx cornthissluns?" Jl WB» «lko proposed th»t "the present weQUltlv* thnt exist in the It of property would be b«fw« the public confld- •In tha property tnx can be VWtnt Ttw Committee also concluded thnt t«3j«a vjwuld bo Collected U»e Move jiotu- <h»y are nssssed WUKIm n«nwd I,. L. Baxter nnd Vlrpll Blouont of 'Tajvttevllle «a« John »udlslU ot Little Rock t« the iubcommUtee to complete the study on property .taxes. Other subcommittees named by Wilklm nnd r their subjects: Sales >«nd cigarette taxvs— Alex W«>sl»burn, «4ltw ot 4he Hope Star, »na Arch Ford, assistant commissioner, trtnchlse and in- and Hock. 1. Tlu izatlon of to budget bun>im ni'tl establishment of n congressional budget commission. 2. Taxation— Tnft snlcl the decision on this could awnlt budget net Ion. 8, The question of whether the Government reorganization net. wWoh expires in April, should bo renewed. 4. Possible extension of price, wage f.nd rent controls, ns well us allocations powers, which ex- pU-e in the period between April 30 and June 30, Taft said there Had been* some suggestions thnt these powers be ended immediately adding thnt he had heard President Truman might take such nc- '.ion before he goes out of office Jan, ao 5. Action on proposed amendments to the Vr/t-Hnrtlcy Act. 0. Possible creation of a commission to study the federal gov-, ernmonv's place in handling social i woUure.. health, housing und social security problems. 1. Possible extension of a reciprocal trade agreements program. H. New authorizations and appropriations for tho foreign aid t«r~ WUll»m C»ntr«U ttt Uttt* . If. RuwcU.pt WKe VUJsnie and . Q«jiUuir Johiuoa ot D^rmott. IS^vwjMiW ti|lWi*» State Sen, olwt Wnrvln Melton ot JonesKiro oxid Rep, Bob Htrvey of Jaeksoit to to «b*ndon«d by the Meltoa and j^^kV^^^^ ^^&~ < ^p^^ ^k^^R ^P^B ^^^ ^^m OAT Graham Takes Over Revenue Department WASHINGTON, (UP) — Assistant Secretary of the Treasury John S Graham will take command of the Bureau of Internal Revenue tomorrow and serve as acting tax commissioner until the Incoming Republican administration names a successor. Grnhpm will fill ffie vacancy lelt by the appointment of Commissioner John B. Dunlap as district tax commissioner for Texas Etnd Oklahoma. Uunlnp, a career tax worker, will set up his district headquar- tomorrow in Dallas. He left the bureau's Dallas office in April, 1951, to 'organize the nationwide crackdown on racketeer tax evaders. He wns named commission-' er four months later, at the height of scandala which revealed widespread irregularities among bureau employes. In his new job, Dunlap will earn $13,500 u year, compared to the $15,000 he reeieved as commissioner. But the district commiss- ipnership is a civil service posi- tio.i, relatively Immune from a change of administration, while th*> tor commisslonershlp is a •political appointment made by the President, After the hearing, Putnam gave no Indication of how he will rule, but sair' he would do so as soon as possible. Coal miners had been expected to strike if Putnam ruled against the full pay raise but Lewis indi- c.Ved yesterday this might not happen. Lewis said "we'll wait" until the WSR goes out of business and wage controls are abandoned, if necessary but he said some day Hie miners will get tho full $1.90. anruil Arkansas State Baptist; cioncy oT Columbia on June 7, Convention opened here torlny j 19 ill. He hus boon on leave With-i with, some 2,000 messengers and iul. pay since February, 1951. H«* visitors from 1,083 churches at- originally took the leave to sterve tending. ;•:•; supreme commander of the The Executive Board announced: North Atlantic Treaty Organiza- last niffhl that it would ask thejtion foi ccs. oonvention to approve a $1,530.000 • expansion program which would! Britain has over 23 million work- include a $1,250,000 Arkansas Bap-icis. Two Hurt Continued from Page One lowed the path of uprooted trees and ripped fences that marked the tornado';- wake across a road in front of Frazor's home and into the words, where it came to an abrupt end. A little community, Greenrich. was in the path of the storm north- cnst of Frazer's home. A resident of the settlement, Jack Donham, told the- Associate-el Press that iiiere had been no weather disturbances in the area. There was no damage estimate available. Henry and his wife were treated at a doctor's office here. The farmer said he was standing in the front yard of his house and ?aw t!ie him. He NOTICED All Hope Doctors will close their offices Wednesday afternoon for the funeral of Dr. G. E. Cannon. tornado bear down on added that his .wife stepped outside the house just before it was demolished by the storm. Earlier Weather yesterday, the U. S. Bureau in Little :Rock forecast severe thunderstorm activity in Northern nnd Western Arkansas. Wind gusts up -to "50j ard 60 miles per hour" were pre-i dieted. The Bureau said the storms were the result of a squall line | moving into the state in front of a cold wave. Storm damage was reported in only one other area. Two Communities in Polk County — directly Grahnm will continue to serve south of Scott County — were buf- us assistant secretary of the treasury at the same time he is acting tax commissioner. lie hrs been with the treasury sins el940, when he became executive assistant to the Inter Undersecretary 0. Max Gardner. Lator he was assistant to former Undersecretary A. L, M. Hlggins. and in 1948 he was named assistant secretary. ,A native ctf Heading, Mass., Graham spent most of his life in Wiriston-Salem, N. C., where he specialized In tax law practice before World War II. He is 47 yenrs old. Dunlap, 40, was born in Dallas. Vie joined the Federal Revenue Service there in 1933 nnd held feted by high winds. Olen Wood, Red Cross disaster chairman for the county, said a vacant house and twi burns were unroffed. There were no injuries. many Important positions, including those of collector and inte--- nal revenue agent in charge, before transferring to Washington. His now job a3 district commissioner is nn outgrowth of the bureau's nationwide reorganization, which he has been putting into operation since Congress approved it last spring. DID YOU KNOW THAT: AUTO ACCIDENTS CAN BE PREVENTED? From the.,'Statistics one^important ,,faet emerges —-r!.accidents .canl'be prevent^ (jy the moroifist himself. Intelligent"-driving', courtesy for the other fellow, reasonabjjp 1 speed, artd proper car maintenance will pre* vent many ^tragedies and help to keep down accident costs ^qnd automobile insurance rates. . ARE YOU'-.PROTECTED SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCE — 21 OS. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansas In tht Intter connection, Taft ««Ui he assumes the new secretary of state will reexamine far* elen policy. He said it will be up t>> Eisenhower to determine what may bo necessary. HAY SHIPMENT MEMPHIS tfl — A $17,000 ship- metit ot hay, consigned to drought stricken Mississippi and Tennessee farmers, was scheduled to arrive heie today. The 4SC' ton ol hay \va« shipped down tlie ^lUsissippi River from LaCrosse, Wis. 'T * ™K T**^* W *^^k A ^^ ^^^^L. TRANSPORTS ARRIVE tianspwt$ .Sgt. Charles E. Mower *nd Frit C. Alaswonth. with W8 Army and Navy personnel aboard, arrive tud»y from Honolulu. threat is nowhere greater than Ualpem, a physics professor at the University cf Pennsylvania echoed the fedaration's sevea-yew """ tor interuaUonal atomic "Ti» eoUr« problem must \» matter of the first aad most ur- «ent cv^sideraUoo »jy the new ad mtotetraUfiD," to t*M. "Ettort* toward tat*ma.Uowa atomic control for lifetime SERVICE make your Home r ^ Improvements with CONCRETE Dow yo«r home need new Mfftllcs, steps or drives, a new porch or patio, a wall or floor? Any of these improvements will serve better and longer if you build with sturdy concrete. Concrete is durable. It U resistant to fire, decay, termites and vermin. Concrete home improvements are moderate in first cost, cost less for maintenance "and repairs and last much longer. They are a sound investment in J»w» jjUNii mt improvements. POtUAND CIMINT MIOCIATION W-. IMWJS*. I. Save gas and keep rolling with a Studebaker truck SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday, Nivember 18 . Garland Brownie Troop under the | The Acapello Choir of Austin • leaaership of Mrs. J. W. Franks College, Sherman. Texas, will sum ' and Mrs. M. 1. Dillard will meet at ' o'clock Wednesday afterfiooii at Little House at Fair Park alter | '" lhe , Hi8 ! l . School . 1 V l .' cl i tu . l ; uln . 1 :.. j school Tuesday, November 18. Betty Bryant will be hostess. Country Club on Thursday, November 20, at 12:30. Hope Chapter No. 328 OES will' meet Thursday night. November; '2d. A pot hick supper will be held j at 7 o'clock preceding the meet- i ing. There will be an election of [ orticers and all past matrons and i . ^T:^ | past patrons will be honored. All cers, and federation chairmen arc ™ mbei ' s a ' c urged to be present. expected to attend. The Daffodu Garden c , ob wi| , meet Thursday, November 20, at ' the home of Mrs. Lex Helms. Jr. | All members please bring crescent arrangements. music lovers are in\ ited to attend. The executive- board ot WSCS of, the First Mi-thodist Church svill' i iiu'L't for a business session \VL-QV _. . . | nesdav alternoon at 2 o'clock in . The VFVV Auxiliary meeting | hon)t , of M ,. s claude Ti , lc .which was scheduled lor lucwiay ' , 1K , mbe , s art . iu . gcd to allund . 1 Nov. 18, has been postponed until: November 23 on account of the SijSmploycr - Employe banquet. Thursday, November 20 The meeting of the Hope Music Club which was scheduled for Dance Club will meet tonight at i Thursday night, November 'M, has The Buttons and Bows Square 7:30 at the Elks Club. 4? The choir of the First Methodist been cancelled. Paisley Brownie Troop svill meet lurch will meet at 7:30 Tuesday ! Thursday afternoon instead of Wed light instead of Wednesday night Saturday, November 22 The women of St. Mark's Episcopal Church will have a Bazaar and Bake Sale Saturday, November 22, from 10 a.m. to 0 p.m. at the Parish House, 305 South Elm, next door to the church. There will be cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and hand made gifts such as aprons, place mats, baby things, Wednesday, November 19 The Wisteria Garden Club will nesday immediately after school ul Ihc Little House under the lead ership of Mrs. G. C. Cromer. Hostesses will be Pam Asliu and Jean meet Wednesday afternoon, Nov. jc Lowe. 10, at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. ' 1 Jane Waller with Mrs. Null Coffee as co-bosless. The Lilac Garden Club will meet Wednesday at 3 p.m. in the home, '* Mrs. Tom Kinser with Mrs. Fonzie Moses and Mrs. Camp as co-hostesses. Dcwey City Federation of Hope Garden Clubs will meet in the home of Mrs. Fred Grcsham Wednesday The Junior— Senior High PTA Study Course will be held Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Home EC Cottage. The Girl Scout Community Committee will meet Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at the Little House. All Girl Scout Troops and Brownie Leaders are asked to be present for this important meeting. Wednesday, November 26 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Sho- vcr Springs Baptist Church will hold a home baked pic and cake sale Wednesday, November 26. in the vacant building formerly oc- eupied by the Hope Transfer Co on Front St. Anyone desiring >p special kind of cake or pie, pleas* phone your order to Mrs. Fred Hunt, 7-3981, by November 22. Tho proceeds of this sale will BO toward building Sunday School DOROTHY DIX Privileged Male Dear Miss DIx: We have been married seven years. About four a . mnrrlage ceremony writ yenrs ago my husband began dat-!* cn for him? Apparently he did, inji another girl. We broke up our home but, after a year's separation, he promised he would never bp untrue again. For the children's sake, and because 1 love him we went back together. Everything was fine until six since his idea of mnrrlaRe differs so radically from any I have ever iieiird. I'd love to see his privately Issued, specially privileged edition. When he married you, he prom of course, with It no home can be u happy one. Dear Miss Dix: My husband is In service nnd 1 write to him every daj. t IPll him everything 1 do. He is jealous and gets mad over small IWnRS. I have been told not to be so frank with him. I never do anything I think is wrong, bin he ri-ems to try to read things Into my letters that aren't there. your own conscience to' what to do. Dear Miss Dlx: t httte bAelf i Intf steady with a boy fat « two months and wotiUMtke t& { him n birthday present. WMjjtJ Id you suggest? L/ *"* Answer: Since t assume nre very young, and probaW# \ have miidh money to Spef think records would make a Ised to love, honor and cherish,! Answer: If your husband has a and, by any Interpretation of the' ""turally jealous nature, his nb- Involves senee from home is bound to aug- PAT C.(gift. Almost All young people music. Helenscd by Bell Syndicate. I he stayed out all night. The same FurtlxTinore, these are his view status is exactly thnt of an unsiu nricd underline. Tho Cnss County boys, widely known singers, will appear with the King of Cowboys Qonc Autry and his new show In the Third District Livestock Show Coliseum at 4:15 and 8 p.m. Friday. November 21. When Autry arrives here he wll be presented with a scroll mukinj him an nonary citl7.cn of Hop* The presentation will be made by Mayor John L. Wilson. Mrs. Terrell Cornelius and Mrs. morning at 9:30. The president of' Kelly Bryant will be hostesses at each garden club, federation offi-1 Ladies Day Luncheon at the Hope SAENGER TODAY! THE GUNNER GUYS WHO CLEARED THE SKIES FROM KOREA TO KINGDOM COME! P Y *, i* v7 ^y~. ^gy»-,~* PAT O'BRIEN . „,,„« Cameron MITCHEU • Richard DENNING MUSICAL & "LITTLE RASCALS" COMEDY Wednesday & Thursday Amanda Tinkle Circle Has Meeting Monday The Amanda Tinkle Circle of the First Baptist Church met at the nomc oC Mrs. W. N. Andrews at Oakhaven, Monday afternoon at 2:30. Mrs. Gus Haynes, circle chairman, brought the devotional and presided over tho business meeting. Mrs. Frank Douglas discussed tn.it her missing son is alive the hist two chapters of the Mis-1 North Korea, sion Study Book "Scattered Abroad" by E. E. Routh. Mrs. Van Fleet Hopes Son Is Alive SEOUL (UPi — Mrs. James A Van Fleut has a mother's fait! The hostess served a dessert plate with tea present. to the members Junior Garden Club Meets The Green Thumb Jr. Garden Club met Friday, November 14 in Paisley It's faith that overrides the ev donee. She had studied the cold fact compiled for the young pilot's fa thi-r. Gen. James A. Van Flee by the Air Force and Army sine Ji'.n, Junior, 2li, messaged "out o gas" and disappeared last April on a bombing mission over North Korea. An exhaustive search failed to oin'.s on marriage: As long as he home a pay-check, he has 10 other obligation to us: he Is on-j itlcd to come and go us he pleas-1 es, doofn't feel he should take the! childrc'i or me out at all nnd ac- HISPS me of being a nagging wife t I ask where he has been, He las tolc. nie many times the only reason ho married me is to have su.uecme to take care of the house and havi children for him. He has ed that I get your view- L. E. Answer: Did your husband have Court Docket CITY DOCKET Gail Moll. Speeding. Forfeited S3 cash bond. Jess Atkins, Driving while under (he influence of Intoxicating liquor, Pica guilty, fined $100 and 5 days in jail, Jess Atkins, Driving while driver's license lias been revoked, Plea, nuilty, fined $2. r i. Levie Ilnislip, Reckless driving, Forfeited $25 cash bond. P.ex Jones, Drunkenness, Pica, gulity, fined $10 (served 7 days In jail.i Alfred East, Garland Grant. Elijah Enalcr, Willie Garland, Drun- ke-ini.'ss, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Insist On Your Rights You have every right to Unow where your husband goes when hi- slays cut nlRht after night; live fact that he is unwilling to disclose this Information, gives you; every reason to doubt that his ac-1 tions are above reproach, ! If yoi'v husband is at all Inter-; csted In establishing his home on a firm foundation, which, of course, should have been done seven! years ago, he'll give up thoso liberal notU.ns of the right to unllm- ilcd freedom, settling for a little more give and take. No one-sided marrliu'c can be happy; compromise nr.a concession must bu equal ly divided. Your husband would apparently be Just as happy, If not happier, with n paid houscworker to care for his house. Of course, sno'd cost a bit more than you do, but on ll-.e other hand her status would preclude any possibility of nnuglng, as he calls it. You certainly arc not being trout cil as a wife and probably never will bo, Your husband Is an esseiv tially selfish and egotistical per son. Ho Is probably Incapable of hharing anything with anyone, sin ce he has inflated his own ego with the assurance that no one is on a par with him, therefore IK tain things — as for instance, that you visited ti lends he doesn't like, or something of lhat sort — omit the Item. 1 certainly hope you are not dolrg anything you shouldn't, in which case, of course, you have! Speedy Relief f< Tumi. Kftl • Uki aunty. SHU AMI STATE DOCKET School auditorium. The meeting was opened by the'locate ynmg VLIII Fleet or the B- president, Julia Peck. The theme | 215 lii^ht bomber lie was flying. "Mocking Bird Hill," was sung and reading of the last club. minutes were read by the sec- j conviction, rotary, Jo Carolyn Lewis. .Put seven months have not dimmed Mrs. Van Fleet's stubborn '1 know Jimmy is alive," she Mrs. Perkins, leader, presented lcils frn-nds. "When I picked up exhibit from the Experiment! his olcl hat at homc : fL>lt il was Station of bulbs, seed, and cuttings. Bulbs were donated by Mrs. W. E. Walker, Mrs. H. E. Luck, and Mrs. W. W. Ducket and Mrs. Perkins let the members plant them around the school building. It was decided birds would be a part of him and 1 know he is alive." There was no sign this morning that her father bad wavered before her husband's soldierly ac- centance of the fact that young Van Fleet probably will never restudied through the winter. Mrs. J tur "', ... , , , Perkins gave each child a paper! " Shc has - m her W!ly ' (ll:duc "' rl to keep u record of the birds they will see. from ah the facts thnt young Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Evans. Jr., visited friends in Wichita Falls, Dcnton, and Dallas last week. Hospital Notes Jim is iilive somewhere in North Korea," a friend told United , RIALTO * • LAST TIMES TODAY • O •ill BAMV VVife to husband, who is fixing to hang a plctrue: "You will find the hammer in the drawe'r, the nails in the cupboard, and the bandage in the medicine cabinet. Mrs. Lee Quillin Branch Admitted: Mr. Sidney Wnrd of Hope, Mrs. C. V. Flowers, Hope, Mrs. Frank King, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Arthur Gibson and baby boy. Hope. Press. "She doesn't say lie is a prisoner. She just says he must ho alive. It's just a matter of faith and mother instinct." The General and Mrs. Van Fleet — she's in Korea on a "little visit" as the guest of President and Mrs. Syiigman Rhce — spent last night in the 8th Army Headquarters; compound in Seoul. H was thi first time they had been to- one is worthy to be accepted into pnrlnership with him. This altitude P.obert Lindscy. Petition to have, . u , lOO mmon in marrlaye, and defendant placed under a $200 pea cc bond to insure his good behavior in reference to the Arkansas laws on intoxicating liquor and bev ei-nges for a period of 12 months, Defendant unable to make bond; sentenced to thirty days In jail. R. D. Chcatham, Assault & Uat- iciy. Forfeited $10 cash bond. D. M. Mnys, Speeding, Forfeit- i:d $!) cnsli bond. Fred Bagley, Dewcy Uixon, Leo Glover, Roy Jones, Overload, For' feitcd S25 cash bond. Earl D. Heed, Passing school bus when stopped, Forfeited $5 cash bond. James Phelps, Failure lo yield right-of-way. Forfeited $5 cash bond Alvin C. Wilmot, Speeding, Forfeited $") cash bond. Mrs. Eaclme lloncycutt, Assault & Battery, Dismissed. CIVIL DOCKET Sam A. McGill vs, Augusta Carri.{an, Action on account for $72.54. Judgment for plaintiff by default, In the sum of $72.54. THANKSGIVING OUR COUNTRY'S. TRADITIONAL DAY TO EXPRESS OUR THANKS SAY THANK YOU With a Gift of Fragrant Flowers To Your Hostess To Those Who Hove Favored You To Those You Cherish Sec Your Florist Early and Have Your Thanksgiving Flowers Telegraphed Near or Far (Sponsored by Neff Brothers) All the more reason to wear WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY FILMED IN AFRICA ANTHONY STEEL Julia Chester Admitted: T. E. Urrcy, Hope, Mrs. H. B. Barr, Hope, Elbert E. Prescott, Washington Richard Charles Kitchens Hope, Mrs. Dale tlo Nov. 11, for an evening meet' ing. Eleven members and three visitors heard Mrs. Blackwoud arid i Mrs. Theo Long tell how to make I Christmas decorations. Each mem- . bur also gave a novel idea for decoration. Beginning in January the club will meet on the second Thursday of each month. The December Stevenson in Arizona for Vacation CHICAGO (UP) .— Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson, looking taned ant fit, arrived here today from an Arizona vacation and said tha during the next four years would like the privilege of express ing myself from time lo lime on important issues." At the sumo time, Stevenson gave the first concrete hint of his future personal plans when he Blcvins Mrs Thclrna Ca- ! " locUng wi " be a Xmas P 31 ' 1 ^ alld |«aid, "'. plan to come .back to rruthers, Hope,' Linda Clark Lew- pot luck s " ppe f. for the members | C-lcago and start making a llv isville, Joe T Rhodes, Rosston, an * th(cl ,'i famllle * and friends in ;i ." The following officers were eleci- ed for )9!)3: Mrs. E. D. Galloway, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Jack Dodson, Rt. 2, Hope, Mrs. Tully Hair and Mrs. John W. Keck, president, I would like a hand in utralght- ening out weak spots in the Dem- ocratlc party,' Stevenson said role would son James Tullv 'fit 1 Houc Mrs Ml ' s> R ' M ' Harrison - vice-prcsi-! when asl-.ed what son, james lullyKt.i, wopc Mis. denti Mi . s C|aude Byf ^ secri!tary be ,„ rehabilitating the party for nigton Mrs Harley Sisson ofj treasurer, Mrs. Theo Long, re-j the new elections. fori There had been widespread spec- a bake sale to be held Wednesday ulalion &s to whether Stevenson would accept or seek the role of spokesman for the . Democratic party. As he stepped off the plane today he told the United Press that he would indeed like to make hinv before Thanksgiving in front of Duffle's Hardware. Clubs Hopewell The Hopewell Homc Demonslra- 1 club met November 13 with Mrs. Baker The Baker Home Demonstration tion Club met with Mrs. Cecil Bit- HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR PREACHING? You in you kftp roll, - with o Styd-bok.r truck. Th« Sttidetakw truck's rggg«d strudur* it w«er-r«sUting, Ypu save on repairs. G«t stond-gp parformonce and stand>owt •conomy for yeors. Q«t a new Start cutting cost* right away. te tp|Nl Y9« **v» txmcivt «HMl IM wH fft w«*Mm(>li»n way down, ARCHER MOTOR CO. ft* m stt**» H. A K f R ' c ! C I00 1 " AN1\ ! !VF:RSAR Y Do vou like i: straight from the Bible, presented with fire- and enthusiasm, delivered ttpm a consecrated heart, with all the action of an athlete? II you do, then you will want to her^Evangelist Eddie Martin. Eddie Martin is one of America's most powerful revival voices. He is speaking largest crowds ever to hear the Gospel. In the summertime hfi works in a tent people. ' This successful youns Revivalist will lead the First Baptist Church in revival, W Dec, 14. Don't miss hearing his tbrillin? messages. • ^i'V<^>* Lorraine Blackwood, HD Agent, in self hebrd on "issues of import- the home of Mrs. Lawrence Easter " " ling. The meeting was opened by ance. The Illinois governor did not the president, Mrs. T. B. Fenwick. ; ^a. v how he would express his The Home Demonstration Womansjviaws. A committee has bccn Creed was repeated and everyone formed in Los Angeles by citi- sang "Living for Jesus." The dc- i votional was given by the hostess /ens win: desire to furnish him with ractio and television time to FAB-LINED GIRDLE! •fabric n«xl lo your lUnMI What a gift-this new you-so festive, so feminine, so wonderfully free/ It's a gift from Playtox Fab-Lined to you/ A newly slender figure-a feeling of freedom, of comfort that you've never had before/ t Cloud-soft fabric is fused to all-way stretching latex without a seam, stitch or bone/ It's completely invisible under your sleekest holiday clothes/ Come, write, phone for your gift Of glamour, today! Playtex Fab-Lined Carter Girdlo. Whlto Magic or pink, With 'Adjust-AH garters $6.95 Other Playtex girdles from $3.50 followed by the Lord's Prayer. -"Peak to nationwide audiences Each member answered roll call| f: ' om tilne to tlme I by giving a suggestion on making j Stevenson said, "yes. certain- I a Christmas gift. »'- «*«i asl < ed * hfc Planned to ! The minutes of the last meeting r « sum « la , v '' pra ^" •" C £' ca «° i were read by tho secretary, Mrs. j a "" r Republican William G Starat- iDale Tonnemaker. and old and' 10 " replaces him as governor in new business was discussed. Plans Ja -] uar y He said, however, that he would take a long vacation — possibly a i month ; new task. before beginning any J were made to have a rummage ' sale on Nov. 22. Officers elected j for the coming year are: President ; Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, vice-pres- j ident. Mrs. A. A. Andrews, Sec- _j retary-treasurer, Mrs. Dale Tonne- I maker. Reporter, Mrs. Merlin Cox Recreational leader. Mrs. Orville Steadman. Mrs. Blackwood gave an interest! wc ' re h^'d °« narcotic* charges ing discussion with helpful sug-|t« ( lay after dsjwn-to-dusk raids :n i gestions on making Christmas cards i Kast Harlem which federal age-US .out of construction paptr. Christ- i!1 '' c*v detectives said led to «;»- (mas tree decorations out of paper | zur * ol Hi million dollars worth : ribbon, and a Santa Claus out ol • :)f herc-in. old light bulw. | The »alding officers saW the Mrs. Joe Hargis won the surprise ' ' at-ke » « a W ed h <^ e had branch^ Six Persons Held on Narcotic Charge NEW YORK, (Jfi — Six persons xtv.,; * *3 a.i« package. Recreation was under the direction of Mrs. J. W. White. Refreshments carrying out the Thanks giving motif were served to 11 members and Mrs. Blackwood. The next meeting will be December 12 in the home of Mrs. Andrews %viU> Mrs- Grady Browning co-hostess, meo^ber ia \& brwy a gtU Ladies Specialty Shop — 106 S, Elm — Hope, Ark, P/f<M« itnaf me tht fallowing P/oy>»x'GW/»« X. PUTTII MI-UNIt MMTY "Nlir lo Chic.-go. Cleveland, detroit a: Cincinnati. No details on the out- of-town connections were given by authorities. gether ir. 19 months. She arrived here yesterday. This mojrnin* they moved into hous' 1 pjepart'i tot U^ao by

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