Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1952
Page 14
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, Ndvcmbt* 17; Monday, November 17, 19S2 HOU STAR, HOPI, AtRANIAt M § ILONOH ly Chick Youni ANY type 0* K"v«l. lft « ludl « . gnval. Mm*, to* «M, snd fit! Sltt. C*H JOM ar School on f$i*M* 1 WW, ns ,. ^ Sehool *lto. 2 »tory BrJcfc twIWIng, Good lumbar Wrecked and r«movt«! HlghMt Dldd«r. night (a reject nil bid*. Contact .Twmpi H. Jensji^ »«pt. «*f achooln. Phono ' ' l •«Uftft«6 mill. Toledo »ralP«, ill our, 0 cftie cold drink box, candy •how «?&»«, Orndy Crnlrt'H Store Arkftn»a«. Phone 3MO )8«3 C, Allen typewrlt«r«, cnnh plnn. rental paid equal* our HRlo price wo Rivo you tho machine. Be 0, C. Bryant, 320 South Pine 8t 15-0 •ir J$ vrt.Mayalt.mooo by Sflven room hotine, three ixittroom Bltto fan, fl<»or furniitsc, venotln Ullnrtu, «ni'«K<J n«d utornge room Will ««H for equity and monthl of »M.8d, four par cei on loan, U17 Ea»l tat at, Tolophone M001. 17-Ot Muleriders Likely AIC Winner iy HOWARD ORAVIft 01 The AM0ai*ud Prew Tim Ark»n*M Conference — el*, ««• w.obby gull haii one Hniurdny and Dny In which to fin- »lt H« gridiron bu»lni»«». Houthorn fit«tfl'» mlRhty Mule- rMen Hill nncd* n tiny Hlltch to tow up IU »i»«ond RtrolNht crown but Arkfln»»» A&M In't «xp<;elod spoil the plciuir*» wlmn thu two meet In n Turkey Many Things Contribute to Grid Victories By WILL ORIM8LEY ?4EW YORK, 0« — Monday's .football wa *». ° ut lhc ironl "K wft " ,, and 4own We» Jnfl0 on Saturday: loynn we* downed by Bucna Viiita.j ,^,,1 wa) i the d!iy It wa* proved Ten of mo ta»rr,« nnve . com.(,t **,» all sort, of thing. 1U> win Major ColUges R«main Uitbftaten NEW YORK (Jl — Four mnjor college* — tJeoruitt Tech, Mich- ignn StPif, Sotrthcrn C«Ilfornt« «n<l UCtA — head tli« tint of 21 gcnt»fl and unti.'rt teams today. Tha weekend's action dropped two more from the dwindling IUI when htflfyl/ind IwiW n hooting from Fair Enough •y Wettfcrook Pealer Copyright, 1W2 y Kind F«ature» Syndicate. their season* Including Peru (Nfb> Tcnchnrn, which head* tho notion with 10 victories. Of-w Kin Tech h«» nine, while Michl- State, Bouthrrn California and UCLA ol«ht. Southern (fames— 21 miles per hour'wind*, fumbles lhat aren t accidents and players the coaches (llftn't '.now they had. Siicakmn of the latter— At Army, Bill Purdue is better r..r«nil'()CUV inert on Saturday.! « ri nwn as « sprinter and hurdler - - • • ' on the »rnck loam. As for foot- H>M)H>, Second plnco Henderson 8t<tt« could tin the Mulerldom if the third place Aggie* »prlrt« nn up- »<st »nd the Reddle* 8«t by w "»Arkansas State Toucher* Col In another Th'anknulvlng Dny bout, Henderson. 30-13 winner over lU'ndrlx ln»t wouk. I* Idlo Sntur dny, „ ,, Southern Stato «I«ed »«> ln 8tut<s (it CMeVftland, Mt*»., 27-20, \(,u\ Saturday and meet* Whnrton Junior w«uk. Only Ar Unn»H» Stato him »topi»»d tho MulBt'ldtm lhl» yowr , tho unbeaten, united ttchooln with nine vlcUirln*. It hn« com l/H'U'd Its »ctw<lul(!. Cotton Bowl Game Like Homecoming DALLAS, MB— Ever heard of n hoHircomlntf football some for both team*? The Cotton Bowl finmo Jan. 1 Is golntf to be pretty clone to it. tnrcc wct;ks ho was lust a member of the junior vur- iiiy. Saturday fullback Bill scored mid* to Klvo Army a H-l victory over Pcnn. At Southern Methodist, Pwlgnt D. Elsenhower had better get on the ball right nqw and ride off any of his relatives who may be making honest dumb mistakes or yielding to the Roosevel- tian Instincts which made a racket of the presidency. From Nov. 2 to Nov. 7, inclusive, when he checked out about noon, Arthur B. Kansas City, a Eisenhower, banker, one Hardman Sorely Missed by Tech ATLANTA M — Georgia Tech knows now Just how irreplaceable sepal, wiry Leon Hardeman Is. Iho nation's No. 2 team really missed its star halfback Satur- d^" when Alabama gav-j the en- ginccrs tho scale of the season uy hoi' 1 Ing Tech lo a 7-S victory. "We n,rc missed Hardeman,' said Coach Bobby Dodd. 'We fia urc he'? always Rood ,for at lea? 1 one tojc'uiown a game, and he's tops at pjckini? up first down yard njje wNm we need it. "But .-side from his running. '••'< fact th.-.t he wasn't in there bloc-: ing for us hurt our offense a lot' Hnrdoman, a S-foot-6, 175 pound PAINT 8ALK, thin week only. Houss paint »K.7fl gallon, Snt- iiUnetton of your money buck, Swap Shop,' 105 8. Wai' 17-flt ,. m ....... _ _ Arkitnse* Toch and Tho College i t h,. Twmon«ee and Texas played In Cotton Bowl game. Ten- of tho close out their »ea | |) , >8Ht , e nnt j T OX as will play in the nut. Strvicti Offered YKAR8 ot exporlence In floor HnndlnB and finUhlntf. "nlc Hog- era, 013 W. 7th, Phono 7-2234, 0-ai-lm LOCAL «nd long distance' Hauling Alio local moving. Sou Dannie Hamilton or call 7-noit. 0-23-lm in n»y r«l«n. Phone *on» 'Saturday when they clash nt P.utmellvHlo. The Mount n Intern moved Into fourth place last week when they whipped. ASTC 40-0. Toch i« » notch iiyhlnrt, AfVl'C AfcM in idlo for tlic HOC ond w««k and will «nd this yiwr wlih the Southern State game. Arkansas State bounched K»n an* 8lnl« Emporln Tcnchem Col lego 41-7 In Iu last game of tho B'iBtwn Saturday, nnd Ouachlta (oil before Mississippi Colloxu, 3H (I in other action lout week, Tho i'llicr* »'•« Wlw until Thanksgiving wnt-it they mci't Wllllnm Jcwull i»r,H Cciiton Bowl ttnrnc. Fifteen of Sam „„ fi-ck has been nothing more than the No. 3 tailback all vi nr wil'i conversion kicking his iiiuln ifo'tc. Thrown Into the tall- o;ick oi-pach against Arkansas, the halfpinl field general sained XOO ynuls, scored three touch- oowns, Hckcd throe conversions and led SMU to a 27-17 triumph. At lowu, sore-shouldered Burl Brltzrn:inn got his chance only wticn quarterback Paul Kemp br'*o his leg in the second quar tor of the Northwestern game Ike's brothers, occupied suite 30-D in the Waldorf Tower. The next wile, 30-C, Is the residence and political powerhouse or boiler- i rojm 01 the mysterious and sin- sler Aithur J. Goldsmith. This nan minufacturcs sparkplugs. He s described also as a retired brok men on the two squads irx' hurt proceeded lo score one toucl homo, Itonaonnbto 7-aoia. iiti E. AVO. c, IB-SI AIC W t. T Pet <l 0 (I 1.000 For Rent OWOM~3iupl«x apartmont, unftir nlnhod, front nrtd Unetc entrnnoo und BlniKtod In front porch, Ono »lo«k from lohool, 423 N. Kim Phono 7-3488, nttor 0 p.m. 7-a»10, ao-tt ROOM unfurnished duplex nport- msnt, Scrsened in nloepliis porch. Phone 7>0001 utter 0 p.m. 13-<H II ,'iuli'i-son Ark A & Ark Tech State Teachers .7fit) .007 .37S .250 .000 the 1051 wIP return. Eight ure from Typni-si ce. Tenne'inoi. 1 IIQH Andy Ko/.ar, U* limit fullback who as a sophomore put on Kiich u show In 1QS1 In lendlni! the Volunteers to n 20-14 victory over Texas that lie wan tinned outstanding player of Hit? duy. Kc/ar was Injured last week in the. tfnrno with Florida nnd isn't oxpnctuJ to piny any more with Tennessee thin season but Is duo to be buck by th« Ihne of tho Cotton Bowl Knrno. Texn.i players returninK include backs Oil) DIIWSIMI nnd T. Jones OK- one' Tom Stolhimdske and iliutrd linrley Scwi'll. TentH'H«ei % was Invited to the Cotton Howl Friday nnd quick 1 ;/ »C''<.'pt<;d. TCXIIS won Us plact 1 in clown, P« ss f°r others anc The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring tteme to Mlee Turner at Hlcke Funeral Home THE ONIONS WEREN'T SAUTS-GD ENCXJGH-TOO T HE THICKENING TURNED TO LUMPS Mrs. Lessle Cheatham died at her home in Fulton, Thursday, November 13. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Mack Rcoggins died Friday in Nashville. Funeral arangemonls are incomplete. TC» MUCH SALT" THE CHOPPED MEAT IS BURNED-ITS TOOGPEASV- DON'T CRY, DEAR. NOTVOURFAULT- THfc' OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Willlami the top rusher in the Southeastern Conference until thp Alabama Mime with 70-1 yards. He was r.urt in the Army game and didn't even dress for the Crimson Tide battle. b.it will be ready before Sugar Bowl time. Bobby Marlow, the Tide's ace Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Thompson, JMrs. Anna Ealey, Mrs. Lillie Floyd and Frank Thompson were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coleman on Thursday, November 13. er. His numerous lr>r-heuci political load his mates to a 39-14 upset nmt ol the Wildcats. The 2J-mile-an-hour wind blew up at Fort Worth and, Indirectly, cost fired up Texas Ch-rlstlan another of its many upset triumphs over n favored Texas team. . . With TCU leading 7-0 in the last iiidf, Hay McKown of TCU had Jiv*ti SJWitk t* PRBNCH WRITER DIE8 France (ffl — Funeral OUT11 Walnut tmrt Won't Ave. D., Cox Apnrtm«m», Two roonfn and tooth, $30, 100 E. Second^ Phone I'Wl FWM « 7-8800. » room apartment Phom» aa r v I c «•* will be holtl hero Wednesday for Chnrlao Mourrnn, ni'-old oracle of Prnncc'8 ro>- and extrnme rl«hl fnctlons, who tiled yc»tord»y of urcmtn. The ugpil writer nnd tmltnlov \vtt» sentenced to Ufa Imprlnotv ini»n In. 18W fof Vr'OVtlmf cotlubor titlon With the Clcmmiut but was gven u lytiirch, medical pardon las thi 1 Now Y (.sir's day classic Salur dny by bimtliift Texas Christian H- 7 nnd (.llncliitiK «l '"'list a tie for the Soulliwi-Ht Conft-ronco chnrn I. i nshlp. ,Thc< conf.-ronce chnnipltm h Jiowt li'pm in the Cotton Howl bet If two teams lie for the title the ouo that bout the other in season play «et,q the bowl spot Southern Methodist Is tin- only school left thnt could tic Texas for t.ie c JI-U. hnmplonsWp. Texas bent SMU About BO pt-'f cent o fthe people of ISnulnnd and wolen «re counted as urban population. of his punts caught in stiff wind, partially blocked thu by synthetic, let- organizations. secretly or very quietly, solicit money from wealthy persons in the cast and secretly spend it to sway elections in states where Qpldsmith and his political co- h'oi'ts to not reside. They have no legitimate civic reason to use mc'ney to thwart the political will of any of the voting citizens thereof although they have a legal light to do so, with restrictions. I have dealt in some detail will Goldsmith's activities and dwel upon tho fact that his letter-heat roups give their address as 10( Cast 50th street, which to mos individuals, even in New York vould rot depict the Uixuriou. Valdorf Tower. Milton Eisenhower, the presi dent of Penn State college, rnad me visit to the suite of his broth er, Arthur, and conferred ther with Arthur and Goldsmith. halfback, collected 64 ijainst Tech to make his lot[ 728 and edge ahead of Hardc- man. Texas guard Marvin Leath, anc converted into the first ot twc Uiuehclowns which gave the Long horns a close-squeak 14-7 triumph I telephoned Arthur B. Eisen Kansas City. He wen The much-maligned fumble is no loiiHer an accident or a break il sci-rns, but a purposeful offen sivf weapon which coaches ar nuw using to pull out victories. "We tackled high a lot more than ever before, hoping, to dislodg the ball," said Michigan State' Coach Higgle Munn after th Spartans had beaten Notre Dame 21-3. The Spartans dislodged tho ball from Irish hands and recovered (he loose ball seven times, two of these recoveries leading to touchdowns. . .Munn said his boys practiced oil week on ways of jarring tho ball losse from the enemy. Key Stone Lodge No. 43 will meet Tuesday night, November 18 at their regular meeting place. Helen Turner spent the weekend in Little Rock visiting relatives and friends. ndjoihjng bnth, Onragt fl block* to the centor of town Working lady preferred. Phono Ave. riower HI on the defensive immediately. II said 1 was snooping. "What do you mean 'snooping? I demanded. "My name is Pei ler. I told you that. I am a new; pjper reporter. I told you tha And I pm asking you direct que: tlotis and you say I am snooping. Mr. Eisenhower said he had mi :mce in Kansas City. He said 1 knew the character of work. . "You seem to be trying to make something of it," he said. I re- ijlled that I didn't know what I would write because I didn't know the facts. I was calling him to get the facts from the man di- Tectly concerned and he immediately accvised me of snooping and trying "to make something of it." •I air. not afraid of any disclosure," he said. "All right," 1 said, "who Intro duced >ou to Goldsmith?" Ho said a mutual friend introduced thfm and, later in the conversation, Said other persons took part in their conversations. I asked him who introduced them. He refused to say. He refused to name any of the others who joined them in Feed Short But Can Be Overcome Feed for livestock in Hompstcac .lounly is short, but it is not to'o ate to do something about it, say's County Agcn Oliver L. Adams We can sow small grains and win ,er legumes in Hempstead county as late as December 1. We cannot expect any materia amount of fall or early winte grazing from late seeding here the county agent said. However these late secdings will come or and with anything like norma weather you can expect earl spring pastures which will go long way to help out the shor Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flcnory pent the week end with her aunt, Mrs. Lavanna Smith in Nashville', rkansas. t supply of hay. Oats can be seeded late wit The Hopewell PTA will meet on 'uesday, Nov. 18. at the school t 7:30 p.m. All parents arc urged o attend. FIGHT POSTPONED BOSTON i.T) — A heavy cold suffered by Lauro Salas, of Mexico, former world lightweight boxing ch;impic.n of Mexico has forced postponement of his fight with boston's hard-hitting Tommy Collins fror" tonight to Doc. 8 in Boston Garden. BEDROOM houwo. 819 m. Phono 7-2(103, CHAPT1BR ONE richt after dinner. Usually she I threshold, they were not immedl- d b « e lri" par- Notice N1W «nU »ub*crlpilotu to «u»t b |N» IM«; JiiS 119 i£Qj(l 10HAP 'U> rfi. nny mngiulne publUhod, Chrlat* ruto*. Churlen Reynerion, HnU. Day Phone, 7.38!»! Night 7-S788, OS04m mnvtt^^^&jZ^&^&WSr^J^'JK tho Chrtrtmw t»o_in.tho drawing '."£„ i" i« ^v cood place to in- three greatly resented tho wnount Lf bell ringing and horn Wowing Roger which now resounded through the o * room ot tho old Forbes house *« f°°™.A *« nutteu while " LmUburt Squ««. ^oHlng out at »«>« ; Soy icro Ulkng, *»M ,, » *ou»leJ ^ fa M*v tw| it NOTICE ThU U to r«»pwUully sum* very nice, pooplo to ro»i»t cftUlng my ofoe» to chit chttt wita my «m»loye«H during »f. "<M hour«t unlwu it should bo «lWWMWp«ri the owidie-lighted windows w* 0 " L. a taken tho parh and liatentng to tho carol- P.\» d J!™ n , am who o«nw utamplng through |J* tho «now. At lea»t, thin waa what «ho appeared to 1» dolitg. As a matter ot fact, «ho \v»a hardly J know they ai-ft very nttrnc- littles , , , llf. Uiey iop »«t tho uenu-ty gangs; »ho waa svatch- lug for Roger Pleld, who itad promised to drop tn at her grand* mother'a house tomoUmo during lha course of tho owning, and who wan later than alio expected. ' She wa» almost »viro that ho L ont |,i m tor mo. But I don't feel to propose to her that night 80 8Urc< » - 'lormlndto |s nl iy had wJUMcd, bftclt to it! ^E^^Sybavf^nBoV. &W fr^l his overcoat, folded Square. nnd placed U on a Old Mrs. Forbes, as sho was ln- Uftll with UU hat nnd variably called, was enthroned in laid on top of It a K^at carved chair by_Uie nre- dovmhU unruffled place, under the splendid P° rtra " Emily into the of her which Sargent had painted om W hcn she was In her prime, milly havo this all to Old Mrs. Forbes also appew" How did you manage?" to be deep In conversation. But tho , oin«n arc In the library, animated dtacuulon In w^J*' Homer was hero until a mo- |WM •"•^^^^ r gT^ t , to fi0t mc up had no preven Ho aaUl Orandmamma serving the approach of her grand- their discussions. I don't want to be a party you |?lo«so let th«nv ulw\e t DR, L, M, LILE 18-31, Ho nad seated himself bealdo her, had bccoino grandtather had. left hor. Lost i' DARK brown hound dc«, Aix- name. Buvk, U found Not that her parent* and Homer Uttm* dMikoti or dUtapturovod of Roger PleWi they could not very weU help ftd»\M*nt, t^« aoctaUy tho ftelfe »WMVdiwr Wf» «w»J ^ that ot th* BWtauFand tho Thay. errf, ov«i though ftaanoially tt wa« not; and they had already told her. and now, very quietly, he took «« yo^rlng.^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ »Ho know» rm in lovo wiU. you, atill comuly in spite ot ^ tog hand. nuWy Roy C. fry, 1U. 1 Md C tothlne m»wn ttvwoal lutlw to U« f»Qt thai til* father «t to* world on flre, im- to do this to H«lpW«nttd r««««ttWanc* botwwo the t «0»»n» o» Re««r you gu««» ex ftf yyftw 9 <•£&$ ?***• i*5Wt to vo bow wajlcbtof lor ** «* BmUy, »nd he knows thero lan't new ^ wnwn s« on «• »»IW^ any rial reason why, I shouldn't ring* well Old Mrs. Forbes had "ft you so? But ha'» done every, always been extremely «on<». ot could to convince you Jewelry and she wore «**•£&**. ahouldn't lUt«n to me of tt~much more than her daugh. that you when I did, hasn't he*" "Ye* b«t~" «>HB thinks Tin not Ot course, t*r, Mrs. Thayer, approved. Roger kissed the extended hand, he was expected spent no doubt tt pmUge. Tdtte two; there t rvo loved you U. had left the *»*•&* Wfcs," Roger went on. "But J or that she attM. enjoyed Sod. Vve had a break at treated like an amUasadreaa^Rog- I've fthjOly had a chum to er knew tba«, she ateo "" you to marry me!" I reply to Uo jumped up. pulling her to her feet 4ltft htm. Then he drew her iook«d aearchingly nun. at ft«r. To his amamneut, h* SAW that she waa gasuvg at him W\ ^ ™? ^. _ T_ A _ __•-- Wi.k !«. i« «k.t •.nkll BjT% l%ft _, room, W* owgfc to *t$* vlted n<* toolgbt too, *— "t k*pt trying to tell you." she »ald, "that K didn't make any dit* tennc* who tried to convince me I Shouldn't U*ltu to you. I meant to right along. Only I thought you'd n»v*r say anything 1 could listen to, I owan anytfetat that matured, 0« course, tt*t'« vrtty I waited few tor* toutghl, Roger—because I taat. perhaps, at last you couldn't vojty aloae on Cbrirto -Wbat an 4 , tb*y reluctantly agreed, half en- bowl*Ur, that it a&ht bo , , it you had sumstod it, to any of your news," he said. Ho also said: "I am not afraid of nny disclosure." All right then, I insisted why all the mystery? Whftt were they afraid of? I said it was strange that a group of honest men engaged in legitimate activities could be embarrassed by mention of these meetings in print. 1 told Eisenhower that the family name now had n new importance. When the brother of the president-elect has held such secret meetings with a man of Goldsmith's mysterious political char- actor, '-he facts might be of interest to the public. Frankly, Elliott and Jirnmy Roosevelt and tholr mother had put me on warning not to take pure, unselfish for granted in the, deal- of relatives of a President. ; don't know what Arthur and JNftlton Eisenhower were up to With- Goldsmith but I do know enough bbout Goldsmith and his political machinations to insist on flcts and to reject this stuffy in dlgnatlct that Arthur Eisenhowei displayed. That reaction makes me &UH>lci<us. I sent Goldsmith a tcl cgram ftbout all this but got no reaction at all. Arthur Eisenhower did admi that he and Goldsmith had con Jerred every day of the six day tut they were neighbors in th tower. There are a hell of a lo | people in the Tower at leas $ interesting as Goldsmith, He >ert Hoover for example. But of U the residents and transient nmate*. Goldsmith was the one who war in and out ot his place and vies versa, every day for al- UOst a week, Mr. * Eisenhower aid their visits lasted "five or ten p'nutes." 1 take it on myself to doubt that. Let us say that his memorj is inaccurate. I said tho arm ot coincidence made 4 long stretch to plant these iwo, Gc'daroith and the brother ot the president-elect, in neighboring cut of aft the accomoda t;ons In »ew York- Yes, he siid. l»a$ had, been quite a coincidenve. But be saw no significance in the fact that tb,ey were neighbors and U*»i he had any inttere§t W _s«i8h's allairs. He a lo take it «U up with• ud I bid him I aa< smilfc OB a past occasion almost certain assurance that wit good fertilization you can seem late February and early Marc grazing, and under ideal condition even earlier pastures. Crimson clover, due to its nature should bo seeded when sufficient rainfall occurs lo keep it alive when it germinates. Ryegrass is an excellent winter pasture grass. Late seedings fertilized wi h complete fertilizer and top dressed in January or as early now, and for those reasons which I will deal with later, Dwight Ei- si-nhowe'- had better toll, hifi brother'- to watch their company. To get back to Arthur Ike. For a fellow determined to keep a still tongue in his head, he did a lot of dumb talking. He said Goldsmith would be the one to answer the questions "under the circumstances." "What circumstances?" "We met on the most friendly eircumstf.nces," he said. " I met hi.n through some friends. I aiv> not seeking any publicity, that's ail. I met some dam fine friends. The kind of people you'd like to meet. Very interesting. Why should I subject them to annoyr.nce? I found Goldsmith charming and entertaining. I found him brii.Iant. J don't know anything against hi-n." I told him he undoubtedly would get some publicity nevertheless. A >d 1 could turn up some individuals who could match intel- as the weather permits will supply excellent pasture. Ryegrass can be seeded in the dust at almost any convenient time. The amount oE pasture will be almost in proportion to how well it is fertilized. Ryegrass also may be ovcrseed- ed on some permanent pastures. The amount of grazing from this practice will depend upon the fertility of the soil and the degree of. fertilization. U would be best to overseecl ryograss only on w.ell established permanent sods and only on the most fertile areas • FARMERS Buy Farm Bureau Insurance Fire-Life, Automobile, Polio, and Hospital. For Information Contact GARLAND E. URREY Agent 1407 S. Pine Phone 7-3772 DUNLOP TIRES We carry a complete stock of new and used tires. COLLIER TIRE & BATTERY SERVICE Phone 7-5846 116 E. 3rd ligence and social tastes with Ar- Juu- Ike at catchwcights who will point o£ his FARMERS Do you need seeding or fertilizing done by AIRPLANE? We do all kinds at reasonable rates. HOPE AIRPORT Call Bill Watson 7-9900 See . . JOHN T. McRAE For life, hospltalization, sick and accident, Polio and farm Insurance. Prepare for the unexpected. Phone 608, P. O. Box 182 PRESCOTT, ARK. Ybu^lHengntont DODGE •tut fea* cfcased Mm into lie refused to M y jwiy- WW TRUCKS In a Dodge "Joo-Rotof' truck you're sure to get the right' engine for your hauling job, • You get all the power you need' in a high-compression engine •. designed for top economy. Fronj engine to rear axle, a Dodge truck is "Job-Rated" for the ( kind of performance that wiU'. save you Chow Call Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 Green vegetable 4 Calf meat 8 Sound £> knell 12 Go astray 13 Sea ergJc 14 Toward the sheltered eide 15 Goes well with ham 16 Cowardly 18 More curved 20 Hot -buns 21 Mouse genus 22 Follow commands 24Mimicker 26 Egyptian goddess 27 Watering place 30 Feels 32 Dreary 34 Comes in S5 Landed property 36 Donkey 37 Bad terms 39 Shoshonean Indians 40 Notion 41 Social insect 42 Prig 45 Conquers 49 Opposed 51 Decay 52 Bread spread 53 Singing voice 54 Dutch town 55 Wen 56 Malt beverage 57 Moisture VERTICAL JGaze 2 Therefore CARNIVAL 3 Disputes 4 Sells 5 Iroquoian Indian 6 British governor in American colonies 7 Headed 8 Loiter 9 Medley 10 Microscope part 11 Fried chicken o A T B * A 1 > e A a. R e s. >^ F U N N .E L- K e e u. B ft •Ml U N 1 e p o f fr ^A_ p e N O S E B U A O S. o R * K N A * N A N W H_ N « V. s T a w s 1 N _* -.-. N A * V B ^fr T * A F» e u e H * 1 * K S « nT R w s A 1 T O R A A a A •;•• A *i r B u A T T B R IT B U A T 5 E T e K N i K B a p e R- T A K E £ « F E K * plant 17 Habitat form 19 Care for 23 Waits 24 Bewildered 25 Enclosures 26 Give forth 27 Dabbled in 28 - de foie gras 29 Beverages 31 Eats away 33 Trick 38 Mexican food 40 Fool 41 John Jacob (ab.) 42 Process 43 Depend 44 Employs ' 46 Poker stake 47 Was borne 48 Beef or lamb 50 Flap IZ. if 11 SZ Oa 50 is; JZ 35 Ifc 33 39 Z9 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople 17 18 By Dick Turner -^M POOR. |T £( Gi\J5 SOME OF K AC K—DASH YOU: M OM, '%.THOSE GUYS It HAPPENS THAT mMA30R/ M A VvWEEL. ^ ViE'RE K\ INi 1 VilT- S'A HANiD AMD MESSES// YiVAEYfHiMK Re/v\EDV) x -— ^\S (THE ll ^- ^ /OO'Ri BACK 91^ THE FARM, ' ACROSS A CORNFIELD ? I. FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ly^'But just think! A few years' work on this and you're a ^feature siory ii SIPE GLANCES •y Golbraith _. .«-ust^C. *'M ? m »orry I have to do this, but I'm entertaining our ladiw' club this afternoon and I know you repeat thingsl" By Bloiier ladies FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VIC FLIN1 •y MlcN«*| O'MotUy «nd — .. i JK* .« VIC IS HOT ON TH6 HEELS OP TH 1 CROOKS'. TH|$ HIVCK \PICK-UP TRUCK IN TH 1 i E^$Yl CANT CWCH OiTCHt WY DAUflHTER IT* fiETTIM' \ THW C/KR, T ^A^Y BE HUR.T1 . I'LL LOOK. FOR HINT UMCOM" \WHILE WN5H CML0 £ SCIOUe! \OpCTORFROHM-fe Btrr_. NBM?Bsr HOUSB. JEO? MUU. I A r^s\\ '\.U.«;.jt.\ \mn • 11 Tp^A*i5S«ar :^ tia 1 c °i' r 1 °»l»» NIK e»i>ic«. int. T, M, B«« u ». pit.' BOwlS AND HER BUDDIES Hy Edgar Martlr MAV\%''& VA C'N BE TH' 7ENN/S I 0ETT6R POUEJUB-CHECK T' -SEE THAT TH' U'U CLUCK GO TO I'" MU6IC lip 5 ".o^a ALLEY OOP SO Y'THINK YVES, ALLEV;OUR WORK HERE / I THINK WE'VE KINDA OF LATE HAS BEEN MORE / WE'VE HAD BEEN OFF TH' / HARUM-SCARUM THAN t / ENOUGH OF BEAM, EH?/ LIKE/ AFTER ALL,THIS 18 I WITCHES AND ' A 6CIENTIFIC LABORATORY. V HOBGOBLINS YOU KNOW/ /lA MY6ELF. O" 1 •r~~<- 8&$W 11-11 w ?IH\ WASN'T THAT ..„ ^^ B6CAUGE W6 V RIGHT, f THEN I WERE HUNTING\vT -/ TAKE fTM:- .- DOUSHTQKEEP ))/7 FOUND 6OMB 7 TH' TIME-MACHINE J)J WAY TOCHER- RUNNING? n-17 CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetter i%^ta: »V* 7~^? n ^^i "* t -i^i f*^M( il&IMiiMIr *"""* T& MAIs3? A PHONE OM,

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