Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 17, 1952
Page 8
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' £,< *^ j,H ( ' V ?i' ^> '<. - J HOP! IT A*, H0M, AfcKANiAl Mondoy, November 17, 19SJI Fleet jbond jfumen A, Utn»«hi and whom rtonthi. fe». Cftftv Court Onv c- thslr only /I..! f tmmn from that thtr« lftr«« meatlng of anothtr group the ballroom At 8 p- m., awl tf thtJr own twttttag w*i ngi. by thwi thty would hn** to leave throttfh the kitchen to tft* wmn lobby, Mr». ov«r a. rubber mat. frha tttprsmt tJetwt find no. trrot «n oi «b« trl«f cstirt. tieo ajd F. Mcf *(Min'ii opinion »tto «ft«^ «>wtr imony to tbo effact thit «*ili «Atnllt«d the fall ntlrely h/ir own <•«»." Com** , civil HU .St. Joseph Mm, Vftrsodjhfe*>c»i«» InVolvlrtl cuunty A Hew trial wt« R, Sbftplwrtl, .ArHadtlpM* for «« h« H»mpat«ad County Ctfcwft Tha high crt . »mirt had erred In noi ttlal d4mUU»* aUooni flank Clark County Ut»f went to Ui« ..•*.. - wnh * Inter filed «, motion to aUftlh »«rvlco ot th* iummon« ' that • p«rty c*n- MrVfed WRh dvU It In HtUndane* 1 on « Wort to » ««tt othw than hla cwrt fOld«f»f. Th« Circuit Court ufh*M AflWW, M tht 8u- ttwtmie on Clark to Ask Conlfnaed from Pag« Ota jr UN United Slates and UM w«sl- Wi* to cov* Urn on th« Cl oi Aj-jcadelpnl*. Chtt BjilW) ot reul^ CowH If n01d In » pemorm fn« from mt court. iuioa with ft ft«r Minnie o. wmttoA r. She MtttteA »n^ ArnoW'i wife nt«o wore hurt. Atnow ttr*t w«* »orv by'* «tatfl patrolmnn for motor, Ma right ot Immunity by i)y »t»pt»rth* at the ih#r lift fn'»»lMM , th* flqjSffema court rev»r»»d B (ftanotry court ruling In loyor- of the Ottft tumbtf (Jo., m tw du- ptlt« with Oittl* SfaWxxI an* oth- *r» oVor *a 80-»cr« tract of Und, TiW JBfjkh c«MH u^h»M the claim by ftWwooA, and 6thw trandohll- Of«tr Sf'Arft«*l»h Wllion to an un- dMitotf iftvtthfiurui lnt«r»«t In the Tnnd M Wftain'a helm. TH» «uw«m* Cbwl affirmed a 10-year Wht«no» for afiault to Mil Impowd on Albert T. Head In Milter Circuit Court, Th* Coun commented that "the •bowed that th« nccuiod In th* coune of an uif attack .upon Boyd , by having no tali Haht on bin car m\ tw allegodly driving on the wrong Hide of 'the highway, Hol- HAn«ibdb, .* complete stronger, in*« ,'*tparii(e knife aerk to to itnff the deeldon •flUjarely to Woihlngtoti while out* ffnmjt 0tternntlv<> path* out erf th* co»tly ond demoralizing Korean itfllemnte. informed nources told the U, If. commander recognize* that the odd* art- etrongiy against approval —by either a newly-fn*talled Prtsl- dent Elsenhower or the U, N. majority—of a full-icnle offensive at the price Clark will quote, Clark meanwhile denied today a tewnpaper report from Wnnhlngton (liit he tilrcady how aaked for three or four Additional American division* In preparation for a new U. N. «)ffen»lvo. Such n requmt might prove poli- tic-illy t mbnrrax.ilnp for Eluenhow or to ondorjo. American mllitnfy men at nil ol command In Korea prt vnlcly furne over the imall con trlbutlon rnott of the AlllcR ore rmklne to the U. N. army. Clark cnn bo expected to urge thnt Elsenhower bluntly call on the democracies of both Europe nnd to xhouldcr n larger share of the Korean wnr burden. Observe™ hnro speculate thnt Eisenhower will mnke this appeal to the Allies, rc'Knrdloso of the war utrategy tigraed upon. Reconi visitor* to Clark's headquarter* here also reported that the general favors accepting Chiang Kai-Shek'a Schools Told Continued from Pag* On« c»l effort to solve their fchoot problem* »r.d to stop th* continued drain on state revenues for pub-lit- 80, Americans Con Unuj4. from P«»« One the turvey, completed undrr the jonervlslon of A. W. Belt* of the " Legislative Council su«- if the c)n»»room unit plan determine the amount of money for a minimum program, the clasroom and teacher MiJtl »ttf set forth In the Autry the "survey points out that a dls- *rl«t could have 20 classroom units, ire on«' 17 teachers and no paid on the basis of the teachers rather •.hirti the t.umbcr of ,-iiplls. Potts **W that If i he «V.o i:.<".-.« ur .iy thf classroom unit, "you can any to school patrons. Here are so ,ny .ihilciten. ho\v much do you propose lo spend on them? U.S. Continued from Page One would be required to spend on nd- .iH'onnl 5 million dollars to brine tl c stole's minimum budget to $2,800 a classroom unit. The Autry in* would require Rome 8.5 million. The 3.5 million difference would be tr.nde up by local support, according to the survey's suggested rev sfon. A now measure of the tnxpaying abilities of the counties also is suggested by tho survey report, Present Indexes Include .sole nnd Income taxes, motor vehicle regis- trntlons, farm products value and ihe number of employed persons, repeated offer of two|pjut the assessed valuation of pub- Chines^ nntlonallst division* to. ] 1C utilities. Um« were »ll > m*mb«fn ot one f«m lly, fhc^ w«r« t«nttt«vely Identlflbt fl» CharJ«» William McDonald, 40 Lillian McDonnld, 39, hi* \vlfo, and their, two ehlldJ-on, Chnrlea Jr., about Hvo, arid. Cherlenc, about ti-r illatippewed taut uprfaig, It tho tlril Warm homf-lUw momimt linen he .cajn* to-, kjjrff ^ 4»vJD, lifjl, (?lnce hl» fjrit day in Korea, Von Fleet hJU n»ver loft (h« eortt- bnt lore Bro$. Fresh ''MU !•*••**• • •«• i Dressed Turkeys r««ou« party yc»ter- d»y fowd (N w«8k»«« of the second* tt tw* W»Vf cdrtelf fighter* which eriihttV-«lrno«t «lmult«ne- cuily S*i(trd«y nllRt whll* making Hit appr*o»ch to Motf«l Itornifi Uth p/l<»t» wwt ' In Cul- V. 31 lire U ,K ft Lt. An'thohy ,ltf. -" J. Ovid. Shoo, plane'$ort\e of a physician tg when It. crashed. w*i fount) yesterday A 13 miles south- moo, w»s n resident of Farmington, HI. The "Flying Boxcar" which vanished In Alaska Saturday was the third plane of Its type to go down la nine dnys, Another C-110 crash- on Silver Throno mountain in control Alaska Nov. 7 with 19 men aboard and the big transport which uitsht'd near Seoul was a 'boxcar." There were no survivors in wither crash. The Alaska command said the search for the C-119 Is being con- uuntrntcd around Mt. Redubt, n 10,000-foot peak about 100 miles southwcHi of Anchoruge of the west side- ot cook Inlot. A para-rescue team wns standing by, ready to be dropped into the reugged wilderness If thu ship's wreckage Is spotted. A Korean fishing boat picked up thi (even survivors of the C-46 crash about 30 minutes after the big craft went down off the East of the peninsula. .,.-_. helicopters, « destroyer nr.d- imall rescue boats searched tho crash nron fo rthe 11 mlssin; men \)ntjl Sunday noon, but their The survey proposes to use all time bui income tax and farm product. Although the survey states that 1 there Is no evidence of overstaff- ln{ or over expenditures in thu fijfht in Korea. Sources said Clark was agree able to this provided the Far East theater is assured by Washington of such an increased flow of arms that equipping the Chinese will not, slow down the building of new youth Korean Division, yesterday overwhelmingly picked Field Marshal Alexander Pnpagos Nicholas the -country's stern, tough mill-'' tary hero, to head their government. With 09 per cent of the votes counted, Papagos' right-wing Greek Rally was lending in races for 235 of the legislative body's 300 scats, ft promised him the greatest parliamentary majority won by any one faction since Eieuthftrlo Venlnzelos' Liberal triumph in 1928. The caretaker government of Premier Dimitrios Kissopoulos announced it would resign tomorrow. King Paul then was expected lo Rive a mandate l<> the 68- year-old. Papagos to form a new cabinet. American officials had mainland «.n official "hands off" toward the election campaign, but it was an open secret thai U.S. authorities felt n Papagos victory would help stabilize this poverty- strickenl country, which has received more than two billion dollars in American economic and mllitarj aid since World War II. Until tcday, the Americans, rince assuming the burden of Greek aid in 1947, had hoped in v^in for n one-party govii-.rnmont with a parialmentary majority big enough to enact necessary legislation. Papagos was expected to give the Americans full cooperation, but It was generally conceded the tough old fighter would not be a "yes man." Assailed by his opponents as a would-be dictator, military hero Papagos had promised a vigorous housecloaing of the hertofore shaky Greek government. 'ihe leftist-center coalition ofj National Progressive (EPEKi find Liberal!! led by former Premier Plastiras early today hud not conceded defeat. It was leading in 16 constituencies which} c-lf'ct only 55 deputies. Even' in some of these, Ihe races were ex- Ire.Tiely close and Iht-re was a ch:mcc Ihe Greek Rally mighl pick ur several more scats. The Communist-front DA, which tne Cominform had blessed two days before the elections, elected only one deputy-from the tiny lo- Allies Win Continued from Page One served considerable Red troop mcverr.cnt in the valley at the nor- ihern end of Sniper Ridge-tron^ where Communists have Uunched previous night infantry attacks ayninst Pinpoint and Rocity Point. Latest reports said Southern Ko- jenn defenders we.-e withstanding tne barrage. The terrific artillery duel broke ; short-lived lull all along -• the b'eak, rholl-poeked 155-mile battle- freezing cold Mondoy, November 17, 1952 HOPI STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS Pago tfitiif SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday, Novembsr 17 nian islt-nd of Lefkas— and had front, hit today by polled only 142,844 votes, 10.99 and sncw. p.r ccn». of the ballots thus far counted. Chinese infantry drives in thw nipi-r Ridge sector had dwin.("ed A year ago tho EDA polled lo almost nothinR in the 12 hours 180,000 votes—10.55 per cent —but | ocfnre the big guns took over. elected nine deputies. j __ - » the Papagos forces had, 631,458 votes,' or 48.9;") Wednesday, November 19 The I.ikic Garden Club will mtvt Wdnesday at H p.m. in the hoim; lot Mrs. Tom Kinsi-r with Mrs. Fonzie Moses and Mrs. Dowoy 'The Patmus PTA Monday night, Camp as co-hoste.<scs. Nov. 17, at 7 p.m. Tho blue side (having won in tho recent nicmber- rship drive will bi- served supper By the gold side. Buses will run. Mrs. Oliver Adnms will be guest speaker ut the regular meeting of Mr. and Mrs. James Whitson Celebrate Golden Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. James Penn Whit- sun were at home from 2 until ."i ;it their homo at ISlti Broadway, hutlo Hock, on Sunday, November 9. celebrating their golden weddins anniversary. The house was decorated with | a quantity of gold chrysanthemums and gladioli, and tilt- coffee ; t.:thlo was centered with a two-tier- oil "olden wedding cake between silver candelabra containing gold der. and a short business sesslor followed. Mrs, John Wallace presented «n Interesting program on the "Cure nnd Lnnscape of | Lawns." ; A dessert plate was served to. seventeen members nnd one guest, i DOROTHY DIX Neurot/c Mother VVhitson's daugh- .1. Buckman, as- State Department ot Education tm- 'ier the present organization", it ui-|'es a reduction In the number of regulations and methods of dis- trioution now made by the Depr.rt ment. I: also calls for further consolidation of school districts and an apportionment program that would allow all school district.? to have a minimum of $2,800 per classroom unit. So fur, garnered per cent. A total of 723 precincts still were unreported and several other races were in doubt. A so'dier since his youth, Pa- pj;?os first gained tame as commander in chief of the Greek Army which repulsed Mussolini's vaunted forces in early World War II and drove them back to t!:e ht-rrt of Abania. After the Germans occupied Greece, he was taken hostage in 1943 and kept in concentration camps. The victorious American Fifth Army freed him in May, 1845. .in January, 1949, he took command of Greek forces locked in a stalemate with Communist rebels in the Northern mountains. Aided by American advisers and military supplies, the marshal in slightly more than seven months whipped his army into shape and won a crushing victory over the guerrillas. Papagos resigned his command in May, 1951, and later charged that a palace clique around King Paul hrd been opposed to him. His relations with the monarch have been strained since then, but during the campaign the marshal insisted that he respected the throne and the King. DorirTryfo Be Happy 1 with a Sour Stomach There's jast no use trying to have fun when cas, heartburn, acid indigestion trouble you. Do as millions do.' Al- wnys carry Turns. Just eat lor2deliciousTumsif; after meals or whenever distress occurs. And *£. presto! Turns neutralize *" excess acid. Contain no baking soda to over-alkalize or cause acid rebound. Always keep Tunis handy—just eat like candy.for top-speed relief of acid indigestion. Sec how much more fun you have when you can eat favorite foods without paving to "pay up." Get a roll today. The Hempstead County Classroom Teachers will iriett in Hope Junior High School Library on Mon day, November 17. at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 18 Garland Brownie Troop under the City Federation of Mope Garden Clubs will meet in Ihe homo of Mrs. Fred Gresham Wcdiu-siiay morning at 9:HO. The president ot each garden club, federation officers, and federation chairmen art- expected to attend. Mrs. J. T. several days the guest of Harold. Thursday, Th November 20 Bj,at Little House at Fair Park after 'school Tuesday, November 18. Betty Bryant will be hostess. Notice The VF\V Auxiliary meeting which was scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 18. has been postponed until November 25 on account of the Employer - Employe banquet. been meeting of the- Hope Music which was scheduled for lay ni.uht. November 20. luis cancelled. Paisley Brownie Troop will meet Thursday afternoon instead of Wed nesday immediately after school at the Little House under tho lead i im; ership ot Mrs. G. C. Cromer. Hostesses will be Pam Aslin and Jean ie Lowe. f Wednesday, November 19 The Wisteria Garden Club will meet Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 19, at 2 p.m. at the home of. Mrs. Jane Waller with Mrs. Nell Coffee as co-hostess. Slid only I0|f o Roll TUMWT We swapped our old stove for a Modern AUTOMATIC Gas Range Because • • • We're Used to Cooking Be Sure to Cast Your Vote in Our 1st Annual Movie Popularity Poll! Saturday, November 22 The women of St. Mark's Kpisco- pal Church will have a Ba/.-iar and Bake Sale Saturday, November 22, from 10 a.m. to G p.m. at the Parish House. 305 South Elm, next door to the church. There will be cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and band made gifts such as aprons, place mats, baby things, etc. -Mr. and Mrs. U-r. Airs. Kalph sisted them in rereivini;. Mrs. Geni-ne Garrott ussi.-Ued by Mrs. i'iiii! Wright, poured; and Miss Frances Hudd. Miss Haze.1 James, and .Mrs. James S. Mack met the guests at the door and saw that ; each ivt;isti-red in the guest book. i Sixt\-five guests called during I the course oC the afternoon. Mrs. \\hitson was Miss Bertha AIcKwin of Paris, Texas, and Mr. ; Whitson is the son of the late Rev. i I John K. Whitson of Blossom, Texas. The couple moved to Arkan-1 I sas in Dili, liviiiR at Batesville! 'and Newport before moving to; Hope.. They lived at 1408 South Main for many years before mov- to Little Rock in 1929. Amon;: former Hope residents i od from the who called to congratulate were tion which Mrs. Gertrude Sullivan Carter and her son, G Bon Carter, and the Misses Ann and Maggie Manor. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. B. Mrs. Lou Woodul of Shreveport, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Cumbie of Tupelo, Miss., Mr. J. T. Cumble and sons, Jimmy and Terry, and Harold Cumbie of New Orleans, La., were the week end guests of Mr. -Dear Miss Dix: A few months.- ago I married a divorcee with a Iwo-yeni-old daughter. For a time Ui'-i':s were fine. 1 love tho baby and trout her as I would my own. R. Young and Hm V evor. my wife seems to resent anything 1 do lo coru-et tho en-lid. Koing so small, tlio baby n.itnrally needs watching, as shi gels into everything. ineliidln.i;', things that could injure her, Oy .. _ ..... . § now the child has become aware nnd Mrs. J. T. Cumbie and family. | of tlu , rnct th ., ( MO1 . mot | u ,,. ,,|.. ; ways takos her part, ami screams Cumbie Is spending ; win-never 1 come near hor. in New Orleans as] j N j her sons, J. T. and. Answer: Since you have assum-l I ed the role of father in supporting you wife's child, you are certainly Mrs. K. R. Crutchfield of Cam- on'.itled to a share in her upbring- den is spending Ihe week In Hope I inn. Your wife is apparently on visiting her sisters, Mrs. Hnrvcy the no. u otic sid<\ which suirprisiiiR considering the time si.< hnd nfU-r her first luis band's desertion! It may tnUe a wlvlo fivi hor to strulr.hton out, n the nxs.ntlmt',' siifcROSl she eon suit a t'octor'Vind follow bis ad- I vice faithfully.- If she continues in- terferiiv; wtth' Jour ntten^pfs vlo correct tho child, Ihi re w'ill'ho another nervous case In'tho family. A well-iidjuslf-cl chllu is the- piud- u;-t of a ' harmonious tome svid .-.! the ir.te your wife Is-- piwjvess .11-4 there won't be much' hi.ir- r.onv In yours. Nasal Voice A Handicap the hoy for some time, but hnvr- been out with him only once. Would il ho- proper to cull nnd In- vitp nlm? I'vo h.icl ffillnros beforo xvl.en t'vr asked hoys to tfo to such things, so I'm n bit shy about, t'-is oreasion. Ptli-'.J'jLKO Is not 1 Answer: Uo nsk the hoy. He'll -. m-dbably lie delighted to.come. Do i '>nt be discouraged by your past 1 failures. They ivappon to everyone. she hns found tttfc right • you apparently have. Your . should follow n "hands off at this pcilnt and let CH-OR pfor:cpd as Jou Wish. Uitro is absolutely r> i him to whi(h youf people iftt Joel, they should OP happy hiivo n prospect of si, happily. Hood luck. . , by Bell Sytidltirttl Burr and Mrs. H. O. Kylcr. Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Bruce and children. Kdward, Jr., Judy, nnd Cheryl Lynn, of Detroit, Mich., arc visiting Mr. Bruce's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bruce. Mrs. A. Camellia Garden Meets with Mrs. Club Hairr On Friday. November 14, the Camellia Garden Club met at Ihe homo of Mrs. N. R. Hairr with Mrs. B. W. Kdwards and Mrs. Dexter Bailey as co-hostesses. The meeting was presided over by tlu- president, Mrs. Robert Ri- E. Slusser has return-j General UDC Conven-j convened In Biloxi, j Miss. The Arkansas Division was the recipient of many awards. Mrs. Slusser, division historian, received the K.pperlcy Banner for reporting the best historical work along all lines, and two silver cups for essay and research work. * SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • THE YEAR'S BIG ADVENTURE! "Our family knows how to cook with gas. We were all brought up Cooking on a Gas Range. Thai's why we bought this new Automatic Gas Range . . . Wo just didn't want to start learning how lo cook all over again with i substitute fuel. My mother just can't get over all the modern automatic new features on our new Gas Range. She even enjoys just looking at them! We're sure glad we swapped our old stove (or this completely Automatic Gas Range I We got a liberal trade-in allowance on our old stove-and it was installed FKEEI" . in «nd lot ui f It you In « ymouth, the first truly in tho field • at your Plymouth dolor's Thursday/, NOV. 1O Elizabeth THREAT! Dewey MARTIN '•'••'•'•<•. V.^'JIV*'* &***** SStesM*' IN THE NEWS: FILM STORY OF THE EISENHOWER VICTORY! TUESDAY NAVY GUNNER GUYS BLASTING THE SKIES! "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" TUESDAY STAR Now Feature James Fuller Russell of Soulh- i orn Methodist University spent the ; week end with his mother. Mrs. i Lois Russell, and sister, Mrs. Or: vilie Taylor nnd family. Mrs. Char'• Ics Harrcll accompanied hin\ back | to Dallas lo visit her daughter, i Mrs. D. B. Russell and Mr. Russell. | Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Taylor and : Sandra were the week end guests j of Mr. Taylor's parents, Mr. and ! Mrs. O. P. Taylor in Pine Bluff, ! who accompanied them home for I a visit. Top Radio Programs NKW YORK, (/V)-Listcninj! lo- NBC — 7 Mcllnc Show I) Voorhees Ct.ncorl; 8:30 Band of Aincr- it;i. t'l!S—7 Suspense; tl Hadjo Theatre: '.) Hob Hawk. .•\HC'--ti:30 Lone Ranwer: 7 Henry Taylur: 7:30 Rex Maupin. UBS-7 Woman of The Year; 7:31) Crime Hoes Not Pay; »;0!) Reporters' Roundup. Tuesday: NBC—0:30 a.m. Double or Nothing. . .CBS—9 a.m. Godfrey Time. . .ABC—H a.m. Breakfast Club. . .MBS—10:30 am Queei For A day Dear Miss Dix: In the last low: months I have become aware of an exce;.--"ivo nnsul sound in my vm- cc. Periuips this has existed long- or than reali/o, but wonKl like Vt'fV mi.ch to con-eel Ihe defect, H. K. Answer: First, consult a nose Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Reynolds of Opelousas, La., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malone and Peggy j of Camden spent the week end j with Mrs. Reynold's and Mrs. Ma- ! lone's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. I M. Levoretl. LEATHER INSOLE At lost the insole, weakest part of any shoe becomes its /ifesaver. 1 PAT O'BRIEN^ Comiron MITCHEIL •- RIALTO • TODAY & TOMORROW G-MEN vs. KIDNAPPERS! RESISTANT There's a Stnr Bi-itntl shoe for every job! • NON CURLING • NON CRACKING • STAYS SOFT and PLIABLE 4.90 Girls Brown LOAFER Mrs. H. C. Whitworth has returned from a visit in Houston, Texas, with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Hammer. Mrs. Hammer entertained with a house party for five o) her Arkansas friends. College Notes G. Ben Carter, grandson of John A. Sullivan, is now in first year of medical school in tle Rock. Mr. his Lit- Don't miss this special for Tuesday. Odds and ends but a real value. Not all sizes. Did asked A Texan, seeing a man riding 9 motorcycle for the first time, got his gun and shot «t it. ,you get the critter, pa?" his wife. "No", he replied, "but I sure ma.de him turn loose of that [man." —Lorene Harper J. G. Darwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Granville Darwin, is in his second year at the University of Arkansas planning to be a research chemist. J. G. is the grandson of Dr. J. G. Gentry of McCuskill. Parents Killed, Leave Eight Children SKATTLK. l/Vl — Kiuht Sciilllo ••nilch-en \vere left orphans today by the traffic death of their father and mother. A Hi-year-old girl left as nominal head of the family was trying to make plans to keep live family under one roof. 'The. parents, Halklor A. Byron, 31!, a longshoreman, and his wife Josephine, !!">, were killed early y:,--tord;;y by an automobile as th-.-y walked along a Seattle road The surviving children are Beverly, 10, and Robert, 17, who left home r'riday night for San Diego lo receive boot camp training in !iv Navy, and these younger children: Harry. M; Darrell, 13; Flora, 12; Keith, 11; Jonny, (i, and Vickie, r>. Coroner John P. Brill Jr. said a_chaplain til San Diego said ho would aid in gulling a leave or discharge for Robert. Meanwhile, assured of aid by relatives, Beverly said she hopes ti keep the family together. How she will {!o about it, she didn't know. ami throat specialist. If yon feel! iinahle to see one pi'iv.iU'ly. t'.o lo the clinic of the eye, ear, noso; nnd throat hospital in your city.; Su-umd, nttend a speech i.-|ass. Ono ctvi easily be located through the classified pages of your telephone, book, tin- local Y, W. (.', A., nri luc Ac'nlt I'lducation Di'pnrlmonl j of your public school system. Dear Miss Dix: I work in an of- fije with several other Hirls anil one man. The man seems to have plenty ot lime on Ids hands and w.md'ei's around visiting here and thure. 1 hnvo my own offiee aiut ne spends most of his time sitting thoro lulklnK lo nu- whi-llu-r I ,im busy or nut. Whnl can I do to discourage him tactfully? Deal- Miss Dix: 1 am '.!() of iM'.i 1 i.nil have been K'HllU sloady wil-h ii boy of tho snnm ii>it', ro lii;ion 11:^1 eulttirtil back ground. a;ivo hi.il many boy friends be lore hut they cumo Htul Went, meanln;; nolhinn lo mo. ThiMi two yi-iifi oj;o Grow enme along nnd 1. was Mire as eonld ho thnt he wiis :<iul is ihf only Ono. My (Mi-onls, howexcr, tli.hik I shoul:! 11.< with othor boys. in.sU-ad siirkini'. to just one, Greg .tr'Mi't i'onsideriti}; mju'riuge for :l \vii-le ::iiHM> wo tmlh hoVo our college educations lo finish. Do you think no parents are ristht to try ! to sway my intiul? Incidentally, ihoy Imve absolutely tiothltiK •*• Mains! Gri-g, except the fuel tlvnt I vo started .iioinu steady sooner ll'iMi tin v expected, 13. B. Answer: An Inlollitioiit jjlrl of :'.i) is o\vi enough tu KO steady II' For coughs nnd ncute bronchitis,! coMs you om now 8 c '. 4 y 1 *°| n '!jl, a snecmllyprcp.iicd for Children Wan* pink ami blue package «rtil bo sttifci (1) Your chtUUViltlikc It, (2) U couinins only snfci of Ju.itj ingredients, . i % . lim l )j (3) It cont.uns no narcotics TO i lutli unlurc's procc««. .ij.Ltj (4) U will nld nnltire to ipotHf^ hctil raw, lender, inflnmcd t"™?! hi-oncliinl mcmhrnnw, ihirt rejre the cough nnd promotion sleep. Ask for Crcnmuhlon dren in the pink nnd blue ptu,..,.,,^ ( CREOMULSIOI FOR CHILDREN > isliovoi Coughi, Ghost Coldli Acuto B(«*t] Coming to Little Rock for* Dec, 1~Dec RirilArtO RODGERS «nd OSCAR HAMMERST6IN Awocialioa with ULAND HAYWARO £ JOSHUA IOOAH Answer: Someone. In uiilhorliy hiit'iild certainly bo able to find work for the wanderer.. Unless,, course, he's tin; boas-' '-himself, in which ci.se. there Is nothing to doj but put up with him. 1 certainly i admire your briglit oran.no wrltiiii;; paper. | Hospital Notes Hear Miss I'Jix: It has iil l.ri-ii out family custom l!u;l ll.i- brie .(..'s and Kronm sh ire cuiuilly In the I-XIH-M then- wedclinj.;. My tiani t- a mat most poopli: befli.-vc il cr for llu- lirkk-'.s family to i-:iri' of the (-xpome;;. My arc deai- set on this "fil'ty-lit'ty" i prv,|.'iisilu<n and I halo to offi-nd, them b;- brinuint! up Ihi: point. JUST .\n«wi'r: Your fiance is ly corn-cl. All tlio expenses of woc'dinj; list-It,, with ll of a few minor items, (U-ycjivt- u,M on the bride's fumily, ju-conlin.. 1 ,' lo custom H'-norally aceepted in thii- cot nlry. Dear Miss Dix: I niu 17 am want lo invite a boy to a pnrly my bro'her Is hnviiif;. I've Wiodnesdo and Saturday^: N!"h(« «!'40 P, M. AH i Holf-udtlnwsoil (itnnipotl envelope. Bqx ,oj open 0 A. M. to 1s80 V. M. ' ', ?, f , PRICES: Nl Matincrs: $3.GG. $3.03, EVERY TICKET WILL 8£ : SOLD DELAY - GOOD SEATS STILL AVAILABI luhts $1.88, $4.27, $3. $3,05, Branch Admitted: Mrs. Cecil Dustin of. Waterloo, Freddie McCally, Hope,; Mrs. Elmer Hampton, Hope, Ur- \ sena Cole-man, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. T. O. Butler and buby girl. Hooks, Texas. Clubs TER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes ore Fitted Correctly" 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 7-6700 DeRoan Christmas decorations made of inexpensive items we have in Hie home was used as the theme of the November 10 meeting of the DeKown HOC which was held in the home of Mrs. Arnold Middlebrooks. Some of these things were old light bulb«, barrel hoops, pine cones and holly. Eleven members and one new member, Mrs. Ernest Ridgdill and 2 visitors, Mrs. Lyle Allen and Mrs. James Neal and Mrs. Bluck- wood were present. Mrs. Middlebrooks gave Ihe devolional followed by the Lord's Prayer led by Mrs. Sam Roach. During the business session the following officers were elected: Mrs. Buck Rogers, president; Mrs. James Lauterbach, vice-president; Mrs. W. C. Cassidy, secretary treasurer; Mrs. William Steveson, Reporter, after which games were enjoyed by all. The hostesses served delicious refreshments after which the meet! ing adjourned. The Christmas par-] ty will be held in the home of Mrs. | Blackwood, Dec. 8, with Mrs. Joe \ Lauterbach and Mrs. T. J. Purtle i co-hostesses. Everyone is lo bring i a gift to exchange. I Ut's SWAP MOW/ ' fti " See the GAS RANGE of the PAY It's i CALORIC On Display ot Your Friendly iflilltlfrllk i*^!j*^^^£^^^L^^^&n^' OVER 500 Yds. OVER 500 Yds. Doyle On Nov. 6, 12 members of the Doyle Home Demonstralion Club answered roil call after the meeting was called to order by the vice president, Mrs. Lawton Cobb. The business session included the election of officers for the new i year. Those chosen were: President, Mrs. Odean Westfall, vice-; president, Mrs. Dildy Byers, secretary - treasurer, Mrs. Luther j Westfall, reporter, Mrs. Mark| Jackson, recreational leaders, Mrs. < Robert Troutrnan and Mrs. James Brandon. 1 Mrs. Earl Breedlove who moved I to Howard County the next day, | was given a lovely shower to ex- ] press the community regret at los i ing her. i The hostess, assisted by her daAyjJaUii, Mrs. Robert Troutrnan, s*ii;v£d n$re*Jvn$pt» in her newly,, 12 jngm- • All Brand New Fall 1952 Patterns, Weaves and Colors. • All First Quality Regular Stock Merchandise • All 42 and 45 Inch Widths • All Regular $1.95 a Yard • The Fabric^are Fine for Suits, for Dresses, Sportswear and Children's Wear. ALL PRICED FOR QUICK CLEARANCE BE HERE EARLY TUESDAY MORNING *' ' " V Vs '4 v\"¥J YARD

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