Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 15, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1952
Page 10
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fetttr, 6fl« Wtmb«r, Mre, CiifJ* MU* C»rta Wenry, Club ftttufl* Th* I****? J'uftfor O«r*Wi Clu* mot tor 0*»lr r«|u»»r rt»on«rtjrm«t in* ThftrftU? Nov. H, at 0<l««by nn*r, pr«*ld«nt f called Miff M«tw«fn to«f«ty WIW Th* Lulu tttttatlift Bervjw Of th* Ike Scouts Clearing Way for Visit By WARREN ROOEW8 JR. WAJBMWOTON !*) ~ Preildent Otnct Rl«*t<howrr'« advance icout* .mil*' teereU and «hurmln« pub- th. «W lo. ute* of the iMt MM, Joo Keen* <u. «v.m I "wujr. quiviijr virnicu nit »»•/ »*r the »»«»• d «r for hto confcrenco next Tue» th« fol- Church mat in tt» trney Odrlend, with JWM, Chlim, »ncr«tary, t, reporter, folly Ruth Melt, program eommlttao, Bren- dn Button, chnlrmnn, Mary and M»rth« Ollbort, iwrapboolt, Wnndh ery, emin»elor(i, Mr», C. A. R*c»a, ond j»ie«Hnif t<n-, nhtinuiay night »t irhlott time M«y»r John will ba Rtieft »p«6»«r. It wirt ftirOtw »fmotW6#d tl)»t ft revival meiftlng will bogln Sunday th* p A nuhdo tot »«toii* . vtffi tile 8tti Sjmday and will at Ihreo d«y». .t votnd 1o *cn* money »» Part p«y oh curtelti* f«r » BlrU' lehoul Venn. wai then turned to (ho i6»dor, Mr*. •'. M. topl« of the program at((5d by lx>vo'', A hymn, "Oh, M«*t«r Let Me Walk With Ttaw," Mptthew 19-18-28, w«* The t rwiarlw were by the tedder who then prenonted Mr*'. HC6H Ro»* in « 4i»cui»lon on "#J«din«,a MoUior" »nU MM. 8ot» Magne*» In "finding a Clfltc." Tho cloned by the lofitlor. "" Jio»t«»ie» hot chooo* (.-ttkus Bmbaj«od wit)* NGER - FIATURIS - 2 oyco RH«y, v|c«.pr8»W*nt r Jamen Trumnn. the Information gather*-™. Mat •ochuietts' Son, Henry Cabo Lodge Jr. nnd Detroit banker Joi«ph Dodge, went about their PRESCOH NEWS November 14 Pioneer meeting of th* Pr«- hyterlan Church will meet Sunday si 4:M P.m. The Youth Fell«M«hlp win m**t at 6 p.m. Super will be by MM. Charles De#8 and Mr*The Youth Fellowship of the Methodist Church will meet Sunday si 0 p.m. tiuks Mr», Joe Mr§, David Waddl*. Work wai don« on the yenrbooh. Aftor the conclualcm of the meeting ln»ld* a iictMmposed, no tlny cocoon. Neither Lodge, who ls Elsen- liaison with nlmost oil wan given to each tho »pon*orlng Oardert Club*. Coming and Going M»». M*IWrd Hobftrtu hnn return- d tA hfff homo In Miami, Okln., Bft«trU» vi»Jt with her brottwr, Cnrl find Mr». Bobart». V ijovernmcnt Bi:d«ct Durnnu, nor bwt Dodge, thu v/hf , ir,ke» over there, liad any ropor't on their pro«rc»n Ixwlge mode It • Icsr yesterday. bin flr»l on the Job, thnt ho was «»Hln« questions, not answerlnB tn«m, In sWrt sleeves, making phone ci.ll from hi» Senate office, Lo^«e« told roporterB only that hits gathering "top secret" Informn from tho Trumnn ndmlnlstra will be a young peoples ,ervlce at the Church of Natarene Sunday at 7 p.m. The Training Service of the First BnptUt Church will meet Sunday at Wi»lk«r 'AN, U8N, hns reUirru-A to hi* *hlp, the U88 tftHo Chsmplton, «K«r upending M day* with hiA parohti, Mr. and Mrs. Hobort Jjfnlkor, Ho ha* been «to- Uonod nt* Norfolk, V«., fo'r the paet few a, WHO RUSH m oisERi's TRIASURF' fedH-rtttfon of Garden Clubs wero r«prt!*«ntcd at ihd Southweit DUtrlct Jfofoe In Arkad(»Jphln On Friday, NonV H, by thc'tollowlns club* nnd r«»-pocllvo marnber*: UnftwHI, 1WM. J"d Martlndnlo. Mr». Clauilo ^Wunn, Jr., Mrs. Will- torn Tollwon;\Dnhlln, Mrs, B. F. ifin, Mr** Roy kuofc. Miss Allen, MP,*. Olof LAick; Onr- , MM. c. C'. uwiji; Jri«, Mm, fetteiai I^llac, Mrs. C. C. , JVIM. Itoinovh A"*^ 0 "? 1 Mr*. B. I.. RetUs; Roue. Mrs. 3. C. Carton. ChnltoTwin unU the fcd- ornilon report was «lv«n by Mrs. Whigflold. Loonl dubs giving reports wcro Axtilon. Camellia, Dnh- liit, Catdei'U, and Ulnc. Mr, and MN. A. B, LnnforU of Son Antonio. T*xo«, onrouie home ft't-m P visit In Detroit, Mich., will spend tho w<4<k end In the Levins home, 840 South Woshlnn- ton. tl'in. He described his schedule today In this terse fashion: "I have an appointment with u mnn who wonts lo see me In confidence." I'ractirnlly nothing has been heard from the other half on Dodge tenm since h* started In Wbinlngtnn lout Wednesday. Dodge unnouncolng to wntch — but not i.'ritlctee or advlic — while budget ofdclni* put the finishing touches to the last federal budget of the Truman administration, which go u« lo Congress In Jnnunry, Monday, November 17 •flu! WMU of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday afternoon st 2:30 at the church for the monthly Royal Service program. The Wornan'9 Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday afternoon nt the church at 2:30 tor the fall itudy on Homo Missions and Human Rights. Mrs. L. C. Oatlln will be the leader. Rjlnbow Girls Have State Meeting Th« Order of Rainbow for girls held a stated meeting at the Masonic Hall Tuesday afternoon at 8:30 with 29 members present. Miss Joan Gilbert, worthy advisor of the Prescott Assembly, announced that the next stated meet- p lng will bo held Nov. 28 :it 3:30 Dodgr and other 1C I s e nhower'p.m. for the purpose of centering nlJcs have emphasized thnt the- j initiatory degrees, tfofornl will not accept responsibility for anything In tho Trumun budKct. dun. Bridges of New Hampshire, Republican floor leader In tho senate, ciuotud Dodge Thursday an Buying thnt most of the prelltnl nary hen ring, on which the budget estimates nre based, have been completed. Bridges sold the drafting was "almost In the post- Hospital Notes Branch .'''••.. Admitted: Mrs. Aa-chlo Stone of Ark. Mi^i, W. T, Hnrt, of th« SO thtatras In clpatlna In thai lit Annual Movie ittl tdcMlme you att«hd the theatre lure to vote for the actor Also, vote for one local dw 7 thru 12, Results ,dqUy.' ^erriorflbar, the to c;a*t your vote! Mrs. Ellis Stewart Hoitess to HD Club The Prescott Home Demonstra- MON, mortem stage" before slopped'In. The White House, meanwhile, with n tip that the Elsenhower- Truman conference will deal primarily With vital foreign policy, defense* and money mutters. An .1 imyimct mont yesterday said thnt nmong those sitting on tho Whit. House tislks will bo Secrotary of| State Achesoii, Secretary of Do-' fense Lovett, Secretary of tho Treasury Snyder uhd Mutual Security Administrator W. Avurell Harrl- man, Lodge nnd Dodge will be at El- senhower's side after the general (ir.vt moots alono with Truman in the Presldotit's office. Presumably, the Korean War and Elsenhower's j>li»n to. vl»U Korea will top the I'Hfnda p.t tho Elsenhower-Truman It'to-utw, Republicans nro planning a big reception when Eisenhower hits 'town 'hi«sday by piano from Augusta, On. President Trunrum hns ordered time off for nil gov ormnont workers who can bo there to Join in the city-wide welcome. of tho meeting, sun ty Trumnn and quickly endorsed by Elsenhower, is to pro vide for a smooth transition from tho old to the now administrations. The gunernl Is expected to steei clear of any definite commit ments, however. 17odgti showed no haste to get in touch with tho State Deportment, contrary to some expectations, Officials of thnt agency said that, up to last night, he had itvndo BO movo to communicate wivh top diplomats there. Lodge, after u round of talks ycgtcrday, Joked about his defeat It the Nov. 4 election — "I'm one of the casualties of the victory" — but said he know nothing ubout talk that he may bo sliued for appcintment as secretary ot ilate or secretary of defense. Lodgf lost His bid for re-doc tion to Democrat John Kennedy, now a Massachusetts Uve tion club met Tuesday, Nov. 11, with Mrs. Ellis Stewart. There- were 10 members present. Mrs. Carroll Brutton was welcomed as 11 new member. Mrs. Madge Burgess, HD agent gave a very interesting demonstra tlon on making "Holiday Candles." Officers elected to serve during the coming year were: President, Mrs. Tommy Rowe, vice-president, Mrs. Sid Purtle. secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Allen Er- sklnc, Jr. publicity, Mrs. Dale Ledbotter. A note of thanks was extended to Mrs. Jimmy Duke for her faith ful service to the club during the past two yours. The next regular meeting will India's Plan for Peace Is Before UN By BRUCE W. MUNN UNITED NATIONS. N. Y., <UP) — Indln's long-awaited resolution for settling the Korean War wai In the hand* of United Nations delegations today for their const aera'lon. The measure, which was no expected to be presented formally to the general assembly's main politic:*' committee before th middle of next week, was under stood to coll for a .neutral com mission, to handle the war pris onor repatriation question whlc salon-luted the Panmunjom true talks. India's move in the U.N.'s bl.. Korean debate was awaited anx lously tecause the Indians wer known to Have sounded out Com mnnlst China on a possible pcac settlement and they had indicate that they would not submit an resolution unacceptable to M,a tze-Tung's Peiping regime. The Indian resolution, accordin to Informed sources, did not mention specifically the proposal ru- mnred earlier as a suggestion by India that all prisoners should be freed on an Island off Central Korea under the supervision of the neutral commission. On tho island, according to this plan, prisoners willing to go home would be given transportation and those refusing to go home would be provided with food and shelter. Alhough this idea apparently did not appear In_ the formal draft 01 the Indian resolution, it was snid to have been included in a lengthy memorandum includ- Coal Prices Boosted by Government WASHINGTON (ft — The gov- The OPS explained th* was granted to offset th« fl.50 !>cr day soft coal miners' wage 1* crease approved by the Wage Stabilization Board, and the expectation a rimilar boost will be grant* c-J hard coal diggers. OPS officials said if the United mine Workers win the full $1.80 per-day hike they ore demanding. It was estimated any new Increase, based on the $1.BO figure, would bt around 15 cents per ton for hard conl and 39 to 42 cents for soft coal. -•rnrncnl yesterday boosted the (an additional ceiling price calling price of coal. A hearing crease may be granted Industry^ Monday could determine whether to offset this new labor cost, the ceiling goes even higher, or ivliether conl miners strike. The Office of Price Stabilization announced celling price hikes ranging as high as 75 cents per ten on bituminous (soft) coal and $1.35 per ton on Pennsylvania aiv thracite (hard) coal. The Increases may be passed on to the public. Th-- soft coal hikes are effective Immediately on sales to retailers, an; retroactive to October 1 on sales to others. Hard coal rnin become effective Sunday. be Tuesday, Dec. 9, with Mrs. Sid Purtle. Miss Hazel Matlock Hostess to Needle Craft Club The home of Miss Hazel Matlock was tho scene for, the meeting of .he Needle Craft Sowlne Club on Tuesday evening. Miss Dorothy Bradford was assisting hostess. Colorful arrangements of chrysanthemums and a horn of plenty filled with fruit gave a festive note for the occasion. After u pleasant sociable even- Ing the hostesses served a delectable dessert course to thirteen members and guests Mrs. Harold Parker and Mrs. Lloyd Munsie. ed In working papers on Korea which the Indians submitted to the United States and other U.N. delegations. Another thesis put forward in memorpndtim form was the Indian cosivlct'.on the U. N. is spending too much time trying to do business uith Russia on a Korean peace r Ian, according to informed sources. India long has held that the Peiping regime is far more independent of Russia than the Wesl believes and the memorandums understood to indicate that i more direct approach to the Chi nose Communists was needed. .Delegates talked privately of the circulated Indian plan as the poli tlual committee met in a Satur ciuy sciision to hear speakers from Mexico and Peru, both of which countries have advanced Korean pl.ins i'ii their own. In surface mining, "ovnrburden 1 Is the soil nnd rocks that lie. atop the seams of coal. They must bu removed before the POO! oau b taken out. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. Saturday — Double Feature Also "NIGHT RIDERS OF MONTANA" SUNDAY 'ON MOONLIGHT BAY" FARMERS Do you n«ed seeding or fertilizing done by AIRPLANE? We do all kinds at reasonable rates. HOPE AIRPORT Call Bill Watson 7-9900 See . . JOHN T. McRAE For life, hospltallzatlon, sick and accident, Polio and farm insurance. Prepare for the unexpected. Phone 608, P. O. Box 182 PRESCOTT, ARK. BATTERIES for all 'makes of H|ARING AIDS Frne Hearing Aid Clinic SHIPLEY'S STUDIO 1 to 4 p. m. Tues., Nov. 18 A. L. Burns, Jr., DLR ACOOSflCON HEARING AIDS COME IN AND ASK I ABOUT CHRISTMAS DISCOUNTS Legal Notice Mrs. Gordon Danner and Mrs. Ruby Stewart of El Dorado have returned from Boonevllle where they visited Mrs. Horace Green and family. Mrs. J. T. Worthlngton and Mrs. H. W. Reynolds motored to Littlo Rock Tuesday for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Wall and. Linda and Mrs. Annie Hill of Hot Springs, were the guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ingram. WARNING ORDER No. 7458 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Earline Hembree Plaintiff vs. James E. Hembree Defendant The defendant, James E. Hembree is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Earlino Hembree. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 7th day of Nov. 1952. C. V. Nunn, Jr. Att'y for PlantiU John L. Wilson, Att'y Ad Litem (SEAL) Bring the Family and enjoy a Sunday Dinner at DRAKE S CAFE $1.25 Deluxe Dinner $1.25 CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP SHRIMP SALAD TENDER YOUNG TOM TURKEY With Parsley Dressing and Cranberry CHOICE OF sauce MAIN SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN ENTREE \v it h' Cream Gravy .VIRGINIA BAKED HAM With Champaigne Sauce ROAST VEAL With Brown Gravy ROAST PORK with Dressing „.„.-*. n, re SNOWFLAKE POTATOES VEGETABLES TE NDER WHOLE BLUE LAKE GREEN BEANS ; CAULIFLOWER AUGRAUTIN FRUIT AMBROSIA COFFEE or TEA HOT ROLLS CHILDS PLATE 75c We Also Serve a Sunday Dinner for .... $1.00 Whit Davis of Lake Village was the Tuesday night guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dnvis. Omera Evans Clerk Nov. 8, 15, 22, 29. Legal Notice PRANCM PARKINION lirit »H» wefc tl ee*. (UU IM mn\t»t wp Niten't Hill U tK» I lmlly Th«y«r'i morrl«|* IVMVM* N Wkln«t WIU tkl» Aft^lUtaipJlM ftkMWWtf UlktAH ttftMfa Wl^VVIWIf. «WP^pf WWWW W* w *frf DM> Hi*M «)4llfidai ft • Dewey Still Not Interested in Cabinet Job iy MBRRIMAN SMITH AUGUSTA. Qa, (UP) — Gov. Ivtunai E, D«vyey of New York rtivod h*re tod»y to discuss a ortheomlnx Kwoa trip with ideot-«lMt Dwlaht P. Elsen- *«r end r«w»«t«d that there WM "nc pouibUity" of his en.»ring Eisenhower'* cabinet. JOYSTRItT • • K Lt, Charlie Peachey ot Greenville Air Base, Greenville. Miss., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peachey, Tuesday ond had as his guest. Lt. Joe Neal of Macon, Gu, D. L. McRae Jr. was a business visitor in Little Rock this week. FEATURING ALINE'S HOME MADE PIES Mrs. A. W. Hudson nnd Miss Kloise Hudson have returned from Bartlerville, Okla., where they visited Mr, and Mrs, A, C. Hudson .ol lr*qu«nUy pub- Ii»ht4 wid bro*4f)»st reports «t «J»Urht p» either th« »t «t»t» or S«c- Mr, and Mrs. Allen Gee motored to Little Rock Wednesday for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blakely spent Tuesday in Texarkana. Mrs. George Christopher was a Tuesday visitor in Little Rock. LEGAL NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF... HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE No. 838 ESTATE OF THERESA BRYAN, deceased Last known address of decedent: 311 South Pine, Hope, Arkansas Date of deuth: October 17, 1952 The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 30th day of October, 1952. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred nnd precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 8th day of November, 1052. CHARLES HARRELL Administrator 1015 W. 5th Hope, Arkansas Nov. 8. 15. 22. 29. Attention Cattlemen ... Here is a LIVESTOCK SALE You Must Not Miss 1 P. M. THURS. Dec. 18 PIKE COUNTY SALE BARN Murfreesboro, Arkansas 60 head registered Aberdeen-Angus from R. M. & Opa! Stuart Ranch. From as fine an Angus Herd as there is in the South. Angus Offered Will Include: 25 Bred Heifers 25 Open Heifers TO Bulls Several cows with calves at side, 40 of these Heifers are half-sisters . . . would make a perfect uniform herd. R. M. & OPAL STUART RANCH I RAY SIMS, Auctioneer Don't Forget Thif First of Our Annual Production Seles of :«nse, P«w«y said. 'There is no that I will b* in Gen ar >1 Eisenhower's cabinet." I hav» two yt«r* more to go •AS goveinor ol New York and I to s«rve out my term." Asktd whether he would "en- UrUln en otter" to enter th« cab- Dewey *«id. "Now. here's my word wri not your word — is t» t»o*jlbiUty M 1 h»ve time* puWicty H end lor tkr** year*-" ftu» Hew York fovemor ott at Ei»«ohow*r's poct vacation h*»dquarUrs hwre MM. Joyc« Bob* Mr*. £*««* Stoat Mr. and Mrs. Jack Swafford and Mary Alice of Wichita, Kansas were the Tuesday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Me- Daniel. en route to a vacation of his own in Miami U was a gray, overcast day as Dewey landed in Augusta aboard 4 specially-diverted Eastern Airlines flight from New York. D«w«>, two-time loser for the presidency, was expected to be ih* last major caller Eisenhower received U his post-election vacation headquarters before flying to Washington Tuesday for a conference with President Truman. Hegtrty, p«*s secretary to the former five-star gear *r«L See the GAS RANGE of the DAT Iff/ CALORIC On Display at Your Friendly •irt OtSSfOW ,,-;*- ;/&"?,< 'y?\ nfoy, Notomter 15,1*12 MOPI ITA §> thick fouftf IT'S NOT FOR US- 1 BAKED IT FDR MRS. \NOQ0L6y, TO H£R BACK FOR THE MUFFINS SHE BROUGHT US LAST WS6K Tin .OOWN.MIMU 02ARHS SWINGING WIDE A" By Mleha«l O'MalUy and ll . 11* ill t J- JU\.U. Jt Jr, t * OUT OUR WAY HE EVEN LOOKS A LOT LIKE VOL).' HAMA.' VOU DON'T HAVE TO TALK ABOUT PEOPLE ANY MORE -JUST 5HOW COMPAMY •yOUR FAVORITE TV. FATHEAD-AMP 6Q 'TIEe-HeE--THAT£> HIM/" HIM TO A"r- AUU OVER.' LIKE HIM TH' TIME HE TRIED TO CHANGE PANTS WITHOUT TAKIN OFF HIS SHOEO.' WASH TUBES .DusfopTsPEEOiNe iOUR VCARIM LOOKS UKB'TWTWv- ^ y- WH1CH FOLLOW U&p ? gu)(jv- JED F&LL5, THE BRIEF- V 5B BURSTS Ot%N.SPILLIMG THE JEWELS LEAVE QUEECKLY ACCOMPLISH Si YOUR LIKENESS Y3ETS PAIP FOR IT OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major HoopTe AAA3OR 30STIC6 OF PSACE 1'AA <2F1HE CLUS PRONTO THEM IF THE ^ 6TL)FF£O- FORCE Hl/v\"<^>RAlD & Be BOurS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Ma WHKV'O V'TWWK M CPrtWy ? ov "E^? By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY THIS JIVE Y , ME/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger •v^*. t v 'w- ALLEY OOP WELL, HAVE YOU GOT ANV MOFJE WITCHE6 HID AWAY0OMEVWERE THAT REALLY DO / TH' APPRECIATE / TALKIN' ABOUT, WHAT A WHALE / COOLA? I DpNT OF A FELLOW I KNOW NOTHlN' YOU ARE? A ABOUT AWV wrrcHEei . ' T. M. Mif. U. S. Pit. OH. Copr. 1952 by NEASirvio, Inc. ' • "If you really want to hear a funny noise, you ought to m \ hear Rover £ oin g tlirough our garbage disposal unit!" By Galbroith SIDE GLANCES "You don't happen to have an order in for a new car, do^ou?" CHRIS WELKIN, PloneNer FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS FOOT- fZK r & VAUMAN^J ueJUWOKS HAV£ SCOKEO AGAINST NIORS BY WEARING- ffooeAs ANP B&epcAses- BUT LARD HAS A FOB. SWEE TRB/CN6Ef . KNOW TWe WARD., ROBE UP AT SCHOOL. WHeRE THe JUNIORS STOW TWeifc.HATS AMD L FOUND THESE QUO ) NOW MAY6E" IMTRe ATFlC.' ^ibUtL TtLL US WE'RE PASSING OUfcTlMB THIS Lf r-5 FOLtOiV LIKE BOMBS? ' '".Ic Red Riw..g Hood tnu»t h»V9 b«»n «n « %hc couldflft *»ll Ns

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