Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENT THE HATTER. iTji OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker &Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for in- g spection. Special attention is called to £ their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." DAILY JOURNAL. TUESDAY MORMMG. MARCH 27. Walter II Kendall Die. Terre Haute Sunday Express: Waiter B- Kendall, tbe IndlanapolU trav* ellng man who was stricken with paralysis at Galloway's boarding house on North Ninth street, suffered the iec- ond stroke Friday morning and died In great agony at 9 o'clock last night. Kendall's case was of a peculiar kind and attracted much attention from the fact that the flesh of hl» entire body was dead to all feeling. His wife has been at hit bedside since the day sue ceedlnsr tbe attack and all hai been dona that w»» possible to restore him to health. The physicians, however, considered the oaie hopeless fr»m the •tart and bis death was no surprise to those acquainted with the case. The deceased resided at 166 Ashland avenue, Indianapolis, and leaves a wife on* son and two daughters. The remains were given In charge ol Undertaker NIsbet, who will prepare them for shipment to Indianapolis to- Wpeclal Tweeting of V. H. K. P. You are ordered to appear at arm ory this (Tuesday) evening at 8:30 p TO. to take action on Invliallon to attend the opsning of a new Castle Hal at Lafayette on Friday, March 80, GEO. A SBAEyER, Capt. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Dr, Hollo way's office in the Progress block, corner 4tb and Market streets Buy our fine $2 sloe and gel Stod dard's Portfolio of World's photo graphs free—J. Q Sweetser. A democrat dropped into a buaines office yesterday and remarked, ' 'Thl Is a cold day. It reminds me o Cleveland. It was a oold day when h was elected. He killed the business o tbe country and this cold day ha killed the fruit." Henry Rhodes of Jefferson townshl] received a pension of |6 per month under the Harrison administration He Is a good democrat and naturally was Indignant when last week he re celved a notice from Hoke Smith tha his pension bad been stopped. The dance given at the rink las evening by the Brotherhood o' Ball way Trainmen was one of tbe pleao anlcst events of the season of tha character. The post Lenten dance i tbe one which attracts the crowd 1 . Loganiport and for that reason ther was as large a crowd as could hav been desired at the ball l»st night The affair had been very well arrange and was a pleasant success from ever point of view. Hepnbllcun Cltr Cenveutlon Tbe Republicans of tbe City of Lo- ansport are notlfled to meet in the everal wards on ITRIDA.Y. AI-RIL ISiH, 1894, at 8 p. m, for the purpose of nomlna- ing one member of the council from >aoh ward, and selecting delegates to he city convention to nominate a city Icket. The places of meeting will be as follows: First ward—West Side engine house Second ward—Broadway rink. Third ward—Council chamber. Fourth ward—Broadway rink. Fifth ward—Fifteenth street engine house. ' The ratio of the lepreientation will be one delegate for each 10 votes oast for General Harrison in 1892, and one lor each fraction over b. The ratio makes the ward representation as follows: Pint ward Si Second ward TlJ Third ward "_;;• st Fourth wftrd....... • ..-..•••••• •*"• .„ i'lfthward ._ Total delegates 'JJ5 Necessary to choice •••••• •• " The delegates selected will meet at the new court room SATUKUAY, ATOIL, 14TH, 1894, at 8 o'clock p. m. to nominate -candidates as follows: Mayor, Treasurer, Clerk and Water Works Trustee. By order ol committee. J. Z, PO-WELL, Chairmen. Attest: D. W. TOMLINSON, Sec'y, The Mchmldl Trial. The trial in the case ol the State vs. Augusta Schmidt, murder, Is still dragging along in the circuit court at Kokomo, and will probably .consume the larger part of the week. Yesterday morning's session was largely taken up In the discussion and argument of legal technicalities by the lawyers finally resulting in an order that the evidence submitted before the grand jury by Mrs. Kate Trltt and Nora Shirley whose evidence as given at the trial last Friday was out. lined in the Journal Saturday morning, ba produced in court. In the afternoon both these witnesses were again put on the stand and subjected to a rigid cross examination. It is- thought that the State will rest today and tbe defense will begin. The Carlelon Club Dauce. The post Lenten dance given at the G. A. R. hall by theCarleton Club last evening was one of the largest and most delightful social dances of the season. There were about forty couple present and the evening pi oved one of rare enjoymentforthe devotees of Terpslobove. FornofTs orchestra furnished the music, and the gay Carleton member* and their friends danced away the hours of the niirht most pleasantly. Ilernn of m Pernoii*! Character e«»n- •ernlnK t-og»u»PorteM and Ttaelr Frlendu Mrs. J. P- Korlln is quite, ill. Harry Tritt is on the sick list. To Mr. and Mre. Otto L, CHne & eon. Willie Wilkln Is vlsltlr.g at Lafayette. Ben and Mrs. Martin spent Sunday at Delphi. C. W. Burgman went to Indianapolis yesterday. J. E. Medary is back from the Delphian baths. Miss Dora Moore has returned from a visit at Frankfort, Judge George E. Ross returned yesterday to Indianapolis. George Wild spent Sunday with friends at Ft. Wayne, To Chae. Gallahan and wife of East Broadway, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. C. W, Graves spent Sunday in Indianapolis. Miss Qulgley, of the Fashion store, spent Sunday at Indianapolis. Mrs. Foster, of Wabash, Is In the cUy visiting Mrs. John R Mooi'Q. Supt. Gardner aad fatally spent Sunday with relatives at Crrnden. Misa Mary Mulcahey is entertaining Miss Mollle Murphy, of Lafayette. Miss Clara Mehaffle is visiting her mint, Mrs. Tolor Kline, at Indianapo. lis. Fred Beseelman, of Danville, 111., spent Sunday with friends in the city. Miss Lucy Glines Is visiting her Bister, Mrs. Lon Smyeer, at Richmond. Mies Olive Beroth who was teaching school at Marion has returned home. Miss Maggie Cronin, of Blchmond, is vleitlng her sister, Miss Beesle Cronin, Mrs. Chas. S. Peckbam is visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. B. Jones at Crawfordsville. Mrs, George Walters and children have returned from a two week's visit at Royal Center. Mrs. Dr. Bell has returned from Detroit whore she has been visiting for the past month. Prof. F, M. Spwker of the Ht*h school Is at Kokomo, called there by the serious Illness of a relative. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wostlake are entertaining the former's mother, Mrs. C. S. Wastlake, of Muncie. Miss Mollie Morgan departed Saturday for Joliet, III., where she will visit ten days or more with friends, M. Fornofl, jr., and orchestra will goto Kewannathls morning to pla^ for a swell dance at that place to night. Arthur Stuart, of Marion, was in the city yeiterday and last night briefly calling on old bom* friends here. Mr.. Fred Allls and daughter of Danville. 111., who were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. Klein have returned home. Judge Dyer B. MoGonnell and Mr. E. B. MoConnell will attend the funeral of. Mr. Walter Kendall at Indianapolis today. Mr. Harry G. Tucker has returned from Huntington where he closed out his branch tailoring establishment. He had been at Huntington a month or more. - Prof. H. W. Englebrecht and daughter, Mies Clara, are at Kendal- ville, attending tbe meeting -of the German Lutheran conference of this district. Mrs. Jacob Baker and eon, Peter Baker, and Mrs. Foster anfl John Klein have returned to their bom?B in Huntington. They were called here to attend the funeral of Mrs. Nicholas Klein. Miss Llz:de Clendenlng has returned to her home at Hagerstown after a visit here with her elster.ln- law, Mrs.. J. C. Clendenlng on Eel River avenue. •• Miss Mattle Kllbourne who has been visiting her sleter, Mrs. Lille Emmett, and friends In the city the week, returned to her home at Morocco, Jnd.. yesterday morning. Mr. I. S Wade, of Lafajette, G. C. T. of Infliana Good Templars, Is In the city en route from Hebron where he held a very enthusiastic, series of meetings in connection with the G. T. lodge at that place. Valparaiso Star: Mrs. Col. W. L. Brown, of Loganaport, is here to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law, Mrs M E Brown, and is the guest of Mr."and Mrs. Van Horn. Mrs. Anna Brown and two children of Plymouth, are also here. Ttoe modern Way Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man. ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse thesj stem and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleas- an t after effects, un the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. HALF PRICE FOR SEASONABLE MERCHANDISE 5 cents for Linen Collars worth lOc. IO cents for Linen Cuffs worth 20c, 37 1-2 cents for French Balbriggan Underwear worth 75c. 37 1-2 cents for Unlaundried Shirts, No. 1 quality, worth 75c, 50 cents for Fancy Percale Shirts worth $1.00. Oxfords for 75c—Ladies' Oxfords—worth $1.50. 200 Pairs Al! Sizes, worth $150, for 75c. $ 1.00 for Ladies Kid Button worth $1.50. 1.00 for Men's Congress or Lace Shoes worth $1,50. 1.00 for Misses' Heel Shoes worth $2.0O. 1.50 for Ladies' Fine Kid Button, sizes 1 to 3, worth $4. 1.50 for real elegant Low Shoes, all styles. OTTO KRAUS. The Bankrupt Sale. Let ttoe TrntU be Known. EDITOR JOURNAL;—You will please insert in tbe columns of tbe Journal the following explanation that I hope the tax-payers of Logansport will read.and, ..compare with last year's statement of expenses. My texes in the city is o\er $500 a year, and it is reasonable to suppose that I would not be in favor of Increasing taxes If It could be avoided. Logansport has spent more money in the bulldlrg of new streets, cement walks, street and alley crossings, street culverts and sewers In the last three years than she has done in twenty years proceeding. It is unjust on the part of the press, to comment on expenditures without taking Into consideration what has been done by such expenses. Tbe Pharos positively should not indulge in misrepresentations whereby her own political members of the Counelr are wronged, and In order to justfy themselves have to ask the Journal to publish a card which we hope will be read by all parties. The Pharos says that last year's expenses ending April 30. 1893, wero $61,057.43, and the expenses for 9 months this year is $82,228.05, which we grant ia so, bat we shall ask the following bills to bo credited to our account this year in excess of last: F.ric avenue purchase $11,G47.IM Paid in advance for property holder's benellt. -'Imm Paid sewor assessment > ,asi.»u Ine; ea e of electric lights w*>-l Increase tor police on account Metropolitan sjstam for nlnemontlis .•.••- 4Hi>.l J Lhwyere lees on account of. KIIH suits 4.416.0* Piirks wlilcli we did not have last rear - •••- i,Jjy.tv Expenses on new cemetery making driveways l.KW.w Paldonacconnt of engineer expenses water works SK iin_ri« MS 27 Paid school board noo.U0-lJii.iiaa.*! (46,202.78 Thus showing that for nine months, expenses, less the extra, compare with last year's expenses for twelve months. The enumerated accounts, as shown above, f Jr money paid out throueh the various channels over what the demands were for last year you can scrutlnze and with cool judgment ask yourselves bow much of tfcis *36 935.27 could be avoided. The old canal ditch has been a nuisance for years and shculd have been condetnnp.d aod made Into a Rtreot years ago. Tao sewer assessment, the city's share, was certainly a good investment. The Increase In electric lighting could m>t be helped. The Increase in the police we had nothing to do with The lawyers'fees of*4,415was naused by the gas company and was well spent with what Lafayette got stuck for. T*JP money spent on tbe park-a the women and children wiH rot object to The money expended <n trnprov- ing our new cemetery wa» certnt»ly a necessity. The % 375.16 paid to a competent engineer to come here and decide wbst the city wanted to make her fire department ample was an absolute necessity. The school fund levy to the amount of *900 was required by the tax levy according to law and demanded by school trustees. Tbe above statement, I hope, will be read carefully that you may see how much wrong your city council has done you. Tbe editors of leading papers will also please read and see how far they have advanced in doing : wrong to their honest representatives in the council, in misrepresenting the facts through false ideas of political necessities, which is not, in my estimation, vbe proper thing to do. I can assure you as far as I am concerned that tbe 7th of May will end my career In the council because of the mamy untbank'ul people one has to contend with in doing right. Yours, WM. DOLAN Chairman of the Finance Committee A Seuiatloual Book. Tne Journal has only eeveniy-flve copies of Stead'a noted work "When Christ came to Chicago" and those de- siriDK copies should get Hem at once belore the supply is exhausted. This Is the first edition and It is not possi ble to say when additional copies can be scoured wten this supply is exhausted. Come in today. This work is tbe most sensational of the af e and the fame of the great English editor plves It additional popularity. IHarrUfce Bell*. Sundav evening at the home o! the bribe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R Bant w in Bethlehem township, Miss May Banta was united in marriage to Mr. J. H. Keedy, a prosperous young: farmer living in that vicinity. The> ceremony was performed in tbe presence of only a lew ol the intimater friends of the contracting parties. The Journal joins manv friends In-, well wishes for tbe happiness and prosperity of the newly weddedV couple. _ Bo Mot Necl««t It. ___ World's Fair Art Portfolio No. < now on hand. Also numbers I. 2, S, 4, 5 and 6. Any six ooupom and 10?< cents secures one number. It is- net- to late to commence the »erle» a* the> coupons will he run until »11 »r* supplied. Do not tell to iecure thli beautiful and artistic »eriei. Th* views, are taken from government photographs and are perfect AnBirlrnontaK BUM. Yesterday mornidg at an early hour • the residence of Charles Myon, southwest of Georgetown, burned toth<*. ground with almost total loss of contents. The fire originated in a defeo. . tive flue and communicated to a closet, the latter being almost entirely burncc : out before the fire was discovered. It was then t«> late to save the structure and the loss was complete. Farmer's luntlinte. There will be R meeting of lh(& Farmer's Institute in the north courtroom, on Thursday, March 29, 189$, at 10 o'clock, and as this Is the last meeting of tbe winter'* series, the. time and place for holding the next annual meeting will come bafore the Institute for consideration. All are.. Invited. JpSBi'H GDTHRIE, Secretary. B- M. Van Winkle added a fime new safe to the equipments of. bis office. vesterday. NOW THIS IS A FACT Carl W. Keller & Co., the Merchant Tailors, lead them all m the Spring Trade. LOOK AT TBEIR PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way their clothes are made to lit ana then know th« truth. CARLW. KELLER & CO. 311 Market St.

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