Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 14, 1952
Page 2
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HOPI STAft, HOM, ARKANSAS Not Much L«ft by Ctifftdrs hid e fMUd day with n rtory llwt arrived »t the Tokyo of* tic* of tho ot my nownpnper* BtAtt And Strlnen today. Tim item wan nUimpod "up- proved ft* revMfld," It wtd: >wtw<* In KorftB* word of tho t**t WB* out by Winter Five Weeks Off* Still Mild jjlX Units* l»fw tlh Winter only f(v« wcok* "". lh«re wain't a hint of 1h» ry »0B(iort in the eoDntry'i ' i«. mercury won wvctftf to in ih# mid qo» id the Mid nml th« Ohio Vullwy today thft warm »lr Wft< <h»t to Movie of the Week ~"The Big Sky" - Saenger - Sunday and Monday Friday, November. 14, 1951 companied by Mrs. Frank McCov- mack of Stuttgart who visited Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Beard Jr. and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Shell Blakcly have recently fione to San Diego, Calif.', where they will make their home. Legal Notice , November, H 1*52 RUSSIAN DIES MOSCOW W) — The death ot Mikhail Lconov, senior scientific worker at the InstitutR of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences, was reported today in the Soviet press. HOP! STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS •Ik' Dougi** ii th» rtrnl *dv«ntur*r lh» (paeleui out* "Tht Big Br«ok«|*d with him In the romantic conflict durlno Clashes with rival fur traders make for • pirllbdt p«n»tr«tlen of the upper Missouri Rlv«r editing situations, as does also a by KMlbont'4r« Dewty Martin and Elizabeth of the keelboat by hostile Indians, Tnrtatt, "The Big Sky" shows Sunday and Monday are repulsed by Martin, Arthur Hunnicutt al the fit«n0«r thtnttr. and crewmen. A hometic wandering adds intimate suspense to the adventure, with participation of a renegade Blackfoq,t Indian who delights in taking scalps of other Indians. Location background were in the vicinity of Grand Teton National Park. ];>rijfil» tho Atlantic om tuinpi>roturo8 tliero, too. This Fflelfle N » r t K w d»t and Mountain itoteft wpr« i to 8 epfttfyuMji rtorm BC «4ffip*rilw by chill rnlnn and tome But top the r«»t of tho country It WAI n or lit ttt (WrUJopve wontlv yeiterdey, and the Roised and Sold in Hope MttH rwidlfiif of OS dogroe* made II mildest Nov. »3ih In fi. *for«jeo«t»fi predicted dolrcoi. Ihe warm Spoil wot milling upper New tlnalnnd, nrut tfinporii- raoged ttround the bo- ,/A pro- tor ft mnrk iam«Uin«» the N«w York (IMS wan cooler the Mldwent," Vttt n moond* fefqftfh <?' Wnri)) oir from thu ..... idle (.t the country may pu«h tho mercury «* high a* 00, The rooot'dod n hl||h of 80 Wimthfirmpn »ntd it would be all niont uio "Miittimippi nnd wcitward In the South- w*ti»tcrn HBtM, but they warned thBt etoudB might upon the which m expcet M«ht Loi, A)nj«l«» «nd th* ifflion Wtfvp with ririn Ana fov now«r», outhen'h »W,, W* t& % Ht spot jn ijv» nation u W ,1-JM,U1J • OfnfH Br**«l , 0o« bread is a NorweiKm ikU le««y BlrhUHr W thft Amerteoa Wat n», U i« made with ironn that Inv itlot drnotfe end inlvtaaU diuUni t»« *»«<:< PBlf railed by Wallace Martin, 621 Potter Smith, operator of Hotel Barlow. The it "the Third Dj«trlot'Livestock Snow earlier this e»nt» a pound or $130.60, Hey Kids! Color in Gene Autry and Win Prizes! PRESCOTT NEWS Sunday, November 16 The Pioneer meeting of the Pres- j bvterian Church will meet Sunday at 4:30 p.m. Tho Youth Fellowship will meet at 6 p.m. Super 'will be Butler with seven members present. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Edward Bryson, Will IllUUd til U LJiill. iJLlUVi >Vtll UV 1 ' . . served by Mrs. Charles Dews and | lollowod by a short business meet- Mrs. Jim Nelson. . ^', wlth th " chairman. Mrs. Ed 1 Ilasley in charge. Mrs. Wesley Lindsey gave the devotional based on Psalm 13:9. Mrs. Bryson presented the second and third chapters of the study "Scattered Abroad." The hostess served cake and coffee during the social hour. The next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Bryson. The Youth Fellowship of Methodist Church will meet day at 0 p.m. the Sun- NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF ; HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN TIir<: MATTER OF T11K ESTATE OF No. 839 JOHN C. WILLIAMS, deceased I Last known address of decedent: Washington, Arkansas ., i Date of death: October 2.0. 1952 ,- > An instrument dated February 20, 1947. was on the 4th day of No-* vember, 1952, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executor therei under. A contest of the probate o the will can be effected only filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 7th day of November. 1952. CRAIG WILLIAMS Executor 725 East Cypress Street ; Hastrop, Louisiana Tompkins, McKenzio & McRae, Attorneys for Estate. Prescott, Arkansas. Nov. 7. 14 * SAENGER • TODAY & SATURDAY • SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. mc ol There will bo a young peoples service at the Church of Nazarene Sunday at 7 p.m. Tho Training Service of the First Baptist Church will meet Sunday at 0:30 p.m. Monday, November 17 The WMU of the First Baptist WMU Circle 4 Meets In Home of Mrs. A. B. Erskine Seven members of Circle 4 of j the WMU of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday after- j church met Mondny afternoon in noon at 2:30 at the church for the monthly Royal Service program. The Gene Autry Show scheduled for two performances here Friday, November 21, has many acts Including one featuring Jack and Betty Knapp, pictured above. Tickets are now on sale at Crescent Drug Store The Woman's Society of Chris. tian Service of the First Methodist I Church will meet Monday afternoon at the church at 2:30 for the fall studv on Home Missions and will be the lender. Erskine the home of Mrs. A. B. tor the regular meeting. Mrs. Hoy Staintun opened Ihe meeting with prayer followed by Ihf- business conducted by the chairman, Mrs. Clifford Ferguson. The devotional for the afternoon „ „. .. ,, ,,-,•,, i w'as given by Mrs. Louis Garretl Human Rights. Mrs. L. C. Oatlin, Mr8i H:m . ell Hines k , cl the sludy on "Scattered Abroad" and closed the meeting with prayer. A delectable dessert course was served by the hostess. Ike to Stay Neutral in Leader Choice vVASHINGTON, (UP) — Tn- formed sources predicted today thnt D"-ight D. Eisenhower willi Mrs. J. M. Ingram Hostess to Circle 2 of WMU Mrs. J. M. Ingram was hostess to Circle 2 of the WMU of the First Baptist Church at her home on Monday afternoon. Mrs. Otis Langston voiced Iho opening prayer. An inspiring devotional was given by Mrs. Clifford Johnson. After the business session conducted by the chairman, Mrs. Thomas Buchanan, Mrs. Fred ed the study from the book Scattered Abroad. Mrs. J. B. Dodd and grandson, Jimmy Kidd, of Little Rock have i been recent visitors in Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis have returned from Fayetteville .where they visited their daughter, Miss Ethel Bemis, at the University of Arkansas and Ft. Smith where White | th wcre tho ests ^ tneir daugh mission ter Mrs . Fadjo Craven Jr . nnd " meeting adjourned with prayer by Mrs. Johnson. During the social hour the hos- . . The ! Mr . Craven. They were accompart- 'take the hint" and maintain! tess served a dainty dessert course strict neutrality in the selecion to nine members, uf a Si nate Republican lender. A blunt invitation of the President-elect to keep hands-off was issued yesterday by Sen. Styles Dridgos of New Hampshire, who Mrs. Hody Butler Hostess to Circle 3 of WMU \v;i3 Senate GOP lender in the Hind CcnRrcss and who h ive the job ngoin for the ill'!. es told newsmen he will the post only if necessary to ward off an intra-purty fight. Asked if he thought Kisenhowcr would '«eck to install fvii'ndly to his snapped back: ied home by their grandson, Chad. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKenzie motored to Litlle Rock Monday for the day. Mrs-. Dallis Atkins has returned from Little Rock where she was the guest of iflr. and Mrs. Duncan Mitchell. Mr. Atkins remained and is a patienl in the Veterans pital. hos NAME AUdiM. .^\lml bjfi*^**. A," I»Wlip(WffJJ^ ^W •tf«W4 i*SSS> hone Cols* tht •bov« »«««• froiw finnt Autrty'* pi £fn«dl||» fm^lflr" »tf !**V» It ft the |»«ni»«r Th wrif g. v?TO|a«y» N»vim5»r u. Judwi SyHi di l!R,!« w l«.»««««».JPWM.*• M?*«A !•» > *uift*Ol»!?« n*w picture, "Blue nater Boxofflce be_ / '_.i» the three ..„ „_ ,,.„ ... prUe — A pair of blue J«a«t from We»t Bros. Dept. Store; and In p«r»on at the Livestock .. ... to •& Qen* theater rvext Frl- A. B. Tsll.tt, Bob Meny Worry Abowt IHe in Front Lines SKOUL, tod»y: B« way to keep Ko Circle 3 of the WMU of the First Baptist Church met Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Hody Calls for Repeal of Excise Tax l.ITTLE ROCK (/? — The National Association of Railroad and Utilities Commissioners closed out I Mrs - s - °- L °£"n is the finest ot Mrs. Ray C. Adams of Conway is spending the week with her mother Mrs. Imon Gee and Mr. Gee. a loader viewpoint, '1 don't think the president will nave ar.ythine to say about who the majority leader is going to Of." Moreover, he said, he did tu.t b'el'cve the key post necessarily should (jo to a senator who [avortnl Eisenhower for president j Thr tax on telephones is being before the GOP nominating con- paid by Ihe cuslomer, and lele tl'eir a-inual convention liere yesterday with a call for repeal of federal excise taxes on telepnohe rates and railway fares. Tile men who regulate the nation's utilities branded the excise kvies (,r. railroad fares as a rna- jar contributing factor to a loss of passenger traffic by the railroads. her daughter, Mrs. Steele Moore and family in Dallas. She was ac- vcrition ut Chicago last July. •I don't think the qualification .being au 'Eisenhower-be/ore- Cnicago' man should be a consideration," he said. "Fisenhow- 1 am sure, is looking at the p - u'ty as a whole, and anyone in general sympathy wilh the new administration should be accep- Suicide Not to Halt Probe of U NWorkers NEW YORK, (UP)—The Senate Internal Security subcommittee promised no let-up today in ;£^!^ i0 '^ *'™l™! 1 . T- aWhaTbe™ phone service is not u luxury, the Association added in a resolution. Other resolutions adopted by the ; commissioners at the final sesion i of the 4-day meeting: .'. Amendment of the federal N&- tural Gas Act to exempt local distribution systems from federal supervision if. they arc not used to transmit fuel irttdrstate. £. Proposed amendment of, the federal Power Act lo "insure there slu.ll b.' no duplication of Iclcral •••efiulatkn and state regulation. ' Fattest Animal TUe cheetah is the fastest animal iix the world. Found in Asia j»nd Africa, and belonging to the cat family, it is three to four feet long, lithe, graceful, easily trained. nnd gentle. In India and Persia. it is used for • the United Nations de- hunting antelopes at tt «t* Amerlcmu ttm«* w» catch by land. When they get «ito town, how do you U-ll a North Korean Communist from 9 South Kore*u alii'? You can't tell by I* wW Uw tf h% |o*i to the I $*«»''" Cwl R. Davis of lh<? 55»th Police Co»n?atiy in Sooul, soldier from this way: »ad it Three members of the subcommittee said they "fully intend" to continue their investigation of possible Communist influence among Aricricftit employes ol the U. N. Abraham H. Feller, 47, general counsel and acting assistant secretary-general for legal affairs in the U. N., leaped to his death yesterday from his 12vh floor apartment in Manhattan. His friends 9ud associates in the on per hour. JOHN CALVERT RALPH MORGAN PROVED BILLIONS OF TIMES BY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLD'S ~ LARGEST StUtR AT lOt * ARIZONA COWBOY ESTigJTA CAN RAISE BETTER CALVES FASTER with Popeye Color Cartoon Chap. 6 'Black Hawk' Serial Sunday - Monday Told in the Tradition of "The Coveted Waaon," "Cimorrcn" and "Reil Rivet"! Looks Like Milk • Feeds Like Milk PROTEIN 25% FAT 4.5% FIBER >...2% Plus Vitamins, Minerals, Antibiotic Terramycin Your calves will show increases up to 30% In rate of growth. Available at Your Feed Dealer \ vn °- v : sro\ip Mrs. Oliver Adams. The November 14 j group was divided into sections j "camellia Garden Club will ami each was asked a question on at 2 o'clock Friday after- i tin: book which was answered with noon, November 14, at the home! open discussion. of Mrs Norman Hairr with Mrs. | The teachers extended an invi- I eonis Bailey and Mrs. Joy Ed-'talimi to the mothers to visit dur- wiirds as co-hostesses. |in« visiting week. j Mrs. Teddy Jones third grade Mr and Mrs. B. L. Rettig will', won the dollar for room count. n House" Friday evening! On account of ill health Mrs. Au-hley handed in her resignation as vice-president. Market Flurry Termed That Time of Year' By HAROLD HART LITTLE ROCK Iff! — It's that time of the year again — cotton or too prices. He estimates that about i.) per cent of Arkansas cotton already dinned has gone into some kind of loan. hold "Ope I'rom B to 10 in honor of Reverend \\m. P. Hardegree and family. Uev. Hardegree is pastor ol trie Commerce First Christian Church. Saturday, November 15 The VFW Auxiliary will hold a rummage sale Saturday, Novemb h Rov . 'niment [Production estimates ere- ate? n flurry of excitement on the That -.\ as the case Monday when i i., The heavy rains over the weekend niiHle the drouth and forest fires a tliin« of the past. But the nftermnth, like that of receding floods or other disasters, lingers on. The main effect seems to be Iflek of livestock teed, l.ee County farms have done the next best thine. County Agent O. N. Stivers snys •O.'.'nit S 000 acres of soybean straw been harvested as a by-prod Ain't She a Roving Beaut? This Boy Is Hard Heacltd i n the county to supplement Brookwood PTA Meets at School Wednesday liiookwood PTA held their regular monthly meeting afternoon. November Wednesday i 12, in the! futures broke as much as $5.05! the feo.1 shnrtnge. n bale on the New Orleans Ex-| 'HUS j s tlio first time farmers change The decline came on the I in tluit tounty have saved the soy- heels of a new national crop esti-jfooan straw beind combines, says mate of 14.005,000 bales. That's | stivers. •IP2.000 bales over the Oct. 1 es-j Soyhi ;ms stnr certainly is no limate. substitute for the real ihlnR bo The HI52 forecast for Arkansas e.uise it is low in nutritive con was 1,300,000 bales, up 50.000 over t,,.- t , |, it , n in cellulose and rather I VI linn n £> --•.• M i •-•-•••• _...,.. j ^ io i-r 15. in front of the New Theater. : school _auditorium at 3 p.m. with Any member having rummage. ! Mrs. Geoi ye Wright presiding. jss it and bring it to Mrs. . 'i he Lord's Prayer was repeated p.case. pre i'nomas Kenwick. Jr., or 7-BV32 before Wednseday. call by l ' u ' members which opened the j program. In observance of Ameri| can Kducatiunul Week Ihe 5th Bra- Monday, Novemb.r 17 !^' students presented an interest- Mrs. Oliver Adams will be guest «'« Pla.v entitled "Education Knock speaker nt the regular meeting Tne Patmos PTA Monday night, | After the reading of the minutes uy the gold side. Buses The Hempstcad County Classroom Teachers will Nov 17 at 7 pm The blue side! «nd reports from various commit- having won in the recent member-! toes plans were discussed for a •hip drive will be served supper football banquet to be hold on No- 1 ••• vember 17 at 7 p.m. in the Brookwood lunchroom. Announcement was made that meet 'in Hope the armory would be heated and each Satur- thc recrc- by Earl Montgomery Tuesday, November 18 j wl >° is in charge. Garland Brownie Troop under the Mrs. Dick \Valkms spoke on Pu leadership of Mrs. J. W. Franks; I'c School. Our Common Cause." and Mrs. M. I. Dillard will meet ' i Junior High School Library on Mon opened for the boys c( idav, November 17. at 7:30 p.m. j d;'>' who want to enjoy < ! " ation ottered by Earl M lust morth. The excitement over the price drop stops when it gets to J. 1-" WrU'hl, state chairman of the Production i'nd Marketing Administration. Wright says there is nothing too inusual about the price decline, c.M'sideiing the reproduction estimates 'ire up nearly one-halt million bales and harvesting is far ahead of schedule. The pure and simple tact is that there is a clogged market. The state PMS chief reaffirms his conviction that orderly' marketing of the cotton will stabilize unpalatable. But It will serve as .1 supplement to other feeds. Tin- farmers pliui to grind or haniinci-mill the straw mid feed it .'long with concentrates to carry -Utle through the winter. At least three Logim County farmers will attest to the fact that there's money in turkeys, Gordon Hixson, Paris feed dealer, say.; I. M. White was paid $2(1,006 this week for 3.200 turkeys; C. H. Hanson, $1(1,000 for 2,000 sold birds; and L. G. Redding 2,."OI! tin keys for $111,470. Hix.son says turkey raising ntids ' Mrs. Elmc-r Brown gave a taik on in at LiUle House at Fair Park after j "Stand Up for Public School." Th ~ j 1 - 18 Rct- lpl ' csidl> nt's Message was read by DOROTHY DIX Unfair to Girl Bryant will be hostess. Dear Miss Dix: I'm one of those people who hate to hurt anyone's ;Mrs. Harold"Harlsffeld. Mrs. Cald"-1 feelings. I guess you'll call me a i well's room won the dollar for hav- jellyfish when you finish this, but Paisley PTA Has Book j Review at Meeting The Paisley PTA's monthly meeting was held in the school attdi- orium Wednesday, November 12, o'clock with the executive icoting being held at 2:30. The meeting was opened by the : resident, Mrs. George Peek. The ^resident's message was delivered Mrs. Fen-ell \\illiams. Mrs. ^l.a Grossa, .secretary, Mrs. G. C. Cro- ncr, transportation and carnival. nd Mrs. Olin Lewis, treasurer, t,ave re-ports. Mrs. Broden report- d the membership drive as being ilmost 100 percent. I really need advice. Last year I met a girl who seem od to n,c very plain and unattractive, but rlso very nice. We became Kopd friends' and she invited me In a few parties, which I attend- John Cain Chapter, Daughters of j c-rt. On one occasion, 1 was unable to acceijt her invitation and, since 1 realized she was hurt by my re iny the highest percentage present. The meeting was then dismissed, j j Mrs. Kno, r Guest Speaker I at DAR Luncheon November 12; the American Revolution, met on \Vediicsday, November 12, for a luncheon at Hotel Barlow T:K- tables were decorated with bronze and rust colored chrysanlho ; her mums arranged in huge copper con ! We fusal, I asked her out. To me, it was juM a gesture of apology; to it meant considerably more. tainers. Program chairman, Mrs. Catherine Richards Howard, introduced the honor guest, State Regent Mrs. H. A. Knorr of Pine Bluff. did have wonderful time, 'lave continued the friendship very I'olunlaiily. What more do you want? Of course, al this point, it would naturally be quite a shock to the young lady lo be told that you are ivit seriously interested, but you cannol possibly let the affair drift ,-in.v fur'.her without telling her il you desire to break off. The lime | Has come for you to be a little decisive. Also stop fooling yourself I' al your namby-pamby attitude i- due to consideration for other peo pie's feilings; it's not! The only person with whom you are coneeiT A group discussion was held on , Mrs Knorl . spokc . lo tne club on he elementary book displayed by Mrs. Denver Dickinson. A book rt - ,ew on "Seed to Sapling" was giv which was, I suppose, the reason for asking her out again and a- g.iin. One night, fooling, she took my rins frcm my finger put it to Start Eating the Foods You tike! Ycs.nhis very day you can enjoy the favorite foods you passed up before because of f?as, heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion. That is, if you do as millions do — eat 1 or 2 Turns after meals or whenever distress occurs. Tunis start to work in soconds to neutrali/e excess acid. Contain no soda to over- alkalize or cause acid rebound. No mixing, no waicr needed. Just eat like candy, any time, anywhere. Always curry Turns in pocket or purse. Get u handy roll today. SHI on/y 10f « Kail the accomplishments and influence of the American Revolution in National political circles. Shw also gave a most informative i port of the nccting which was held in Washigton, D. C., last month. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, pianist, play- d two Edward MacDowell compo- ilions, "Polonaise" and "To a Vild Rose." These selcclions were clayed in honor of Mrs. Marion MacDowell whoso 9nlh birthday on hers. I never got it back. Sh; oci is -- yourself. Break It Off You're afraid of a few uncom foilable moments when you tell tlv girl you want to break off. Don't lot Ihc r.ffair very nice gift for my j man enough go any further. Be to face the music, UNITED FARM AGENCY Announces with pleasure the appointment of Horace D. Samuels as the UNITED representative at Hope and surrounding area. For twenty-eight years UNITED FARM AGENCY has served sellers-of farms and other rural real estate offering the most effective advertising available. UNITED advertises regularly in newspapers, magazines, and farm journals throughout the country with a combined circulation in excess of 40,000,000. By listing your property with Mr. Samuels, you will have the whole nation as a potential buyer. When you buy or sell through him, you deal with an organization with a record of 28 years of dependable service. When you want to buy or sell real estate See, Coll, or Write UNITED FARM AGENCY Horace D. Samuel*, Representative 101 E. Division St., Hope, Arkansas (Office, 101 E. Division St.. Z blocks north of U. 3. 87. Residence, 602 W. Division St.) Phonos: office, 7-6716; residence, 7-2877 RIALTO • Today & Tomorrow • DOUBLE FEATURE JAMES DUNN MONA FREEMAN "TOUGH GIRL" "LASH" LARUE AL "FUZZY" ST. JOHN "RETURN OF THE LASH" Casper the Ghost Cartoon Chap. 2 'King of the Congo SUN. - MON. - TUES. 0«ft. Eisenhower. Communists) •J* h*4* With Vis- We tmve a tine en mm* of » lo* «f Uu» imporuut ones. ***** wound this bi««*t sunspot ever record I was e«Um«t£4 to cover $i«| uulcs i See the GASRANGE •I the DAY It'* CALORIC On Piiploy at Your Friendly M i tUMS FO* THE TUMMT gave mo a very nice gut lor my man emmis" i» '"•••'- ""• •••• • birthday I have given her sever- tell her you know you will never :u gifts.' too. Now, a year later, | love her and feel the only decent „.,,„ rd like lo know how to call the | thing to do Is stop seeing I.ei. DAR National Board i v, hole thing off. I like the girl very [Then be sure you do slop seeing nrich and have no one else in her. Don't call up some evening but I don't love her. Ho.vjjust because you happen to feel view can I tell her so? DOUG imely, or want a date. Leave her Answer: You are considerably alone! muddled young man and 1 think The only considerate and honor- your chief difficulty WITH Koron UV-A Chinese shell recently fill Cpl, shell recently hit Cpl, P. Porry, Dayton, O.,.6*JUI ly on tho head, ' " L Result: A hole In met, a scraped nose, headache. The shell, wltloh failed explodp, ripped HI* id clown Ills face, and b< Itself In the ground- two In front of. Perry. Fooled them The pocket gopher 5 w»9 r ,. r . y early zoologist* with lujj ouches fnitldD out, since tt' L " poclman used as ft model vrnngad. rvblr In fish two years, foil with Soybeans and the fourths n rice, Sldcllnhts: The old annual Arkansas Kurctorcl show nnd sajo W«L .old at ,Ru8Scllvtllo Nov. 1 If" Chester Munn,' biology L,. at Southern Stntc Collqgo Iri n, olantod swoet pq" his garden lost summer t6| tho grass out. This week H uno hill coiitalnlng seven of sweo' potatoes. . . EH'. Ii. Smith, plant putholoHlst AttrlcuUural Extension Se^"i tlmates that plant j reduced Arkansas cotton lion this year by as muO ., per cent. . , D. 0. BeW» Chnrlotlo, Ark,, produegd", pounds of salable cticump^rsptif thi eo ncrosi . , A farmoi\ < lii A ,i Wnunlnln Pine Community ,01 lanfd County hits fourid •*• ot.ier tanners ~ that chlckpL >ff an u supplement to dai and beet cnttlu raising, C o u, Agent Duval C, Polndc Lewis McMohon nindo ,;$2,( oroilei-s the first nine mon \» yeai, SPECIAL REPRE8E!NTATtfl H Up to Vt.800 annual salary «nd;,li centlve oommlislon to man^'ifl 28, to 45, for apoeUI sal«a work/I Hope as our Estate Control Pl| Speclallat. Sev«n-wo«ki traliiln home office at Hsrtford, ,Cr with salary and expenses pal part of 2-yoH'r training pro(|i must be a resident of Hope,'J Imum of 2 years, rate t< on our aptitude lasts, and denoe of success In formBi«'«(>i tion. Colleoe degree pr«M State qualifications and tee number In flnt letter to: A CAMPBELX A VINEYAI GEN, AQT8,, • * v AETNA LIFE IN8URANC Wallace steins from lh° facl that you really do liki Ihe girl more than you will admit, vill be specially celebrated on No-1 even to yourself, and sub-conscious ly resent the fact that your affect- vember 22. Mrs. John Keck was introduced is a new member. The following were guests for the luncheon: Mrs. jeorge Peck, Mrs. Franklin Mc- Larly, .Mrs. James Pilkinton, Mrs. Syd McMalh, Mrs. Jud Martindale, j g c | loo i PTA met at 3:30 p.m. on Miss Beryl Henry, Mrs. J. Hines I Tnu j. s d ayi Nov. 13, in the Junior ucle way to end n romance is the quick, direct one. Don'l hedge; come to the point! The longer you prolong your dating, the harder it will be on the girl. So if you really of Ozan, and Mrs. Edward Bryson of Prescott. Hostesses for the meeting were Mrs. Robert LaGrone, Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, Mrs. Dick Watkins, and Mrs. Emmet Williams. At the December meeting Mrs Finley Ward, Mrs. Roy Allison, and Mrs. R. L. Searcy will be hostesses. ions have been bestowed elsewhere | ..avc her welfare al heart, make tiian on the glamorous girl of your , the 'fina' break at once. dreams. You enjoy her company, I Mve pleasant times with her and 1 . Dear Miss Dix: I have wri'.lcn you before, bul my letter wasn't published, so I'm trying again. 1 ix-cently discovered that my hus band is having an affair with an High School Auditorium. Although the bathing suit (sit lonst we think Its a bathing suit) Is an early model this lass has Just what It takes to go along with It and more too. Actually this shouldn't happen to any generation and makes the human race thankful that time marches on. This "lovely model" Is luot n sample of the: many which will be presented at tho B&PW Club's style show scheduled In the Hope High School Auditorium Thursday night. November 20. Who is the dame? Well brother If you see this and still want, her phone number Just contact the Star office. $100,000 cash income to Log a n County ouch year. in fish for the pust throe years Looney says ho gotheroe 70 bushels an acre,: and about ! A Lonokc County farmer, KwcM bushels tn acre was loft on rlo The meeting was called lo order by Ihe president, Mrs. Albert Graves. The presidents message was read by Miss Helen Hall. Th" Junior High Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, presented "Kerry Dancers" and other woman. It has been going on, apparently, for many yeari;. Now that I know, should I be cool to him, or what attitude would JOLI advise me to take? K. T, Answer: I'm very sorry your fiist letter wasn't printed, but it is . ... impossible to publish all the letters • I receive. However, a self-adclrea Lindo." I so( j stamped envelope, would have A regular business session was ; Brought you a personal reply held and it was announced that; Th(j ycl . y , nst thing you s | 10 uld Talent Night would be held Dec. , f , o js t() becomc suddenly and in cxplicabiy cool to your husband Junior-Senior High PTA Has Meeting iuiw „ _._ _. ..... The Hope Junior - Senior Hignj 5 Tne SL . V enth grade had the larg est number of parents present, the For young men who want shoes that are new and different !!•**• ^^ ^^ ....milM Either ignore the situation entire Nixon, rays "flah farming works well with ric«," Nlxori told Asnial- int County Agent Lea mon L. Luo- icy he harvested rice from a CD- acre reservoir which lie has hud that Imci fallen down, An Increas wa« disclosed through soil sam nf 1.5 per cunt in organic matte Loonoy pluns to keep the re»' HOPE DRIVE », Following the business session, ^ nop)ng ^ w ju dear in a shor the meeling was turned over tOj.j | ' llei ol . te n yol|1 . husband yo 1 Mrs. Jim McKenzie, program »;ad , are ' nware o f his iri/idelity. In | or, who presented a film entitled | t | lo latto ,. ^g^^ you , nus t be prt- Make Mine Freedom" which was j j ja " rc( j I QI - the next step which in keeping wilh the topic for the, , TU , ny CjU |t e easily be a request month of November "Good Citizens f rom mm f or a divorce or separa- Valuc and Work for Freedom." Dismissal was by the PTA prayer being repeated in unison. Births Mr. and Mrs. Ben M. Davis of Marshall, Texas, announce the arrival of a son on November 13. Mrs. D.avis is the former Joan Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Walker, 12.95 On the campus—at work —or for leisure wear, you can't top the smart styling of the new Roble* Bellow. Built to stay good looking after miles and miles of wear. Easy on the budget «K>! Other Nice Selection* $10.95 to $14,95 Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. John Barrow, Mrs. John Robins, and Mrs. Raymond Robins motored to Little Rock Thursday and spent the day. tion. Don't begin something you can't finish. Make up your mind exactly as to what stand you will take, and stick to it. Don't drag this affair into the light simply to make a martyr of yourself over it, Whal you decide to do depends upon whether or not you still love your hupbanct, how much your marriage means to you in terms of security and social status, and whether or not there are children to be con sic'ercd. Only you, with perhaps the advice of your clergyman, doc tor or lawyer, can make the decision. BROS BONUS W ^'^•i^^^ljp' 1 TWO SMALL GROUPS Qr> LADIES ALL 100% WOOL —EXPERT TAIlORfNtf GOOD STYLES —BEAUTIFUL UNINgS Mrs. H. M. Volentine has returned from a visit to Evansville, In' diana, and Henderson, Kentucky. i She visited her sister, Mrs. Walter i C. Jamison in Henderson. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Gary Formby, Pat' •mos, James M. Case, Hope. Mrs i Tully Hairr, Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. J X-RAY fITTIHOS III Dear Misg Dix: What can boys do about girlg, who persiat in fol lowing them everywhere? } am 15, and my friend Walt is 14. We are bolheml by two girls who shower us with invitations, want to know where we are going all the tifnc and arc, in general, a nuUance We are rot interested in girls, anti ii we ever do become interested, it won't be in "man chasers." «0fl Answer: You certainly seem to have attracted a couple ot leeches Since the girls are so seriously in E Hobbs, Hope, terwtec! in boy*, I guess H'* jus 1 Discharged: Fred E. Barr, Rt: unt-elievitble to them that theit ' 4, Hope, Mrs. G. W. Lafferty of, attentions aren't returned. You'l ' Patmos, Lynn Wiggins, Hope, and ; j u »t have to continue ignoring ttMjfl i Mrs. Portus Gilley, Patmos, tfc*- j as much as possible, even U it' jJoe Laseter, Hope. ! ru-cessary to become downright j Mr. and Mrs. Tully Hairr. Rt. \ Munt about it. 1 'Hope, announce toe arrival o* i Uirls realwe that most adol*s- November 13, Scent bojs aren't overanxioui for feminine companionship, but they are equelly convinced tbat '-n ton* they'll break down the mate's «s»*rve. Of course, in tia?* tb«y I* a son, Btoca,»r««d: SJrs. W. P. O'Steen Be|*ie P. Green, Ar 0, SfowewW, of 1^ GROUP ONE GENUINE FUR TRIMMED COATS Julliord Fine Fabrics REGUUAR PRICES $65.00 to $79.95 $37 JO FIVI COATS W TWIS, 'GI^P « v GROUP: tf.p

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