Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1952
Page 15
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t: ~ 7 2 3 7 A 3 , H 3 P 2 , A ft R A N S A 8 Chick Young OZARK IKI lhu>s<Jay, Nuveittbcr 13, 1952 By Ray Gone Thursday, November 12, 19J2 HOP! STAR, HG?a, ARKANSAS (lumber Of Words Up to IS 16 to 20 21 to 25 to 30 to 35 to 40 41 to 46 46 to 50 Out Da; 45 BU 75 .«0 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 t'eut otner moil '— ur/MA/r S;. : -"-<-7 TH' WILDCATS RF.COVER." ., i rJUWVf ••:•'•{ FIRST DOWN ON TH' Jj. •'*•>, RUSTLCRS 14- >, r v?^> ' ? <SS. A Hf£H BOOT TO <;; . tS 14- >. '^T> •" NE/ .'.>S;-:..--',,i rt.cv ••v./.j.>- w . WITHOUT VfJ ) JjI'OOrt TH BALL / "'" { YARD T LOOSHf j..-.-; -'-i^-aw-.. OUT OUR WAY Py J. R. Willlami By Michael O'Malley and Ralph Lane —^./^ ^VA'^W. Y II f Hl'lf TP>' L MUT^' ^ ,'<• ' \J ' / •TVy THAf-J^aivIrJ'. \—" x / <" itXifi*, AiW / .> • \1 y' , ww BUT wi*. WAMT \~~--\ FVEM MV \ ,V '5<'''/ y Aniwcr to Pravloun LETfe &6E--1 PUT TKE COAT IN AMI? NOW PCS THE HOLST£K... HE'S VVALKN2: WON'T GET PAR, THOU3H/ I KuCKf) HAN * TWO MEM FLANlTEC? |M IT/ tboll Fling HMKfeftWl ,». HCO predlcnmcnt 9 Mlilflko florn 7 D«moll»l»«» 40 Tdke Into niitoity !Pn iholtorod side ZO WHIiei«d •»3Pp*i)vc army ' t llC«morn'» cyo 80 Lot H slNwl •HAninv ' iBSinwll child 32 llrentlwl -Ifi.spnr iXi,«, . 21 J^oillUUt? 3ft Cnmo Into -nNDtinn exlittcnco 4H Shift, Aleiillnn 30 Kntinu'U 'iti K WASH TUBBS LOOK: ;VAHI HE &\.eo THEr RIGHT ? GREAT \ s ';.iUR..WA k TCH DOT! SCOTT..AND ",M ^UP t.CVr TD l.lV(s TORF.VEC ,,'. t^.V.lL*-T« With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSI CAK6AK, JAKE/ (TAr^'T SB iSERlOU' \MOULO f?& VJHO* Hwr\ f">(* »'-'>'( **' *• v-' r /"--»•— t T 'j VtXl'LU ME.HO BRAlMV MEf^ K •fO MBI.P fX'Osi THE- OPFIC& S : OF 3.R 6iMC6 TEA- , POT DOME "- AMD T /. HAMfc NO D6S1KF:- TO GO RiDlMG OUT <5POK6M AiOv ACCEPT By Edgar Martin ROufS AND HER BUDDIES TOWM OM A RA.L/, BUGS BUNNY THAT FLOOR WIUU HELP Pf^i FOR •SOME OF H FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP F SHE'S OO f : OND OV- YOU WHY'D 6HE PKANCE OUT / VS'ELU, . - HEKE 1ALKING ABOUT ( I YOU BEING 1OUCMED IN THE HtAD? I'LL TELL YOU WHY! IT'S BECAUSE 6HE DCJEGN'T APPRECIATE VOU! THAT-' THE \\'AY IT IS WITH MOUSEY LITTLE WOMEN UVCE HER,.. TUtY.iUST DON'T KNOW A GOOD MAN WHEN THEY SEE ONE.' tH» Rr«wh|r ro»d« you promlt* to hav« mid talking About pay «nv»lope«r' •y Gfllbralth "My hutband't an lnv«ntor—-he rigged this up to wake 4 him ftvtry hour to take hi« cold medicine!" By Russ Winterbotham CHRIS WELKIN. Planeteer PRICKUS ANO HIS FRIINDS OOOH! VOl' ~' DONE iTi'ttPRiU'-?'' THE IN FIFTV •*"" TMe 1 IM AU.^J^u^A^^5, MORBID-ONES VOU PIDN T TELL. ANVONE ABOUT "APRIL' PIP YOU? By Carl Anderson CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be in Otfic* Cay B«for* Publication WANT AD RATES AH «vam AU> Ar« Payabto m Advance Bui Ads will Bo Acc«pt«d 6v«r Th« Telephone And Aecomo- dotion Accountj Allowed With Th€ Understanding The Account Is Payable When Statement Is Rendered. • For Sol* ANY type ot gravel gravel, sand, top Including pea soil, and fill Tore* SU One Days Days Month .WJ 1 20 1.50 1.80 2.10 *.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 6.00 4.60 6.00 7.50 6.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 , , dirt. Call Jesse Sinclair 7-2559. O-28-lm CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time .............. 75o per Inch 3 Times .................... 60c per Inch 6 Times ................ 50c per inch Kutek quuieu vjDove uf« toi ton- tecutive iruerliuMb. Irreguiui 01 skip- date ads v<ih IQKC tno one-day rate. All daily notified udvcrtisinfl copy ue ui.ieuied unnl b p.m. tor iiunor. :f.c, loilowifig Uay. The pubiisnei', reserve me ngnt ro revue 01 eon an udvcrtisoment* offering for publication and to re|ect any ubiectionaule gdvertisino «ub- mitted. jt unu ui inoie letter*, groups 01 nyures such as hou»e» or reiepnune numoor* count a» one Tho Mope itar will not be re«pon. lible toi otrors in wam Aai unlest error* are tailed to out attention after FIRbT insertion ot ad and then lor ONLT the ONt incorrect Intertlon. OLD Shover Street School on Yerger School site. 2 story Brick veneer building. Good lurhber available. Wrecked and removed from site. Highest bidder. Right to reject all bids, Contact James H. Jones, Supt. of Schools. Phone 7-3452. 11-61 ITHACA featherweight lO-guage pump, 26^inch improved cylinder barrelT Practically new. Plas tic fleecelined carrying case. $75. Shields Food Store. ll-3t Real Estate for Sale Vctek Speoki Out in Defense of Mantle KIRKSV1LLE, Mo.. Ifl — Bill Veeck, owner of the St. Lmiisi Hi-owns baseball club, sharply criiici/ed a St. Louis congressman yc-.-.U'1-dny for bringing up thej drnft status of Olckey Muntkv Nt-w York Yankee star outfielder. Veecl: declared that it was a "cheap way of making headlines., Mantle is ready to serve his country whenever called just as I Tigers to Play Little Rock Saturday Night Yerqer Tigers wiit play the Dunbar Benrrats of Little Hock, Sat- night at Hnmmons Stadium. Top Radio Programs NF.W YORK W — Listening tor.ipht: MHO — 7 Roy Rogers; 7:30 Fitthor Knows licst; 8 Truth 01 dmseqi't HOPS. NBC - ti:HO Mindy Cm-son; 7 Molt Millie; 7:110 Junior Miss. AUC -- <i:30 Silver Kn«le; 7 Top G\>v; 7:;;o Newsstuiul Tin-liter. MHS 7 Modern Cnsnnova;, 7:;«) ll.ird.v Family; »:IU Rod; I'nd Gun Club. ^.......,j ,.,.v,.^.v. v.«i.v*. Jfc ..j. "-''iirdiiv ni^ni ai nuiunioii.s mm any other patriotic youns citizen." | Kit , koff will lu% ,,t 8:15 p.m Rep. Thomas P. Curtis said Tuesday In- wanted an invest! Friday items: NIK' •-- i> n, m This promises to be a thrilling; wicome Travelers gnme with the Tlflers fighting to j.,. :u) ]K |VK c,ra\\A Slam. . ADC luesclay lie wanted an invest!- ganlp wllh tno T | 8ers fighting to j.,.., 0 „ tsut'on ,.f the army's draft method j get b;R , k in(0 cimfr ,. onco runner-up _.' 10 .,' to del..-, mine Its consistency. He: position following the 34-0 defeat' lion .,|,. 0 listed two cases In which he saidj nllndo( | thonl by i jiintl sloii Htth ,,, „ the army had accepted men with - t „„, Sprinfis ,.;,,, weel( . serious physical deficiencies for! limited service. The congressman! 1 >K^ startup line-up: Q u ,,,, n . CHS in. Grand Slam. m. Live Like A Mil. . , MI1S • !«::«) ;i. in. added Mantl Hint he wasn't criticizing j John Shaw. LK, Hoscoe Smith, personally. The Y n n k e e j LT, Jeif McKadden. LG, Willie Phone 7-3431 Do You Wo Ik to Work? Get a Christmas present for yourself, your son or daughter, a home uptown. 5 rooms and bath, Venetian blinds. The down payment is small the payments are small, what are yoi' waiting for? R. D.' FRANKLIN CO. A. P. DELONY, Manager Advance adult tickets, 75 rents, JLILllllllVll'IAlMIUIIJ. i »»v «.»...»». «|— ». — — - • ...~. .......... , oiiifielder was rejected because of; Gamble. C, Dauial Martin. RG, I ore M\ ^ sale at Stewart's^ Jewelry, a ' chronic knee injury. HOPE STAR Mope 1899; ttd January Preii 1927 16, 1929 Services Offered Published cver> weekday afternoon by STAB eUBLl&HINO CO (, I Palrnflf pr'"l<l<"' Alax H. Washburn, Secy-Tre«. At Ihtj »tar Ouilamfl YEARS of experience In floor sanding and finishing. Dale Rogers, 912 W. 7th. Phone 7-2234. O-21-lm Alux rt rto.iiouiu, tuitor & Publlihef Huul M. Jones, fAonuglna tditoi ^..ijc •••. noiiim, Mutn, iupt. .^.j n u)u«is, Ausoirisiny Monagei ,ILJ t»as* matter at nope, Arkansas* under the Act ut Morch 3, 1897. ot ll>« Audit Ciicuiatiani Bureau of Subscription Rates (payable in od- Hupe anO neighbor- .25 ;.";.'.'.' i3.oo ricmpitcad, Nevada, luru, and Miller coun- 65 1.60 2.60 4.50. 1.10 3.25 . 6.50 13.00 and long distance Hauling. Also local moving. See Dannie Hamilton or call 7-3G11. O-23-lm For Rent ROOM duplex apartment, unfurnished. Front and back entrance and glassed In front porch. One Block from school. 423 N. Elm Phone 7-2405. after 6 p.m. 7-25JO. 29-tf Juniors Play Tonight; Cats on Friday Friday night the Hope Bobcats play host to the Arkadelphin Badgers at Mammons Stadium starting at 8 o'clock. The Badgers, coached by Jack Bell, have had a rough season but are considered capable ot giving the Bobcats plenty ot competition. Although heavily favored the Bobcats have not won a gamo in; the last three outings but they; weren't beaten last week' being tied by Magnolia 18-all in the final minute of the contest. With nothing at stake but prestige the Bobcats following the Ark.- adelphia contest with a road trip to Smackover and return home Turkey Day for a battle with the strong Texarkana Razorbacks. Tonight at 7:30 in Hummons Sta-i dium the Hope Juniors end their | grid season with a game against the Baby Scrappers of Nashville.' Monroe MeFiidden, KT, Vornon Herbert Burns. Crescent Phillips HE. Milton Green, HUB,'Jacks Newsstand, Calvin's IMace. | Sylvester Davis, UIB. James StU- Hicks Kiuu-ral Home. Hoynl Glenn j art, FB, C. Shewa'rd Willinmson, i ers. Folgers and Maxwell House COFFEE 85c 1 Lb. Can GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 Bo ba 95c ROOM unfurnished apartment. Private entrances. 1st floor Pecan Grove Apartments. Dial 7-3471. 10 " PURE LARD Pound Carton 49c AUNT JEMIMA MEAL 3 ROOM unfurnished duplex apart jnent. Screened in sleeping porch. Phone 7-0691-after 0 p.m. 13-01 Notice Nui i /•%avenisiri'j Representatives; Arkanias, Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Stcrick 61dg., Memprus 2, Tenn., 505 Texas aanK Bicig. Dallas i, lexas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 E. 42nd it., Now KurK I/, N. V.; 1/63 fenooscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Ok la. NEW and renewal subscriptions ,to any magazine published. Christmas rates. Charles Reynerson, City Hall. Day Phone, 7-2328; Night 7-2788. O-30-lm Position Wanted Member ut the Associated Pres»: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively io tlie use tor repudiation all tnu local neWi primed in Will : w<=li ai oil AP newi FULL time or part time work. Good typist. Can run PBX board. 10 years experience., References furnished. Call 7-4359. ll-3t Lost Wanted to Buy SHELL rimmed glasses between Titles Go on Block in High School Play By The Associated Press One of tne most Important and most attractive programs of the season comes up on the Arkansas hi^'h school "football front tomorrow night. Championships of the Bin Seven Conference and six geo- flrnnhica', districts will be at stake. With the district titles will go berths in the Class AA, A and B playoffs and shots at perhaps lh-> last official state champion-1 rhips. The' playoff system has been junked, effective after this year. Heading the schedule is the feud between the Pine Bluff Zebras and. the Little Rock Tigers, thej -latfields and McCoys of Arkansas football - .a game svhich looms Sardines Flat Cans 3 For HERSHEYS COCOA lb. Can QUAKER OATS Quick & Rcoular 2 - 1 lb. Boxes MILK Carnation Or Pet Large Cans For All of your Fruit Cake Ingredients see us before you buy. New shipment just arrived. Priced right. SUNMAID RAISINS 15 Oz. Box WC PIMENTOES Cans ZDC CORN crusher. Contact E. M. McWilliams at IVIcWilliams Seed 10-Gt The Nile is' the longest river in Africa. Post Office Tuesday Franks. Phone 7-6621. and Drake's Cafe. afternoon. Clifford 12-3t CHILD'S red and black checked jacket shirt, Wednesday afternoon. Return to Hope Star. 13-lt Help Wanted DEPENDABLE: farm family. General year around work. Contact J. O. Luck. Ht. 4, Phone 7-6782. 13-Gt Porter's Glass Shop Do you need automobile glass? If you do, see J. C. (Buster) ROTHWELL at 118 E. Candy'St. "We Deliver" Phone 7-6767 REMEMBER If you can't find it In Texarkana i 0r Dallas "Come to see me," I have your size. TOM WARDLAW'S Main Street Tailor Shop The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or Bring iteme to MlM Turner •t Hlcke Funeral Horn* Funeral services for Mrs. Ruth Gilmore were held today, Thursday, at St. Luke MtJthodist church in Ozan, with Hicks Funeral Home in charge . The Southwest Arkansas African Methodist Episcopal conference is in progress at Bethel AME church with Rev. W. R. Wilkes, presiding Bishop. is a showdown for the Big Seven crown. Neither can mathmatical- ly clinch an undisputed championship tomorrow night, but the win- :icr certainly will be expected to, Kot just that. Pine Bluff, which | lias a tie marring its conference i record, would -have only to whip! luwly Hot .Springs. A. Little Rock' victory would' assure 'the Tigers: 01 at least a tie with North LJttie: Hock even if they lose to the 1 Northsiciers Thanskgiving. 1 The Zebras are the defending | champs. But Little Rock, the hostj cli'b, is a slight favorite. : -Canj(i,eD• «ai)cjt Magnolia -jS#uai*v;| off at Magnolia for the District •iAA diadem, and Benton can grab the 3AA honors by whipping invading Conway. Should Conway win, Benton, Conway and Mal- vtrn would share the title. In Class A, two championships CAMP FIRE PORK & BEANS Cans 25G LIBBYS PINEAPPLE 2 2 Flat Crushed Sliced WASHING POWDER i 28c Large Box GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 5 Boa 49C 10 ;& 94c< FOR Plumbing & Repairs Phone 7-4337 Fixtures and floor furnaces, Shallow & Deep Well Pumps. F.H.A. Title 1 Loans. ROY WARREN PLUMBING Mrs. Georgia M. Savage of Mil waukee. Wis., U visiting relatives and friends. Tom Malone of Detroit is a Hope visitor. MASSINGILL REST HOME 803 E. Division Phone 7 4320 For convalescent aged, men and women. State and city approved. Reg, Vocational nurse. Jewell MassingUl DUNLOP TIRES We carry a complete stock of new and u»*d tires. COLLIER TIRE * BATTIRY 5IRVICI Phone 7-5846 116 E. 3rd Haul and Spread $AND or CLAY $1.25 Yard Pea Gravel, Clay, Gravel and Fertilizer Available. RALPH SAUNDERS Phone 7-4683 or 7-3174 See . . JOHN T. McRAE FOP life. hospltaliMtlon, sick and accident, Polio and farm Insurance. Prepare for the unexpected. Phone 601. P. 0. Box 182 PRBICOTT, ARK. MATTRESSfS FARMERS or ip Work into arc on the line. Bauxite can take Uie bli'c ribbon in District 5 by urning back Lonoke. A Lonokt ic-tory would bring about a Lo- lOke-England tie for the top spot. Nashviiic and Fairview will share he Seventh District title if they vin ovtr Gurdon and Ashdo>-.n, •espectively. If one of these two contenders wins and the other loses, there'll be an undisputed championship. In Class B Atkins can snck up :e District 4 title with a victory over Derdanelle, and Dumas cm do the same in District 8 by dowi- ing Dei molt. The playoffs begin next week. McGehte,' the state's only und'.»- ;eated and untied team, risks Us record {igainsf Helena bu» should co-Tie through still unscathexi. Other games tomorrow nigr.t include: El Dorado at Texarkana North Little Rock, at Ft. Smith Hot Springs at Blytheville Talequah, Qkla., at Rogers SUoarr. Springs at Springdalo Forre»-' City at Paragould Stuttgart at Newport Arkadelphia at Hope Russellville at Morrilton .Montic#llo at Fordyce Smackover at Warren Wynne »t McGrory Qsceolu at Lepsnto Mariarma at West Memphis Present at 0«Que«n Fiohrt Last Night WHOLESUN ORANGE JUICE 6 Oz. Cans 29c PRODUCE DEPT. EAT MORE Cranberries 29c MEAT DEPT. WHITE ELEPHANT DOLLAR DAYS FRIDAY - SATURDAY - MONDAY Look What $1 Will Buy!!! I*-, 59c Oil Cloth Extra special. Only 3 rolls left 4 Yord$ Feather Pillows Fancy tick in pink or blue. Special Dark Outing Heavy. Fair selection to choose from 3 Yards Prints Wash fast color prints. Ideal for quilt lining or house dresses. Speci.al 4 Yards $1 Pound RED TOKAY GRAPES Pounds BANANAS 4i» Pounds Washingtoji Q«ji£ipus APFtl Pounds NEW FLORIDA ORANGES 35c Large Sock BEEF ROAST 55c Pound PURE Ground Beef 49c Pound FRESH DRESSED FRYERS 55c Pound TALL KORN BACON 48c Pound BLUE BONNET OLIO Pounds FRIDAY NQVfM8!RJ4th w$ SATURDAY NQV. BQiB Super Marked (.3 1 c' r (<•).'. t-n r Handkerchiefs • Men's white handkerchiefs ' at this special price ...-.-14 *«r» Boys Sweat Shirts Haavy weight shirts, • slightly soiled. Slifes 10 to 16. Special ,.,,.,,..,, Boys Shorts Heavy shorts that sold for 69c. Special now ' 4 fair Undershirts Men's light wfelght under- 1 ; shirts in .sizes 36 to 46, *» Special ,. .:. : . 3; for LWt Rayon Materials J Men's Work Sox Only two bolts of white left. *P9 • Fine for making curtains. Original price'69c yard. Special now only .5 Yards Towels s 20x36 towels made by Haynes. Green, yellow and blue. Special 3 For Rayon Panties Sizes X, XX and XXX Extra special only 2 Pair Rayon Panties Sizes Small, medium and large. Special 4 Pair Ladies Bras White satin bras that sold for79c. Sizes 32 to 40. Extra special..... 2 for Short or long lengths. Sizes 10 to 12, Special .'.. .... ' 5 Pair Men's Boot Sox ** Heavy pprt wool boot sox.' Rcgyjar 39c values. 3 poll? Sport Shirts Men's winter sport shirts, long sleeves and large sizes-only . « Training Pants Children's pants in size ^" 2 to 6, White and colors; Special , ^ UaN ' Tee Shirts .. "I »• * •»!.««> , -u i 1*1- ', •"• Me,n's Tee Shirts that make fine undershirts for winter wear ,„, .,,«..,*£ Jot 100% Nylon Slips J Heavy Domestic.. ? <pB .."•.. •. . , «P Lace.trimmed top and W Heavy, ,40-inch'qprjie3Jj£ "" ' Lace.trimmed top and bottom.- Special for Dollar 'Days Rayon Gowns These ore reol values. Heavy, ,40- inch that is regular 3^c value .... V4 '. , ' Md.Wt.Domeslic This Is fine domestic Ladies Sweaters 'These are slightly soiled, not all Sizes, but very good buys .......................... Elastic Belts Ladies belts, oil colors and many styles. These have sold for as high as $1.98. Special now ....................... Your choice of entire stock, Special . . 12 louses So%ie^$old for Slightly soiled Undershirts ;' Men's Hqnes' undershirts that are regular 69c 'value$ .-., ( J Men's Shorts f'j • Srodddoth ihorts at this special low price of 2 Chi ldren\ long stocking?Brown Shi '81

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