Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1952
Page 11
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fffiKf-«r 5"TO> i^5T; HOP! STAt, H0M, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 13, 1952 Thursday b.'i "I -I 1*5- '< AREtAMSAS ling Is to ',*77i „ , nlftht t>*f0r& dinner O»nff«r Of Wfiotnlng «n •IWholle, fl p*ychlfltrl»l , -VA,, Mid trtdsy. iitld "iv Owl the Mi ftlcohoUe uW«i» to}U# 6V cond»lof»ln« Tiomf frtfloftlrtKy <ihnn»f ft hi; It t»t Mtttrtiy rt , ,, r* dlnnw can uulld up *od*l drinker," Such nff IwMvWual, he mi«nt «*l«bli»h a "eomltttonwl it; demtilW" for nleohnl to Ihnt Intofrrahlu and he phynlclnlly or p*ychoU»Rkfilly fo meet the »Hu«Uon, h« mny bi>ut»m« rtn in«.'l|)l«nt nlcoholiu aiv\ tWlloHy » «lck man " The doctor r«?nd n prepared tut r«»» «l the closlMK *t>**l«n «t the HMA'i Wh wnwml ineetlng, rt00»kmK of the "pi-oblpm" r-. «leoh«H»m to ImnlricM, Indiwlry nild flirt/ I" the profi«H»|finit. ibt MedlCBl Ceiling* of Vlr«lnl« doc lo'r HKfcHndt "Any time nn ImJivlduB) drlnkn cnoiifth to bo ubnent or I/Me In hl» work rtwt low oft the job h« l« drinkliiB (o murh mid, If thin I n /cutler or frequently wunln thing, \>t. ">«y b «* tl»**l'l»*l » hk'oholic," H It e»Um»l<?d, l»« dfllrt. tho thcffl or« U»lw«iin three nnd fiv« mil""*! "e.vflBcivij" rtrinkcrd li th Unlwd Stftlen, "and of Notice to Our Customers opportunity to announce that wo have ouf iho« *hop located ot 107 S, Elm strooi to (& thank oach of you for the nice business '0IVW1 u» thd pO»t M yaars. Again we soy . G. T. lowson Merry Mixup in Wedding of Movie Star »f )f«s'- BOEING AIRPLANE COM. PANY, Wichita (Kaniat) DIvlilon, ha< more than 1,300 Immidfale optnino*. Allhouflh moil ar« (or ikllltd m«n, many {obi ar* alio op«n for uniklllod mtn and wom«n In Iralnoo poil- Honi. S*ITM «l «m w«t irttl««lfy n«td«d iklll* Include f Atuiuty M*ih«nlu Cnllf * — I) pfiMiilHP'« Ihiifl i nti like */.«moi|iltiK riflhl out nlMftistlck (iinvir- ctript. •-- " Ir.'uwscftii, it i»ii»i>liif"f v 'l wed«I«MB llC'Titte. (i iFilsn'-'l train. « mlsnrfl planf nti'l many inti'lly fliKihlni; iiixk'»l»i "..'I prlviitp cnj*. tfH* welding two hour*; hitrr ODCH ;|<.-l»y(-d Ihi- wi'iMinK tni- l\ hours. Bui an In nil K«'^ '"/i|it«, rvory on*- In happy. II wciil liho thin: Thn hkmdc, afl-yi-nr-oM a? tUHJ Col)l«T Ydiilii;, liiinelm/mr, y«,t,'»r-old (ilm priwiucur. plnnncrl t" mnrry «itll«lly fit rn-arDy Hnrato«!i. fiul When they urrlvil yitcrduy from Hollywootl th^y li-iinu'd tlu-ir l/Astgtigp hurl riiiiS'-d their phinc. In lh» hic«''f!" wiii Ml«s I 1 '""- lllll'-'S W(!(Ultflg OUlfil, »ll h«T It"' UiK nwfty clcilhi'i, Ymmii'* ""i' 8 -• itnd th(S innrrluK'' licr-nse. Th lUK«nRe wiiii placed aboai'l, :>,'o fil!tcr tioithhound pluiicn. TiixICitYrt rntihcil It from San iMilflRCO airport 40 mllen to Sar- Itilitl, rfSSed by III" hridc'M mothci 1 and ti>pfntri«r nnd her adapted rtfuiuh- er. Mnrtltii Purrja. 7, wh" wnjj Ifnvn from .iclxiol ;ti I'ni'l*. The ncwlywds meed 00 rnile.1 jy cuV to Oakland to hoard Iho ii'«*ntn)lner, City of Han Fnmcls- 'ti, for Chlc»K«'. "'it t""-' train, ii'ltl 10 minuti'i; for tln-m, hiul tJnllna Air Liwn Ihrn «av«> tln'm mctj oit ii plane for Flrno, where h«*y could hoard tho train. A BO tnll«- tlntih hy car to Kan Airport brought iti'jri 1 Republican! Plan a Victory Dinner j LITTLE ROCK iM The Ex WMitlve Cnnir?:ilt<'«- of the Hrptib- l{l!»rt Slat" 1 CornmiHci- mH here 10 moke plftns for an Arkansas fl'^publicitn "vL-lory dlnnei" c-clc- brnltne «>|i>fll«n of the pnrly'a pif>*ld<'!iii(il c.'ii.'liilat'', Th«> in micri'twry, P. "• Boyer diiid In ndvnner of the mi-»nin,< lh-.it the Coirimlttf-e might al.'in »n;ikc plnnn for a special train to Mr [•'.iMTihowrv's Inntijfuratlon J.inunry, Capital News Studied by AP Editors State GOPs Would Take in Democrats I.1TTI.K Ilfif'K '/Pi - Arkansas flnijutili'-mi!) yrntJ-rrlay l'i«k an of- (,/iiil !<.<ik at. thf thrwiK of dis- jiiitis'!''-- Democrats who switched iwer In the i;<;rieriil dec- promptly urged thorn to ir political homo In the I,, f.inc.-i 1 | ,, ir ,, an.-i ,,;..k'- liu GO!' Fxccutive C'ommltlfp of the !« publican Party, meeting -fi session, officially n'co*;- tl ••• role played by disgrunt- Democrats and independents in President-elect Elsenhow- er's litiong showing in Arkansas by: Givina up plans for fl Republican victory "dedication" dinner iK-cnuBo the vote for Elsenhower — nights t ever polled by the GOP in Arkansas — "wan not primarily a party affair." Appointing a Little Rock busi- r.i.-H.irnat., Robert Roach, to a committee it, arrange Arkansas' part in Eisenhower's inauguration Tinsch hiorted the Democrats for Kisenhover. who waged a vigor- OHM rari.paiRii for the general. A resolution expressing "profound tl'.-.nks for th c Invaluable contributions made to the recent by the Democrats for Elsenhower and Renhowcr" was Committee, said State n-tary P. B. Buyer. Boyer said the idea of the victory dinner was rejected because It wouk; seem to have the party taking undue credit for the Eisenhower veto. Boyer said the Repub- licnns would hold their customary U.tcoln Day dinner next February. Resided Roach, these Republicans were appointed to the Inauguration Committee: D. Citizens for El- Arkansas to Washington Is planned adopted by the for the inauguration if the State GOP Sec-Un^ obtain an pllotment of a« many is 123 tickets for the ceremonies The fecretary also said that the Committee did not discuss th(« post-election resignation of GOlt/ Gubernatorial Nominee Jeff Speck: from the Republican State Committee. Speck quit because, hd said, the state party did not sup- pert his campaign against Demo- jcrat Fiancis Cherry. Speck ran Fred far behind Eisenhower in the vot- SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. sion.il Women's Club will Jiuve it's; annual birthday dinner meeting on Thursday, November 13, at 7 p.m. at the Barlow Hotel. This is the 28th anniversary of the local club and all members are urged to attend. Taylor Jr., of Osceola, Mrs. John W Edwards of Batesville, Leo Kidd of Clinton. W. L. Jameson Jr., of Magnolia, and Mrs. Fred McGillici'ddy of Malvtrn. Boyer said a special train from ing. In Ponnsylvnnia 23 railroads share tn the traffic rnovintf coal, from mines to markets. 'v Calendar Thursday, November 13 The Blevins Parent Teachers Association will meet in the high school auditorium Thursday evening. November 13. at 7:30. All ,cachers, parents, and patrons are I urged to attend. I The regular monthly meeting of i the Girl Scouts Committee will be held at the City Hall, Thursday, i nisht. November 13. at 7 o'clock. • The Hope Business and Profes- *SAENGER * LAST DAY CrMlucHtn T**l «nd 01* Maktu A Ctfnitructlon Inglnttri «tnd u* A letter chlU, Addrain «tirWI«hlU, K»n»«i; or opn RPLANE COMPANY WlchHa, Kaniai ** pl«m> li-i'i left. The ntrline expected ttu iu to board it al )nklnn'1 Airport. With Ihut, Mr. nnd Mrs, Yoiini! •,ftVf< up — over iiliiht. They made •i"»orvaUon.t to board a plnne to- tlltht fill* Chlcngo. nlalne, -fonnerly wn» svcd to actor Itrlim Ahorno and to producer William Do/tcr. Yiitinit once wau miirrled to HC- revs Hti l.uplno. Ome HCili.OOO or more are chronic drinker* nnd may lie chnwlo nlcohollcs." Stay Beautiful ,.,by avoiding ' Monthlylook Mo l*ll-til( Hint in'htf litt biciuit tnmpi, |ltti«, k«' «tmr h«r n« min Why \nn\t uhkrr.'warh »at. JltUry Mr 9 or t tUyii^ftehjnimtfil Wli^Ut »voi jUnIr knuw Blrw unil wnitirti Uk» tt Tlttl* Cafilul ««i)h 3»r tn hplp liutld now »n«ruy »n.l rnliUnr*, Th*y liKih, net, »|MI> l»tt«r, fwl l«u mid l«it mU^fy <Mtoh month. }fom« <v«n nti thnninH rwrliuU wllhuut pain nfUr * whll*. Ht»y wvrly Ml month-mk your ilcnltr (or CurJul, CARDUI MONTHIY CMMM CHANOI ar tin Jr KimM umms HOSTON Of) — News from the' imtlrm'ft ciipltnl provided liy The AHNnrliitcd Prcxs was under ncrii!-; ir.y today at the 2lnl annual m«ct- ! inx of thf AP ManaKtriR Editor*' AH'icintfcn. .lohn H, Colhurn of the Rich-' Illildd (Va.) TIllH'M-DlKpnlch. ; chiiirnuin of lh« APMK Commit-! tm? <ni WimhlnKton News, rrpfirtod j •Jif AP Htnff in Washington' "onii?i'Ki'fl fur in front of nnyj other pruHs n.isoclfttlon." Ho snidj hiri co'iimiltt'e's a.t»lj{nment wasj l^irnarily "to help AP detect! Wfiikni'R>ros nnd to mitfRost waysj . . . to make thu fine staff morel valuable to the mernberHhlp." ! ColUui'n'H report rocornmende'l , sluirpiT selection and cdltinic of j routine -lories; a continuing carn-j p.iinn for more lucid writing: ! Hreiiter emphasis on injcdliiK life! Into stories; double checkinc, and fuitht-r efforts to make facts mor-; i ndern | ..iridable to the reader. The editors also considered the AP sports service and heard reports from Wllllum S. I.ampt>, Dili lot (Mich.) Times, chairman of tho Committee on Sports News. nnd Ted Smits, AP Henernl sports' '.•tiltor, ' Pre-election surveys liy tho AP were d< bated at Wednesday's ses ; sii.'ii for several hours. A major- 1 ity of the Committee on Carn-i iialgii 11 nd Klection CoveruKC, ! tl'i'iniHh Chairman Murray Powers of the Akron (O.I Hoaconj Jovrnal, was recorded in oppoui-' lion to the surveys. j Speaking for the eomrnittet) mi-i nority, Robert C. Notson of the! Portland (Ore.' Orenonian, call-; eu the survey "a jjood reportorial; Job." i Alun J. CiOulil, AP exeeulivn editor, snid the survey was In- Itcide.d (inly "to give a concensus j of political trends, We; have no thought of offering predictions by I he AP or by members." In (jcnoral discussion of tKO*'A$ political convention covernue, Virt- cent S. Jones of the Gannett New-j npnper): ?aid television and radio "){ot all .the cream and most of the gravy." "Whuu you hear people say it's belter tc st-e and hear a catuli- u'iiti 1 ," Jcnes asked, "isn't it time to wonder whi'thur we aren't trying to do buttle with nothing better 'than orte-dlincnskmal reporllnj;?" He said the "myth of editorial sterility has been dispelled— possibly because editorials this time were written with both skill and (of ling." Jones said the election was won >y u "whole new class of voters tmd if we are smart we hold them as steady customers for words and picturer about government and politics. But to do that we need at least an electronic btiKRy whip for our old . Two veteran newspapermen •.vcrw honored by tho AMKA— David Wi'.kiv, AP automolivf editor, (or 50 years with the AP and H.D. T imlson, editor of the Fargo (N.D.) Korum, on his 50 years In the nuwspaper business Wilkie way pruised by Frunk Stand, AP uor.eral manager, as a "roal pioneer, particularly In the field Ol automotive now* coverage." Tampa, Fla., and Chicago have bid toi th* 1953 APMEA meeting and a selection \vlll be made bo- fore < tho current session closes Saturday. Sayt Public Should (.torn Economics HOT SPRINGS l* — A public relation* director said today thai American* must learn more about economics it we' arc to preserve tho American free enterprise system, Edgar S. Bowerfind, director of public relation* (or Republic Steel Corp.. Cleveland. O.. was the main Fixjaker this morning at a U. S- Cttambtr of Commerce bust- nets seminar h«re, Boweitind said that w« should kpow how our government works and in order to do this w« must know economics. In the same vein, Bowerfind said that he doesn't believe the! Republican party's recent victory > in tjhe g*ener»l election will throw \ the nation into a depres^iott b«t-| cause no political party, as such,; is responsible for an economic depression j He said U U a series of circumstances through a number of years j U»j»t eventually brings oit a busi-i n»ss dccliive. years ago, the steel of- i*id, the government was in oujy onv busiatss — postal. today. h# *»W. th« govenimvMxi i« in dojams of businesses in dir«ct coa>v«tiUoiii with private en- It Opens the Door on the Screen's Most Exciting Personality FRIDAY & SATURDAY ^ESTELITA Slim PICKENS JOHN CALVERT RALPH MORGAN RIALTO LAST TIMES TODAY • ALSO • COLOR CARTOON "OUR GANG" Comedy BRIGAND Green Peas Avondale Brand, Sweet, tender. FRIDAY & SATURDAY 2 — FEATURES — 2 "LASH" LARUE AL "FUZZY" ST. JOHN "RETURN OF THE LASH" White Hominy JAMES DUNN MONA FREEMAN "TOUGH GIRL" Lima Beans Griffin Brand. With Bacon. Popcorn fUlGGEO ENOUGH Popeye Brand Every kernel pops. 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Armour, 3 - 5 Ib. overage TURKEYS Tasty boneless fillets of OCEAN PERCH U. S. Good Heavy Calf SIRLOIN STEAK Sweet, juicy Florida ORANGES Chuck Roast Tiie Junior-Senior High PTA will moot Thursday in the Junior Hiuh auditorium at 3:30. Under the direction of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt the Junior High Glee Club will sing. ; There will be a film entitled "Make Mine Freedom." Mrs. Jim Me- KiMi/.ii! will be program leader. Friday, November 14 B ! The Camellia' Garden Club will i meet at 2 o'clock Kriday after- I noon, November 14, at the home of Mrs. Norman llairr with Mrs. Leonis Bailey and Mrs. Joy Edwards as co-hostesses. Saturday. November 15 The VK\V Auxiliary will hold a I rummano sale Saturday, November IS. in front of the New Theater. Any member having rummage, please press it and bring it to Mrs. Thomas Fenwick, Jr., or call 7-(i7.V.> before Wcdnseday. Negro Is Convicted of Leering Stevenson to Go on Vocation Tennessee Firms Seek to Escape Tax — A! Sl'HINOKlKI.U .,T< Gov. A,l liu Stevenson plnns to vacation ;it :\n Ari/i'iiu r.nu-h 'CO miles south i'f TWMIII fri'in tomorrow thi-niii;li tbe Weil, end. l..w ln?t May tn the case ot n construction firm which transport* t«l out of slate material* for use iii Avknosns Honrt construction. Monday, November 17 Mrs. Oliver Adams will be fjuost speaker iit the regular meeting of The Patmos PTA Monday niRht, Nov. 17. ;it 7 p.m. The blue side having won in the recent membor- ship drive- will be served supper by Uu> gold side. Buses will run. Miss Ella Jo Edmiaston Makes Known Wedding Plans Miss ElTa Jo Edmiaston (if Dallas, bride-elect of Hnrold George Philippi of Dallas, today makes known her wedding plans. Miss Edmiastun is the daughter of Mrs. Ben K. Kdmiaslon and the late Mr. Edmiaston of Hope. Mr. Philippi is the son of Mr. and Mrs. [ Herbert George Philippi of Me-, Alester. Oklahoma. I The wedding will be an event of 7 o'clock Saturday night, November 1!!), at the First Methodist Church, Hope, with the Reverend Virgil D. Keeley officiating. Mrs. James McLarty, Jr., vocalist, will be accompanied ' at the organ by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Miss Belly Sue Edmiaston of Benton j and Miss Eennie Edmiaston of i Hope, sisters of the bride-elect, will light the candles. Miss Edmiaston has chosen her sister, Miss Mary Esther Edmiaston of Greenville. Texas, as her maid of honor. Miss Kathcryn Philippi of St Louis, Mo., sistei- of the groom-elect, Mrs. Milton I. Dillard of Hope, and Mrs. Thomas •T. Austin of Dallas will be bridesmaids. Mr. Philippi will serve his son as best man. Ushers will be Carl Almond of St. Louis, Mo,, Jack Stapleton of Stanberry, Mo., Milton. Dillurd of Hope, Earl Goodson of Oklahoma City, Okla., and William Dale Tommey of Dallas. YANC'KYVILLE. N. C •i.Vyear-olcl Negro nvvnitod sentence today after his sei-ond conviction on a el:argo of nssnulling .1 white gill by "leering" at hef. An all-white, male Superior Court .'i.ry eonvlcted tenant fiirni- er Mac!; Ingram of the erime yrs- tu-da.v. Judge Frank Armstrong planned to sentence him today. Tl.e maximum would be n two- year road term. Ingram, father of nine children, received this sen lerce on a Recorder's Court conviction shortly after he wns ac- oused !•;• the girl. He appealed th'.' conviction'. Ingram was charged with assaulting Mrs. Willie Joan Boswell Webster, an attractive 17-ycar-olrl farm girl, in June, 1951. The filrl. unmarried then, testified that In- gn»m "t yed" her from a distance of "ab'.iut 7a feet." She also accused him uf chasing her across .n field on her father's farm, but said hi ilitl not get "within fio , feet of her." j Under North Carolina law no j bodily contact is necessary f"f i conviction of assault. The jury, in ; holding Ingram guilty, upheld a ; state contention that by "leering" j at the r.irl. he frightened her and Inns' coir.mitted assault. Ingra.n's . attorneys declined to offer testimony in his defense, but at an .earlier hearing the defendant denied he had criminal Intentions. Ingram told officers the girl w.is. droi'scd in a shirt and jeans ! and "lojked like a boy" when he j attempted to inquire of her where i he cbu!d borrow a trailer. ' lngi-£.m's attorneys said before I the trlii 1 that they would appeal any conviction to the Stale Supreme Court. Mrs. Webster, who married Ernest Webster the day before In- gir.m v. as first convicted and who j now is the mother of a six-month old baby, told the jury she looked iip the word "leer" in a dictionary. She said it meant a "curious look." That definition, she testified described exactly the manner in which Ingram eyed her as he dro\p slowly p\ist her with his iu-ad.out of the window of his car.! Jngrnm originally was charged ncn >1 fri .it Sasabo is •int. Uiehnrd ,'i The miles Niayara long. •r is iilmiit ;M with IV it I'i tn on when t'i'SW! was twi \\.;i pealcil ti first Si.) •iiult wilh intent (.> i-or.,. • The i har^i 1 was i eiiuct'il of assault r.n .1 fcmnle was liron:;hl tn ti ial in Ueeol'ilei 's rnurl Ai;er he H icteii and ..senti invd to is on tin' vo;.i.ls; he ;!['• i- Hie Superior I'irr 1'iiui't t; in held LITTLE HOCK (ff — Four Tense.:see firms iw requesting that AI-^.IMSHS Hovcnuo Commissioner Carl K. Park«?r be prevented from cuileclluv Arkansas use taxes assessed agiititjtt their businesses. i-'mls were ilied in Vulaski County Chancery Court yesterday contesting the assessments and requesting that they he set aside, The plaintiffs are: Hran\an and Peterson, Inc., and Fred J. Vnn-i li'imaik Co., Inc.. machinery: 'dealers; P. II. Williams, who sells explosives, and Leo Kahn Kurnl- ture. IV., Inc., all of Memphis. The companies contend that (he U\o per cent tax on goods sold In Arkansas should not apply to Tennessee firms which sell mev- in a i euaiullse fin- acceptance only at No- o.it-ot'-st iti. 1 business houses, ac- ; The Arkansas Supreme Court : upheld the validity of the use tax FAVOHS BUDGET CUT JOP1.IN, Mo. Itfl - Rop. Dcwcy Short <U-Mo>, who Is In line for ti'.c chairmanship of the Hoxiso Armed Sorvlcos Committee In the new ConRross, says h«> thinks eight to 10 uilllon dollars ean bo cut from tl'o military budget without Irirtln.n national defense, GOLD MM. E«n S tyftHm, 80, fiM jJ Wont of the dfcld«StRiv Mo Association, died n long MlneM. The No- SLEEP LATER YOU FOLKS WHO WORK, AND ENJOY BREAKFAST AT THE DIAMOND CAFE BREAKFAST SPECIAL Served Every Morning One fresh egg, strip of bacon or sausage, grits and toast or hot biscuits. jelly, 35c SMART NEW Faff Shoes JUST ARRIVED 30c Rich cream Waffle, plenty of GENUINE FRESH BUTTER, Log Cabin syrup 3 Golden Brown Hot Cakes, plenty of GENUINE BUTTER, Log Cabin Syrup or mola •ises Hot Cakes, Butter Short stack and syrup PREMIUM HAM and two eggs, toast or hot biscuits, jelly and grits No charge for Second Cup of Coffee with meals 25c 20c 65c Heels rise high on a wedge in a loast to fall glamour, You'll love the style and grace of these strap sandals . . . the lacy open-work of the slimming vamps. In red or black leather. Just Oglesby PTA Meets Wednesday The Oglesby Parent Teachers Association held its regular monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon, November 12, at 3 o'clock in the school auditorium with the president, Mrs. David Waddle, presiding. The meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer being repeatec in unison. Mrs. Grady Williams second grade gave a play "Thx Three Little Pigs." John Allen Ross, u student, sang "Chattanoo ga Shoe Shine Boy." Miss Joyc< Riley, also a student, played "Fo; Elice" by Beethoven and "Rushing River" by Adler. The above pro gram was presented by Mrs. Horn or Bcyerly, program chairman, followed by a short business session. It was decided to have "Father's^ Night" sometime in December Mrs. Wade -Warren, membership chairman, reported 140 new members had joined during the PTA membership drive, with Mrs. Grady Williams' second grade winning the five dollar prize for getting the most new members. Mrs. Williams' second g,rade also had the highest pe«cciita^(»;9f im embers present at this meeting. After singing se\*ral songs the group adjourned. ^ d with the president, Mrs. Dewcy Babcr, presiding. Mrs. Duffle Boo- li read the president's; message. An announcement was made that he Parents Educational Study roup with Mrs. John Wallace as eader, would meet Mofitlay, No- ember 17, at 3 p.m. Mrs. Burroughs' room won the alt holiday for having the high-; est attendance. In the room count; Vtrs. Owon Atkins* room had tho j greatest percentage of mothers present. We Also Sell MEAL TICKETS That SAVE you an additional 12% on all toocl items. $ 5.60 Meal Ticker for $ 5.00 $11.20 Meal Ticket for.... $10.00 3.98 Mu^rftn fall fashion? black nusuec|e wears black zags^across its vornp. Per* fecf for the pet 'tailored things in your wardrobei Only ; .; r T ENJOY FOOD AT ITS BEST AT THE DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA Enchantment for the most festive pages on your date calendar . . . this velvety black nusuede pump that glides along on a tiny heel, wears a bow that's a-gleam with rhlnestone Stardust. Just 2.98 2.98 REPHAN'S YOUR FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT *TQR1 FRED ROBERTSON, Mflr. Coming and Going Mrs. Dwight Blake and Miss j Margaret Arnold of Mindun, Ut..! will arrive Friday afternoon for a '. work end visit with Mrs. John H. 1 Arnold. Personal Mention C. B. Russell is in a Tcxarlcana hospital where he was to have i undergone a major operation this j morning. j Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Msl. Tommy Cox, (if i Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Audie Richardson, Hope. Mrs. Howard Prichard Speaks at Garland PTA Meeting Garland PTA met Wednesday af- ! ternoon at 3 o'clock in the school auditorium. In observance of National Educational Week and National Book I Week, Mrs. L. 'B. Tooley present;ed Mrs. Howard Prichard who gave an interesting discussion on. "Parents, Children, and Books," illustrating her talk with books and explaining the contents of each. A short business session follow- HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Wi Jr tl > DRUG STORE -k V Chtery Wtktntr Big Value Ring Alarm IV/I.]A'_ . 4h%n Won't i»«(c PAPER-MATE PENS Ivory case. p|j» It4. lax for chtclti. GUARANTEED. Potent VITAMINS for RADIANT HEALTH Fresh! Potent I AYTINAl MULTIPLE VITAMIN CAPSULES Nine impoilant vilamins in one liny capsule. Bp»/t of I Oc Luxury ^^^ Chlorophyll H Camphorated GUM • Oil 27* Oltttin Multlpl* VITAMIN DROPS fOcc NEWl CHLOROPHYLL TOOTH flumi. »il» Qlthtn Impoitui COD LIVER OIL PM 39 fe««/e/, Pottnt Diepi oM fnd D Pereoworphun m 10-co Dioppw bottle . , . . f MATCHI 2i U. S Good Heavy Calf RIB ROAST U. S, Good Heavy PLATE MEAT First Cuts, Swift Oriole, BACON 2 - 3 Ib. piece Wicklow Brand SLICED BACON '•"•"'"'• 63 c FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOI STOU Teacher Appreciation Day .. November 14 TUNE IN lm<4rmF% Im at 8:15 FRIDAY MORNING to Hear Announcement of Namt of "Ttachtr ofthtYeor" POND'S CREAMS Cnoict st only ~ Medium IVORY SOAP 3 <«' 23' (Limit 3) TAMPAX MMiri fiBltiry "ffi BARBARA GOULD NIGHT CREAM 100 ASPIRIN TABLETS, U.9.P. 5 GRAIN, a4mitu: of HYDHQQCH, MIL PINT, J'- TOOTH PASTE Whitmans '„«,.% *^. A,'^*' >f.J*i.S«Jk.

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