Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1894
Page 3
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PRICE, »1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample, If not found, write its enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives MM <•-„,. I free advice to any nerve """ disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Makers ALBION. MICH. And 4* Oey St., New York The Wabaih bridge force is In the city repairing- the bridges. Operator Mike Courtney of tho Pan Handle shopatSpent Sunday In Chicago with a friend. J. A. Bankee, messenger boy In Master Mechanic Pennoek's office, was In Chicago over Sunday. Mr. W. L. Scott, a Tan Handle fireman living 1 on Toledo street, has a seven and a halt pound girl. Carl Schvenradt has left the laboring gang 1 at tho Fan Handle shops and gone to work for the Columbian Brew- Ing- company. C. U. Kesllng, Bobt. Weaver and Honry Voss of tho Pan Handle shops spont Sunday and yesterday at English Lake In quest of ducks. The trainmen's danco last night wae well attended despite the inclement weather. Tho affair was a success both socially and financially and will add several dollars to the colTers of tho B 11. T. Tho Lohlgh railroad will on April 1, in-connection with tho Grand Trunk and Chicago and Grand Trunk railways, inaugurate a vestibule train service between New York and Chicago, via Niagara Falls. Trains will make tho run in twenty-seven hours. Albert White gate-keeper at the Tan Handle shops who has been sick lor a long time returned to his duties Sunday but a/tor » trial o/ several hours was compelled to go home again. He is suffering with asthma and rheumatism and is generally do- billtated. Yesterday noon the horse, buggy and harness belonging to Wm. Honry of tho Fan Handle oar shops was raf- lled off. No, 7 was the lucky number and waa held by Fred Hockenbohmer, formerly of tho machine shop, now with the signal corps. The outfit is valued at $100. Foreman X J. Hsnnon of tho Tan Handle car shopa spent Sunday in Columbus. Mr. Hannon says that he went there to see his mother but those that are in a position to know say that a certain young lady In that city possesses grea er drawing power for him than ever his mother does. Tho wedding of Joseph Minneman, a well known Pan Handle fireman, to Miss Ne'lllo Knight, daughter of Mrs. Thoa. Knight, who conducts a boarding house at tho corner of Twelfth and Toledo streets, is announced to occur April 2-lth. at St. Vincent de Paul church. Father Campion wlU officiate. Road foreman of engines A, J. Prea- cott, was ono of the many Pan Handle men that attended church Sunday. It 8 foarod that Mr. Froscott is not a regular church attendant as he took ils hat and overcoat off before he entered the church and In tho vestibule as seen to loon around for a peg on which to hang them before he took ils seat. A dUpatch from Danville, HI., says: Che engineers, firemen and trainmen f tho Chicago & Eastern Illinois railway held their regular meeting here oday. The matter of the new schedule offered by the officials of the road, n which there Is a slight reduction of We offer $900 to »ny physician or chemist who can nhow bvanalynteor otherwise, ttl»ttti1l remedy contains morphine, opium jcocfttne, or any 1 Harmful drag. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL. TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 27. Kerns and Laura A. yesterday licensed to Georgo W. Rldenour were wed. Stoddard's photographs of the World given with every f 2 purchase at J. Q. Sweotser'a, It Is not what Us proprietors say, but what Hood'a Saraaparilla does, that tells tho story oJ its merit. Hood'a Sareaparlla Cures. To cure all nervous diseases, "Dr. Whoelor'a Nerve Vitallzor," pronouno- eci tho greatest medical discovery of the age. Sold by Ben Flshor. The ladies of tho Baptist Aid Society will servo coffee at Mrs. D. H, Mull's to morrow (Wednesday) from 4 to 7 o'clock. An Invitation Is extended to all. Tho present change of the weather gives oldest inhabitant another opportunity to explain hla knowledg of Other springs just as fickle as is the present one. The Baby's Beat Friend—MoLinn's Onion Syrup gives Immediate relief nnd euros croup, colda, oolio, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For iale by B. F. Keeillng. Only 25 cenU per bottle. wages, was discussed. It was decided to leave the final determination of the matter with tho committee which will meet the head of tho various railroad labor organizations in Chicago tomorrow. MinHlre Foundations Dlicorerod. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, havo lately accomplished a big feat, namely: In discovering by actual measurements that there are- some lady residents who can wear shooe twelve Inches long, Your blood needs regulating In spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is na- lure's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; pints, 60 cents, For sale by W. H. Porter, pro- acriptlon druggist, 326 Market street, Logcnaport, Ind. Tho usual treatment of catarrh id very unsatisfactory, as thousands can testify. Proper local treatment Is positively necessary to success, but many, if not moat, of the remedies-in- general use afford but temporary relief. A cure certainly cannot ba expected from anuils, powders, douches and waabea. Ely's Cream Balm, which is ao highly recommended, Is a remedy «hioh combines the important requisites of quick action, specific curative power, with perfect safety pleasantness to the "patient. The druggists all sell it. The Lnt««t Value. You get the greatest value out of a silver quarter when purchasing a package of Simmons' Llvor Regulator powder, There'a nothing like it for indigestion or constipation. Take it dry on the tongue or make a tea. You'll afterwards^take^it In preference to pills- Extinction or the Kobia nerd In In- dUn«-Th« suie Meal Bnflfelo •lid Orlgtou of the Old Se»J. In the current number In the series of very intBrestlng "Old Time Reminiscences" compiled by the veteran journalist Dan McDonald and published in his Plymouth Democrat, lha following appears: When tho Indians first found their way here is not tno'wn positively— probably not until after the ordinance of 1787 establishing tho northwestern territory. At that time, and prior thereto, the face of the country waa quite different from what It Is at present. A great deal of the country now covered with timber was then open prairie. A few miles west of hero waa the beginning of a boundless prairie that extended westward to tho Rocky mountains Buffalo were numerous on the prairies of the Kan- kaee, and frequently many of them strayed over into this region, and occasionally still farther east. As they lived on wild grass they prefered a prairie country, and therefore their regular runways were on the prairies farther west. A friend who settled on Au -be-nau-bo's prairto a short distance southwest of Mux-sen-cuck-eo, says: "When wo came to this county we settled on the prairie. There were the remains of beaver dams from a hundred yards to almost a mile long, and one over that length at Beaver lake. There were also round holes in tho prairie covered with grass, that the Indians said wore once buffalo wallows. Deep paths worn in the solid prairie tho Indians said wore made by tho tramp of the buffalo. We found some remains of the heads and horns of buffalo, and tho Indians then here said there were plenty of buffalo in their father's time many years be- foro that." A little paper published In 'the region of the W i,bash about forty years ago, contained an aecount of tho killing- of the last buffalo that was probably ever in this section of the country. The story was as follows: A younjf Miami Indian who had never seen a buffalo, was riding along on his pony one c'ay at a point between where Huntington and Wabash now stand, when he noticed a huge animal, the like of which he had never seen before! At first he was inclined to be scared, but as the animal moved slow I/, he took courage and tired at it with his gun, and after several shots succeeded in bringing It down. He looked in amazement and wonder, not knowing what it was, until he brought some older Indians who pronounced it an old luffalo, In all probability the last of its kind in this State. The presence of buffdlo in this region ia further proven by adopting him as one of the emblems on the State Seal! And that leads to the inquiry, does anybody know why the design for our State Seal was adopted? A rampant and ridiculous buffalo head down and tail and hoofs up, is kicking away at a hardy pioneer, who has stood for many weary years with an ax uplifted In front of a • -Monarch of the Forest," which seems to have been left alone In Us glory, the plon, ear never making a cut, the scene illumined by the raya of the rising sun that still keeps hanging on th« verge of tho horizon! The picture is well known, but the his ory of its adoption is shrouded In mystery. There is not even a tradition extant in regard to it. John B DIKon who made the history of Indiana a life study, and knew more of th« Executive department give no information of the formal adoption of a design for a seal, neither Is there anything in the laws that throws any light on the subject. The old officials eeom to have been sparing of its use, aa the original records telling of the end of the territorial government, and the beginning of the exlatonce of the State government, are not stamped with it, neither are any of the laws of the territorial legislature. The meaning of the hieroglyphics on the seal has been freely translated as follows: The scene represents the struggle for the possession of tho territory. ID the fi?ure of the buffalo, we have the emblem o/ all the original inhabitants of the forest; the woodcutter is the type of that hardy race of pioneers who cleared the way for that civilization POOH to burst in all its glorv and solendor over the land, and whioh is fitly represented by tho rising aun! about tho subject than any other per- eon up to the time of his death, was once Interrogated on this point. He confessed that ha had never been able to find a record of the adoption of tho Seal by the State authorities. It was tho same design, he said, as that of tho old territorial government orlgl- nally selected by Gen. St. Glair the first Governor of the territory of the United States northwest of the Ohio river, and tho flrst judges who served with him. These officials were authorized to adopt a seal which they did in the form of the present seal of the State. The seal was used by the territorial oflicers, and as the limits of the territory comprised the present States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Mich- gan, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota, ea»t of tho Mississippi river, the design Is not so Inappropriate as It would Bppear at first thought, as-buffalo were very numerous in the western portion of the territory. When the State government waa organized it found the seal in use at Vlncennes, and It seems to have been accepted by the new officials, and adopted without question as the seal Tho Hlcrcltt nnfl Other Anent the bicycle nuisance and some other nuisancBS which are as much apparent in Loganapoat as they are in Indianapolis or any other city that has not shut down OB tho longer existence of certain objectionable practices the Indianapolis News editorially says: "Wo note that two citizens of To- dlanapolis—an old man and a little girl—were run down yesterday by bicycles, NeHher of theeo 'aoi/idonts' would have happened If the gentlemanly wheelmen had been whore they should have been, and where the law requires that they should be—in the Street. They have, '.horefore, whilo in the commission of an unlawful aui, Injured two of their follow-cUlzeor. Both riders should be punished, and punished severely. But more than that, no matter whether city, county or State has jurisdiction over our streets, every bicycler who i» caught running his wheel along a sidowiilk should De arrested and receive tho full penalty of the law. These people have had ample warning. They know that they have no right upon the sidewalk. They know—or they should know—that their presence there Is ,/ull of peril to pedestrians. There is no excuse for them, Arguments have gone unheeded; kindly suggestions have been scouted; nothing Is left but an appeal to tho law which they have outraged. "It is an astonishing thing- that any man should insist upon his "right" to make his neighbors uncomfortuble or to subject them to danger even If he has to put his foot— or drive his wheel-—through a law to do it. But In Indianapolis, more than in any other city of its size, people seem to care little for such matters. They sweep th'iir fllth into the street without any thought of a duty which they owe to the community. Decent men —and women, too—have not the slightest qualm about scattering paper and rubbish broadcast. Merchants hang their awnings so low as to en- dancer not merely the hats, but the heads of passersby. Men. drive recklessly around corners or pass street cars from which people are alighting with entire disregard of possible consequence. In short, there Is hardly a regulation in the Interest of decency and good order—except those which have to do with distinctly moral questions—which is not wantonly violated. 1 'It Is time for us all to realize that we are living In a city, and that tho lax, easy-going customs of village life will not do. Where large numbers of people are gathered, there must if life is to bo endurable, be many restraints upon tho Individual in the interest of the community. Tho good citizen will cheerfully submit to these restraints. And a man who will not submit to them is not a good citizen, and should be treated accordingly. We have been v< ry careless In those matters, and consequently all of uneven the offenders—have been subjected to many annoyancos. A general reform is in order, and there Is no Bettor place to begin than with the bloyole aulsance." " Cleanliness is next to Godliness." We use only SANTA CLAUS SOAP, And White Wings of Purity Spread their radiance around us. SANTA CLAUS SOAP 15 THE BEST FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD USE. ALL GROCERS KEEP IT. /\-\DE. oNLy BY N.K.FAIRBANK &CO. CHICAGO. Ofllclul Cull. Tho Republicans cf Cass County, Indiana, and all others who desire to co-operate with them are requested to meet in their several townships and wards at the time and place detig-mu ed for the purpose of selecting dele- pates to tho Republican State convention to be held ;u Incianapoiis on April 25 18y4, and to the Kepublican Congressional convention to he held at Hammond, Ind., otj May 24, 3SD-1. Tho p!ac= and tiino fixed for said meetings is as follows: Adams lowtship—Twelve Mile, April 21, at 1 p m. Bettiiebera township—Metea. April 21, at 1. p. ui. liuone township—Royal Center, April 21 at 1 p ra. (. lay io<vri!>hi< —Shady Nook school house, April '21 at 1 p. m. Clinton township—Clymers April. 20. at 7 p. m. Deo' Creek township —Center school house, April 21, 1 n. m. Harrison townthip—Lucerne, Apr 1 21. 1 ]>. m. Jefferson township — Galloway school house, April 21. 1 p m Miami township—New Wavtrly, April 21, 1 p. m. Noble—Centre school house, April 21, 1 p. m. Tipton township—Onward, April 21, 1 p. m. Washington township — Centre school house, April 19, 1 p. m. First ward—Engine house, April 21, 8 p. m. Second ward—Rink April 21, 8 p. m. Third ward—Council chamber, April 21, 8 p. m. Fourth ward—Rink, April 21, S p. m. Fifth ward—Engine house, April 21, 8 p. m. The several townships and will be entitled to representatives as j follows and tbe meeting will select ! the number of delegates aa follow?: Stat« Congressional Convention. Convention. Adams tow.ishlp l Bethlehem " J EVERYBODY SATISFIED. THAT lilt. MEKKOLL AND HIS ASSISTANTS. l»o Exactly an Tl«ev Advertise, an4 'Flint Tliry do Cure Alter JtlBBT OihcrHFMI. During tho past six months Dr. Merroll and assistants gave a guarantee that all patients treated during that time, if they were dissatisfied, that on tho first Saturday of each month they would have their money relumed to them. And out of 1,457 treated for all phases of diseases, but six patients have returned dissatisfied, and their money was cheerfully re. funded. Tho names of patients who were dissatisfied and received their money back have been (riven in these columns at the time the money was refunded. Koad the Following 1 Ofl'er and Coll at Once. For the purpose of obtaining dates upon which to base contemplated now departure in their professional and business dealings wiih the sick, Dr. Merroll has decided to make the following proportion: All new patient* or old ones renewing treatment, who call at tbe doctor's office, 411 Broadway, during office hours, commencing Monday, March 26, and throughout ! the week. After a careful examm». i lion, if curable, will be treated until ! cured for $0, whether it is one i Boono Chij- Clinton Dtwr Creek Harrison Jackson .Jem-rnon Miami >oble Tlpton Wiu-lilnirton First ward examinations and treatment until the patient is permanently cured. This Is the only fee that will be charged to any one, and in any case we fail to cure we will refund the money, as we have j dono in the past. From March 26th ! to March 31st Is positively the only week for which we will treat patlentt wards at thls £ reat sacrifice. After March 31st, the doctor Informs us that they will positively treat no patient lew than $10 a month, and as we know them to be strictly first-class physician g as well as men of their word, we would advise all afflicted to call upon them at once, and receive this most generous of all offers. Third Fourth Filth -' -3 By order of the Central Committee. J. Z. POWELL, D. W. TOJILINSOIV-, Chairman. Secretary. (Tasteless-Effectual.) FOB AM, BILIOUS wt • DISORDERS. 1 Siich a« Sick Headache. Wind £:-i1 Pain In !!-,• 7> ' Stomach, Giddiness, Fullness. Swelling nficr ,-j i Mcal«, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Chills, Flu:,!-,. 3 Ings of Heat, Lost ol Appetild, Shortness otS 'Breath. Costiveness, Scurvy, Blotches on tho <? Skin Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, Ali ,, Nervous »nd Trembling Sensations, and Ir- J ref ularltlet /ncldenjaMo Ladies. j i OoVend wM>» Taitelwaand SohMs Coating, j Price *5 cents a Box. C«nal St. €AXl»II>ATK» FOH TUKASmiKR. I wlllboacnnillilatefor Trausnrerof the cltj of Uwinsport, subject to the will of Che Bepubll can City Nominating Convention, Los-ansport. Inil., February 13, 1804. I will be n candidate fur Treasurer of the city of r/o(?ansport, subject 10 th« will of the Bepubll- can City Nominating Convention. A. LONG. logansport, Inrt., Febrnary 16,1894. I will be a candidate for nomination for the ofllce of Clt? TretiMirer subject to the wlllofttte Ktwubllcuu Convention. J. D. ALLISON. - ',, Ind., Feimmry 19, ISM. I will bo a "andldato for Treasurer of the city of Lona-i."Port, sublect to the will of the llepub- lieu. 010 homin.UnB Convention. Logansport, Ind., March 5, 1891. Card ol Thank*. The famllyyOf the late Mrs. Nicholas Klein desire to thus publicly express their thaaka to their neighbors and frlenda for the kindness shown tho deceased during her last lllnees and (or the assistance and sympathy extended In their hour of bereavement. CoacMM to Kemp'i Baliuun will atop the oougfc »tonoo Oamdeu Items. Miss Susio Metz waa down from Long- Cll£f yesterday Will Campbell, of Logansport, Is visiting friends here this week Miss Etta Finch, of Logansport, visited friends hero last Saturday and Sunday.. . .Messrs. John Wharton and T. B. Reeder arc arrang Ing to each build residences in I/O gansport tbis bummer Miss Dora Gish went to Logansport Monday, where she has a position in the mill! nery store ot Miss Brown.... Z. Hunt received a letter last week from an officer In the U. S. Army stationed at Santa Fo, New Mexico, stating that his son Oscar, was very ill of splna! menlngetis, A very nice letter was received last Monday evening from a pastor of one of tho Santa Fe churches states .thatOacarhas boon takon to the army hospital, and that his condition is decidedly Improved. Tae gentle man assures Mr. Hunt that every attention will be given him that will add to hla comforter Btay tho ravages of the disease.—Camden Expositor. . »100 Reff*rd, $100. The reader of this paper will bn pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded dtsetmea that science has been able to euro In all Its 8Ru?es and ilia- Is Catarrh. HiillN Catarrh Cure Is the only posl'lvo cure known to the medical fraternity. Cntarrhbflngaconstlwtienal disown, requires a eonstltollonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blond and mucus surfaces of ihc system, thereby destro.lng the foundation of the disease, and gtvlnn .the patient strenjfth bj- buildlnif up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so mueh faHh In Ha curative powers, that iher offer One Hundred Dollars for any case thai It falls W cire, Senfl,'»i;1.' 1 i%?*S m iSf 1 *S- Address, K. ,I.CttKNEV*CO., Toledo, o. BT-dold 67 druggist*. Quaker headaoha capsuls give re. lief la ten minutes. . , Kotlce to Contractor*. Sealed proposals will be received by A. C. Barnett until Wednesday, the 28th day of March, at 4 p. m., of said day at the office of J. H. Rhodes, architect, 427 Broadway, city, for the construction of the new Barnett Hotel. Plans and specifications, and full particulars can bo obtained at the above office. The owner reserves the right to accept or reject anv or all bids. A. C. BABKETT. Bundle Factory Wood for H»le. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mail orders to Hillock & Pittman, Handle Factory, on Toledo St., or P. J. Klmmer. GOT IT? FOUR"O" ftNNIHILfVTES Lf\ GRIPPE OUrtRftNTEED BY BEN FISHER.

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