Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 29, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1896
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THE LOGANSPORT JOURNAL YOL. XXI. LOGANSPOKT, INDIANA, FEIDAY MOENING, MAY 29, 1896. NO. 129 WE'RE PROGRESSIVE. A Large Importer came to us and offered a large lot of SHEER LINEN CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS at our own price. We bought them and Saturday morning they will be placed on sale at your Price. 2so]doz. handkerchiefs divided into three lots. ~~~~^~ LOT i. 'f-7 100 dozen Sheer Lineo, elegantly embroidered Handkerchiefs. The regular selling prices of which range from 40 to 75 cents. You can take ycur choice for '• ' 9c LOT 2 100 Dov.en k Embroidered Swies scalloped, lace insertion and luce olock Handkerchiefs. Actual value from 15 to 40 cc-nts your choice I Oc LOT 3 CO Dozen all Linen Hem-stitobed Handkerchiefs. Value 20 cents each all linen and your choice for.. 5c In connection with this sale we will conduct a special Wash Goods Sale giving you .choice of 100 pieces. Osgandies, Lawns and Dresden? $ . I O Duck Suite for Ladles 1.50 Japanese Silks 2 I Silk and Feather Fans :- 25 409-411 BROADWAY. 300 FOURTH ST. IT IS iPPALHNG. Scores of Dead Bodies,Are • Found in St. Louis .and East St. Louis. Eaging Cyclone Sweeps' the Two Cities, Dealing Death and Destruction on Every Hand, Hundreds of Pe pie Are Injured by the Storru, Many of Them, It Is Foared, Fatally. Early Reports of the Disaster Were Greatly Exaggerated—List of the Dead. Clothes up to Date . . Have been In great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one hns r. finer line of woolens and worsteds to eelecc from than ours. Important Features ... in ;tbe make-up of our clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3M Market Street. The queen of hearts !n nil these parts, If you can co by rumors' . Is ono who rides a wheel, and glides About in dainty bloomers, ZINN & COMPANY. We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also have an assortment of second hand bicycles which must be sold. Call and make an offer. '. 202 Sixth Street 1§ .: I Must Have Honey 3 ' ' ^ So I Have Reduced my prices. Call and get zS £E a Nobby Suit before they are all gone. ^ I AL YOUNG, Tailor i - Pearl Street. Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and sweetest Bread* The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. Invitations . Are always appreciated and especially so wheu they are tastefully gottenlnp. -. THE JOURNAL Job Printing, Department ie| making a specialty of ... NVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. LETTERHEADS, NOTE HEADS- BILLHEADS,! STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC.^ETC. St. J,ouls. Jdny 28.—The list.of the cleai: from Wcflnesd.iy night's cyclone will fall far .below the first, i-stlmiites, but It Is cnoush to-be appalling. Crushed! benoath fulling walls, hurled against the sides of buildings, struck by Hying timbc-rs, cut by the shattered slass, shocked by the network of down wires, humanity suffered In ways Innumerable, The n.-imes of'iiU't'hft Injured will never be itnown. Enough were recorded at the dispensaries Wednesday nlpht to show how widespread were the tornadoes effects. Of the destruction of. property' there can be no sniisfactory estl- rnatc'-R-lvcn. The loss in extent and In character Is'Hioyond conception. •; ,'TUO Work .of the Storm. .l'n,,'l;h'V flashes of lltfhtnlnp Wednesday- nlp'h'tjat' tho city hospital It looked'.like n ruin.'.'',T!ie new'Eurjvfcal ward wus par tially. demolished. Portions', of ihe othe b'uildini;s were unroofed. r Walls wer crac'lteil: There were 450 sick ' people the -'hospital when the slovm cn.ma. Som pothered strength In their frieht and rai Fhrii'ls'lns from the place, finding shelte cr., tlw outside. Thirteen v/ere injured I one -w'aTcl. •' , '. Convention Hall Diiniu£ecl. :; The,convention hall and the Four Court T. p oro In the path of the cloud as.lt i»as from the city hospital toward the river Convention hall lost a part of the.root' a the .eastern end, was punctured In er.il places flyinc ' timbers tif.d BUS tallied-, some dcrungemfnt of tlie interior Ten day*' work will make the hall gooi' Htjaln 1 . .A section of the brick wall of tin jail went down and tho prisoners won tcrickeri. In the district between Slxtl street'.and the river and northward from Chou'teau' avenue, (he tornado tore a dlag onal'path. The district comprises bus! nessJicMsc'3, many of them of the olde: tyflc." Every bulldlns witliin the poll sustained dama^o. Smoke stacks • anc chimneys were toppled over. Walls wer leveled. Roofs were lifted. Thousand of windows were smashed, miles of tele graph and telephone wires were left In a network on the ground. Through this ells trlct tho streets are Impassable. They arc covered In places with debris ten fee deep. - ; Along tho tovca. r AlonR the levee front the hawsers snapped and boats were 'sent aclrltt, some to'eo down. The loss of life; which might havo taken place at this point was averted by the hour at which the tornado came One" up-river passenger boat; had (rone an hour neto'.'c. ar.d allhoufrh not heard from probably had passed beyond the path, o: the storm. The tlcath-dcalinjr cloud crossci Ihe river nt sueh <ui angle as to strike am wreck the upper works at liie east end o; the Ua<3s brirlpre, and to sweep ii/part ol East St. L'oulu. In that portion of.the clty.'.of St. Louifc eoutli of the. Iron Mountain '! racks ana enst of Sixth street to the river -Hie seen' was frightful, but It was r.othini,*, compared with the scene alonff .'.the ..levep, Broadway and the side streets. .'livery house- hri'd relatives-and friends amon_ t!ie dead and Injured. Husimrid's, fathers unai brothers -worked at niK'ht In the freight houses, on the boats 'and .the cars, o.nd as these could not'be found the anguish' ot mothers, sistero' "rind-Bother relatives was. heaitrending. They would rtin from ono temporary morgue to another, and In soino Instances pasli 'aside cU>ad bodies in order to attempt to Identify their relatives, and when found th'e'crles would melt a heart of atone. At four o'clock Thursday moiT.iT)ff,,it,wa's estimated that 200 tiro dead .'.and. 'IW.'are woiinduJ In East S.t Louis and'55 'people aru ;leml In the city of St. Louis. " In Enst St. Louis. The J!st of tho doa'2 and injured on the east side of the river will not be complete until hours ol' dayllR'ht permit effective te.irch ot. the ruins. Enough Is known, ].o'.vi.'vc-r, to £ihow that .morG lives have been lost: that), upon the west s'ldey'The Ir.juri-d number hundreds. .j/,. ,. ., • I''ir<« .AdftH Ita Horror. Fire added much .to the loss ar.d-horror of tl',i> scene. The alarm system was paralyzed. Approaches were blocked. AJ200,- (100 ' conflagration and a dozen., lesser fires ' occurred In 1 East- St. : 'Louis. A'inlll was burned, and two otheii,consid- erable losses were sustained. To ihe"enor- ; jnptts-tqtal tires added at least $500,000. The hurricane from tho '.northwest came bo- buslncss center of. the city had lv:t;.un> to send Its workers to their homes. Service, on most of the. street:.'car' ilnes wits' suddenly suspended. . ' .-,... . ... A'thousand electric cars'' : sfood'dark drift doHerted^.on the tracks, while men and women:toiled homeward.Uirouffh'"the rain. \.\Vlld Tlmo on the Rlvvr. Three '-boats of the Anchor line were .in port',' V:These were"-the City of Monroe, which was ready to leave for New drleana. She lia'd a large crew and ab'oiit 33 passengers! ,','She was badly wrecked'In-her upper works,and taken across thoriyeiTwherG •" '•'-'"-' L d at the Choutcau avenue. It was that her passengers. and • cre.w. wft.re'safe. •-,The other two bouts;, were the City.of,'Cairo and the Arkansas City.. They we're'hioored at the footof Chouteauavenue arid Carroll street respectively. They were torn" Vooso'and - no Intelligence _wa3. received', from them .up to mldiiiffht: \ Being temporarily out o'f commisslon.Vthcy.-had but.'few, employes aboard-.- .', This"' company also .had u number -of. barges'torn away,-a'nd probably sunk. . The'St. Louis i'MlssIsslppI-Tariey Trahs- ppnatlbn company had two .boats; the.Ex- por.tcr'und-the Harvester!.Ithe best of-the line,, set adrift..'Hid wharf boats and a'n'um- b'er'<of.-barges. One of the' boats-'Was reported '-'to. be snnk.at thc' ! 'foot''of'Arsenal erteotlv.'The' 11 Henry. Liwrey, of'.this line,, -"-•'• - j:\yharf but'llttle.da'maked,-:. pioyes coura DO ootamea:.. 'jme lup; KCS- cue No. 2, belonging, to tlle Wiggins Ferry •company,, were reported to be sunk at Lhc toot of Olive street. The fiamag-e on land 1 along i.he river front was almost as gr.eat as on the river, it not more so. Buildings were demolished, roofs blown off, mercantile stock dam- ugod by rain, railroad tcacks blockaded anil -all wires down In the 1 streets. Tho river house of the Merchants' elevator, a very large brick structure with de<;:: basement, was: demolished. Identified DcuiL.ln Sf- Louis. Tnt reports received up to eight o'clock Thursday .'morning showed the following dead In the- city; Max Wuis, driver for Eberle & Keycs Ilv- ery company: Sophie T>K Martina, of -102 S. Twelfth St., killed at Edwin and Scott avenues; Katie Claypoo), klllud ut Ewing und -Scottt avenues; Frank Fisher, I1H-) Pnpln; Julius Gull, boofckeeiiev for Epstein & Bernstein; Charles Tandy (colorc-d), \\"illlam \VInkler, on southern electric car at Eleventh and 1 Park avenue; Joseph Dunn, patient at city hospital; Francisco Sellgo, a Spanish woman at city hospital; Fred Zlmmers, chief engineer Union depot railroad power 'house, .Jefferson and Gi-Ior avenues: chile!, daughter of Andruw J. Leinoke, of 271) HamlHon avenue; JO!IM P.im'v. '•I'i at l-t-'i! Mississippi avt-nue; Charles Nee, -ICC South Seventh; William Otti-nad, 175 South Broadway: John Bin'- R-ess,-2-iU3 South Ki-oa'dwuy; Wallace T. C. Butler (colored), 023 South Jefferson; Rob- eit Miller, Blulr and Benton: Silas Jones, engineer Attlcks iron works, Twenty-lirst ar.d Gratlot: Hurry Hess, HOB South Seventh; a man known as Fred, lived over Miller's harness shop, Fourth and Chou- t(.-,-i'j avenue: Julius Gall, bookkeeper, 208 South'BrouCway; Thomas Klllean. Seventh ar.d Rutiror streets; Harry ICUleun, snme; Willir.m Klllean. same: Mrs. Lewis, same: James Maekcnhclnior, same: John Raf- fei-ty. 2ICS 1 ,- Washington: William D. Lan- nninenn, "iilehaej Wo'.sey, Joseph Elser, ' Robei-t Vvilson, 23 .years old, bricklayer, -!214 Collopre avenue; Harry Belscher, SO! South Stieor.d: Josephine Mnrtlni, .102 South Twelfth: Louis Simms, 1707 Piirlt: Harry Moss, JiCD South Seventh; watclur.an on board the-Dolphin;, name unknown: Benjamin Bo Sllv.a, !)35 North Sixth: Alexander Chur'.nR-cr. 2033 ll'issciurl, driver for West- Star Dairy company; Francisco Rodi"*. fll.y hospital: Fred Wells, three, 172S South Ninth; Thi-resa Wells, eight months. 172S South Ninth: Mrs. Carter nnd child, 1 flirt Mfiuird, burled urdftr ruins: Peter D.-ldri'-h, c?inplnyi>(] at Imgirlr.B mill. Ninth I i;nO Marion: .^rnlncli! ITcDonal, suuerln- tondc-nt Wr.ter-Pic-rce O.II-company, Main tinii Convent; Jornj.s, o'opinf'er Antna li'on Wor!:«-cntnnany, Twinty-flrst. and Papln: Kmmft Chen'ny, Sawyer Manufacturing t'0^-; % an; f , 17-^ Chouronu; Cliaj'les Tandy.. Sr \vyt.-y Murufscturinp company, ]"23 Clioutoau. ' • . _ Uniiil nt KBSt Sl^ Ijb^ifi The follov-'inj: are Identified as dead In J::iiHt Sr. j.onts-' Mr: Miirioll :u:d throe servant girls at M-ridl house: GoPrTC Woods, elork In \'R!!dnlI:\ cfjlco: HpnrySprlckcr, Vnndalia llnf J 10 Tcine, -ViinSnlia line; Dr. C. E. M-i!!, dciilif.t: two cliildron of M>s. Horace Triirnr-. of Lltcln'.i'I.'i. 111.; Mrs. Rickey, Jm> Frai^i: Jce Michel!, Miles Mitchell. OinrlCP C'arroll, br.rber: -John Kent. Mr?. •Rcort Hu.ywnrd,' Frank riuso, Kd Kav- n:ia;ipl\ .lacib Knrtz, , VCiceniu-s, Jnd.: Mr;;. Friic-p. 7-irs. Emrnn. Sullivan. Robert lTi:iinJ. -John-Kc-cirn'K, -Charles Waites, l.-il'i Collins uvcnvc-:'' William Stir'.ior. Peter ^Viln•.slI!v, TvIHs CcoU-y. i-frs. Silde, J. A. Pon<.-:v>r3iic.hron. Ill,: Mi-a. 1 - Stock. B. A. Portor. lludlln. 111.: L. P.ici'.aro'scn, <-2!> Ncrth S!.-:Ui street. Cabman for ^•:lndali.•^ railroad; Amelia 'Surbcr, Scott Hay ward John Ar.dcr-bi), Michael. Iv! |?^, r Thortin-- Kecf-r, Bert .Farrrll. TJ11 Ham Fari-t-11. If rank McCormiiclvex-Po llcemar... Thomns GiiHln uiul fiimily o three 1 ' Frank ^"ocso. foreman Kt; l.lliott work's: 'John - A'iilcr.tine. .City Coik-ctc Devlii S.-8as'c.-a»rt wlW; fhillp Strlokl.-r Jr., antLmother: Eudfp Faulk. oi'VandjilIn »o u»*s Ilurt ou Al ton Uojul, New York, May 2S.—Mr. James Charlton general passenger and ticket agent' of the ChlcaKO & Alton railroad, telegraphs Mr McClali), the general eastern pussen^o] ajjent of this city, as follows: "Not a passenger was hurt and not evoj a passenger car was damaged on Uv: Chi- cairo -i Alton during the recent cyclone eNcc-pt two cars on a short local train which were derailed and one or two passengers slightly hurt. All of O'jr passenger trains were held outside of KaK St. Louis In consequence of the storm ahead of them. They are now coing forward in all directions. All trains will be or tiroc Thursday.' Government Bouts to Aid. Washinston, May 2S.—As a result of the visit of Representative Hubbard and Representative Bartholdt to the war department Thursday morning Assistant Secretary Doe directed Con. Craishlll, chief of engineers, to telegraph Instructions to the engineer officers at Jefferson City, Chamois and Keokuk to render all assistance in their power to the people of St. Louis and vicinity. Tho boats of the engineering department will be used in the work of. relief. CHICAGO MAY GET IT, Breen, Jda Gludd^e. ITrs. Voloman, Joseph Mitchell. John. Sullivan William :Hlckoy, son of Mrs. Ira Kent Henry Wntonntuv TVinsUinlev lark; Ja eob Kornst. CnldcnttHcd Bead nt Hloreuo. The following are.the .unldentllled dew at the morgue: ,.' " --'.. ' Man brourrht from Liggott & Myers factory bv Officer Flannsan in wns'On 01 Gilbert' Barns, -1-I2S Papln; man brough from Union depot'-poT.-er house, Gayer an( "\rissouri 1 man broiiR'lu from Seventh am "»rK In Fourth district patrol wasron woman brought from Seventh and Park in-same wagon; mun brought from Third and Kiitper by contnil district officers Choutea. Steamer Grand Kopnbllc. fS:i Pt. Louis, May 2S.—The r.n-Jety of hundreds of mothers was relieved at 3:"0 •o'clock, when the steamer Grand Republic anchored at the foot ot Olive street. Tho l)lg triple deck passenger boat left he:v "\ycdneiiday • afternoon with about womeiiitind children on bo.'U-d. Thc''.ilcad .bodies of 150 to COO persons and the complete ruin of the greater part of central portion of East St. Louis lie in the v.vike-.of the tornado, which leaped across the Mississippi, wrecking the east.end ol tho massive" Ends bridge, and swept over Basl'St. Louis .Wednesday evening. Nearly every .'house In ,the siorm's path wcs washed'by the grinding .forces.of tlie clc Gtld now litter, the ground. Scarcely a family seems -to hr.ve escaped the.awful visitation, and In m'ajiy cases not a simple member but-met.de,uth or J'righti'ul In.iur^'. Ono .Hunilro^l mid Twenty-Two Oeiicl. At lli.o'clock- Thursday morning '22 dead bodies-had been fouml in East St. Louis. Of 'these & wore identilied and have betn takin- care or by their friends. The destruction to property in East St. Louis is estimated • at'-over fii,0l«),000. -Among the business places denlroyecl arr: the Luke :iouse,' Gross building, Tremont house-, Martcll house, Vandalia round house,-20 dwellings around It, the Howe institute, tho watch 1 jtowor. Menses building, Lynch & Beard's -building, Standard Oil Works, wire 'nail factory, Crescent, elevator, all freight houses, together, with 200 freight ars loaded with merchandise. The burned llstrlct embraces live square blocks. At. noon Thursday a mass-meeting was icld- In the merchants' exchange to devise ways and means to alleviate the suffering caused .- by the flood, wind 'ojid • Ilames. Committees were appointed to solicit suTj- scrlptlons, buf.no outside assistance will be'asked. . - . At noon ii detail of the fire department was summoned to. rescue 20 .men who are said.to be burled beneath'tDo'ruins of the St. Louis Cattle &,,Retrlgerator company's works, at "Second street .'and Park avenue. The Cyclone at Other 1'olnts. '. ' • Meager -reports'oJ. the cyclone's fury In Silsuourl .Wednesday' are being received. •At two olclock""Wednesday afternoon .he'cyclone struck Ben'jc.lt, In the northern' jart -of. the -state, and ^destroyed every- hlng In Its path, and 'several persons were- lataily Injured. An unconfirmed "report, tales that CD persons were killed Wednesday, 'at Bush Hill; Mo. -'-Eighty:, cfclldreii are ; said to have,been Instantly killed by he n coilapse of a school:buildlij^ : at Drake, • .AtvYandalla, 111., it is believed at least. 0 .pursona.. were .hurled, to death by the yclone.. - -. ' • ' • . .Iu,the'vlchjlty ot La<tdonla;-.Mo., ten per-., or.s are reported-lcllle%'•-. -" ' -. . " Boodhou'se," 111., .Msy 2S:-^l.t '13 .reported hat SO-'children were;,killed- In' a • school- V .-'-• .~ .. ,- _ '_« n >. il 1. to' rtllTr • Til. ' .tnm Bt. Lonln rrohiiljly Vnuhlc to Cure for Kcjmlillciui ConvenUon. ChicMig-0, May 2S.—Th« republicsin national convention will in ;ill probability- be bold in this city-next month. Architect Adier, who is the architect of the St. Louis wigwam, where the convention wns to hnve been held, received word ThursJay.froni that,city thatboth the wiffwani and the exposition build- irifr were so badly demolished t.lmt 10 repair pithcr place before Juno 1C. the date set for the convention, would be a physical impossibility. The 'Illinois state central, cotnniittce was therefore called into session n7id Chicago will be tendered to Chairman Carter, ot the national republican co'ni- miitce, as the place to hold the republic:;]] convention. / Washington. May 2S.—Should lat.-r ;uid nioi'C accurate'infonnarion oor- robonite the earlier news from St. Louis, it is probable that tho da to of the nation:il rcpublicyn convpntioi) wiii be chnnp'cd. Siiotild a chnujfe of date be decided upon i! would probably be Tixed for the 16th of July, just one month lafcr than the pn-si;nt da to. Chairman Carter.cf the national republican committee, said that possibly considerations other than Ihe mere wrecking of tho hall would i".fhienco the committee. Whether or not the hotels, in view of tho general wrecking' of buildings, would be able to take care of the crowds and the question o£ the ability oi! the railroads to properly handle the traffic would be considered. Mr. Carter also suggested that if the city w:\.s within the next, ten days to be turned into a vast funeral procession nud thrown into general mourning over tlie Jiur.dreGs.ol victims- of this appalling disaster, it would be wise. I'erliaps, not to thrust upon it a political convention, with all its nt- tendant excitement and enthusiasm. It. is quite probable, therefore, that ihe date of J.he convention may be changed unless later news puts a different coloring to the reports HO far received from the stricken city. 'GIFTS FOR THE CZAR. TO AID ST. LOUIS. War Department Ordered by Congress to Furnish Tents, Etc. Joint Resolution Passed by House and 1 Senate—Senator Vest-Says Missouri Needs No Help. Klcliolnd II. RcroivcH Foreljrn Kcprcscn- tntlvcs ut the Coronation. Moscow, May 2S.—At 11:30 o'clock Thiirsclay tlie .emperor :ii)'] em])rcss n> . ceivecl in the linll of St. Andrew's in the iKiltxcc of the Kremlin the congrntnl.-i- tions of tlie foreign diplomatic' body the special envoys of tlie various 001111 tries sent to Moseow to represent their respective; jjovornnicnte .it the coron:* lion, the iniJitaa-y luid nav.nl suites of princes and gr;uid dukes, tlic civil offi eials, delegates rcpresontiiifj the Cos- snck troops, dcpiitiitions of Knssiiin peasmits mid the Asiatic tribes nnd representatives of the non-Christian re- The weather was perfect sintl t-hc streets .ware' crowded, as upon U)« former 'ceremonial occasions, with people ehtfer to see the foreign dignitaries nnd others on tlieir w.ny to and from tin; jnihiee. Jlany moi-c ffif t-s than' were presented nt this reception have been received by the czar including; very valuable offering's from tlie shall of I'crsiu and huii «lred.s o'f eostly g-jfts from the south ol Kussiaf All these' gifts but anffmcnt the,fa- nious imperiaJ trettstircs in the Kiom- liii. Louisville, Ivy., May 'AS.— The Genernl Federation of 'Women's Clubs took up the subject of the revision of the constitution Thursday morning'. Quite a spirited discussion follower. It was decided that the president of each state federation shall be u vice president- o£ the general federation. A section pro- -idin'g'.tliat the general' officers of the federation and other members shall constitute the board of directors, who shall transact all. business of the federation, was adopted after much, discussion. An amendment to section 5, to increase the terms of officers nn<3 direct-" ors to two. years, was voted. New York, May 2S.— Henry W. K. Wilson, was Thursday appointed temporary receiver, for Cildemeistcr & Kroeg-er (incorporated), pianos, in proceeding's .for voluntary dissolution of the concern. The company was incorporated in 1S01 with a capital of .$140,- 000. 000. Assets, $100.000; liabilities, S100,- v^,>ijav ^fS.—j/ne neiuu- cratic state convention ^^•ns held here Wednesday! . State officers nnd delegates to..the'national-convention were lommuted. The-'statc ticket is headed >y. J. -Henry'Jackson, of Barre, for.g-pv- ernor. The platform strongly endorses President .Cleveland nnd. his arlminis- Washington. May 8S.—Mr. B.nrtholdt (rep., Mo.) present!?'.! the following- resolution, to the immediate consideration, of which no objection was made: "Resolved. That (lie secretary of war bo and is horcBy authorized lo lend to tho mayors of liie oitle-> of St. I.ouis. Mo.. East St. Louis, 111., and vicinity, under sue!) regulations and restrictions »s ho may deem proper, a snfliclent number of ti-nts to temporarily shelter such citizen* of said cliios as may have lost their homes by the tornado of Wednesday, and to render such other relief In the promises as he may deem necessary." Mr. Bartholdt stolid that with his colleague. Mr. Hubbard (ivp.. Mo-), he hud called at the war department and had been told that, in addition to tents, the department, if congress so authorized, would send to St. Ixmis eight or ten boats at Jefferson City, engaged in the improvement of the Missouri river. In view of The great nnd urgent necessity of the case, he asked prompt action by the house. The re-solution was agreed to. Lenve of absence was also given to .Representatives Barthnldt andJTubbard to visit St. Louis. Mr. Uar'boldt said that his colleague, as n medical JBHH. might be able to render personal assistance to the sufferers, the news received Thursday morning from thesccne of the catastrophe being to the effect that the local physicians were unable to promptly attend all the wounded. They left for St. Louis immediately. Consideration was t.hen resinned of Die conference report upon the sundry civil appropriation bill. The house agreed to the senate amendment to the St. Louis tornado resolution. On motion of Mr. Cannon tire house recor.sidoivd the vote by which it had Vi'cfincsilny ins'.sU-d upon the disagreement to the amendment to the sundry civil bili. appropriating $4,1.000 for the improvement' of the building at Little Koek. Ark. A further, conference was ordered. Mr. Thomas (rep., Mich.) presented the conference report upon the bill to pension the widow of the Ir.te Gen. O. M. Poo. of the engineer corps, fixing the amount nt $75 a month. After some debate the house voted—23 to 42—tore- ject the report and ordered a furthel conference.' Senate Chaplain yr»y» for St. Louli. Washing-ton.' May 28.—The serial.! chaplain in his opening prayer Thursday dwelt upon the terrible storm which struck tho city of St. Louis Wednesday,, that t-he people stood aghast at such a.wful tokens of the Divirtb power md majesty, when the earth trembled and the foundations of the hills were shaken; and imploring mercy for the stricken city, succor for the maimed a.nd afflicted, protection and aid for those who were administering relief and protection from such another visitation of Divine wrn.th. The alcohol bill was received fi-omt.be house-and referred, to the finance committee. Senator Harris (dcm., Tenn.) statins' that he would ask the senate to take it up as soon as t-he conference re-' port on the Indian appropriation bill •was disposed of. the committee having considered the a-Icohol bill in advance. The conference report on the- appropriation bill was then taken up. Says St. Louis Can Care for Her Own. Tho concurrent resolution from the house for the loan of t-cnts to St. Louis, East St. Louis and vicinity wns received nnd immediately laid before tho senate for action. Senator Vest (dcm.. Mo.) said that although it might seem 'an ungracious thing to say, he was compelled to say that telegrams received within tin: last half hour showed that the accounts of the great disaster had been terribly exaggerated. He wished t-o say for St. Louis and for '.Missouri that, without. boasting, that city and that state could take ca.ro of their people under that or any other misfortune. He had, himself, received no information .that those tents were needed, Ko harm could be done by the passage of the. resolution,/ 1-ut he'wanted to express his diss«nl from tho custom of states and communities that were entirely capable of meeting any exigency rushing to the, seat of government of the United Slates to seek, assistance on all such occasion?. . Senator Harris (dcm., Tenn.) expressed, himself as in full sympathy with Senator Vest's remarks, but. suggested that the resolution . should be amended by making it a joint resolu- IJon and that amendment was made. 1 The joint resolution, as amended, was passed; and the conference report on the Indian appropriation bill was resumed, the question being as to the." • amendment for Indian citizenship.oi- the five civilized tribes. Secd Iloune AH«ljfn».' Chicago. May 2S,—3'he Northup,. Eraslan, Goodwin company made an assignment Thursday in the county. court. The deed of assignment is..'... silent regarding the liabilities, an<] . places the assets at $100,000. The.com- jjiiny is one of. the concerns engag-ed.in .'; , the seed business here and in the west' with bead offices in St.'Paul. Jjaton h'bujro. Lai, -May 2S.~l'Jx-Ror. .. .Samuel D:-llcKi!ery \yns elected,United •

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