Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1894
Page 2
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"If Christ NOW READY Came to Chicago" CHINESE TKEATY. JOURNAL READERS SHOULD NOT MISS THE Greatest Sensation OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY- No Chinese Laborers to Land in this Country for Tea Years. Americans in China Must Submit to Registration—Text of the Agreement Between tlic Countries. THE FAMOUS EDITOR OF THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS WM, T. STEAD OF LONDON The most rcumrknblo ftjjuru of reform in modern civiliztition, whoso books have been sold nil over tlu< English-speaking world BY MILLIONS, • Has Written this Book for America SELECTING CHICAGO AS THE TYPICAL CITY OF CORRUPTION AND OF GREATNESS- Truths tire told us they liavo not been tolil since CHKJST CA1HE TO FAUiSTlNIvi. Anil tlio evils known to modern lifts are sketched like vi pern and their cliiet' abettors are named openly without regard to person or consequenors. Supply yourself nt onci- with this great book. Call and fret it at once, as this will be tho most advertise*! book, by tlie denunciatione and laudations of the press, that lias been issued in this country. STRIKINGLY ILLUSTRATED SPLENDIDLY BOUND NEAHLY flOO PAGES The Journal is pleased to arjuoimee that it has secured a largo number of eopies of the first edition of this wonderful book, which will bo sold to Journal readers for 4. r > cents, together with one coupon clipped from this paper. 2To one should oils* reading: this great, book which contains startling facts never before presented in such a graphic manner, See Coupon on 2nd page. ALL PROMISES KEPT. When The Journal began button of the now great distri- WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIOS A promise was made to the public that the Portfolios wculd contain the finest series of views ever offered to the public by a newspaper. In point of mechanical and artistic excellence the DREAM CITY views HAVE SURPASSED EVERYTHING. which has yet been offered and it may safely be stated that their like will not be seen again When the series is completed it will include the following subjects: Archlteoture and Building .............................. 94 PholoR raphs, Landscape and Water Scenes .............................. 23 Fountain*, Sculpture and Statuary ......................... 36 Exlblt" of All Nation* .................................... GG Famous Paintings of the World ........................... 37 Types of Various Xatlona ............................. . ... 21 Miicollaneous Views ..................................... 25 This will constitute a complete pictorial and de- ecriptive history of the great WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. Don't fail to secure ALL of these superb Portfolios. See coupon on 1st page. PART 7 NOW READY OUT THIS OUT. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON, Tod Coupon, i • wttlt 7ortr-are ' " Wt«•*» CUT THIM OUT. JTIareJti *1, 1S94. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Tbla Coupon with two others of different aatw, tnd Ten Cent*, I* good for one part, containing twenty portrait*, or He Marie Burrough's Art Port- f»Iio of Stare Celebritlet. NKW A<;i!i-;isMR.vr. •UN. March -JO. -The following i.-. a, copy of tbe crcaty which has been negotiated with China. Jt was sent to the Senate March 10, with a simple note of transmission, saying- it had been concluded ut Washington March rT. H is accompanied by nothing i" the way of communication from Secretary Greslmm. The treaty is us follows: Whereas. On t!io 17th day ot November, A, D. 1880. und of Kwanglmii me Hlith year, tho tenth moon, llfinBiiUi ilay, a treaty WU.H concluded belwocn tho United btutos and CUlnu Tor tho purpose of regulating, lidiHSng or suapomllnK the cumins ot Cluiieso laborers 10 uud tlicir residence in the United Slaws; and, Whereas, Tho povornment of C'lilsiik. in view of the nntikKonlHni uuU much dt.-pi-oeatiM iuul Herloiirt disorders to whlL-li ihe priiHenco of Chinese laborer?) 1m* plve-i rlne In ccr'.uin pnrt3 of tho United Slates, desires tn prohibit tlic emigration of such laborer* from (,'hnm to Uio United Stale*; uml Vv'hcrt'as, Tin! two couiurii:* urn UeMnrnm of protection ot Uin clii/rua i>t' mibjeets of e;u;h within the Juri.-illctUm of Hie uthrr: now. tlierclVre, the iiiTsldr.il or the riilie-.l States has uppomtiMl \\"itlier Q (Jrrsh.ini, sccri.'lury of state, Uri IIIM ij'.eniputenLiary :ini! his imperial imije^'.y, the <ni|)fior uf t,'hi;ui, IKIH npjuiiir.rd Yan^ r Vu, uUlL-i-i- of the secoi:i: riink MilMI- rector of thu court o!" *:UT'.IUjIal worship un<l envoy exiniorUlliiir.v iiml ini:i:nti:r liUiiiipiaen- tlury, und tlie salJ plenipotentiaries liuvaix ex- lilhkecl tlielr full powers, round to be in due form .and fjood t'urui, have a^reeO upou the following lirtk'les: No JmmiKrutUin hi Ten Yearn, Tho high coinrimltiiK panics agree that for a period of ten yenra, betfiuniiJK uiih UK; date of exchanco of ratification of vhls convention, thy eouiiiik,', except under conditions hereinafter Bjpeeltlcd, of Cnineyt; laborers shall be absolutely prohibited. An. i 'J lie preceding unifies M ia ii no t apply to tlie return to the United States ot any recliuerod Chinese laborer who lias a lawful wife, child or parent in the United Slates or property therein of thy viiluml or tft.Uij'J or debts of Hlte amount due him uiu! pending aet- llfltnent. The Hlght to llemi'n. And such right of return to the United States shall bo exercised wtlhln one yc-ur from the date of leaving thu United Stiiu:n, but sucti right of rtturn to tlii> United States may be extended for an additional period, not. to exceed one year, In easel whuro, by roa- ttoa ot .sickness or other cau^o of disability beyond his control, such . Chinese laborer utoall be rondurod nimble sooner 10 return, which facts shall b« fully niportt'd to tbe Cbineae coimul at the port of departure, and by him certified to tho satisfaction of tho collector of ths port at which such Chinese subject •hall land In the United Slaws, and no such Chinese laborer shall be permitted to enter tho United Status by land or sea without producing to the proper officers of tlie customs the return certificate heroin required, 1'renent l<;njoyrucntt Npt Affected. Art. 3. The provisions of this convention shall cot affect the right at present enjoyed of Chinese subject* being ollklultt, tcachem, stu- doau, Ecerubunu or travelers for curiosity or pleasure, but not laborers, of coming to the United Stales »nd residing therein. Art 4. In pursuance of articlo 3 of the Immigration treaty between tbe United States and China, Hlgned at Pekin on tbo 17th day of November. 18HO, It Is hereby understood and •greed ttiat Chinese laborers, or Chinese of any ottor olHS, either permanently or temporarily residing la the United States, (hull n»ve for tbe protection of their persons and property all rights that sr« given by tho Iitws of tbe United States to citizens of the most favored action, excepting ti>9 right to become naturalized cltliena. Will Not Object. 'Art. 6. Tbe government of the United St»uw havlm by act of oongren approved Hay 1, UK, aa ivmended by act approved May 6,1893, required all Chinese laborer* lawfully within the limit* ot tbe Unlwd Stales by the first named •ot to be rtf Ulej-ed as la said aou provided. wttba.Tlew to affording thorn better proMfltton the Chinese gonrnmtal will uot object to the enforcement of suoh acts, and, reciprocally, tie government of tbe United Slates recog- nised the right ot tni government of China to enact and enforce similar laws or regulations for the registration, free ol charge, ot laborers, skilled or unskilled (not merchants as denned by (aid »oi» of congress), citizens of the United States In China. In Force for Ten Years. Art. (L Tnls convention shall remain In fore* for a ported or ten years, beginning with the date of the exchange ot tbe. ratlflcations, and If six montbs before iho expiration of the said period of ten years, neither government unall formally have given notice of 1U termination to the other, it shall remain In full forco for another like period of ten years. k Signed in duplicate this 17th day of March, 1814, the signatures of Walter Q. Qreiham, secretary of state, and of Yang Yu, Chinese minister, following. WAITE IS WINNER. Judge Glynn Orders the Governor's Men to Take Charge. DKNVKB, March 80.—Judsro Qlynn, in the district circuit court, dismissed tbe contempt and quashed tho injunction njrainst Mayor Van Horn and Firs and Police Commissioners Barnes and Mullin, and empowered the latter to aeeume their duties, to which they had been appointed by GOT. Waitr, at once. Sugar Trust Victory, PHILADELPHIA, March M.— Jud(fe Cutler in the United States circuit court has decided that the sugar trunt did not act contrary to tho law when it absorbed the Philadelphia sugar refineries. Shortly after the connumma- tion of the biff au^ar deal the government brought suit lor tho purpose of having the trust dissolved on the ground that the combination was contrary to law. Fast Time for • Hulling Vessel, SAN FBANCISCO, March ss.-^-The bark- entine Tropic Bird returned from Tahiti gayly decorated because of her remarkable run from thin city to the. islands in January. The distance is 4,300 nautical miles and tho journey occupied seventeen days and twelve hours, said to bo the fastest time ever made by a stilling- vessel on the Pacific. JEWS UNQER A BAN. - K»ery Hebrew in' Troy, Al*.. OnUnd to j Tovrn bjr WMt* Cap*. Jew In the pluce, on opening nis man, found a notice from \vhilo cups ordering him to wind up his business ut onuo and pit out of the city by .May ]ij. In the ufternoon ;t muss mooting ot citizens of nil crL-nds was liuld "and (jrcat indijfmition \vas expressed. Jt wu.s iifrreed that the: Ju\vs .should bo pro too toil and any lawlessness would jjot be tolerated. The iitithoritiu.i propose- to do all in their power for tho safety of the Hebrews. STONEWALL AT CHURCH. l^ On« of I lin l-V\v J'tinmxiH TrunhleU \vit.h Insoiniiin. Not THE MARKETS. Grain, Provision!, Ktc. CHICAGO, March i'(X KI.OITJI— Was quicu vviih a row trunaactlona in a local wuy. Shipping demand light. Thu quotations uro as foliowa; Winter—Patenu, HiSOaS.la; stralKhts, liMiSiW; clcaru, K.atl'v li.30; Huconda. H.80&1.00; low (jradus, Sl.fMiJ 1.70. Siinng—Patents, »aM>a3.UO; straiKlita, li3l>32.Co; Ualtors', Ifl.TbSiL'Oi low grades, tL4t>O1.50; KedDog, ll.a><ai,60; l{yo, !SI.4lloa.SU. WIIKAT—Modurately actkvo and higher. Cu&h, B7Ji^r'7;Vc: May, 68 i )|2&50f4c; July, G0',£'it(i]J^o COUN—Opunod higher und declined ?*%mc. No. 2 and No. a Yellow, l<itl!ic uudnr .May, 38T»3«S4c; No, 3, l&c under, 30«c, and No. i Yellow, about Ika&lVic under Muy, 30c; May, OATS—Fairly active and unsettled. No. S cusli, 30f^3.'iOHc: May, 30ili(231Jic: Julj-, LV-%" SJ'JTJio. Samples lu good demand and steady. No. '!, HO.i&SJH": No. 3, \Vliito, '&MQSIte; No. v 30^a(;i;''l ( ,4c; No, " White, .'i3/i^fli.H4c. ' MB.S.M POIIB—Trndlwg llfhtan,! jirlcoi liiKlier. Quotatlorm nui^'Xl at 5i;.0'J!;ta:l].u7i^ for r.ush regular; ill.O^',idll.OTV> fur May, und Sll.iWa 11.U5 for July, LAIIU—Market vtry quiftund higher. Q;iofv lions rnni;cd at 4tt'JftoH!C'/i Tor cash: •C.C7!.,i3 CL7D for May, und >C.fi7!4Ui).C-.'V4 for July. Ltvn J'otn/J'HV—l'i.-r pound: Cll'.c:Ucn 8'/i^. Turkrys, Oli^i;; DucUs. btLfclUc; Ot,'uNC ' UUTTKU—Croaincry, 10a^l!,;t; Dairy, Ilin'JOc; Pncliii:K Stock, 75t:So. On.s -Wim-onbin Prlmo White, 7Vc; Waiut Wlilu-. 7'ic; MichlRan I'riinc Wiiiu',"i<!ic: \Va- ti;r While. He; InoUna I'riinc Whim. K^i-: Water U'hiti', a-V, Ucudlig.Mt, 17J lust, K',,\i; (Ja«- olliH', S7 dcif's, ll'/iL'; 7-1 dug's, Sc; Naphtha, 03 llfff'K, ti'/'C. Liyruus-Dlatllled sjilrlts steady DM tlis basla of Jl. 15 JK.T frat fo r ;ii.inl]i>il i;oorls. NBW YOKK. March 51 FLOUlt—Firmer and inure aolivc: Minnesota patents, W.TiOiiJi.OO. WIIBAT—May, 6'iJt'3 > Kis; Ju'.y, W,<S,6a\ie; December, 0'J'/i-a«». 7 ic. HYK—Nominal. COIIN—No. " opened quiet, but a litllo nrmei v-'HIi wlicai. May, ^^^^''J-IOc. OATS—No, 2 qulul but linn. May, 34^c; track vfhlto stato, SHijUIc; track wliito wc«tei-n, H{J I'/COVISIONS— Beef stoailyi family, 13.00: extra mess, K,50. I'ork quiet; new mess, IliSOuffllUSO: family, fn.Waiai»; shori clear, H3.00i4l&.(W. ],nrd EOmliial; prime western 3 teum, J7.1S. LIT* Stock. CHICAGO, March 26. HO 08—Ma rliet ralhcr active and prlees with, out material change. Opened weak, but ruled stroniter later In the day. Sales ranKed at H.8S eiTOfor Piss; KSOOH-TB for light; M.8034.48 for rough packing; M.NXa4.75 Tor mixed, und K50O4.73 for heavy paokitif; and shipping lota CATM.E —Market railier active. Prices well maintained. Quotations ranRcd at 14.70(16.00 for choice to extra shipping Steers; M.Ou<J4.05forgood to choice do.: fS.fciffll.Oi> for lair to good: K.iuoo.8.36 for common to medium tlo.; *t.ssoa«0 for butchers' Stocrs; f!,454110 for Stackers; fS 10OS.85 for Feeders; fl.fioaaoc /or Cows; f2.85f{3.20 for Heifers: »i.80a3«>for Hulls: IS.60iai.8S for Texas Steers, and JiW0 8.00 for Veul Calves. WJicn ,l;ic'k.so;i /ii->t cinno to l,l»; \'if- ffiniu ini!it;ir,v institute he was :i dyspeptic :iii<t somi'thinij of ;i liyiioclion- drilic. Ilis licaHll \v:is lj;i(l. but, lie imttyitu'il tliul, )io li:ul uiaisv nioi-o;iil- mcnts tli.-iu )H; n';i]lv iliil liiivo. JIo hii-d l)i:fin at a wator-ciiri; c-st;tb]i.sh- inunt in the north, and l!i<: jircscrip- lion had boon fj'vun him to livuoii stale brcu<l and butU'rmilk, and to U'i.;Lr a wet .shirt next his body. lie .foHoived tlitise directions for more vlmn a year after coming-to Lexington, linai-din;,' at a public hotel, rlio.se pcc'iiliin attracted mucli attention, und In: with much lau<<-hetl at by tlio rude an course. Hut he bore all their jest* with patience, and pursued his plan unmoved by tlieir latiphtor. In like manner he Carried out strictly the direction to j.'o to bed utninco'i:ioc)<. 1! that hour oau<;lit him at a party, a lecture, a reliffioiis cxcrei.se, or any oUicr place., lie invariably left. HisdyKpep- bia eunsed drowsincs-s. and he often went to sic CM) in conversation with a. friend, and invariably, without exception, went to sleep lit church. 1 have soen his Jie;nl bowed down to lu's very knees during :i ^rooil part of the sermon. He alwa.vs heard ihu 1c-xt of our ffood pastor, ltd'. Ur. White, and a. few of lii.s (ipeiiing 1 fioiilencos. JiiU after tlial all u-as lost. 1 retiH-inliei- ti. witticism at hi.se.v- ponse which caused a ^uod tleal oi amusement. Tin- faculty of tho :,w<; colI'.'fife.s ivasspcfially invited to attend a lecture of a celebrated mesmerist. Many of the I'itixens of the town were a'so present. The lecturer, after do- in;;-some surprising tilings, wished tfi try his hand upon one of Uic professors. Maj. Jnekson \vent forward tc the stufii;. but his will was too strong fnr tliat of tbe mesmeri/.cr and t.he op- orator failed to aiTecthim. Tlie operator .showed so much chagrin and uiorti- licution at his failure, thattlie atulienct became very much amused, and tlieir fun ran over when a witty daughter ol Gov. McDowell said in a stajje whisper: "No one can put Mnj. .lack.son tc sleep hut Rev. Dr. White!" I believe that Jackson never entirely overcame this drowsiness in church, thoug-Ji in military service his health improved, and drowsiness wore off to some extent—Gen. D. H. Hill, in Century. An Afflicted Boy Salt Rheum-Intense Pain The Strawberry Crop &m«<L gg& NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 26.—The strawberry crop in Tennessee has been entirely killed by frost. Considerable attention ii deroted to the culture of small fruits and early reffetable* in certain portions of the state, aud the loss wltt be very great. Owin/f to the warm weather for sereral tveeki previous vegetables were much advanced, and the damage is greater for that reason. . The peach crop will be a total failure. • WUd Anlnuli K»ld Ar(r«a«»i fmrmt. LITTL.E Rocs, Ark., March 28.—The high water which hai prevailed throughout tnli region tbe lait week hai driven hundreds of de«n, pan- them, bean and other frame from their swampy haunt* to the uplands, and losses of cattle and bogs of farmers to an alarming extent have been the consequence. bled from » Blow. CHICAGO, March 26.—A blow said by the victim to have been struck by ex- .AWerman Michael F. Bowler, independent candidate for aldurman in the Fifteenth ward, resulted Sunday in the death of John M. Donovan, a watchman in the county jail. I'vanuti fin pood. In a German roedicai journal Dr. P. Fiirbinge treats of the peanut as an article of food ricli in albumen, oi which it contains forty-seven per cent, together with nineteen per cent, of fat and non-nitrogenous extractive matters, lie recommends the use of roasted peanuts in the form of soup or mush. On account of the cheapness, peanut? are recommended as a popular article of food, especially in pool-houses and the like: moreover, they arc recommended as an article of food for the corpulent, for diabetics, and for the subject of kidney disease, in the last mentioned of whom foods rich in animal albumen are to be avoided.—X. Y. Journal. Eruptions Healed and Health Restored by Hood's Sarsapnrllla. "We have used Hood'sSnrsajiarilla with great success in the case ot our lioy. Wira lie was two years old, something resembling tetter or fi.llt rfofum cuine out on lih far?. It was pnin- ful, ami nwiimto UK; Intense itcbJnj;, Ilic little mie could not refrain from scratching Uic flcsb. Ills facu became An Awful Sight. I applied different salves but (hey did not do any good. I had previously lost falih In doctors, sc. I decldeJ lie needed something for tlio Wood, .nil having noticed Hood's S'U-saparilla highly recommended, J uroraired a supply. Its effects, were quickly noticeable, the broken flcslj healed Hood's s ' Pr >Cures] over and lie became more healthy. Ho Is now seven years old and I have never noticed any fligns of a return of tlic trouble, lie is now strong and henltliv ;i* any boy ot his age." Mils. CHRISHIEC. )l. KJ.NO, Sandwich, Illinois. : Hood'B Pills euro liver ills, constipation*, biliousness, jaundice, sick headache, indigestion. Knew How It Oa(bt to Tnnte. Mrs. Gilfoyle—This can't be genuine mineral water. Mr. Gilfoyle—Why? Mrs. Gilfoyle—It doesn't taste horribly enough.—Truth. —Miss Harriet llosmer tells a San Francisco reporter that she has an order from one of the eastern cities for a very large monument that would cost about one million dollars to execute, and would be about all she could do in this life. "She said she would probably do the work, but was not certain till tlie contract waa signed. Cmtehtt » Ilufe K*(le. KOJCOMO, Ind., March 29. — Dillon Hiatt, who lives near this city, captured the largest gray eajrle ever taken in tha west The bird measured 7 feet 6 Indies from tip to tip. Uiatt broke hs winjf with a shot, then ran it down with a horse. Two weeks ago lliatt shot it» mate, it measuring 0 feet Died of Hlccou»h» After • Wcuk'l Slego, WARSAW, Ind,, March 26.— Prank Harmon, residing- east of this city a couple oi miles, died from hit-coughs. H» was taken ill a month ago with tho grip and a week ajjo hiccough set iu which the physicians were uuuble to check. Mr. Harmon was 40 years oi KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly wed. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life mofo, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best producto to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles _ embraced in the remedy, Syrnp of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the. taste, tbe refreshingsnd truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers anof permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met witfuthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid-' neys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it Is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Fizi ii for sale by all drop gilt* in 60o and $1 bottles, but it U man- ufMtnred by the California Fig Syrup Died Suddenly. LOUJBYIUJC, Ky., March 20,— Milto* McKnight, bookkeeper in the Bank of Kentucky tor forty-five years, died suddenly of apoplexy Sunday afternoon. He was OS years of age and rich. Lived Over » C*ntury. DE KALB, III, March 2C.— Edward F. Boland died at his'home m this city Sunday. He \TM 107 years old and came from Connty Mayo, Ireland, fifty yeara •go. (Jooil Mcrrs. No othor medicine in tbe worid was over given such a test of its curative qualities, as Otto's Cure. Thousand* of bottles of this great Germac remedy are being distributed free of charge, by druggiste ia this country, to thoee- a(Bided witb consumption, aaihrna, croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases, giving- the people proof that Otto's Cure will cure them, and that it is the grandest, triumph of medical science. For^sale- only by Beo. Fisher, Sll Fourth street. Samples free. Large bottles 60 cents. For OT.r VUlj Tear* Mrs. Wtnslow's Soothing Syrup ha* been used for over fifty yean by. millions of motheri for their children while teething, with perfect •uooeai.. It soothe* the child, softens the gum*, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and, ii the beat remedy for diarrhoea. Jt will relievo the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggirte in every part of the world. Twenty-five' cents a bottle. Be sure and aek for •Mrs. Wtnelow'i Soothing Syrup" an* take no other kind. California Fruit Laxative 1* nature'* own true remedy. It combine* the medicinal virtues of California frulte> and plants which are known to have t, beneficial effect on iho human system. Although harmless to the roost del!onto constitution it is thorough and! effective, and will afford a peimanent oure for habitual constipation and th«> many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, liver, stomach and bowels. For sale by all drugguts at 60'cents a Mttlo. A< Horrible Crlm*. BABBUWTOWJT, Pa., March !».—Enraged at the crying of his baby, Andro Barfcelli, of this place, threw It into a atove, where it waa fatally burned. drolling the AtUntle Uiosllr InvolTenea sickness, When tliowavea pla; pitch and to»» with you, wrong Indeed niurt be the stomach that can itand It without revo.t- ,m». TourJsto, commercial travelers, jatcbt>men, martDen, all tMUIj that UtMtolter'i Stomach Bitten li the twit ninety for the nausna experienced lurongb weather on tlie water.' Nervoiu ind weaklj travetan by land often suffer from 80m«thln« akin to this, and Hnd in the Bitters its surest remedy. HO disorder of the itomoch, UTerortxni.eJi.it jo obstinate thai It may uotbe owrocmobr tie prompt and tboroogh remedf- ZOUall7efll««<llOtt»li Itfor ohllMand feper, Wd- n»j 804 rtenmitlc trouble and nervousness. £mftratin.to the frontier should. proTfde them«el»e» with tklt Die nwdlelnal wteguard ogalnit the effwu ot "rtoUtltuddi ot cllmttr, hudnhlp. The Golden Keent of Ixwg Lift. Keep the head cool, the feet warm- and the bowols open. Bacon's Celery King for tbo nerves is a vegetable, preparation and acts a« a natural laxative, and is tho greatest remedy ever- discovered for the cure of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and all blood, liver- and kidney dUoasee. Call on Ben. Fisher, sole agent, and get a trial package free. Largest size, 60 cents. "R«T«I Rubr'» P»rt Wine. If you are reduced in vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of tbis Old i'ort Wine, the very blood of the grape. A grand tonio for nursing- mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It create*- strength; im* proves the appetite; nature's own remedy, mud preferable to drugs;, guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young win* ordinarily sold is not fit to uie, Insiit on having this standard brand, it cost*' no more. $1 in quart bottles. Bottled by Eoyal Wine Co., Chlo**o. For sale t>y Johnston Bros. Karl's Clover Boot, purifier, fin th« new blot*

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