Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1952
Page 15
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HOP a Wedneday, November 12, 1952 ANY lyp« of gravel, Including p«» gravftl. ««tnd, lop «oll, and fill dirt. Call .}«»«« Hlnclslr 7-2559. OLD Shaver Street School on School iltp, 9 ilory Brick v«n««r iMilldlnu, Omd lumber uvnllublf. Wrecked mul removed from »»<•. HlHhent bidder. Right to reject all bid*, Cont»rt JKITIPK If. J«nw», Supt, of Sehot>l#, Piion« 7<34M. II -01 THACA fGAtwoight io-«ufl((o pump, 38-lnfcli Improved cylinder barr«l, Prncllenlly new, Pl»* lit. fJcrrpiinufl cnrrylntf c<i»e, I7.V Rhletdn Komi Storn. 1 1 -lit Real Estate for Salt Zebra, Tiger Gome Tops Grid Cord STAR •'«» • |YAi PUIUIHI 1 1, & 1. .f«I»WN>, I™. 60. i** W*ttibiUil« M M«fTfWi W ^ M*n*«ltl| HHM Me»m«, MMIH. M il*M OHIi* «» HMtt. Ail »l Mwih I, «•»?. Do You Walk to Work? (lot n Chrlttlrniifl tirtiRCnt for youriiHlf, your inn or dnuKhlur. a hnmp uptowh. 5 rooms find DHlh, v<ii>4tlnn bund*, Thn down p«ynt«snt In *m»II the pnymenU are small, what imi you wnltlna for? R. D. FRANKLIN CO. A, P. DELONY, Manager By CARL BELU «OCK niton! footbni) xpotllght chifien !>rl«htly thU week on the old Pin? Mluff'UUlo Hock fend, uhlcit thl* time ItBS not only morU'd tr»dlllnn but the Bl« Seven chomplonnhlp at "Inky. And, for MR tidvnncn; p»ok nt the top nchfinlbny buttle, wo «)ve you Terry 'if thi> 1'lne Bluff nnd Wilson Matthew* of luck'* Tiger*. v/oii nuked: How do yon Krlflny night * Kimie? i optlrd; like If we don't have SPORTS ROUNDUP By OAYLB TALBOT. NKW YORK t/f> ~ The Arncr!-! u ...... „ ,, .„. •«- . -, , it li alto true that If those were c«m Council cm Education, which, Uie oniy prohlcrrm football faces. ulK-ut n year nnd a h«lf n«o net the committee never would hnve tip 8 •r-cclsl committee headed by be-n formed." t)t, John Hannah of Michigan! — : State to try to introduce n little j Into colleste football, f»-fl.i It had nccompllshed a u<x»l' more. In n broad sense, th.'ui Irish to Play Michigan State This Weekend Editors Told Facts Are Right of Free People Mlllo Kited nt Tvvry 1 fr-ul nny our bf.y» arc mnke n «ood tho Services Offered nm, ot experience In and 'inl»htn«, Dnle OU W. 7th, Phonu 7-22.14. 0-2 1- 1m LOCAL timl long dlntnnoo Hauling, Also locul mnvln«. Boo Dnnnlu llnmlllon or cull 7-3011. 0-23-1m dtiplex upnrtmeiH, tmfur- nltthod, Front and bock entrance nnd gtussfld in front porch. One MlocH from *«hnot, 483 N. Kim Plume 7'2403, after 0 p.m. 7-3510. 2!)-U KOOM iiiifuinirtlH'il apni'imcnt. Prlvttti« ontriint'i's, Int floor Pe can (IrtJVo Apnrtments, Dial 7.S471. lO-fll BOOM iluploH npartnn>ni. Screen pd In jtloeplnjt porch, Phone 7-0(101 after (t p.in, IS-Q) Notice NKW untl ronpwul svibucriiitlonc uny nmtjusmne DubflshBti, Chrl*t- ' , , Hflll. Day T.378B. Phono. 7-2aJ8; 0-30-Hn BMiin«M Opportunity MON ICY BACK GUAJIAWEK INVU8TMJKNT »lvu* ' your sloros u vouti> tif ivuw 3 utnit (Us u»ndUi\g now, ing ctmrvcUuiu In <2Rfo», clubs, 1)118 depot*, etc All location* obtained (or you You mu»l hnve cnr, rvtaroncei «twt WOO, which is protected «n li-oitcltut money-back tee, Pevotlng a (rw of your ipnre hour* to the buttinoxii, y<\u shroik tip to |70 weekly tvtll tlino more. aaxUtutU'c to old i>.\ J\tU information, no tti enro t»f Hope St«r. 10-3 Want«< luck nnd «|l able to piny we'll bft'l ({''mo of It . ''I've mid nil nloiift Hint I llf'Ok Is the club to boat In Hlf Sevt'ii. They'vi« IK-MI Wryhi.dy ,'ifl iind 80 to nothing, You tnni't jjct mviiy front n record like Unit. M»tt)i'-wii really 1 'IB the boy*. Wu hnvi- it lot 'pf bol- ,i.i.cc. Their mmrlcrbfick. Hobby in. IB their key rnnn nnd we wi'll have to stop him. Wit're In pretty bnd shnpo. liniiiy HiwtlnHon (hnlfb'nck) nnd « llelrcl (ei«U hnve been in with Mil, inlsulDK practice this t, We Juitt hope they cnn tin nliilit, ,Ioe MarkH (full- it,'hi h<i.'i been nut nlnco tho ,ltilo Ttock Kiime with a blood Ifil oh lii» lusol, But he's worklno .t nbiiiii half .spt'trl now nnd huuId bo rundy Friday night. If VCiirkii cnn'l «o, we'll have to licngc our whole b n c k f 1 eld round. "Wo linven't ncoulod nnd worked n them NX much UK we did last t'«r, when we bent 'em, bcqaune /u've hn<l ton touiih n xcltcdulu, Ve've tiBd to worry morn qbout hi' iiiuiii' »t hinid i.'ai'h wock nnd vo'ro filiiylnH Little Itock more Ike nny other bull club this yeur. We dltltt't hold out nnythlrtK In nn' tic willi Texnrkiinii last voftk. Texnrknnn simply hud n •oiitth tutim und some of our boyn ,v(trt' hurt, "Ulvorybody suys playing at iiiinc IK wut'lh n touchdown to o,",m, and 1 Hiit'ss Hint's nbout •luht. Hut I don't think pluylnn In .Ittlo Hock will necessarily mi|ke ) dlfforc'itco In the H'mte —either >'ou HO or you don't. I believe my kids nre ready to play bull." Well, Mr. MnttlnnvH, how do you i« t'k at It? "U Hurt? looks like n Rood one, U? 1'lnw BUttf Is UK good as we , > def«nmvejj. Bersonttlly, I be- llt'vi> the> hav'o'm better nil around ck In UlKgason than we hnvo. ,Wc may have a little more pth. lit touHh Itiill n»m<'». Cieofgu lint been plnylni; about H boys. Wi> m.'iko ulmut flvo switches offense to defense, which means we've played about 16 In lough oi^es, They're bigger in the lino than we are and we're better in the Ixtckflold. ,'If their defense Is ns K"«rt as It wan last your, \ve may be in (or II, We cotildn't pass iviuUnst 'o* l«4( yeB.r, If we can't throw i'>lday night, t don't know what's gown w happen. "I look fur Pino Blvtft to b on twvMouchdmvn better team than I M* been In any other (tiune thb year. They're always high ns Kite fo" us, nnrt I don't think Uwy've ulayed tho|r beet ball ,1 tht'ir recent gumoii. "Wu'rn lining to try to b« ready Tim game means n lot ns far a the champloniihlp is concerned but then, it's just another name, think our bayg will bo I'fcudy. Utti 'hot den! mi(fhl f.i'nernlly he .Speclflcully, the committee feel* tliiit the pro|{rcts8 which has been rn:'dc oti the f'indninentfil Issue' — reuniting and HiibnldUutlon -• hnd b«fn MJincwhnt obscured by the wl('f»pr«ad ri.fu«;il of the founts rl IfiiriiinK to drop sprlni! i*ritctie*! nnd to ostrncl/e the rich New Yetir's Uuy Bowl giiitic.f. These hitter lasues, v/e learn, were only very minor facto of the ov» mil problem. Not exactly aKftrlvivl nt a ti .1- d^ncy to uiidorestimnte the co;-:- tmttce'fl work, but fcelttiK none- lbc.'le»» rtronjjly that tho educac.; < should nt leiist bo Kivon credit for v\ p ! nt tHy have done. Hnynun: I Mowed, who ncttAl us Bwcioturv (f the Hannah committee, deslr-i i word, "If the cnnmilttee hns done 'vUl•• inp »tlHo," said our caller, "it hns succeeded In brlnxltit; the nntim.'f cfilcifo |ircisldonls to«cther In tin- fo'iimon cntise and conv'-tcli'i; thr-m that they must take mi Inc Trieste Yanks Bowling Over Opposition of the Trieste Yankees, Your X«iii/ntlon was the inspiration •und the mime. It is managed asincly octlvu hand in r-jH-'.-i- iin American, Al Vada. and f.i'K their sports programs. I joyed miraculous success in "There, hua been intenae notivl-j lirst season of competition. ty during the past yenr and a lt;tlf In every athletic conference. In most conferences there have been movements by presidents of Institutions either to assume direct control or to exert (.'.renter influence on policies approved by their representatives. "As an example, Commissioner averaged yr.rds per name, with a stable of fast., powerful bncks and a ver- ^sit'ile offense. Figures released to- By JOE REICHLER jrlay by the NCAA service bureau WEW YOKK M -- Arthur (Hod) show that Michigan State, lop Patterson, energetic publicity dl-|ttpm in the Al 1 poll, has {.versified rector of the world chninplon New 2H7.I yards per itnme rushing sev- York Yankees, tells of an inter- tn'.h best In the country, and 174.0 cA'tnK letter he recently recelv- yards i cr game passing (eighth cd from an American soldier in bs.st). Trieste j "Here In Trieste find In Italy," wrote I'fc. Chuck t.lottn, sports e.lltor of the Blue Devil, ;i weekly paper of the Trieste U. S. troops, "lite favorite American pastime of Ij.itebull is in its Infancy. Ench yi'tir the sport Is growing, mors ,irn.l more popular and the Italian Bnsebnii Federation is the KOV- eniinij body that runs the whole works, "We hnve here in Trieste a team that goes under the name NEW YOHK If, — After stopping the second most powerful rif- fernc in the country last Saturday.! Noire Dame's football team KOCS! tip against the No. 1 ground g.iir.-i in.i lean, this week — Michigan Stnte. i The Irisn will be up against a I . te.un that has averaged 441 1' day l)y J - Rllsst>11 Wiggins of the W:ishinj»ton D. C., Post at the BOSTON i/T> — Americans need to be continually reminded that a free people must have the right to Set the facts nbout their government JI.-K. to publish them without ft-.ir cf "savage ;mcl unfair reprisal." That p The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring items to Mitt Turn •t Hlckt Funeral Horn* Y* lakl clown '°- or- be- by en- its Tu? Wtison of the Big 10 Conference hns Just been instructed that hereafter ho will miike his reports directly to the college presidents Instead of to the faculty reprc.son- 'aHves. I believe n similar policy bus-, bcin adopted in the Pacific Const Conference, 1 cnnnot h"lp feelint! that thnl represents real prtif/.i-o'ii,, and there are many similar examples. "A (|UP8tionnairc the committee sent out In March nnd which wns answered by ;iH. r > schools indicated there bus been a perceptible shift In the feeling nbout over-emphasis. Of the number. 237 said they al- iviuly had ijlven mombers of their nthletlc departments compnrablc status vJth other members of their faculty. Another HI said they would prohibit financial inducements to nthlotes; 1!> said they would sponsor no more contests .1 which prospective students night display their athletic trtl ms. "In other words, the committee pels confident thnl ;i start hag )e«n made on u unified national urourant, and that it will become ncreasinuly productive as procedures iire perfected nnd places j where abuses exist nre isolated i imd deolt with. "As far ns .sprinjj practice nnd" jowl games nre concerned, progress toward abolishing them hns, indeed, been slow. The committee didn't promise any miracles. But rim; unforeseen practice injuries, if we gvt bent, it won't be because wo're crippled. "We'vi. scouted Pine Bluff three times — that's twice more than we've looked nt nny other team we've played this yeur. "I don't know how to figure It In the score, but the home team always Juts an advantage nnd I'm httpuy we're playing here." Thank you, gentlemen, nnd may tho better'tenm win. "Bnek in March the Trlcstinc kids walked onto a ball field for the first time. They quickly fell in love with our national game and re. illy worked at trying to learn Low to play. A team was organized and entered in the Italian b.ireball federation's Class C com petition. "Well, they won tho championship with an undefeated season uiid as a reward were promoted to Class B. That season ended List October and they won thu championship there, too. N..'xt summer they will compete in tlu> Class A, the top ring of Italian competition. The team has adopl- rd your Yankees as their idols. iiavt- patterned their symbol after the Uronx Bomber;; anil oven use th>' same printed letterhead. "Tho team features a little left- hrmiUir pitcher named Lefty Dodich. His brother plays centerfield for the Trieste Yankees. flays before Ihy game that to decldo the championship, Against this array, Notre Dame will field H spirited defense that kmcked Oklahoma from second down to sixth in total offense in the course of u 27-21 upset. Oklahoma, however, retained its leadership in rushing offense; with an <iveriigi> of 207.7 yards per game, fcrdham is still tops in passing with an average of 224.2 yards per game. Mlchigtrn State will have to hustle to protect a slim margin over ••>en Jose State in thu total offense table. By coincidence, both teams h.".ve run off 500 plays this season. State has gained 3,088 yards to 3,080 for the west coast team, which has a 440 average. t'\e centerfielder's little daughter died. Though broken hearted, the bi others rapped out five hits and dn-vc in six runs between them while Lefty hurled a three-hitter to enable the Yankees to capture the till* ' This is the type of heart thc?e kids have. Believe me, they do tno New York Yankees great pride uy bearing their name." at the an- luial I'H'fling of The Associated Press Vttamiginf! Editors Association, nooning a four-day session in the Shr-raton-Plaza Hotel. Some 250 AH editors from all parts of the nation are attending! thn sessions which are analyzing the Ar''s methods of handling news. Wiggins, chairman of the APMIC Cn.'imv.ttce on Freedom of Information, added these rights: "To I'ublish them government fai.-ts 'vithout prior restraint or censorship; "Access, to facilities for disseminating these facts; and "To tiiiitribule these facts to other.,." Tin; Washington editor declared a "cour.'.geous, enlightened and informed pres-s' is the most effective instrument for obtaining these lights. "News-paper men must carry to this fight the best available information i.n the long struggle to establish iind maintain access to the iroiisuctions of government inclis- pt'isablc to a democratic people. "This association has been and The crowning of Miss Church will be at the Garrett el Baptist church Sunday evi| Nov. Hi. at 7:30 p.m. The will be announced over KXAR1; ing the Gospel hour at Miss Margaret Austin a^ Clark and Will Austin of New Berncll Austin of Cleveland, John B. Austin of Chicago, D. Austin, Hutchinson, Kans. mon Austin, Camp Robinson, Cd and Mrs. Fannie M. Porter, Exerl Ohio, attended the funeral of tt>4 brother, M. W. Austin. Mr. and Mrs. Thurman of Hope, announce the arrival baby girl Nov. 9, 1952. Soda pop vendors at baseball parks rre going to get a break next yer-r. No longer will they be inconvenienced by having to pr.vj Tulsa, the 1951 total offensive crvimpion, is climbing fast after rolling up 498 yards in a 42-6 trouncing of Villanova. The team now is third with a 423.7 total offense average. Tulsa is also third in rushing offense with a 2'!9.9 average per game. The Big Ten, which used to be known as strictly a running game conference, will see an aerial battle this week between Illinois and Ohio SUUe. These two rank as the .vett passing teams in ".lie conn In observance of Amerncan N lional Education week the thir grade B class gave an interestin, chapel program Nov. 7. Thomas Prewit president of the class ac as master of ceremonies. The p gram consisted ot National Son with Mrs. N. Carmichiel at tlv piano. m John Hendrix extended t™ we come. Speakers were Ricky F Poindextcr, Sharon Hollman, L Wanta Conway and Henry Dismuk Mrs. Fairilla Smith, county a gen 1 was introduced as guest speakei She spoke to the group on the sul ject "Children in Todays World. She stressed to the children strive to educate the whole se the head, the hands and heart, order that they to some day wi fit into worlds society. j Remarks were given by Mr Fannie B. Buchanan, second grac teacher and Principal J. W. Walke the caps- off bottles in order 1-ntry outside of Fordham, which comply with ruling that "No soda | has played only five games. Illi- pop bottles are to be sold at bull ni.ts has completed 58.4 per cent parks." Selmix Dispenser:;, Inc., of its passes in seven games foi of Long Island City, N. Y., has] a 215.0 average, while w»s perfected Selmix unit which dis Dorises 2,000 evenly carbonated '.ir'.nks ct\ hour. This unit was used with satisfactory results at G.-if filh Stadium, Washington and Pasadena's Rose Bowl last ye:;r. hi-.s hit on 57.7 pel- yards per game. In passing offense, ranked seventh with average per game tilts. Ohio State cent for 208.0 Detroit is 174.3 yards over seven can be of some help in this stru gle. It is not a fight, however, th can be won at any one time or uny one; place. "It must be prosecuted ever, time the right to know is chal ienged and in every place Jjju is obstructed." Wiggins criticized military al thuritics for .^postponing" publ cition ot casualties "of military o civilian employes ot the defens establishment in the zone of th interior in time of peace." New Ford F-8 BIG JOB!' Its now TXJW- FHICTION CARGO KING 155-h.p. V-8 delivers up to 29% more net horsepower per cu. in. than engines of other three leading inakea in weight class! 22,000 Ibs. G.V.W. SERIES FOR SERIES- Xtai/<ifJt/f/v o/ equipment, accessories and trim Qt illustrated is dependent on material supply condition*, thrift or part time typist, Can run P»X 10 ye*r* (jxporlcuqu. Refcreivu* Cull 7-433l». 11-3 OUT OF DOORS vith FiQhts Last Night baw flshtnit will wind 30th ot ihU mo«th in »Uta*. but Uiore ft) 1 * stlU days d««ul»ed In angers tutRvy with the smell «rt«« goirt Iftl 8»t» Ap itti thai ol<j in th*»s oft u| ktUl r«member many days iu Novenxbcr, but *> DUHLOP TIRES « : COLtllR for the Winter, of a chore. north, angkrs living In Michi|!o can get the last und bij{- gest IjcK in. The big rainbows can *UU b* camjht in the Pero Marou- Bass and wiU-ey* ftshing is Uw th« These Nov^mb^r trout take QV- er Uw eastern divsion every lit « . JOHN T, McUl M* ^^WJJ^^WP^WP' est power choice in ] /2-ton to 3-ton trucks in the low-price field! I t savings up to"" SHflf • \-**.W*>~^.••;•»£:*• *>.-•• S • Now—threo completely NEW Fqrd lYuck engijies—a Six and two big V-8'a! Ultra-modern overhead-vojve, high-comproasion, Low-FRictjON design! Short stroke of these new Ford Truck engines cuts piston-travel, cuts friction. Moro of developed power becomes hauling power! There are now FIVE great Ford Truck engines, with the famous V-8 upped to 106 h.p, and the BIG Six now 112 h.p. You choose from over 275 aeries power combinations-r-you get a Ford Truck tailored to your needs — and save up to one gallon of gas in every sevenl BLONDII MK> DITHERS WANTS YOU ON THE PHONE---IT SOUNDS LIKE HE HAS AN AWFUL COLD Christmas Cheer HORIZONTAL G 1 Christmas c carol 5 Christmas tree decoration 9 Night before Christmas 12 City in Pennsylvania 13 Century, plant 14 Boy's nickname 15 Warm water seaweed 17 Beverage 18 Snow and may come on Christmas , 19 Image | worship , 21 Position ' 23 French name 24 Rocky hill 27 Honey makers 29 Valley 32 Musical dramas 34 Mountain ridges 36 Outcome 87 Genus of marine worms 38 City in Oklahoma 39 Poses 41 Compass point 42 Lair 44 Temple chamber 46 Ministers 49 Mechanical man S3 Operate 54. Without blemish 5K Curve • 51 Catholic church book 58 Girl's name 59 Born 0 Require 1 What the Magi followed VERTICAL 1 Cape 2 Spoken 3 Ireland A Line added to musical staff 5 College degrees (ab.) G European clover 7 Noisy 8 Citrus fruit 9 Judges 0 Contends 1 Kind of cheese G Moorish drum 0 Sweetheart 2 Birds' homes 4 Ripped IZ. IS 18 it 3Z 36 58 Z 25 % M % 59 47 3 Ib Hi 1 'f? " Answer to Previous Puzzle . • 'IB -A 2 *- K A' P * A B P n E ft U R B r R S P C CjY k_ D «_ * p. E" 0 K y A E M *- ^ 5 A F» B E N R E Sf 1 e M A f P I E / A, ' P i E! ? _ o I A R * . e V 9 * f r l £ T 1 A W| E 8 N V t 1 E 1 1 T e f & >t -. off = «|E / : R ' SL * \ T } A I ! K f ' S ' F c. W s e c S T *u_ » T X W i e! V r S S R t U N f B 5 R E B ff R R e. M e R U 25 • the 46 berry presents sauce for 26 Home Christinas 28 Mr. Clans dinner 30 Hawaiian 47 Entice wreaths 48 "Stockings 31 Essential being were hung by 33 Less polite the chimney 35 Have recourse with " 40 Interior 50 Girdle 43 Former name 51 Greek mount for radon 52 Russian ruler 45 Foot parts 55 Bow slightly 6 Z7 Ifo M SN b'/ W > 13 j% Ti. V) W" H6 t 19 P wi 10 IS 7 tl Z8 3" y> hm 55 i ri i^ 3f W 20 V) fe Hi itt M 1 " n Ml 50 C 30 51 t II SI sz. CARNIVAL Dick Turner dwtiuctive line* «J the WuUO* pwM4| St»r HO-h i>101-hp. Si*! Drive HM o«w Font C«H. y«ar| li$h o/ 15 pounds or better.; Most o| the 'bows are caught oni »uct rue, as they are the j over, but fly fi&heftnen often} jwn) tn i»n »iri meal eater. | l\'H r»iitbo^- month out west. »nd ttoftjr're $«rvod up iu two nitiu 4|^P trolUnj itv Ladte P«'u4 Or«Ul» »n4 fly rishing or spoow iibjBOtt»l> in the western vo»* r i--v- ^ ftU thft w«sttm rivers, $» in C«U(«Nmii llwW b« -6 or u* Overdrive or Fanl<JW»Uc at »ddc4 //?- Pickup with an all-new Lowi The FBic-fl6N engine! New Ford F-l offers choice of new 101-h.p. COST CLIPPER Six, or famous Truck V-8, now uppctl to 106^ h.p. ... 7 cu. ft. more puyload space than the other leading make! "Now then, do you have any additional qualifications for the job—other than not smoking?" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith Owt-i*m «U «th*r truck* in ; U weight cl|i||| Ford F-5 paylaad capacity go«» ov«r 4 tooa. Choose new V-8 power—or all-n$w Six! 5-Sr*»E«TiuCab shown C»dde4co4). FORD TRUCKING COSTS LESS... Ford Tracks Lost Lo to**** nguttntian ^afej 911 8.0$9,OOO trvet:*, Uf* in«r«flc» **p«r'< pzov* Ford Truck* latt hngtrl H< AUTO CO. N 0 r I I T A t, H 0 P i , ly Chick Yount TH wsfietis WON TH CHOSE Receive „, so TH ALERT F RASSfeS FROM ,,,we CAN WMTUJ ot* i do PERCENT OF THEIR )FFENS6 BY P,USNIN& TH' WSSER AND KC-EPINlS HIS RaCI-IVERS COVERED;... i „, By Mlchotl 0'M6»«y and Rtt OUT OUR WAY ty j. R. Wllllami LOOK. GROWL/ THATJfHB BSBSN'T LbOK AMJCH Y SUKRYOUCOTjflU KNOW PO* l#u* eUV--HB'S r- > XUKB AMBSMNttBK/ y^ I P»OU»t POP& ^ 6UPCB WHBM Mfi < SWBLLBVA y >s ^~-« 1-J KlfiUT. VIC? J «TBP* OUT OB THAT TRUCK, VIC. IM , / YOU DON'T GIT £URLY? ^ f ME INTO HELPlN 1 SETTING / I YOU FALL ANY NAORE IN LOVE WITH 'EMJ AR/ J I VOU'RE LIKE MAN , AM I ^-sX CAT W HEN PROUP OF THEM") 7 AMVTHIN<3 KKSHT, VIC ? J $TEP* OUT OP THAT PWOMft BOOTH/ WASH TUBBS . BUTWEVOOM'T MK.McKEE SENT \5WELLl THEV'RE IN THE PICK-UP TO KELP VOL) \TRUCK VOU JU5T Pfc$SED, W^$Hl GET THOSE RUBIES WB'VB GOT TO OVERTA^KE IT! FOR , \NBUUfiT OUE&TIOW M.L.- CLOVER-LOU I WB'RE CMK3HT WITH THESE KUBlES.JeP AND BU&IWESS- OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople HOLD YOUR \MlGS Ori ""WAS A CO&-J-jZ( IT'S A FLAT flGKT VAlHGN YOU HEAR /3> STABLE, "Cgfc Note ID MS ' "THIS: JAKE WAMT3 . J? JAKE \MOULO ]/ JAKE COULDM'T to ee COMSTASLE.' M PUT-THE CITY TORM HIS PACK 'A OK THE MAP A Oti HIS PALS A giG-./;\i MEAM Tue A VJHIFFOF I -\ Tl/v\e by Edgor Ma 5 ^ BOuTS AND HER BUDDIh'S LlMBURGER ^\) -^^UT Y\JOOLDA \NHOSE WE'LL REALLY )( HIS PAROLE A FM0TOS gOARD OKAY// ARE THE JOB £/7 TUe 'ROOM ?^W HWOttAG) BUGS BUNNY f\'i Pto IT WOULD gt IT C3IVB6 AN * PILBT MISNON &ORPBLAI$B'!,. WHV TOBTbBB *Vl-VB*TBB!'? VA COULPN'T PW FBR DELICIOUS.' 0KBK«,T Of= GUINEA HEN UNPEK PELIGHTFUU TOOTHPICK IN THKT By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS INFORMATION ALLEY OOP MY GOSH, DU.ta/\- v. r DOI> ' T G1 <E9f DEGGA.WHATCHA /VOU DIDN'T \9O..,BUTTHEN/ OF COURSE STICKIN' AROUND f HAVE TO TELL) THEY DIDN'T /THEY DIPN'T,,. HERE FOR, MAKIN' V THEM I'M A / PEUEVE ME / WE'LL JUST KEtP FOLK5 THINK I'M \ WITCH, DID I NEITHER. I THACT FOR OUR TOUCHED IN-^v YOU? #»1__ ~-*A-OWN LITTUE HIM AND HI0 CRAZVTALK , ABOUT S ^?W«^ time don't tell him where the toy department is!"__ j CHRIS WELKIN, Rlonerter FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Hey. WHATS AU. T NO GOMPREUPQ, THIS SPANISH / <n=TSr» / Vl VieiVA WOMAN ANOTHEI& OfFMAWO. SAY

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