Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1952
Page 11
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• 1 n f' rrS5» A.*TO**B83j -i^^f^mm s . T« w* j ' • W< - HOFI STAR, KOFI, ARKANSAS HOFI STAR, HOFI, ARKANSAS iod iylst ititiai r»t lH l«fli J*?t* p- »*o*M* • »**rv»'» **T' **»» -'i vlet from Colorado, imf*»u>d ywrtpfdsy tohfl** carrying n .._,..., »Bij lull erf one dollar I'll!** l» ttpfnf hold In cmtnfcUon wlln « cftto but gluey »t Coy, Ark, Earl Jsnkt'm of Ixmok* the mnn «* Samuel Brn ~g-r- & <* . tB * 'iw;f«»iirtrn«nl by t whim rf fund* to otter eift I* by- it million Convict Carrying Bag of Blllt S«iz«d Boyle Continued from F •*« On« p»ck» of clanrcttf* n* nan' i exjwxtt Ui«m |« . fni)t,y Kufopc«n» who prtjtftr To Appear With Gene Autry o »»W he wft» r*)e»»ed from e C«tor»rto Utatu Prl*on flt Carmi CHy Frfdny. ,Jfiek*on. »n|d that officer* no far hurt recovered 13,800 at th«» money »Utl<m from the M. V.. »lorfi nt Coy Sunday. Total Hfttovint of th« mlitnlne roney \( m>( known, Lovelace wfl/i »irn»l?«' her« by Nortb IMle HocH offlcsr*, who a tip that n rn»n wa* for bill. Palrplmon snkl hwtl A lO-pomnd tine With UlUn when he w«» orrented, th(t rmm admitted Coy robbery, unrt *«W n Follow m Colorado hntl told him «nfe. lt WUlo WOPK Pojlc* Chluf I'ylfl «nid the prl«oni'f tnld uffloors hp hnd *«rv«il « -t-yt-nr Col«rod<i (for )>»> of tho finofll yanr, 4A3 mlllKm In collected , Ul« ilfpitrtrnonl (loon not apprtiprlfltlon," *n Ul Jn hi»r ffliw't on dc- oporntlon* lor 1881-52, r o « u 1 1 1 ti jj uncertnlrtty It Difficult to «Ht)miito our or Hut amount of thnt c»t> bo Klvon our ndtltnl, KUguentod diet tho De-purtfrtrnt could »orn« of ltd apportionment Jn tho JfttCCmfi HllOCflllOM Of tttOUi flllHlH. The cornmlimloner reported that for the flueal yenr ended Juno |hu dopttrunent j.«lil on nvorn 181,71 a month to 00,04(5 old nun Mr*, About 13.76? families with name 81),Ul rlppvmlont fhildirn go! cheek* averaging $37,HO pec fnnil ly per nuinlli, and thy avm-Hgt mmilhl> old to 1,007 blind per WHW WUX |20J7. Mr*, UtHhoIl mild tho Wejfui-t it jiluo provided hoxpl for a.410 jifruonw dur your, 3, ftlaek Market, The average American tmirlut feitji life ha* him unleii he moke* « black rnarknt drtil during hi* trip abroad. It'* vpry utmpla to make of tho*4 drml*, Jiml go lo the n«nre*t travel mcney. Before you t'«n gel lhrrnigh (he door o shady ch(>ffld<>r will *ldl« up to you and (At Ol(i>f to change your mopoy At H profit. <B> Offer to toll you a fin Amorlcnn fountain pan tor 90 und (O UH you hov« o rare old fnwily cameo brooch, My the Uinit you get through the door Into the travel agency yo« will find (A) »nmu of thc bill* he h«» given you are counterfeit, iH> The fountain pen doesn't work, it!) The cameo U a fraud, and til) 'Die ttbndy character h«» vnn> toned, 4, 'Tip*. In Kuropo every bill you not Include* u nervier churgH Wh'eh fjt BtippOHod to pay the w«g« of tKanu who 8wve you, But thin untisifloN nobody, All who iterve )on In iiny way expect an additional nm«ll remembrance from yiitj. A Dimple rule U to tip everyr body to whom you hove not bean '!;• introduced, but only give Jmlf what you would In us It already In on the l!)II (uiyway. 5, CuntpiT)*. Some people are bQld enough to clftp n piece of rye bread nn each end of a live elephant nnd try to nmuggle It thiough cufl^omK as n unrulwich, Many traveler* cornplaM bltlorly obtwt tho long-nuffurlna Kovern- mtmt nfloni*. But I hnvc Hlway» found tl fin willing to Khorp u llvo und M-llvu policy. The wIeHest ti'iivelur 1 ever knew xald thin Is the way lo deal with customs: ''Toll thwn llrmly, 'I have nothing.' Ami no matter whnl they fiay, jtiiil stick to your *»ory, When thuy g«l tired of llfilenlng to you thry will l«t you pass." tmlley BurnitU and his hone Rlnpeyo will be with Gene'Autry Oi« Kino of Cowboy* when he appears In the Third District Live•tack Show CollMum h«re for two .performances on Friday, No- vtmbar 21, LEAVES FOR KOREA NEW PEUU UH - Ocn, Hpyt 3. VnmhmlH'rg, ehlof of the st«n of lh«j ir, H. Air Korea, Ml for Ko- I'wa toduy nfler un ovi-rnljfltt vl«lt III Nisw Delhi, He id'making World tour of U. S. nlr Newsman Continued from Pago One kopa In Mississippi," Police plnct-d u 24-hour Kianrd around Anderson's home nnd of- furtd dim round-the-clock protection for 30 dnys, but Andumon aald ho preferred flight to risking further violence. Andenton returned n pistol which police had ttlvcn him, say- IttK, "I cot<ldn't shoot anyone, nnywny," nnd prepared to leave for Fnrua "as soon us possible." He resigned Ms job last B&PW Plans Continued from Page One Kanlzatlon which turned out a great n.ijorHy for the Democratic nom(>«.'<• In Philadelphia. "What we need In the party is young blood, new facet and new dras," Fnlbrlght declared. "The question la; Who is going to pick hese men, encourage them to work in the party organization I :hlnk Stevenson la the man for hat job." The Arkansas senator said he hlnks that while there ought to it no Democratic sniping at Ei- •tjuhower for polities' sake, there will be plenty of room for opposition to Republican proposals In thc new congress. •If the Republicans follow the ideas of Sen.- Robert A. Taft and "ct out to abolish the reciprocal trnde program for Instance, are ,ve Democrats going to be expected to lie down and Jet them roll over us" he asked. "I don't think we will because there Is too much at stake. Either 4»have got to allow the Western nations to trade with us, or we have to give them funds to sustain themselves." Fulbr^ht said he agrees with Taft that the Korean War was one of the principal issues on which the election turned. Taft faid in a. copyrighted analy- Arkansas Continued from Page One Turner was riding with Penden. wno wus not hurt seriously. Another I.lttlo Rock man. James Jienry Davis, chief inspector for the state Apiary Board, also was killed. State Trooper Ed Coward said disease had been detected "W e^rly stages. He went to New York for ai} (.•ration and seemed to be on way to recovery. Only last week end the Un|' sity of Florida awarded O special citation tor public t./r "courageous writing on Cfl the 80-year-old Davis was Injured fatally last night when the Inspector's car and a trailer-truck col- , .... tided as Davis attempted to make, 0 ' AMv bank deposit slips SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. PENNV MISTAKE OKLAHOMA CITY I* went carefully through 8 mOftfi wards as co-hostesses. low was used in the decorations with the mantel having a center! piece of yellow chrysanthemums and yellow candles. The refreshment table, overlaid with a green cloth, held an arrangement of white chrysanthemums. Miss Marjorie Waddle, Mrs. George Robison. and Mrs. Albert Graves assisted Mrs. Foster in serving to the 50 guests. a left turn off Highway 67-70 neat Little Rock. .lack B. Polk, a 38-year-old Pocahontas baker, died M o n d ay night ot injuries suffered in a truck-car collision last Wednesday. Beatrice Lampklns. an employe of the Polk bakery, was killed in the aceident. At Marianna, two officials of tlio Arkansas State Federation of lost office clerks were Injured fa- ;.illy and three other persons were :iurt when the car in which they were riding went out of control. UST THREE DAYS OF OUR Thwrsdo- Friday - Saturday 80 SQUARE PRINTS New fall colors ond patterns, Guaranteed fast colors, Regular stock, 3 yds $1.00 i»vW?3*» -x ?-a feBhj&ifkjft'l.. . !&tefttoiLiiw*t>*» 53 ^HOTl IWW JACKETS Dark green and .ion. make, All sixes. Close out * :*•.•; "We got to thinking about what ho told police Chief D. B. Crockett He said he (tfnrcd further incl dt-nts ir.ight have n bad affect on Itis wife Both police nnd ucciualnt;mee> were an mystified as the Andcr sons by the incidents. No out- knew gf anything Anderson could 1 have done lo arouse the violent un'moslty. Journal Editor Harry Rutherford called Anderson "an unusually nice person nnd an o x c e 11 e nt worker" and mi id there had been no complaints from thc carrier boys Anderson supervised. "We JUKI don't understand It at jilt," Mrs, Anderson said. "Different people in Tupelo Imvo all lioen woi.dcrful to us. U must just bo son\o very small group that's Mexico Fears Another Fish Killing Tide VORT MYERS, Fla. I/PI— Fears were oppressed today that a new "red tide" has returned to Gulf of Mexico waters off tho Southwest Florida Coast, bringing death to millions of fish. The "red tide" infestation took a heavy to^l of fish in these waters a few years ago. Scientists s'jvd it apparently was caused by an organism in the gills. Shrimp boat skippers returning from Dry Tortuyas and Cnmpeche Mexico, reporU-d the dead fish rom 70 miles out nil the way to c 'ort Myers bench. "Thry were packed: solid 1C nilor; oi't," said Cupt. Gorcloi •'ord of Ihe shrimp boat Luckj ''tur. "Wo first started seeing horn about 70 miles out. They go hicker us we made it to 20 am at 10 miles we were really push \\t! through them." The Lucky Star came from Can leche. Similar word eume fron Capt. Bob Sadler of the shrimp xwt Savannah, arriving from Dr> Tortugas. bodlur said most of tjie dea fish were poorgies, grouper and spot fish. He said he saw dead fish from a few miles north of Dry Torgugas to Fort Myers jcuch. Residents of Sanibel Island re ported a dark-brown discoloration jf water off the island, where housnnds of dead fish littered the juache.t. Similar water discplora- tions an,d many dead fish also were reported by residents on Boca Grande and Captiva Island .ff the Southwest Florida Coast. P6Ut!0 wore told' that while An tlerson svns being roughed up by tho two masked men Monday n.tyht his wife received a telephone call from a person who asked, • whevu's your husbnnd to- Editor Who Told Of Disease, Dies PLAT CITY, Fla. UP) — Three months ago the editor and publisher of the Plant City Courier wrote in his weekly column that he had cancer and was going away, for a while fcr treatment. Yesterday, complications from the disease brought death to 54- year-old A. P. Cooke in a Tampa 'hospital.' When he first told his readers of his plight, Cooke wrote that 'he was not despairing because the coi.nly clerk's office, desperftt trying to find the source of a tcrious discrepancy. Someone slipped an extra ny into the till and threw^ books of two courthouse tf balance. Saturday, November 15 Teachers I The VFW Auxiliary will hold a the high I rummage sale Saturday, Nnvt-mb lay even- j or lf>. in front of the New Theater. Vlrls Garden Club Sees Slides on Camellias Mrs. A. A. Ualbert, program chairman for the Iris Garden Club meeting Tuesday afternoon, ar- sis of the election, written for thc Cincinnati Times-Star, that there vvas "d'uep resentment felt especially by the women against the bungling judgement which had brought on the Korean War." Today Can Red Letter Day; —IF YOU DON'T HAVE * ACID INDIG1STION Today and every d»y, you'll bc "sitting on to of the world"—hAvin 1 . fun truing, drinkiu what you like witho«t' fear of gas, heartburn,; sour stomach—if you do. as millions do. Just eat' I or 2 Turns after meals* or whenever over-indulgence brings on distress. 1'or Turns quickly neutralize excess qcid. An- tnin no soda to o^r- elknlizc or cause acid rebound. No mixing, no water needed. Just eat like candy. Always keep Turns handy for record-fast relief ot acid stomach. Get a roll today. Still only 101 a Roll U" 1 (Thursday, November 1 ffjhe. Blcvins 1'an-nt Delation will mci'i in bol auditorium Thin ^i November 13. ,,t "i.'M. All j Any member having rummage, ] ran jf tH i f 01 . sonlc colored camellia prs, parents, and patrons an.-j p i t aso press it and bring U to Mrs. I s | i(lc , s {rom thc Mobile Gardens | Thomas i'onwick. Jr., or », I 7-G752 before Wednseday. he regular momhiy m^ctin^ of | _...____ jlrl Scouts Conuiiitlei: will be at the City Hall. Thur.-iday, Play Ball DOROTHY DIX Peggy Jean Smith Weds William Milton Ramsey, Jr. In a ceremony Saturday even- in Cox Memorial Chapel, Hish tit, 4 November Hi. at 7 o'clock. The Hope Business and Profes-j sional Women's Club will have it'sj^nd Park Methodist Church ot Dal annual birthday dinner meeting on Thursday. November 18, at 7 p.m. at the Barlow Hotel. This is tho 28tl^innwersitry of thc local club »nd all members are urged to attend. las, thc bride of William Milton Ramsey, Jr. The bride is the daughter of Guy Smith of Dallas and the groom is the :»on of Mrs. W. M. Kamsey of Hope. The church was decorated with palms, white mums, and white gladiolns. White satin streamers tied with tube roses marked the pews. Given in marriage by hor lather, the bride wore a yown of ivory lace and tulle designed with n deep tulle yoke cdyed with laci- flowers and i-hineslones and fitted basque bodice. The bouffant skirt The Camellia Garden Club will'- was ballerina length. Her veil o) meet- at 2 o'clock Friday after- | illusion fcMl from a lace bonnet noon, November 14, at the home j edged with satin. She carried ;> of Mrs. Norman Hairr with Mrs. | family prayer book topped with a Leonis Bailey and Mrs. Joy Ed- \\-hite orchid and tube roses. The Junior-Senior High PTA will meet Thursday in the Junior High auditorium at H::it). Under the direction of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt the £jVJunior High Glee Club will sing. fjThcrc will be a film entitled "Make I 1:1 Mine Freedom." Mrs. Jim Mo Kunzie will be program leader. r mlay, November 14 cal1 to be shown by Mr. Sterling Cook at Brookwood School. Mr. Cook gave a discussion on the different varieties of camellias stating that the single variety was the best suited to this locality A business session was held in the home of Mrs. Lahroy Spates with Mrs. Owen Nix ns co-hostess. i Mrs. A. A. Albritton presided and ! heard the report on the Junior Garden Club work by Mrs. Frank Walters. Plans were made for thc annual Christmas luncheon. First place .in flower arranging was ' won by Mrs. A. A. Halbert with her Thanksgiving table arrangement of bronze chrysanthemums. She made turkeys out of pine cones and pipe cleaners for the accessories. Tlic hostesses served a dessert plate with coffee lo the members present. TUMS fOI THE TUMMY MEET SANTA IN PERSON * SAENGER L TODAY AND L- THURSDAY • I AY! •in. i — Talk with He has Show at #•'!. !&. MAIN Sears Roebuck and Co. Catalog Sales-Office $2.00 SWEATERS 98c 10 Mr, HOUSE SHOES \Vh«n she replied that he was at Iho newspaper office, she said, tho voico Interrupted with "that's what you think." She said this hap- pnntnl more than once during UK two hours her husband was being multrunted. Anderson said the two men who took hl.n un the midnight ride his ear woro nvnsks with no slit!(or the eyos and heavy gloves. 11 unid tho masks apprently wen trnnspnrent onounh not to ncec vyo slits. He said ho cot in Ills auto Mon liny niyht and drove a short dis tnnce when a man arose from the back sout and told him, "keep dnvinj! if you don't want to m?t hurt," After bo reached a country road. Andersen said, he was ordered to and u car tlxat had been following pulled alongside and a sec- iwd masked man joined thorn. He said they slashed his suit with a 8t|»al«ht razor, cutting his face slightly, One p>»n kept telling him, "we won't hurt you this time," Andor- gtm sold, and the other \vurneit, "we don't want Yankees in Mis- slgnlpni," and told him to leave ivn by 6 p, in. Wednesday. The newspaper announced a $100 wvard for information leading to U)» arrest and conviction of An- rtorson's abductors and two individuals ottered to increase the reward, Before taking the job here An- chtrson worked Vhre* years on the Grand Fork4 (N, CJ Herald. Wi$ 8l•yea^old wife is 9 native of Grind- Of the three leading makes of trucks, ONLY DODGE fives you these extra values HER TO STARDOM matron ot honor, Mrs. W. W Alexander, wore a gown of royal matching rebo/o. Hor tlowers wove: American Beauty roses. James L. Myers of Dallas, brother-in-law of the bridofiroom, served as bust man. Ushers were George Bums and \V. W. Alexa'n- der. Following the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Alexander entertained thc wedding party and out of town guests at The Chariot. After a wedding trip lo Houston. Galvcston, and South Texas, coui)le will be at home at 500U Belmont, Dallas. Mrs. Ramsey attendee! St. Paul's Scnool or IvursUiy ana Mr. Ramsey graduated from Arkansas Stale Teachers College, Conway. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kcnnie IVlcKco and daugh tors of Hope, 'Mrs. J. L. Myers ol' Little Rock, and Mrs. Maude j Leigh Gunn of Longview, Texas. Girl Scout Troop 8 Meets November 11 Girl Scout Troop 8 met at thc home of Gloria Rothwell on Tuesday, November 11, at 7 o'clock. The business session was presided over by thc president, Ben- nic Edmiaston. after which an interesting program was given by Janelle Yocom. Refreshments were served by the hostess to the following: Jo Ann Hartsfield, Barbara Polk, Frances Barrentine, Bennie Edmiaston Vera Tonnemakcr. Luriene White, Nancy Smith. Carolyn Huctt, Vivian Ross, Judy May, Judy Hammons, and Janelle Yocom. The next meeting will be held at the home of Carolyn Huelt on November 18. Self-Abasement TJenr Dorothy Dlx: I am only 17 - yei<rs old, and after many infatun tluns hrve really fallen In love with George, who will bo 23 soon. you nro rending somewhat move into George's words than is nc- tunlly intended. You seem to be I have enly known him since June. sockln| , somc tiark past which he ' ' 'out t fee. as if I've known him «ev-|,., covcr [ nR up w j t h his protesln Oral years. A tew days nRo he proposed to me, ami said: "I need n Rood Rirl like you to set me straight. 1 lions, v.'hlle ho is merely follow- iiifi the pattern of most yourm men in love by putting his sweetheart on a pedestal and endowing could be something with . v «»rj| u , r w j,|, , )LM .fectlons she doesn't help!" Now. I wonder do nil men hflve the same line, and say they a»e "no good" and "need help" to Impress R girl, or are they real- possess. It would be ns difficult for a nlrl to live up to such high expectations as It would be for n great friends with n couple of our own «ge. Sine* my wife t>8»*«d away, t h»\« continued thc friend- slvp, and now thc wornnn ftrwi 1 have fallm very much .in love. Hrr husbnnd doesn't suspect anything, nnd, though t rcall».e It la not right to act this way, T cnn't help It We nee both old enough to be rure It's real love, I know you don't believe In breaking up homes, nnd 1 don't'either as I am n rellglovis man, but In this case I'm sute your honest nnswm would be thnt we nrc justified li sptndliiH the rest of our lives tn Hither. Answer: Your confidence In me I'M sorry to say. Is misplaced. bov to sink to the emotlonnl depths old and the oideat ot $*««; rnn, deserted by out 1 mother «;Reft my sister wits ttnljr three "*""'' old. My father Is rnar?l« lo ft very nice l«dy, W« her ns our own motherv SMI* . very nlu> meats for us, kfiflBijiff's clonn nnd buys us nice ctdlhBi^vMi;'."- It right for ua to cull her "fflait»i»'! •vhile our own mother Is still';*!fv»j cvon though we novor . sc6>h»t? ; ':,..•.;.«« Now we call our stcpmotKeie'C'llfif.^p her given name. •';•:' i -' i "- :! '*-' : -' ***•>* Answer: Your stepmotKe*:.- ?i most cuitalnly darned the "mothcv" or "mnma'V from tin fnmlly she has cnrert: well. Do your best to cannot honestly toll you thnt you — ™ '-• _ _ nro rlgnt In coming between an- , dogervoli if, honrtwarrftln other man nnd his wife. I must --• Georen seems like n tine young nlso destroy another of your Illu man ar.d. though you are n bit young und your acquaintance Is sions; at 10 or 60 love Is equally difficult lo sepiirnte from other ly serious? MAGG1F. M.| nc " Answer: There are two usual reasons why a lad will protest vehemently that he is not good cniURh for his lady. Sometimes his abasement servos as a warning that he is actually bccomllng ircd of the girl nnd feels that an[ . sistenrt on his unworthlncss will |j n:iyCt hin 8 "ba'ck f'ron/'ymi" iT'lTttic ilnuphtor;a" comfortable home nnd of too KlVort n "duration to be meld| emotions. You have let loneliness ed Into pcrmnncy as yot, 1 doubt mnsquerr.de ns love In ycur case 'ectively free him from any ties has unwittingly bound. Thus, te can sever a romantic conneo- on that has become boring, and lire in the guise of a martyr to enve tin- «irl — heartbroken, it's Mrs. L. B. Tooley Speaker 'at' Wesleya'n Guild Meeting Mrs. L. B. Tooley, president of I members WSCS of the First Methodist Church, chose as her topic "That the' Kingdom of God May Bn Realized" when she spoke to members Mrs. Cecil Delaney Hostess to Golden Circle Class Golden Circle Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Cecil Delaney. The meeting was called to ordei by the president, Mrs. Phinis Her ring. An interesting program on "The Challenge of Olviet Baptis Church" was given by Mrs. John Yocom. After a short business session refreshments 'were served to te of the Westeyan Service Guild Marilyn Monroe The O'i rl with thc beautiful pro file — which goes all thc way down — is now to be 1 seen opposite Richard Widmark In in "Don't Bother to Knock," today and tomorrow at the Saenger theater. t if your trust In him would be mis If you fuel ho Is holding H is unlikely that you would find laMlng happiness by leaving yolu will bring the mailer to liRht. | In the meantime, don't at your tender r.«e, begin to cultivate the. nasty habit ot beinK unduly suspl- 1 establishing yourself svlth another ,. , •' , ., ? H trents mo very well and does every ,-e thM he is abjectly convinced ' mc „ h . l ' n 'V...^ <i ,f.r i fM or . l ±.^^ ...mo. Still, 1 am very lonely. uo, but at least with her ndlmtvu'd. Feels Not Good Enough Then there is the boy who o carried away on the wings ove 1C ipart, Kven this is a somewhat purlotis attitude since most males re inherently sure of being at least n a basis of equality with their hoscn mates. Which i s as it hould be, Nn woman could look ip to a man who eternally vow p.d his inferiority and no womai can bc truly happy with a man slu can't rospect. In your case. Maggie, I thinl Dear Miss Dlx: I am a widower of 00, living with one of my five married children. My daughter very well and does every Vhllo ivy wife was alive, we were \\ife, Your new homo wouU bc. hnimtcd by thc ghosts of con science for both of you, Further more, no matter how well you think you know this lady, llvln, togetliei ns mnn iind wife woult ou an aye-opening experience am one which 1 am sure you woul< not find happy for long. Thin well, and discuss thoroughly, fore you decide to taku this step Dear Miss Dix: I nm 14 yenv Top Radio Program NEW YORK i/Pl — Listening light: ;\jBC — 7:30 Great Gildorsleev 5 Groucho Marx; !t:SI) Big Slo C;f3-} „ 7 FBI in Peace a War; 7:30 Dr. Christian; 8 The! Lineup. ABC — 6:30 Lone Hanger; 7 Mystery Theater; 7:30 Life Begins at 111). <V[ B S _ c:ir) Men's Corner; 7 Musical ' Comedy; 8:05 Family Thursday Programs: NBC — JC-.30 a. m. Bob and Ray. . CBS — 9 Godfrey Time. . . ABC— 3 a m. Breakfast Club. . . MBS— fl:i,0 a. m. Take a Number. Hollis Purtle to Head Baptist Group LITTLE ROCK I/V) — The Rev. Hollis 'Purtle of Sheridan is the new president of the Arkansas Missionary Baptist Association. The group, which opened its '2- day convention here yesterday, also elected: The Rev. Jewell McCracliin of Joncsboro, vice president: the Hev. Julian Anders of Little Rocli. vice president; and the Rev C. C. Bishop of Caldwell i.nr! the Rev. J. G. Murray of FordycL-, clerks. See the GAS RAHGE off the DAY It's MAGIC CHEF On Display at Your Friendly IT'S OLSSME MHO now nfter all the trouble Released by Bell , ;Syrdteatyj ..... Coming and Going Mrs. Mary Bright Has returned from Conway after a visit with her son, Raymond Bright, Mrs. Bright at a meeting in the home of Miss Clarice Cannon on November inland new son, Brad Vasco, at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Charles Taylor | was born November 4. was associate hostess. Miss Kathleen Broach presented who and son, Ronnie, of Fort Worth were the week end guests ot Mr McDowell's parents, Mr. and Mrs McDowell. GIWI Qnd Omphles, All sin the lot. Clot* out »zoo SHOES These ore regular 4.95 volues. Odd (ot to close out. $2.00 FDR's Dought«r Takes 3rd Husband SANTA MONICA, Call*. W — HooseveU Dociii$er, only of . U>« late President O, R*>asevelt, And Or. A. Halsied w««re married \ the Unitarian ceremony at tho bfljicgixwjm's ranch in the M*UUu Mow\uit»s w«re the bride's mother and uvo brothers, James and Elliott Roosevelt. ¥tu> couple will reside in Dr. H«Ule<i'it home on the jrowids ot thft V^ttraiu Hospitsl, W*st l An«ftl*s- He is a statf pJvj'sici th*r« «nd a clinical prolessor of m*iicJiot« «t U>e Untver*ity ot C»i- rft-mla •! lot Aiiijclfs. ' It was the third marriage fo» - 4fry*«r-»W bride. U«r previous When you buy a truck, you buy on facts. And the fact is ... of the 3 leading makes of trucks, only Do<lj>e "Job-Rated" trucks give you the f.\trn values listed below! Extra values that mean lower upkeep und more profitable hauling! Get a Truly Low-cost Truck! Truck costs are not just original price, but total costs over the life of the truck. Stop by and see how Dodge's extra values can cut such costs and boost your hauling profits. Get the facts and you'll get a Dodge! •H- Ixha EN6INE «Jues! V- Most Truck Englnct of 3 leading *•* truck manufacturers, to assure you of the mo&t profitable power for your job. Two Futl Filler* on all Dodge "lob- Kitted" trucks keep out dirt . . , and help assure dependable power. Floating Oil Intake avoids sediment, «ives better lubrication, longer engine life, lower upkeep. 45-Amp*r« G*n*rat«r keeps battery charged even when using electrical equipment like heater, extra lights. W«l*r DUtribuHiti Tub* on aU mo4eU, cools valve *e»t* . . . nw»ns longer valve and seat life, RICHARD WIDMAfSK MONROE. ducted the business meeting. The hostesses served a dessert Capt. and Mrs. E. H. Steger. a devotional on thc value of hu- nan kindness. December 8 was announced as the date of the Christmas dinner at Hotel Barlow. Mrs. Taylor, president, con- Mr, and Mrs. Syvclle Burke and plate with coffee to 14 members, j sons, Jimmy and Buddy, have re turned from a week end trip to attended tho Jr., and daughter, Cathy, of San Antonio, Texas,.are visiting in thf> home of Mrs. Stegcr's aunt, Mrs C. W. Tarpley, and Mr. and Mrs Jlmmic Miller Miss Sheila Foster Honored on 12th Birthday Dallas where they i Southwest Shoe Travelers Spring Mr.""and Mrs. Vincent Foster Shoe Show. They were the guests honored their daughter, Sheila, on of Mrs. Burke's aunt and uncle her 12th birthday with a dance at Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Potter of Pal the Hope Country Club Saturday' mer. niyht. NovemDer 8. A color scheme of green and yel- Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McDowell and son, Wallace, of Fort Worth spent the week end with Mrs. McDowell's mohlcr. Mrs. Mary Col ,ins. A winning cor for Power and Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Thomas O. Butler, Hooks, Texas. Mst. Tommy Cox, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Discharged: Mrs. R. A. Whitten, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Butler announce the arrival of a baby McDowell' Kirl, Nov. 11. ' : Mfl| •-•• f: ^i^A on all engines. Saves ai), reduces up- k*ep, keeps engines young longer. V IK 1 LUUW MUtS. Ml! Wit «W» »« W MtM MK till* INK UUfSI •JC'&eHa CHASSIS wluej! Shortest Turning Diameter of 3 leading makes mea.ns easier parking, less tune jockeying into loading dock. Independent Parking Brak* on all Dodge trucks gives extra safety, holds top loads on steep grades. Cyclebond Brake Lining* on Dodge hydraulic brakes are molded, rivetless. Give smooth stops ... last longer. $h*l-P*«nt4 Bear Axle ShflHs on all models mean extra strength, long life. A Dodge truck is built to lost! gyrol Fluid Prlve AyailaWt on iv, Vi-, t-ton nod Route-Van models- Gives smooth power, reduces wear. Qriilaw Shock Absorbert on V4-. ^-, 1-ton models give sjnootber riding, protect loads, save wear. If IK 3 IUUM UK, TH »UKJI Mos«Pick-UpBedie«of leading makes. You can be sure of a Dodge pick-up that fits your job to a "T",1 Mott Stoke Boditi, loo, Stake center section is hinged for easy side loading. Loading height is low. Greatest Vi-rlon Panel Capacity ... 155 cu. ft. . . . plus greatest psylo»<J 4 of the 3 leading muk$*| v Qrtatttt yuieiv Arto of the 3 leading makes. Bif/> windshield and window »r«* * increase visibility, safety. Front Porting lights, which SAE-appro\ed (JJ T rectional lights can tie installed without modification Wi«l9»t SoaU of th« 3 leading trucks . . . 57" . , . «c- cammcHjate thre« faulty men with ample elbow ropm. IF TV J IUBI* HUES, IKY H||{ urn IH mu. MMnr MHf. am INT in ui RIALTO * TODAY & TOMORROW • 1 BRIGAND You never before drove a car like the 1953 PLYMOUTH I i Will arrive at your Plymouth dealer's Thursday, November 20th ESSO EXTRA GASOUNE was ls.ob*«» HepWnsow Haloed, (^Wj*<iR^Pr, - W^Wr <Sw nPBkjp' wwr w MOTOR co. eoUIOMINS-AjtbonyQUIMH * RIB-TICKLERS • Color Cartoon "Our Gong" Comedy Farmer Jones: -Now that e'xe »truck oil. Maggie, I want »» MNMff *S«>| deesrt ««.** From th» v«ry »t«r» aocl a» the way, Extra Gasoline delivers ready, steady power .TTiong mileage ... smooth performance .,. clean-engine protection—all in one great "all' around" gasoline. Try a tankful today,.. and find out why EBBO Extra is the blffpest Belling premium gasoline in the area served by Esso Dealers. tsso Mil* of tor milt, your engine runs safely when Esso E^ttra |4o^ PU18 job. Now heavy duty, EB»O la ?nginwr«J for e53iw brtcatisg bo4y ftt Ulgfe* ESSO STANDARD Oil to give jaoving engine pftrta ,..cjeww»»|tl l ttb^a^,l „ robbing 4epo8iUj, Coao^e to Em

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