Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1894
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MARCH 27, iso*. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. 6 coupons of dllTerent rtntes and 10 wnti iM-curiw tli« curront number of Art Portfolios. See mtvorllsamenl. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. TUESDAY MOKNING. MARCH -27.1894. NO. 74 ARE YOU ONE of the few who have not found our store is where all the shrewd buyers do their shopping, because we have years of experience; because we have the markets of the world at our command; because we take all pains to please; because we are honest in all our dealings; because we have quality; because we have style; because we have everything one might wish for in an Ideal Dry Goods Store. If You Consider Quality our prices are always the lowest. We always consider quality and strive to sell only the best. Our business is built upon this rock and the ravages of twenty-seven years have only made us stronger. This Season We are Stronger Than Ever In Quality in S'tyle, in Low Prices. We Could Quote Prices THE LINE MOVES. Coxey's Commonweal Army on the Road to the Capital City. The Cold Weather and Snow Caute of Many Desertions from the Hanks. the ON TUB MARCH. CA.VTON, 0., March 28.—Tha rouch- heralded commonwealers are at last a moving reality. Tho motley procession left Massillon Sunday morning neurly 200 strong and wormed its way between solid lines of spectators 8 miles long, leaving Canton in the midst of a blinding snowstorm. The spectacle wns indescribably grotesque. They began gathering at Massillon early Saturday morning. Almost as soon as Quartermaster Genera.! Her had dumped the worn and moth-eaten tents on the grounds of the guii club recruits for tho army began to appear ono by one, Well Filled CommlmitrT \Vi>|toii«. Tho Great Unknown was promptly made marshal of the day. Under his directions the big canvas was finally pitched and the ground inside littered with Coxey straw. Tito headquarters of the commonweal were cstublished in a on so many lovely cheap things, but we would rather you would come and see. Our Kid Glove Department never contained so many pretty shades; so many pretty styles; so many pretty designs. Won't you come and take a look? It's such a pleasure to show pretty goods. For a Little Easter Gift we will present you with a little souvenir with «very pair of gloves. Every department is complete^ We invite your inspection. THE BUSY BEE HIVE I J. S. COXKV. 315 Fourth St. Wiler & Wise. SHORT SPECIALS. It is said Mexico is endeavoring to se- suro an international monetary conference to settle tho fata of silver. Acting Gov. Gill has by proclamation designated tho observance of Friday, April 13, as Arbor day in Illinois. Two women were fatally hurt and four others badly bruised in a runaway accident at ilollidaysburg, Pa. \V. S. Forroll. a wealthy West Virginia land owner, was shot and killed by oue of the notorious Rkullo brothers. Mrs. Calvin Brady, wife of a young farmer at Ringoes, N. J., deserted her hnuband and baby to elope with a negro. Lillian Willis, aged IB, of Homer, Oa., who killed her father to save her mother's life, has been acquitted by the jury. Mrs, Sawyer was found frozen to death on tho prairie in South Dakota. Her starving dog had eaten one of her arms. Einpcror William is credited with being heartily in favor of tho movement to reduce military burdens in European countries. Litigation involving ownership of 12,800,000 acres of land in New Mexico and Arizona has been commenced at Santa Fc, Princo Besolow, a student at Williami college, has been recalled to his home in Africa to become king of his people. London papers profess to be much myttiUed by President Cleveland's action in establishing a naval station at Honolulu. Smallpox has broken out among seventy-live Chinamen held at Vancouver, B. C., in bond for American, cities. Dr. O'Reilly has been summoned to P»ri« to testify 1 regarding- tha Irish fnnd, to whl«k.»Iwui ia Uld by Parnell'a widow. Chairmen of organizations 01 union Pacific employes repudiate the attempts of Kugene V. Debs to precipitate a strike. A veritable bandits' cave, comfortably furnished, was discovered near Wiiifield, Kan., by two boys while hunting. J. D. Gage, adjutant general of Nebraska, la charged with having wrecked tljesiato bank at Franklin, of which he was president. Discovery of their liaison made W. H. Harbison, of Clayton, 111., a fugitive and Mrs. J. Anderson homeless. Both are grandparents. The Chicago, St Louis & Cairo railroad, with $9,000,000 capital, has been organized to build an air lino from Chicago to St> Louis, . j James C. Campbell, convicted of killing his wife and awaiting life sentence in the penitentiary, committed auicido in jail at Youngstown, 0. | Discoveries of gold about 80 miles from Salt Lake City, Dtah, causa mnoh excitement. Th« belt has been traced 2 miles, is 30 feet thick, and assays $«0 to tho ton.- i th« Exainpl* or Coi«r. Col., March a6.—Bert Hamilton, who is organizing a silver army to go to Washington, has appointed 100 officers, each of whom wlU be expected during tha week to work np the project. Mr. Hamilton «ays ho will not start from Denver with less than 1,000 men, and is confident of leaving Colorado with 5,000. Kentucky Town Button br Fire. WIKCIIBSTBH, Ky., March M. —The re»idcnce portion of Ford, a growing 1 lumber village, wai wiped out by fir« Saturday night. The Masonic hall was first destroyed and then the fire spread to other buildings, destroying eight dwelling*, one buslneu block, * church and » saloon. smaller tent, on the hides of which were inscriptions c;i!ou)»tcd to strike terror to tho heart of the boldest recruit. Tlie commissary wagons, iillod to the tops of their white c;iuva.s covers, wor.V. trundled upon the ground and a crow of men set to work unloading thorn. All day long tho crowds around the tents had been steadily growing-. Every freight train that came in had its load of individuals, and scores of them came down the towpath of the canal or up from Canton on the turnpike. Some of them had come from Kansas, Chicago and Indiana, but tho majority camo from places nearer ifas- •illon. Army In Motion nt Lnit. At tl o'clock the ''Commonwealth of Christ brass band," J, J. Thayer, conductor, began to play a march from its position in the red, yellow and blaclc band wagon. The "Humble Carl Browne," who had added a delicate white lace necktie to his buckskin jacket and sombrero costume, pranced out upon Coxey's huge white stallion Currier. After much preliminary squabbling between the enthusiastic recruits over thy positions of banner-bearer, thu Groat Unknown shouted in a voice that could be heard a full half-mile: "Kverybody marchl" Tho column .moved and Coxey's army was on its way to Washington, jn front marched Mr. Jasper Johnson liuchanan, a gentleman of color carrying- a national ilng. "Windy" 1 Oliver and Carl Browne followed the colors and after them camo a little gray, tirod-looking man on a horse. It was Dr. "Cyclone" Kirkland, astro 1 .- ogcr, of Pittsburgh, so called because he has :i penchant for predicting whirlwinds. There were ten or fifteen other horsemen, variously attired to attract attention. One of them wore a blue velvet jacket and an enormous bouquet. Muroliera Ch0er«<l bj tli« Cro\r<i. When the column marched up the main street of Massillon, banners flying and band playing, it was cheered by thousands of people who had been coming into the city from all directions since early morning. There wa» some jeering, but thecrowd seemed much too surprised for fun-making. A largo number of horsemen, carriages and marchers followed the procession. AH the small boys were tremendously excited. As the army passed people in the houses «tool at the windows and waved their handkerchiefs. Triumphant Kntrr Into Canton. Before arriving in Canton snow began to fall, but it did not drive away the great crowds of spectators who had gathered to watch the commonwealers' triumphant entry. The tents wero pitched near the fair grounds and the men built camp fires and cooked rup- per, after which they found a bed in the big- tent. They lay "spoon fashion" under the straw to keep warm. Itinerary lor the Weolc. Following is an Itinerary for the current week: Mimdav. March IS. reach Louisville, O.; Tuss- day. Miin.-h£7, reacto AUInnce, O.; Wednesasy, M»rcS 2ft reaiih Salem, O.; Tbunday, MsroU 2», riiuch Columbluoa, O.; Friday, Mircti 30, re'acli East Palestine. O.; Saturday, March 81. reacb Now Giilllleo, O. Diminished In Nurabnni. CANTOS, 0,, March 30. —Qoxey'i army, •which has diminished groatly in'num- DCTS, owing to the proximity of last j nlo-ht't camo to the Stark county work- house, was early on the move tni: morning. Rations consisted of beans hardtack and a substance culled coffee but which bore a striking resemblance to mai'sh water. Coxey claims recruits are now com ing in so fast that it is imnossible to keep count, but if this statement it, true the new arrivals are successfully keeping out of sight. Three women in mala attire are with the army. Nearly an inch of Know covered the ground this morning, with a temperature pretty well down toward zero. Coxoy, Browne and other leaders slept com fortubly'at the )iot«). Examination of court records this morning showed mortgages against Coxey's property to the extent ot I4S-- 000, and the claim that he would not be able to pny ten cents on the dollar, if pressed, seems pretty we'll founded. He loaves tlie army ut Alliance to go to Chicago, but claims he will be absent only one night. Browne said this morning: "I have forseen from the start just how it would be. I knew exactly liow many men would stnrt with us, what the weather would be, and all that Vou can make up your mind that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand." POLLARD^BRECKINRIDGE CASE. Judtro ItrnUloy Hulca Out Certain Depo• lti«n» In tho Pollard Knit. WASHIXHTOX, March 20.—When the Pollard-IJrockinridjro trial begun at 10 o'clock a, m. interest centered in the decision of Judge liradley with reference to the admission of certain depositions taken in Ohio and Kentucky in behalf of Col. lircclnnridgc, to which objection was mjulo by Miss Pollard's attorneys. Argument on the legal points raised Jig-ainist these depositions was heard by Judge Jiradley Saturday, .ludge Bradley took up specific objections. Tha tirst of theso objectionable depositions was that of a man named Brand, who refused to answer whether he anj Miss Pollard had maintained improper relations. "A very odd refusal,"Judge liradley said, "in view of the fact that , he had admitted tli.it, though a married man, he frequented houses of prostitution," What objection tho deponent could hnvo to answering the question the judge could not set 1 . A deposition of one Kaufmin was admitted, but Judge Bradley said if he could have suppressed the depositions of Brand, Cofliu and on« Hawkins on the ground that the were too filthy to be rend, he would have done so, but unfortunately ho could not overlook their legal rights. The decision seema to bo a slight victory for Miss Pollard's attorneys. WANT DOCTORS FOR A JURY. COLQUITT IS DEAD. The Senator from Georgia Passes Away in Washington, Stricken with Paralysis He Continued for Month* to Ditcharge Hi» Official Duties. A BUST J-IKK KNDEI). WASHINGTON, March 'JO. — Senator Colquitt, of Georgia, who was stricken with paralysis for the second time about a. week ago, died at his residence in this city at 7:10 a. ra. The senators condition, which had been regarded as somewhat hopeful at mid night, changed for the worse soon afterward, and his col league senator Gordon, was sent for and arrived about a. in., bringing his daughter with him. Mrs. Colquitt and the children, three unmarried daughters and a. married daughter, Mrs, Marshall, of Chi' • ;j<* SICJTA'J'OH *• II. COT.OfJTT. ago, were around the bedside when lie end eumi?. There were also in attendance lii.s nephew, Mr. Bunn, and his private secretary. Unconsciousness set in some hours before death and the senators end was apparently painless. Brief funciral serv.ecs will be held hi the senate chamber to-morrow morning at. 9 o'clock, and, although the matter had not lienu definitely settled, it is probable that Mr. Milbnrn, the chaplain of the senate, will officiate. The funeral party will leave Washington at 11 o'clock in the morning for flOOSIER HAPPENINGS. Information of Especial Interest to Indlanians. KcUlioniifilpi A Trlllo Mixed. Ind., March M.— The death of Mrs. Mary Ann Adams Sunday recalls an interesting family story with which she was connected. Her first husbau'd was named Krnspergcr, to whom she bore three children, t\vu girls and a boy. Henry J. Adams and wife were neighbor* Df the Ernspcrger family and their children wero the Fame in num- bcr, but two of them were boys. They resided in Darke county, O., at th« time. Tlic two husbands agreed to a trade of wives and the women did not object. The children were equally divided, the fathers choosing tha hons and the mothers the daughters. In 1847 Adams moved to this county and later to Miami county, A few .years later the Eratpfrger family moved to Fulton county. Being near neighbors, the two families Ktiil retained friendly relations. After the death of .Mrs. Krr.sperger, who had been Miss Adams, Miss Ernsperger, then a young lady living with her"" mother, went back and kept house fop her father. While there she took sick, and her mother, Mrs. Adams, who htd been the first Mrs. Ernsperger, went to Ernsperger's and nursed her daughter until she died, Mrs. Adams was tha mother of four children by her second liusband. Several members of the peculiarly made up family still reside n the northern part of Indiana. ImllnnvipnlU Has n Murctar Hrntery. JNDIA.VAPOLIS, Ind., March 30.—In • leep and tangled thicket surrounded swamps two boys hunting for wild flowers Saturday rooming' found tha decomposed body of a man on tha fames Lee farm, between Fair- •iew Park and the red bridge, ivcr the river. The authorities, vere at once notified. The, body—or vhat was left of it—was lying 11 at on ts back The flesh had dropped almost entirely from the body, and the grinning- skull was utmost bleached. "he pockets of the trousers wcra urued inside out, and near by lay n empty pocketbook. On tht a pel of the vest was a Knight if Pythias pin. On the litUa inger of the lifeless hand was • ilain gold ring, between the knees on the ground was a briar-root pipo with an amber mouthpiece. The remnants Attorney* for tho i'rtnonur Want It Compound of l'liy»irlai>«. CHICAGO, March 26.—Attorneys Gregory, Darrow, llarlan and Ueron, counsel for Preudergast, tho murderer of Carter Harrison, and Assistant States Attorneys Todd and Knight had a long conference with .hidno Chetlain. The matter under discussion was tho selection of a jury to try Prcndergast as to his sanity. Prendergast's attorneys insisted that tho jury shall be composed of twelve physicians—men thoroughly versed in all phases of mental disease. This idea was opposed by thfi state's attorneys. Then tlie matter of calling the superintendents of various asylums for the insane in different parts of the country was discussed. At the close of the conference Assistant State's Attorney Knight said nothing had been agreed upon. Prendergast's attorneys ulcd an application for a special venire. CUT DOWN BY CLEVELAND. The I'rrtlilont Savon the Carnegie Company Ovor 821)0,0(10. WASHINGTON, March 20.—President Cleveland's decision in the case of the navy department ng-ainst Carnegie, Phipps &. Co. bus been mado public. It is in effect a conviction of the workmen in the employ of that corporation of an attempt to defraud tho United States government for the benefit of Carnegie, Phipps & Co. It was the workmen who stopped up blow holes with plugs, who "fixed 1 sample plates in order that tho inspectors might bo fooled into passing groupcs of plates which those specially treated samples were supposed to represent, who cheated the government officers and deluded even the scrupulous Mr. Prick. Consequently the fine of 1400,000 against the companies u cut doivn by the hand of the executive to $1*0,000. Jlacon. Ga., reaching there at U o'clock j of clothing showed that tlie victim had been well dressed. A bullet hole was in the coat above the heart A newspaper of July 13 last lay near. Th« theory is that the man was robbed and murdered about that time;. FRUIT Cold Wuv«i ft CROPS RUINED. CHlmnlty to Michigan and JlliDol* Grower*. BE.STOX IlAniiOtt, March 20.— A blizzard struck this shore from the northwest early Sunday morning and continued until late in the afternoon, with mercury far below freezing point. Many thousand dollars' damage is dona to curly peaches, grapes and blackberries. Strawberries are frozen up solid. A.VNA, 111., March 2«.— The thermometer fell Saturday night to about •JO degrees. Tho frcezo did great damage to fruit and vegetables throughout this section. Tho buds of the pears, cherries, and early apples are thought to be killed. Early vegetables suffered. MASOOUTAH, III, March 26.—I n two day* there has been a drop in temperature from 80 to 15 degrees. Peach**, nun and olumi are ruined. the next day, and tho services in that city will take plKce at noon. Sketch or III* Uln, [Senator Alfred Holt Colquitt, or Atlanta, tvaw born h) VVnHon county, Oil., the yon or Lbo Ilov. Waller T. lo.lq.ultt, April 20, I&M. He wasjfrniiunwil Irom Princeton colleKc la the class of 1844 :mu" admitted lo tho bar iu 1845. During the Myxicuu wur he served as a stafl ofDcer with Ilio rank of major. Ho was a ! member of tho Ocorgla lCE''«lnture In 1858, and was elected 10 the house of rcprcsenuiivei In the JtXXJIlcl congress. He was a member of the secession convention of the >t*ie or ! Georgia and later entered the confederate burrloe as captain and was soon promoted to bo colonel of the Sixth Georgia Infantry. Later he nerved an brigadier general and was com• mlhiioned us major general. He was elected i governor nf Oeori(la In 1876. served four years ' and was rcelecteJ under tno new constitution for two years. At the expiration or hlj icnr. an governor no was elected 10 the United States «un»t<! for lh« term commencing: Marcli 4, 1889. and w»s redacted In 188*. His term of service would have expired March (t IW*. Senator Col<juitt was K trick en «lth paralysis in July, ]$W, and since tbat time hail been unable la walk without assistance. He had been »b!e, however, lo continue In a large degree his attendance on his senate duties, lie had been wheeled in and out of toe senato chamber in »n invalid chair: had at'.endcd tho mooting of committees of which ho was a member, but bad nt>t made a speech or been able to laUo any active part In debate on tha senate door, He wa« even wheeled In;o tho chamber several times to bolp Uecp a quorum during Ilio night* when the senate sat In continuous session. His neat lu the senate was tho cno ot> ihc democratic filde nearest tho vice president's'chair, whore he could easily secure recognition with* outrislnp. A Jew weeks BIJO hl« strength had HO greatly Imcrcased that ho was able to dispense with tho la valid cbalr anil n-ilk Into the senate on tlio nrm or a doorkeeper. He had announced to tho mate legislature thai ho would bo a candidate for reelection for a tblrd torm. Senator Commit leaves a wife, ono son, Waller T. Coliiulti, and four daughters. Mm. Marshall, wife of Cupt. Marshall of the United States army. Misses Laura, Hatlle aud Dorothy Culqultt.] TO LOOK AFTER JENKINS. Cmnkltn CiiQRht at Last. LOB AXGKLKS, Cal., March 20.—An in> portant capture was effected Saturday morninir in this city in tho arrest ol August CronUhite, absconding countj treasurer of Warren county, Ind., who on January 21, 1S9S, disappeared witlj K!. r i,000. Cronkhite was elected county treasurer in 18'JO and served thro4 terms. January 21, 1893, it was di»> covered he waft short in his account! $35,000. He disappeared and bo tract could be had of him and the grand jury indicted him. The sheriff of an »d« joining county got a clew and located him in Los Angeles. Cronkhite ao- knowledcred he was the person sought and only desired to transact a littlf business before be was taken back to Indiana on the requisition. While in Los An/relcs he invested in real «staU and lias a largo tract of land In Car» dena in his wife's name. Subcommittee Will lies 1 ' 1 '"' the Judge'* Antloii In Mllwuukto. WASHINGTON, March 20.—The investigation by the subcommittee of the bouse judiciary committee, into Judge Jenkins' anti-strike, injunction against the Northern Pacific railway employes will be hold in Milwaukee, beginning Monday next. The subcommittee, consisting of Mrs. Boatner, Terry, of Arkansas, and W. A. Stone, of Pennsylvania, will leave here for Milwaukee Saturday. The committee is considerably hampered by the fact that it has but $600 at its disposal. It will, therefore, be unable to provide transportation for those witnesses who live at any groat distance from Milwaukee. It i» for this reason, principally, that the fommittt'c decided to po away from Washington to conduct the investigation. _ UlB Tobaoc-0 \Vorkn stlzud. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 36.— The L'naka tobacco works at Greenville, Tenn., one of thu largest tobacoo manufacturing plants in tho south, operated by Stevens Hros., well-known tobacco men, has been seized by the government for violation of internal revenue laws, and the entire outfit will b« told at auction. Young Girl Frozen to Uesvth. Ind., March 20. — Frt day evening Miss Etta Brewer, of Ihi* city, left homo and failing u> return • search was made for her, which wa» continued all day Saturday, Sunday morning- word was sent to this city tha| a woman was found dead about 5 mile*, in the country. She proved to be Mlai Brewer. It is believed she walked into the countr3' and, becoming bewildered! had wandered about until exhausted, when she lay down and froze to deattk Juiitlcc* ftt Lust Krftcfiert film. flH INDIA NAPOX.IS, Ind., March 26.—Bootfc B.l!, alias George Kidd, ulias Bdward Arden. has been convicted of criminal i.as.iult and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. lie hired a room at n hotel, advertised for girls to go on the stage and when they applied mad* improper advances. He claimed to b« a ttlieatrical ttfent and has lived at Bowling-Green, Ky., and Cincinnati. Mado Ifetr to a Jvarffe Fortnna. VALPARAISO, lud., March 30.—Peter Visteg-e, of this city, has received a c*> blegram from Germany announcing th4 death of his millionaire uncle, who It, one of the nitrate Icings of Chili, an4 that a commissioner is now in Chili sat ttinjf up the estates there. Vieteg-e it & tailor by trade, and will receive OM> fourteenth of the estate. Kxox, Ind., March 26. — Burglar* blew open tho safe of C, J. Cundin'B retail grocery and secured KOO. Th« HoMettcr & Wilbelm meat market till was robbed of six dollars. There in no clew. Sol-J at Sh*rl(r» s«U. I'OKTLXKD, Ind., March 26.—Th« jEodi-1 clothing house of thia city DM l-c n 'oH at sheriff's sal* for 16,560. ± br» ie!i at Dunkirk brought S3, LOO,

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