Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1952
Page 6
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MOM ITAR, MOfI, AtKANIAS Tuesday, November 11 r tftl_ vib wfll moot Jllfl C0ff«« Curltdft HirtitiaU *nd Mr», will bo ci»hoit«i«aK. Cflltt Chflplcr of D»««ht«r» nf Amsflanw HflVBhitkm will H«VB their r»SiiW monthly tlna at iho BnrUrW Hotel, Nov. at 18:30, Mf*. H. A, Knorr of Bluff, fttt* tfg«nt, will b« ol|)pl *|«H»ker, lftt»tei«*» win r>,'Uo]M 8jiene(»r, Mr*, Rw> l/»0f(in«t, jr., MM. Krtitnm iomi, ond Mr*. Dick Walking . d«y, Nov»m»»r JS at » o'clock at (h« iflhoot, TH« »*«cti»v* fti««lW« Will be hold at 8; in, Democrats Have Job of Rebuilding By ARTHUR BDtON Ker J4ni«i Msrlow WASHWOTOM W — Ths ttamo- ercU now mu*t begin the lr«m«n job of dlggtaf out from a that turned Into un avn Not Mnc<s lOZfl, when Hwrbrr \\onvcr llckfd Al Smith, ban their I«)'ltlt?fl1 picture looked wo .blei Kverywh^rn ilu-y turn th«y inr.e Ihc flpcijan remlu piled up by 0*n, Dtt'tBlit D, Ktienhower. What hnppon* now? That'* th«« (turntlon Oov, Adla 15, 8t«ven»on nnd National Demo- crnllB Chalrmnn Htcplicn A. Mitch Innrhc. , WrSb^r f2, «t An lnl«r«*Utig TA will MA tholr g Wottnclday, No- p.m. (it «h«s school, »ro«rom "CJnod ProHwti* Educi?t»Un" hon Th» l ni 2:15, Thu OarJand PTA will moot Wed itMdny, Kovflrnbor 18, «t H p.m. In iSnn iichool auditorlam. Mrs. How rtrd Prlchsrd will bo In chnrgo of tti0 progrsm. Tho executive «om- mittce wilt meet nt 2; 18. day TfA will m»«t Novwnbbi' la, In Urn school , , aMitorfutn ftt 3 o'clock. The ox- ecutlvo mooting will Uo at 2; 30. jhur»d«y, November 13 The Blavlnn Parent fcnchors AWQCimUon will meH In Urn <ien&8l fttWtorhim Tlnii'sdny WIT; W)V0Tmtsop ta, nt 7; 30. AH t«neher», pftrtwtn. nnd pntron« wo to 'attend, Come In! Marilyn Monroe teem* to have the title of her new picture on her llpt. It't called '•Don't Bbther to Knock" dnd It comlrtd to the Saenaer Theater Wednesday A Thuri- djy. Marilyn hdld» the title of "America'! mott cited aotret* In 1952." In a we«lt'«nd meet Ing In Springfield, 111, The nnsweri — If, Indeed, they hod dfly nn»wprs«~wcrt not made ic. it If* obylotJ* thflt with Frank- Un I). .HaoHevpIl dciid and Harry 8, Truman rptlrfnK, the party n lender, Ktny» on n« heMd of the party, with the tough job of trying to keep everyone- pulllnu to- H won't IMS easy. For one thing. he linn been hnntcn, tilwnyn n car- Kin In politic*, For another, steps back Into private he ilfc mid will him* no offlclnl pout in httlp k«M?p him nnd hl» party In Court Docket CITY DOCKET s Paul Mosier, Leaving the seen* of an automobile accident , Paul Mosier, Drunkenness Rilcy Vickers, Possessing untax I c-d intoxicating liquor. Eddie Lee Stunrt, Disturbing the i p rct j sharp. Reckless driving peace. Forfeited $10 cash bond. j Fml sharp. Leaving the scene Theodus Primus, Henry King, i 0 f nn Automobile ncrident. Cnlvin Douglas, Gaming. Forfeited i ^*-., r .$10 canh bond. STATE DOCKET Ernest Rogers, Crayton Epps, c. V. Morton, Jake Shiver, Over Clinton Free, Carrying a pistol as ] M d. Foifeitect $25 cash bond. a weapon. Forfeited $50 cash bond.! clarence Phillips, Giving an Ov- Edgar Williams. Carrying a P> s *| on !|- a ft, Dismissed nn payment o£ tol as a weapon. Plea guilty, fined i C0f t s check paid. *^°- ! Milton Bovce. No State license, Clinton Preo, Willie C. Hill, Run- p| 7 n '"jlty ' firi.-d $10. ning stop sign. Forfeited $5 cash| ^ ^ Con( , w ,, ot i, Linda .Nelson, bond - Dnmker.ness, Forfeited $10 cash . Hillery Spearman Jr., Willie Carl. ,,,',,,| Whitt. Hillery Spearman, Joshiii < '«,ielvi'> Stuart, Disturbing nssem- P.raU^LeojStuarl, Ernest Rogers, I h , agCi Fol . fe j U . c | $50 cash bond. _ ^..,~. A I. . n... i ^^ Rcgnick, Jerry McGrawP 1 Forfoitod $5 cash bond. Karl Holston, Operating a motor, vehicle without proper brakes,, tor felted $5 cash bond. Willie Lee Criner. Assault 4 Bat-i tery. Forfeited $10 cash bond. I Sp 0 ,,,|j n! ; Mable Brown, Assault & Battery Plea guilty, fined $10. Osby Hightower, Clinton Free, Driving while drunk. Forfeited $25 Ctoorse V/illis, Operating motor cash bond and ordered to serve one vc hj c i e O n wrong side of highway, Forfeited $r> cash bond. L. B. Shapeley. Entering a pub- Selling DOROTHY DIX Owe/ Children Dcnr Miss Dlx: My hu Miami, our; Ufa y««r,,ld «on nnd II arc recently , £»> ^ ^ <{ l ccrtn|nly had no „,. r ,",.,". I t"r»li«m ..f sliKhlinfi the lady, but of the nnd In return I trike ild tty contnist, the Republican pic- lUre 1* rosy, In addition to iho ey, the GOP will control rouulur monthly m«otltj« of tho Olrl Scout* Commlttuo will bo he]<l at tho,City Hall. Thumlny, , Novembfef 11 »t T o'clock. The HW*' BM*lne«» hnd ilonal Won»«n'» CtuU will hnv«> lt'» blrthdny (.Unncr mccllni! on Iho Semite, the House and hnvo 80 of tho 48 Kovornora. Yet It takes no particularly thorns tiwonii thd rotten. Mitny of tho«« who voted for jSHirnlwwcr undoubtedly will i;x- Jwcl htm to perform mi me Ins—at n lime when problem* press In on a president from nil sides. If they nhould becomo (soon din eiifhnnU'd, It could leori lo u Dem* ocrntlo llinmo In th« 1054 off-your Kovembffr la, nt 7 p.m. nt tb Bftflow ilfllol. Thin ID the nnnlvonnry ot the locul club nnd all m<nnt>i'rn ere urjjod to ul- t»nd. 'Th* Juolot-flenlor IU||h 1fTA will tnc«t At ulinont nil limes, thcrc'8 a t(j uli'iity for the inn to losu urouiul lo II"' (Hits In iho y«urs when »« In being oUicled. And tht with only two more itK.'iils. VVi; home nnd pruparv lire- quii't pcopli', more Inlvrcsli.'d in fninlly life thiiu: my son. Ho is nfftilrii. My problem Is I excused myself and Answer: My sympathy is with you. Since the call wtis nn unplanned one, and intended more for your wife than you, there's no reason why you .should have stayed ip until midnight listening to the Eisenhower Took Tennessee NASHVILLE, Tenn. Wl — Hepub- lican ' Dwight D, Eisenhower captured Tennessee's 11 electoral votes with a majority of less than tabulation's the state's !)."> count las showed today. Olficii.1 canvass totals from 90 counties plus the unofficial count from the five others gave Eisenhower 4-16,069, Adlai Stevenson 44.MG9. day in jail. Howard /E. Boatman, milk without a permit, Forfeited jj,, high way "when the right-of-way $25 cash bond. w; , s IHI) , c | 0 ar, Forfeited $5 cash 3,000 from votes, official all but five of n neat boy, well lurluiv.-cl, and 11 llllesl neighborhood Kossip. You lave hud muhy compliments about him. However, there is one family neXt dudr, with throe children, and for Home reason they cunnol bear the slyht of my child, lit.) can't play with their children and I don't know what to tell him. My htiKbnnd and I arc not younj!, l>-' Inn SO and 40 respectively. We t;<> to church, and that about ends our voniircllun with the neighbors. Now, all thu other children In the Btreet are following the lead ul the three next door and refuse to jilay with my boy. Perhaps it is have been more tactful by asklns! tiic ladies' permission to ItNive, which might have flattered them. Bluntly retiring was rather nide, but then a 10 p.m. casual visitor isn't exactly too considerate cither. Released by Bell .Syndicate, Inc. Says Steel Industry Near Communism Mlnft In the Junior *t 8s 30. Under the ell- ,t»t Mrs. B. C. Hyatt the -High Olco Club will mije it film'pntitlotl reptfotti," Mrs. Jim Mu will be »roKnui» louder. Nov«mh«r 16 A««iUnry will hold u «41e SttUirdny, Novemlv In^fKiW of the Nww Theoter, 5^ny m«mbor hftVinit ruimniiito, plon»« pro«« it nnd bfJng It to Mm. *>wwtek, Jr., or call Sou-* tluin thit Ultt needed to con trol Ui« Mount*. hnVo th^ bareot ot flow. ber 10. presented by Mrs. Jiirne.'t McLurty. Jr., when WSCS of the First Mcth- odl«t Church mist Monday, Novem- „,..,„.. tnklnjt pnYt oh tho pro- Brum w«w Mr«, -Ralph Smith, Mrs, J. M, Hiirhln. Mrt«. P. H. Webb, and Mis, S«m Wimnttck. VlrtiH Kt't'ley, ftuvu tin Chrlitlun Wom«n't Fellowihlp » lit Church Monday Cw of th'e Plrnt ChrlsHnn ttitet in \ho.ehntch Monday afternoon for ' and m-oyn>m. with fulloy^d. by tho 'the tiilnutes onil tvons- 'Aitel' thv bwnlneaa * urtfittient, 'Mt«. Cllno Mr«. wvft^etJ the Mne imtt OW dovotlonftl on the "Com- -Jtolj Spirit." Mr*. 1.. B. Tooley, president, presided tiv-tsr the bu*lnc»8 session TU« first session of thu study "Thtv In their eyes, 1 am ju.sl (i housekeeper. MHS, W. II. Answer: For a person who has been hero Just a few months you j write 'a beautiful letter — In fart, much better than many people I know who were born and educated In this country, t ronretted having (o shorten It. There are, very unfortunately, people in this world who are eoiv CHICAGO IV-The United States is 140110 pretty far down the leiH!, sterile road to Commit- isni," Admiral lien Morccl con- I tended todny. Miireel, chairman of the board, ins ;ir,d Laughlin Steel Corp., '' ( Pittsburgh, told members of the American Petroleum Institute op- their 32nd annual meeting: Since Marx (Karl Marx, co- Jet 'Copter Brings Much Excitement CULVER CITY, Calif. u?(—How- ard Hugos' giant jet-propelled helicopter got off the reservation yesterday pncl caused considerable excitement to townsmen. It took more than 100 workmen nearly six hours to haul the highly secret machine back on a huge trailer to its hangar after it landed on a meadow about half a mile from the Hughes plant. It measures KiC feet across its two blades. Workmen said tho pilot overshot the Hughes field. Bobby Champion, Aggravated assault, Tried, fined $30 and 10 days in jail. Ren Davis, Ned Williams, Paul, May, Sherman Williams, V. H. Lan] ders, Robert Lindsey, Napoleon! Palmer, Red Brantlcy, Drunken-1 ness, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Osby Hightower, Possessing over 3 gallon? of beer, Forfeited $50 cash bond. Diliarcl Golden, J. W. Johnson, Illegal parking, Forfeited $1 cash bond. Leo Stuart, Earl Bclton, Lewis Woods, Disturbing peace, Forfuit- 1 od $10 cash bond. Horace Vines, Jr., James Mc!• adden, Thomas Springer, Block- an alley, Forfeited $3 cash bond. Dee Roberts, Joe Reznik, W. G. Mclver, James McCrackten, Andrew Thrower, Speeding, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Welton Sellers, Reckless driving, cash bend. Crayton Epps, Forfeited $2f) vlneed that any one not exactly like themselves is tjueer and therefore should be shunned. The mere] fuel thnt you come from ucioss tho occnn puts you outside the pale founder with Friedrich Engels of Communism, and nuthor of tho Co'iinuinist Manifesto published \ Ul4Si enunciated his doctrine "i'jhtly more than 100 years ago, Americans have adopted j.» [ . , t . , , . \v I 4* • i iv: i n.- ni ti r» 11 it v i, nxivj jj iv vi *i 4 ot -the.tr aciiunliitntitivshiM. Such «- v . lrvinK [k . f , re ,, s _ practically hi« vir\l*tlll^/« n*irt *i,t1/*l..,-<iii.... i.. ...... ,,f ! Vtll .^» l 'H r. I -• unct! is one tho Krc&t NUimblinK block.-, to hu- mnn ndvaneemt-nt. You can be like your neighbors in many ways — i;o to tin- Wfehtu Wo Holtl" will bo hold chuK . hi 8l . nt , J . ou ,. 1 c , lilt , u ;' Uu , Mortd«y. N«v, 17. Mt the church at 3 u.ih. The oxccutivu board o( the \VSIC8 will in*«t Nov. 19 nt 2 p. in. ill tho home of Mrs, Claude TUlpry. Mrs, nhvonport vtnul n mcmor. lu\ to Mrs. K. P. Stownrt. Tho meeting closed with the ben- odtoUon, In thu ch'Clu count, Circle i, Mrs, R. I.. Browch, thnlrmnn, htut the hl«he«t number present. <*fHe tio6k "Ou thu Way to Jor- uiWro," jw^..' t and a tted fop the Coming and Going Miss Jttanltn Butler of w«*t UH» w««k end Mrs. of Mr, nnd -mat iwvttmMif to Tho teftchwn nf th^ First Chris- - Easterllng. Mr«. W. T. Uowlalid und Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert I.evlns huve trt-lhtlr . Mrs. W, P, Rowland nnd Ann of SIM Antonio, Texus. CMliro program. More? than !V.OOt) oil and gas Human Mr*. end ! mtttittott J38\hor Marie Edrolnnton lu\d ns week . M|BSI Ul ' lty Sue ^' of Benton, Miss M»ry and Mt*» Helen Franklin of Miss Kiln Jo JtBrold Bdmlaston PhUitol of Dallas. Mls» Fmvklln also Visited noWe of h»r slater, Mr*. College Notes Mfs« Jo Aton , ^ •was et^eled President of tho Student Council *t St. Vincent In- ftnnsry School ot Nursing, Mtus Sh(cld» is in her Junior jr«»r o. numtng. H&$pif<5l Notes schuul, but if you speak with un uceont, that is .sufficient reason, according to their puny minds, to octrncixe you and vour family. Not much can be dune with neigh- bors'Ilki- this; just pniy' that sometime they will .see the llRht of true ohttrlty, which has been «iven ti in the eighteenth verse of the uine- toviith chapter of Leviticus. You're Not At Fault Don't fee! that you ure at fault you are itetint! us luniso- Tho wonven who slum you probably doh't even know how to kt'l'p their own houses in order. 1 suggest a twlk with your elertfy- ma'H, or one of the teachers ut i thu boy's school. They may have I activities to sufjtje.si tluit would j jtct the lw>y away fioin \our im-1 mcdliitu neighborhood during his I'liuyttmo, and jjivo him u chance to make friends unions lollis who will appreciate his fine qualities. It miijht also be a good idea lor you to euyuye in some church work, fivtting yourself known a- mon« u wider circle and ulso help- il»S to pave the way to your sou's activities. The saddest part of your story Is thai the boy's contemporaries-'the children in the neighborhood— are the cruelest to him. Children ure kfcOrn cdnformists and to them ttiU'thtng thvy dim't comprehend la cuu»e for scorn. Good home truin ing would make kinder citizens of them, and it's too bud so many parents neglect their responsibility Uv this matter, A kind family creates a kind child; it's a s;«d commentary on your people when they not wily condone, but actually encourage, at least by example, cruelty in their children. I certainly hop« .someone can help solve yow problem locally, Cw I'd hate to beltev* that a few careless people would give you un Unfair picture ot our country. I'd like to hear from you again, Dear Dorothy Dix: I have been going with a very nice boy fur the p«st »ix monlhs. lie is planning a U-ip to lake a frivnd back to college, about SM» miles from here, U would be necessary to stay in the college town overnight, and, I'd like lo know if it would be ulli right for me to go with htm. L. \\\\ Answer: Most emphatically, no!! I'm sure your parvnu wonKl object vociferously. A girl's reputa-t tiOtt is much too precious to by; rlsk«<t fw the pleasure of one company executives nnd industry loiulevs from all parts of the United States nnd Canada arc nt- sessions which end thu Thursd.'iy. Nests are built not only by birds but by some mammals, reptiles, nmphibia, fishes and Invertebrates. One Killed, Two Injured in Wreck PUJMMERVILLE, UP) — One person was killed and two injured in a cr;\sh of two trucks and an automobile near here last night. State Trooper F. C. Scroggins said a Negro woman, Ester Woodard of Bigolow, Ark., was killed. Paul Woodard and Octavia Casey, both of Bigelow, were injured. , Scrog^ins said a truck drivep by Martin Minifce and a truck-trailer driven by G. W. Van Sickle of Lit(Ic Rock sidcswiped. He said the tru.ek-tr.iler and Woodard's car then collided. Technical charges of involuntary r.ijinslnushter were filed against both truck drivers, said the offi- Hiley Vickers, Reckless driving, Plea, guilty, fined $25. Joe Henry Koontz, Petit larceny, Plea guilty, fined $25 and 1 day in 5ail. f'ranl: McPherson, No driver's license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Kiley Vickers, Leaving the scene of an automobile accident, Plea ftuilty, fined $25. Minus Hill, Jr., No City license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Minus Hill, Jr., No brakes on car, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Luther Hightower, Hazardous driving. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Paul Mosicr, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $5C bond. W. E. Ward, Drunk while in;;, Dismissed Surrendered to' Sheriff of Garland County. T. W. Elliott, Drunk while driving, Forfeited S25 cash bond and 1 day in jail. W. E. Gilbert, Drunk while driving. Forfeited $25 cash bond and 1 day in jail. Simpson Meadows. Drunk while driving, Forfeited $25 cash bond nnd ordered lo »orve 2 days in jail, g «_}eorf!(e Willis, No Stale license* Dismissed. CIVIL DOCKET J. M. Atkins, dba ATKINS GRO- CEHY vs. Ellis Johnson, Action on account, for $30.74, Judgment for plaintiff by default, for $30.74. S. Dudney dba DUDNEY'S GRO CERY vs. Frank Fellows, Action en account. Judgment for plaintiff by defciult, for $43.30'. S. Z Barwick and G. E. Barwick dba BARWICK ELECTRIC, SERVICE vs. W. II. Wilbert, Action on account for $175.25, Dismissed with prejudice on motion plr.intiff. FREE $1.00;Tube Pile Ointment* Noted Clinic Makes Most Unusual Offer to Any Afflicted Person- No Cotipoii--Np Charge In order to introduce to anyone Governor Summers, Driving with > who is afflicted with Piles (Hem- out owner's consent, Tried, dis-'. orrlloids > or an >' similar rectal m.'ssed on motion City attorney, j condition, the Thornton Mmor The following cases weVe dismisj ' CIlnl ° c " d Fred SON BORN TO ACTRESS NEW YO.RK M- — Academy Award actress Judy Holliday gave biith to a son yesterday at Doctor's Hcspital. Her husband is David Oppenhcim, New York - mu- j no charge—no obligation—no ician. . now or later. a full-size ?1.00 tube of Minor Pile Ointment—free and post-^ age and address—no money is required. This offer is limited and may be withdrawn at any time, so we suggest you write at once. Address Thornton Minor Clinic, 911-A Linwood Blvd., Kansas City 3, Mo. This offer is-exactly as stated above— bill IN A. CLASS BY THEMSELVES! Both the GIFT and the GIVER When the GIFT is BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS Because Flowers Express Both Your Good Taste and Thoughtfulness Your Florist Will Help You in Your Choice (Sponsored by Neff Brothers) DID YOU KNOW THAT: AUTO ACCIDENTS ARE UP 54% The total of fatal and bodily injury accidents as well as property damage accidents 1951 reached the staggering total of HOPE 2 Big Shows-4:15-8:15 P.M.* FRIDAY, NOV. 21 LIVESTOCK SHOW COLISEUM Tuesday, November 11,1.952 *T HOP! STAR, MOH, AKKAMfA •LONDIt •y. Chleic Y*u«g I FIGUR C »" OUR LITTLE FAMILY r EATS 1O.920 MEAUS BUT. t>EAP, SOU* OP US EA THREE TIMES A DAY- THAT'S 84 MEALS A WEEK,AND THAT'S NOT COUNTING THE PUPS OUTOUR WAY By J. R. Willianf* Screen Comedian ^ HORIZONTAL 1 Screen comedian, Kilbride 6 Ho is a homespun 9 11 Idolized 13 Rounded 14 Bristly 15 Expungcr 16 Seniors (ab.) 17 African worm 19 Exist ; 20 Visionary 24 Hold in high est,eqm ; 27 Venerates • ; 31 Title of courtesy 32 Removable 33 Dropsies 35 Date-stamping Instrument 36 Ladle anew 38 Piccers 39 Ocean shore 41 Winglike part 44 Seine 45 Gypsy husband 48 Reiterate 51 Type of fur 54 Tendencies 55 Planter 56 Drunken carousal 57 Cubic meter VERTICAL 1 Go by • 2 German river 3 Decays 4 Blood money 5 Affirmative reply i-6Wax (comb. \ . form) 7 Britisl Of 3CC( 8 Table! 9 Passa brain 10 Bird I protu' 12 Take 13H? of Marjc Main IS Rowir imple .0 Music 21 Made 22 Elude 13 Take 24 Ainer 25 Count Floric • i| 14 Ik k i money nmt and ge in the jerance out ten is vith rie ig iicnt il plays over d mew ca (ab.) y in a 3 W 31. 33 3b 25 Zfc 41 HB 5H 5t> MZ « H % ' - /' 10 59 •/.'•: ; ' W Anfewer 1o Previous Puizle i M O B. O A ^ * •& \* R V f. v N O U E O A K 1 A S| A U 1 A ' U 1 u > ^ T B L. l_ P e X T - ,. * V _ E _^ ,V 1 N *, j& S. 1 & C H N G U _L N & ..^ 3. t . ',' N B A K U K R O O W H o , < e u C f u A f T A E i 0 1 N '. T H : e , P s ^ F C A P & B P t r i |M O PC c B B. E r«A E N T $ l 0 A U R A l_ R B E K 4j T fA E $ T E * T A V 26 Heritable land 42 Sweet (var.) secretion 28 Ceremony 43 Mimicker 29 Always 45 Be borne 30 Weights of 46 Heavy blow India 47 Simple 34 Slopes 49 Compass point 37 East southcastSO American (abl) humorist . 40 Followers 52 Legal point 41, Wiles 53 Encountered 5 ¥ /i m It n 9 /''//,• '///' //.'s. 3H ^i 16 27 f /y// '''/>'/. V'"'', 'fa' 37 13 * 3Z ; '^ W. ^:W SI 55 J s&*£.- » % n 3£r » m 57 7 it, u ^ bi 6 9 9 f 0 Z8 n 30 15 16 1)7 II ALL 1 SAIP TH' RgKlT'St TOO HI6H--THRBB A ANC? YOU HAVE TO TAKE TH' POOR jf OFF TO <3IT IN) \ AW' OUT.' WHV, A CARPEMTEE CHARSE THAT TO PUT THE POOR ON.' '/ DON'T START TH*CT STUFF THAT MOTHER NA<3& AT ME-I MAY BE ABLE TO RENT A BETTER (SARA.SE, BUT I'M WOT TO BE WALKIN' TEM MILES TO ONE.' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner in Miss Dis: Your advice may help us out of n very touch situation. We know » youug couple who c«tii« to our house often, and sometimes at very late hours. Re- eetttty the Udy e»i»ie about 19 p m, I was fefiiac v *^>' ^^ an<i cay wife wwe e«- 9,400,000, 54 percent over the figure for 1940. In this tragic toll, 37,300 men, women and children lost their lives and 1,300,000 suffered injuries. Behind these grim statistics lies the ever more grim fact that most of these accidents need never hove happened. ARE YOU PROTECTED SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCf — flr P^r 4P* ^^^^J^w Jj^lWr ^^^pw ^^&jfWr ^^^WW^^^^^^ -"0kay, so your check was Number 91—you musta handed it to me upside-down!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith TICKETS ON SALE CRESCENT DRUG STORE -A. ADMISSION PRICES AOUUS . . . , 2.50 —2,00—1.50 Tax Included CHIIDRIN ,,. 145 — 1.00 — .75 Tox Included Gtt Tickets How, Don't Be Disappointed i^ S«ot Ha* Been Said Out m Every try Ho*Wayed, OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopte HANf&ARFTV-CeMTeK.' *^^ r WHAT/ $AY, V<9U'f?E A REGULAR, SENIAL, )^{ ^ U AS1 5 M£ •n ALL-WOOL GUV-*»-HOWJ'6 IF J^^. TO ASK EL Af?OUNO M.Y \:%%Z? /V\A30RTO Alv\OS AM* f %f APTOI^T YOO $TART TH' ^NOVJBALL /^( CONSTABLE % COULD :6E ACCEPT FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger BY SEWINGM THeWORt) •SENIOR* OM EACH CAP.WU'LU BE SERVING YOUR CUSS ANP EARN- IM6 CAPS FOR YOUR- seuves/ IZZAfA We V' \ iWiKKWEfeg BETCr PIMHW J BfW& , ROSS 1 / 1 NEEDLED/ o A. ^r^ OgAMCIKI CUCK.W6 SHOULD - "'AMfc THO« HW0C475 V< v i VIC F1INT : V' had to add an extra pockets-she had quintuplets!'! •, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter i/ fa &/< SALUOOS, A WAS1A U. AKAK50S/ J VISTA/ f? IV Mtotidttt 0'M«ll«y dud Ralph .- T i._...^. —^,-.^,,.r.._ -..y*.'... ^^M.ijj.i WASH TUBES By Leslie JEP TOOK \THNT ISN'T MINE, BUT wfc»*- IUX^PS \ i nm \^.r*\^- f C' •- f t"t- i ivii'^i—i vu t YOUR BRIEF- \ t'V& GOT TO RECOVER IT TOR CASE.NMSTER THE STATE DEPARTMENT! M. IM TH' ONLY [ WHO'0 GOT A CAR WEAR HERE CAR ON TH 1 ' >fes~~ PLNCEi /^^ v> BOurS AND HER BUDDIES HAILE UP TH 1 ROAPU OWB1 ^A^YBE WB CAKl .EASY! By Edgar Morflr BUGS BUNNY WE 0-BETieR STOP /XN' LOOK > I THINK WE'RE U-LO$T/ t CAN'T -SBB / ~1 II I I L JL_- T _/JI -J-TT. ; "-*. LOOK OUT/ ALLEY OOP EH? WHAT'S THATi T SOUNDED LIKE /I'M SURE \ WHAT >OU 6AIO THAT I THAT'S CAT WAS A -^ WHAT HE WITCH, 1 JBk. 6AIP.' CX) VOU THINK WE'U. HAVE TO CALL THE/ NOT IF WASON? A HE POBSN!T BtCOME VIOLENT/ CHRIS WELKIN, Planetcer HENRY iff 5A-*

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