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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 11, 1952
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MOPI ITAt, HOU, AftRANSA» Death The business Mftrnsler* who Huron hi* life * ydpr I Shot to doath In his • 10 WW north ot her* ; i i t' V _ who >found tho jr/ti*W<no, «, of ;0iv«r Forest, mid Hunted hi« wrldli umi fc Vti«t*I rod boot lwle« tnfiwih tl»« &j*t <",,*« (0W iff homu ««• .„.. id Wlspholiod it, /n, Sunday from IX h* would be horn* 4*, '- > , ' i ld 'thotr record* wai placed in in iront ot a BjIWlno 0S ' wai1 broko ow*y Union m , i*'«euvB fn Cook Coun •'«riT^£wor« to- Arthritit 'incur no l obiignvion in send* "ft insti'uouvn book, It may florid of Having you yusrs ' ruiery. Write today to ImvUapt, flUOt " " i, M'j»ourl, Truman Never Admitted Any Mistakes By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (Jl — When he endlessly: Korea, taxes, prices. Communist In government. Anyone who talked to people Jbout the election heard these jamc qunsllons oVer and over again: Why are we In Korea anyway? Why don't we get out? Wh> don't we bomb the Chinese? What'* wrong, when we have to pay such taxes? It was during Truman's administration that TV came into full 1 leaves thc Whit,.- House President Uoom . He read „» J^ 0 WU J] Truman will have time to look lhc mt;sl dlrect m.^,,,^ 1 back upon his presidency and think of what ha might have done any piesidcnt ever had for sitting djwn with the people in their own homes Prid talking to them. President Roosevelt knew the if hc had It lo do over again. But even If he thinks there were .fllsinkw. he may never say soi valuc ot explaining "national" proV publicly. He WPS never n man lpj :trnB . iind & cou ? gc of 3^^° , give aid and comfort to his en- lht , c dircclly although M hl« day he was limited to the radio. nli! and comfort tlrs, if he could help il. 11 WHS this very resistance to Nc'ver'fr-cicss. his firesld-j chats criticism -sometimes - that u . cume wc | comc and famous came back to haunt him In the) TrU man. with the added advan- CUnip«l'»*i' [lFls?COf TV tTl&dc SOlTll* n T t inn When he was first told cracks Wl(k . la)ks ' But thosc lntend ^. d to were b.-glnnlng to appear in his explain a problem or a dc-lsion or administration, he used the words actir.n that affected everyore Monday, November 10,1952 , ... j - - -•-" Admiral Homed Clark's Assistant TOKYO If}— Gen. Mark Clark, U.N. supreme commander,' today _ appointed Rear Adm. B. Hall Han-V Ion as his assistant chief of staff for implementing Korean economic aid. Kanlon takes on the job in addition to his present duties as a member of the Combined Econom- tic Board, a group advising the Korean government. TO ADDRESS UN VIENNA, Austria UPl — Foreign Minister Karl Gruber will go to ^ New York and address the United Nations General Assembly early next month, Chancellor Leopold •'igl announced yesterday. Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn Hog-House Monologue Is It True What They Say About 'You-all'? Paragraph « Today Mamma Hog looked out e hog-house door and told Papa .Hog, '"Be careful — this kind of , weather they'll kill yuh." Hope Star W6ATHEN POKMCAiT ARKANSAS **» Fair and cr this Afternoon, Wednesday! IM In northwest tonight; lowest item ,, perntures In tho 30'n tonight, Hlflh 72 Low 97 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 25 tut of Hat* 1«»», PMM IflT Cen«ol!<la(*4 Jan. II. 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1952 M*mb*n Th« Ali«ial*4 Prm 4 Audi* •«'••"•» , A». Nt» PaW Clrtt. * M«t. tn*n« *•>». SO, 1»l» — *'"* PRICB 5c - -*W, rna ii*T OF tHE WUR8T*HO*>ffl'«J' Wight, 8, of Jollet, III., thinks this giant UUIlit nSlwMi fin? tt*coV TThY huge Hunk pf sandwich meat Is SO fe«t long, one foot In dlametor. • ww ^li on dUplsy at lh« American Moat Institute's annual convention in Chicago. i nrlnini; arid red herring. The Re- Wf .,. c j n f rcquent j publicans reminded him^ of those; whilc hc rcma incd absent from " "" ' the living rooms of the nation, nis opponents and critics moved in word* many p:iiun. That Ihe people times in the cum- thought there PRESCOTTNEWS T«ssd»y, Koytmbar 12 iho Woman 4 Sod«ty of Chtlsl- IBM Service o( the First Methodist i w'ill bo«ln their fall study on Homes Missions and KI»hU with tho ' first .(he «hureh • on at 1 p.ni. is under th« to bo , d|r»«tion .of ,Mr»,' Kvorott Wnrd, , puihlrtu of Einmul, 1 who iet iflOroinry of mlftnlonnrV education of 'the Hopo district, will bo the ipuuker for tho firm nctmlon. Tho book that U being ntudlcd IB '•The Illghts We Hold," by Dr, Frod L. Brownleo. «k*V v<Mtt|ntittff « po>«lblo link between th» , Beldlnp staying nnd sn automobile 'nectdent In which two {Monitors of a rival union wji'd hilled Into Salurdny night. Tiii) ear In which they rode left iKe highway and hit u telephone pule. Tho crtoih wan about four mile?* whore BitUllno'd cur wu« loft, Just off the highway, with light*' on attd engine running. ivparior , lifcttf With d«uWt*f«ng« i Ing »i»s| n*fl*itrttcfi copptr rivtl«,.M«l wtiltrii »»yU, wttk lfN|/flfM 1*91, and |i(«nty of ' " * for fwrn-vp cvlfi. »>• lid*l«V With 0 lht'ftiitr lofctl «nNM*i yov to a LI6ns-Klw«nls Mlrtstral Set for Tonight November's hltfh spot lalnment in Proitcolt will tm the pi'OHontotlon of a top-notch mlnnticl foalufliiH IOCNI tnlont, by the Llon.-t nnd Kiwsnls Clubs on Monday und Tuosdny"'nights, Nov. 10 und II. Pluco, PrcHCott High School until- tbrtum ut 7:30 p.m. Mrs, Florence Ambrose Is dlr- eetlriH tho production und Mrs. Lertt Johnson, who is Inlmitublc in her field, will be pianist. Dr. N. H. Nelson will be interlocutor, and end men will be Joe Smith, Jimmy Brock, Job Wylle, Coimul White, Dick Bright und Mnyor Dill \\urd. A mule fiuiii'ltit mid mule chorus composed or Uon» and KUvuninns will be featured, Ainonti novelty nets will be u number, by.Bill and Margie Clark who have nlrewdy an establish<-d roputntion hvic nx uplundld per- I'orinprs, a bnnd ensemble, clarinet BUIO by JACK Gordon, and specialties by Hev. Wurrcn Golden, Conrad White and Jou Smith. Mrs. B. A. w»rren Hdsttu to 47 Club Roses nnd chrysanthemums in the nuttimn tones deconited the home of Mrs. D. A, Warren Wed- nesdfty afternoon when she wus hoa'le** to tho 47 Orldgu Club. Prises were won by Mrs. 0. W. Wfttkins, Mrs. Edwurd Bryson, Mi's, D. L. McRne Jr., und Mrs. J. U, Ho«oi\. Guests lor the afternoon were Mrs, M. H, MeKenxle, Mrs. McRue «hd Mrs. R««nn, Members present included Mrs, Bryson. Mrs, D. A. "~ .>LHin«r, Mrs. Charlla Dews, Mrs. C.'. R, dray. Mm. Dudley Gordon. Mrs. Glenn Halrston, Mrs. J. V, McMtthen, Mrs. U. W. Reynolds, Mrs, Charlie Scott, Mr», E. »i. W«rd, Mrs, J. T. Worthington, Mrs, R. K. Yftrbroufih, and Mrs, Wut- klns. A delectable saltid course served. Stevenson in Tribute to Free Press ALTON, III, itf) — A combination of u sense of duty and thc exercise of the right of free speech nerves fully the cause of truth, were mistakes was clear enough. They showed it In the way tniw vcpudiated thc Democratic administration with thc astonishing vote for Gen. Elsenhower. Yet i'. was Truman himself who often expressed faith In the good Jidgmc-nt of the people. Perhaps it was in dealing with the people — or : at her in not dealing with tnem more — that he made a major mistake. One of the most amazing features of the presidential cnmpMgn wus tht- bewilderment expressed by many people about Issues that by way of thc TV window and built up their case against him. He hud plenty of defenders jn TV too. But Eisenhower will probably make lot more use of TV than Truman did. In enter-Itiov. Arilul Stevenson said Sunday iad been talked and written about KOREAN WAR BRIDE SEOUL. Korea) Ifl — The first Korean war bride to leave for Britain was en route there today. She is Kim Chung Sung, 25. Her husband is Corp. Geoffrey Bacon of Bristol. They met two years ago and were married last May. TO HEAD 8TH ARMY?—Lt.- Gen. Anthony C. McAulifle, above, famed for his Battle of the Bulge retort "Nuts!" to a surrender demand, is mentioned as a possible successor to Gen. James A. Van Fleet, commander of the Eighth Army in Korea, It has been reported that Gen. Van Fleet is slated for recall. 235 CASUALTIES WASHINGTON Itf — The Do tense Department today identified 235 battle casualties in Korea in a new list (No. 689) that reported til killed, 162 wounded, three missing and nine injured. During tne Koman Empire thi "Acta Diurna" were public annoui cements copied by scribes for dls patch to provincial subscriber much as are modern newspapers The planet Neptune is believed o have a mass about 17 times hat of the earth and a density about a quarter o fthat ot the earth Revealing Facts On Fistula FREE Learn About Dangers of Radical Treatment , Maybe you've already read this] somewhere but it's now to me. It's that poem written by some Southerner to explain a local language problem lo ignorant Yankees. The poem is quoted in Allan Trout's column in the Louisville Courier-Journal: ^You-all Is Plural Thc Thornton & Minor Hospital Suite 619, 911 E. Linwood, Kansas City 3, Mo., has a new illustrated FREE BOOK on Fistula, Piles, other rectal or colon disorders and associated ailments. Write today. was Mrs. 0. Q. Hirst, Mrs, Ernest Cpx and Mrs, J, \V, Tocter attended thc Silver Ten. given by tho John Cain Chapter DAK in Hope Wednesday afternoon in tho home of Mrs. Pick Wwtklns , Mra, Carol MoCurroll ot V«» Huron it spending several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Tsut- or and Mr, Teoter. Mrs. Charles Nelson, has returned to her home in Shrevoport after a visit with Mrs, Karl King Sr.. A-Sc Cyuila BolwKof'Chmwtc Aid Force Base, U\.^ W &*Utng her parent*, Mr. and MV».' Terrell Beino before going to h»r new as- at Brooks AFB, Texas. at ceremonies honoring a martyr to free press. Hc and Barry Blngham, publisher of the Louisville Courier-Jour(ml spoke at the dedication of a bron/.e plaque in tho memory of Elijah P. Lovejoy, anti-slavery editor and Presbyterian minister, who wus shot lo death defending IIIH presses from un Alton mob 115 years ago. It wus tho Democratic preslden- licit nominee's first public speech since h»- defeat by Uwight U. Eisenhower lust Tuesday. The esti mated 1.000 persons greeted Sic venson with shouts and prolongcc iippluui>e. 1'olh Stevenson und Blngham, but with different emphasis wutihecl the moaning the responsibilities of freedom. Stevenson said Lovejoy served a cause greater than the abolition of slavery. "This greater cause thc rlgh 1 —-and the duty — ot the Irtdlvl. cuiul to speak out for thc truth.' he suid. "I make thc reference to 'duty' udvlswliy because that was the way Lovejoy thought of It." Thc Louisville publisher urged newspapers to make "un cxhuu live" self-study of their campaigi performances to guard possible abuse of freedom 01 tne press, niiiulutm, noting criticism re ceived ly thc press during thc recent presidential campaign, suid th'i self-study should "determine whether Stevenson newspapers sUinU'd their news coverage to ward Stevenson and Eiseunowe newspapers toward Eisenhower." "If tne press fnlled in thn wuy," the Louisville publisher wno supported Stevenson in Uv campaign, said, "It would be fa Letter lur us lo expose ourselves, mill try to avoid it in the future." Thc Illinois governor said Lovejoy saw the problem "In terms of wnal he fell obliged to suy, not tiivrcly on what he might be entitled tu suy, The distinction lit «:i Important one; and only those A 1 no observe the one us well us cltim tho other serve fully the ctut.se of truth." Some Alton residents did not havo confidence of truth in 1837, coovcnson sttid. "Some of our fellow citizens of America do not have that confi< deuce today." The dedication ceremonies were by Sigma Delta Chi, journalistic fraternity. Mr, and Mrs* Jim Dawoody and Hugh Dcwoody spwt several days l«tt w«ek in Hot Springs where Jim Dewoody received, treatment »t Wade* Mist Rose OMit, ha and Mr* ,How»r4 Mr, ot U»njj Beach ol Mr, Disbarment Cose to Be Argued Orally PARAQOUL0 tfl _ Circuit Judge Guy Anslcr says oral arguments in the disbarment trial of a 41-yetr-old Paragould attorney, Horace W. Whitsett, will-bo held "sometime ui the future" here or at Little .Hock. The case w«s taken under ad- vuemeiu at conclusion ot test! many (ate Saturday night. . The Arkansas Bar Rules Committee, an arm of th« State Su< tH<om« Court, has charged that he «M«ry« In curs claimed the attorney d«nuuded large sums of iu«Hi«y tu 4«fend a client. Committee witnesses included law enforcement officials, a con vict, a )Ud4«, several attorneys relative* ol persons Woitwctt mOWTH 6VACUATIOW SEOUL, Sore* VM — The Far Bajst Mr Forces today chalked up ttMpQUl »tr ev»cu*U«n. The patient, wta*« «**&* wit ele lie Come all you from other parts, Both city folks and rural, And listen whilc I tell you this: The word you-all is plural. down, Or we-all shall be lonely, 1 We mean a do/en folks, perhaps. And not one person only. MI should say to Hiram Jones, .•~For instance: You-all's lazy, i Or, will you-all lend me your knife, He'd think that I was crazy. Now if you'd be more sociable, And with us often mingle, You'd find that on the native tongue You-all is never single. Don't think I mean to criticize, Or act as if I knew it all. But when we speak of one alone, . Wc-all say "you," like you-all. Grocers Told City's Case in Milk Row Hope's retail grocers were told about the city's case against the Ouachita Valley Dairy company of Camden at a special meeting in Hope Chamber of Commerce of- Cliff Russell First to Bring in Buck This Season Clifford Russell was thc first lunlcr to bring a deer to The Sttir office today — a 100-pound, (dress) seven-point buck, which he killed roar Saratoga. It was his first buck. Howard Hipp ot Mineral Springs also got one near Saratoga while Floyd Matthews ot Ozan killed a six pointer near Columbus. fices Monday night attended by Mayor John L. Wilson and Dr. Herbert Rogers, city health officer The mayor and health officer ,„, ,, ,, ot „„„,„ reviewed the reasons for the city „ When we say you-all must come counclrg rcfusal to grant thc Ca m den company a permit to sell milk here, climaxed by the arrest of company agent in Hope November 3 on a charge of attempting to sel milk without a permit. Mayor Wilson explained to the grocerymen that there was no parallel between thc Ouachita Valley case and the earlier litigation involving the Borden company when it attempted to set up distribution in Hope. In the Borden case, the mayor continued, the courts held that Borden had a 98 per cent rating by the U. S. Health Depart ment on milk entering Hope and therefore any inspection here would be a duplication. But thc Camden company, Mayor Wilson said, has no U. S. Health Department rating The application of the Ouachita Valley firm for a local sales per mil was rejected, the mayor ex plained, on a six-fold finding by Dr. Rogers. These were outlined by the health officer as follows 1. Ouachita Valley has no routin Texas' Johnson to Be Demo Floor Leader WASHINGTON, (UP) — Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas rip- pi rently will b flior lender in the DomoetMt'c the Senate next Should Happen to Us, Say Guys in Korea By FREDERICK C. PAINTON PORKCHOP HILL, Korea (UP> — Thc tired medic with the bloodstained hands was filling out an identification tag for a wounded survivor of thc battle for Pork- Battlefield Seen as Peace Solution TOKYO, (UP) — Top military commanders tell President lect Dwight D. Eisenhower when goes to Korea that the only chance for an armistice lies on the battlefield. He will find that most military men in Japan and Korea believe a negotiated peace with the Communists at Panmunjom is impossible — that the only language the Rcds undersand is force of ar/ns. It wil! be up to Eisenhower to decide whether to continue nego- *||i&tions or bring all available mil- jtar.y~.pressure to bear> on • the Communisl^. The purpose of Eisenhower's trip apparently is military. The new president wants' to know what it would tsko to win a victory by force and how to strengthen Republic of Korea units on the front line and relieve other U. N. units. But he is sure to examine pros- he chop Hill. Suddenly he looked up. "Is today thc eleventh?' asked. Someone muttered yes. No one in the aid station had slept for 24 hours. "Armistice Day!" said thc medic with a wry grin, funny, you know it?" inspection of milk producers 2. Evidence showed negligenc on the part of producers. 3. Two out of four producers Inspected by Dr. Rogers would be condemned if they operated in the Hope milk shed. 4. The pasteurizing plant did not produce health certificates for em- ployes. 5. Cows had no tuberculosis or Bangs dis'ease tests for this year. 6. All four of the producers investigated by Dr. Rogers stated they had had no inspection in years. •..••• •- ' ••»-."" Dr. Rogers told the grocerymen the Texarkana milk shed has a U. S. Health Department rating ot 98, and the Hope milk shed 99. Both Mayor-Wilson and Dr. Rogers declared that when and if Ouachita Valley establishes a U. S. rating of 94 the company may sell mi.lk in Hope. Thc irony of the medic, Sgt. Leo Audctto 21, ot Essex Junction, Vt., was so obvious the other men didn't bother to answer him. They didn't care, etihcr, that an armis tice in another war was signed 34 years ago today. Outside thc aid station a wet pile of bloody clothing, bandages and boots lay in the mud where thc wounded had been stripped quickly for treatment. In a nearby tent, four infan trymcn back from outposts smoked and talked. They had spent the first four hours o Armistice Day lying almost naked in a ditch while Chinese shells burst around them. ) year. Informed sources reported today that about 30 of the 47 Democratic senators who will serve in Ihe 83rd Congress already huve hoen lined up to vote for Johnsen. Although he is only 4-1, Johnron has spent !:"> years in Congress — 11 in the House and four in the Senate. He was Senate Democratic whip in the 82nd Congress. Hc to!d reporters that he felt honored and grateful nt the end dorscmenls coining from other senators, but he would not say whether he would accept the floor leader job. His fellow Dcmociats iiad no doubt he would. Senate Democrats must elect «i now floor leader to succeed Son Einest W. McFarland of Arlzjn.i vho failed to win re-election laut week. Republicans probably must elnc "That's a new floor leader too, becaurc tne incumbent, Sen. Stylos Bridges of New Hampshire, wants to stei Bids to be Taken for Leasing Fenced Area of SPG Little Rock, Nov. 11 (Special)— Bids for the leasing ot npproxl malely 2.130 acres ot land In thc old Southwestern Proving Ground, north of Hope, Arkansas, for gnu- ing i-.iu-posos for seven months be- j ginning December 1 will be received November ID In the office of Ihu Liltle Hock District Engineer, Corps of Engineers, In announcing the invitation for the lease, Col. T. J. Hayes, District .Engineer. said the acreage is with in u woven and barb wire fence but is known as a contaminated area whore unexplodcd shells, mis Kile rockets, and other explosives create an unsafe zone but is considered reasonably safe for ng purposes. Considerable work iasf been done toward removing urtaro explosive missiles, how- over, demolition work will continue ll tin; urea. out. Although the GOl 3 situatioi h;is not yet shaken out, Sens. I,e" crett Saltonstall of Massnchusctt and William F. Knowland of Ca.i foi nia ore now regarded as th strongest candidates. The Johnson bandwagon static to roll yesterday when Sen. r.rd B. Russell of Georgia, Vishinsky's Proposal 01 Korean Peace Rejecte Flatly by Britian's Ede Chinese Reds Drive Korean Defenders From Main Hill Positions on Sniper Ridge The of 200 animals has jecn fixed for grazing in the area during the months ot April, May, md .Hme. Midclnig papers may bo obtained 'rofn the District Engineer Office in Liltle Hock or from thc office of .the Bomb and Shell Disposal in the City Hull ut Hope. Britons Arrest Heil Hitler Screamer Ric' lead cr of thc Southern Democratic bloc, endorsed thu Texas senator. Russell could have tho floor leadership post himself it he wanted it. He told a reporter, however, that hc thought he could be more useful in other ways and that Johnson deserved to be promoted to the leadership. LONDON (UP) — brought into court charges of shouting A man was today on "Heil Hitler By ROBERT TUCKMAN SEOUL, Korea Ml — A smnslv ing Chinese Infantry nnd artillery .11 tack drove South Korean defenders from the main Allied position on Sniper Ridge tonight. it was the 13th time United lions forces have been driven off Pinpoint Hill since the battle for the Kumhwa ridges began Oct. 14. Thc South Koreans fell back ot 0 p. m., after a five-hour battle with 1,500 Chinese. It began with one of the heaviest Communist artillery bnrranges of tho war. An A-nerican military adviser culled it the heaviest artillery coiwentru- t'on he had ever seen. Associated Press War Correspondent John Randolph, reporting from thc scene on the Central Front, sold thp Communists hurled l.uOO rounds of mixed' mortar nnd artillery fire in the first tow minutes of tho hour-long klckotf barrage. In less than an hour after thc News Briefs EL DORADO Ml Force Is Out, Minister Says ''* «™a •"ifif Municipal By BRUCE W. MUNN Judge J. O. RflBsdnlo fined two UNITED NA lhoNS. N. Y,, El Dorado brothers and thrco high _ school footbali coaches $10 oaeh t)umy „.. Secretory^ today rejected* hero yesterday on charges of as-L la , H j ntegt i{ oroan snull as tho result of a fight Frl-Ui oc ] arfl( j that no war prlsoneis ( 4 di-y night. Ujo O it ner forflbly repatriated Charges of disturbing tho peace, forcibly detained. tf.; iirlslnft from n fight following the Edon mn wng his first El Dorado-Hot Springs football ftt th(g ' 8os8lorl ot lho UntU,, name hero Friday night, wore dls- Uong aonorn i assembly, > ,c,a, missed. Also dismissed woro us- upon secretary-General ~' JC snult charges against a third | £j c "" to "reconsider, "at this' cnl time," his decision to wore: Coaches the world organizations top Pol Austin and| Lie told thc assembly ycsttadj brother, lanue Goodwin. Those fined Woody Johnson, Leon Turptn, and ISlmcr and Cur- he had decided that Us Goodwin, Thc coaches said the lime" to step aside to Goodwins heckled them during thepo, N. save the peace nnd'H 1 name, using "profane and obscene bettor the cause of freedom denied progress for all mankind," Eden's appeal to Lie ' language." The brothers using any such language, __ -...-r— - —. , -,, v , Judge Uagsdnle lectured all six applause from tho assembly.-;;|}S when Queen Elizabeth II, Prime and stood in silent homage of Britain's war Minister Winston Churchill thousands oC other Britons dead yesterday. Writer James L. Battersby, 45, Sgt. 1-C Robert L. Moore, 24, of The Georgian's endorsement w:is pccts for a anmuniom, \burself in a The New Kind of Car Specifically Pesigned forlodayk Traffic negotiated truce at and there he will a near-hopeless situation. The Communists want all their war prisoners back. The United Nations would return all those prisoners willing to go back to communism, but not those who have srid they would forcibly resist being sent back to the Reds. Despite hundreds of hours of no- goation and millions of words ex- chenged across the green-topped conference table, the basic pris- >nor dispute remains the same as was on April 28, when the U. N. introduced the principle of voluntary repatriation. The Communists could bring peace to Korea tomorrow by backing down on their demand that each and every Red prisoner be returned, at the point of a bayonet if necessary. The U. N. also could bring about •a truce if it would discard the humanitarian principle that all They, pointed out that Hope ordinance requires a U. S. rating. W HEN you put yourself behind thc wheel of this compact custom car, you'll discover a whole new motoring "feel." It's a fact! In a smart Nash Rambler you'll feel equally at home in heavy city traffic or on the open highway. You'll snake through traffic with feather-light handling ease . . , cruise effortlessly on the open road. You'll slide into tight parking spots that other cars must pass up. distance cruising, the miles will slip by with scarcely a flicker of the gas gauge. For this is the all- time mileage record holder in the Mobilgas Economy Run—31.05 miles to the gallon with over-drive. Many owners report more! You'll be amazed at the room that is yours to enjoy in this compact automobile. Plenty of room for your family to travel in comfort. How safe to drive, too! For, like all Nash cars, the Rambler pro- And whether you're engaged in vides the extra strength, safety and stop-and-go city driving or long rigidity of exclusive Nash Airflyte Construction—the newer, better way to build an automobile, You get value plus in the beauti« ful Rambler—you enjoy a whole host of custom "extras" at no extra cost—even de luxe radio and Weather Eye Conditioned Air System. Yes—put yourself in a Nash Rambler today. Learn why this popular new kind of car, specifically designed for today's driving and parking conditions, is the car for you. See your Nash dealer and make a "Traffic-Test" for yourself! should be allowed to decide whether they prefer to live in a free world domination. B'ut neither side or under Rec is likely to hack down. The conflict already has brought about an indefinite recess in the truce talks, c allot by the U. N. Oct. 8. It appears likely the recess will be perma (Russia's Foreign Minister An Vishinsky told the United Na yesterday the Communists •'* "Rvould not budge an inch" in their demands for the forced velum of all prisoners. At stake is the. fate of 116,000 PTA Play to Be Given at Guernsey and Washington "The Merrymakers" is to be presented at the Washington school auditorium on Thursday, Nov. 13, at 7:30 p.m. A second performance will be given at Guernsey High School on Saturday night, Nov. 15, at the same hour. The production, a delightful Radio Revue and musical show, is sponsored by 1 the Washington PTA for the benefit of the playground equipment fund, according to Mrs. Mclson Fraizer, PTA president. Miss Mary Ann Willingham of Memphis, director of the play, arrived in Washington last week and began rehearsals with an all Uteal cast of school children and adults. Miss Willingham comes to Washington highly recommended, with experience in Little Theatre work, as well as having special training on "The Merrymakers" from the author, who personally directs alt dialogue, scenes, and special song and dance numbers. Miss Willingham said that she was elated over the prospects of Albion, Ind., looked amazed when told what day it was. He started laughing. ' ' "They must have had an armistice once for some reason or other," he said. "It should happen, to us, yet. ' "All I want to do on Armistice Day, is to dig a big, deep hole and He in it all by myself. We were stacked three deep in that ditch last night." The enemy shells had caught thc men unaware because they had been pulled back from outposts on Old Baldy and T-Bonc hills for a rest. "What can you say over here about Armistice day?" one sol dier muttered dreamily, lyinf near tho stove. "To me, it's los its meaning." "Over here," said Pvt. Ray mond J. Bianchini, 21, of Brook lyn, N. Y., "You don't even know when its Sunday. Its just anothe day." Only one of the soldiers had father ia the First World war. H was Pvt. Francis Marks, 19, of Sc'^enectady, N. Y. followed by others from Son. Earlc C. Clerr.ents .ot. Kentucky and J. Allen Frear, Jr., of Delaware. Still others were understood to be in the offing. Clements expressed doubt that there would be any candidate opposing Johnson, Johnson has followed thc admin stration line more closely than many Southerners. But he has jroken with the administration on several major issues such as civil rights, tidelands and labor legislation. 100 ARRESTED BANGKOK, Thailand Ml — Po lice have rounded up more than 100 persons, including a handfu of Army officers, in a crackdow directed at alleged front activities. Communist of jSouthport was charged with .ising insulting words at the cere- first gun opened up, the Rcds lash cd out in a 3-prcngcd attack that hit tho ridge on tho north, cast and west. There wns violent fighting in almost pilch darkness under u low cloud covet; that limited the effectiveness of U. N. flares. The South Koreans bosan withdrawing to tholr base positions on on their "poor .sportsmanship," Briefly ,rovl«wlhg tho worlds nation, tho dapper British dlfilp* LITTLE HOCK Iff! — F o d c r ul mrvt said tho major issue ot : Judge Thomas C. Trimblo has sot Korean question had been «id in custody pending u doctor's have to hold in. too 12 .previous .withdraw Dec. 4 us u hearing dote, on tho dispute between tho city of Pino Hluff and a Dallas contracting firm over u scwor expansion project. Lancaster and Love, Inc., 'contractors, have petitioned for an in* Junction to prevent the city from spending any sower funds on hand cldly expounded" by SecroUty-JW State Dean Achoson and ho 'pr0" isod that ho would not follow-RB slan forojsn Minister Andwl' Vlshlrtslcy "Into 'tho 'realm tuporaUon." • "Tho difficulty In ending^ conflict has now been'rcduc /tvtn tout in *' 'lt!rtnn ftnirir * f ., -^ L*. Prosecutor John Avcrill told the 'lajrom Pinpoint. How Street court: "This rather disgraceful incident arose as the 'chimes of Big Ben finished striking 11 o'clock, and, Earlier today United Nations In- everybody was silent, thu " The firm also asks a judgment of one issue," Bdon, s^W." »V-»,A» $818,060 for what It claims is< tho wo ore to *rrtvo at balance duo for sewage work, plus I we have first-,tp Bfio,; damages resulting ••"tfdm"°1l»dh«»i»'J'M 'can set down the flrlncltf ment ot the contract. ahouW govertt our condttdt .mutters. Lot me te^l you UTTLE ROCK UP) — The prlsop consider these to foot furlough ot Ben J. KoU«y, under "1, That every prlsone^ot' a life Imprisonment sentence for has the right, on tho concluslj a 1033 Phillips County slaying, was an armistice, to be saved praise God " bp.ttlelino as well as a com- ^ ^^ ^ ^_ ^^ ,_.„, shouted, This is thc d'ayTfl Paw s)zc ~* 15( > , l ° 175 mon ~ nt '|revokedTy"'GQvrMcMaTh""yestc"r'I "2. That every _ ludarnent I speak theU^k O!1 Sn 'P° r Rld 8°- , , day. Tho order said Kclloy was In has the right to bo children must be On tho Western Front, Allied in- Ja iJ at clarendon on a qharge of patriatod. t thc eternal fantrymcn repulsed a second at- bc in g Qtl accessory to robbery. , "3. That (hero Is a duty ,1-isi Hell Hitler 1 " ' tack ** 3SO Chinese Reds on Pork- suto Porolc oLtloc records indj. detainintf flWo to provide ' Xvenll said Battorsby then stood chop Hill. Only flours earliorL ato that two p {h or furloughs Is- for such Wpatrlatten, » still and raised his arm in the ln « Rcds had stormed their way d K Uy prov j ous i y woro rfi . "4, That tho detaining »_„ Nazi "u'utc through barbed wire and into U.N. vokcd . ^\f 9 been free from tho no right to Mtyffaoo to CO Inspector'Stephen Ratelifto 8 ald tr«» cl w» 3 on '•*« hlu bo£orc boln8 penitentiary on succsslvo 00-day Uon with, tho disposal of - lj -ivenoff. loaves since Jan. 11, 1031. of-war. • > ,• Eighth Army troops fought a . , —:— "In cthof - "words, away in a protective police cor-.Woody hand-to-hand rnldaight bat- UTTI , E ROCK l*-a eO-ycar-oldUistlco, 0 pritaMiMtyM! rlun tie to eject the Reds in the first uulo Rock man> ^jurcd'In a fall riot bo either forclWi Bug.es were being sounded and battle. The second lasted less hcro Saturdayi died in o hospital forcibly ropHtViatecl, , *» " .in— „_ v. n ,.» i. . . ., . .. . „, ^,_..,. i "Those, In our view, 'am not a havo avoided J-JW£jJW»»V»^.l.»»Wfc.*.l*fjli - V/WI»V««.-«--"—l. . • ..,__,,„- — , 'VI - - - «•! people shouted 'Cut his throat' and than an hour. f j ust nlght from tt (ractured skull. ..s,,.i.,., hi™ „„• •• n n !,.iiff q .,i,i. On the eastern anchor of the n , t , Sat _ M _ A Allen identl- •Siring hirn up'," n'alvliff said. "The old man wouldn't much about it," Marks suid. talk "But I think he was in thc infantry-" "Probably quarto rmastcr," someone told him. But Marks ignored it. "They say this war is a lot like the First World War," Marks said. "Yes," the same man said. "All we need is the poison gas. Somebody should tell Joe Chink its Armistice Day. He's throwing rounds in like any other day." ''Mayte Joe would bow his head for a minute of silence." A Tenor Is a Guy Who Does His Best in an Emergency That Unnerves Ordinary People - - u -.;i-i--- , qnn M ,u v- n i Detective Sgt. M. A." Allen idehtl-1 principles, ~l am not a ,laV 155-mile battlofront, 300 North K.O-. fiqd tho v i c tj m ns Floyd Brown. Therefore I ha 1 roans were thrown back after) Thc dotoctlV 5, gal5 j ^'A turned the technicalities I the Washington presentation of "The Merrymakers" being one of her outstanding productions of the season. The people of Washington, Gue.ru, sey, Hope and neighboring towns Korth Korean and Chinese Com-| aru j communities are extended munist prisoners, plus another 1,probably captured since prisoner lists were exhanged early this year. At that time, the Rcds admitted ilding some 12,000 U. N. war snsoners, but that number also increased. invitation to attend this exceptionally fine entertainment. Show ?them |theWay... "this BERT RETTIG NASH MOTORS 304 - 3W E. Third Street W. S. Atkins to Attend Conference Southwestern Legal' Foundation, in cooperation with SMU School of Law, <will hold an institutatc on perspnal injury litigation in Dallas November 12-14. Attending from Hope will be W. S. Atkins, city attorney, who left today. Speakers will include some of the outstanding legal and medical Yho»« hand do your youngsters oat wilUuglv e*aniple do . . . follow most readily? Yours, of Only you can guide them . . • u cau fcllow lllcul lhe ** yl So tW» week, »how Uiew the W»y . . . them the p«tl> to specialists of the U. S. A large part of the conference will be devoted to trauma as- the original factor in producing conditions that later become apparent and to disabilities. Roilmen to Discuss Loss of Passengers LITTLE ROCK W) —The National Association of Railway and Utilities Commissioners will conduct a forum today on the problem of a decline of railway passengers. Following thc discussion, the 450 delegates will tour aluminum plants at Hot Springs. John Randolph of Washington, NARUC general solicitor, told the group jcsterday that official Washington still has members who "suscribe to the philosophy that all power should be vested in the federal government. The solicitor, in a report of the group's Washington office operation, said these officials "believe that tht states arc incapable of managing their local affairs." President J. H. Darby of Columbia, S. C., advising the delegates that the NARUC does not indulge in politics, said "we have hewed the line on reguUrtory problems." By HAL BOYLE BOLOGNA, Italy Wl — In the goiden world of opera there is uu old fond saying: "All singers are crazy — and tenors are the worst." Not being much of an opera fan myself, I always low-ruled tenors regarding them as a kind of high- barking he-soprano. That was before I met Giuseppe di Stefano, who is built like fullback and is rated by some tc have the best voice to come out of Italy since Caruso used to pitch high notes that would break a window. At 31 Giuseppe — who doesn't mind being called Joe or Beppo or Beppi or any other nickname- is a leading tenor in the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York, a favorite here and in half a dozen other lands. It is hard to see how the movies have over looked him, as the lady fans of long-hair music think he is as handsome as the late Rudolph Valentino. His swift and glittering rise from poverty has given Joe a gusty appreciation of the fruits of success, but left him ruggedly unspoiled stornvr* thrco Allied-held hillB. \ CMO ov ,. r to" the Pulaskl County apply common S«nw and Both tho Central and Eastern Hom i cWo s qua d for further taves- tatos o£ ordinary humanltyif| Front attacks were repulsed in| llautlon _ | not see how any reasonably son can disagree with the»e> .ilnlno *' ' ' ' *••*.' an hour or less. visited Joe in the new villa hc is finishing at Marina di Ravenna, u seashore resort. I decided right then that If 1 am ever born again, I want to be an opera tenor. Hc is a king In Ins world. When Joe lifts his head, his mama and his pretty young w.'fe, Maria, come running on thc double to see what thc great man wants £0 do hU lawyers, his secretary, his gardner, his hou^e- m:m —and all their families. One day when Di Slefano was to sing at Bologna, 5 miles away, he woke up and said dismally: i have a cold. I can't sing tonight." Catastrophe: Mama wept. Maria puled. The lawyer turned blue, iii(! secretary passed up break' fan. Phones rang and rang. 'Okay. I'll sing," said Joe. We got in his new robin's egj Blue Cadillac and started for Bologna. He was speeding along a flat stretch of road when a dog ran out on the highway. Joe, who loves animals, swerved sharply. The car turned turtle and rested upside down in a ditch, wheels spinning. Joe climbed out unhurt, took his wife to a hospital where her The resents association, regulatory which rep- commissions bouse of Melons to Confer Moster's Degree in 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, is meeting for the first time in Arkansas, The convention ends Thursday. "Some people go through this world on a first class ticket, some on a second class ticket, but most get only & third class ticket," he said. "I was born with a fourth class ticket in my mouth, and have never forgotten it." The son of a Sicilian policeman, _- ,,--,- T _._ _ , Joe looked forward dismally to a i delirious. It was like 5abe Butfl injured wrist was put in a cast. Then they climbed into another car and rode on to Bologna. I was in the audience that night. Tne opera was La Bohenw. one of Joe's favorites. In the first act duilng c duet he hit a high "C" oi a middle "C" —or which ever "C" it is a good tenor hitsy-and f>e opera fans became State Commander to Visit Hope VFW Organization H. M. (Pop) Warner, commander of the Department of Arkansas Veterans of Foreign Wars will make an official visit to a Joint meeting of the Ramsey»Carglle VFW Post 4511 and the Ladles Auxiliary, Wednesday night, November 12. During this visit Commander Warner will present a plaque to Post Commander Herbert Griffin in recognition of the Community Service work done by the Post and Ladles Auxiliary, During the past year •competition among all the posts of Arkansas took place in this most worthy project. The Hew sey Cargilo post end Auxiliary pieced third in the Department of Arkansas, the second straight time they have been among the winners, having won first Place last year. Similarly Mrs. Gladys Buckels, Department President of the Ladles Auxiliary will present Mrs, Earline Fcnwiclf, president 9f the Ramsey* CargUe AwlUiry so award for their community service. Accompanying, ^mownder War- LITTLE ROCK W) — Gov.-clcct ulphtt," iFruncls Cherry will moot this Eden observed that VJ$ week with members of the 1863 proposing yesterday tbjtf General Assombly, Including mpn> tion commlasfpn. should bers of tho Arkansas Legislative Hshed to superyko, aw Council, The Council is to begin thlngP, the repatriation, ofrf [ work Wednesday on a 1053[ S3 budget for state departments. Cherry returned to his office here yesterday following a 3-week bout with a virus Infection. oners, did not say oners who genuinely fear lives "should^be &; 1{ ° tho ot m W'i ner, who is Will be Morris Sees More Time for District By QORPON BROWN WASHINGTON Iff ~* As » nority, opposition member at Con- gicBS, Reo. Harris lP»ArK> J"»W today "I'll have a lot more time to devote to my distrlpk" Cut Harris, re-elected to seventh term twt week, to be busy despite the ~ gains which movc4 " minority. "There is no question all the Arkansas ? gres« - pll witi) service - will stitt Fulbright Plons European Stud wfe f * BOAT 1 . • "*^ We of obscure labor until at 17] knocking his third ho-n« run in Juntpr Vice CxMnroauiler Hubert Herrlngton. of Pitte Puff «M Department Service Officer Hugh Let ta of Little 8ock. Representing the Ladies Auxiliary for th* Pepart- ment will be President Gladys Puc- Jwls <?f Worth Wttl* Bock end other members of her official famtty. wtn •"WtwwfflW^ff YiARft g\,9 JJEW YQRfc l» - Isaac t.oineone discovered tbe big had a voice box the world needed- He worked like a draft horse through (hungry years on that voice, tuning it WHS a violin. After he made bis debut at La Seals, game. At the 'end of ttwt Joe had to take a do*ea calls. •Later Joe, cheerfully the W,ilan ppera that has been * fpflWgbwwd to greatness IP? * This meeting if »cj&ed,uled to begin 4t 7:30 p.m. wwl »tt are urgf4 r to vMtsvit ai wadingl other taiw«ite4^r|onj , through a plate of spaghetti. *«i«Utfe» iw«*w>t»t^aa tJD*F* wW •You know when that car over, I II cured «wy ««ML," what .1 a AM Stolen Auto Is Recovered WIS

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